Plutomon and Cerberusmon Purple


[BT4-089] Plutomon is introduced in BT4 Great Legend, this digimon is a LV6 purple digimon that gives purple chance to destroy an opponent's LV6 or LV7 digimon with cheapest cost. For Purple, it is the best to combine with Cerberusmon to have a least 2 to 3 attacks. 



There is 2 LV 5 Cerberusmon in purple, [BT4-083] Cerberusmon and [BT4-086] Cerberusmon: werewolf mode. We should use the [BT3-109] Rematch option card (2 costs) to make this combo working effectively.

To summon the Cerberusmon:werewolf mode for free, we have to destroy another digimon names "Cerberusmon". But it is a bit wasting if it is simply destroyed. So we cast Rematch! option card on [BT4-083] Cerberusmon, use this digimon to attack security, then if it dies, it goes back to life, if it can suvive, then we also can destroy this digimon to get 2 draw, then summon the Cerberusmon:werewolf for free. The "werewolf mode" with haste can do another security check at that turn.

Coming up to Plutomon

For Purple, the combo from Cerberusmon digivolve up-to LV6 Plutomon can happen very fast. We normally digivolve to Plutomon when there is a LV6 or higher digimon in opponent's side. When digivolving, we can play option cards "Hell's Gate" to destroy opponent's LV6 or LV7 digimon, or if opponent's dont have any LV6 or LV7 in their battle, we can use the option card Necrophobia to summon a LV5 digimon from trash. For next turn, you can digivolve Plutomon to Milleniummon for bigger DP and survival becasue Millennium can come back to life it it dies 

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You can create deck using the option card that matches your strategy. In my deck here, I only use 2 types of option card, those are Nail Bone and Hell's Gate. The game with this deck is slow, but safe and balance. I am thinking to reduce 1 of LV5 and 1 LV3 to put it 2 Rematch option cards to use with Cerberusmon.

Deck Reference from BT4 BT5 Meta

Deck CompositionDetailsDeck ColorDeck ProfileDeck NameDateCountryAuthorPlacementTournamentHost
4nBT3-006a1nBT4-006a2nBT2-067a4nBT2-070a2nBT3-076a4nBT5-071a4nBT2-072a2nBT3-083a4nST6-08a4nBT2-077a1nBT2-078a4nBT5-079a2nBT4-089a4nBT5-082a2nBT2-083a2nBT5-112a1nBT2-090a2nBT5-093a1nBT2-109a3nBT4-112a2nST6-15 PurpleVIO_TTM_PLUTOPurple Tacti deckApr 21, 2021JapanGottsu1st PlaceTamer BattleBatolocobaba
4nBT3-006a4nBT2-067a3nBT2-070a2nBT3-077a4nBT4-079a1nBT5-071a3nBT2-072a2nBT2-074a2nBT3-083a4nST6-08a2nBT2-077a4nBT3-088a3nBT5-079a2nBT4-089a4nP-027a3nBT5-087a2nBT2-090a1nBT5-093a4nBT4-112 PurpleVIO_METAL_OMGZ_PLUTOPurple Metalgaruru deckApr 14, 2021JapanLiliel1st PlaceTamer BattleBaba Roko
3nBT2-069a4nBT2-070a4nBT3-076a2nBT3-077a2nBT5-071a3nBT2-072a4nBT3-083a4nST6-08a3nBT2-077a2nBT5-077a4nBT5-079a3nBT4-089a3nBT5-081a2nBT5-082a2nBT2-083a2nBT5-087a3nBT4-112 PurpleVIO_PLUTO_CHADKPlutomon DeckMar 26, 2021JapanSaeki1st PlaceTamer BattleMasterSquare
4nBT3-006a1nBT4-006a4nBT2-069a2nBT2-070a2nBT3-077a4nBT3-079a4nBT2-074a4nBT3-083a4nST6-08a1nBT2-077a1nBT3-085a4nBT3-088a3nBT5-079a1nBT4-087a4nBT4-089a1nBT5-082a2nBT2-083a1nBT5-087a2nBT2-090a2nBT4-112a4nBT5-108 PurpleVIO_PLUTO_MILPlutomon DeckMar 14, 2021MalaysiaRyan Kai1st PlaceTamer BattleHobby Base
4nBT3-006a4nBT2-067a4nBT2-070a4nBT3-076a2nBT3-077a4nBT4-079a2nBT5-071a2nBT2-074a3nST6-08a2nBT2-077a2nBT4-085a4nBT5-078a2nBT4-087a2nBT4-089a3nBT3-096a2nBT2-108a4nBT3-110a2nBT4-112a2nST6-15 PurpleVIO_PLUTO_ANUJoker PhantomMar 13, 2021JapanDori1st PlaceTamer BattleTsutaya
3nBT3-006a2nST6-01a3nBT2-067a4nBT2-070a2nBT3-077a3nBT4-079a3nBT2-074a2nBT3-084a4nST6-08a2nBT2-077a4nBT3-088a2nST6-10a2nBT3-091a4nBT4-089a2nBT2-083a3nBT2-090a3nBT3-110a2nBT4-112a2nBT5-108a3nST6-15 PurpleVIO_PLUTO_MILPurple Pluto Lilith deckMar 6, 2021MalaysiaFalse3rd PlaceTamer Battle OnlineImpulse Gaming Sunway
4nBT3-084a2nBT3-088a4nBT4-083a2nBT4-084a4nBT4-086a2nBT3-091a1nBT4-088a4nBT4-089a1nBT2-090a4nBT3-110a4nBT4-111a3nBT4-112a4nBT3-021a4nST2-15a4nST2-13a2nBT4-102a4nBT3-002 HybridMEGAZOO_BT4_PLUTOCombo Kaisernail with CerberusJan 21, 2021JapanTotoron1st PlaceTamer BattleTsutaya
4nBT3-084a4nBT3-088a4nBT4-083a4nBT4-086a4nBT3-091a1nBT4-088a4nBT4-089a4nBT3-110a4nBT4-111a3nBT4-112a4nBT3-021a4nST2-15a4nST2-13a2nBT4-102a4nBT3-002 HybridMEGAZOO_BT4_PLUTOPurple Plutomon Lilith DeckJan 19, 2021JapanJiro1st PlaceTamer BattleDragoonHakata
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