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Deck building
[ST1-03] Agumon and [BT1-010] Agumon, Is it possible to put 4 cards each on the deck?Yes, as long as cards have different number, even they have same name, you can put up to 4 cards in the deck
Is it possible to put a Digitama card in the deck?No, you cannot put digitama in the deck.
Can we put cards that is not Digitama card into Digitama deck?No, you cannot do that
Is it okay to place no card in Digitama deck?Yes, you are freely to put from 0~5 Digitama cards in Digitama deck, so it's okay if you don't put any Digitama card in the Digitama deck.
Can I put 5 of the same cards in the Digitama deck?No, like a normal deck, you can only put upto 4 same Digitama cards into Digitama deck
Do you build a deck with 50 cards, including the Digitama deck?No, make a deck with 50 cards separately from the Digitama deck. So if you use 5 Digitama cards, you have total 55 cards.
Game Preparation
If i don't like the card I just draw for my starting hand, can I re-draw a new one?No, you cannot
Can the person who wins rock-paper-scissors choose to play first or second?No, the one who wins will automatically be the first player.
Do you decide which player go first or second with rock-paper-scissors before drawing card to your hand?Yes, play rock-paper-scissors first, decide who go first and second, and then draw first 5 cards from deck to your hands
Active Phase
Do I also activate my resting timer in active phase?Yes, Tamers in rest are activated in active phase
Is it possible that I don't activate my Digimon or Tamer on purpose?No, you cannot. All the resting card in your previous turn need to be activated in this turn.
In this phase, are opponent Digimon and Tamer also activated?No, only in the player turn, his Digimon/Tamers are put back to active in this turn
Draw Phase
Table Data
Q: [ST1-03] Agumon and [BT1-010] Agumon,  is it possible to put 4 cards each on the deck?
A: Yes, as long as cards have different number, even they have same name, you can put up to 4 cards in the deck

The explanations behind these rules and effect mechanics are compiled from the official Digimon Card Game rulebook and FAQs, and/or includes logical and heuristical analysis across all similar cards and gameplay. If you spot any discrepancies or doubts, please do let us know through our contact windows.

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