Deck Reviews / Articles

Garry: Hunter x Hunter Deck Review, BT12 Meta Thoughts, and Evolution Cup ReportTourney ReportGarry6 Dec 2022
Khai: BT12 Beelzemon – This is the right way to trash OPP's Securities.Deck ReviewKhai2 Dec 2022
Ronnie Haboc: Dukemon/Gallantmon BT12 or Kamen Raider DukemonDeck ReviewRonnie Haboc30 Nov 2022
DigimonMeta: 1st Place Evo Cup Post-BT12 with Red HybridTourney Report
Ron27 Nov 2022
Mark: BT11 Welcome to the XROS School bus HID lights edition.Tourney ReportMark Beloy16 Nov 2022
[EN] Dr Zaius: 1st Place Ultimate Cup Europe with Yellow Hybrid ft VenusmonTourney ReportDr Zaius14 Nov 2022
Eka: Aggressive Red Base Black Wargreymon BT11 FormatTourney ReportEka8 Nov 2022
[EN] Extrasalt: V for Victory! BT-10 Xros Heart reportDeck ReviewExtrasalt30 Oct 2022
[EN] Qiqi: Won 1st Place in CartaMagica with Armor Rush Magnamon XTourney ReportQiqi26 Oct 2022
Damian: EX3 Hina Links Dragon DeckDeck ReviewDamian25 Oct 2022
Ami: BT11 Xros Heart with ShoutmonX7Deck ReviewAmi23 Oct 2022
Lexus: The Bouncehouse ft. Jelly, Leo and MirageGaogaDeck ReviewLexus22 Oct 2022
Jason: How Do I Play the Stubborn Galacticmon (Ragnamon)Deck ReviewJason21 Oct 2022
Machindramon ver 2.0, a worthy opponent in BT11Deck ReviewRina14 Oct 2022
BT11 Yellow Hybrid – “The Beautiful Angel Who Wields the Ruthless Spear”Deck ReviewMickey12 Oct 2022
BlackWarGreymon X in BT11Deck ReviewRon7 Oct 2022
BT11 Purple Minervamon – Mervamon LoopDeck ReviewRina2 Oct 2022
[EN] Utsu: DC-1 by GameSpirit Tourney Report (France)Tourney ReportUtsu4 Oct 2022EN_FORMAT
Unlimited Loop Zero!ThoughtsRon24 Sep 2022JP_FORMAT
Is Xros Heart 2.0 better than 1.0?ThoughtsRon17 Sep 2022JP_FORMAT
BEMmon Mechanic ReviewThoughtsdigimonmeta13 Sep 2022
Early Review: BT-11 Dimensional PhaseBox ReviewdigimonmetaSep 2022
Leaks BT-11: Dimensional Phase (JP: Sept 30th 2022)LeaksdigimonmetaAug Sep 2022
Mirei & Rina: Biggest Surprise of BT-11?ThoughtsRon8 Sep 2022JP_FORMAT
[English Format] MetalgaruruX is too strong, how to counter it.Thoughtsdigimonmeta1 Sept 2022EN_FORMAT
Arnold: The only green deck in BT10 and EX3 meta.Deck ReviewArnold Tan17 Aug 2022JP_FORMAT
Marcus T: Optimising the Xros Heart deck in the BT10 metaDeck ReviewMarcus T18 Jul 2022JP_FORMAT
Review: EX-03 Draconic RoarBox ReviewRon13 Jul 2022
[EN] Russell LaParre: 1st Place Ultimate Cup with Green Hybrid Shivamon deckTourney ReportRussell LaParre9 Jul 2022EN_FORMAT
Abuan Binoe: Yellow hybrid – still viable for the BT10 meta?Deck ReviewAbuan Binoe6 Jul 2022
KC: How did my D-reaper win the “Evo cup” in the BT-10 meta?Deck Review
Tourney Report
KC29 Jun 2022JP_FORMAT
Garry Yeung: Won Evo Cup with BT10 Kiriha Blue Flare ft. MagnaXDeck ReviewGarry Yeung16 Jun 2022JP_FORMAT
Ridhaudin: BT10 DarkKnightmon Deck ReviewDeck ReviewRidhaudin8 Jun 2022JP_FORMAT
Ying Huang: 1st Place NA Top Cut Regional with Yellow-Purple Maste JogressTourney ReportYing Huang7 Jun 2022EN_FORMAT
William Teh: A Deck Review for JesmonGX with Gankoomon XDeck Review
William Teh4 Jun 2022JP_FORMAT
Sam Zhou: 1st Place NA Carta Magical 2022 Regional, a Tourney Report.Tourney ReportSam Zhou31 May 2022EN_FORMAT
[En] Zachary: 2nd Place in Oceania Regional with Yellow Hybrid RapidmonTourney ReportZachary23 May 2022
Review: BT-10 Cross EncounterBox Reviewdigimonmeta14 May 2022
Beelstarmon in BT9: An Answer to OTK MetaThoughtsRon4 May 2022JP_FORMAT
David Lago: Won 2 Ultimate Cup Tournaments with Blue HybridTourney ReportDavid Lago30 Apr 2022EN_FORMAT
DigiXcros: What Do We Need to Know!!Thoughtsdigimonmeta28 Apr 2022JP_FORMAT
Leaks: BT-10: Cross EncounterLeaksdigimonmetaApr & May 2022
Digimon TCG Indonesia – First Ever Community Regional! Event Report and ThoughtsTourney ReportTCGnoHeya18 Apr 2022
Fernaldy: 1st Place in Indonesia DTCG Regional Tournament with Purple Mastemon (ST10)Deck ReviewFernaldy17 Apr 2022JP_FORMAT
Leaks: BT-10: Cross EncounterLeaksdigimonmetaApr, May 2022
Security Control with MeikoDeck ReviewRononrun9 Apr 2022JP_FORMAT
BT9 Security Control: A Deck-out GameDeck Reviewdigimonmeta6 Apr 2022JP_FORMAT
Garry Yeung: BT9 Armor Rush Deck – Blue Players Last Hope in DC1?Deck ReviewGarry Yeung24 Mar 2022JP_FORMAT
Thomas: Presenting for Red in BT9 meta, Gallantmon X-antibodyDeck ReviewThomas16 Mar 2022JP_FORMAT
BT-09: Alphamon Ouryuken establishing presence!Deck ReviewRononrun6 Mar 2022
BT9: Grandis-Kuwagamon is winning a lot in Japan and MalaysiaDeck Reviewdigimonmeta4 Mar 2022JP_FORMAT
DTCG Singapore League 2021, Report and ReflectionTourney ReportMarcus28 Feb 2022JP_FORMAT
Quick Share: Shinegreymon OTK in BT9Thoughtsdigimonmeta24 Sep 2022JP_FORMAT
A Beelstar-Ordine Concept?Deck ReviewRononrun19 Feb 2022JP_FORMAT
Leaks BT9: X-RecordLeaksdigimonmeta15 Feb 2022
Leaks: Starter Deck for Jesmon and RagnaloardmonLeaksdigimonmeta15 Feb 2022
Robert: BT9 MetalGarurumon X Restand OTK DeckDeck ReviewRobert14 Feb 2022JP_FORMAT
DexThoughtsdigimonmeta12 Feb 2022JP_FORMAT
[En] Daniel (Spoogy): 1st Place at Europe Final Championship 2021 with Gabubond BOFTourney ReportDaniel Opiola6 Feb 2022EN_FORMAT
Early Review: BT-09 X RecordBox Reviewdigimonmeta3 Feb 2022JP_FORMAT
Lexus: Warp Beelze RushDeck ReviewLexus T3 Feb 2022JP_FORMAT
[En] Daniel: 1st Place at Latam Final Championship 2021 with Lilith LoopTourney ReportDaniel2 Feb 2022EN_FORMAT
Taking a look at the Raidenmon mechanicThoughtRononrun29 Jan 2022JP_FORMAT
BT9 Ordinemon: How We Should Use it.Thoughtsdigimonmeta25 Jan 2022JP_FORMAT
BT7 English Meta After the Ban ListThoughtsdigimonmeta21 Jan 2022EN_FORMAT
A Pulse/Kimera/Leopardmon ConceptDeck ReviewRononrun16 Jan 2022JP_FORMAT
Vampoch: Immune with Greymon X-Antibody (BT9)Deck ReviewVampoch14 Jan 2022JP_FORMAT
Will These 3 Decks be Dethroned with Bandai New Restriction List?ThoughtsRina14 Jan 2022JP_FORMAT
Lum Wen Kang: Duel Golden Armor ReleaseDeck ReviewLum WenKang11 Jan 2022JP_FORMAT
Justimon Blitz Arm, an Aggressive OTK profileThoughtsRina3 Jan 2022JP_FORMAT
What went wrong with Sakuya?ThoughtsRononrun2 Jan 2022JP_FORMAT
[English Version] Everything about 2021 Final ChampionshipsTourney Reportdigimonmeta30 Dec 2021EN_FORMAT
[En] Alexander: 1st Place at TAK Regional NorthAmerica with 2-Musketeers DeckTourney ReportAlexander23 Dec 2021EN_FORMAT
Leaks EX2 Digimon TamersLeaksdigimonmeta23 Dec 2021
Simon from Australia: an Upgraded Version of Royal ControlDeck ReviewSimon21 Dec 2021EN_FORMAT
Rematching the D-ReaperThoughtsRononrun18 Dec 2021JP_FORMAT
Dan Vang: 1st Place NorthAmerica Regional Tournament with Jesmon Deck.Tourney ReportDan Vang16 Dec 2021EN_FORMAT
Beelzemon in EX-02: Most Wanted!Thoughtsdigimonmeta15 Dec 2021JP_FORMAT
Japan, OvermasterP: Top Cut Akihabara Challenge Cup with KimeramonDeck ReviewOvermasterP13 Dec 2021JP_FORMAT
How to play D-ReaperThoughtsRononrun11 Dec 2021JP_FORMAT
Naim From Brunei: Red Jesmon in BT8, a Deck Review.Deck ReviewNaim10 Dec 2021JP_FORMAT
BT8 Tier-2 Deck: BlackwargreymonDeck ReviewRina9 Dec 2021
The Ability of Chimeramon in BT8 New HeroThoughtsdigimonmeta7 Dec 2021JP_FORMAT
[En] Santiago Matos – 1st Place LATAM Regionals with AgumonBOCTourney ReportSantiago Matos1 Dec 2021EN_FORMAT
[En] Francis Denton – 3rd Place Europe Evo Cup with Lilith-LoopTourney ReportFrancis Denton1 Dec 2021EN_FORMAT
Week-1 BT8 Meta ReportThoughtsdigimonmeta30 Nov 2021JP_FORMAT
Leaks BT-08 New HeroLeaksdigimonmeta21 Nov 2021
Leaks ST-11: Special Entry SetLeaksdigimonmeta21 Nov 2021
Early Review: BT-08 New HeroBox Reviewdigimonmeta14 Nov 2021
A Brilliant Engine Using KimeramonThoughtsContributor13 Nov 2021JP_FORMAT
Can Yukio Revive MaloMyotismon?ThoughtsRononrun7 Nov 2021JP_FORMAT
Quick Share: The Revival of BlackwargreymonThoughtsdigimonmeta2 Nov 2021JP_FORMAT
Summary of new basic rules after ST9/10 released.Rulingdigimonmeta1 Nov 2021
ST10 Mastemon Has Started WinningDeck Reviewdigimonmeta30 Oct 2021JP_FORMAT
CatchMamemon: from Gatcha to CatchaThoughtsdigimonmeta26 Oct 2021JP_FORMAT
[En] Konstantina – 2nd Place at Latin America Grand Prix (BT6)Tourney ReportKonstatina26 Oct 2021EN_FORMAT
Armor Purge: A Magnamon/Whamon Engine?ThoughtsRononrun24 Oct 2021
[En] A Deck Review From Simon: Royal Control (BT6)Deck ReviewSimon22 Oct 2021EN_FORMAT
[En] Read This before Preorder EX1Box Reviewdigimonmeta14 Oct 2021
[En]: Nathan – 1st Place at TAK DC-1 GP Oceania Oct 10 Tourney ReportTourney ReportNathan13 Oct 2021EN_FORMAT
Updates on Jogress DigivolutionsRulingdigimonmeta12 Oct 2021
New Winning Decks Popping Up This Week: 7 Oct – 10 OctThoughtsdigimonmeta12 Oct 2021JP_FORMAT
The Big Three of BT-07Thoughtsdigimonmeta10 Oct 2021JP_FORMAT
Quick Share: An Effective Combo for ST9 ImperialDramonThoughtsdigimonmeta7 Oct 2021
[En] Aye Chan Moe: 1st Place at Core TCG EVO Cup Sept 26 Tourney ReportTourney ReportAye Chan Moe4 Oct 2021EN_FORMAT
[EN] BT-06 is coming for English format, here is what you need to know.Thoughtsdigimonmeta4 Oct 2021EN_FORMAT
BT7 X-antibody, a new wave for black colorDeck Reviewdigimonmeta1 Oct 2021JP_FORMAT
[EN] Todd 1st Place Evo Cup Oceania with Shoutmon-DX force (Sept 25)Tourney ReportTodd30 Sep 2021EN_FORMAT
[EN] Jam Pingul 1st Place Sec Con Europe Evo Cup (Sept 26)Tourney ReportJam Pingul28 Sep 2021EN_FORMAT
The Magic of BT7 Purple LoopDeck ReviewRina27 Sep 2021JP_FORMAT
[En Format] Valos 1st Place Green OTK at Europe Evo Cup (19 Sept)Tourney ReportValos24 Sep 2021EN_FORMAT
Quick Share: Eyesmon – The new level of recycling trashThoughtsdigimonmeta23 Sep 2021
Defying a Hyper Spirit EvolutionThoughtsdigimonmeta22 Sep 2021JP_FORMAT
Diaboromon a counter to BT7?Deck ReviewNaim
21 Sep 2021
An Electric Rushed LordknightmonDeck ReviewLum Wen Kang19 Sep 2021JP_FORMAT
BT7 Yellow Deck Review: Shine-Zoe HybridDeck ReviewAbuan Binoe13 Sep 2021JP_FORMAT
BT7 Green Deck Review: A Secure Gatcha DeckDeck ReviewRina10 Sep 2021JP_FORMAT
[En Format] The new promo cards in BT6 English meta.Thoughtsdigimonmeta8 Sep 2021
BT7: Hyper Spirit EvolutionDeck ReviewRononrun3 Sep 2021JP_FORMAT
Lilith – Anubimon feat Lucemon FM with Dead or Alive LoopDeck ReviewJason Bacons
3 Sep 2021JP_FORMAT
[En Format] Lichi 1st Place TAK Online Regional MetalGaruru (28 Aug)Tourney ReportLichi2 Sep 2021EN_FORMAT
BT7 early meta Tier-1: Red KaiserGreymon HybridDeck Reviewdigimonmeta30 Aug 2021
Week-1 BT7 Meta Tourney ReportTourney ReportRononrun29 Aug 2021
Leaks BT7 Next AdventureLeaksdigimonmeta27 Aug 2021
Blue in BT7: MagnaGarurumon is StrongThoughtsRina25 Aug 2021JP_FORMAT
BT7: Zoe ExtravaganzaDeck ReviewRononrun22 Aug 2021JP_FORMAT
BT7: Machinedramon Deck Ver2.0 Powered UpDeck Reviewdigimonmeta21 Aug 2021JP_FORMAT
BT7: A Deck for Lucemon Falldown ModeDeck ReviewRina20 Aug 2021JP_FORMAT
[EN Format] Dan Vang 1st Place Imperial Deck at Regional TournamentTourney ReportDan Vang20 Aug 2021EN_FORMAT
[EN Format] 1st Place Shoutmon-DX Tournament ReportTourney ReportKyle Donoghue17 Aug 2021EN_FORMAT
Early Review: BT-07 Next AdventureBox Reviewdigimonmeta14 Aug 2021
EX-01 a B.O.C ver2.0 Deck ReviewDeck ReviewGpat Hora13 Aug 2021JP_FORMAT
[EN Format] Blue Imperial Deck ReviewDeck ReviewTyrese Wallace13 Aug 2021EN_FORMAT
Quick Share: Eosmon New Winning RecipeDeck ReviewRina11 Aug 2021JP_FORMAT
[EN Format] A Winning LKM Tournament ReportTourney ReportJam Pingul9 Aug 2021EN_FORMAT
EX-01 Retaliation Rush: Deceptively LethalDeck ReviewLexus T8 Aug 2021JP_FORMAT
EX1 Ice Wall with UlforceDeck Reviewdigimonmeta7 Aug 2021JP_FORMAT
EX1 Deck Intro: A New Way of DiaboromonDeck Reviewdigimonmeta1 Aug 2021JP_FORMAT
An Undefeated Ex1 Mungendramon DeckDeck Reviewdigimonmeta31 Jul 2021JP_FORMAT
[EN FORMAT] A Green Hercules Deck ReviewDeck ReviewArthur Sora25 Jul 2021EN_FORMAT
EX-01 Meta: Safe Gatcha!ThoughtsRononrun25 Jul 2021JP_FORMAT
Battle of Omega – A Preparation for BT5 EN Format (Part 2)Thoughtsdigimonmeta23 Jul 2021EN_FORMAT
EX1 New Deck: A Monkey ZooDeck ReviewRina
22 Jul 2021JP_FORMAT
Leaks EX-01 Classic CollectionLeaksdigimonmeta21 Jul 2021
Battle of Omega – A Preparation for BT5 English FormatThoughtsdigimonmeta20 Jul 2021EN_FORMAT
North America – The Evo Cup 17 Jul – 3rd Place Tourney ReportTourney ReportSebastian19 Jul 2021EN_FORMAT
2nd Place Top Cut Event, The EVO Cup – Tourney Report (North America)Tourney ReportDavid Zhang10 Jul 2021EN_FORMAT
Early Review: EX-01 Classic CollectionBox Reviewdigimonmeta16 Jul 2021
English Format – Cerberus Memory SpamDeck ReviewTim Mead15 July 2021EN_FORMAT
BT6 Meta: A Tweaking Security Control DeckDeck ReviewLouie Aaron13 Jul 2021JP_FORMAT
Deck Review: Security DiscardDeck ReviewEffendy12 Jul 2021JP_FORMAT
EX-01 SEC Mugendramon ReviewThoughtsRononrun9 Jul 2021
The Trifecta of BT6 MetaThoughtsdigimonmeta8 Jul 2021
The Winning Recipe for Agumon Bond Of CourageDeck Reviewdigimonmeta6 Jul 2021
A Fun Post: Please ban Lilith-LoopThoughtsRina5 Jul 2021JP_FORMAT
1st Place Premier TO Event – Tournament Report (Europe)Tourney ReportSymphonus 1 July 2021EN_FORMAT
English Format – A Blue Yellow Aggro Deck, A Unique BuildDeck-ReviewDylan Williams29 Jun 2021EN_FORMAT
TAK 3rd Place Oceania Tournament Report (Australia & NZ)Tourney ReportChris Austen27 Jun 2021EN_FORMAT
The Case of Lilith Loop in BT6ThoughtsBryan25 Jun 2021JP_FORMAT
EX-01 Myotismon a Gamechanger?ThoughtsRononrun24 Jun 2021JP_FORMAT
EX-01 WarGreymon Digivolution ChainThoughtsRina22 Jun 2021JP_FORMAT
BT6 New Deck: Sistermon and CraniamonDeck Reviewdigimonmeta19 Jun 2021JP_FORMAT
How I Play AncientGreymonThoughtsdigimonmeta16 Jun 2021JP_FORMAT
BT6 Meta: One Turn Kill DefenderThoughtsdigimonmeta13 Jun 2021
Fun Post: A Scary ScenarioThoughtsRina11 Jun 2021JP_FORMAT
Yellow in BT6 Meta: A winning Recipe, It starts with number “3”Deck Reviewdigimonmeta11 Jun 2021JP_FORMAT
BT6 AncientTroymon – The New Right-Hand man for NidhoggThoughtsRina9 Jun 2021JP_FORMAT
The BT6 Idol Star Beelstarmon – Tier 1 deckDeck ReviewKelvin Lazam8 Jun 2021JP_FORMAT
Will Alphamon join BT6 Meta Top Tier ListDeck Reviewdigimonmeta8 Jun 2021JP_FORMAT
BT6 New Deck Intro: Titamon, a cheap SR with huge PotentialDeck ReviewRina2 Jun 2021JP_FORMAT
BT4 English Meta: What is different with Japanese MetaThoughtsdigimonmeta1 Jun 2021EN_FORMAT
BT6 Meta – First weekend Tourney ReportTourney Reportdigimonmeta31 May 2021
BT6 New Deck Intro: Is Gabumon BOF – AncientGaruru Going to be in Tier-1Deck ReviewRina24 May 2021JP_FORMAT
New Deck Intro: BT-06 Beelko-ntrolDeck ReviewRononrun24 May 2021JP_FORMAT
BT5 Meta: How This Shoutmon-DX Deck win in TourneysDeck ReviewAbuan Binoe23 May 2021JP_FORMAT
New Deck Intro: BT-06 Jesmon BrigadeDeck ReviewRina22 May 2021JP_FORMAT
Decks Ideas for BT6 Double Diamond (Part 2)Thoughtsdigimonmeta20 May 2021JP_FORMAT
Leaks BT-06 Double DiamondLeaksdigimonmeta19 May 2021
Common Mistake in RulingRulingdigimonmeta19 May 2021
Deck Idea: Eosmon Deck CountingDeck Reviewdigimonmeta16 May 2021JP_FORMAT
Decks created for BT6 Double Diamond (Part 1)Thoughtsdigimonmeta14 May 2021JP_FORMAT
New Deck Intro: The Future of Rookie Rush with Lv7Deck ReviewVampoch12 May 2021JP_FORMAT
Early Review: BT-06Box Reviewdigimonmeta8 May 2021
Detailed Deck Review – Yellow LordknightmonDeck Review
Marcus T5 May 2021JP_FORMAT
Security ControlDeck ReviewRina4 May 2021
Deck Review: Placing the Spotlight on a Hybrid Diaboromon DeckDeck ReviewVampoch4 May 2021JP_FORMAT
Stater Deck ST7-8 Q&ARulingdigimonmeta28 Apr 2021
Bandai: New Q&A added on 23th April 2021Rulingdigimonmeta27 Apr 2021
New Meta: Blue Ancient RookieDeck ReviewRina27 Apr 2021JP_FORMAT
Summary Of Ruling ChangesRulingdigimonmeta25 Apr 2021
Detailed Rule Explanation Ver1.0Rulingdigimonmeta24 Apr 2021
Ruling Demystified: Blocker TimingRulingdigimonmeta17 Apr 2021
BT4/5 New Deck Intro: 19000 DP blocker with RebootDeck ReviewRina13 Apr 2021JP_FORMAT
BT5 Meta Deck Review: Lilith LoopDeck ReviewRononrun13 Apr 2021JP_FORMAT
Deck Review: A Build for Ulforce (ST8)Deck Reviewdigimonmeta8 Apr 2021JP_FORMAT
When Kentaurosmon and Crusadermon team upDeck ReviewRina7 Apr 2021JP_FORMAT
A Deck Idea for DanDevimon (BT4/5) Thoughtsdigimonmeta31 Mar 2021JP_FORMAT
Card Review: The new MVP for BlackThoughtsRina31 Mar 2021JP_FORMAT
Calculated Gatcha!Deck ReviewRononrun29 Mar 2021JP_FORMAT
Bandai TCG Online Festival Asiaartistdigimonmeta28 Mar 2021
BT5 Deck Review: A New Way of Rookie Rush.Deck ReviewRina
23 Mar 2021
Finally, AncientGaruru is Highly HuntedThoughtsRina19 Mar 2021
Soon to be the Tier 1 Green DeckDeck ReviewRina18 Mar 2021JP_FORMAT
New Promo Agunimon Hyperfast!ThoughtsRononrun16 Mar 2021JP_FORMAT
Fun Post: The Most Expensive DeckDeck Reviewdigimonmeta15 Mar 2021JP_FORMAT
Rafflesi-Nidhogg: A BT-05 Green DeckDeck Reviewrononrun13 Mar 2021JP_FORMAT
Time to Bring back De-digivolve SkillsThoughtsRina12 Mar 2021
Deck Review: A “Lazy” Security DeckDeck ReviewRina8 Mar 2021JP_FORMAT
Quick Share: Hammer Spark is no longer needed in blue deck.Thoughtsdigimonmeta8 Mar 2021JP_FORMAT
BT5 Meta: Tier-0 Crusadermon Deck AnalysisDeck ReviewRononrun7 Mar 2021JP_FORMAT
Deck Review: A Strong ChaosDukemon and Zwart Defeat DeckDeck Reviewdigimonmeta5 Mar 2021JP_FORMAT
Quick Share: Green Combo with BanchoLillymonThoughtsRina5 Mar 2021JP_FORMAT
Deck Review: Yellow’s still Strong even no new LV7 in BT5Deck ReviewRina2 Mar 2021JP_FORMAT
Shoutmon Deck ReviewDeck ReviewRononrun28 Feb 2021
A BT5 Diaboromon Deck IntroductionDeck ReviewRina27 Feb 2021JP_FORMAT
Deck Review: An Aggressive BlackWargrey DeckDeck Reviewdigimonmeta23 Feb 2021JP_FORMAT
Did BT-05 accidentally buff purple Cresgaruru?​ThoughtsRononrun20 Feb 2021JP_FORMAT
What is new in BT5 Battle of OmegaBox Reviewdigimonmeta19 Feb 2021
A Blue Omegamon deck with support from HexeblaumonThoughtsRina19 Feb 2021JP_FORMAT
All Delete: Who can Stay in the Board !!ThoughtsRina18 Feb 2021JP_FORMAT
Megazoo Deck Reference: ShoutMon DXDeck ReviewRina17 Feb 2021JP_FORMAT
Early Review: BT-05Box ReviewRononrun14 Feb 2021
DCG Restriction List – Player to KnowRulingdigimonmeta13 Feb 2021
Working With Zwart?ThoughtsRononrun5 Feb 2021JP_FORMAT
A Delusional Strategy to Win in 2 Turns. !!ThoughtsRina5 Feb 2021JP_FORMAT
BT5 will be the Battle of Omegas and Diaboromon ArmyThoughtsRina4 Feb 2021JP_FORMAT
Naochika Morishita and The BT4 Secret Rare TrioartistRina3 Feb 2021
Is Green Going to be “Defensive” in new Meta?ThoughtsRina2 Feb 2021JP_FORMAT
BT4 Meta: Why WarGreymon Dominates Yellow Tournament DecksDeck ReviewRina29 Jan 2021JP_FORMAT
The Best Stepping Stone LV6 Digimon for GreenThoughtsRina
28 Jan 2021JP_FORMAT
Deck-List Data: The Most Used Digimon CardThoughts digimonmeta27 Jan 2021JP_FORMAT
A Bit of Digimon Card Game History: The First Versionartistdigimonmeta26 Jan 2021
NEWS: DCG First Anniversary Campaign.. WHAT is COMING THIS YEARBox Reviewdigimonmeta24 Jan 2021
BT4 Meta Quick Share: Combo Kaiser Nail with Purple CerberusmonThoughtsRina23 Jan 2021JP_FORMAT
BT4 Meta Deck Review: A Diaboromon DeckDeck ReviewRina22 Jan 2021JP_FORMAT
Omegamon Zwart Play in PurpleThoughtsRina21 Jan 2021JP_FORMAT
Shoutmon DX – Red becomes so much more PowerfulThoughtsRina21 Jan 2021JP_FORMAT
The man behind Omegamon Art – Watanabe KenjiartistRina20 Jan 2021
The Best First Draw for Megazoo Deck.ThoughtsRina19 Jan 2021JP_FORMAT
Combo to use with BT5 ChaosDukemonThoughtsdigimonmeta18 Jan 2021JP_FORMAT
BT4 Meta Deck Review: Why Green Nidhogg Deck is so StrongDeck Reviewdigimonmeta13 Jan 2021JP_FORMAT
Combo to Attack Security ALL at ONCE in REDThoughtsdigimonmeta13 Jan 2021JP_FORMAT
Hybrid Digimon in BT4: Digivolve from Tamer for Blue and RedThoughtsRina11 Jan 2021JP_FORMAT
Deck Review: Purple Cresgarurumon Deck (BT4)Deck ReviewRononrun10 Jan 2021JP_FORMAT
DTCG: How to Know which Color Suits You the MostThoughtsRina8 Jan 2021JP_FORMAT
Deck Review: A Fast and Furious Ragnaloard Legend-Arms DeckDeck ReviewRina8 Jan 2021JP_FORMAT
Leaks BT-05 Battle of OmegaLeaks digimonmeta7 Jan 2021
A strategic Purple deck with Plutomon and Cerberusmon with BT4Deck ReviewRina5 Jan 2021JP_FORMAT
Deck Review: An Over-Power Megazoo Deck.Deck ReviewRina29 Dec 2020JP_FORMAT
A Cheap BT4 Blue Deck: My Way of Playing Blue HybridDeck ReviewRina25 Dec 2020JP_FORMAT
BT4 Meta: A Yellow new meta: Defense, Recovery or Attack?Deck ReviewRina22 Dec 2020JP_FORMAT
BT04 new Meta: A Super Strong Black Rookie RushDeck ReviewRina
21 Dec 2020JP_FORMAT
A new Dawn for Yellow Shine in BT4 metaDeck ReviewRina
19 Dec 2020JP_FORMAT
Reliable MegaGargoDeck ReviewRononrun14 Dec 2020JP_FORMAT
Check 5 Securities with this BlackWargreymon ComboThoughtsRina14 Dec 2020JP_FORMAT
Early Review for BT-04 Great LegendsBox ReviewRina11 Dec 2020
The Perfect Deck for Ceresmon GreenDeck ReviewRina9 Dec 2020JP_FORMAT
Dealing With RookiesThoughtsRononrun7 Dec 2020JP_FORMAT
Yellow, Why no LoveThoughtsRina1 Dec 2020JP_FORMAT
Fun New Black Deck!Deck ReviewRina29 Nov 2020JP_FORMAT
Introducing New Ability in Starter Deck 4 5 6Starter ReviewRina27 Nov 2020
Blue Imperialdramon Deck Review Deck ReviewMarcus23 Nov 2020JP_FORMAT
Deck Reference: Powerful Red RagnaloardDeck ReviewRina14 Nov 2020JP_FORMAT
Leaks BT-04 Great LegendLeaksdigimonmeta13 Nov 2020
Rookie Rush Red: the Cheapest Deck EverDeck ReviewRina11 Nov 2020JP_FORMAT
Blue: The Power of Level 4 DigimonsDeck ReviewRina6 Nov 2020JP_FORMAT
The Green Bee StingsDeck ReviewRononrun3 Nov 2020JP_FORMAT
Legend-Arms: New Red Deck to Play in BT-03Deck ReviewRina2 Nov 2020JP_FORMAT
A Hybrid With Weird Mix and MatchDeck ReviewRina30 Oct 2020JP_FORMAT
The Troublemakers: A Rookie Rush Deck ReviewDeck ReviewRina29 Oct 2020JP_FORMAT
Dealing With Ragnalord ThoughtsRononrun21 Oct 2020JP_FORMAT
Black: The Perfect Digivolution Chain ThoughtsRina21 Oct 2020JP_FORMAT
Early Review: BT-03 Box ReviewRononrun15 Oct 2020
Purple Deck ReviewDeck ReviewDavin Shin10 Oct 2020JP_FORMAT
Why It's Annoying Playing Against Yellow Pt 2 ThoughtsRina9 Oct 2020JP_FORMAT
Why It's Annoying Playing Against Yellow Pt 1 ThoughtsRina8 Oct 2020JP_FORMAT
Leaks BT-03 Union ImpactLeaksdigimonmeta22 Oct 2020
Card of the WeekThoughtsdigimonmeta3 Oct 2020JP_FORMAT
Card of the WeekThoughtsdigimonmeta16 Sep 2020JP_FORMAT
Card of the WeekThoughtsdigimonmeta26 Sep 2020JP_FORMAT
Bandai is accepting order for “TAMER’s EVOLUTION BOX”Uncategorized digimonmeta23 Sep 2020


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