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Card Review: The new MVP for Black BT4/5 (3/31/2021) - Overview Black is special color in DTCG, it has many abilities that many other colors don't have or have less like de-digivolve, reboot, rush, digi-burst, jamming, blocker(s), SecurityAttack++… Continue reading "Card Review: The new MVP for Black BT4/5"
BT5 Meta: Calculated Gatcha! (3/29/2021) - Overview Ever since the card was leaked for BT-05, [BT5-089] Izumi & Mimi has been lingering inside my head. I have been playing green as my core deck… Continue reading "BT5 Meta: Calculated Gatcha!"
Bandai TCG Online Festival Asia (3/28/2021) - The First Virtual Card Game Festival We have joined hundreds of others in Asia today for the first ever Bandai TCG Online Festival event. If you were not… Continue reading "Bandai TCG Online Festival Asia"
BT5 Meta Deck Review: A New Way of Rookie Rush. (3/23/2021) - Overview It is rare to see a Rookie Rush deck with yellow color, also rare to see Rookie deck winning tournament these days after BT5 released. This Rookie… Continue reading "BT5 Meta Deck Review: A New Way of Rookie Rush."
Finally, AncientGaruru is Highly Hunted (3/19/2021) - Overview It is not fair to say that we don't hunt for the AncentGaruru when it comes with the BT4 Great Legend Booster box, actually his parallel art… Continue reading "Finally, AncientGaruru is Highly Hunted"
Soon to be the Tier 1 Green Deck (3/18/2021) - Overview We soon will have the new promo pack with 6 new digimon cards distributing to us from 26 March 2021 if we purchase 500yen of DCG product… Continue reading "Soon to be the Tier 1 Green Deck"
New Promo Agunimon Hyperfast! (3/16/2021) - Overview This promo card [P-029] Agunimon was introduced as a 1st anniversary present (see details here) and has caused quite an abrupt buyout of AncientGreymons, which was generally… Continue reading "New Promo Agunimon Hyperfast!"
Fun Post: The Most Expensive Deck (3/15/2021) - Overview When there is new booster box released, we buy a carton or boxes to open, the parallel art card we will put them into the binder, we… Continue reading "Fun Post: The Most Expensive Deck"
Rafflesi-Nidhogg: A BT-05 Green Deck (3/13/2021) - The state of green in BT-05 With a restriction list (Mar 1, 2021) targeting [BT2-047] Argomon and [BT3-103] Hidden Potential, and a lack of offensive buffs in the… Continue reading "Rafflesi-Nidhogg: A BT-05 Green Deck"
Time to Bring back De-digivolve Skills (3/11/2021) - Why is It? Do you know that digimon now is harder to destroy, it is actually harder harder to destroy, or even if they are destroyed, they would… Continue reading "Time to Bring back De-digivolve Skills"
Deck Review: A "Lazy" Security Deck (3/8/2021) - Overview This is the deck with full of security digimon from BT3 - Union Impact and BT5 Battle of Omega. Why I called this deck is a "lazy"… Continue reading "Deck Review: A "Lazy" Security Deck"
Quick Share: Hammer Spark is no longer needed in blue deck. (3/8/2021) - Overview [ST2-13] Hammer Spark is a option card that has been favorite to all blue tamers since beginning time of the game. It costs 0 to play and… Continue reading "Quick Share: Hammer Spark is no longer needed in blue deck."
Tier-0 Crusadermon Deck Analysis (3/7/2021) - Overview Many have claimed that the recent Crusadermon deck is far too overpowered, calling it a "Tier-0" deck. We take a deeper look at why this deck is… Continue reading "Tier-0 Crusadermon Deck Analysis"
Deck Review: A Strong ChaosDukemon and Zwart Defeat Deck (3/5/2021) - Overview These days I keep thinking ... which color is the best to deal with yellow's reducing DP obsession, the only answer is Purple and Green with 4… Continue reading "Deck Review: A Strong ChaosDukemon and Zwart Defeat Deck"
Quick Share: Green Combo with BanchoLillymon (3/5/2021) - Overview [BT5-055] BanchoLillymon is a new sexy but scary girl that is introduced in BT5 battle of Omega. Until now not many tamers put her into their decks… Continue reading "Quick Share: Green Combo with BanchoLillymon"
Deck Review: Yellow's still Strong even no new LV7 in BT5 (3/2/2021) - Overview It's surprisingly that Yellow is still dominating tournament in the first weekend after BT5 is released. Maybe it is cheap to "renovate"  yellow deck because there is… Continue reading "Deck Review: Yellow's still Strong even no new LV7 in BT5"
Shoutmon Deck Review (2/28/2021) - Overview The Shoutmon digivolution line (introduced in BT-05) pioneers the new <Advance> effect, which allows the Digimon to attack when the opponent has 1 or more memory. Being… Continue reading "Shoutmon Deck Review"
A BT5 Diaboromon Deck Introduction (2/27/2021) - Overview Black is one of my favorite color and since there is not many black meta before BT5, it is hard to see black deck in tourney. Now… Continue reading "A BT5 Diaboromon Deck Introduction"
Deck Review: An Aggressive BlackWargrey Deck (2/23/2021) - Overview During updating the deck list today, I found out a good black deck that I'd love to share to Digimon Card Meta reader. This deck is playing… Continue reading "Deck Review: An Aggressive BlackWargrey Deck"
Did BT-05 accidentally buff purple Cresgaruru?​ (2/20/2021) - Overview I have written about a purple Cresgarurumon deck about a month ago, and has further optimized the deck since. While I certainly enjoyed this deck, it is… Continue reading "Did BT-05 accidentally buff purple Cresgaruru?​"

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