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Time to Bring back De-digivolve Skills (3/11/2021) - Why is It? Do you know that digimon now is harder to destroy, it is actually harder harder to destroy, or even if they are destroyed, they would… Continue reading "Time to Bring back De-digivolve Skills"
Deck Review: A "Lazy" Security Deck (3/8/2021) - Overview This is the deck with full of security digimon from BT3 - Union Impact and BT5 Battle of Omega. Why I called this deck is a "lazy"… Continue reading "Deck Review: A "Lazy" Security Deck"
Quick Share: Hammer Spark is no longer needed in blue deck. (3/8/2021) - Overview [ST2-13] Hammer Spark is a option card that has been favorite to all blue tamers since beginning time of the game. It costs 0 to play and… Continue reading "Quick Share: Hammer Spark is no longer needed in blue deck."
Tier-0 Crusadermon Deck Analysis (3/7/2021) - Overview Many have claimed that the recent Crusadermon deck is far too overpowered, calling it a "Tier-0" deck. We take a deeper look at why this deck is… Continue reading "Tier-0 Crusadermon Deck Analysis"
Deck Review: A Strong ChaosDukemon and Zwart Defeat Deck (3/5/2021) - Overview These days I keep thinking ... which color is the best to deal with yellow's reducing DP obsession, the only answer is Purple and Green with 4… Continue reading "Deck Review: A Strong ChaosDukemon and Zwart Defeat Deck"
Quick Share: Green Combo with BanchoLillymon (3/5/2021) - Overview [BT5-055] BanchoLillymon is a new sexy but scary girl that is introduced in BT5 battle of Omega. Until now not many tamers put her into their decks… Continue reading "Quick Share: Green Combo with BanchoLillymon"
Deck Review: Yellow's still Strong even no new LV7 in BT5 (3/2/2021) - Overview It's surprisingly that Yellow is still dominating tournament in the first weekend after BT5 is released. Maybe it is cheap to "renovate"  yellow deck because there is… Continue reading "Deck Review: Yellow's still Strong even no new LV7 in BT5"
Shoutmon Deck Review (2/28/2021) - Overview The Shoutmon digivolution line (introduced in BT-05) pioneers the new <Advance> effect, which allows the Digimon to attack when the opponent has 1 or more memory. Being… Continue reading "Shoutmon Deck Review"
A BT5 Diaboromon Deck Introduction (2/27/2021) - Overview Black is one of my favorite color and since there is not many black meta before BT5, it is hard to see black deck in tourney. Now… Continue reading "A BT5 Diaboromon Deck Introduction"
Deck Review: An Aggressive BlackWargrey Deck (2/23/2021) - Overview During updating the deck list today, I found out a good black deck that I'd love to share to Digimon Card Meta reader. This deck is playing… Continue reading "Deck Review: An Aggressive BlackWargrey Deck"
Did BT-05 accidentally buff purple Cresgaruru?​ (2/20/2021) - Overview I have written about a purple Cresgarurumon deck about a month ago, and has further optimized the deck since. While I certainly enjoyed this deck, it is… Continue reading "Did BT-05 accidentally buff purple Cresgaruru?​"
What is new in BT5 Battle of Omega (2/19/2021) - Overview In the earlier post about Early Review for BT05, we mentioned about the new power, chain, engine and trend of each color. In this post, we focus… Continue reading "What is new in BT5 Battle of Omega"
A Blue Omegamon deck with support from Hexeblaumon (2/19/2021) - Overview People tend to play Omegamon (Omnimon) as a central pillar in their deck, especially for blue and red color. With BT5 Battle of Omega releasing in next… Continue reading "A Blue Omegamon deck with support from Hexeblaumon"
All Delete: Who can Stay in the Board !! (2/17/2021) - Overview [BT5-110] All DeleteEffect: [Main] By returning 1 of your Digimon with [Omegamon] in its name to your hand, delete all Digimon and tamer cards. Trash all digivolution… Continue reading "All Delete: Who can Stay in the Board !!"
Megazoo Deck Reference: ShoutMon DX (2/17/2021) - Overview This is a deck that created by Digimon Card Meta, a deck reference for the post "A Delusional Strategy to win in 2 turns!!" Cards and Number… Continue reading "Megazoo Deck Reference: ShoutMon DX"
Early Review: BT-05 (2/14/2021) - Overview With more than half the cards revealed so far, its time again to take a look at what this expansion set gives! New Mechanics <進撃> or <Blitz>… Continue reading "Early Review: BT-05"
DCG Restriction/Ban List – Player to Know (2/13/2021) - List of Cards 16 JUN 2023 From 16th Jun, these cards are restricted to 1 copy per deck.BT3 Blossomon, EX2 Impmon, promo Weregarurumon and promo GranKuwagamon. 17 Mar… Continue reading "DCG Restriction/Ban List – Player to Know"
Working With Zwart? (2/5/2021) - Overview [BT5-087] Omegamon Zwart has a rather peculiar set of effects: being an expensive 6-cost-to-digivolve LV7 Digimon, he does not have a removal-based [When Digivolving] effect. While he… Continue reading "Working With Zwart?"
A Delusional Strategy to Win in 2 Turns. !! (2/5/2021) - A Megazoo deck strategy This is a calculation I made to win the game in 2 turns, it is delusional ... By the way, it can happen if… Continue reading "A Delusional Strategy to Win in 2 Turns. !!"
BT5 will be the Battle of Omegas and Diaboromon Army (2/4/2021) - Overview Diaboromon was first introduced "Digimon: The Movie" which was released in year 2000. This clone-spawning virus Digimon was the antagonist of the film, pitted against Tai's MetalGreymon… Continue reading "BT5 will be the Battle of Omegas and Diaboromon Army"

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