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Like all other Collectable Card Games, cards can be printed in different rarities. Cards at a higher rarity are more sophisticated and are given different foil treatments. They are also typically more powerful (not always) and sought after in the community, either as a valuable addition to a player's deck, or as collection.

There are currently 6 different rarities in Digimon Card Game: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Secret Rare, and Parallel Arts. 


How Are Rarities Indicated?

Aside from the Parallel Art rarity, all other rarities can be easily identified by their rarity symbols on the card. These symbols are encased in a round border beside the card number. In the example above, we see that this Agumon as a card number BT1-010 and a rarity R (for Rare). 

Common (C)

These are the most common cards in the game. They are very inexpensive and players usually get plenty of them over time.

Features: simple white borders with no foil treatment.
Approx. probability: 67%
Approx. market price: lower than 30 Yen

Uncommon (U)

While uncommon cards have much lower probability over commons, they have exactly the same features hence do not hold much value. 

Features: simple white borders with no foil treatment.
Approx. probability: 17%
Approx. market price: 30 – 120 Yen

Rare (R)

These are considered the entry level of valuable cards. Although they have about the same probability as uncommons, the extra features on these cards give them better value. These are the minimum guaranteed rarity in every booster pack.

Features: digimon cards have a golden border outline and card level, while option and tamer cards feature a golden security logo.  
Approx. probability: 14%
Approx. market price: 80 – 200 Yen

Super Rare (SR)

Super rare cards are the highest guaranteed rarity in a booster box. The probability of drawing these from a booster pack is around 2% per card. 

Features: SR cards have foiled artwork and borders, but do not have gold letterings for their card levels.
Approx. probability: 2%
Approx. market price: 400 – 1500 Yen

Secret Rare (SEC)

These are the ultimate rarities that you are not guaranteed to get from a booster box. The probability of these cards drop to a whopping 0.2%

Features: SEC cards are also fully-foiled, but with gold letterings for card levels. They also feature a unique gold pattern around the card borders. 
Approx. probability: 0.2%
Approx. market price: 2000 – 5000 Yen

Parallel Art

These are alternate art versions of some specific cards, but given a special art treatment and printed at very low distributions hence has very high collector's value. 

Parallel arts do not have any specific indicator on the card, and shares the same rarity symbol as its original (so a parallel art rare will still be indicated with an R). However, they are always fully-foiled. Parallel art cards exist for all rarities, even for common cards.

Features: they are always fully-foiled, but otherwise without any specific design language hence allowing the artist to be creative. 
Approx. probability: 0.35% (non-SEC), 0.12 (SEC)
Approx. market price: approx. 2X higher than the non-parallel.

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