Leaks BT-11: Dimensional Phase (JP: Sept 30th 2022)


And a first look at BT-11 Dimensional Phase pack art (from Digimon Battle Youtube video)
Pic showing 3 cards from past sets to get AA treatment. They look to be:
[BT2-032] Ulforceveedramon
[EX1-073] Mugendramon
[ST10-06] Mastemon

June – Based on de_gi_no_gen_2, there are 115 types of Digimon for the BT11, mainly come from "Digimon Cross Wars" theme. Cards from previous sets might come with alternative art.

  • Shoutmon X7 and Bagramon are coming in this set as well.

June – First info of BT11 Dimensional Phase was revealed by twitter account de_gi_no_gen_2, it is said that the BT11 will be released in the end of Sept, there is 12 SR and 3 SEC for the set.

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