Leaks RB-01: Reboot Booster


New update (7 Nov)
RB-01 product sheet info:
1. Several key cards will be reprinted, including magazine promos and Memory Boosts!
2. All cards will be foil, with at least 1 SR guaranteed per pack.
3. The 36 new cards will feature Digimon and Tamers from Ghost Game. Other than the Megas for Gammamon, Angoramon and Jellymon, we will also get Gammamon's split evolution route that will not appear in the anime.
These promo will be will included in this set:
– P-009 Agumon, P-008 Weregarurumon, all the memory boost (P-035 ~ P-040)


The Reboot Booster set latest info:
1box: 12 packs, 1 pack: 12 cards (Same EX).
Total 122 cards: C20, UC:25, R:33, SR:21, SEC: 6, Promo:17.
36 cards are new, the remaining are reprinted, all foil.
Price 6600 Yen (quite expensive)
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