Leaks ST-11: Special Entry Set

Nov 21

ST11 cardlist, from Bandai


Nov 17

List of reprint card in ST11

BT1-023: SkullGreymon
BT1-025: WarGreymon
BT1-085: Tai Kamiya (tamer)
BT2-001: Gigimon digitama
BT2-010: Biyomon
BT2-011: Vorvomon
BT2-016: Lavogaritamon (lv5)
BT2-018: Volcanicdramon
BT3-009: Hawkmon
BT4-010: Fugamon (lv4)
BT4-015: Volcdramon
BT4-099: Heir of Dragons (option cards)
BT5-015 Monochromon (lv4)
ST1-03: Agumon
ST1-07: Greymon
ST1-16: Gaia Force

P-065: Gammamon

Nov 12, ST11 uses only reprint cards?

ST11's some AA art (reprint)

[BT4-010] Fugamon, [ST1-16] Gaia Force, [BT5-012]Monochromon, [BT2-018] Volcanicdramon.

[P-065] Gammamon

Nov 1, ST1 reprint.

ST1 reprint for ST11: Agumon, Greymon and WarGreymon

Oct 1

ST11 deck-case and some AA art (reprint)

[P-059] Gammamon
Inheritable effect: [Your Turn] while you have [Amanokawa Hiro] in play, this Digimon get +2000 DP

Sept 23th

Content of ST11:
Deck with 54 Cards
Memory Guage: 2 pieces
PR Cards: 4 types
Deck box: 1
Source: facebook.com/DigiHighseaDCG/

August 20

The first info came from the Twitter account cardland_bs. Rakuten Japan also opened for pre-order the ST-11 set.

Here is the basic info of this set:

■ Title: Digimon Card Game Start Deck Special Entry Set (ST-11)
■ Model: Trading Card
■ Release Date: 2021 / 11/26 (same release day with BT8 New Hero)
■ Manufacturer: Bandai

[Product description]
■ Product specifications
◇ Set contents
・ 1 set of pre-built decks (54 cards)
・ 2 special memory gauges
・ PR 4 cards/ card case

(C: 8 U: 5 R: 2 SR: 1 PR: 1 Memory gauge: 2 PR card: 4 Card case: 1) (link to original source)

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