Jason: How Do I Play the Stubborn Galacticmon (Ragnamon)

Invited Author: Jason Daryl Consunto
Country: Philippines


Similar to a mechanic that the Mother D. Reaper had with her ADR-02 = Searchers which allowed decks to have up to 50 copies of the said card, BT-11 introduced Ragnamon and the Vemmon hoard. But as compared to the D Reapers that use its digivolution cards offensively, Ragnamon instead utilizes its own to stay in play as long as it can. Considering the new trend of the latest booster set of trashing the opponent’s security, Ragnamon stands strong as your final wall which can crucially turn the tide of battle if left ignored.

In contrast to its Secret Rare waifu counterpart, Shinomiya Rina, Ragnamon was put into shadows and barely seen in tamer battles and tournaments. Perhaps one of the reasons it is considered an underdog in the competitive scene is its slow build-up for combos or straightforward playstyle. These circumstances pose a tough challenge especially when you are matched up with one of the current meta, particularly Blackwargreymon X Antibody.

Click into image for link to decklist.

Build and Play This Deck

Although Ragnamon deck plays could easily be predicted, you could use this to your advantage to adjust your playstyle and need. A simple card such as a suspended [BT11-061] Vemmon could pose a dilemma to your opponent, whether to attack it instead of your security. Such is said because Vemmon plays a great role in pulling out other Vemmons from the deck and allows you to draw out its digivolution line ( [BT11-065] Snatchmon, [BT11-070] Destromon, or [BT11-111] Ragnamon) or the option card, [BT11-105] Fusionize. Letting Vemmons be deleted or trashed gives you an advantage later on as digivolving into Snatchmon and/or Ragnamon allows you to absorb Vemmons from the trash and use it as your digimon’s pseudo “security”.

Aside from the core cards mentioned above, the following are cards that helped me optimize my deck:

  • 4x [BT7-105] Pride Memory Boost: This card helps a lot in not only giving you additional memory for later turns, but also allowing you to play a Vemmon for free. Its condition of trashing the other revealed cards poses little to no disadvantage if any Vemmon or it’s digivolution line (except Snatchmon) are trashed as you can still utilize them through the use Fusionize, giving you the ability of not only adding a trashed Vemmon to your digivolution cards, but also granting digivolution from the trash.
  • 2x [BT2-089] Tai Kamiya: As simple as this card’s effect has, it serves as your basic memory setter because having at least 3 starting memory allows you to digivolve from Vemmon to Ragnamon in 1 turn with the help of Vemmon’s inherited effect. It is also your DP booster to your Ragnamon, allowing it block higher DP digimons.
  • 2x [BT4-096] Izzy Izumi: Another memory setter and allows you to check your top cards and set it beforehand to give you more control of what you reveal using Vemmon’s search effect.
  • 2x [BT6-090] Izzy Izumi and Joe Kido: Anticipating that your opponent would attempt to have multiple attackers dish out your Vemmons and security pile at the same time, this tamer serves a great purpose of helping you gain additional memory and allow the possibility to jogress into [ST13-06] Ragnaloardmon. It also has drawing power especially when your suspended Vemmons are targeted for deletion.
  • 2x [BT3-016] Durandamon and 2x [ST13-06] Ragnaloardmon: They serve as the hardest punishment you could give to your opponent if Ragnamon survives long enough and has a lot of memory to spare. With 6 memory and a spare Vemmon, you could digivolve it up to Durandamon, following the same pattern you use to digivolve to Destromon. If executed successfully, you might even trash all 5 securities and finish the game with Ragnaloardmon’s blitz ability in 1 turn!

Other optional cards to consider:

  • 2x [BT6-104] Parabolic Junk: This option card helps you gain additional memory when you decide to kamikaze your Stacked Vemmons for a security attack.
  • 2x [EX2-064] Alice McCoy and 2x [BT9-107] Metal Impulse: With the use of Alice, you will be able to sacrifice your extra Vemmons in play to further reduce the digivolution cost from Destromon to Ragnamon. Now with a purple tamer in play, using Metal Impulse will allow you to trash your Vemmons in your hand more easily.
  • 2x [EX1-066] Analog Boy: Your go-to searcher and easy deck and trash filter.

In Matchups

Although the plays that Ragnamon decks are considered straightforward, the pacing and timing of whether to digivolve your Vemmon should depend on what playstyle your opponent’s deck has.

 The most challenging matchups I faced are those who have the ability to de-digivolve opponents’ Digimon as when Ragnamon is de-digivolved, Destromon would basically be a sitting duck until your next turn, also considering that your opponent would probably start their turn with your Digimon suspended due to using Vemmon’s skill.

But when there is no Digimon present in your opponent’s battle area, I tend to stop digivolving with Destromon and target their tamers. This tactic has been proven effective with Xros Heart decks and other tamer-dependent decks. This also gives you the ability to use Vemmon’s inherited skill on your next turn and ideally digivolve into Ragnamon for free.

With the popular meta like BlackWargreymon X Antibody, I typically don’t mind my security stack being trashed as it would most likely be a Vemmon, giving move materials for Ragnamon later. To counter BWGX’s skill, I make sure to have at least 2 other Vemmons in play to save Ragnamon for potential deletion. I also leave a Digimon in my breeding area whenever I do not have the pieces to digivolve until Ragnaloardmon or if my Ragnamon in play could still last another turn for insurance, especially if the opponent’s BWGX is not a blocker.

Machindramon ver 2.0, a worthy opponent in BT11

There are so many good decks in BT11 meta, one of them, Machindramon new version is one of my favourite.

In the past, we would see Machinedramon as a super high wall blocker which ables to block opponent's attack for at least 3 times. The new Machinedramon can do much more than that.

In this article, I would like to refer to a winner deck, its owner is Gaji-san (Japan). I have played this and modified it based on my strategy, I will mention it in this article.

Click into the image to open deck in decklist

What makes it better in this version?

Which a numbers of new Level 5 "cyborg" Digimons introduced, the Machindramon now is better in controlling the board, can do OTK and harder to be deleted. Those LV5 with a good "when digivolving" effect like MetalTyrannomon BT11 and MetalGreymon BT8 make it easier to deal with opponent's Digimon on board.

De-digivolving or resting (suspending) opponent's Digimon are very important skills for current meta. On top of that, the LV5 Megadramon BT9 "when digivolving" effect is also good which it can delete an opponent's Digimon or a tamer with a play cost of 3 or less. In the meta of Digimon-Xcros or X-antibody, the effect to delete tamer seems to be a must-have. Those are the reason why these LV5 are given 2 slots in the deck while other lv5 has only 1 copy.

(Nanimon, the "Security" Digimon with 3-cost to play is used when there is enough memory to digivolve to lv5 in the same turn)

The Analog Man 

In BT11 we have a new tamer, also known as the Machinedramon's tamer in Digimon first game.

Analog Man provides the effect to switch attacking's target to a LV6 Digimon with Machine in its trait. This makes the new Machindramon deck becomes more competitive with other decks in current meta. With Analog Man, we also gain more memory and draw more in "starting of main phase", so the draw power is also better than old version.

(By the way, it would be troublesome when dealing with blue because they might bounce tamer back to hand)

The BT11 Machindramon gives an interesting tech for the deck. Not only searching for the right card to use, but also allow that card to be put on hand or to become a digivolution source for this Digimon. 

When this Digimon is deleted, if we have Analog Man in play, we can summon 1 Machindramon deck for free by placing an Analog man card to bottom of the deck. The EX1 Machindramon would be a good candidate to be called, and can gain back maximum 5 memories if we able to put 5 lv5 "Cyborg" under its digivolution source. 

The EX1 Machindramon deck can gain "rush" and "blitz" in the turn it appears if we use the option card "Heavy Machine Digimon's Advance!!" on all the LV6 Machindramon and Chaosdramon. So now we have the chance to decide our game: add more "security attack+1" or "piercing" or "trash opponent's security" or "delete opponent's tamer" or "attack active Digimon" or add DP. If we can clear the opponent's security with the EX1 Machindramon, we can play another LV6 Machindramon or Chaosdramon to win the game because it also have "rush" and "blitz" thanks to the option card we used earlier.


If the Machinedramon or Chaosdramon stay on board, the ChaosDegrade can send it to its owner's security stack or Bagramon can put them under other Digimon digivolution source (but if there is only 1 Digimon on board, we are safe from Bagra).

The bouncing tamer back to hand is also another trouble when we play against blue deck. (BT9 Bibi Thunder), we need more Analog Man on board.

What I would change for this deck?

In my Machindramon deck version, I used one copy of EX2 Cyberdramon for its inherited effect (replaced the ST5 lv5 blocker) and add 2 copies of tamer Kazu Shiota by reducing the number of the option card to 3 copies and LV4 Guardromon to 3 copies. I also made another distribution change by increasing the number of EX1 Machindramon to 3 copies and reduce the EX3 Chaosdramon to 3 copies.

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BT11 Yellow Hybrid – “The Beautiful Angel Who Wields the Ruthless Spear”

Invited Author: Mickey
Country: Indonesia


The latest banlist on September 1, 2022 had significantly nerfed Yellow Hybrid due to [BT7-038 JetSilphymon]’s limit. Without question, the card was a powerhouse for the deck because of its effects and traits which carried the deck to top tier ever since its debut in BT7. In this new BT11 meta where Xros Heart is getting stronger and BlackWarGreymon X being a dominant force that has access to mass tamer removal, many believed that this is the end for the deck.

Sunday, October 9, 2022 was Indonesia’s first Super! Tamer Battle in Arcanum Hobbies, Jakarta. At first, I doubted whether if I should join because I felt that my deck was not up to par with the newer decks and that it is not complete yet (2 key cards I bought did not arrive on time). But I really love playing in tournaments where there are lots of people, so I just winged it and joined the event. To my surprise, I managed to play well and ended up sweeping the Swiss Round stage (5-0)! Although I was eliminated in the Top 8 round, I believe that my experience was a good performance report of the deck. 

(The [BT1-063 Seraphimon] was a replacement for my second [BT10-041 Sakuyamon: Miko Mode] that didn’t arrive on time.)

To players who play / know the deck, there’s literally nothing new in my list. It is the common build ever since BT10 came out, where the Red base became very popular due to the draw speed provided by [P-041 Guilmon] and [EX2-001 Gigimon] as well as enabling [BT9-099 Sunrise Buster] – which is a very powerful Option card. The key cards that I want to highlight and explain further are [ST3-09 Angewomon], [BT9-040 Angewomon X-Antibody], and [BT10-101 Lónkhē Adistakto].

Angewomon and Angewomon X-Antibody

When the banlist takes effect and JetSilphymon limited to 1 copy per deck, players start theorizing on what would be the best replacement for it. Some use [BT2-038 RizeGreymon] and [BT9-041 RizeGreymon X-Antibody] for more aggression and tempo. Some use [BT10-037 Weddinmon] for a cheap Ultimate to evolve into a Mega. But naturally, there are 2 choices that are most prominent: [ST3-09 Angewomon] and [BT8-042 Shakkoumon]. Both cards have [Recovery +1], which is a part of JetSilphymon’s effect and what helped Yellow Hybrid, as a control-based Tamer deck, to take hits while they are spending their turns building their Tamers on board or removing threats. 

Angewomon was my first choice and it felt a bit “different” that I had to pay 3 memory and wait for my Security to be at 3 or less to recover (JetSilphymon really is overpowered, lol). Sometime later, I saw a Japanese list that run Angewomon X and placed second on an EVO Cup tournament, so I tried it. I was a bit skeptical because it looks a bit greedy and requiring 2 cards in hand to pull off the combo. However, during my tests online and real-life tournaments, it was decent and has more healing potential than JetSilphymon alone. At its full potential, the combo heals you twice and applies [Security Attack -1] to an opponent’s Digimon, which comes in handy quite often. In the Super! Tamer Battle, I managed to pull the combo off in all 6 games! I even managed to do it twice in a couple games, which totals to 4 recoveries! The Angewomon package is consistent and potent.

I also tried Shakkoumon and it is decent too. Its advantage is that it has a higher Security threshold, so you can heal even at 5 and its ESS can be handy at times. The trade-off is that it costs 1 more memory to evolve into but it is more stable. I personally think that both choices are solid choices and it comes down to the player’s preference.

Lónkhē Adistakto (En: Ruthless Spear)

During reveal season of BT10, I was very skeptical of this card when it was revealed. I thought of it as a [BT6-101 Breath of Wyvern] and [ST10-14 Chaos Degrade] combined into 1 card but the effects are watered-down as a trade-off. But boy was I wrong – during BT10 meta I already loved this card! In my opinion, this is probably Yellow’s best heavy removal in the game right now (bonus points for the card’s artwork and flavor). Of course, Chaos Degrade still reigns supreme as Yellow’s best removal (even probably the best removal in the game period) but you need a Purple base to reliably enable it in Yellow Hybrid. With how popular and fast the Red base of Yellow Hybrid is since BT10, Lónkhē has value that it’s easy to use (only Yellow) and if it procs at exactly 3 Security, it’s often a very strong removal that opponents may find hard to recover from.

The reason that I brought 4 copies was because this card won’t work as well if you only bring 1 or 2 copies. Through my experience, it is not rare for my opponents to check this card as the 4th security – enabling the double removal effect. Yellow Hybrid has enough staying power and attack power to win games even if Lónkhē “heals” the opponent, so don’t worry about that factor. It is still great even when Used from Hand – Yellow Hybrid has a lot of memory on average thanks to their line of dual Tamers that paying 8 memory is not too steep for the deck.

Another reason why I brought 4 copies instead of using other Options such as the popular [ST3-15 Holy Flame] is because in BT11, we are back to having a board presence meta. Shoutmon X7, BlackWarGreymon X, UlForceVeedramon, BloomLordmon, Hydramon, Mastemon, Dexmon – you name it. Those boss Digimon presents a threat and must be answered. In BT10, most Yellow Hybrid lists used Holy Flame because the meta was heavily dominated by pre-BT11 Xros Heart, where multiple attacks in a turn was the main concern and Xros Heart barely has a board at the end of their turn – so big removals won’t have any targets. But now, Holy Flame won’t answer the big boss monsters and Sunrise Buster alone is not enough.

I hope my explanations for those key cards can be a valuable reference for your deckbuilding and on how you would anticipate the BT11 meta. Finally, here is my tournament report!

Super! Tamer Battle Report

Round 1 – Mastemon (W)

The new Mastemon is something to be respected. The new Angewomon and LadyDevimon are great additions to this deck, as well as their Tamer – Mirei Mikagura. They are now able to recycle their Mastemon and making it into a 13000 DP Blocker due to Angewomon’s ESS.

My opponent had an early lead, opening with ST10 Tailmon and able to evolve into the angel Ultimates for cheap and Jogress fast into Mastemon, even summoning Lucemon Falldown Mode twice which killed a Takeru & Hikari Tamer and Seraphimon, and at one point, got my Security to 0. This is where being patient, focus, and decision-making is tested. From experience, Mastemon has a strong heal and board presence. But the deck is heavy by nature, so it can’t end games fast even when leading. I kept removing his Mastemon and Lucemon FM with Sunrise Buster and Lónkhē Adistakto, eventually healing him up into 8 Security. The Angewomon package and JetSilphymon was able to heal me out of lethal range, and I started to gain the advantage. I managed to evolve into Venusmon and Dexmon which stalled him a bit, though both were removed by 2 Chaos Degrades.
Eventually, I hit the perfect timing where I was able to warp evolve into Susanoomon and attack during the same turn, which sweeps 3 securities at once without fear because there’s nothing in Mastemon decks that has 15000 DP or above, 2 Chaos Degrades were used, and I had Taichi & Hikari to reduce Security DP just to be safe. Susanoomon survived the next turn and checks 3 securities again, and the remainder was finished by Guilmon and Hybrids.

Round 2 – Linkz Dragon (Tidal Wave / Dorbickmon variant) (W)

Early game I didn’t respect my opponent’s Volcanicdramon enough and got 1 Security trashed as a result. The game was intense with a lot of back and forth interactions, but it wasn’t as pressuring as the previous round.
Eventually, he played Metallicdramon while both of us are low on Security, which was a correct play in my opinion. I couldn’t finish the game because my Tamers can’t evolve unless they’re Suspended. I removed his Metallicdramon, and next turn he played another Metallicdramon after DigiXros-ing into a complete Dorbickmon to check my remaining Security. I dropped Dexmon and used Sunrise Buster on his Jazarichmon (devolved from Dorbickmon), while his Metallicdramon died blocking another Dexmon I had out 3 turns earlier.
On his final turn, he couldn’t draw anything to solve my board (another Metallicdramon or Dorbickmon – but there was already 3 of the latter in his Trash so it’s likely to be all his copies) and I won by attacking with my Dexmons and Hybrids.

Round 3 – Xros Heart (W)

This one was quick. My opponent had a very strong early game where he checked all 5 of my Security in no time. I healed back up with the Angewomon package and JetSilphymon and stabilized, eventually evolving into Venusmon and dropping Dexmon, as well as being able to use Lónkhē’s effect to send his X4 / X5 (I forgot) into top security and removing its materials. He ended up not having enough materials and memory to do anything much and conceded.

Round 4 – Xros Heart (W)

The game was quite back and forth – not an explosive early game unlike the last round. Though eventually my opponent managed to play Shoutmon X7, which is a very strong boss Digimon and I just realized how good it is until I finally faced one. X7 has removal on play and comes with an arsenal of strong ESS. I managed to remove 2 with Lónkhē Adistakto, which trashed a great deal of materials. It was a drawn-out game where we went into timeout (0, 1, 2, 3 then check Security rule). He eventually decks out and lacked both the materials and Xros Digimon to do anything. I won because I only need to check 1 security for the timeout rule to kick in (We’re both at 4) or if it hadn’t reach time yet, I’ll just end my turn and he’ll lose by decking out.

Round 5 – Yellow Hybrid (W)

Well, what do you know? The top table is a Yellow Hybrid mirror! He won against BlackWarGreymon X in his previous rounds, so it’s also proof that the deck can win against what people thought to be the bane of its existence.
This round was not as intense as the previous 4 rounds because my opponent unfortunately bricked, and I didn’t. I had a slight lead from the start and evolved into Seraphimon early. Its [Security Attack +1] was able to check 4 securities and my opponent concedes because he had no answer to it, despite always starting with surplus memory due to Takeru & Hikari.

Top 8 Round – Xros Heart (L)

This one was a very intense game as well I can’t even remember the exact details. One key factor that gave my opponent the edge was BT1 Taichi, which gives even more firepower to Shoutmon X7. I healed a total of 5 securites in this game and still lost.
There were three mistakes that I did: 

1. Forgetting that his Shoutmon X3 was affected by Angewomon X’s [Security Attack -1] effect, so technically I would have 1 more security which could change the entire story.
2. Dropping Dexmon on an empty board which gets removed immediately by dropping Shoutmon X7. I could’ve just played it later, but I was greedy and wanted to strengthen my board presence. In hindsight, I should’ve hold into my Dexmon so I can Devolve the X7 and would have an easier time dealing with OmegaShoutmon instead.
3. I was at 0 Security and was pressured by his Shoutmon X7. I started with 6 memory and had Lónkhē Adistakto, Sunrise Buster, Fireball, 3 Hybrids, and Sakuyamon: Miko Mode in my hand. I think the pressure got into me, and I decided to use Fireball and evolve into Hybrids hoping to draw into my last Angewomon, so I can evolve into it, recover, and evolve into Sakuyamon: Miko Mode to remove his Shoutmon X7 (I had enough tamers to remove it with Sunrise Buster) and recover again. It didn’t happen, so I used Lónkhē Adistakto on X7 and passed him a lot of memory. Looking back, simply using Lónkhē Adistakto could’ve been the better play. He would start at 4 memory (BT1 Taichi and Taiki, Kiriha, Nene) and he had almost no materials under his tamers other than Shoutmon and OmegaShoutmon. My theory was confirmed because he Xrosed into an X3 with only Shoutmon as the material, so it will cost 5, and would’ve passed the turn without even attacking.

But that’s what’s fun about DCG, where every game has its own surprises, turns and twists! And every game is an opportunity to learn and become better.
My opponent, Garry (He wrote some articles in here, too!) got into the finals against Eka’s BlackWarGreymon X, where it showed dominance against Tamer-heavy decks and won the tournament!

Closing Thoughts

Yellow Hybrid is still a fun and enjoyable deck to play in BT11. I love the deck because of its uniqueness and requiring a different approach to playing the game. I’m proud that it performed well in an environment where most people doubt it. 

As with any other decks, the key is to be patient, weigh your options, and have the courage to decide a play. Don’t need to worry much about what decks you will encounter in the meta – just focus in understanding your deck in and out and learn from your mistakes. All your games will improve naturally as you gather more experience.

Shout out to Arcanum Hobbies as the host of the tournament and to the Indonesian Digimon Card Game Community! You guys are a great bunch of friends to chat with, and great opponents to play with! 

Good luck and have fun always!

BlackWarGreymon X in BT11

Blackwargreymon X is horrible. This deck is winning everywhere in the early weeks of BT-11, and today we take a quick look at its sheer strength in this meta.  

Ultimate defence 

If one word describes Blackwargreymon X, it is defence. 

Blackwargreymon X , or BWGX in short, puts immense pressure onto your opponent's board. Like Magnamon X it can redirect an attack to itself, and similar to Dexmon it will delete your opponent's lowest cost Digimon during the start of their turn. These 2 effects together stresses your opponent's board as they will need to put up something larger than 13000 DP just to overcome BWGX, but will be deleted the next turn if they spend all their resources on that building that 1 Digimon. 

Though many would believe that it is possible to bypass BWGX's first effect as long as they attack with their lesser DP Digimons, this can be circumvented when BWGX inherits [BT8-064] Greymon's [Blocker] effect. 

Correctly built, BWGX will block 2 attacks every turn, which in many cases will be all your opponent can pull off. And 1 of your opponent's Digimon will always be deleted at the start of their turn. 

BWGX's new LV4 digivolution in BT-11 makes him one of the most unbreakable Digimon in the game right now. The new Greymon X allows BWGX to trash an X-Antibody to prevent itself from leaving play, hence immune to deletion, return to hand/deck. His only weakness would be 0 DP, Chaos Degrade and de-digivolve (but de-digivolving him into a LV6 Blackwargreymon will not break him), but with the new MetalGreymon X both these weaknesses will be circumvented as well (for a turn at least).

Meanwhile, this new Metalgreymon X also grants BWGX a lot of aggression, allowing him to trash opponent's security almost too easily.

This entire digivolution line as a whole, builds BWGX into a very solid Digimon that has so much board presence yet unbreakable. And since this deck plays X-Antibody Digimons extensively, it is very robust and quick thanks to Cool Boy and all the 0-cost digivolutions.

Without forgetting the old BWG 

And all these strength without considering that the old BT8-070 Blackwargreymon is still as strong as ever. In a BT-10/11 meta that is very much tamer-centric (thanks to DigiXros), BWG's digivolution effect become invaluable. 

With an X-Antibody in his digivolution cards, BWG can attack twice, digivolving into BGWX during his second attack, and then reboots during your opponent's turn to delete 1 of their Digimon (and maybe trash their security if you also inherit LV5 Metalgreymon). This is sick.


And Hades Force the icing on the cake and Yuuya level-up the defence.

As if BT-11 hasn't buffed BWGX enough, they introduced the new option card Hades Force, which has so much flexibility in deletion. To put it simply, Hades Force is hands down the greatest solution to any tamer-based deck, allowing the player to delete several tamers at one go!

With a BWG (with X-Antibody) on board, using Hades Force will delete around 3-4 of your opponent's tamers or a number of Digimons (anything that sums to 12 cost), and then allowing your BWG to attack after that, digivolving into BWGX. 


Yuuya is a very important tamer for the deck, but do not recommend to put many, 2 would be enough. Yuuya will increase the DP for BlackWargreymon and protect it from option cards. This is the final point that makes BlackWargreymonX untouchable when it has perfect digivolution combo. 

A sample decklist

And here we have a sample decklist that has easily topped the locals. Do check out more BWGX decklists at our BT-11 Decks Section!


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[EN] Utsu: DC-1 by GameSpirit Tourney Report (France)

Invited Author: Utsu
Country: France


Hello everyone! Utsu here to talk about my deck and match ups at French DC-1 by GameSpirit, where I finished 3th (5-1).

IRL event, 39 players, 6 rounds!

Why Alphamon?
Well, early BT9 I was playing Beelstarmon but she's not really good in the meta right now in my opinion. I did 6-2 with her in my last Regional, and that's pretty cool, but Gaiomon / Wargrey X started to become popular so I didn't want to play her anymore.

My friend Dr. Zaius did a better result with Alphamon in the same Regional tournament, and I was interested with the deck, so here we are.
I won't talk that much about the decklist cause it's literally Dr. Zaius's one with a few changes. He was a great coach and gave me a lot of tips to play the deck efficiently during the whole BT9 meta!

Chuumon is good in the mirror and against Leomon which is popular in France. Kimera is nice to have to remove multiple Memory Blockers. I think 2 Alphamon Ouryuken are enough.
I was expecting a lot of Sec Con, Ophani Loop, Commandra… that's why the day before the event I've decided to play 3 Kongou and 2 Breath of the Gods instead of 3 Breath + 2.

Gameplay / Matchups

Imperial (1-2):

Well, I'm a bit cursed facing that deck to be honest hahaha.

First game, I needed my DexDorugamon, but didn't see any the whole game sadly. Nothing much to say, Paildramon is pretty hard to stop with the deck, as he doesn't die with Jamming and only Breath of the Gods can stop him.

Second game he bricked.

Last game, no Dorugamon. I just needed the +1k DP to kill his Paildra with my DexDorugrey, but I could just trade, and it wasn't worth it at all. I lost when he played Fighter Mode.

Ophani Loop (yellow base) (2-0):

Ophani Loop is pretty strong right now in the meta and hitting Flame Hellscythe into Angewomon ST is really annoying as Alphamon cause you can't OTK with the Security -2.

Luckily my opponent was playing Yellow base Ophani with Salamon as rookies, so no Gazimon at all, the one that's annoying against my deck cause it blocked memory gains from DexDoruga, DexDorugrey, Ouryuken, Memory Boost, Dorumon in ESS…

I just did classic stuffs, Ouryuken hitting Sec with Kongou on, no Flame Hellscythe, that's gg.

D-Reaper (2-1):

I won the toss so I was pretty confident for the first game, but I bricked hahaha. She won easily because of that.

Second game, I didn't brick at all, I got a lot of Kongou to put early pressure and managed to OTK her with Ouryuken + Kongou.

Last game, she let me start (that's a pretty big mistake I think) and she bricked. Nothing much to say, I did my OTK thing.

Metalgarurumon (2-0):

Against a player that I know, we did a BO3 the week before the tournament that I won 2-1 after 50min of intense fight.
I think the Metalgaru is a very strong deck, but if the Alpha player knows how to work-around it, it’s 50-50.

First game, I managed to have 3 bodies on board when he promoted. So he could only bounce 2 bodies at best (no Sagittarius-mode). Then I promoted, did DexDoruga, gave Retaliation to a rookie, Melga was suspended because he attacked with it, and it was pretty much GG at this time.

Second game sadly he bricked so there isn’t much to say. He finished Top 8.

AncientGreymon (2-0):

I know this player also and I was pretty afraid to face him to be honest. The matchup is annoying and he's good with the deck.

First game, he was faster. BUT, I had Alpha Ouryuken in my first security so Ancient died on it. He had to give up after that.

Second game, he bricked a bit, so I just had to do my OTK thing and he couldn't handle that.
He didn’t attack me, but I had Ouryuken in my first Sec, again… Luck was on my side!
He finished Top 6.

Sec Con (2-0):

I REALLY wanted to play against that deck cause I think he can't do much against Alpha.

And that was what happened.

First game, he didn't have any Mimi, 1 or 2 Purple Kari if I remember correctly, but it wasn't enough.

He didn't pressure me at all, so I've got a lot of time to setup my OTK with Kongou in case of Chaos Degradation (which he had in Security when I swinged).

Second game was a bit harder. He had 4 Mimi and 3 Purple Kari…

Same as first game, he didn't pressure me so I did a lot of setup, (Yuji, Kota, 2 or 3 Cool Boy + 2 Memory Boost), and I've decided to Digivolve into Dorugrey in my Raising Area to have more memo for my OTK setup and I didn't see any Wyvern Breath in first game, + he did 2 Eden Javelin hardcast in game 2, so I wasn't expecting any in security (Kongou would cost 6 with the 4 Mimi hahaha).

He was playing well, didn't activate any Mimi in his turn to prevent me to OTK him.

Luckily I still had enough Memory even with the Karis and Mimis to remove all his securities with Ouryuken + Kongou, and he couldn't come back from this.
He finished Top 9.

Closing Thoughts

Aaaaand that's it, I managed to finish 3th Place even with my bad start. Alphamon was a good choice, even if I expected to face other matchups. Chuumon helped me in some games, against AncientGrey for example.

I didn't need Kimeramon the whole day, but he's still a good option against people playing 2 memory blockers on board, so I'll keep it in the deck.

3 Kongou + 2 Breath was definitely a good choice, Kongou was more useful than Breath and really mandatory in some matchups.

I didn't brick that much in the tournament, but don't give up if it happens to you!

Thank you for reading that review and see you later!

BT11 Purple Minervamon – Mervamon Loop

Introducing the new purple loop Minervamon-Mervamon, this is an upgrade version of BT10 Minervamon loop.

What is happening in BT-11?

BT-11 is a very interesting meta so far, there are many competitive yet fun decks that can be played this time around. We have seen the potentially tier-0 BlackWargreymon deck, an upgraded Blue Flare, a very strong new Xros Heart deck, the fun KingSukamon concept, and new support for Bagra's Army. Meanwhile, Rina's Ulforce deck is still finding its way through optimisation and Mirei's Mastemon deck was able to scrape some wins in tournaments.

In BT-10, the Minervamon profile is considered tier-2 because she hasn't all the support she needs. But with Mervamon in BT-11 the requirements now seem complete.

Much like other purple Cerberus loop decks, this deck's tempo is quite fast and rushy. With the correct Digitama, BT2 Gabumon and Eyesmon Scatter Mode, the draw and trash happens very quickly.

Now we have Mervamon that can be played when Minervamon is deleted. Mervamon [On Play] effect plays a purple LV4 Digimon from trash, and 2 if DigiXros-ed (a simple condition). For synergy, I have included 4 copies of [BT11-078] Soulmon to accompany her.

Soulmon with [Retaliation] gains [Rush] thanks to Mervamon's [Both Turns] effect. Seeing Soulmon in battle, your opponent would not let their Digimon be in suspended state.

This deck also plays 2 copies of Lucemon Falldown Mode to counter decks that uses important tamers, or against Digimons that refuse to suspend such as with [Reboot]. Dexmon is a backup plan against Xros Heart or Blue Flare, but really against DigiXros decks a standing Mervamon that keeps reviving blocker Devimon can be quite annoying.

The good thing about this deck is that Digimons are never afraid to be deleted, as well as not relying too much on tamers. It can counter a good number of decks in the current meta (such as BlackWargreymon X). 

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Unlimited Loop Zero!

When the new SEC tamer Rina Shinomiya was revealed, players immediately realised a certain synergy with UlforceVeedramon Zero. Today we take a quick look at this almost illegal combo!

Unlimited Loop Zero!

The heart of this combo are 2 cards only: [P-048] UlforceVeedramon Zero and [BT11-112] Rina Shinomiya. 

This combo is so lethally simple that it sounds wrong. Have both Ulforce and Rina setup in play. When Ulforce attacks, suspend Rina to activate Ulforce's [When Digivolved] effect which will unsuspend both Ulforce and Rina. Repeat.  

If you play Rina after Ulforce Zero, then Ulforce will gain protection from [Evade] when checking security or getting through big blockers. 

The only visible drawback of this combo lies in requiring a decent trash size (from Ulforce's effect in order to unsuspend itself and Rina). This can easily be supported by purple base such [ST6-03] Gabumon and [EX2-040] Devidramon, which will digivolve into Ulforce through the new purple/blue LV5 [BT11-085] WaruSeadramon. This entire digivolution line is however quite expensive.

But even without resorting to unconventional builds, Zero's digivolution line gives plenty of trashing power, as well as tamer cards such as [EX1-066] Analog Boy.

But will this build faster than meta OTK decks like GranKuwagamon X? or rush decks like the poisonous Xros Heart? 

Setting up both Ulforce and Rina (assuming she doesn't pop up free from security) would cost at least 11 memory, and this does not include playing cards such as AnalogBoy to prepare your trash pool. In comparison, the fastest Grankuwagamon X deck needs only 5 memory for 6 security checks. 

So I think not.


But more importantly, for players in Asia, the Zero Digimon line are still on official ban-list. Tough luck! 


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ST-14 Beelzemon Starter Deck – Cards Leak

ST14 Card List Info

This is how the high rarity card looks like in the upcoming ST-14 starter.

A reprint of BT4 Tactical Retreat

[ST14-09] Beelstarmon

When playing this card from your hand, reduce its play cost by 4 for every 10 cards in your trash.

[Both Turns] (Once Per Turn) When a card is trashed from your deck, you may play 1 [Impmon] from your trash without paying its play cost. That Digimon played by this effect gains <Rush> for the turn.
[Opponent’s Turn] When your opponent’s digimon attacks, trash the top card of your deck.

A reprint of st6 Pagumon

Another tool for the Beelstar toolbox!
[ST14-12] Dog Monkey Bullet
– When this card is trashed from deck, put it in the battle area.
– [Main] Delete 1 of your opponent’s Digimon with the highest LV
– [Main][Delay] Return a purple Digimon or tamer from your trash to hand.
– [Security] Delete 1 of your opponent’s Digimon with the highest LV

A reprint of BT2 green Digitama Algomon, EX2 option card Corona Destroyer

[ST14-04] Phascomon

[Your turn] This Digimon can't attack players.

Promo Wizardmon will be included in ST14, this is an old art, was given in a campaign during BT9 release.

A reprint of BT9 X-antibody option card. Love the art anyway.

[ST14-03] Candlemon

[On Play] Trash 2 cards from the top of your deck.
[On Deletion] If your trash contains 10 or more cards, "Draw 1"

[ST14-07] Baalmon
– [When Digivolved] Trash the top 3 cards of your deck.
– [When Digivolved] This Digimon gets “[On Deletion] If you have 10 or more cards in trash, you may play a [Beelzemon] from trash without paying its cost” until the end of your opponent’s next turn.
– Inherited: [Your Turn] When this Digimon has [Demon Man] or [Demon Lord] in traits, this Digimon gets +2000 DP.

[ST14-10] Beelzemon: Blast Mode
– When this card is trashed from your deck, delete 1 of your opponent’s LV3 or lower Digimon. For every 10 cards in trash, increase the LV of this effect by +1.
– [When Digivolved] Unsuspend this Digimon. If you have 20 or more cards in trash, gain +3 memory.

[ST14-11] Ai & Makoto
[On play] Reveal the top 4 cards from your deck. Add 1 digimon card from among them with the 'Evil', 'Wizard', or 'Demon Lord' trait to your hand. Return the remainder to the bottom of your deck in any order.
[Your turn] When your digimon digivolve into a purple digimon, you may suspend this tamer to return 1 card from your hand to the top of your deck and to gain 1 memory.
[Security] Play this card without paying its play cost.

[ST14-06] Witchmon

[When Digivolving] Trash top 3 cards in your deck.

Inherited: [Your Turn] If this Digimon has [Demon Man] or [Demon Lord] in its trait, it gains +2000 DP

Alternative art of ST7 Guilmon, ST8 Veemon, EX2 Impmon and BT2 Secret Rare Beelzemon.

This set includes a new Beelstarmon (st14-09), Beelzemon Blast Mode (st14-10), tamer Ai & Makoto (st14-11). The new reprint for bt2 Impmon, new promo card (p-077), bt8 SkullSatamon, ex2 Corona Destroyer.

Inherited:  [When Attacking] (Once per turn) If this digimon has 'Demon man' or 'Demon Lord' in its traits, trash the top 2 cards from your deck.

[When attacking] If you have 20 or more cards in your trash this Digimon may digivolve into 1 'Beelzemon' from your trash ignoring digivolution requirements (whether or not you pay the digivolve cost is cut off)
Inherited: [Your Turn] (Once per turn) When you trash a card from your deck delete 1 of your opponent's lvl 3 digimon.

[On Play] Trash the top 2 cards from your deck

[When Digivolving] Trash the top 3 cards from your deck.
[When Digivolving] Until end of opponent's turn, this digimon gains the following effect; '[On Deletion] If your trash has 10 or more cards, you may play 1 'Beelzemon' from your trash without paying its play cost.'
Inherited: [Your Turn] If this digimon has 'Demon man' or 'Demon Lord' in its traits it gains +2000 DP.

[When Digivolving] Trash the top 4 cards from your deck.
[All Turns] (Once per turn) When you trash a card from your deck, for each 10 cards in your trash, gain +1 memory.
[Your Turn] (Once per turn) When you trash a card from your deck, this digimon gains "SecurityAttack+1" for the turn.

Is Xros Heart 2.0 better than 1.0?

Xros Heart has been dominating the tier list since BT-10, with many succumbing to its sheer aggressiveness and efficiency. However, the BT-10 Xros Heart roster was mostly considered as incomplete due to lack of bigger Digimons such as OmegaShoutmon, ZekeGreymon, and X7. 

In BT-11 we finally have a much more complete roster, but is Xros Heart 2.0 truly better than 1.0?

A quick summary of Xros Heart 1.0

In BT-10 Xros Heart (aka 1.0), the game plan is very close to rookie rush. In addition to the 12 copies of LV3 Digimons, Dorurumon and Ballistamon can be played by tamers Angie Hinomoto and Jeremy Tsurgi. Each of these Digimons will swing security and become DigiXros material for Shoutmon X4 (for draw power) and X5 (for aggression), both to inherit Shoutmon's [Rush] effect.

The abundant tamers provide necessary draw power (from Angie and Mikey) and memory (from Jeremy) to sustain heavy DigiXros-ing, but the true MVP here is undoubtedly Mikey (Kudou Taiki) solely for his ability to use materials under your tamers as DigiXros materials, which helps to sustain multiple single-turn DigiXroses into X4 and X5.

As all the Digimons in this deck are somewhat lacking in board control, especially against bigger Digimons, Sunrise Buster and Dexmons are usually included for this episode. In a way, Sunrise Buster becomes an essential component of this deck thanks to its compatibility with the sheer number of tamers in deck.

An example winning decklist for Xros Heart 1.0

Xros Heart 2.0: a different mechanic?

In BT-11 we finally have the new OmniShoutmon and ZeigGreymon cards, Running both cards in the same deck would mean a different composition from Xros Heart 1.0 (since there is simply no space for these new digivolutions). 

Judging from their effects, these cards focus on board control rather than the aggressive rush mechanic from 1.0.   

The new Shoutmon DX is an expensive DigiXros between the 2 cards above, requiring a huge 7 cost even with both materials. However, if we look in another perspective we see a 7 cost card that deletes an opponent's LV5 while freezing another for a turn, while setting you up for a bigger X7 in later turn. 

In a way, DX also helps gel the odd pieces of Taiki's Xros Heart with Kiriha's Blue Flare roster, since the deck may not have space to run the incompatible digivolution lines of Shoutmon and Greymon. With DX, we can run either a Xros Heart or Blue Flare as base, and throw in the other OmniShoutmon or ZeigGreymon to make things work.  

And why play 2.0 if not for Shoutmon X7, BT-11's new badass fusion Digimon. Shoutmon X7 is essentially 2 cost to play when you DigiXros with 6 materials, and deletes an opponent's Digimon when played. Apart from that, his list of effects are very similar to the old X5 (assuming both are ideally DigiXrosed), having [SecurityAttack+1], [Blocker], [Rush], [Piercing], and [Reboot].

So in other words, in X7 we are paying an additional 2 cost for his deletion effect. 2 cost is too much to pay when we are doing multi-attacks in 1.0, but cheap when we need board control.  


And since 2.0 will break free from the chains of Xros Heart 1.0 and Blue Flare 1.0, it has a new supporting tamer [Taiki & Kiriha & Nene]. This card is sort of a union of effect from all of BT-10's tamers, having Taiki's and Kiriha's effect of pushing materials from tamers, Angie's draw power, and Jeremy's memory gain. 

By consolidating several tamer effects into a single card, 2.0 may try to deviate from 1.0 in terms of reliance on large number of tamers. In a way, this card becomes a superior version of BT10's Taiki and Kiriha, and may well find its way to replace them in those deck variants. 


Is 2.0 superior to 1.0?

While the older 1.0 has seen huge success in competitive gameplay, it may begin to succumb to several decks in 2.0, namely the new Blackwargreymon and Phoenixmon decks. Blackwargreymon can cripple 1.0's huge reliance on tamers while Phoenixmon's sheer number of blockers can slow down offence, and the generic 1.0 deck may lack deletion cards to turn board state to their favour.

2.0 meanwhile can be tad too slow against many other decks, but trades off speed for better board control. This deck throws bigger Digimons at your opponent (such as DX and X7) and forces your opponent to react to them, and such decks typically can be more robust against a larger variety of matchups. 

Personally I would feel that 2.0 frees up more deck space for cards that counter a variety of matchups, which is important given the many new decks and enhancements coming in BT-11 such as Blackwargreymon, Ulforce, Bagramon, and Ragnamon. A largely linear and predictable deck such as Xros Heart 1.0 may very well see its last days coming September end. 


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BEMmon Mechanic Review

Today we got another surprise line of Digimons revealed for BT-11, and includes our last SEC card. This line of Digimon was first introduced in Digimon World 3, and I believe has never existed outside of Digimon World 3. 

I have not completed Digimon World 3.

The BEMmon line 

Let's first take a quick look at this self-sustaining archetype: we have a total of 5 cards supporting this BEMmon archetype right now, starting with the LV3 BEMmon, LV4 Snatchmon, LV5 Destromon, LV6 Ragnamon, and the [Fusionize] option card.

[BT11-061] BEMmon
– You may have up to 50 copies with the same card number as this card in your deck.
– [Main] By suspending this Digimon, reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. Add 1 [Snatchmon] or [Destromon] or [Ragnamon] or [Fusionize] to your hand, and put 1 [BEMmon] to the bottom of this Digimon’s digivolution cards. Put the remaining cards at the bottom of your deck in any order.
– Inherited: [Your Turn][Once Per Turn] When this Digimon digivolves to [Destromon] or [Ragnamon], reduce the digivolution cost by 1.
[BT11-065] Snatchmon
– [When Digivolved] You may put up to 2 [BEMmon] from trash to the bottom of this Digimon’s digivolution cards. Then, if this Digimon has 4 or more [BEMmon] in its digivolution cards, return 1 [Fusionize] from your trash to hand.
– Inherited: [Both Turn][Once Per Turn] When a [BEMmon] is returned from this Digimon’s digivolution cards to the bottom of deck, unsuspend this Digimon and it gains [Blocker] until the end of your opponent’s next turn.
[BT11-070] Destromon
– Digivolves from [BEMmon] for 6 cost
– [When Digivolving] Reveal the top 3 cards from your deck. Put a [BEMmon] from among them at the bottom of this Digimon's digivolution cards. Trash the remaining cards. Then, if this Digimon has 5 or more [BEMmon] in its digivolution cards, delete one of your opponent's Tamers.
– Inherited: [Opponent's Turn][One Per Turn] When your opponent's Digimon attacks, by returning 2 [BEMmon] from 1 of your [Ragnamon]'s digivolution cards to the bottom of your deck, change the attack target to this Digimon.
[BT11-111] Ragnamon
– Digivolves from [Snatchmon] for 9 cost
– [When Digivolved] You may put up to 4 [BEMmon] from your trash to the bottom of this Digimon’s digivolution cards. Then, if this Digimon has 8 or more [BEMmon] in digivolution cards, delete 1 of your opponent’s Digimon.
– [Both Turn] When this Digimon leaves the battle area, by returning 4 [BEMmon] from its digivolution cards to the bottom of deck, it will not leave the battle area.
– [Start of Your Main Phase] Trash 1 card from the top of your opponent’s security.
[BT11-105] Fusionize
– When you have a [Snatchmon], reduce this card’s play cost by 1.
– [Main] By putting 1 [BEMmon] or [Destromon] from your trash to the bottom of 1 of your Digimon’s digivolution cards, 1 of your Digimon may digivolve into a [Destromon] or [Ragnamon] from your trash by paying its digivolution cost.
– [Security] Reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. Play 1 [BEMmon] without paying its cost. Trash the remaining cards.

This new archetype is all about digivolution. BEMmon is efficient when digivolved progressively from LV3 to LV6, requiring only 1 cost from LV4 to LV5 and similarly from LV5 to LV6, thanks to the inherited effect of a stack of BEMmons in your digivolution cards.

However, there is also this flexibility to warp digivolve your LV3 BEMmon into LV5 Destromon, or your LV4 Snatchmon into LV6 Ragnamon. Though more expensive, this pushes an instant solution whenever you need to destroy 1 of your opponent's tamer or Digimon this very turn. 

Your LV3 BEMmons has 2 roles: to reduce digivolution cost and as ammunition for your LV6 Ragnamon. Under an ideal digivolution condition, we should have 9 BEMmons as digivolution cards on your LV6 Ragnamon, and this gives Ragnamon enough ammunition to divert 4 attacks to itself, or to prevent 2 deletion/return/put-to-security effects. 

However when digivolving under less ideal situations, such as when warp digivolving from LV3 BEMmon to LV5 Destromon, it is quite unlikely that Destromon will have the 5 BEMmons needed in its digivolution cards to trigger a tamer-delete. 

Another fact to note is that in this mechanic, LV4 Snatchmon appears to be the weakest link. Snatchmon fulfils a critical role of allowing LV5 Destromon to easily have 5 digivolution cards to trigger tamer-delete, but there seems to be a lack of effects that recycles Snatchmon from trash. Without Snatchmon, it might be a pain to stack enough BEMmons to put Destromon to good use.

The goal of this deck

This is essentially a tempo deck with flexible board control: use LV5 Destromon when your opponent is setting up tamers, and LV6 Ragnamon to remove any threatening Digimons on the field. The effectiveness of  cost-efficiency and flexibility between these LV5 and LV6 Digimons may be more potent that it sounds.

But the goal is really to digivolve into LV6 Ragnamon, which has a powerful board presence (redirecting attacks and as a blocker), difficult to delete (unless you reduce its DP to 0), and passively aggressive (trashing your opponent's security at the start of your turn). 

But with LV5 Destromon and LV6 Ragnamon being your only trump cards, 4 copies of each may not be enough. This is where the Fusionize option card comes in, offering additional digivolution consistency allow your Digimon to digivolve into Destromon or Ragnamon from trash!

Fusionize is also important since it allows to bypass the limited copies of LV4 Snatchmon during the digivolution process. Ideally with Fusionize, we can digivolve from a LV3 BEMmon to a LV5 Destromon from trash (may often not trigger tamer-delete) at 4-cost and then into LV6 Ragnamon with exactly 8 BEMmons in its digivolution cards to trigger a Digimon-delete.


Some known weakness

This deck seems to be weak against anything that removes digivolution cards, since LV5 Destromon and LV6 Ragnamon has strict conditions requiring a specific and ideal number of BEMmons as their digivolution cards in order to delete tamers or Digimons. 

Without enough BEMmons, Ragnamon will also regress into a sitting duck LV6 Digimon. 

Another obvious weakness is the fact that Ragnamon, with it's many ammunitions, is unable to deflect a single DP -15000 effect coming from Wyvern's Breath or DP -14000 from Chaosmon Valdur Arm. 


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