Naochika Morishita and The BT4 Secret Rare Trio

About the Artist

When the secret rare trio in BT-04 Great Legend were released, they were such unique pieces of art that we could not hide our desire for them to warm our binders.

These card are none other than (from left to right) AncientGreymon, Lucemon and AncientGarurumon. Lucemon is illustrated in his rookie form, with a sillouette of Chaos-Mode behind him. Meanwhile, AncentGreymon and AncientGarurumon, two of the 5 Warriors of Justice (and also the last two standing in the final battle against Lucemon) are depicted at both sides of Lucemon. The illustrator of this master piece is none other than Naochika Morishita.

Naochoka Morishita is a Japanese illustrator. Having worked in editorial production with Group Caramel Mama, he became freelance in 1999. He is mainly active in trading card games like Gundam, Ranger Strike, Battle Spirit, and recently of course, joined the Digimon Card Game team in 2020. I was totally impressed with his art: his famous work were from the Bloody Roar series where he did the character art as well as in-game cutscenes and magazine illustration for V-jump.


His way of drawing monsters is really real, smooth and deep. You get the same feeling when looking at AncientGarurumon: with his sword popping out of the picture. Besides the trio of secret rares, Naochika Morishita has also illustrated some other Digimon secret rare cards that are mainly armored or mechanical.

I say that Naochika Morishita is very much the man of secret rare art: besides the BT-04 trio, he also gave us the other secret rares in the form of BT-01 Metalgreymon, the BT-02 secret rare duo Blackwargreymon and Beelzemon, and the BT-03 secret rare Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode. 

In addition, he is also behind the alternate-art Hammer Spark card from the Tamer Evolution Box, the recent alternate-art Kimeramon set for this February's Tamer Battle. His other works for DCG include Piedmon and MetalEtemon.  

And just in case you don't know, he is also the artist who draw the ChaosDukemon and Omegamon Zwart in BT5. 

Know more about his artwork

If you wish to learn more about his work, you can visit his Twitter or his personal website. I already became his fan after this post, and I think you will love his art too!

The man behind Omegamon Art – Watanabe Kenji

About the Artist

Today I created a new topic to write about the artist who leads and created many digimon arts for the digimon anime, as well as the digimon card. When we play a card game, who would not be more happy and excited to collect the one with nice art, the one that was always in your memory from your childhood tivi show. 

Watanabe Kenji is the lead designer of the toy planning company Wiz, who created the "Digital Monster" series, known as Digimon Digital World in anime. He is the artist that illustrates Omegamon, the combined fighting version of Metalgreymon and Garurumon. It is now the symbol of the whole franchise series. The Omegamon figures as a Knight of hero side, an art with the feeling of chill, safe and shining. (Watanabe Kenji is the artist for BT1 Omegamon parallel art, not the normal art). I would like to keep this image as its very high dimension, so you can see detail of the art.

source: https://www.source:

Besides parallel art of Omegamon, I also like the series of parallel art in BT3 for SR card. These series of card are totally unique and easy to figure out that they are from the same artist. The BT3 parallel art for all super rare card are illustrates using all line drawing colors with monochromatic color scheme. It is easy to identify which color that digimon belongs to. It is such a systematic and remarkable technique.

The RED theme designs for BlitzGreymon and Ragnaloard mon, the BLUE theme for Leopardmon and ImperialDramon: Dragonmode, the super cool Yellow color for Kentarousmon. I love the yellow art Kentarosmon the most, its yellow is very special.

For the other 3 color, we got the green theme for Ceresmon, the dark grey theme for Ceresgarurumon and Craniamon, with violet beautiful art for Mastemon and Lilithmon. Lilithmon seriously gives us the vibe of a mother, while some people don't even know Mastermon is a female (if they don't watch the anime). 

His Favorite Digimon

In one interview, Watanabe Kenji said his favorite digimon is Beelzemon, this digimon suits his taste the most. But because Beelzemon is from dark side, so Beelzemon is created as a solid dark hero in enemy brigade.


He is currently also a representative and character designer for WOW FACTORY. If you want to check out and find or buy his original design, you can check out there. There is many drawing of original art in his pixiv account, there is not only digimon, but also other of his art work. 

Update on BT5 releasing - parallel art illustrated by Kenji Watanabe

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