Digimon Card Game was never so fun with this new black deck


I have been playing Digimon with my family and friends almost every week since we first know the game, and we have been always enjoying the fun game, the card art, color and new strategy. Recently Bandai released new Starter deck (ST4-5-6) and new promotion cards, so we have more cards to build new deck. We are going to post the strength of each colors with its new starter deck (black, purple and green), but today I would like to share my new black deck. It gives me so much joy playing it: not only to me, but also to my opponent. 

Today I truly enjoyed a mirror match with a friend: both of us were playing black full of blockers! Half way through the game he started rooking-rushing me! And when I put [ST5-14] Tai Kamiya out he suddenly stopped rushing. He used Omegamon Alter-S to delete almost my entire board, and I de-digivolve him TWICE with [ST5-16] Laser Eye. Both of us were at a blocker deadlock: whoever attack first will lose! Fortunately, I have <reboot> power 🙂

As you can see, my deck is full of blockers (they are my friend now :)), from LV3 to LV6. And the most important digimon: Craniamon, needs to be there to protect them.

Level 2 Digimon

I play 3 copies of [ST5-01] Kapurimon (+1000DP if this digimon is blocker) and 2 copies of [BT2-005] Kapurimon (+1000DP if this digimon has reboot) for the digitama. This is important because you will need that bonus 1000DP to stay alive or block a powerful digimon.

Level 3 Digimon

The [ST5-04] Toyagumon gives me draw power with <draw 1> if opponent does not attack (my hands is always full of cards because of this). By the way, remember to not draw too many, if you finish your cards too fast until you don't have any card to draw, you lost the game. The [BT2-055] Toyagumon gives "Reboot" to this digimon which is very important for blocker to be active in opponent turn after attack security or digimon in your turn. The [BT2-054] Gotsumon, a LV3 blocker with 3000DP. This is a good card so I use 4 copies of them. I also use 2 copies of new LV3 blocker in starter deck, [ST5-03] Agumon. Some players use it to rookie-rush since it does not cost 2 memories when attacking, but I will consider not to use this card if I play against yellow or green, it's easy to get destroy or rested by inheritable effect of yellow/green digimon.

Level 4 DIgimon

3 out of 4 LV4 digimon in my deck are blocker. LV3 and LV4 blockers are useful when you have to hard play. The [P-014] Chrysalimon is cheapest blocker with 4 costs to play. The [ST5-08] Metaltyrannomon is cheapest to digivole (1 cost), but expensive to play (6 costs).  The [ST5-06] Greymon gives draw power, same with LV3 Toyagumon. And the last LV4 blocker I am using is [BT2-058] Guardromon, even it cannot attack, but its 7000DP is valuable for a LV4 digimon.

Level 5 Digimon

I also use 4 types of digimon in LV5. The [P-015] Infermon (2 copies) is a backup plan to <de-digivolve 1> just in case some powerful digimon are in the battle. The [ST5-11] Megadramon gives blocker in inheritable effect, which is very good if the LV6 is not a blocker. I also put 2 copies of [BT2-063] Metalgreymon  to gain 1 more security attact if this digimon has reboot (this is a strategy to pair with LV3 Toyagumon and LV6 blocker that has "reboot"). The last but not least, [BT2-061] Andromon, the medium blocker with 7000DP is a must to put 4 copies to block opponent low DP security-check.

Level 6 Digimon

LV6 digimon defines the strategy of the whole deck. Since my deck is full of blocker, the [BT3-075] Craniamon – the blocker ultimate shield, I put 3 copies in the deck. With Craniamon in the battle, all blocker cannot be destroyed by your opponent's card effects. The [BT2-065] Wargreymon, blocker with reboot, 2 copies. I can use this blocker to check security or destroy digimon if needed. The last one is [ST5-12] MachineDramon (3 copies) to "unsuspend" your rested digimon. I can use it to unsuspend up to 2 digimon, which is needed if you use non-reboot blocker/digimon to attack security or digimon in this turn.

Level 7 digimon

For LV7 digimon, I only put 1 copies of [BT2-083] Millenniummon and 1 copies of [BT3-112] Omnimon Alter-S. They are to deal with the powerful LV7 digimon such as omega mon or Ragnaloardmon. 

Option and Tamer

This deck needs [BT3-095] Joe Kido to gain more memory, for each of Joe in the battle, it can gain 1 memory (3 copies). [ST5-14]  Tai Kamiya is for blocker power, can rest him to re-active the blocker after blocking. Play Tai in the battle also makes the opponent hesitate to attack if you have a LV6 blocker. This helps you gain draw power (if opponent don't attack, I have <draw+1> from [ST5-03] Agumon and [ST5-06] Greymon).

I also use 2 copies of [ST5-16] Laser Eye, it can <de-digivolve 1> up to 2 of opponent's digimon. It is useful in some situation if the blocker can not block, this card comes to help.


This deck is not very fast to check security, the game might be dragging a bit longer. It also has certain weakness against fast-pace colors such as red or green. But I really enjoy playing black, as it is so much FUN! Do try out with your friends and let us know your experiences.

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