Check 5 Security with this BlackWargreymon Combo

Check 5 Securites with this BlackWarGreymon combo

14 Dec 2020 | Thoughts | Rina


Last month, when Bandai released the new starter deck (ST4, ST5, ST6), they gave out new promotion cards as bonus if you buy two starter decks. These promotion cards contribute a huge change for meta deck, especially purple. Today I would like to show the value of promotion card [P-026] Black WarGreymon, that he can check up-to 5 securities if you build a proper digivolution source for him.

He will be new trend in Black

For this digimon, his main effect is: Digi-burst 2 (remove 2 of your digivolution source) to trigger: this digimon becomes active. Originally, I thought he is not much useful in the battle, since you need to move to LV7 up to deal with many powerful digimon, and black colors has 3 powerful LV7 digimon to use. But now I found out his best combo and support, I started to use him in my deck as my new weapon. 

Building his digivolution source

To increase the number of <SecurityCheck>, these 2 cards need to be in the evolution base:

I always love to use [BT2-055] Toyagumon in my black deck, because it gives this digimon "Reboot", accompanying with [BT2-063] Metalgreymon, its inheritance is "If this digimon has Reboot, <SecurityCheck+1>. If we build these 2 cards under evolution source for BlackWarGreymon, for first and second security attack, we will have <Security+1>, so for 2 turns, the BlackWargreymon checks upto 4 securities. For the last check we have to remove LV3 Toyagumon and LV5 MetalGreymon, we only have 1 security check left to wipe out opponent's security pile.


I used [BT2-103] Lightning Blade (1 cost) to add 3000DP for BlackWarGreymon, it is safer if its DP is higher than 12000DP. If you are facing the  Omegamon/ALter-S(15000DP), you can try some other methods to add more DP such as using LV2 digitama [BT2-005] Kapurimon to add 1000DP for first check (you have to remove LV2 and LV4 digimon for second check), or add 2rd Lightning Blade to add another 3000DP (if you can draw).

What Next

If the opponent uses the blocker to block your attack, you still can check at least 3 securities. To think of next step or get more check, below "strategy" is good to consider 

For the last security check, if you have [BT3-019] Ragnaloard and either [BT3-016] Durandamon or [BT3-072] Bryweludramon in hand, you can move to LV7 Ragnaload for free by putting a Legend-Arm LV6 below Ragnaloard evolution base, you can do one more <SecurityCheck+1>. If I cannot win this turn, then i would love to make the digimon "reboot" in opponent turn by moving up to Ragnaloard to avoid getting destroy in next turn. But if I am facing a BanchoStingmon deck, then I rather keep the LV6 BlackWarGreymon and not move to LV7 digimon.

Feature Game

To see how fast the <Security Attack> of this combo, you can watch in below video (2rd game). In Second game, by using the combo as mentioned in this post, I am able to win the game over a BanchoSting-Megagargo deck.

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