Decks Ideas for BT6 Double Diamond (Part 2)

Blue - Gabumon Bond of Friendship

In BT6 Double Diamond, we already have the combo red BT6 Agumon and Agumon – Bond of Courage, it can deal up-to 3 security cards (LV3 Agumon contributes <Security+1>, and Agumon – Bond of Courage can trash 1 opponent's security card (2nd effect)) and destroy 1 opponent's digimon with 13000DP or lower. But the blue combo of BT6 LV3 Gabumon and LV7 Gabumon – Bond of Friendship is even better. 

The combo of [BT6-019] Gabumon and [BT6-030] Gabumon Bond of Friendship can check 3 opponent's security cards and return up-to 3 opponent's level 5 or lower digimon to the bottom of their deck because the second "when attacking" effect of LV7 Gabumon Bond of Courage is not limited [Once Per Turn], so as long as the LV7 Gabumon can be unsuspended and do another attacking, it can remove one more opponent's lv5 or lower digimon to bottom of their deck.

The Tamer [BT6-088] Matt Ishida is a must for this deck, this is a very good 3-costs tamer card since he can give more memory and draw power for the deck. If the deck use Hammer Spark or Delay option card, the cost to evolve from LV3  to LV4 Gabumon is not the issue. If we are not building a blue ST8 Veemon to Ulforce or Gabumon LV3 to LV7 warp evolution Rookie Rush deck, white Tamer Nokia Shiramine can be considered to put in the deck since we can play 1 LV3 Gabumon for free when we play this tamer. 

Security Control: Babamon joins Force

The yellow Babamon is currently the hottest candidate to be included in Security Control deck. Its "On Deletion" effect can be used to summon 2 Lucemon that can do <Recovery+1(deck)> for each Lucemon, or can summon a LV6 Rosemon for free. We don't know if BT6 is going to give another Rosemon, else the Rosemon from BT1 is maybe the best candidate for now.

Rosemon also can be a stepping stone to evolve into Chaosmon Valdure Arm in the same turn when Rosemon is summoned for free due to  Babamon's "On Deletion" effect. This strategy is suitable for a Security Control deck.

Seven Demon Lord and Three Musketeer

We have "Legend-Arm" in BT3, "D-brigade" in BT4, and now we are going to see "Seven Demon Lord" and "Three Musketeer" archtypes. Will there be new deck profile focusing on these unique type?

Until today, BT6 have revealed 2 Musketeers LV6 digimon, red MagnaKidmon and black Gundramon, we are expecting a last musketeer to be the purple-colored BelleStarmon.

The BelleStarmon is last digimon in Three Musketeer. In BT6 we also have black option card Gewalt Schwarmer, 7 cost to play. As long as we have a [Three Musketeer] type digimon in the battle, we can play it ignoring color requirement. This is a very strong option card for a Megazoo deck (even if you need to pay 7 cost to use it) as it destroys all Digimons LV4 and below, and some LV5s. It's a good way to deal with rookie rushes or wide-boards. Too bad though it cannot be activated from the security.

Meanwhile, regarding the "Seven Demon Lord" Digimons: Lucemon Fallen Mode, Leviamon, Demon, Belphemon Rage mode, Barbamon, Beelzemon and Lilithmon, we already have 2/7 of them released in prior sets: Beelzemon in BT2 and Lilithmon in BT3. Beelzemon is a popular card back in the BT2 meta, and Lilithmon is a recent hit with Lilith-loop engine (with Omegamon Zwart) in BT5 meta. Now with BT6, both Lilithmon and Beelzemon will have better support from new LV3 Impmon to retrieve [Three Musketeer] of  [Seven Demon Lord] from trash. Not only is this one of the the easiest and cheapest ways to return a LV6 Digimon from your trash to hand, but also sets up a warp digivolution candidate for BT2 Beelzemon. This impmon will improve the consistency of corresponding purple decks.

The newly revealed BeelStarmon can be very good use in Security Control deck. This card will be a scary weapon for purple color, as well as Megazoo.

Musketeer is going to become a hot topic or hot meta in BT6 Double Diamond. 


The Part 3 will be coming soon …

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Decks Ideas for BT6 Double Diamond (Part 1)


About 15 more days we will have the BT6 Double Diamond booster box released in the Asia region, 10 out of 11 SR cards have been revealed and no SEC yet, but we will can figure out what deck we can create with BT6 cards, red and blue will be strong, white will be new hidden potential, green is still no surprised yet. For BT6 early review, you can refer to our post here.
Here we will list all the deck recipes that are potentially created with Double Diamond series.

Red - Jesmon Deck

Jesmon, another Royal Knight for red color, soon to be a new meta for red color. Jesmon has full support from BT-06 cards, the most famous one is LV3 and LV4 sistermon, these white color digimons can only be hard-played and act as blocker or grants more DP to Jesmon. There is also Hackmon, the LV3 digimon that lets you draw into more Sistermons and Jesmons.

The advantage of Jesmon is he is cheap to evolve (3 costs), can play a sistermon for free "when attacking", has high DP (gains +3000DP when play a sistermon, and +2000DP if Sistermon Noir is presenting in the battle) and "Piercing" (deal with blocker easily). The LV3 sistermon can become blocker in both player turn and "Draw 1" when played, that makes profit for draw power.

The Jesmon deck can work well with Royal Knight [BT2-020] Dukemon. The Dukemon is best to use in the late game when opponent has build up their trash. With the Jesmon's ability, we can summon LV3 Sistermon Blanc from hands or trash, act as blocker and maybe able to drag the game longer. The LV4 Sistermon Noir is to add 2000DP for Royal Knight, so Dukemon has 13000DP. 

Jesmon deck may face difficulty in calculating distribution for each level since both Sistormon cannot be in the digivolution chain. Jesmon or Dukemon cannot perform warp evolution to evolve from LV3 or LV4 to LV6 digimon, so a proper number of card for red LV4 and LV5 digimon is needed for the deck.

Red - Agumon Bond of Courage Deck

The combo of Agumon- Bond of courage and Tai Kamiya itself can form a new Red Rookie deck profile

Another potential strategy is to add the BT4 yellow LV5 RizeGreymon with LV6 Wargreymon in the Agumon – Bond of Courage deck. RizeGreymon can help to summon tamer Tai Kamiya for free and WarGreymon can help to reduce the number of Security cards to 2 or lower so we don't need to sacrifice the LV7 Agumon at end of the turn.

The strategy is to evolve up to LV6 WarGreymon in early game and when the number of security cards is low enough, we can evolve LV3 Agumon to LV7 Agumon – Bond of Courage to finish the game or last one more turn. More blocker needed for this deck as well.

Blue: Qinglongmon and Hexeblaumon

Qinglongmon takes 5 costs to evolve, but it can be lesser cost depending on how many opponent's digimon that have no evolution source. It is the best partner for Hexeblaumon deck.

With the new LV5 Majiramon in BT6, the LV6 Hexeblaumon or Qinglongmon can be unsuspend again after first attack. This is the first blue inheritable effect that let it unsuspend with the condition that opponent does not have a digimon with digivolution source. The Hexeblaumon strategy to control opponent's board is becoming strengthen more with Qinglong and Majiramon. 

White: Eosmon

Digimon card game broaden its variety by adding a chain of Eosmon(s) in white color. For now it looks like Bandai wants Eosmon to shake hand with green color by providing the draw power from Morphomon, but Morphomon is a LV3 digimon with only 3 cost to play, so we can use this card in any deck for Eosmon draw power.

Potentially Eosmon will make the new record for the tallest digivolution source (Youtube Video), taller than Shoutmon-DX digivolution source, lolx.

By the way based on the game in Bandai's video, it seems the Eosmon deck lacks of defense power to protect the LV5 Eosmon from opponent's attacking, LV5 Eosmon is the one to multiply the number of more LV5 Eosmon on the board. On top of that, Eosmon deck contains a lot of LV5 Eosmon in the deck, so the card in security stack is also tend to be weaker.

Pick the right color to play with Eosmon is maybe the first step we have to think of.  You may not need to play Eosmon in a green environment!

This Eosmon lineup also allows a new way of playing, which we'd like to call "Deck Counting". Thanks to Morphmon and Menoa, this could possibly be the first time a player can cycle through his/her entire deck in just a few turns. This will generally allow for something we havent quite seen in DCG before: to know exactly what will be in your deck at every draw. Blend this idea with big plays such as Magnadramon recovering Zwart Defeat, and we might have a very viable new engine here! 

This idea will be covered in a separate post later.


The Part 2 will be coming soon …

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