Deck-List Data: The Most Used Digimon Card


Are you curious about the popular digimon card that other players using? This post will give you some brief info about that.

Digimon Card Meta Deck List Summary

Based on the deck-list we collected at Digimon Card Meta, there is total 601 winning tournament decks. The rating is as below:
  • Black: 31
  • Blue: 74
  • Red: 96
  • Green: 119
  • Purple: 59
  • Yellow: 74
  • Hybrid:148

So What is The Most Used Card in Each Color

The TOP 5 used cards for each color, the highest is from left to right.
Fun Fact! Toyagumon is champion with 80% decks uses him, the runner up Omnimon Alter-S got 76% used, coming next is cheap LV4 Numemon, LV4 Greymon and blocker Andromon. The famous powerful Millenniummon, surprisingly, only have 37% of decks using him in black color, it's even lower than Cresgarurumon (50%). 
Fun Fact! Devimon is the most popular card with 100% used, Tapirmon and Tamer Matt Ishida is also closed to 100%. The cheap to digivolve blocker and option card Trump Sword takes 95% used in purple decks. The LV7 Millenniummon, there is around 90% decks use him in purple. The most popular LV6 digimon are Beelzemon and the promo MetalGarurumon. The promo MetalGaruru dominates many purple deck after his debut at the end of November.
The only blocker for red color Coredramon is the champion with 100% used in all red decks. The cheap to digivolve LV4 Darktyrannomon is also very popular with 98%, 2 LV3 that take the next place is Agumon and Monodramon (97% and 93%). Last but not least, the famous digimon that everybody wants, Omnimon, almost 93% decks using him. Those decks that dont use Omnimon, I think, the player don't own it. Omnimon is the most valuable card in the market, especially the parallel art. The BlitzGreymon and Omnimon-Alter S also are widely used in red deck (60 % and 57%). The option card Gaia Force also contributes its support in 75% of red deck. 
Same with Red, Blue only has 1 blocker card from starter deck, so he is kind of needed in all the deck. Next place is a cheap to digivolve LV4 Gorillamon (95%) and 2 LV3 digimon cards that is widly used in many blue decks (92% and 88%). Here it comes, the Omnimon play in blue, got 87% of blue deck using him. Hammer Spark, the option card that cannot be absent, also presenting up-to 87% of blue decks. The most used LV6 is MetalGarurumon from BT1, there is 67% of decks that uses him.


It surprised me when T.K Takaishi shows up first for the rating in Yellow, this is the first Tamer in the TOP 5. 100% of yellow decks using him, our beloved Takaishi-kun. Runner up is blocker Unimon from starter deck – 90%, but Yellow recently got a cheap to digivolve blocker from BT4, so I think Unimon will slowly out. LV3 Salamon, a LV3 digimon that give "recovery 1" when destroyed, it is too useful to not be used (88%). Patamon and Angewomon from starter deck take next 2 places for the popular rating  83% and 73%. The most popular LV6 digimon, ShineGreymon, show himself in 63% of yellow decks. Chaos-Valdur Arm, just made his debut in BT4 (last December), but is reported in 50% of winning yellow decks, this is a very high for a BT4 card. Beside him, the cheap blocker to digivolve Piddomon from BT4 also contributes almost 55%. Yellow color is only popular after BT4 Great Legend released, 50% of its winning decks came from this season.


I feel sad when I look at Green TOP 5, like there is no fun to write about. You look at them and you judge yourself. Haha.
The famous option card, Hidden Potential, got 69%, it is actually because it is introduced at BT3, It can be higher if it is from BT2 or BT1. Since Green has many strong LV6 and LV7 digimon from different booster boxes, the rating gap for these cards are not high. Those Rookie or cheap to digivolve LV4 digimon takes highest using rate in Green. 

Hybrid Decks

Which card you think it is most popular in a hybrid deck? 


It is Puppetmon.

Does it make sense with this TOP 5? Yeah, totally expected. Puppetmon, Volcanicdramon and Magnadramon are always a considered candidate to add on in any color deck. The blue Veemon and Gabumon are widely used in Megazoo and Rookies deck.

All info showing in this post is taken from Digimon Card Meta Deck-List collection, it can be different if consider different batch of data.

A Bit of Digimon Card Game History: The First Version


Digimon Card Meta just received a bunch of old digimon cards, those are first version, or 1st Edition of the card game (English and Japanese). Today we would like to share a bit of history of the beginning time and how the card looks like, what is different…
Digimon was initially known simply as "Digital Monster", inspired by a virtual pet toy named Tamagotchi. In 1997 the Digital Monster Virtual Pet (V-pet) device was introduced as a more "masculine" version of the Tamagochi (which is more popular with female audiences). Later versions of the V-pet are also known as the Digivice. Bandai would later create a franchise of anime, manga, video games, films and trading card game products following the success of the V-pets. The first Digimon cards to be printed (as far as our knowledge goes) were vending machine cards in 1998. 

The Vending Machine Card: 1998 - 1999

This was in the beginning of the Tamagotchi/Digimon hype. Bandai was capitalising on their Digimon IP by selling Digimon cards in vending machines. With no obvious game rules, these serve as information cards: with only a vague HP indicator at the front, and more Digimon information at the card back. We believed that these cards serve to augment and enhance the Digimon V-pet experience (like a prerequisite to knowing the monsters' abilities or effects).
The first card is Yugioh card, the middle is Koromon, the Ver.1 in Digital Monster card in 1998, and the last card is current digimon card [St1-01] Koromon
The front of these cards indicate the type of the Digimon, it's name and card ID, optional description, and health points (HP). There are 3 main types of digimon (indicated by the symbol shown at the top left corner of the card): Vaccine, Data, and Virus. 
At the back of the card, its digivolution information is shown: top left indicates which Digimon it can digivolve from ("G": at top left) and bottom right indicates which it can digivolve into ("E": bottom right corner). It seems that SkullGreymon (an Ultimate form Digimon) is the highest level of digivolution back in 1998 (because it cannot digivolve to any other digimons). 
Front side of the Card
Back Side of the Card
Fun Fact! Did you know that when 2 of these cards are placed side-by-side, the patterns on the card border always connects into a matching pattern from all sides (left, right, top, and bottom). 

The Official First Version Digital Monster Card Game: 1999

The first Booster box was introduced in June 1999, and within the same year they released another 2 booster boxes. A total of 25 booster boxes were released by Bandai from 1999 to 2005, in addition to many other expansion boxes/sets. There are 54 cards in each booster boxes 1 to 3, and from booster 4 onwards there is only 48 cards. has a very good and complete collection of these cards, you can check them out here
The front of these cards show:
  • [Top left corner] A: representing Vaccine Type, B: representing Data Type, C: representing Virus Type
  • [Top left corner] Digimon level: Child > Adult > Ultimate > Perfect
  • [Top bar] Digivolution requirements.
  • [Middle right, in the card art] DP: Digimon Power
  • [Bottom left corner] Attack types A, B and C.  
  • [Bottom left corner] Lost points: indicating how many points you lose when you lose a battle.
  • [Bottom right] Additional effects.
Examples above show the A type [Bo-16] Angewomon, B type [Bo-41] Boltmon and C type [Bo-21] Minotaurmon, the option card [Bo-51] Let's Stop Fighting. The A, B, and C in red, green and yellow circles indicate their different type of attacks or defenses. Information  at the top for digivolution requirements, and the information at the bottom right for digimon cards or bottom for option cards are their effects. These cards and effects become more complex as the game evolves through the years.

The First Digital Monster English Card Game: 1999

Digimon cards were introduced to American and European audiences in 1999, but due to poor reception only 6 booster sets were ever printed before they were discontinued. The english card design are similar to the Japanese version (with minor redesigns) but they made huge changes to the game rules and was deemed "not as good as the Japanese version". 
Among some of the changes in the English version: the A B C symbols were replaced with circle, square and diamond, "Lost Point" was changed to "Score" in English card. Due to this change in scoring method, the winning conditions become very different between the 2 regions (West and East) as if they were playing a different card game!
Luckily for the latest Digimon Card Game in 2020, there are no repeat of these past mistakes so we can all enjoy the same game regardless of card language!

NEWS: DCG First Anniversary Campaign.. WHAT is COMING THIS YEAR

News: DCG First Anniversary Campaign .. WHAT is Coming

24 Jan 2021 | News | digimonmeta


DCG 1st Aniversary Campaign announcements from the ONLINE LOBBY event!
March 2021:
For every 500 yen (incl. tax) of DCG products purchased from stores, customers will be entitled to 1 special promotional pack.
– Each pack contains 1 of 6 "alternate-art and text" cards.

1st Aniversary Promo Pack

Release Date: 26 March 2021

Promo packs to commemorate the 1st aniversary of DCG, to be given out for every purchase of 500yen in DCG products. Each pack contains 1 card, out of a total of 6 variants.

[P-029] Agunimon
Effect: [When Attacking] You may digivolve this Digimon into a [Ancientgreymon] from your hand by paying 2 memory cost, ignoring all digivolution conditions. If you did, delete this Digimon the the end of your turn.
Inherited Effect: [Your Turn] When this Digimon digivolves into a [Ancientgreymon] from your hand, reduce that digivolution cost by 2.
[P-030] Wolfmon
Effect: [When Digivolving] You may digivolve this Digimon into a [Ancientgarurumon] from your hand by paying 1 memory cost, ignoring all digivolution conditions. If you did, delete this Digimon the the end of your turn.
Inherited Effect: [Your Turn] When this Digimon digivolves into a [Ancientgarurumon] from your hand, reduce that digivolution cost by 2.
[P-031] Tailmon
Effect 1: [Opponent's Turn] When you have a purple Digimon, this Digimon gets <Blocker>.
Effect 2: [When Played] If your security is 3 or lower, <Recovery+1(Deck)>
[P-032] Palmon
Inheritable Effect: When this card is trashed due to <Digiburst>, one of your Digimon gets <Jamming>.
[P-033] Sunrizamon
Effect: [Your Turn] All of your black Digimon with 13000 DP or more get <Piercing>.
Inherited Effect: [Your Turn] When this Digimon is a black Digimon with 13000 DP or more, this Digimon gets <SecurityAttack+1>.
[P-034] Demidevimon
Inherited Effect: [When Deleted] When you have 7 or more Digimons in your trash with [Devimon] in their name, play a [Donedevimon] from your trash without paying its cos
April 23, 2021:
2 new [Dukemon] and [Ulforceveedramon] themed decks.
– Each set contains 54 cards, new plastic-based memory gauge, and paper playmat.
– Each set contains 6 SR cards (may be "alternate-text" cards)
– MSRP: 1200 yen
Updated structure deck information from official Bandai (17 March 2021).
Release date: 23 April 2021
MSRP: 1320yen (tax incl.)
Content: 54-card deck, 2 memory gauge, 1 playsheet, 3 index cards, and 6 aniversary campaign SR cards.
Rarity (ST-7) Dukemon: 5C, 6U, 3R, 2SR, 6SP*
Rarity (ST-8) Ulforceve: 7C, 4U, 3R, 2SR, 6SP*
*SP is a campaign SR rarity, most likely option cards with the <Delay> effect.
May 2021:
[Digimon Adventure 2020]-based tamer promo pack will be distributed in shop battle events.
– Each pack contains 4 cards.
– Total of 8 pack designs.
BT-06 booster set will include [top-10 voted alternate-art cards]
– Voting starts on Jan 29 at the DCG homepage.
– New illustration (alternate-art) will be made if the voted card does not already have an alternate-art form.

Here is the result of 10 cards voted. 

Parallel ART Leaks

30th July in 2021: Digimon Card Game Theme Booster Classic Collection EX-01
Fixed price: 1 pack 440 yen, 1BOX 12 packs
1BOX price:  5280 yen
1 pack 12 cards + 1 index

[Number of card types]
■ All 73 types
Common 26 types
Uncommon 20 types
Rare 18 types
Super rare 8 types
Secret rare 1 type
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