Quick Share: Combo Kaiser Nail with Purple Cerberusmon


There is a new type of Megazoo deck created in BT4, that is purple megazoo deck using Plutomon and double Cerberusmon ([BT4-083] Ceberusmon and [BT4-086] Cerberusmon:werewolf mode). The strength of this deck is: blue option card Kaiser Nail is a best match for these combo.

This deck form a good strategy for player to follow: many option card to gain memory (Hammer Spark and Jack Raid), more draw with Raremon LadyDevimon and Plutomon, combo LV6 and LV7 killer Plutomon and Hell's Gate option card. Use Lilithmon to retrieve option card from trash to hand (there is 21 option cards are using in this deck).

Last but not least, the Kaiser Nail and Cerberusmon combo, here is the way how we should play it. We build a evolution base till LV5 or LV6 digimon in raising area using Cerberusmon:werewold mode, after move out to battle, we can use the Kaiser Nail option card to pull out the Cerberusmon:werewolf to play for free, then we can destroy Cerberusmon to gain back 9 memories. The Cerberusmon:werewolf mode can attack immediately on the turn it plays, and with 9 memories, we can do many more thing such as using the option card Necrophobia to play another LV5 from trash without playing its cost. 

The flexibility with this deck is, you have draw power and a lots of memories with option cards. But be careful to not stuck at the first draw.

Deck Reference

Deck CompositionDetailsDeck ColorDeck ProfileDeck NameDateCountryAuthorPlacementTournamentHost
4nBT3-084a2nBT3-088a4nBT4-083a2nBT4-084a4nBT4-086a2nBT3-091a1nBT4-088a4nBT4-089a1nBT2-090a4nBT3-110a4nBT4-111a3nBT4-112a4nBT3-021a4nST2-15a4nST2-13a2nBT4-102a4nBT3-002 HybridMEGAZOO_BT4_PLUTOCombo Kaisernail with CerberusJan 21, 2021JapanTotoron1st PlaceTamer BattleTsutaya
4nBT3-084a4nBT3-088a4nBT4-083a4nBT4-086a4nBT3-091a1nBT4-088a4nBT4-089a4nBT3-110a4nBT4-111a3nBT4-112a4nBT3-021a4nST2-15a4nST2-13a2nBT4-102a4nBT3-002 HybridMEGAZOO_BT4_PLUTOPurple Plutomon Lilith DeckJan 19, 2021JapanJiro1st PlaceTamer BattleDragoonHakata
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