A strategies Purple deck with Plutomon and Cerberusmon


In Digimon Card game, Purple is the color that makes player heavily uses their brain when building the deck or playing (except for Rookie Rush deck). Bandai even rates purple as the most strategic color. Purple deck pace is very slow, so player needs to be carefully building a deck with a proper strategy in order to win the game. The BT04 Great Legend came last month, pushing the Green and Yellow power to its PEAK, especially Green. Purple haven't reached its time yet and still waiting for a better support from BT5 onward. 

Playing digimon card game with a purple deck do really bring me headache, the game lasts very long, there is too many cards in hands, there is too many option to choose, you have to draw then trash… But it is really fun.

Introducing my purple deck, powerful enough to surprise the opponent, tricky enough to make the opponent getting worry. This deck has a good level ratio (in my opinion): 12 cards LV3 digimon, 11 cards LV4 digimon, 10 cards LV5, 6 cards for LV6 and 2 for LV7 digimon. There is 3 Tamers and 6 option cards. The centric strategy for this deck is Plutomon – "when digivolving: Draw 2, then may play a purple option card with 6 or less cost for free".

Level 2 digitama and Level 3 digimon for Draw Power

Purple deck is always giving a very good draw power, more draw we have, more cards to choose to play according to your strategy. 

The LV2 digitama [BT3-006] Demimeramon and [BT2-069] Gabumon give draw+1/2 when destroyed, [ST6-03] Gabumon give draw 1 when attacking (then trash 1 card from your hand). These cards are quite popular using in purple deck. Beside draw power, I also use [ST6-04] Dracmon to retrieve 1 option card from trash to hand (I will hard play if I need to retreve Nail Bone option cards from trash) and [BT3-077] Gazimon to avoid opponent gaining memory from their digimon or option card effect. I only put 2 copies, just in case if I need to use for this purpose. 

LV4 digimon with Retaliation and Blocker

If your LV4 digimon has retaliation effect, the opponent will hesitate to attack it or try to not let their high level digimon is rest mode. This is good for mind-control. 

The LV4 Seberdramon and Devimon, 2 copies for each, gives "Retaliation/Vengeance" in their inheritable effect. The remain LV4 is cheap cost to digivolve, blocker Devimon and Meramon.

LV5 digimon, Cerberusmon is fun to play

I don't see many people use Cerberusmon in their deck, I wonder why, it is quite strategic to play. I put 4 copies of [BT4-083] Cerberusmon and 2 copies of [BT4-086] Cerberusmon: Werewolf Mode in my deck. My purpose for this combo is: if opponent has rested digimon that has less than 6000DP, I will use Cerberusmon to destroy it, then destroy Cerberesmon itself to bring "Cerberusmon: Werewolf mode" digimon to play for free. This "Cerberusmon:Werewolf mode" has  Haste, can check security or attack opponent's digimon when it is played. The Ceberusmon give "Draw 2" On-Deletion, it is a good LV5 digimon to use. The other LV5 digimon, [BT4-084] NeoDevimon,  I use it to control player from playing Tamer (especially yellow), and [ST6-10] Skullsatamon to return 1 purple digimon from trash to hand when digivolving. This is good way to retrieve what you need. 

Here is the power of the Deck

The [BT4-089] Plutomon is now one of my favorite digimon. The combo of this digimon the option card [BT4-112] Hell's gate, can destroy opponent powerful digimon with cheapest cost. Except for Rookie Rush deck, all the meta deck now always need to build up to LV6 and LV7 digimon, so this option card Hell's Gate comes to destroy it. The advantage of this Plutomon is "when digivolving", you can trigger draw 2, then play an option cards. "When digivolving" gives you solution to act at the time when you see opponent has LV6 or LV7 in the battle. You can bring your digimon from raising area out to digivolve to this digimon. It is better than the promotion card [P-027] Metalgarurumon. Metalgarurumon has a heavy constraint to use it effectively, you have to secure 3 memories to digivole from LV5 to LV6 metalgarurumon if you want to use the effect on the turn it comes to battle (a 4 cost tamer is needed for this, I am using [BT2-090] Ishida Yamoto in this deck), and we need to build him a evolution base (at least 2 cards) in order to bring out the effect. When I play this deck, I purposely build digivolution source up-to LV6 Metalgarurumon in raising area, so when I move out, I surely can use the effect immediately (If I don't have tamer in play). [P-027] Metalgarurumon can play free both Hell's gate and Nail Bone option cards, but the Plutomon can only play Hell's gate for free. I also put 2 copies of [BT2-083] Millenniummon as a backup power. 


I only put 3 tamers in the deck. [BT4-097] Kari Kamiya is a new surprised element in purple deck, sometime 1 memory that she gains help us win the game. [BT2-090] Matt Ishida is to secure 3 memories when "Start of the turn". 


Overall, this deck is not able to rush to win, you need to be patient to play it. I see the opponent hesitate to play or digivolve to LV6 when they play against this deck. But since it is slow, it may be weak against Rookie-Rush

Feature Game

 I used 3 proxies for Plutomon (I only have one card), so if you see any card with a white paper in its face, it is Plutomon. Again, Plutomon effect is: When digivolving, you can draw 2 to play a purple option cards with 6 cost or less. I updated this deck to add 2 option card [BT3-109]Rematch, and remove 1 Hell's Gate and 1 LV4 digimon. In Second Game, opponent has been controlling memory to give me 1 or 2 memory for my turn, so I think I will put 1 more tamer (Matt Ishida) to secure 3 memory when starting of the turn

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