Mark: BT11 Welcome to the XROS School bus HID lights edition.

Invited Author: Mark Aurelio Beloy

Country: Philippines


Hello everyone,

This is professor B. B for Biktory, and today we will showcase the upgraded version of the Xros schoolbus(

to those who don't know the joke: Xros is comparable to a school because of the amount of Small tamers and rookies, and the Shoutmon Bigs which seem to fetch them via schoolbus.

Decklist featured on Digimonmeta: Deck Information – DIGIMON CARD META (

The new addition of Black agumon-x line cards definitely made an impact to the meta. From an X-ros deck lover's point of view, the previously safe haven for the little tamers are now being threatened by the big bad [BT8-070] Black wargreymon and the addition of [BT11-107] hades force. This brings a lot of problem especially when managing your materials for X-ros cost reduction.


Black Cat Hobbies Prelims Tournament,  just 1 day after the Super tamer battle Finals. I gear up to put my Xros schoolbus to the test to see if they can still stand up to the Black wargreymon infested meta. Everybody is expecting the usual build for the Xros deck wherein the digimons would need to wait for a tamer first before attacking, then saving it under a tamer. The problem with that strategy is, your opponent is pretty much expecting it and will choke you most of the time to 1 memory.  in order to surprise then,  we will divert from the Shoutmon X7 route to the Schoolbus driven by [BT11-086]Mervamon.

The deck starts off with our usual kids(i call them the classmates) 4 of each Angie, Jeremy and Mickey, 4 of each Shoutmon, Starmons, Jason Dorulu and Batistamon (because he blocks everything)

Then in order to speed up and be more aggressive, every removal option has been excluded from this deck. Sunrise Buster[BT9-099], Fireball [EX2-067], Crimson Blaze[BT8-097]?? Blackwargreymon-x [BT11-074] is like a Honey Badger! he doesn't give a **** about option cards,  he eats them for breakfast, so why not remove them entirely?

Prof B, if the game drags on, how can you win the matchup agains Black wargreymon? Answer is, you don't. you need to end the game in the span of 4-6 turns.

How do you do that if you are always behind in memory? you sacrifice 3 kids. what?? replace all of your [BT11-095] triple Tamer cards, change them into blinding light[BT4-104] and Reinforced memory boost[BT6-100]. they will be food for Blackwargreymon and hades force anyways. 

Blinding light is a real good choice since you are running a yellow digitama, you may also combo it on the same turn with Reinforced memory boost to "gain some good memories, while getting back your security".

Blackwargreymon and hades force anyways. 

Playing Reinforced memory boost from your hand does a lot of good thing. if gives you opportunity to place a tamer on security, makes you draw a material for Digicross and give you 3 memory to use for later. Hitting this also in the security provides such a good core memory, oh your opponent will surely remember what's coming up next.

You mentioned being aggressive, you got it by almost instantly attacking your opponent's security directly without waiting for any tamers to save your xros buddies. you attack using the rookie, you draw by the effect of Pickmons. If it survives, then good 🙂 more materials for Digixros. if it Dies, it dies an honorable death only to be picked up by mervamon on the later turns. but the point is. by turn 2 your opponent should be down to 3 security already.

By turn 3-4, you should now either set the opponent's security to 3 below, have a memory augmentation tamer/s , or you may already have 2-3 Blinding lights on your hand and a lot of cards from the trash or under the tamers. then the time is right for the Big sister to fetch you into her school bus by only 8 cost then playing 2 other Xros kiddos to rush attacks. just remember to prioritize putting sparrowmon under mervamon for great success.

What happens if your opponent plays one of those disgusting memory blocker and cost reduction jammer like chuumon and the solar boys? you still have angie and her pet jason dorulu, and you also have shoutmon starsword. It gives -3000 DP and deletes a digimon with 2000 DP when you cross it will shoutmon and starmons. you can gain rush and draw at the same time.

ShoutmonShoutmon Sempais:

X4 will still be our priority, we run 3 of them since this is the optimal number of times you can loop it in 1 turn

X3 will now come into play since x4 is considered to be High cost if you don't have all the 4 material cards. x3 also give you exta memory next turn if you decide to trigger it.

X5 will only be "forever alone" in this deck. he is a special existence since everytime you try to pull off playing him for 0 cost then attacking for 2 checks, he doesn't die! you are not stuck in a "now what scenario", but because you have mervamon, you can digivolve her on top, call a digimon from your trash then swing for game. Mervamon also enables you to digivolve straight into dexmon if reduced playcost won't permit it.


Vs EXAMon(xros kids really hates EXAM days)

these kids usually speed through in attacking examon while he builds up. but during the last turn, my opponent was able to hard cast a lvl 5 which in turn give me almost 5 memories. ahhh such good memories. he has 3 potential blocker due to the restand. so i ended up attacking using 2 digimons, playing 2 blinding lights *whoooosh: such strong effects of Flashbang* then while the enemy is still blinded, I made my 3 rush digimons attack for Game! 

Vs Dukemon

a tricky matchup.but the goal here is to make your digimon die everytime it attacks. otherwise it will be memory food for Dukemon. I controlled the game by using my digimons to attack and die, but I ended up gatting 2 survivors on the board. No Choice I had to xros it into x3 to lessen his memory gain upon deletion. He ended up hitting my Tai and kari from security, a reinforced memory boost. then I go for my usual blinding light-mervamon combo for early game aggression.

Vs Bwargrey-X

The start of the schoolday usually begins with a prayer. PRAY SO YOUR OPPONENT BRICKS!! after that, go ham on aggressively attacking your enemy.

he played a Black greymon, digivolved to metalgrey for blocker,  I played a dorulumon, Shoutmon x starsword.  it is deleted in 1 go.

he also hit some good tamers from my security which gives me additional attackers for my next turn, then blinding light combo again for mervamon with 2 background dancers for 3 attacks.

Vs Shoutmon X7 build

it's like going on a fieldtrip and seeing a different school bus going to the same location.  It will depend on your bus driver.

mirror match with Xros depends on how fast you can pull off your combos. 

My opponent had the advantage of playing 1 mikey on turn 1, while I attack using sparrowmon. He followed up with a free play dorulu and attacking my security which hit my own mikey. Then from there I got the advantage to play an early x4. 

X7 is quite slow in building up but it offers a way to delete/attack Bwargrey, but infront of mervamon, you have an advantage of 60 km/h in terms of speed.  x7 only give you 1 blocker while mervamon give 3 attackers. it's a win

Championship Vs Commandramon

This damn little army is as strong as the BTS army.

at first 1 commandramon appears then call another, and another, and another. my opponent skillfully utilized parabolic junk when attacking. luckily I also have some ballistamon to soak up the damage.  This quickly became a battle of memory gain and playcost reduction. the annoying thing here is, whenever I use x3 to attack, It is almost guaranteed not to die. So i cannot recycle my materials. while on the other hand, everytime commandramon dies, he summons another unit with rush. i also ended up having to digivolve x5 into mervamon at some point. it was a such an intense battle of speed and memory gaining mechanics.

Closing thoughts


Xros is still one of the most flexible decks, and it will keep getting stronger and stronger.

There are plenty of ways that you can enjoy xros deck. Be Aggressive, be Creative.

So far. I was always saved by the light, I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

And this concludes another Digixross deck showcase!

See you again next semester.

Shout out to Black Cat hobbies, and Carlo Lorenzo Ho for the Final battle.

The fieldtrip is worth it.

Thanks to everyone in the Digimon PH community and also to the GLORY OF MASTER SABERKLEIN.


Bwargrey bad guy, Xros+merva good.

Get rekt early, rest early.

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