BT04 new Meta: A Super Strong Black Rookie Rush


We always heard about blue-green rookie-rush, purple-green rookie-rush or red rookie-rush. Now we have a new color to add on the rookie-rush collection, it is black D-brigade rookie rush.

This deck is first created by our friend named Marcus. I modified the deck to adapt my play style and tried out many games. This deck is very strong, I can win all the games even in the game with bad draw. Let me share you all what is the deck look like.

This Rookie Deck may be a bit different compared to other Rookie. It is not as fast as green-blue rookie, but it is more fun to play and very powerful. There is 24 LV3 digimon cards, 10 LV4 digimon cards, 7 cards of LV5 digimon, 4 cards of LV6 and 2 cards for LV7 digimon. 3 tamers and no option cards.

D-Brigade Digimon Type, Who are they?

D-brigade type digimon first appears in BT03 booster box with [BT3-059] Commandramon, and another LV3 D-brigade in black starter deck [ST5-05] Commandramon. Now BT4 Great Lengend provides 4 more for D-brigade digimon type, which makes them strong together.  

3 digimon above contribute the most important role for this Rookie-Rush strategy (FYI: they share the same name "Commandramon", just different ID).  The Commandramon from BT3 is the cheapest, so normally we can play him directly. The commandramon from ST5 needs to be digivolved. The last one is rarity digimon [BT4-063] Commandramon , we must not degivolve him to LV4, we let him got destroyed to reveal top 3 cards and play 1 Commandramon among them without playing its cost. This rush is new compared to other rookie-rush deck, we can play a LV3 for free when this LV3 digimon die.

LV4 D-brigade type digimon is a blocker, [BT4-067] Sealsdramon. We can keep him as a blocker to avoid opponent from attacking your digimon or you purposely get him destroyed sometime just to get enough 5 D-brigade cards in your trash in order to play [BT4-074] DarkDramon in cheapest cost. The [BT4-071] Tankdramon, if I have this digimon in battle, I would like to keep him alive as long as possible, since he can help to summon more LV3 commandramon to play for free when 1 digimon with D-brigade type die. But if I need to add up the number of D-brigade in trash, and his digivolution source contains more than 1 [D-brigade], then ya.. I will get him destroy in order to summon Darkdramon for 3 costs. The Darkdramon, a LV6 D-brigage, is a game changer for this deck, we will see him mostly in the last attack to end the game. This digimon has "haste" as a main effect, to attack at the same turn it got summoned, and just for 3 cost to play (once you return 5 D-brigade card from trash to top of your deck). To safely easily play him, this deck needs more tamer to secure 3 reset memory at beginning of the turn. That is why I put 3 tamers in the deck, [BT4-096] Izzy Izumi.

Others Digimon.

There are 2 more LV3 digimon, [ST5-02] Jazamon is used because it is cheap to play (2 costs). The LV3 blocker [ST5-03] Agumon is used to block opponent if they want to attack LV5 D-brigade Tankdramon. This blocker don't cost 2 memories to attack, so it can be used as a rookie. 

The LV4 [BT4-068] Baboogamon, I used this digimon to de-digivolve the blocker or any LV5 that is 7 cost to play or less. This is very useful to deal with blocker, remember to digivole him from LV2 digitama in order to able to do digi-burst. The LV5 [BT2-077] Kimeramon contributes the same role as Baboongamon. But I'd love to use this Kimeramon to destroy 1 of opponent powerful LV5 digimon. I don't want it to be digivolved to LV6 digimon because some LV6 digimon can be troublesome for Rookies. 

The LV7 digimon, [BT3-112] Omnimon Alter-S, is a back up plan. I only put 2 copies into this deck to digivolve from LV6 Darkramon. Normally opponent will tend to put many blockers to the battle to control the Rookies, so Omnimon Alter-S can help to wipe-out the board. 


This deck won't disappoint you. Try out and let us know your feedback. Here I also would like to say thanks to Marcus who shared this deck to me. This is first time I play Rookie and kind of enjoy. 

Feature Game

I actually played many games with this deck, and still able to win even in bad draw (meant I cannot summon the Commandramon for free). In this feature game, my opponent plays a very powerful green deck (a new meta with Chaosmon), he claimed that the draw and the sequence are super perfect, but he still cannot win this Rookie deck.

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