A new Dawn for Yellow Shine


This is the first post to review a deck that is using BT04 Great Legend cards, I also have a first comment "Yellow is going to shine in new meta". This deck is created by Yone-san, a tamer from Japan.


[BT2-041] ShineGreymon is the only strong meta for yellow since BT02 Ultimate Power. With BT04, the Shine power will be shine again with a new strategy that is building from red. It is now more flexible and given more support. 

This deck is a full RED to build up to Yellow Shine


New Supporter

[BT4-017] Rizegreymon, a LV5 red/yellow digimon with a very valuable main effect: You can "digi-burst 2" to play one yellow or red Tamer with play cost 4 or less from your hand for free. It can digivolve to LV6 yellow Shingreymon from this digimon. There is 8 yellow Tamers and 3 red Tamers in this deck, that gives higher chance to draw. And beside, its inheritable effect: If you have a Tamer, 1 of your opponent digimon gets -2000DP for their turn.  The yellow ShineGreymon strategy is to deduct DP of opponent's digimon based on the number of yellow Tamers, and also increase its DP. If there is 2 yellow tamers in the battle, and the ShineGreymon got RizeGreymon in its degivolution source, the ShineGreymon can deduct one LV5/LV6 10000DP digimon to 0 DP (this is really scary).

The second card that is very useful for ShineGreymon deck is the new tamer in BT04, [BT4-092] Marcus Damon. If any attack from a digimon with name "Greymon" in it, rest this tamer to gain 1 memory. Marcus Damon tamer can be summon for free from RizeGreymon main effect, using him to reset the memory to 3 when "start of your turn", and then get more memory when attacking with ShineGreymon. 

The red option card, [BT4-100] Trident Revolver, is to delete 1 of opponent's digimon with 6000DP or les, then can play a tamer card with memory cost 4 or less for free. Above, we talked about using 2 tamers with Rizegreymon in digivolution source to deduct one digimon 10000DP. If we add 6000DP from this option card, it will able to deduct up to 16000DP, equal to a powerful LV7 digimon such as Omegamon.

Game Changer with Agunimon

This deck will pull out a lots of Tamer to play on battle field, so what we can take advantage on that to end the game with just one or two more attacks.

[BT4-011] Agunimon is a new type of digimon that can digivolve from a red Tamer. For this deck, imagine you just need one more "Security Attack" to win the game, then why not digivolve to Agunimon from [BT4-092] Marcus Damon to do one more attack (the red tamer must be played in previous turn, not in the same turn of digivolving).


Yellow is going to be a new meta for BT04 with new way of Shine, Lucemon, Chaosmon: Valdur arm. What do you think?

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