Tamer Battle and Tamer Meeting Cards (JP)

Special Design for winner and participants in tournament or tamer exchange


April - Tamer Battle

Winner Card is Dorugreymon Foil.

Feb/March - Tamer Battle

Winner Card is Minomon Digitama Foil.


Nov-12: Bandai TCG Online Hall for Asia

Chance to get special promotion pack:

*Anyone who battle at least 1 time can get the prize
*1pcs for 1 event
*Prize will be delivered after December
*Please update your latest address on Bandai Namco ID
*Prize might be distributed in other online event

Oct- Nov: Challenge Cup (Japan)

Link for Bandai's source.


Oct: Tamer Battle

Source is here.
Winner Card: Gabumon foil.

August and Sept: Tamer Battle

Winner Card: Foil BT5 Agumon

Participant cards (below): 1 card per pack.

July 21: Online Lobby

Digimon Card Game Grand Tamer Exchange Online

Application is available from 13th July,2021 17:00 (GMT+8) to 20th July,2021 17:00 (GMT+8)

Online Lobby Event original goods

July 17: Grand Prix

[DC-1 Grand Prix]

Selling price 4,500 yen (tax included)

● DC-1 Grand Prix participation right
● DC-1 Grand Prix Original Playmat
● DC-1 Grand Prix Principal Sleeve 50 pieces
● 4 veemons with DC-1 Grand Prix logo
● DC-1 Grand Prix Logo Shining V Force 4 sheets

Remote Final Tournament DC-1 Grand Prix Winner 🏆
・ 1 UlforceVeedramon
・ 1 Aero Veedramon
・ 1 veedramon
・ One special set "Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode"
・ Winning trophy

Remote Final Tournament DC-1 Grand Prix Runner-up

・ 1 UlforceVeedramon
・ 1 Aero Veedramon
・ 1 veedramon
・ One special set "Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode"
・ Runner-up trophy

Remote final tournament 3rd-7th

・ One special set "Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode"

June: Tamer Battle

Winner Card: Keramon Paralllel art Foil

Participant: One of below.

May: Tamer Meeting

Paticipant Prize: 1 promo Pulsemon card and 1 1st year anniversary pack.

Check card-list in 1st year anniversary pack here.

April - Jun: Tamer Battle Card

Paticipant Souvenir: 1 of 4 card below.
Winner Card: Stingmon Foil Card

March - April: Souvenir Tamer Exchange Meeting

February - March : Participant Souvenir and Winner Card Tamer Battle

[BT1-057] Sirenmon
[BT2-028] Aeroveedramon
[BT2-061] Andromon
[BT2-077] Kimeramon
[BT2-077] Kimeramon (Champion's card)


Participant Souvenir

Participant Souvenirs For December 2020
Participant Souvenirs For November 2020
Participant Souvenirs For October 2020

Winning Souvenir

Evolution Cup in 2021: [BT1-084] Omegamon Alternate Art

The event is under scheduling. Stay tune

Tamer Battle in Dec 2020: [BT2-038] RizeGreymon Alternate Art

Tamer Battle in Nov 2020: [ST2-08] Weregarurumon Alternate Art

Tamer Battle in Oct 2020: [ST1-09] MetalGreymon Alternate Art

Apparel Items for Children with Digimon (Nov 2020 to Jan 2021)

3 alternate art cards from the starter decks will be given out with purchase of children apparel, released sequentially from Nov 2020 to Jan 2021. They are available for purchase here.
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