Wrong translations in the official website

We wish to bring into attention some incorrect translations from the official digimon card website There typos were unfortunately not being fixed at the official site hence as an alternative we would recommend that you refer to translations at

Below are some examples of their incorrect or ambiguous translations at the official site (left) and the correct effect translations at DigimonCardDev (right).

[ST3-16] Seven Heavens: incorrect DP

[BT1-082] Rosemon: ambiguous effect/term “player”

[BT2-063] MetalGreymon: missing term “REBOOT”.

Ambiguity is commonplace in almost any card games, and so we wish to collect and disambiguate them at our Ambiguities section. Please do let us know if you would like to share or clarify a certain ambiguous rule with us! Have a great day, and enjoy your game!

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