Bonus Card - Premium Box - Tamer Evo Box

Parallel Design card that comes with each Booster Box

JP: Challenge Cup ; English: Jun Premier TO Event

3 cards below are the participant prize, top-8 prize and winner prize for Japan Challenge Cup that is hosted on Nov 2021 and March 2022. For English format, these cards are the prize for Jun 2021 Premier TO event. The winner card, ST11 Wargreymon, is the rarest card so far in DTCG.

  • Participant: 1 copy of [BT5-001] Koromon.
  • Top 8: 1 copy of BT5 Greymon
  • Winner: 1 copy of WarGreymon.

BT9 X-Record - Box Topper and Dash Pack

BT9 X-Record is released on Feb 25, 2022 for Japan and Asia Region.

  • Theme: There are many X-antibody Digimon
  • Box Topper: Digitama (not so nice).
  • There are promo cards, ID from [P-072] to [P-077], are distributed as the same time with BT9 (2nd anniversary). 

EX2 Digital Hazard - Box Topper and Dash Pack

Ex2 Digital Hazard is released on Dec 24, 2021 for Japan and Asia Region.

  • A theme booster to commemorate the 20th anniversary of "Digimon Tamers", only characters related to "Digimon Tamers" are included, including not only Digimon Tamers but also option cards!
  • There is no box topper, but there is 1 or 2 AA arts inside 1 boxes (ratio for JP boxes is 1.75), both Digitama and Tamer have their own Parallel Art.
  • There is 2 Secret rare for this set, unlike the EX1 which only has 1 SEC.

BT8 New Hero - Box Topper and Dash Pack

BT8 New Hero is released on Nov 26, 2021 for Japan and Asia Region.

  • Box topper is Tamer, only tamers from the Digimon Adventure 2 series, no box topper for green, black, purple and white tamers.

Sept 17: Tamer Evolution Box 2

Open to order in p-bandai Japan on 17 Sept 2021. Link to order:

・ One type of play mat: 1 sheet
・ Memory gauge 1 type: 1 sheet
・ Storage box 1 type: 1
・ Acrylic marker 1 type: 1
・ Sleeve 2 types: 1 type 50 sheets + 1 type 5 sheets (for digitama)
・ 1 type of card case: 1
・ 8 types of cards: 1 each (6 rookies, 1 champion and 1 white option card)
・ Separator 1 type: 1 sheet

BT7 Next Adventure: Box Topper and Dash Pack

BT7 Next Adventure – Released in July 2021 for JP version. Here are what we have in BT7:

  • Box Topper: Tamer cards (6 different types), only for frontier tamers: Both JP and EN
  • Campaign cards: ID from [P-049] ~ [P-056], these cards will take away the SR slot, so likely you will have less SR in 1 box. (For JP and EN)
  • For English only: there is another dash pack included: the parallel art of memory boost that are sold as memorial set for Japan and Asia region.

EX1 Classic Collection: Box Topper and Dash Pack

 Released in Jun 30 2021 for JP version and Dec2021/Jan2022 for English format. Here are what we have in EX1:

  • Box Topper: No box-topper for JP set, alternative art of [BT2-065] WarGreymon for English set.
  • Only 1 Secret rare card

BT6 Double Diamond: Box Topper and Dash Pack

BT6 Double Diamond – Released in May 2021 for JP version and Oct2021 for English format. Here are what we have in BT6:

August 2021

The designs of the card sets "Memorial Collection 01" and "Memorial Collection 02" with mounts, which are scheduled to be sold in advance at the event "Digifest 2021", have been released! We will inform you about the subsequent sales later. (Link to source). Listed in order: Memorial Pack: 1, 2, 3. The Memorial Set 3 is sold during Bandai Lobby Event (for JP cards)

Digifest 2021 for Digimon Tamer 20 Years Anniversary. 3 Cards: Guilmon, Galgomon and Kyobimon are the attendee gifts for people who come to this event (1 Aug 2021). Source:

English Premium Pack Set 01 comes with ALT Art [BT2-038] RizeGreymon

BT01-03 Ver.1.5 - Bonus Card (EN) - Buy 12 packs of booster ver.1.5 get 1 Dash Pack (1 card per pack)

BT01-03 Ver.1.0 - Bonus Card (EN) - Dash Pack

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