Tamer Battle Cards - English Version

Special Design for winner and participants in tournament or Tamer Exchange Event

2022 May-June Regionals Event

English Ultimate Cup: April, July and November 2022

English Ultimate Cup are scheduled for April, July and November 2022 for North America, Latin America and Europe.

North America tournament organizer: Core TCG (April 23) and Carta Magica (April 24) and Top Cut ( April 30)

Latin America tournament organizer: Coqui (May 1)

Europe tournament organizer: Cardmarket (April 30). 

Italy tournament organizer: Gametrade (May 1). 

Oceania tournament organizer: TAK (April 30). 

The official link of the event is here:

Regarding the modified rules for this event, these Ultimate Cup events will use Card Game Fest mulligan rules and no side deck. This decision was made after extensive consideration of feedback from Card Game Fest events. Future events and offline events may have different rules and we will announce these when appropriate.
Furthermore, the BT6-015 SaviorHuckmon and BT7-072 Eyesmon restrictions will be effective from the release date of BT-08, and not effective for these Ultimate Cup events.
Prize List
BT3-002 DemiVeemon Alt-Art Promo Cardx1
Event Pack 2x2
TOP 128
BT3-021 Veemon Alt-Art Promo Cardx1
TOP 64
EX1-014 ExVeemon Alt-Art Promo Cardx1
TOP 32
ST9-05 Paildramon Alt-Art Promo Card


BT8-032 Imperialdramon Fighter Mode Alt-Art Promo Cardx1
BT1-084 Omnimon 2022 Alt-Art Promo Cardx1
BT8-112 Imperialdramon Paladin Mode Alt-Art Promo Cardx1
Booster Boxx1

Check the official link for event pack 2 content.

Dec 2021: 2021 Final Championships (Jan/Feb 2022)

Detail is here:

[English Version] Everything about 2021 Final Championships

August 2021: Online Regionals

Official link to the event online regionals.
There are many new art cards are distributed during the event. Here is the list of them

Pre-release tournaments for Booster -Battle of Omni- [BT05].

Event on end of July (31 July 2021),

Each player will receive 1 Pre-Release Pack and 1 Participation card. Winners will receive 1 foil Winner's card.

Grand Prix event

On 10 Jul 2021, Official Twitter account for Digimon Card Game (digimon_tcg_EN) announced about DC-1 Grand Prix Event.

Source : DC-1 Grand Prix has been announced for Gencon! Registration begins on Sunday, July 11 at 12:00 PM EDT/09:00 AM PDT!

July - Sept: The Evolution Cup

  • [July Evolution Cup Event Announcement] From Bandai FB page
    Hello Digimon Tamers!
    Organized Play for the Digimon Card Game is on a roll with more events for July! We are excited to introduce the Evolution Cup, a new event scheduled for July, September, and more with exclusive Agumon and Ominmon alt-art prizing! All participants also get an Event Pack featuring fan-favorite reprints with brand new alternate-art or background designs! We'll reveal these cards leading up to the event!
    The top 64 players of these events will take home Agumon, and the top 2 will win Omnimon! Are you up for the Evolution Cup challenge?
    Registrations for July Evolution Cup begin on Saturday June 19 at 9:00 AM local time. Please check the following Google Sheets link for the dates. We will update our official website with this information and the full prizing soon.
    If you haven't yet, don't forget to register for June Premier TO Events. Tickets are going fast, so don't miss your chance to join in the fun!
    Digimon Card Game Team
  • Link to source.
  • Event pack: first 2 cards are revealed: Lordknightmon and Vilemon
  • Prizing (Link to Source):

    Champion: Event Pack x 4, Great Legend Booster Box x 1

    Top 2: Omnimon Alt-Art Card x 1

    Top 8: WarGreymon Alt-Art Card x 1

    Top 32: Greymon Alt-Art Card x 1

    Top 64: Agumon Alt-Art Card x 1

    Participation Prizing: Event Pack x 1; Koromon Alt-Art Card x 1; Great Legend Booster Pack x 1

    Shipping is included for players located within the United States and Canada.

Jun-July: Special Event

  • First, Online Premier TO events are back in June with new and exclusive prizing! All participants get a Koromon promo card, and the chance to win Greymon and WarGreymon alternative art promos! The champion of each event will get a Special Invitation to a future Bandai event! Check our website next week for the full prizing announcement and registration links. (Note, Koromon and Greymon will not be tournament legal until the English release of BT5.)
  • A few registration slots are still available to participate in the June 12 TAK Games Premier TO Event! If you haven't registered, this is your last chance before the event. Signups will close for this event at 8:00 AM PDT/11:00 AM PST on June 12.
  • Source taken from Bandai official English FB page

Jun-July: Tamer Exchange Event

  • Event schedule: Jun 1 – 31 July 2021

    These special Tamer Party store events allow new players to learn all elements of the game from experienced Tamers, joining the fun of the Digimon Card Game! Learn how to play from existing Digimon tamers! Compete against fellow tamers to improve your competitive skills.

  • Receive exclusive prizes for participating in a demonstration or game! ([ST1-04]Garudamon, [ST2-04] WereGarurumon, [BT1-079] Lilymon)

Jun-July: Tamer Battle

  • Event schedule: Jun 1 – 31 July 2021
  • Participant Souvenir: Official Tournament Pack (6 kinds, 1 card per pack)

  • For Winner: Card case, there is 2 design.

BT04 Great Legend pre-release tournament

  • Event schedule: Jun 4-10 2021
  • Participant: [P-028] Pulsemon (non-foil)
  • Winner: [ST3-08]MagnaAngemon (Foil – parallel art)
  • Official Link from Bandai is here

For Tamer Battle Participant (Official Event from February - April 2021)

  • Event from February – April 2021 at your friendly local game store.
  • Your local game shop must be listed under Bandai official registration (check with your local shop)
  • Link to official info.
  • Each participant receive 1 Official Tournament Pack VOL.1, 1 card per pack (8 types in total – check below)
  • For Winner: receive 1 Tamer Battle Pack 1, 1 card per pack (4 types in total)

For Winner

For Tamer Battle Participant (Event from Jan 29th - 31th March 2021)

  • Event from Jan 29th – March 31th 2021 at your friendly local game store.
  • Your local game shop must be listed under Bandai official registration (check with your local shop)
  • Link to official info.

First Webcam Online Event (12-13th Dec 2020)

  • Event on 12-13th Dec 2020. Online webcam
  • Link to official info.

For all Participant: Memory Gauge:x2; Storage Box:x1; Promo Pack Vol.0:x1;

Top16 Prize: Promo Pack Vol.0:x3;

1st place Prize: Set of Sleeves: x1 ; Card case: x1;

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