Tourney Report: Europe FinalChampionship2021 – 29Jan2022

Host: TournamentCenter
Date: 29 Jan 2022
Number of Participants: 497
Format: Bo3
Deck Distribution:

Ranking: Winner: Daniel Opiola from Austria (Gabubond deck)

Final Top-4:

1st Place: Spoogy (Daniel Opiola)
2nd Place: Sebshock
3rd Place: MCO
4th Place: Alastor

Deck-list: Top-16 qualifier (many Gabubond Hybrid)

1st Place: Gabubond - Spoogy
2nd Place: Gabubond - Sebshock

3rd Place: MCo; Deck: Red Jesmon

4th Place: Alastor; Deck: Blue Gabubond Hybrid

Top-16: Manicben; Deck: Blue Gabubond Hybrid

Top-16: Maddilis; Deck: Black Diaboromon, EX1

Top-16: Aaron Othmane; Deck: Blue Ancient Gabubond Hybrid

Top-16: Pietro; Deck: Blue Gabubond Hybrid

Top-16: Jorit Reidl; Deck: Blue Gabubond Hybrid with Red

Obi: Top-16: Black Diaboromon
Nogalverde: Top-16: Black Commandramon Deck
Andrea Paga: Top-16: Beelstarmon Security Control
Francisco: Top-16: Gabubond
Geist: Top-16: Black Diaboromon
Doghaund - Top-16: Purple Beelstarmon
Alessandro- Top-16: Black Machindramon EX1

Semi-final result: 

1 Spain 1 France 1 Austria 1 Germany

FYI: Obi got disqualified, so MCO moved to top-4.

Final result: 

Spoogy from Austria wons the European Finals
Second position goes to Sebshock from France.
The third place goes to MCO from Germany
The fourth place goes to aLaSt0r

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