Tournament Top-Deck with Side-deck (for Digi-fest preparation)


This page is to record all the top-deck in tournament with its side-deck until the end of the Digi-fest event. (These decks are not uploaded or recorded in English Format BT7 winning decklist.)

Digi-fest info is here.

Country: Australia
Host: Cardtastic; Date of Tournament: 10 March 2022; Deck owner: Vincent Tran

10 cards in bottom left (last row) is the side-deck (from Gaia Force to BT5 Omnimon).

Country: USA
Host: Local; Date of Tournament: 7 March 2022; Deck owner: Truechampionsteven

10 cards in top (first row) is the side-deck.

Country: Spain
Host: Ohana Games; Date of Tournament: 5 March 2022; Deck owner:@GadokaMagica(@TheOlympusXII)


Country: Spain
Host: EstaliaCórdoba; Date of Tournament: 5 March 2022

Top-4 Deck in their local tournament with the side-deck

Side-deck (bottom-right): 2 copies of ST7 Geogreymon, 2 copies of Terriermon, 2 AncientTroymon, 2 Chikuchiku bang bang, 1 red Gaossmon and 1 Atomic Blaster. 

Side-deck (bottom-right): 2 mekanorimon (blocker), 2 Brave Metal, 1 Metal Cannon, 1 Duo tamer Izzy and Joe, 4 NeoDevimon

Side-deck (right): 2 AncientBeetlemon, 2 Nidhoggmon, 2 BT4 Lotosmon, 1 Ancienttroymon, 1 BT5 Argomon, 1 Hidden Potential and 1 Susanoomon.

No side-deck included.

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