Working With Zwart?


[BT5-087] Omegamon Zwart has a rather peculiar set of effects: being an expensive 6-cost-to-digivolve LV7 Digimon, he does not have a removal-based [When Digivolving] effect. While he does have a removal-based [When Attacking] effect, being 6-cost-to-digivolve would very likely end your turn, putting him under the firing range. 

So far in the meta, players typically treat LV7 Digimons as nukes: playing a LV7 Digimon comes with the expectation of flipping control of the game to your favor. In BT-01 Omegamon, Milleniummon and Chaosmon we see solid single Digimon removals, while Alter-S for board-wipes and Valdur-Arm somewhere in-between. Will Zwart, with his revival-based digivolution effect, stand a chance in this faster meta?

Value-wise, reviving 2 LV5 Digimons (assuming you'd want to maximize) is pretty darn good: this is far better than playing 2 copies of Necrophobia (which would cost a total of 10 memory anyway) since unlike Necrophobia, the revived Digimons can trigger their [On Play] effects so make sure you take advantage of them! 

However, playing Digimons haphazardly will often not grant you board control if you fail to remove the immediate threats from your opponent's field (especially in mid-late game). 

Zwart does have a (slightly less potent) removal effect in his second ability which however, triggers only when attacking. Will Zwart ever be as threatening as the first Omegamon?

Attack on the same turn you digivolve

While not a must, Omegamon Zwart benefits vastly from being able to attack the turn he is digivolved. This is to avoid your opponent from being able to react to him, either by deleting him or by ensuring that he does not have a viable 12-cost-or-less target during your next turn. Therefore, the option card [BT5-109] Fuse Into The Ultimate Digimon! can be an inseparable card to play with Zwart. Meanwhile, tamers such as [BT5-093] Tai & Yamato and [BT5-092] Nokia can provide a lot of memory to hopefully allow for Zwart to attack the turn he digivolves.

While these are the generic methods, we shall discuss the more combo-like synergies that Zwart can gain access to, further in this article.


Combo: Infermon, Tialudomon and Raijiludomon

Using Zwart's first effect to revive [P-015] Infermon will allow you to trigger his <De-Digivolve 1> effect. This can potentially pull an opponent's LV7 Digimon back to his LV6 state, allowing Zwart to delete using his second effect. Similarly, the inheritable effects of both [BT3-064] Tialudomon and [BT3-069] Raijiludomon can be taken advantage of for Zwart's second effect.


Again, it is imperative that Zwart has the turn-advantage so make sure you either the Fuse Into The Ultimate Digimon! option card, or stockpiled enough memory though your tamers or other means.

Combo: Kimeramon

This is the oh-so-obvious choice. If your opponent does not have a LV5 Digimon then this may not be of great value. Furthermore, (as mentioned in the beginning of this article) removing a threat such as a LV6 or LV7 Digimon should always take priority.

One possible combo though that allows you to delete up to a LV6 Digimon, is to revive both Kimeramon and Infermon (if you happen to play both). Using Infermon's to first de-digivolve an opponent's LV6 into a LV5, followed by Kimeramon's effect to delete that LV5 Digimon.

Elaborate Combo: ChaosGallantmon

You can unleash this combo assuming that you start your turn with a [BT5-081] ChaosGallantmon in play and has at least 2 memory. 

  1. Use the Fuse Into The Ultimate Digimon! option card to digivolve ChaosGallantmon into Omegamon Zwart for 0 cost, subsequently reviving at least a LV5 purple Digimon. 
  2. Use [BT3-109] Rematch! on Omegamon Zwart.
  3. Attack using Omegamon Zwart, returning ChaosGallantmon to your hand in order to delete an opponent's Digimon with a play cost of 12 or lower.
  4. Digivolve any of your LV5 (that you have revived) into the ChaosGallantmon that was returned to your hand. Using ChaosGallantmon's [When Digivolving] effect, delete your Zwart to delete an opponent's LV5 or lower Digimon.
  5. Omegamon Zwart is re-played from the trash due to the effects of Rematch!, nullifying the effects of Fuse Into The Ultimate Digimon! because he is now considered a different Digimon from the one he was initially used on.

Elaborate Combo: Lilithmon

Let's use a more gradual approach if you do not want to always rely on Fuse Into The Ultimate Digimon!

Assuming that you already have more than 10 cards in your trash and a starting memory of 3. You should also have in play 2 purple [BT3-096] Mimi tamer cards. 

  1. Digivolve your LV5 purple Digimon into Lilithmon. Using her [When Digivolved] effect, recover up to 2 [BT4-111] Jack Raid option cards to your hand. Remark: you should have trashed any copies of Jack Raid in your hand during early game since they are only useful once you have decent trash size.
  2. Using Jack Raid to gain a total of 3 memory: +1 from Jack Raid and +2 from Lilithmon's second effect. Remark: this is also known as the Lilithmon Ramp, since it technically allows for a 0-cost digivolution from LV5 to a LV6 Lilithmon.
  3. Rest 2 Mimi tamer cards to gain +2 memory. You should have at least a total of 5 memory now or otherwise use another Jack Raid.
  4. Digivolve Lilithmon into Omegamon Zwart, putting yourself at -1 memory. 
  5. Using Zwart's first effect, revive a Kimeramon and a [BT5-071] Guilmon. Subsequently, trigger Kimeramon's [On Play] effect to delete an opponent's LV5 or lower Digimon by concurrently deleting your revived Guilmon
  6. When Guilmon is deleted by an effect, gain +1 memory. This effectively puts you at 0 memory on the gauge, equalizing the cost of Zwart without actually using Fuse Into The Ultimate Digimon!
  7. Attack using Omegamon Zwart, returning Lilithmon to your hand in order to delete an opponent's Digimon with a play cost of 12 or lower.
  8. If your opponent has a large LV7 Digimon, the follow up by digivolving any of your LV5 into [BT4-089] Plutomon in order to play a [BT4-112] Hell's Gate or [BT2-110] Trump Sword for free. Otherwise, you can digivolve into Lilithmon to recover option cards.
This is a minimum example. You can substitute whichever cards to serve the same purpose!

What is your play?

I believe that there are so many more effective combos that can revolve around Zwart, either in a black base, purple, or mega zoo decks! Only time will tell if Zwart will be a popular choice in competitive meta, but until then, stay creative!

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