Review: EX-03 Draconic Roar

EX-03 is a small expansion set filled with enhancements for the dragon archetype. With all 74 cards in this set fully revealed today, let's take a look at the new additions! 

A new "black" Imperialdramon line!

Bandai is giving us an exciting new lineup of red/purple Veemon and Wormmon moving into an all new Imperialdramon. This new lineup can digivolve very quickly (into Imperialdramon and Fighter Mode) with just a rookie and 3 starting memory.


[EX3-004] Veemon  
Effect 1: [On Play] By Trashing 1 [Free] card or 1 card with [Imperialdramon] in its name from your hand, draw 2 cards.
Inheritable: [Your Turn] While you have a Purple Digimon in play, this Digimon gets +2000 DP.

[EX3-008] Flamedramon
Effect: [When Digivolved] Activate 1 of the following:
-You may digivolve 1 of your other Digimon into a Purple LV4 [Free] Digimon from your Trash, paying its cost.
-You may Jogress digivolve this Digimon with your other Digimon into a Digimon card in your hand, paying its Jogress cost.
Inherited effect: [End of Your Turn] This Digimon and your other Digimon can Jogress digivolve into a Digimon card in your hand by paying its Jogress digivolution cost.

[EX3-055] Wormmon
Effect: [On Play] Reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. Add 1 Purple or Red [Free] card or 1 card with [Imperialdramon] in its name from among them to your hand, and trash the other one. Return the rest to the bottom of your deck in any order.
Inheritable: [All Turns] While you have a Red Digimon, this Digimon gains [Retaliation]
[EX3-058] Shadramon
Effect: [When Digivolved] Activate 1 of the following:
-You may digivolve 1 of your other Digimon into a red LV4 [Free] Digimon from your Trash, paying its cost.
-You may Jogress digivolve this Digimon with your other Digimon into a Digimon card in your hand, paying its Jogress cost.
Inherited effect: [End of Your Turn] This Digimon and your other Digimon can Jogress digivolve into a Digimon card in your hand by paying its Jogress digivolution cost.

Both LV3 Veemon and Wormmon have decent draw/search [On Play] effects, and their LV4s Flamedramon/Shadramon have similar effects.

[EX3-010] Paildramon
Jogress: Red LV4 + Purple LV4 at 0 cost
Effect 1: [When Digivolving] If Jogress digivolved, you may play 1 [Dinobeemon] from your trash without paying its cost.
Effect 2: [On Deletion] You may play 1 [Veemon] from your trash without paying its cost.
Inheritable: [Your Turn] While this Digimon has [Imperialdramon] in its name, gain [SecurityAttack+1].

[EX3-061] Dinobeemon
Jogress: Purple LV4 + Red LV4 at 0 cost
Effect 1: [When Digivolved] If this Digimon is Jogress digivolved, you may play 1 [Paildramon] from your trash without paying its memory cost.
Effect 2: [On Deletion] You may play 1 [Wormmon] from your trash without paying its memory cost.
Inherited: [Your Turn] While this Digimon has [Imperialdramon] in its name, this Digimon may also attack your opponent’s unsuspended Digimon.

The new LV5 Paildramon/Dinobeemon also has similar effects, allowing you to play the other from trash to facilitate a Jogress digivolution.

[EX3-063] Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode
Jogress: Purple LV5 + Red LV5 at 0 cost
Effect 1: [When Digivolving] If Jogress digivolved, your opponent chooses 1 of their Digimon. Delete all of their other Digimon. Then, [Blitz].
Effect 2: [When Attacking][One Per Turn] This Digimon gains +2000 DP for the turn. Then, you may digivolve this Digimon into a [Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode] from your hand by paying its cost.

[EX3-073] Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode
Digivolves from "[Dragon Mode] in name" for 2 cost.
Effect 1: [Piercing]
Effect 2: [When Digivolved] By returning 1 [Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode] from this Digimon’s digivolution card to the bottom of your deck, all your opponent’s [Security] effects cannot activate during this turn.
Effect 3: [On Deletion] You may play a [Wormmon] and [Veemon] from your trash without paying its cost.

With a starting memory of 3 and a rookie Veemon/Wormmon pushed into the battle area from nursery, a ramp digivolution into LV7 can happen in the following sequence:
1. Play a LV3 Veemon/Wormmon for 3 cost. Search/trash the appropriate LV4 or LV5 Digimon as needed. (You will have at least 2 LV3 Digimons in your battle area and 0 memory)
2. Digivolve 1 of your Digimons into LV4 Flamedramon/Shadramon, activating its effect to digivolve your other LV3 into LV4 Flamedramon/Shadramon from trash, which activates its effect to Jogress into LV5 Paildramon/Dinobeemon at the end of turn. (you will be at -4 memory)
3. Jogress digivolve both your LV4 Digimons into Paildramon/Dinobeemon, resolving its effect to play the other LV5 from trash. (you will still be at -4 memory)
4. Jogress digivolve both your LV5 Digimons into Imperialdramon, activating its [Blitz] effect and then its [When Attacking] effect to subsequently digivolve into Fighter Mode. (you will be at -6 memory)

With this combo, Imperialdramon would leave your opponent with only 1 Digimon, and Fighter Mode attacking that remaining Digimon (suspended or not) piercing 2 of your opponent's security while nullifying their security effects, at 17000 DP! 

Examon Looms

The final Royal Knight and the Dragon Emperor [Examon] has finally been revealed today as a LV7 Digimon, and boy isn't he formidable!

[EX3-074] Examon
Jogress: Green LV6 + Blue LV6 at 0 cost.
Effect 1: [When Digivolved] Put 1 green or blue Digimon with [dramon] in name to the bottom of this Digimon’s digivolution cards. If Jogress digivolved, you may play 1 green or blue Digimon with 12000 DP or lower and [dramon] in name without paying it’s cost.
Effect 2: [Both Turns][Once Per Turn] When this Digimon is suspended, unsuspend it and suspend 1 of your opponent’s Digimon.
EX3-024] Slayerdramon
Digivolves from [Wingdramon] or [Groundramon] at 3 cost
Effect 1: [Both Turns][Once Per Turn] When this Digimon is suspended, unsuspend it.
Effect 2: [Start of Opponent’s Main Phase] By suspending 1 of your Digimon with [dramon] or [Examon] in name, 1 of your opponent’s Digimon must immediately attack.
Inherited: [Start of Opponent’s Main Phase] By suspending 1 of your Digimon with [dramon] or [Examon] in name, 1 of your opponent’s Digimon must immediately attack.
[EX3-044] Breakdramon
Digivolves from [Groundramon] or [Wingdramon] for 3 cost
Effect 1: [Both Turns][Once Per Turn] When this Digimon is suspended, suspend 1 of your opponent’s Digimon.
Effect 2: [Both Turns][Once Per Turn] When only your opponent’s Digimon is deleted in battle with 1 of your Digimon with [Dramon] or [Examon] in name, trash 1 card from the top of your opponent’s security.
Inherited: [Both Turns][Once Per Turn] When only your opponent’s Digimon is deleted in battle with 1 of your Digimon with [Dramon] or [Examon] in name, trash 1 card from the top of your opponent’s security.

Slayerdramon has a formidable new effect that forces your opponent's Digimon to immediately attack during the start of their main phase, introducing board control and utterly destroying OTK decks such as Grankuwagamon or Alphamon archetypes. Breakdramon meanwhile trashes your opponent's security whenever their Digimon is deleted in battle against yours, introducing a passive aggression. 

The strengths of these 2 Digimons can be merged into Examon, and when coupled with their LV3 and LV4 inheritable effects (granting [Blocker] and [Evade]) make this a very interesting new archetype that may destroy most OTK decks but may be weak against some specific hybrid blue or hybrid yellow decks that returns Digimons to hand/deck, DP-reduction, or attack/block-freezing. 

Remark: [Evade] is a new effect text that allows your Digimon to suspend itself in order to prevent deletion.

The 4 Great Dragons

A new option card [Trial of the Four Great Dragons] facilitate this a new megazoo-like archetype. LV6 [4 Great Dragons] Digimons can be played for free using this option card, and when those LV6 Digimons are deleted at the end of your opponent's turn they will play new copies of [Trial] for free, until Goddramon arrives to deal sick damage to your opponent's security. 

[EX3-069] Trial of the Four Great Dragons 
Effect 1: [Main] [Draw 1]. Then, place this card in your battle area.
Effect 2: [Main] [Delay]
⋅ Play 1 card with [Four Great Dragons] in its traits from your hand without paying its cost. Digimon played by this effect cannot digivolve to level 7, and is deleted at the end of your opponent’s turn.
Security: Place this card in the battle area.

[EX3-035] Goddramon 
Effect 1: [When Digivolving] Add 1 card with [Four Great Dragons] in its traits from your trash to your hand.
Effect 2: [When Attacking] 1 of your opponent’s digimon gets -6000 DP for the turn. Then, by returning 1 [Holydramon], 1 [Azulongmon], and 1 [Megidramon] from your trash to the bottom of your deck, trash the top 2 cards of your opponent’s security stack.

[EX3-036] Holydramon
Effect 1: [On Play] All of your opponent’s Digimon gain [Security Attack -1] until the end of your opponent’s turn. If this card was played by the effect of [Trial of the Four Great Dragons], all of your opponent’s digimon gain [Security Attack -2] until the end of your opponent’s turn instead.
Effect 2: [On Deletion] If you don’t have [Trial of the Four Great Dragons] in your battle area, put 1 [Trial of the Four Great Dragons] from your hand in your battle area.

[EX3-025] Azulongmon 
Effect 1: [On Play] [Draw 2]. Then, if this card was played by the effect of [Trial of the Four Great Dragons], Memory +2.
Effect 2: [On Deletion] If you don’t have a [Trial of the Four Great Dragons] in play, you may place 1 from your hand in your Battle Area.

[EX3-064] Megidramon
This card/Digimon is also treated as [ChaosGallantmon].
Effect 1: [On Play] Delete 1 opponent’s Lv.5 or lower Digimon. If this card was played by the effect of [Trial of the Four Great Dragons], increase the target LV of this effect by 1.
Effect 2: [On Deletion] If you don’t have a [Trial of the Four Great Dragons] in play, you can place 1 [Trial of the Four Great Dragons] from your hand into your battle area.

This archetype may open doors to deck building creativity in the coming meta, so it is definitely worth keeping an eye on!

And the Elemental Dragons

The single tamer card in this new set is [Kurihara Hina] from Digimon Links, and she synergizes a new elemental dragon archetype. 

[EX3-065] Kurihara Hina
Effect 1: [Start of Your Turn] When your opponent has a Digimon, gain +1 memory.
Effect 2: [Your Turn] When your Digimon digivolves into a Digimon with [Rock Dragon], [Earth Dragon], [Machine Dragon] or [Sky Dragon] in traits, by suspending this tamer, activate 1 of that Digimon’s [On Play] effect.
Security: Play this card without paying its cost
[EX3-053] Metallicdramon
Effect 1: [On Play] All of your opponent’s Digimon [De-digivolve 1]. Then, delete 1 of your opponent’s Digimon with play cost of 5 or lower. If this effect did not delete an opponent’s Digimon, all of your opponent’s unsuspended Digimon cannot digivolve until the end of your opponent’s next turn.
Effect 2: [Opponent’s Turn] When you have a tamer, this Digimon gains [Blocker] and [Reboot]
[EX3-012] Volcanicdramon
Effect 1: [On Play] Delete all of your opponent’s Digimon with the lowest DP. If this effect fails to delete your opponent’s Digimon, your opponent cannot play Digimons with 5000 DP or less.
Effect 2: [When Attacking] When you have a tamer, trash the top card of your opponents security.

Hina will activate a Digimon's [On Play] effect during digivolution, as long as that Digimon belongs to either Rock, Earth, Machine, or Sky Dragon in traits. 

These elemental dragon Digimons are also introduced in this set: Jazardmon and Jazarichmon (metal dragon), Metallicdramon (sky dragon), Lavorvomon and Lavogaritamon (rock dragon), and Volcanicdramon (earth dragon). These new Digimons have [On Play] effects that can be tapped by Hina, and works in cohesion to provide aggression (through the Volcanicdramon line) and defence (through the Metallicdramon line).  

Remark: some older Digimon cards such as [BT2-018] Volcanicdramon will also work with this new archetype, but power-creep may have taken its toll on those cards. 

Buffing some existing archetypes 

Other than the archetypes above, some existing archetypes will also be blessed in EX-03. 


[EX3-023] Plesiomon
Effect 1: [When Digivolving] You may play 1 blue level 3 Digimon card or 1 level 4 or lower Digimon card with [Aquatic] in one of its traits from 1 of your blue Digimon’s digivolution cards without paying its play cost. Then, you may place 1 blue Digimon card from your hand under this Digimon as its bottom digivolution card.
Inherited: [All Turns][Once Per Turn] When you play a Digimon from digivolution cards, return 1 of your opponent’s Digimon with a level equal to the played Digimon’s level to the bottom of its owner’s deck.

[EX3-026] Aegisdramon
Effect 1: [When DIgivolved] You may play 1 LV3 blue Digimon or Digimon with [Seadramon] in name or a [Aquatic] type Digimon from 1 of your blue Digimon without paying its cost.
Effect 2: [Opponent’s Turn][Once Per Turn] When your opponent plays a Digimon, you may trigger 1 of this Digimon’s [When Digivolved] effect.

The "play Digimon from digivolution cards" playstyle has gotten an upgrade through Plesiomon and Aegisdramon, but is this enough to put a dent to the coming meta remains to be seen. 

[EX3-046] Commandramon
Effect: [Decoy(Traits: D-brigade)]

[EX3-054] Darkdramon
When digivolving into this card, you may return up to 5 [D-Bridgade] cards from your trash to the top of your deck to reduce its digivolution cost by -1 for each card returned.
Effect: [Your Turn][Once Per Turn] When you play another [D-Bridgade] Digimon, delete 1 of your opponent’s Digimon with a play cost equal or lower than that Digimon, and unsuspend this Digimon.

Fans of D-brigade will also rejoice knowing that there is a new lineup of LV3 to LV6, with the new Darkdramon being awfully sick! 

[EX3-045] Hydramon
Effect 1: [When Digivolved] You may suspend 1 of yours or your opponent's Digimon.
Effect 2: [Both Turns][Once Per Turn] When an opponent’s Digimon is suspended, gain +1 Memory for each of your other suspended [Plant] or [Fairy] type Digimon.
Effect 3: [End of Your Turn][Once Per Turn] If you have 2 or more suspended [Plant] or [Fairy] type Digimon, return 1 of your opponent's suspended Digimon to the bottom of their deck.

And vegetables is given an upgrade nobody is asking for, but this should do one for Bloomlord decks!


With dragons being in the focus, EX-03 was able to introduce a few small excitements into a slow-aging card game. Clearly with the dragon-theme, this set is not diverse enough to give Bandai the confidence of sales hence the decision to include a time-proven fan-favourite that is Imperialdramon as an all-new archetype.

And also a supposedly high-rarity pull of an alternate-art Imperialdramon should drive some collector value into this set, just in case everything else isn't quite enough.

EX-03 will not be missed by many non-dragon Digimon players, and Bandai's simultaneous release of One Piece Card Game's first booster set (in July) may garner this a weaker set overall.

Summary: 4/10 


How rare is this card?

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Review: BT-10 Cross Encounter

We were a bit late doing this BT-10 review, having all the cards from this set fully revealed a couple of days ago. Nevertheless, this should allow us to take a more holistic look at this set so lets get into it!

Xros wars comes to the DCG 

Digimon Xros Wars (or Digimon Fusion in EN dub) introduced us to Kudou Taiki (or Mikey Kudo in EN dub) and Shoutmon back in 2010. In the anime adaptation, there were 4 factions led by different generals: Taiki's Xros Heart, Kiriha's Blue Flare, Nene's Twilight, and Yuu's Bagra Army. These factions has now been properly introduced in BT-10.

Unlike the earlier renditions of Xros Wars Digimons that started back in BT-05, the new Xros Wars Digimons have traits relating them to their respective factions.

Before diving into the cards, let us quickly recap some new effects that were introduced in this set.

– [DigiXros-N]: When you play this card, you may place 1 of each of the llisted cards from your hand/battle area to the bottom of this Digimon's digivolution cards to reduce its play cost by for each card placed.
– [Safe]: when this Digimon is deleted, put it below 1 of your tamers.
– [Material Safe N]: when this Digimon is deleted, put N-number of cards from this Digimon's digivolution cards stated in its [DigiXros] condition to the bottom of 1 of your tamers.

The general idea of the [DigiXros] system is to play Digimons instead of taking the usual digivolution route. Rookie Digimons can be played for their [On Play] effects, and then swinging at your opponent aka rookie-rush style. When they are deleted, they can use [Safe] to return to your tamer, to be later relaunched as a [DigiXros] Digimon. 


[BT10-087] Kudou Taiki and his [Xros Heart] crew would fully embody the [DigiXros] system, taking advantage of the different affinities of his Digimons (across different colors) to launch Shoutmon X4, Shoutmon X4B, Shoutmon X5, and Shoutmon X5B. Taiki is a natural strategist in the anime, and this has been made evident in the card game as his deck's playstyle may be the most complex among the other factions.


[BT10-088] Aonuma Kiriha (Christopher) and his [Blue Flare] Digimons embody a strong affinity for freezing the opponent's Digimons, and has access to option cards that allow him to return the opponent's Digimon to hand.

Meanwhile, [BT10-092] Amano Nene would mostly work with DarkKnightmon, embodying the role of the undying. In addition, this set also introduces [BT10-069] DarkKnightmon X-Antibody along with a new [BT10-066] DarkKnightmon that has a [DigiXros] effect, which should further strengthen the original DarkKnightmon tribal deck. 

On the other hand, her younger brother [BT10-093] Amano Yuu (Ewan) would lead the Bagra Army using a Darkness Loader that allows him to force a [DigiXros], which is reflected in his tamer card effect allowing him to reduce a Digimon's play cost without that Digimon needing a [DigiXros] effect.

This new system would definitely introduce a much-needed new dimension to the game's complexity, and we very much welcome this system after the rather stale BT-09 X-Antibody meta.

An updated Ghost Game lineup

Yes, the Ghost Game Digimons finally get the updated digivolution forms. But we will focus our attention on Gammamon's darker form [BT10-078] GulusGammamon and his LV5 form [BT10-011] Canoweissmon. While GulusGammamon is a very reliable LV4 Digimon, having both a [Retaliation] effect and a semi-revival [On Deletion] effect, the spotlight shines on his LV5 Canoweissmon, which has a unique effect that allows him to gain all the effects from all his digivolution cards with [Gammamon] in name. 

Gammamon has got some great potential in the past, and with these new additions we may finally have a mechanic that is uniquely Gammamon! 

Sakuyamon buffed

When Rika and her Sakuyamon were introduced in EX-02 there was a lot of hype that lacked substance: a mechanic that relied on plug-in option cards was missing some serious consistency. Honestly, it came to us a surprise that [BT10-041] Sakuyamon: Maid Mode would be introduced so soon, but this Digimon has a seriously good effect allowing some option cards to not only be played for free, but returned to the top of your security. Along with her new line of LV3 to LV5 forms, they should help to stabilize the Rika/Sakuyamon mechanic.

In addition, it is also largely speculated that Sakuyamon: Maid Mode be very useful in a security control deck, so sec-con fans can rejoice!

… and saving the fire from an OTK meta

The previous set can pretty much sum to an OTK meta, with the X-Antibody Wargreymon, Metalgarurumon, Grandiskuwagamon, and Alphamon doing too much damage in competitive games. It comes as no surprise that Bandai would first try to dampen this by using some anti-OTK effect, and the first of this came in the form of a sexy [BT10-042] Venusmon.

Other smaller random buffs 

[BT10-023] Thetismon hastens Jellymon's hand-recycling capability, which may see its engine borrowed into other decks for milling. A new [BT10-031] Pulsemon with [Blocker] and the new [BT10-100] Impulse Memory Boost!! option card would allow this mechanic to better sustain the 3-security condition. The new [BT10-052] Cherrymon should strengthen Shivamon, and Justimon gets a new arm in [BT10-067] Justimon: Critical Arm. [BT10-083] Minervamon is a hidden potential that should work with a number of different deck mechanics such as Lucemon Falldown Mode. A new [BT10-086] Omegamon X-Antibody with a unique effect that should help cripple some security control decks. 

But last but not least, some very notable buffs to the ST-12 Jesmon starter deck in the form of [BT10-016] Jesmon X-Antibody, [BT10-068] Gankoomon X-Antibody, [BT10-085] Sistermon Ciel, and of course the highly anticipated [BT10-112] Jesmon GX which we will touch upon a little bit more below.

The secret rares of BT-10

BT-10 has 3 secret rare cards, 2 of which were already revealed with the remaining rumoured to be a low pull-rate ghost-rare Alphamon.


The first SEC revealed was a surprise. [BT10-111] Shoutmon King Ver. is akin to a joker card in any digiXros decks, cementing his position in playability during this meta.

[BT10-112] Jesmon GX
Digivolves at 5 cost from a Digimon with [Royal Knight] in its traits
Effect 1: [When Digivolving] You may place 1 Digimon card with [Royal Knight] in its traits and play-cost of 13 or less from your hand or trash under this Digimon as a digivolution card to activate that Digimon's [When Digivolving] effect. Then, [Blitz].
Effect 2: [All Turns] While this Digimon has a card with [Royal Knights] in its traits in its digivolution cards, it gains [Piercing], [Blocker], and [SecurityAttack+1] for each of those cards.

The second SEC is none other than [BT10-112] Jesmon GX, whose effect also came as a surprise as it does not buff specifically the Jesmon archetype but rather the Royal Knights. With so many [Royal Knight] Digimons we have thus far (9 of them has a [When Digivolving] effect), it would be interesting to see if Jesmon GX could revive the older deck engines, or bringing forth some new mechanics never seen before!


BT-10 is certainly an more exciting set than its predecessor, running new [DigiXros] mechanics and some random rebalancing that should shake up some creative deck building. Though there may be some misses and disappointments that some of your anticipated cards were not introduced in this set (such as Bagramon or Shoutmon X7), the current lineup should be sufficient to re-energize the stale BT-09.


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Beelstarmon in BT9: An Answer to OTK Meta

Invited Author: Ron Andre Agbayani

Country: Philippines


Good day! Digimon Tamers, I am Ron Andre Agbayani from the Philippines and I would like to share my ideas of an in-depth review of the current Meta from BT9 and ST12-13 era and how Beelstarmon revived from the forgotten realm. This deck is based from the player named “Shina” from Japan who had the idea of including blue tamers which was eventually tweaked and adjusted through numerous players around the world and evolved to a Top Contender deck this Season and I would like extend my gratitude to these players because we were able to break the norm.

Ron's Deck

The Meta in BT9 to ST12-13

Nowadays decks are centralized on getting the key cards needed to win the game, generally through searching, drawing, and milling. These key cards will eventually win a game or have an advantageous board state.. This is mainly done by playing Memory Boosts Promo Cards, Tamers and Digimons with search function. Once you acquired the cards needed to advance your play, you may now be able to finish the game with a One Turn Kill focus deck (OTK) (eg. Grandiskuwagamon, WarGreymonX, MetalGaruruX, and Alphamon Ouryuken), variety of security cards (Yellow Hybrids), and Swarm (Jesmon and Beelstarmon), and also, in my opinion, Rogue Decks that are off-meta will definitely catch you off guard.

The current Meta dictates that whoever has better memory control will have a good board state which will allow them to have at least 2-3 plays per turn, leaving your opponent in a very disadvantageous situation. Since the advent of BT9, many decks got the support in need so that it can do OTK very easily and fast as mentioned above. Yellow Hybrids is still consistent and competitive. However, restricting key cards made it function less, making it a challenge to catch up with the consistency and potency of OTK decks. With this, OTK-focused decks saw high number of plays which made it a go to deck this current Meta.

This is just my observation and experience here playing in different tournaments and casuals plays. With this said I am always open to opinions and ideas of different players that support me. Aren’t we all the same curious cats so that we can make Digimon more interesting?

BT9 OTK Bosses

The Viability of Beelstarmon in BT9

BT9 gave OTK decks the protection they needed such as effects of Greymon X Antibody BT9 and like. The only way to survive the ravage is to have a good RNG (Random Number Generator) Roll option cards in your Security Cards. Yellow Hybrids BT7 made sure to always have a wide variety of good option cards in their security stack (such as decreasing DP to 0 which will be deleted through game mechanics or by more restoration). However, this is not sufficient hence they fell slightly in the tier list. The next Security Control deck in mind is either Mother D-Reaper deck EX-02 or the old Beelstarmon BT6. Mother D-Reaper deserves another article but for this one, we will delve on Beelstarmon BT6.

Beelstarmon BT6 is one of the early security control deck that only loses to Jesmon BT6 powered with BT3 A Delicate Plan. In the recent formats, Beelstarmon lose the spot light due to newer and exciting decks from every release. I personally thought that Beelstarmon is getting weaker before. However, in today’s list of winning decks we are now flourishing with Beelstar! What made Beelstarmon strong now?

As I have said earlier, key cards are easily searched or milled. In a sense we can have more than five 7-cost option cards in your trash after 3-5 turns thanks to Mist Memory Boost BT8, Analog Boy EX1, Eyesmon BT7, Demimeramon BT2, and of course Gazimon X BT9. By mid to late game, you can now play Beelstarmon BT6 for less than 5 cost and eventually free to play at end game. Cycling of hand cards is now achievable compared to BT6 era.

What are the best 7-cost option cards to run in your deck? This includes the following:

  1. Fly Bullet BT6 – best answer to all level 6 Digimons with OTK capacity, including level 5 Digimons with multiple attacks (Paildramon ST) 
  2. Nail Bone – Allows Tempo playstyle, pushing threat by reviving Ginkakumon Promote BT6 and Gazimon BT3. Can be used defensively when you revive Vilemon BT2 and Psychemon BT8. (A caution though. You must have a way to delete Pscyhemon since the effect is “both players cannot reduce plays cost”).
  3. Cocytus Breath ST2 – answers to all level 7 Digimons. Requires BLUE card in your play area if you plan to use it with Beelstarmon BT6. Also, with the resurgence of decoy and destruction protection very few cards has immunity to send back to hand
  4. Happy Bullet Showering BT6 – deletes Digimon/s with lowest DP.
  5. Howling Crusher BT1 – removes Digivolution sources from WarGreymonX and Alphamon Ouryuken which makes them weaker and friable to options cards.

There are other 7-cost Option cards that were not mentioned but I believe these are the best options at the moment. The goal is to have immediate response of security card to attacking Digimons to prevent you from being OTK’d.  Second to this is to make your opponent skeptical and doubt in attacking you and pushing for OTK. This will give you time and resources to prepare to reach your end-game, which in turn makes Beelstarmon’s play cost as low as 0-1 memory to play. Meaning, you have milled almost of all of your 7-cost options. This strategy allows Beelstarmon to play head to head with the current Meta. Beelstarmon has aggro-control play with a high risk-high reward gamestyle. It can achieve memory control through Gazimon BT3 and crowd control through Dexmon BT9. Calling From The Darkness BT7 becomes handy when your Beelstarmon and Dexmon are in your trash. Beelstarmon may be branded as anti-meta and soon enough players will see answer for this deck. This is Digimon. You do not know the next deck your opponent will bring and you cannot side out. Play your best with your chosen deck list.

The Future Beelstarmon

BT10 is fast approaching with the Xros mechanics in the horizon. People are eagerly searching and play testing for other strong cards that may upgrade their current decks. As for the upgrade for Beelstarmon, we do not have yet stronger 7-cost option card. As explained above, we can answer to the threats of every deck if and only if we have also achieved the winning condition of our deck which is to dump almost all of the 7-cost options.

Xros mechanics is another rapid play that allows a player to make a Digimon with efficient ESS at an affordable memory cost. It may be jamming, additional security checks, or buffs. Again, the only way for Beelstarmon to survive the Meta is hopefully to stack option cards in Security and praying for the best. 

Fingers crossed*

I would like to share my insights with the Digimon Card Game. I personally feel happy with how the Digimon Card Game evolves. The Meta is very diverse this season. Old decks are showing up again at our local game store and also winning though it requires enormous tweaks and testplays. This shows that old decks may become rogue or anti-meta decks that can answer to the new cards/mechanics. This also tells us that at some point we have to think carefully the “best and efficient” cards against the Meta. It might be a card in the newest set or inside your long forgotten card stash waiting to be excavated. 

Thank you!

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DigiXcros: What Do We Need to Know!!

Digi-Xcros is a new mechanics (new rule) that is introduced from BT10 Cross Encounter booster set. There are many new effects of skills that this post is going to make it clear and easy to understand.

First of all, from the FunDigica video, we know some basic info of Digi-Xros:

1. DigiXros is a new rule, not effect (like DNA/jogress)
2. If you use a Digimon in battle area as material, its digivolution sources are discarded
3. You can do incomplete DigiXroses. (MetalGrey Xros with only mailbirdra to -2 cost)
4. You cannot DigiXros multiple copies of the same materials required (Cannot 2x Greymon to -4 cost)
5. Materials are placed from top to bottom in the sequence of left to right of the DigiXros requirements Digimon (like Jogress).

How to trigger DigiXros

Let's take Shoutmon X4 as an example:

As the info in Shoutmon X4 card, trigger DigiXros by playing this card from hand and reduce the play cost of this card by 2 for each card placed. Cards that can be used for ShoutmonX4 DigiXros includes: Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon and Starmons.

If you happen to have Ballistamon, Dorulumon and Shoutmon in hand or in the battle area or under your tamers to become materials for Shoutmon X4, the order of placing under ShoutmonX4 would be as the picture above (Point 5. Materials are placed from top to bottom in the sequence of left to right of the DigiXros requirements Digimon (like Jogress)).

So, by placing 3 Digimon under ShoutmonX4 (let's say you don't have a Starmons to use), now you only have to pay 3 costs (after reduce play-cost of Digicros). (But if opponent has a Digimon that blocks you from reducing play cost, then you have to pay 9 cost to play ShoutmonX4).

[On Play] effect of ShoutmonX4 allows you to [Draw 2], and with the Shoutmon, Ballistamon and Dorulumon under its digivolution source, ShoutmonX4 gains "Rush", "Piercing" and "all opponent's security Digimon gets -2000 DP".  (So ShoutmonX4 can become the final hit to win the game).

And now, let's assume that you have a Kudou Taiki (Mikey Kudou) in the battle.

If ShoutmonX4 is deleted, either after the attack or in opponent's turn, the "Material Save 2" is triggered. You can choose 2 Digimon from ShoutmonX4's digivolution source to put under 1 of your tamer, for example: I would pick Shoutmon for "Rush" and Ballistamon for "Piercing" to be saved-material, place them under Mikey Kudo tamer. 

For Mickey Kudo [Your Turn] effect, "when playing 1 of your Digimon with DIgiXcros requirements, by suspending this Tamer, you can also place cards from under your tamers into digivolution source by DigiXcros".

The question is: If I use the Digimon under Mickey Kudo to place under a DigiXcros Digimon, can I reduce play-cost of that DigiXcros Digimon by 2 for each card I placed from the Tamer.

The answer is : yes.

The reduce-play-cost is applied for all those Digimon that listed in DigiXcros requirement, no matter they are taken from the battle or under a tamer, as long as there is no duplication. So ShoutmonX4 can be played by paying 1-cost minimum. 

In the case if ShoutmonX4 is not deleted after the attack, you can choose to trigger its "end of attack" effect if you have another ShoutmonX4 in hand. It allows you to place all its digivolution cards under 1 of your tamer in any order to unsuspend 1 of your tamer, and if you do, delete the ShoutmonX4.

This step helps to preserve all the Digixcros materials to do another DigiXcros for another ShoutmonX4. As long as you have enough memory, the new ShoutmonX4 can attack opponent's Digimon or player with "Rush" inherited from Shoutmon.

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DTCG Singapore League 2021, Report and Reflection

Invited Author: Marcus and DTCGReview
Country: Singapore

The conclusion of DTCG SG League and its overview

Saturday (26th Feb 2022) marked the end of Singapore’s inaugural Digimon Trading Card Game Singapore (DTCG SG) League. What was truly momentous was having card shops and local game stores islandwide, in collaboration with DTCGReview (@DTCGReview) and supporting partner digimonmeta (, offer their weekends and store space to facilitate players battling through the qualifiers, semifinals and finals spanning across 10 weeks. The end of the league culminated in the crowning of Singapore’s top player who walked away with an entire carton of BT9: X-Record, released just the day before.

What is this league about and its inception

DTCG started to gain traction in Singapore in 2021 after the release of several booster sets which were carried by a growing number of local game stores. Global attention and demand for the game was at an all-time high, and local players and shops now had assurance that Singapore will officially adopt the Japanese version of the card game and will continue to be supported by Bandai as such.

While the regular player base remained relatively small and niche compared to other long-standing and established card games, the local DTCG competitive scene was hard to ignore; tamer battles and shop-organised tournaments filled up week after week where players vie for the champion promo card as well as a prize (often booster packs from the current set). What was glaringly lacking at that point in time was large-scale organised play with clearly defined match rules and advancement criteria.

How was it organised and participation

The DTCG SG League was the brainchild and passion project of the founder behind DTCGReview, a twitter-based influencer aiming to improve the global DTCG community. The DTCG SG League sought to forward Singapore’s competitive scene and challenge players to venture beyond the comforts of their neighbourhood card shop to test their best strategies and deck-building skills. Digimonmeta partnered and helped to cover the League in full and created a website ( to highlight league details, updates and document qualifying players and their decklists. Commencing on 20th March 2021, players could register for weekly qualifying rounds organised and hosted by participating game shops held across 8 weeks. Games were to be played in-person and adopted prevailing rules and restrictions set by Bandai. The victors of the qualifiers took up 70 semi-final spots and competed to be the top 16 to earn an invitation to the league finals.

The inclusive nature of the qualifying rounds meant that a skilled player could play at various card shops to secure multiple spots in the semifinals for a better chance to advance to the finals. At the same time, inexperienced or unsuccessful players had the chance to adapt to their competitors’ builds, improve their gameplay and try again the following weeks. This League presented fair opportunities for everyone, and thus it was of no surprise that there was overwhelming support and participation rates over the duration of the league.

A participant myself, I observed the intangible benefits that the DTCG League brought to the local community – friendships were forged between regular players of different game shops, and players started frequenting different game shops beyond the most convenient or closest one to home. Not only was the current meta (BT5: Battle of Omega at the point of the qualifiers) played to the highest level, we saw the development of defining deckbuilds such as Lilithloop, which the international community now takes reference from. The yellow Lordknightmon build was optimised to the point of dominance; an incredible player managed to win at nearly all of the participating card shops and was granted direct entry to the finals for his achievement.

Unfortunately, the emergence of the COVID-19 Delta wave dampened the excitement and anticipation of the semifinals originally slated to be held on 15 May 2021. To combat the local infection clusters, the Singapore Government instituted Phase 2 Heightened Alert from 16 May to 13 June 2021. During this period, social gatherings were restricted to 2 persons and dining-in was not permitted. The return to normalcy was hindered by a fresh surge in community infections in late June 2021 and the KTV cluster in July 2021 which consequently delayed the phased easing of restrictions to 10 August 2021. The uncertainty in the permissible group size made it impossible to finalise plans for the next rounds as new restrictions and measures could be announced without advance notice and effected days later.

Another consideration League organisers had to contend with was the release schedule of the upcoming sets. Ideally, the semifinals and finals should be held sometime after the release of the latest booster set but not straddle the release of the next set. They also had to survey all players’ availabilities and be mindful of major announcements such as the latest card ban and restriction list.

Semis and finals

The semi-finals were held over 2 weekends in Mid-Feb 2022 and 43 players played in 15 pods of up to 4 persons, in line with current safe distancing measures. The winner of each pod advanced to the grand final held on 26 February 2022, hosted by Sanctuary Gaming. The 16 finalists were only allowed cards up to EX2: Digital Hazard and all decklists had to be submitted to DTCGReview prior to the actual day. Players were paired after registration on the day of the grand finals and were presented a custom-designed top-16 playmat as keepsake for their efforts and commitment. The finalists then battled in best-of-3, single elimination rounds until an undefeated winner emerged.

The conduct of the grand finals was remarkably smooth and free from discrepancies or disputes. But what was a sight to behold was the level at which our nation’s best players competed at. The games I observed were rarely a one-sided affair – every move was deliberate, calculated and often the best play possible in that circumstance. Players were gracious and respectful and the judges noted very few misplays over the course of the grand finals. We saw a blue hybrid Leomon player breeze through a sea of yellow hybrid decks in the top 16, top 8 and top 4 rounds to reach the ultimate showdown against another yellow hybrid player in the final round. While blue was eventually bested by yellow, it was one of the most exciting and memorable matches to watch in a long time. No one left empty-handed either! DTCGReview also sponsored the lucky draw prizes that every eliminated finalist got to win. The grand finals concluded with players leaving happy with their prizes and a little more appreciative of their opponents’ abilities.

Closing thoughts

In hindsight, as a participant, volunteer and ardent supporter of the DTCG SG League, I am proud to have witnessed the successful closure of this event and have renewed respect to the organisers who have pledged so much time, effort and resources to see this through to the end. I believe that not only have the DTCG SG League fulfilled its objective to cultivate a larger pool of better players and crown the best player in Singapore, it has served well as a platform for players to forge stronger bonds with each other within the community. That to me, is a reward to the organisers in itself and is best done organically; an endeavour from our community itself.

The conduct of the DTCG SG League also sets a healthy precedent for future tournaments carried out at a similar scale in Singapore (Bandai and Maxsoft, I’m looking at you). I am sure all players are looking forward to the next iteration of organised play and I sure hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Tournament Information

Host: DTCGReview 


Date: March 2021 —-Semis and Final: Feb 2022

Number Participants: ~100

Format: Swiss Bo3 Double-Elimination in qualifier, Bo3 Single Elimination in Final.

Deck Distribution in Top-16:
8 Yellow Hybrid, 1 X-antibody, 2 Purple Maste-Ophanimon, 1 Beelzemon Deck, 1 Blue Hybrid with Leomon, 2 Blue-Green Imperial and 1 Beelstarmon.

Top-4 Decks and the Winners

Top-16 Battle Result:

Champion: Jeremy Ong
2nd: Chong Cheah How
3rd: Tan Shi Qi
4th: Marcus Lim

Winner Deck: Yellow Hybrid

The result of winner's deck in final:

Top 16 : Yellow Hybrid ❌⭕️⭕️
Top 8 : Yellow Hybrid ⭕️⭕️
Top 4 : Yellow Hybrid ⭕️⭕️
Finals : Leomon Hybrid❓⭕️⭕️

2nd Place: Blue Hybrid with Leomon
3rd Place: Yellow Hybrid with Rapidmon
4th Place: Yellow Hybrid with Ophanimon and red-base.

Quick Share: Shinegreymon OTK in BT9

There are many OTK (One Turn Kill) decks will be created for BT9 X-record, thanks to those X-antibody cards that can avoid removal option, hence providing OTK a safer "SecurityAttack+x" check.

Here we would like to introduce an interesting OTK combo for BT4 Shinegreymon.

Same with other OTK playing style, a safe method is to build the digivolution source inside the raising area. Here we have an ideal build till BT4 Rizegreymon with:

LV2 BT9 Koromon, ST7 Agumon to add +2000DP, BT9 Agumon X (to be digi-bursted by LV5 BT4 RizeGreymon), the LV4 BT5 Greymon (to add DP) or ST1 Greymon to add "SecurityAttack+1" and BT9 Greymon X (to counter removal option or being returned to hand or deck).

Once we move this build to the battle area, we can trigger the Digimon-burst and remove LV2 Digitama and LV3 Agumon-X to play 1 tamer. In case we have enough tamer in the field so that ShineGreymon can "checks 5", then we don't need to digiburst.

The Tamer that is needed for this combo is Marcus Daimon and Hiro Amanokawa.

Marcus Daimon, is a must to put 4 copies for the deck and around 1 or 2 copies for Hiro Amanokawa. These 2 tamers can be suspended when BT4 Shinegreymon attacks, that is the reason why we choose them.

Beside, to achieve this combo, we must at least have 4 memories on our side. We must play more "red memory boost" early to search for cards and at least 1 tamer that can give us 3 memory at the beginning of the turn.

Once all the condition meet, the needed cards are all in hand, then here we proceed the OTK.

The BT4 Rizegreymon, after moving out from raising area, trigger Digimon-burst to play 1 tamer. Then we pay 1 cost to digivolve it into [BT9-041] RizegreymonX and play another tamer thanks to its "when digivolving" effect. On top of that, we can use this card's effect to reduce DP (-2000DP for each red or yellow tamer on play) on opponent lv4 blocker.

The next step is to evolve the BT9 RizegreymonX into BT4 ShineGreymon for 3 cost. The ShineGreymon now has 11000 DP (itself) + 2000 DP (from ST7 Agumon) +2000 DP (if we use BT5 Greymon) +2000DP if we rest 1 Hiro Tamer when ShineGreymon attacks.

Depend of the security cards left in the opponent's security to estimate the number of tamers we need in the field. But we surely have 2 tamer from Digiburst and RizeGreymonX digivolving effect. Based on that calculation, the ShineGreymon will normally has 17000DP or more, it passes the threshold of Wyvern Breath, the famous option card in security control.

When ShineGreymon attacks, we can rest one tamer at a time to add the "SecurityAttack+1" for ShineGreymon. We will gain back memory from Marcus Daimon and gain +DP from Hiro Amanokawa.

Once we clear out the opponent's security, we can finally evolve ShineGreymon into BT5 Omnimon to make a final hit to win the game.

If the ShineGreymon attacks and hit the removal option in opponent's security, the LV4 GreymonX inherited effect is now to be used. Since we have 2 LV4 cards and 2 LV5 cards in the digivolution source, it can be protected at least twice.

This OTK profile is also safer than other OTK decks because 2 tamers are played in the turn it is moved out from raising area, avoiding opponent from deleting your tamers by using BT9 cards.

QnA For BT4 ShineGreymon

Many Readers asked us about the BT4 ShineGreymon that: is it possible to gain each "SecurityAttack+1" for each tamer that is rested during Shinegreymon attacks. We have answered them in comment section below, and here we would like to attach a related QnA from Bandai which is proof that ShineGreymon can have multiple attacks for each rested tamer.

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A Beelstar-Ordine Concept?

Many players who have proxy-tested Ordinemon suggest that she may not make top-tier, perhaps due to her situational play conditions. 

However, when I was fiddling with a certain deck concept I found Ordinemon doing a lot better than I would have expected!

Raguelmon and Ordinemon

[BT9-082] Ordinemon is currently the only LV7 Digimon with a Jogress (DNA digivolution) effect. She has almost no play value when digivolved normally hence should always be played via Jogress.


It is not easy to have 2 LV6 Digimons in play during your turn to readily Jogress into Ordinemon, so it is imperative that an [End of Your Turn] jogress effect be used with Ordinemon. For this, [BT9-080] Raguelmon is introduced.

At a play cost of 12, Raguelmon can always play another Digimon (usually a LV5 or lower such as MagnaAngemon, or a LV6 Angel/Fallen-Angel when you are low in security) from trash, making it's play-cost worthwhile. In addition, Raguelmon will be able to jogress into Ordinemon at the end of your turn, given that you have another LV6. Raguelmon however, does not do much when digivolved normally. 

Would a LV7 that should always be played by jogress, and a LV6 that should be hard-played, perhaps do well in a mega-zoo-like deck like… Beelstarmon?


The Beelstarmon factor

As it happens, Raguelmon/Ordinemon can be played with Beelstarmon (being a purple LV6 Digimon that can jogress into Ordine). By replacing most LV3 Digimons in the deck with Beelstarmon and her legion of 7-cost options, we can build a security-control mega-zoo deck.

The addition of a Beelstarmon configuration helps strengthen the deck's security with deletion option cards. Gatomon/Tailmon can be played to provide search, while MagnaAngemons and Angewomons can be played for their [On-Play] effects. Ideally, Gatomon can digivolve into any of the LV5 angels for just 1-cost, and subsequently into Ophanimon Falldown Mode for a recovery and deletion effect. When Ophanimon is deleted, she can revive Gatomon to search again and replay this cycle.

Beelstarmon provides flexibility in dealing with a variety of opponent's board, and if a Raguelmon or an Ophanimon that inherits Gatomon is in play, they can then jogress into Ordinemon for a massive board control and recovery!

Tidal wave works well in this mega-zoo configuration, since Beelstarmon can use it instead of the usual deletion options if a jogress will happen at the end of turn. Since Ordinemon has a wide deletion effect that couples with recovery, we wouldn't want to delete anything unnecessarily through Beelstarmon's option cards. 


I have proxy-tested this deck for quite a while and boy was it fun to play… though not without problems. For one, this deck lacks the necessary draw power to recover from a bad starting hand. 

This is simply a deck concept, and do expect a lot of optimisation if it was ever going to be played in the competitive scene! 

…. something that I will most likely be doing in the coming weeks.

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BT9 X-Record Parallel Art, What is my Favourite!

In one more week, the BT9 will be officially distributed for Japan and Asia region, and today Bandai has revealed all the cards and its 18 parallel arts. Looking at these cards remind us the same quality as BT8-New Hero set, because the best arts do not belong to secret rare cards.

Here I would like to list them into the ranking in my opinion and the price prediction for them. Do let me know if you have different idea.

The Least Favourite: GrandisKuwagamon and Grademon

Insect-type Digimon has never been players or collectors or Digimon fans favourite even if they are in top tier meta. This card's art is illustrated by Tonamikanji, the artist who always shows the most clean and clear image for the Digimon's body. His best arts so far, in my opinion, are all the Sitermon AA arts and the BT7 Flamemon. But for this BT9 GrandisKuwagamon AA, there is nothing special and unique for the art, I predict this card would be the cheapest AA in BT9 set.

[BT9-064] Grademon is also drawn by Tonamikanji. We rarely see the LV5 black Digimon AA art that bring the pleasant to our eyes, because of its black color for the inherited effect area that is hard to match with the overall theme of the card. I feel this card's art is very normal and it doesn't look like an AA art. Beside, Grademon is not a famous Digimon, he will only support the Alphamon deck in BT9.

I don't think it is hard to own one of it (cheap), and the normal AA like this would have a higher pull rate in a carton.

Alphamon and Raguelmon

Alphamon and Raguelmon are both illustrated by Tonamikanji. The art for Raguelmon has a good mix in color of purple and orange while the Alphamon brings us the same feeling when we look at Imperialdramon: Paladin Mode (.illustrated by Sasasi).

These cards are not going to be expensive in the market as our prediction, because Raguelmon deck is not going to be in top-tier and Alphamon, even though he has many fans, but players would prefer the BT6 SEC Alphamon for this BT9 meta instead of BT9 Alphamon, less demand causes cheaper the price.

Rookie AA cards: Good for collection

Meicoomon and Jellymon are nice to collect, but Agumon X and Gabumon X will have the same price as BT6 Agumon Gabumon AA art in the early meta, it means they are not cheap.

Takase is famous and well known for drawing Rookie AA for Digimon Card Game. You can check out in your binder for the whole rookie series in BT7 set and other set. Both Meicoomon and Jellymon in BT9 are cute and adorable. The Meicoomon would be useful for Raguel deck while Jellymon may be not so useful in BT9 meta, but I would be happy to have 1 of her in my binder. 

Both Agumon and Gabumon X are illustrated by Tonamikanji. These are going to be expensive because WarGreymonX and MetalGarurumonX are going to be tier-1 in BT9 meta. 

As'Maria series of X-antibody 

As'Maria is one of my favourite artist in DTCG. He is the original creator of the light of X-antibody so we are not surprised that he draw many X-antibody AA arts for this set

All of As'Maria arts in this set gives the romance feel, LOLx, they are mix in pink as the main theme of the art. Many players don't like Magnamon because he looks too thin in this pose and somehow the normal art looks more powerful.

For the pricing, the WargreymonX and MetalGaruruX will be expensive because we predict them would be tier-1 in BT9 meta. The Gaioumon and MagnamonX may be less expensive, but not so cheap compared to other AA cards, because … well, they are As'Maria arts.

Secret Rare AA: A Bit Dissapointed.

Alphamon: Ouryuken mode and Dexmon AA arts are both illustrated by Sasasi, the artist that draw almost all the Secret Rare AA cards so far. But I am a bit disappointed for what he provides us in BT9 set.

There is not so much different between the normal art and the parallel art of Dexmon, same theme same color even though 2 different artists drew them.

The Alphamon: Ouryuken mode, the last card revealed, have brought my disappointment to the lowest. I am not the fan of the art that the Digimon weapon takes almost half space of the art. Not only that, this art is not classic, not elegant and underwhelming.

Even though these arts are not my favourite but they are secret rare, and they are also the hidden potential in BT9 meta that may bring us many creative decks, especially Dexmon. Their prices may not be around $100 or something, and SEC AA is somehow easier to pull compared to some other SR AA cards, so they are still affordable.


DexDorugoramon is also illustrated by Sasasi, he is not an SEC but I think he will be expensive as well. People will need 4 copies of DexDorugora if they want to max-bling Dex deck.

My most-wanted in the list: Naochika Morishita arts

I always love NaochikaMorishita arts, since the BT2 SEC AA Beelzemon and Blackwargreymon.

His arts can somehow show the feeling and trait of that Digimon. We can feel Ordinemon sadness, darkness and pain in that image, and a Omegamon Merciful Mode looks glorious with the white wings, like some angels descending from the digital sky. I think these 2 card will be relatively hard to pull from BT9 set. 

For now we don't see many decks use Omnimon Merciful Mode, or rather we don't know how to use him yet. He may not be popular in this meta or a deck would put maximum 1 or 2 copies of him for the tech. It is the same with Ordinemon. People would hunt them for their arts instead, and Omnimon Merciful Mode is very popular too. 


The last SEC to be revealed for BT-09 may be the next most popular card.


The black/purple LV7 Dexmon has what it takes to become the next anti-meta card.

His first effect reduces his play cost by -3 for each Digimon and tamer that your opponent has, a very straightforward effect that punishes tamer-centric decks such as the Zoe hybrid and the Tommy hybrid, which are easily the current tier-1s. To put this into perspective, Dexmon would cost only 2 to play when your opponent has something like 4 tamers and 2 Digimons.

His second effect not only de-digivolves all of your opponent's Digimons by 1 level, but also deletes all that is LV4 and lower. In other words, playing 2 Dexmons consecutively in a turn will clear the opponent's board of LV6 Digimons, assuming they digivolved normally in a LV4-LV5-LV6 sequence (again, punishing the current Zoe and Tommy hybrids). This effect is also highly effective against Armor Digimons.

His third effect punishes the opponent when he is not taken down during their turn, by deleting all of your opponent's Digimons with the lowest play cost. In other words, your opponent is forced to play some sacrificial Digimon before the end of their turn in order to protect their better Digimons, and this becomes more obnoxious the more Dexmons you have in play.


Dexmon's weaknesses though, are also pretty obvious.

Firstly, his "de-digivolving then delete" effect would be less effective against X-Antibody decks that may have a larger stack of LV5s, making them a little bit harder to delete. It is also not effective against big Digimons that do not have digivolution cards, the usual suspects such as Beelstarmon, Lucemon Chaos, and Omegamon Zwart Defeat.

Secondly, his overall effectiveness can be thwarted just by knowing that he is included into the deck. The opponent will avoid playing a large pool of tamers and Digimons, or avoid ending their turn with a LV5 Digimon that can be de-digivolved into a LV4. 

However, these weaknesses can be circumvented.


Dexmon in the Dex archetype 

A no-brainer. Being of the same archetype, Dexmon benefits from the synergetic engine. 

[BT9-081] DexDorugoramon has an [On Deletion] effect that can play Dexmon from trash without cost, which is easily the most amazing callback effect. No other Digimon can play another LV7 Digimon for free, from trash. 

With the LV4 and LV5 Dex Digimons providing the much needed milling, in addition to the strong board control from the original Dorugoramon line as well as DexDorugoramon, this deck should prove formidable and popular in the coming meta. 


Both Dorugoramon and DexDorugoramon excels in controlling a smaller board of 2 or 3 Digimons. Dorugoramon could easily eliminate up to 2 medium-sized Digimon, something around a play cost of 6-7, which helps to setup DexDorugoramon's [When Digivolving] effect against the bigger Digimon. Dexmon would be perfect here, offering robustness against wider boards instead. 


Meanwhile in a purple alternative, the new [BT9-079] GrandDracmon should also work well with the Dex archetype, since they are mostly [Undead] Digimons. GrandDracmon can accelerate digivolution of the Dex line thanks to it's [End of Attack] effect, which could hopefully help to launch DexDorugoramon more efficiently.  


Dexmon in Security Control

As it happens, Dexmon does not really need to be in a specific archetype. 

While we do yet not know if the yellow security control deck would survive the coming meta, assuming it does, can be strengthened by Dexmon. 

Dexmon can digivolve from [BT8-082] Ophanimon Falldown Mode, a staple of most yellow security controls. While more expensive (in digivolution) than the popular Zwart Defeat and less effective in security, Dexmon can deal more damage on-play and when digivolving, (conditionally) plays cheaper from hand, and has an immense presence when he remains in play. 

The defensiveness of a security control deck may work in favour of Dexmon, punishing an opponent with a wider board in his mid/late game. 


Dexmon with Beelstarmon 

Another easy engine since he can digivolve from [BT6-112] Beelstarmon, replacing Zwart Defeat as the preferred choice of LV7. 

Dexmon extends Beelstarmon's damage range, which is usually limited to single target 7-cost purple option cards. While many Beelstarmon decks play copies of [BT6-095] Happy Bullet Showering and some [BT6-105] GewaltSchwarmer for wide-range deletion, they are often too conditional and does not delete what is intended. With Dexmon, the deletion range is not only extended beyond DP-based and cost-based targets, but also improves the deck's robustness since pure-deletion effects are less effective against Armors and the Greymon X-Antibody line. 

Dexmon with Mugendramon

With [EX1-073] Mugendramon expected to a little more popular in BT-09, it is fascinating to know that Dexmon can also work in this deck. 

While Mugendramon is a very defensive card, his engine is often weak towards a wide board (and no Chaosdramon is often not a solution). Mugendramon decks are slow, and playing a Mugendramon amid an opponent's wide board of Digimons would usually offer little to no protection since he can only block once (without Tai Kamiya). 

We might find solace in Dexmon during these sticky situations, first reducing play cost by taking advantage of the opponent's wide board, and then reducing that board enough for Mugendramon proper.

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Early Review: BT-09 X Record

BT-09 X Record is the next highly anticipated booster set slated for release on the 25th of February. This time around, Bandai has released the card reveals very promptly, with what seemed like a reveal of more than 90% of cards already. Lets take a look at what this set has to offer!


The highlight of this set, X-Antibody Digimons made their DCG debut exactly a year ago (26th February 2021) in BT-05 Battle of Omega, in the form of Omegamon X-Antibody. More X-Antibody Digimons were slowly introduced in coming sets but were mainly for the Alphamon and Dorugoramon line. A unique mechanic for that X-Antibody line back then (or more specifically Dorugoramon) was the ability to slot digivolution cards beneath the X-Antibody Digimon to trigger effects, making an X-Antibody Digimon's stack rather large.

With the slew of X-Antibody Digimons introduced in BT-09, we finally got a solid feel of how X-Antibody would play. Generally speaking, X-Antibody Digimons could digivolve onto their non-X versions of the same level for a very low or  zero memory, mostly having some [When Digivolved] effect or inheritable effects. These cards are generally very robust to play as they can make your hand a lot more fluid (more ways to digivolve to get your hand moving) and effects that we believe to be a major power creep for the upcoming meta. 

Take for example [BT9-012] Greymon X and [BT9-024] Garurumon X which grants deletion/return immunity if you are [Omegamon] or [Greymon]/[Garurumon] in name respectively, patches up [BT5-111] Omegamon X such that it now becomes so much more formidable (being able to nullify deletion, return, and battle).  



Another X-Antibody card introduced in BT-09 is non other than [X-Antibody] itself, a 0-cost option card that can be put, unconditionally, below a Digimon's digivolution cards to let it digivolve into an X-Antibody Digimon when attacking (much like Blitz). In addition, X-Antibody cannot be removed by effects hence giving extra protection against the currently meta Tommy/Himi deck as well as Imperialdramon Paladin Mode. It also has a strong security effect much like Hammer Spark and the now restricted Ice Wall, which can abruptly end your opponent's turn in addition to adding the card to your hand.

It is quite evident from the current lineup that X-Antibody is the way to go if your archetype has an X-Antibody in this set.

Wargreymon X

Wargreymon X is an embodiment of a red Digimon on steroids. At LV5, [BT9-015] Metalgreymon X grants [SecurityAttack+1] and a +3000 DP buff, which can be easily carried to [BT9-016] Wargreymon X by using the [X-Antibody] option card. Doing so will allow Wargreymon X to delete an opponent's Digimon with 15000 DP or lower (almost any Digimon) while swinging at (at least 2) security with his large DP and protected from deletion/return effects if he inherits Greymon X. 

Gone were the days of [BT3-097] Precise Tactics.

[BT9-015] Metalgreymon X-antibody
Digivolves from Metalgreymon for 0 cost.
Effect: [When Digivolved] This Digimon gains [SecurityAttack+1] until the end of your opponent’s next turn. Then, if this Digimon has [Metalgreymon] or [X-Antibody] in it’s digivolution cards, this Digimon gains +3000 DP until the end of your opponent’s next turn.
[BT9-016] Wargreymon X-Antibody
Digivolves from [Wargreymon] for 1 cost.
Effect 1: [Both Turns] When opponent’s security is reduced, gain +1 memory
Effect 2: [End of Attack][Once Per Turn] If this Digimon has [Wargreymon] or [X-Antibody] is it’s digivolution cards, delete 1 of your opponent’s Digimon with DP equal or lower than this Digimon.

It is also possible to run X-Antibody with the newer BT8 Blackwargreymon, or the promo [P-050] Wargreymon to deliver a wide deletion coverage. When Wargreymon X is digivolved from a LV6 Wargreymon when attacking (using the X-Antibody option card), the 1-cost paid for digivolution can be recovered as long as he successfully swings at security, putting the player back at their turn. He can then follow up and end the turn with another strong move such as [BT5-086] Omegamon or [BT9-095] Gaia Force ZERO.

Dukemon X

The earliest card from this set to be revealed, Dukemon X continues to improve this archetype which has just gotten a huge buff from EX-02's Takato and Crimson Mode. 

Metalgarurumon X

Board control. [BT9-031] Metalgarurumon X can literally clean the board when he is unsuspended. By using the lower level [BT9-028] Weregarurumon to return an opponent's LV4 or lower to hand, Metalgarurumon X can then better position its effect to return all of your opponent's lowest level to hand, strategically targeting either a strong LV5/6/7 or many copies of weaker LV4s.

Inheriting Garurumon X, Weregarurumon and Metalgarurumon can steer clear of battle deletion due to their low DP. The promo [P-050] Metalgarurumon can also provide a similar protection when Garurumon X is not inherited.

It is not unwise to pair this archetype with base Digimons that grant [Jamming] such as Veemon and ExVeemon to compensate their lack of DP. We await to see how decklists will be constructed to play this engine.

Rizegreymon X

Not an SR, but this card deserves mention. At LV5, not only does Rizegreymon promote cheap tamer plays (like other Rizegreymons) but also grants a demi Shinegreymon-like effect, reducing -2000 DP on a Digimon for each red/yellow tamer in play. DP reduction effects may re-emerge to become a tier-1 removal effect in the coming meta (being effective against Greymon/Garurumon X and Omegamon, Magnamon X, and generally any Armor Digimons), and Rizegreymon X is a welcomed addition.

Magnamon X

Magnamon X is unique. For starters, he has an always-on blocker effect that can divert any battle to itself even when suspended. Secondly, when deleted he not only behaves like an Armor Digimon (by shedding his armor) but also puts himself on top of your security, effectively a [Recovery+1] effect. He also does warp digivolution from LV4 Magnamon, which increases the robustness of play in his archetype.  

It is still early to tell how much potential this card has, given his unique effects. But at the time being we know that he would definitely improve a majority of armor decks. 

You may be interested in an early gameplay from the File Island Residents.

Leomon X-Antibody

The Leomon archetype is finally getting some attention. With the X-Antibody support, the Leomon archetype, together with Juri, becomes far more playable. 

In addition, BT-09 has also gave this archetype a buff in the form of Panjyamon X, which should work with Juri's [On Play] effect. Can Leomon now find synergy in the likes of perhaps [BT3-030] Leopardmon? Will we be able to finally witness a Leomon deck challenge the meta? 

[BT9-051] Panjyamon X-Antibody
Digivolves from [Panjyamon] for 0 cost
This card’s name is also treated as [Leomon]
Effect: [Both Turn] When this Digimon is deleted, you may play a [Leomon] from this Digimon’s digivolution cards without paying its cost.


The first insectoid archetype to be buffed in X-Antibody is none other than Kuwagamon. Grandiskuwagamon is very aggressive, and probably the most aggressive green Digimon we've seen thus far. 

When paired with [P-025] Grankuwagamon, 2 swings of 3 security checks each at 16000 DP is undeniably a lethal combo, putting this deck a strong contender for OHKO.

X-Antibody on Kuwagamon may finally allow many previously undervalued insectoid cards (such as EX-01 Tentomon and Kuwagamon) to finally shine.


Black is still having a good time

Compared to other colors, black has got a lot going for in this set. 

First, we have the option card [BT9-102] Heavy Machine Digimon's Advance!! which could single handedly push Mugendramon decks back into the radar.

We then have the Raidenmon cards (with Suijinmon, Raijinmon, and Fujinmon) which we have introduced earlier.

Then, we have the omnipotent [BT9-068] Gaioumon with a Ragnalordmon-like plateau of effects, but within a LV6 package. Gaioumon is also conveniently treated as a [Greymon], and can digivolve from [Blackwargreymon] at 2 cost, adding to its flexibility in a Wargreymon X deck or a Blackwargreymon deck or anything in between.

Then we have the last member of the sovereigns [BT9-069] Baihumon introduced as a black Digimon. Baihumon's potential is pretty much still unknown at this point, but having all 4 sovereigns revealed should the card game in a better position to review this archetype as a whole and possibly glue them together in the form of Huanglongmon. 

[BT9-068] Gaioumon
Digivolves from [Blackwargreymon] for 2 cost
This Digimon’s name also contains [Greymon].
Effect 1: [SecurityAttack+1]
Effect 2: [Reboot]
Effect 3: [When Digivolved] If this Digimon has a black card in it’s digivolution cards, 1 of your opponent’s Digimon gets [De-digivolve 1]. When this has a red card, it gets [Blitz].
[BT9-069] Baihumon
Effect 1: [When Digivolved] Unsuspend up to 2 Digimon and Tamer. Then, for each of your opponent’s unsuspended Digimon and Tamer, gain +1 memory.
Effect 2: [End of Your Turn][Once Per Turn] For every 2 of your opponent’s Digimon and Tamer, trash 1 card from the top of your opponent’s security.

And last but not least, we should be expecting the long-due Alphamon Ouryuken Mode in this set (possibly as an SEC card). With the many Alphamons, Dorugoramon line, Ouryumon line and Grademon line building up to this single Digimon, we should expect him to be majestic!


Another card deserving special mention, [BT9-065] Megadramon is a hybrid killer, deleting a 3-cost tamer when digivolving, and an inheritable that deletes 3-cost tamer when attacking. We will be seeing this card a lot in the coming red/black decks.


[BT9-065] Megadramon
Effect: [When Digivolving] Delete 1 of your opponent’s Digimon or Tamer with a play cost of 3 or less.
Inherited: [When Attacking] If this Digimon is a [Machine] or [Dragonkin] type in it’s trait, Delete 1 of your opponent’s Digimon or Tamer with a play cost of 3 or less.


BT-09 purple seem to be all about Ordinemon (despite anticipating Grandracmon line to be in this set as well). Ordinemon is the first LV7 Jogress Digimon, first introduced in Digimon Adventure Tri as the final antagonist. 

Ordinemon is, without a sliver of doubt, powerful. When Jogress digivolved, she can board wipe the opponent while recovering your security for every Digimon deleted by her effect. She can also revive herself as long as a security card is sacrificed. 

Raguelmon is almost a must-play with running the Ordinemon engine. His first effect gives the deck an added robustness, while his second effect easily pulls Ordinemon into play. Many players believe that this engine would work very well with Lordknightmon (see sample gameplay 1 and 2 from File Island Residents) but this engine is still at its infancy and it is very possible to run this deck differently. 

Omegamon Merciful Mode

A highly anticipated card, but does this Digimon deliver? 

[BT9-083] Omegamon Merciful Mode has a conditionally-strong digivolving effect, depending on how many [Mega] cards you have slotted beneath him. Under normal circumstances, it would be reasonable to expect 1 to 2 copies hence projecting the scale of his deletion effect. 

His deletion effect however, has a perk. Immediately after deletion, he can return 10 cards from the opponent's trash to the bottom of their deck, which nullifies any [On Deletion] effect of deleted Digimons. Another benefit of this effect is that it can cripple some trash-based decks such as Beelstarmon, Beelzemon, hybrid-Susanoomon, and even Mugendramon decks.

His second effect meanwhile, forces Merciful Mode to de-digivolve to trash the top card of the opponent's security. Since Merciful Mode lives and dies by his [When Digivolving] effect, he has little value staying as vanilla LV7 in play therefore reverting to his prior form (either a LV6 or another Omegamon) maybe beneficial. 

Note that it is also possible to digivolve Merciful Mode onto a Merciful Mode, to run all his effects twice.

Some players have also mentioned the compatibility between Shivamon and Merciful Mode, allowing the player to trash the opponent's security twice (once with Merciful, another when Shivamon unsuspends). This compatibility is certainly profound but remains to be seen if the engine is able to survive in the coming X-Antibody landscape.


This set is fresh, engaging, and filled with fan-favourites. If anything, it reminds us of the last time we've seen such a great set exactly a year ago in BT-05 Battle Of Omega. Perhaps a reminiscence of a time when packs are fun to pull and great cards fill the set to brim, BT-09 X Record is en-route to match that high standard not seen since BT-05. 

So much goodness and we are still patiently waiting for our SECs. 

Score: 9/10.

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