Review: BT-10 Cross Encounter

We were a bit late doing this BT-10 review, having all the cards from this set fully revealed a couple of days ago. Nevertheless, this should allow us to take a more holistic look at this set so lets get into it!

Xros wars comes to the DCG 

Digimon Xros Wars (or Digimon Fusion in EN dub) introduced us to Kudou Taiki (or Mikey Kudo in EN dub) and Shoutmon back in 2010. In the anime adaptation, there were 4 factions led by different generals: Taiki’s Xros Heart, Kiriha’s Blue Flare, Nene’s Twilight, and Yuu’s Bagra Army. These factions has now been properly introduced in BT-10.

Unlike the earlier renditions of Xros Wars Digimons that started back in BT-05, the new Xros Wars Digimons have traits relating them to their respective factions.

Before diving into the cards, let us quickly recap some new effects that were introduced in this set.

– [DigiXros-N]: When you play this card, you may place 1 of each of the llisted cards from your hand/battle area to the bottom of this Digimon’s digivolution cards to reduce its play cost by for each card placed.
– [Safe]: when this Digimon is deleted, put it below 1 of your tamers.
– [Material Safe N]: when this Digimon is deleted, put N-number of cards from this Digimon’s digivolution cards stated in its [DigiXros] condition to the bottom of 1 of your tamers.

The general idea of the [DigiXros] system is to play Digimons instead of taking the usual digivolution route. Rookie Digimons can be played for their [On Play] effects, and then swinging at your opponent aka rookie-rush style. When they are deleted, they can use [Safe] to return to your tamer, to be later relaunched as a [DigiXros] Digimon. 


[BT10-087] Kudou Taiki and his [Xros Heart] crew would fully embody the [DigiXros] system, taking advantage of the different affinities of his Digimons (across different colors) to launch Shoutmon X4, Shoutmon X4B, Shoutmon X5, and Shoutmon X5B. Taiki is a natural strategist in the anime, and this has been made evident in the card game as his deck’s playstyle may be the most complex among the other factions.


[BT10-088] Aonuma Kiriha (Christopher) and his [Blue Flare] Digimons embody a strong affinity for freezing the opponent’s Digimons, and has access to option cards that allow him to return the opponent’s Digimon to hand.

Meanwhile, [BT10-092] Amano Nene would mostly work with DarkKnightmon, embodying the role of the undying. In addition, this set also introduces [BT10-069] DarkKnightmon X-Antibody along with a new [BT10-066] DarkKnightmon that has a [DigiXros] effect, which should further strengthen the original DarkKnightmon tribal deck. 

On the other hand, her younger brother [BT10-093] Amano Yuu (Ewan) would lead the Bagra Army using a Darkness Loader that allows him to force a [DigiXros], which is reflected in his tamer card effect allowing him to reduce a Digimon’s play cost without that Digimon needing a [DigiXros] effect.

This new system would definitely introduce a much-needed new dimension to the game’s complexity, and we very much welcome this system after the rather stale BT-09 X-Antibody meta.

An updated Ghost Game lineup

Yes, the Ghost Game Digimons finally get the updated digivolution forms. But we will focus our attention on Gammamon’s darker form [BT10-078] GulusGammamon and his LV5 form [BT10-011] Canoweissmon. While GulusGammamon is a very reliable LV4 Digimon, having both a [Retaliation] effect and a semi-revival [On Deletion] effect, the spotlight shines on his LV5 Canoweissmon, which has a unique effect that allows him to gain all the effects from all his digivolution cards with [Gammamon] in name. 

Gammamon has got some great potential in the past, and with these new additions we may finally have a mechanic that is uniquely Gammamon! 

Sakuyamon buffed

When Rika and her Sakuyamon were introduced in EX-02 there was a lot of hype that lacked substance: a mechanic that relied on plug-in option cards was missing some serious consistency. Honestly, it came to us a surprise that [BT10-041] Sakuyamon: Maid Mode would be introduced so soon, but this Digimon has a seriously good effect allowing some option cards to not only be played for free, but returned to the top of your security. Along with her new line of LV3 to LV5 forms, they should help to stabilize the Rika/Sakuyamon mechanic.

In addition, it is also largely speculated that Sakuyamon: Maid Mode be very useful in a security control deck, so sec-con fans can rejoice!

… and saving the fire from an OTK meta

The previous set can pretty much sum to an OTK meta, with the X-Antibody Wargreymon, Metalgarurumon, Grandiskuwagamon, and Alphamon doing too much damage in competitive games. It comes as no surprise that Bandai would first try to dampen this by using some anti-OTK effect, and the first of this came in the form of a sexy [BT10-042] Venusmon.

Other smaller random buffs 

[BT10-023] Thetismon hastens Jellymon’s hand-recycling capability, which may see its engine borrowed into other decks for milling. A new [BT10-031] Pulsemon with [Blocker] and the new [BT10-100] Impulse Memory Boost!! option card would allow this mechanic to better sustain the 3-security condition. The new [BT10-052] Cherrymon should strengthen Shivamon, and Justimon gets a new arm in [BT10-067] Justimon: Critical Arm. [BT10-083] Minervamon is a hidden potential that should work with a number of different deck mechanics such as Lucemon Falldown Mode. A new [BT10-086] Omegamon X-Antibody with a unique effect that should help cripple some security control decks. 

But last but not least, some very notable buffs to the ST-12 Jesmon starter deck in the form of [BT10-016] Jesmon X-Antibody, [BT10-068] Gankoomon X-Antibody, [BT10-085] Sistermon Ciel, and of course the highly anticipated [BT10-112] Jesmon GX which we will touch upon a little bit more below.

The secret rares of BT-10

BT-10 has 3 secret rare cards, 2 of which were already revealed with the remaining rumoured to be a low pull-rate ghost-rare Alphamon.


The first SEC revealed was a surprise. [BT10-111] Shoutmon King Ver. is akin to a joker card in any digiXros decks, cementing his position in playability during this meta.

[BT10-112] Jesmon GX
Digivolves at 5 cost from a Digimon with [Royal Knight] in its traits
Effect 1: [When Digivolving] You may place 1 Digimon card with [Royal Knight] in its traits and play-cost of 13 or less from your hand or trash under this Digimon as a digivolution card to activate that Digimon’s [When Digivolving] effect. Then, [Blitz].
Effect 2: [All Turns] While this Digimon has a card with [Royal Knights] in its traits in its digivolution cards, it gains [Piercing], [Blocker], and [SecurityAttack+1] for each of those cards.

The second SEC is none other than [BT10-112] Jesmon GX, whose effect also came as a surprise as it does not buff specifically the Jesmon archetype but rather the Royal Knights. With so many [Royal Knight] Digimons we have thus far (9 of them has a [When Digivolving] effect), it would be interesting to see if Jesmon GX could revive the older deck engines, or bringing forth some new mechanics never seen before!


BT-10 is certainly an more exciting set than its predecessor, running new [DigiXros] mechanics and some random rebalancing that should shake up some creative deck building. Though there may be some misses and disappointments that some of your anticipated cards were not introduced in this set (such as Bagramon or Shoutmon X7), the current lineup should be sufficient to re-energize the stale BT-09.


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Beelstarmon in BT9: An Answer to OTK Meta

Invited Author: Ron Andre Agbayani

Country: Philippines


Good day! Digimon Tamers, I am Ron Andre Agbayani from the Philippines and I would like to share my ideas of an in-depth review of the current Meta from BT9 and ST12-13 era and how Beelstarmon revived from the forgotten realm. This deck is based from the player named “Shina” from Japan who had the idea of including blue tamers which was eventually tweaked and adjusted through numerous players around the world and evolved to a Top Contender deck this Season and I would like extend my gratitude to these players because we were able to break the norm.

Ron's Deck

The Meta in BT9 to ST12-13

Nowadays decks are centralized on getting the key cards needed to win the game, generally through searching, drawing, and milling. These key cards will eventually win a game or have an advantageous board state.. This is mainly done by playing Memory Boosts Promo Cards, Tamers and Digimons with search function. Once you acquired the cards needed to advance your play, you may now be able to finish the game with a One Turn Kill focus deck (OTK) (eg. Grandiskuwagamon, WarGreymonX, MetalGaruruX, and Alphamon Ouryuken), variety of security cards (Yellow Hybrids), and Swarm (Jesmon and Beelstarmon), and also, in my opinion, Rogue Decks that are off-meta will definitely catch you off guard.

The current Meta dictates that whoever has better memory control will have a good board state which will allow them to have at least 2-3 plays per turn, leaving your opponent in a very disadvantageous situation. Since the advent of BT9, many decks got the support in need so that it can do OTK very easily and fast as mentioned above. Yellow Hybrids is still consistent and competitive. However, restricting key cards made it function less, making it a challenge to catch up with the consistency and potency of OTK decks. With this, OTK-focused decks saw high number of plays which made it a go to deck this current Meta.

This is just my observation and experience here playing in different tournaments and casuals plays. With this said I am always open to opinions and ideas of different players that support me. Aren’t we all the same curious cats so that we can make Digimon more interesting?

BT9 OTK Bosses

The Viability of Beelstarmon in BT9

BT9 gave OTK decks the protection they needed such as effects of Greymon X Antibody BT9 and like. The only way to survive the ravage is to have a good RNG (Random Number Generator) Roll option cards in your Security Cards. Yellow Hybrids BT7 made sure to always have a wide variety of good option cards in their security stack (such as decreasing DP to 0 which will be deleted through game mechanics or by more restoration). However, this is not sufficient hence they fell slightly in the tier list. The next Security Control deck in mind is either Mother D-Reaper deck EX-02 or the old Beelstarmon BT6. Mother D-Reaper deserves another article but for this one, we will delve on Beelstarmon BT6.

Beelstarmon BT6 is one of the early security control deck that only loses to Jesmon BT6 powered with BT3 A Delicate Plan. In the recent formats, Beelstarmon lose the spot light due to newer and exciting decks from every release. I personally thought that Beelstarmon is getting weaker before. However, in today’s list of winning decks we are now flourishing with Beelstar! What made Beelstarmon strong now?

As I have said earlier, key cards are easily searched or milled. In a sense we can have more than five 7-cost option cards in your trash after 3-5 turns thanks to Mist Memory Boost BT8, Analog Boy EX1, Eyesmon BT7, Demimeramon BT2, and of course Gazimon X BT9. By mid to late game, you can now play Beelstarmon BT6 for less than 5 cost and eventually free to play at end game. Cycling of hand cards is now achievable compared to BT6 era.

What are the best 7-cost option cards to run in your deck? This includes the following:

  1. Fly Bullet BT6 – best answer to all level 6 Digimons with OTK capacity, including level 5 Digimons with multiple attacks (Paildramon ST) 
  2. Nail Bone – Allows Tempo playstyle, pushing threat by reviving Ginkakumon Promote BT6 and Gazimon BT3. Can be used defensively when you revive Vilemon BT2 and Psychemon BT8. (A caution though. You must have a way to delete Pscyhemon since the effect is “both players cannot reduce plays cost”).
  3. Cocytus Breath ST2 – answers to all level 7 Digimons. Requires BLUE card in your play area if you plan to use it with Beelstarmon BT6. Also, with the resurgence of decoy and destruction protection very few cards has immunity to send back to hand
  4. Happy Bullet Showering BT6 – deletes Digimon/s with lowest DP.
  5. Howling Crusher BT1 – removes Digivolution sources from WarGreymonX and Alphamon Ouryuken which makes them weaker and friable to options cards.

There are other 7-cost Option cards that were not mentioned but I believe these are the best options at the moment. The goal is to have immediate response of security card to attacking Digimons to prevent you from being OTK’d.  Second to this is to make your opponent skeptical and doubt in attacking you and pushing for OTK. This will give you time and resources to prepare to reach your end-game, which in turn makes Beelstarmon’s play cost as low as 0-1 memory to play. Meaning, you have milled almost of all of your 7-cost options. This strategy allows Beelstarmon to play head to head with the current Meta. Beelstarmon has aggro-control play with a high risk-high reward gamestyle. It can achieve memory control through Gazimon BT3 and crowd control through Dexmon BT9. Calling From The Darkness BT7 becomes handy when your Beelstarmon and Dexmon are in your trash. Beelstarmon may be branded as anti-meta and soon enough players will see answer for this deck. This is Digimon. You do not know the next deck your opponent will bring and you cannot side out. Play your best with your chosen deck list.

The Future Beelstarmon

BT10 is fast approaching with the Xros mechanics in the horizon. People are eagerly searching and play testing for other strong cards that may upgrade their current decks. As for the upgrade for Beelstarmon, we do not have yet stronger 7-cost option card. As explained above, we can answer to the threats of every deck if and only if we have also achieved the winning condition of our deck which is to dump almost all of the 7-cost options.

Xros mechanics is another rapid play that allows a player to make a Digimon with efficient ESS at an affordable memory cost. It may be jamming, additional security checks, or buffs. Again, the only way for Beelstarmon to survive the Meta is hopefully to stack option cards in Security and praying for the best. 

Fingers crossed*

I would like to share my insights with the Digimon Card Game. I personally feel happy with how the Digimon Card Game evolves. The Meta is very diverse this season. Old decks are showing up again at our local game store and also winning though it requires enormous tweaks and testplays. This shows that old decks may become rogue or anti-meta decks that can answer to the new cards/mechanics. This also tells us that at some point we have to think carefully the “best and efficient” cards against the Meta. It might be a card in the newest set or inside your long forgotten card stash waiting to be excavated. 

Thank you!

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Fernaldy: 1st Place in Indonesia DTCG Regional Tournament with Purple Mastemon (ST10)

Invited Author: Fernaldy
Country: Indonesia


Hello everyone this is Fernaldy from Indonesia, I played the  yellow purple Mastemon deck at Digimon TCG Indonesia regional tournament. Why do I play Mastemon… Before the tournament I didn’t have many options, it’s either Mastemon or yellow hybrid security control. At the end I choose Mastemon over yellow hybrid because the deck is more versatile, it has multiple ways to destroy both Digimons and tamers and also minus DP and “SecurityAttack-” to opponent Digimon.

With the new Meiko, Meicoomon, and Maycrackmon in BT9, it adds more consistency to the deck because Meiko provides an early game set up for hand and trash with additional memory plus on play for double color Digimon such as ST10 Tailmon and BT8 BlackGatomon to close the game. The game plan is to set up and control the opponent board with many ways of free summoning from security and many destroyers to clear up opponent Digimons and tamers.

Deck's Distribution

Digitama: 4 Demimeramon

Best digitama for purple so far in the game, draw 1 and discard 1 to refresh hand and set up trash.

Rookie: 4 Tapirmon

I play 4 Tapirmon for the rookies because Tapirmon provides an extra 1 draw and in practice and testing. I don’t have many chances to build up from rookie to ultimate so I prefer to hard play the champion and the ultimate so the purpose of Tapirmon is only to provide early aggro and an extra draw 

Champion: 4 Tailmon, 3 Meicoomon, 1 BlackGatomon

4 Tailmon are the best cards of the deck providing 2 card search and minus digivolution cost with end turn Jogress (DNA digivolution), the main engine of the deck. Meicoomon is a security Digimon that can play for free and is also a good target for Maycrackmon to discard and Mastemon could put her into the security and play other Digimon. BlackGatomon BT8 is the finisher of the deck most of the time I end the game with it.

Ultimate: 2 Lucemon FM, 3 LadyDevimon BT3, 3 Angewomon ST10, 3 Maycrackmon, 2 Holyangemon BT1.

The ultimate lineup is the usual composition for the mastemon deck. LucemonFM main target to summon from Mastemon providing destroy a lvl 6 or lower Digimon or tamer, LadyDevimon for the extra draw and discard to set up hand and trash, ST10 Angewomon is a great card give “SecurityAttack-” and very helpful against OTK decks such as Alphamon and Grandiskuwagamon, Maycrackmon also a great card against the rookie rush deck and Armor Rush deck because the minus DP and destroy, BT1 HolyAngemon for the extra recovery.

Mega: 4 Mastemon ST10, 1 Ophanimon FM, 4 Zward Defeat

I play 4 ST10 Mastemon because it is the main card of the deck. It can put 1 LVL 5 or lower yellow/purple Digimon to security play LVL 5 or lower yellow/purple  Digimon from security, and destroy opponent Digimon when a Digimon played by effect with lvl equal or lower from the played Digimon. So basically we get a free LVL 5 or lower Digimon summoned and 1 additional destroy [once per turn] every time a Digimon played by effect. This effect also synchronises with Digimon that could be played from security such as Meicoomon and Omnimon Zward Defeat and destroy opponent Digimon on both turns. Ophanimon FM is an additional mega to give recovery, destroy and summon LVL 4 or lower from trash 

Omnimon Zward Defeat is the best card to play from security as a big body on the field with 13K DP and destroy 1 Digimon when destroyed and also destroy opponent tamer when evolving with 3 costs to choke memory 

Tamer: 4 Meiko, 2 BT1 TK Takeru

4 Meiko is the main engine of the deck to search for Digimon and set up trash and additional memory plus on “both turns” whenever a double color yellow/purple played. 2 BT1 TK Takeru for memory fixer and saving important card in security and replace it with another card usually for Tailmon ST10 and Mastemon ST10.

Option: 3 Purple Memory Boost, 1 Reinforce Memory Boost, 4 Flame Hellsycthe and 2 ChaosDegrade.

Purple memory boost is for early gameplay to search purple Digimon and give extra 2 memory in the next turn is very useful because in this deck we have a big memory cost to play our Digimon. Same goes to Reinforce Memory Boost, it gives extra 3 memory, 1 recovery, and 1 card to hand.

Flame hellscythe is the best option in the game -6000 DP to opponent Digimon and play DP 6000 or lower Digimon from trash most of this deck LVL 5 has 6000 DP, so it’s very versatile and combine with Meiko if we play Maycrackmon from the trash, we can have memory plus and also extra minus DP

ChaosDegrade the best removal in the game but it has a big cost, there is no solution to counter this card except for Kongou or A Delicate Plan.

Tournament Report

Format: Swiss Round BO1, Top 4 Single Elim BO3

W: Win, L: Lose, D: Draw

Round 1 VS Grandiskuwagamon (L)

One of the best decks in the meta with a strong chance to OTK with multiple security plus and finish with Mimi to move Digimon from the hatching area. I open with a kinda brick hand and I should have mulligan but I want to save Tapirmon and Mastemon in my hand so I decided not to mulligan. But too bad that I didn’t have any Digimon to play after evolving to Tapirmon so I pass a turn giving him 3 memory and play a Tailmon in the next turn but he has x antibody tamer and Okuwamon X to rest Tailmon and destroy it, and I get OTKed in the next turn.

Round 2 VS Grandiskuwagamon (W)

Pair up with another grandiskuwagamon deck but have much better set up this time. I set up a Takeru and 2 Meiko, my opponent cant finish the game on the first attack, and Omnimon Zward D pop out from security so I could hit Grandis and Jogress to recovery. Controlling the field and finish with BlackGatomon.

Round 3 VS Yellow hybrid (W)

A good matchup for Mastemon because I can destroy tamer and yellow hybrid a slow and more defensive deck in this meta ultimate fusion got banned so really lacks the firepower from Susanoo. My opponent goes first and plays Takeru so I play tailmon ST10 in the second turn he plays Takeru again allowing me to set up Takeru and my tailmon ST10 survives in front and he evolves TK Takeru into a hybrid and makes Jetsylphy to recover 1. And then I jogress with Angewomon destroying Jetsylphy and another Takeru and keep pushing the game with “securityAttack + 1” finish the round with Tapirmon and blackGatomon rush. 

Round 3 VS Imperial jogress (W)

Didn’t expect to meet Imperialdramon deck in the tournament, going first I play Tailmon ST10 giving him 5 memory to search both Angewomon ST10 and Ladydevimon BT3. Somehow he didn’t have rookie so he play Stingmon in front and evolve into Paildramon giving me 3 memory and I Jogress (DNA) into a Mastemon, destroy his Paildramon and keep control the field and push the game.

Round 5 VS Alphamon (W)

Finally, I meet the most used deck in the meta, my hand was not the best but I still can make up for the early game. My Tapirmon hit his security but not destroyed 3x hitting Ryudamon. But my opponent successfully made Alphamon Oryuken and hit 4 security and play Kongou so I could not finish the game with Tapirmon. Then I play ST10 Angewomon to “securityAttack-2” into his Alphamon Oryuken giving him 4 memory then he pops memory boost to make it 6 memory, drop 2 Musha Yuji, hit security and put Dorugreymon into Alphamon Oryuken digivolution source make it “securityAttack+2”, hitting a Meicoomon in the security, it is free summoned and I tap Meiko to “memory + 1” and then Alphamon Ouryuken actives again with the effect of Oryumon and activates removing source to gain memory, he removes Oryumon and attack again and tap Yuji to put another Oryumon in his source, but it hits a Flame Hellscythe and I play Holyangemon BT1 from trash recovery 1 so he couldn’t finish the game  

Top 4 VS Grandiskuwagamon (W)

Game 1: in top 4 I meet the same opponent from round 1 who played Grandiskuwagamon, I go second and play Takeru and Meiko. Fortunately, he didn’t have the Grandiskuwagamon and I could play Tailmon ST10 and Jogress (DNA digivolution) destroy all of his Digimon in front and keep pressure and controlling his field 

Game 2: I have probably one of the best set up in the entire tournament by opening 3 Meiko in the early game but my opponent also had a great setup and could hit 3 security early, and I make a big misplay here I thought I have the Mastemon in hand but I didn’t I should have finished the game with Mastemon summon BlackGatomon but I don’t have it so I evolve into Ophanimon FM and recovery+1, but my opponent just make another Grandis and finish me.

Game 3: Standard early game both for me and my opponent but he misses one of his LVL 5 and I play maycrackmon to destroy his weedmon and rookie in front putting pressure by an early attack from tapirmon, accidentally when he shuffles my security he opens 1 of the card and it was meicoomon so he didn’t hit all the security and leaving maycrackmon on the field because he has the piercing if he hit then meicoomon could play on security and finish him. So I evolve tapirmon into tailmon ST10 and jogress to destroy both Grandis and blocker and win from that.

Final VS Metalgarurumon X (W)

Game 1: my opponent didn’t have the perfect evolution he put some Digimon in front to search for the missing piece so I have the time to jogress even though I didn’t have any tamer to play but still successful in jogress and keep pressure but metalgaruru also can board wipe pretty well by bounce opponent Digimon so I make a backup plan by evolving tapirmon to tailmon ST10 at hatching area to counter his metalgaruru x antibody in front, and he makes another evolution line but unfortunately the last attack he open Omnimon Zward D and ChaosDegrade and I win the game.

Game 2: I go first and play the usual tamer and memory boost gameplay but this time my opponent had a better evolution line and put big pressure on me and clear all my security fast and I couldn’t make a comeback

Game 3: I didn’t have the best opening hand and just play Takeru and Meiko from hand and set up my trash and hand, my opponent then try to finish me so he attack with Weregaruru x antibody with “SecurityAttack+ 1” and 2 rookies. Fortunately, I open Flame Hellscythe in my security minus 6000 into Weregarurumon and summon a Maycrackmon, discarding Meicoomon then minus another 3000 into Weregarurumon x and destroy one of his rookies after that I control the field comfortably. he still manages to board wiped me but I can counter board wipe again and finish the game with blackGatomon.


I am very satisfied with the result and the consistency of my deck even though I still think Mastemon is still not a tier 1 deck because of relying on security with free summon and option. But the power to board wiping opponent Digimon and tamer is still a strong strategy and very strong control but needs a perfect tempo and right decision. I think Mastemon is a high-risk deck if you make a wrong play or decision it could cost u much because of the big memory you give to the opponent.

Mastemon deck is very fun to play with a variety of Digimon and options, I consider a couple of cards into my deck such as Gazimon into my rookie lineup to counter-memory plus from my opponent but I think Tapirmon is better for early consistency and draw we could also put Neodevimon to counter tamer play, Ordinemon, Hikari BT8, Takeru & Hikari BT8. I also hope for double color yellow and purple tamer in the future that could boost the deck 

I want to thank all the organizers for running the tournament well, I hope with an event like this we could improve our DCG community in Indonesia, and shoutout to my friends and community Ogre Citra card shop and hobbies. 

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A Beelstar-Ordine Concept?

Many players who have proxy-tested Ordinemon suggest that she may not make top-tier, perhaps due to her situational play conditions. 

However, when I was fiddling with a certain deck concept I found Ordinemon doing a lot better than I would have expected!

Raguelmon and Ordinemon

[BT9-082] Ordinemon is currently the only LV7 Digimon with a Jogress (DNA digivolution) effect. She has almost no play value when digivolved normally hence should always be played via Jogress.


It is not easy to have 2 LV6 Digimons in play during your turn to readily Jogress into Ordinemon, so it is imperative that an [End of Your Turn] jogress effect be used with Ordinemon. For this, [BT9-080] Raguelmon is introduced.

At a play cost of 12, Raguelmon can always play another Digimon (usually a LV5 or lower such as MagnaAngemon, or a LV6 Angel/Fallen-Angel when you are low in security) from trash, making it’s play-cost worthwhile. In addition, Raguelmon will be able to jogress into Ordinemon at the end of your turn, given that you have another LV6. Raguelmon however, does not do much when digivolved normally. 

Would a LV7 that should always be played by jogress, and a LV6 that should be hard-played, perhaps do well in a mega-zoo-like deck like… Beelstarmon?


The Beelstarmon factor

As it happens, Raguelmon/Ordinemon can be played with Beelstarmon (being a purple LV6 Digimon that can jogress into Ordine). By replacing most LV3 Digimons in the deck with Beelstarmon and her legion of 7-cost options, we can build a security-control mega-zoo deck.

The addition of a Beelstarmon configuration helps strengthen the deck’s security with deletion option cards. Gatomon/Tailmon can be played to provide search, while MagnaAngemons and Angewomons can be played for their [On-Play] effects. Ideally, Gatomon can digivolve into any of the LV5 angels for just 1-cost, and subsequently into Ophanimon Falldown Mode for a recovery and deletion effect. When Ophanimon is deleted, she can revive Gatomon to search again and replay this cycle.

Beelstarmon provides flexibility in dealing with a variety of opponent’s board, and if a Raguelmon or an Ophanimon that inherits Gatomon is in play, they can then jogress into Ordinemon for a massive board control and recovery!

Tidal wave works well in this mega-zoo configuration, since Beelstarmon can use it instead of the usual deletion options if a jogress will happen at the end of turn. Since Ordinemon has a wide deletion effect that couples with recovery, we wouldn’t want to delete anything unnecessarily through Beelstarmon’s option cards. 


I have proxy-tested this deck for quite a while and boy was it fun to play… though not without problems. For one, this deck lacks the necessary draw power to recover from a bad starting hand. 

This is simply a deck concept, and do expect a lot of optimisation if it was ever going to be played in the competitive scene! 

…. something that I will most likely be doing in the coming weeks.

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The last SEC to be revealed for BT-09 may be the next most popular card.


The black/purple LV7 Dexmon has what it takes to become the next anti-meta card.

His first effect reduces his play cost by -3 for each Digimon and tamer that your opponent has, a very straightforward effect that punishes tamer-centric decks such as the Zoe hybrid and the Tommy hybrid, which are easily the current tier-1s. To put this into perspective, Dexmon would cost only 2 to play when your opponent has something like 4 tamers and 2 Digimons.

His second effect not only de-digivolves all of your opponent’s Digimons by 1 level, but also deletes all that is LV4 and lower. In other words, playing 2 Dexmons consecutively in a turn will clear the opponent’s board of LV6 Digimons, assuming they digivolved normally in a LV4-LV5-LV6 sequence (again, punishing the current Zoe and Tommy hybrids). This effect is also highly effective against Armor Digimons.

His third effect punishes the opponent when he is not taken down during their turn, by deleting all of your opponent’s Digimons with the lowest play cost. In other words, your opponent is forced to play some sacrificial Digimon before the end of their turn in order to protect their better Digimons, and this becomes more obnoxious the more Dexmons you have in play.


Dexmon’s weaknesses though, are also pretty obvious.

Firstly, his “de-digivolving then delete” effect would be less effective against X-Antibody decks that may have a larger stack of LV5s, making them a little bit harder to delete. It is also not effective against big Digimons that do not have digivolution cards, the usual suspects such as Beelstarmon, Lucemon Chaos, and Omegamon Zwart Defeat.

Secondly, his overall effectiveness can be thwarted just by knowing that he is included into the deck. The opponent will avoid playing a large pool of tamers and Digimons, or avoid ending their turn with a LV5 Digimon that can be de-digivolved into a LV4. 

However, these weaknesses can be circumvented.


Dexmon in the Dex archetype 

A no-brainer. Being of the same archetype, Dexmon benefits from the synergetic engine. 

[BT9-081] DexDorugoramon has an [On Deletion] effect that can play Dexmon from trash without cost, which is easily the most amazing callback effect. No other Digimon can play another LV7 Digimon for free, from trash. 

With the LV4 and LV5 Dex Digimons providing the much needed milling, in addition to the strong board control from the original Dorugoramon line as well as DexDorugoramon, this deck should prove formidable and popular in the coming meta. 


Both Dorugoramon and DexDorugoramon excels in controlling a smaller board of 2 or 3 Digimons. Dorugoramon could easily eliminate up to 2 medium-sized Digimon, something around a play cost of 6-7, which helps to setup DexDorugoramon’s [When Digivolving] effect against the bigger Digimon. Dexmon would be perfect here, offering robustness against wider boards instead. 


Meanwhile in a purple alternative, the new [BT9-079] GrandDracmon should also work well with the Dex archetype, since they are mostly [Undead] Digimons. GrandDracmon can accelerate digivolution of the Dex line thanks to it’s [End of Attack] effect, which could hopefully help to launch DexDorugoramon more efficiently.  


Dexmon in Security Control

As it happens, Dexmon does not really need to be in a specific archetype. 

While we do yet not know if the yellow security control deck would survive the coming meta, assuming it does, can be strengthened by Dexmon. 

Dexmon can digivolve from [BT8-082] Ophanimon Falldown Mode, a staple of most yellow security controls. While more expensive (in digivolution) than the popular Zwart Defeat and less effective in security, Dexmon can deal more damage on-play and when digivolving, (conditionally) plays cheaper from hand, and has an immense presence when he remains in play. 

The defensiveness of a security control deck may work in favour of Dexmon, punishing an opponent with a wider board in his mid/late game. 


Dexmon with Beelstarmon 

Another easy engine since he can digivolve from [BT6-112] Beelstarmon, replacing Zwart Defeat as the preferred choice of LV7. 

Dexmon extends Beelstarmon’s damage range, which is usually limited to single target 7-cost purple option cards. While many Beelstarmon decks play copies of [BT6-095] Happy Bullet Showering and some [BT6-105] GewaltSchwarmer for wide-range deletion, they are often too conditional and does not delete what is intended. With Dexmon, the deletion range is not only extended beyond DP-based and cost-based targets, but also improves the deck’s robustness since pure-deletion effects are less effective against Armors and the Greymon X-Antibody line. 

Dexmon with Mugendramon

With [EX1-073] Mugendramon expected to a little more popular in BT-09, it is fascinating to know that Dexmon can also work in this deck. 

While Mugendramon is a very defensive card, his engine is often weak towards a wide board (and no Chaosdramon is often not a solution). Mugendramon decks are slow, and playing a Mugendramon amid an opponent’s wide board of Digimons would usually offer little to no protection since he can only block once (without Tai Kamiya). 

We might find solace in Dexmon during these sticky situations, first reducing play cost by taking advantage of the opponent’s wide board, and then reducing that board enough for Mugendramon proper.

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Early Review: BT-09 X Record

BT-09 X Record is the next highly anticipated booster set slated for release on the 25th of February. This time around, Bandai has released the card reveals very promptly, with what seemed like a reveal of more than 90% of cards already. Lets take a look at what this set has to offer!


The highlight of this set, X-Antibody Digimons made their DCG debut exactly a year ago (26th February 2021) in BT-05 Battle of Omega, in the form of Omegamon X-Antibody. More X-Antibody Digimons were slowly introduced in coming sets but were mainly for the Alphamon and Dorugoramon line. A unique mechanic for that X-Antibody line back then (or more specifically Dorugoramon) was the ability to slot digivolution cards beneath the X-Antibody Digimon to trigger effects, making an X-Antibody Digimon’s stack rather large.

With the slew of X-Antibody Digimons introduced in BT-09, we finally got a solid feel of how X-Antibody would play. Generally speaking, X-Antibody Digimons could digivolve onto their non-X versions of the same level for a very low or  zero memory, mostly having some [When Digivolved] effect or inheritable effects. These cards are generally very robust to play as they can make your hand a lot more fluid (more ways to digivolve to get your hand moving) and effects that we believe to be a major power creep for the upcoming meta. 

Take for example [BT9-012] Greymon X and [BT9-024] Garurumon X which grants deletion/return immunity if you are [Omegamon] or [Greymon]/[Garurumon] in name respectively, patches up [BT5-111] Omegamon X such that it now becomes so much more formidable (being able to nullify deletion, return, and battle).  



Another X-Antibody card introduced in BT-09 is non other than [X-Antibody] itself, a 0-cost option card that can be put, unconditionally, below a Digimon’s digivolution cards to let it digivolve into an X-Antibody Digimon when attacking (much like Blitz). In addition, X-Antibody cannot be removed by effects hence giving extra protection against the currently meta Tommy/Himi deck as well as Imperialdramon Paladin Mode. It also has a strong security effect much like Hammer Spark and the now restricted Ice Wall, which can abruptly end your opponent’s turn in addition to adding the card to your hand.

It is quite evident from the current lineup that X-Antibody is the way to go if your archetype has an X-Antibody in this set.

Wargreymon X

Wargreymon X is an embodiment of a red Digimon on steroids. At LV5, [BT9-015] Metalgreymon X grants [SecurityAttack+1] and a +3000 DP buff, which can be easily carried to [BT9-016] Wargreymon X by using the [X-Antibody] option card. Doing so will allow Wargreymon X to delete an opponent’s Digimon with 15000 DP or lower (almost any Digimon) while swinging at (at least 2) security with his large DP and protected from deletion/return effects if he inherits Greymon X. 

Gone were the days of [BT3-097] Precise Tactics.

[BT9-015] Metalgreymon X-antibody
Digivolves from Metalgreymon for 0 cost.
Effect: [When Digivolved] This Digimon gains [SecurityAttack+1] until the end of your opponent’s next turn. Then, if this Digimon has [Metalgreymon] or [X-Antibody] in it’s digivolution cards, this Digimon gains +3000 DP until the end of your opponent’s next turn.
[BT9-016] Wargreymon X-Antibody
Digivolves from [Wargreymon] for 1 cost.
Effect 1: [Both Turns] When opponent’s security is reduced, gain +1 memory
Effect 2: [End of Attack][Once Per Turn] If this Digimon has [Wargreymon] or [X-Antibody] is it’s digivolution cards, delete 1 of your opponent’s Digimon with DP equal or lower than this Digimon.

It is also possible to run X-Antibody with the newer BT8 Blackwargreymon, or the promo [P-050] Wargreymon to deliver a wide deletion coverage. When Wargreymon X is digivolved from a LV6 Wargreymon when attacking (using the X-Antibody option card), the 1-cost paid for digivolution can be recovered as long as he successfully swings at security, putting the player back at their turn. He can then follow up and end the turn with another strong move such as [BT5-086] Omegamon or [BT9-095] Gaia Force ZERO.

Dukemon X

The earliest card from this set to be revealed, Dukemon X continues to improve this archetype which has just gotten a huge buff from EX-02’s Takato and Crimson Mode. 

Metalgarurumon X

Board control. [BT9-031] Metalgarurumon X can literally clean the board when he is unsuspended. By using the lower level [BT9-028] Weregarurumon to return an opponent’s LV4 or lower to hand, Metalgarurumon X can then better position its effect to return all of your opponent’s lowest level to hand, strategically targeting either a strong LV5/6/7 or many copies of weaker LV4s.

Inheriting Garurumon X, Weregarurumon and Metalgarurumon can steer clear of battle deletion due to their low DP. The promo [P-050] Metalgarurumon can also provide a similar protection when Garurumon X is not inherited.

It is not unwise to pair this archetype with base Digimons that grant [Jamming] such as Veemon and ExVeemon to compensate their lack of DP. We await to see how decklists will be constructed to play this engine.

Rizegreymon X

Not an SR, but this card deserves mention. At LV5, not only does Rizegreymon promote cheap tamer plays (like other Rizegreymons) but also grants a demi Shinegreymon-like effect, reducing -2000 DP on a Digimon for each red/yellow tamer in play. DP reduction effects may re-emerge to become a tier-1 removal effect in the coming meta (being effective against Greymon/Garurumon X and Omegamon, Magnamon X, and generally any Armor Digimons), and Rizegreymon X is a welcomed addition.

Magnamon X

Magnamon X is unique. For starters, he has an always-on blocker effect that can divert any battle to itself even when suspended. Secondly, when deleted he not only behaves like an Armor Digimon (by shedding his armor) but also puts himself on top of your security, effectively a [Recovery+1] effect. He also does warp digivolution from LV4 Magnamon, which increases the robustness of play in his archetype.  

It is still early to tell how much potential this card has, given his unique effects. But at the time being we know that he would definitely improve a majority of armor decks. 

You may be interested in an early gameplay from the File Island Residents.

Leomon X-Antibody

The Leomon archetype is finally getting some attention. With the X-Antibody support, the Leomon archetype, together with Juri, becomes far more playable. 

In addition, BT-09 has also gave this archetype a buff in the form of Panjyamon X, which should work with Juri’s [On Play] effect. Can Leomon now find synergy in the likes of perhaps [BT3-030] Leopardmon? Will we be able to finally witness a Leomon deck challenge the meta? 

[BT9-051] Panjyamon X-Antibody
Digivolves from [Panjyamon] for 0 cost
This card’s name is also treated as [Leomon]
Effect: [Both Turn] When this Digimon is deleted, you may play a [Leomon] from this Digimon’s digivolution cards without paying its cost.


The first insectoid archetype to be buffed in X-Antibody is none other than Kuwagamon. Grandiskuwagamon is very aggressive, and probably the most aggressive green Digimon we’ve seen thus far. 

When paired with [P-025] Grankuwagamon, 2 swings of 3 security checks each at 16000 DP is undeniably a lethal combo, putting this deck a strong contender for OHKO.

X-Antibody on Kuwagamon may finally allow many previously undervalued insectoid cards (such as EX-01 Tentomon and Kuwagamon) to finally shine.


Black is still having a good time

Compared to other colors, black has got a lot going for in this set. 

First, we have the option card [BT9-102] Heavy Machine Digimon’s Advance!! which could single handedly push Mugendramon decks back into the radar.

We then have the Raidenmon cards (with Suijinmon, Raijinmon, and Fujinmon) which we have introduced earlier.

Then, we have the omnipotent [BT9-068] Gaioumon with a Ragnalordmon-like plateau of effects, but within a LV6 package. Gaioumon is also conveniently treated as a [Greymon], and can digivolve from [Blackwargreymon] at 2 cost, adding to its flexibility in a Wargreymon X deck or a Blackwargreymon deck or anything in between.

Then we have the last member of the sovereigns [BT9-069] Baihumon introduced as a black Digimon. Baihumon’s potential is pretty much still unknown at this point, but having all 4 sovereigns revealed should the card game in a better position to review this archetype as a whole and possibly glue them together in the form of Huanglongmon. 

[BT9-068] Gaioumon
Digivolves from [Blackwargreymon] for 2 cost
This Digimon’s name also contains [Greymon].
Effect 1: [SecurityAttack+1]
Effect 2: [Reboot]
Effect 3: [When Digivolved] If this Digimon has a black card in it’s digivolution cards, 1 of your opponent’s Digimon gets [De-digivolve 1]. When this has a red card, it gets [Blitz].
[BT9-069] Baihumon
Effect 1: [When Digivolved] Unsuspend up to 2 Digimon and Tamer. Then, for each of your opponent’s unsuspended Digimon and Tamer, gain +1 memory.
Effect 2: [End of Your Turn][Once Per Turn] For every 2 of your opponent’s Digimon and Tamer, trash 1 card from the top of your opponent’s security.

And last but not least, we should be expecting the long-due Alphamon Ouryuken Mode in this set (possibly as an SEC card). With the many Alphamons, Dorugoramon line, Ouryumon line and Grademon line building up to this single Digimon, we should expect him to be majestic!


Another card deserving special mention, [BT9-065] Megadramon is a hybrid killer, deleting a 3-cost tamer when digivolving, and an inheritable that deletes 3-cost tamer when attacking. We will be seeing this card a lot in the coming red/black decks.


[BT9-065] Megadramon
Effect: [When Digivolving] Delete 1 of your opponent’s Digimon or Tamer with a play cost of 3 or less.
Inherited: [When Attacking] If this Digimon is a [Machine] or [Dragonkin] type in it’s trait, Delete 1 of your opponent’s Digimon or Tamer with a play cost of 3 or less.


BT-09 purple seem to be all about Ordinemon (despite anticipating Grandracmon line to be in this set as well). Ordinemon is the first LV7 Jogress Digimon, first introduced in Digimon Adventure Tri as the final antagonist. 

Ordinemon is, without a sliver of doubt, powerful. When Jogress digivolved, she can board wipe the opponent while recovering your security for every Digimon deleted by her effect. She can also revive herself as long as a security card is sacrificed. 

Raguelmon is almost a must-play with running the Ordinemon engine. His first effect gives the deck an added robustness, while his second effect easily pulls Ordinemon into play. Many players believe that this engine would work very well with Lordknightmon (see sample gameplay 1 and 2 from File Island Residents) but this engine is still at its infancy and it is very possible to run this deck differently. 

Omegamon Merciful Mode

A highly anticipated card, but does this Digimon deliver? 

[BT9-083] Omegamon Merciful Mode has a conditionally-strong digivolving effect, depending on how many [Mega] cards you have slotted beneath him. Under normal circumstances, it would be reasonable to expect 1 to 2 copies hence projecting the scale of his deletion effect. 

His deletion effect however, has a perk. Immediately after deletion, he can return 10 cards from the opponent’s trash to the bottom of their deck, which nullifies any [On Deletion] effect of deleted Digimons. Another benefit of this effect is that it can cripple some trash-based decks such as Beelstarmon, Beelzemon, hybrid-Susanoomon, and even Mugendramon decks.

His second effect meanwhile, forces Merciful Mode to de-digivolve to trash the top card of the opponent’s security. Since Merciful Mode lives and dies by his [When Digivolving] effect, he has little value staying as vanilla LV7 in play therefore reverting to his prior form (either a LV6 or another Omegamon) maybe beneficial. 

Note that it is also possible to digivolve Merciful Mode onto a Merciful Mode, to run all his effects twice.

Some players have also mentioned the compatibility between Shivamon and Merciful Mode, allowing the player to trash the opponent’s security twice (once with Merciful, another when Shivamon unsuspends). This compatibility is certainly profound but remains to be seen if the engine is able to survive in the coming X-Antibody landscape.


This set is fresh, engaging, and filled with fan-favourites. If anything, it reminds us of the last time we’ve seen such a great set exactly a year ago in BT-05 Battle Of Omega. Perhaps a reminiscence of a time when packs are fun to pull and great cards fill the set to brim, BT-09 X Record is en-route to match that high standard not seen since BT-05. 

So much goodness and we are still patiently waiting for our SECs. 

Score: 9/10.

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Lexus’s Warp Beelze Rush

Invited Author: Lexus T
Country: Singapore


Ex02 brought about one of my favorite decks this set, the Warp Beelze Rush deck. Whilst not being the Tier-1 deck that has been running rampant the past few metas, it is one that is fast-paced, luck dependent and incredibly satisfying to play. It can be rather expensive to build to the number of secret rares that it plays but if you were like me and cashed in on BT2 Beelzes before the blast mode reveal, then this deck wont cost that much more than your usual decks.

Deck profile:

As its name suggests, this variant of Beelzemon has little to no reliance on the traditional digivolution routes, but rather almost full reliance on hitting at least 10 cards in your trash to kick start the warp evo engine into BT2 Beelze and then into Blast mode. 

MVPs of the Deck mill engine:

Impmon and Pagumon’s Inherit allows you to mill 5 cards from deck, proccing a slew of effects if you are lucky. This deck relies heavily on trashing Ai & Mako, BT2 Beelze as well as Blast mode in order to pull off the combos. You can then use Dobermon to retrieve Ai & Mako or BT2 Beelze or any purple digimon cards as needed from the trash needed to advance your game state.

Heres a tip: Always resolve the trash effects of impmon before pagumon as if you hit a ex02 Beelze when milling if there are no other impmons in the trash, then the trash effect of impmon will not active should you bring it back to the field.


These are the bread and butter of your build. These impmons have all the effects you need in your arsenal. Having a large lvl 3 base also ensures that you almost never brick. Impmon into Beelze into Blast mode and swing into your opponent’s security. Nuff said.

Ex02 Impmon allows you to choose up to 3 cards to trash when milled, so please dont mill 3 when your deck is thinning out.

Techs Cards

With Impmons and Beelzes being your base, we do have a few spots to tech in cards that suit your playstyle. I find Jagerloweemon a really useful tech card that always catches my opponent unaware; With the 3 memory you get each turn, you can use 1 for calling from darkness to retrieve him, evo for 2 and swing for game. Lucemon also provides an alternative delete to corona blaster, a level 5 body for both beelzes that can be easily retrieved from trash when needed.

Bad matchups:

Yellow hybrid recovery and Blackwargreymon.
Yellow Hybrid prolongs the game via recovery, which is beelze’s achilles heel. Blackwargrey’s kit can be very irritating and since beelze needs to be out on the field before being able to evo into blast mode makes it vulnerable to metalgre’s devolve effect as well as blkwargrey’s tamer deletion effect.

Final thoughts

This deck is an extremely fast paced deck that can easily deck out if you do not carefully control your milling. However it offers strong control, swarming potential and incredible satisfaction from gambling out milling effects that can devastate your opponent’s board. It may not be the most economical deck around but hopefully, it will be able to shine a little more once the ban list takes effect.

Game Play

This deck runs 2 Omnimon Zwart Defeat instead of 2 copies of 2 Lucemon, and no LV4 Hybrid JagerLowee.

This deck is the older version before it was optimised, which is shown in this article. 

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[En] Daniel: 1st Place at Latam Final Championship 2021 with Lilith Loop

Invited Author: Daniel Carreño Cartez – Winner at Latin America Final Championship 2021

Date of tournament: 29-30 Jan 2022

Number of participants: 600+


Why did I choose this deck?

After testing all the decks on the BT6 meta I came to the conclusion: “I don’t like any of the decks I’ve played on this format” and I thought, what if I play the ol’ reliable and I took my Lilith Loop from BT5 and updated it to BT6, getting a top 8 on the Evolution Cup and then winning the LatAm regionals with a huge different list, but still the same idea with Lilith Loop

Why I’m playing Purple since BT5?

First, I started playing at the end of BT4 with the purple Structure Deck and I get started against a Security Control, and, as obvious, I lost several times but as a goal I said “I must win against that deck” and I get my playsets of LadyDevimon (BT3-088) and Metalgarurumon (P-027) and finally I get my first win doing 3 Nail Bone in a turn. And that was the start of a new TCG for me, a Yu-Gi-Oh player that was meeting Digimon TCG, and well, Lilith Loop is like playing Yu-Gi-Oh with the infinite combos that the deck can do.

The deck info

Everyone knows what Lilith Loop does, but the main thing was to adapt the deck with EX1 with 1 day of testing it. Analog Youth was a pretty solid card that my deck must carry but I can’t get my favorite card on the game, Takumi Aiba (BT5-091), out of the deck because it was a counter against some Rookie Rush decks like GabuBond and Musketeer on their first turns. Also, the other doubt was Purple Memory Boost (P-040), and I had to adapt all my numbers of the deck.

Digitamas: 4 Tsunomon (BT6-006) and 1 DemiMeramon (BT3-006): As I’m running the Ginkakumon/Kinkakumon/KinkakuPromote version of the deck, I prefer to run 4 Tsunomon as my main Digi-Egg, and I added a 5th digitama (DemiMeramon) because I thought the games would be larger because Ice Wall! (EX1-068) was on the format.

Rookies: 4 Gabumon (ST6-03) because it was the best rookie to start with on a Ginka/Kinka/Promote build, 4 Gazimon (BT3-077) because it’s the memory locker and one of the best cards against the mirror match (or TitaLoop), GabuBond and even Security Control decks. The other 4 rookies are a mini-toolbox: 2 vanillas, DemiDevimon (BT2-067) and Candlemon (BT3-076) to get another Ginkakumon Promote hit by 4 memories; Labramon (BT4-079) to complete the Ginkakumon promote with Zwart or to trigger the Ginkakumon effect on the same opportunity (Ginkakumon effect to put Ginkakumon and Kinkakumon (+1 memory) and Labramon with a discard to trigger Ginkakumon (+1 memory)), and the last but not least, Impmon (BT6-068) to get back my Lilithmon when I get them on Security or I discarded them on a bad situation.

Champions: The 10 great champions: 4 Ginkakumon (BT6-073), 2 Kinkakumon (BT6-071), 4 Ginkakumon Promote (BT6-075), the standard on Lilith Loop with Ginka/Kinka/Promote build

Ultimates: 3 Rebellimon (BT6-077) to stop Jesmon and GabuBond (evolving it on a Lilithmon on the same turn to don’t get it back to the deck with Bond) and 4 LadyDevimon (BT3-088) for the draw power and because it has synergy with Ginkakumon and Tsunomon

Mega: Lilithmon (BT3-091) x4 and Omnimon Zwart x3 (BT5-087), the cards for the loop.

Options: 4 Jack Raid (BT4-111), 1 Underworld’s Call (BT6-108) to get the Ginkakumon Promote from the Trash without Zwart, 2 Purple Memory Boost! (P-040) because it helps to get a future vision of the bottom of the deck and can give me more memories on an Ice Wall! turn or against Security Control, and the best card on the game, Mega Digimon Fusion!, that absolutely deserves the ban.

Tamers: 3 Analog Youth (EX1-066) because it has an incredible synergy with my deck and Takumi Aiba (BT5-091) because it gets the draw power and the stall against Rookie Rush decks.

Any cuts?

Maybe I would take out the DemiMeramon since the game is not so slow with Ice Wall!.

General Gameplay

Your ideal turn 1 is to start with a rookie and a tamer to get a good start (Takumi for future draws and Analog to complete the evolution scale), also, you must worry about to get a great trash (ideally +20, but +10 is right), and you must worry about draw the cards of the loop (Mega Digimon Fusion!, Omnimon Zwart, Lilithmon, a level 5 on play, Jack Raid, etc.)

If you think you’re not going to win on the turn you loop, try to make a mini loop and wait for the Zwart you get on the bottom with Mega Digimon Fusion, or simply don’t loop and get free attacks with the promotes and save a Lv5 on the Breeding Area. 

Match-ups (Disclaimer: maybe I can’t remember well all my results, if one was 2-1 and I marked 2-0 on this platform is because I don’t remember well)


R1: Rookie Rush Yellow / Blue (2-0): I was too scared, with the power of Ice Wall! and Spiral Masquerade on the deck this match could be very hard, but it was not. Takumi Aiba saved me and the power of Kinkakumon and LadyDevimon was crucial to get out the rookies.

R2: AncientTroymon (0-2): Impossible matchup, he started with a perfect hand and I opened a bit bricked but with a playable hand. When he stated his AncientTroymon with some Terriermons on the table I think that was all for me, and it was. 

R3: AncientTroymon (2-0): the revenge, I opened perfect hands and I won, on the Game 2 I played a lot of Digimon (more than 10) and I get the game.

R4: Imperialdramon (1-2): bricked on the 3 games, on the game 1 I opened without rookies, and I won; on the game 2 I never got the Lv4 and was impossible to play and in the game 3 I didn’t opened rookies again. I was very sad and I was marking my drop but my friends encouraged me to still playing.

R5: Jesmon (2-0): this was the Jesmon that did 3rd place on the DC-1 Grand Prix, Ciro Delgado, and he’s a solid player, but even with his Emergency Program Shutdown he got the game. 

R6: Three Musketeer (2-0): I don’t remember this match too much, I was tired on this moment and I wanted to sleep haha. 

R7: Agumon Bond of Courage (2-0): I get on the situation that my opponent has 2 memorys, a Tamer and I had 0 securities, and well, the luck was on my side and he didn’t had the Hybrid, then, I looped until I won.

R8: Security Control (2-1): I had this match very studied, as one of my pals is playing this deck since BT4 (the one that beated me every time when I had my Venomous Violet deck), and I get the game. On the 1st game, he got as his last security a Wyvern’s Breath and he get the deckout with that, and the second and third game was very favorable to me. 


R9: Gabumon Bond of Friendship (2-0): Rebellimon was crucial, get the anti-Ice Wall combo (Lilithmon With Blocker and Retaliation) and I won both games.

R10: Jesmon (2-1): I was too hyped with the idea of doing a Top 32 and I don’t remember too much this match, i only remember that in one game I started with a Ginkakumon Promote on play.

TOP 32: Security Control (2-0): It was Francisco Huentecura, previous Evo Cup Winner, and I get a bit nervous, but with the loop on my side is hard to lose against Security Control, so, I won the match.

TOP 16: Titamon Lilithmon Loop (2-1): I didn’t expect this on top, and I was very proud of see another Lilith on top, it was the Gazimon war, on the game one I lose because he stablished 2 Gazimon and Titamon combo, and in game 2 and 3 I get the Gazimons. The Game 3 was a good meme, both players bricked hard, but I get the Analog x2 to get a rookie and a champion

TOP 8: Agumon Bond of Courage (2-0): Mr. Polako, a great player, very hyped because we get the top 8, I opened with perfect hands on both games, so I get the win.

TOP 4: Jesmon (2-0): The first game was hard, he get the Jesmon with Delicate Plan but he didn’t win; and in the second game I stalled with Rebellimon and then get the loop, being a very easy game compared with the first one.

Finals: Security control (2-0): I misplayed a lot (forgetting effects like Analog Youth and Lilithmon (+2 memory)), but the matchup was very favorable for me, because Security Control has several problems against Lilith Loop. I think I used Underworld’s Call like 3 times on a turn on the last game, and I get the Championship attacking with my loyal Gazimon.

Final thoughts

This was a good way to say goodbye to Mega Digimon Fusion!, the most ridiculous card of the game. I loved to play Lilithmon Loop on BT6/EX1 format and well, I can try to get it alive again with cards like Win Rate 60% and with a blue version with the one Ice Wall! and 4 Hammer Sparks, but I must test all the meta as I did on BT6. 

Thanks to all the people that supported me on all the rounds! Now I have to prepare me for the World Championship, I’m Cheems with that now

Taking a look at the Raidenmon mechanic

Moving the spotlight away from X-Antibody Digimons, we take a look at Raidenmon first introduced in Digimon World 3.

[BT9-067] Raidenmon is a versatile LV6 black Digimon: being able to digivolve from both LV5 and LV6, and also benefits from hard-play. 

When played with the accompanying option card [BT9-102] Heavy Machine Digimon’s Advance!! (or HMDA) he becomes a 9-cost (having +3 memory from inheriting Fujin, Raijin, and Suijinmons from trash) nuke: with 15000 DP, [De-digivolve], [Rush], and [Blitz], in addition to the slew of effects inherited from Fujin, Raijin, and Suijinmons. This gives him enough firepower to swing at almost any suspended Digimon, and the versatility to de-digivolve your way out of difficult situations (such as Armors, Magnamon-X, Ordinemon, and Mugendramon).

His offensive capabilities are the same when digivolving,  but at a measly 1-cost from LV5 or to even regain +1 memory if digivolving from a LV6! (assuming the LV6 trios are readily available in trash) Raidenmon will not need the option card if he digivolves this way.

Possibilities of different base colors

Raidenmon should be played with 3 others LV6 Digimons Fujinmon, Raijinmon and Suijinmon, which are 2 coloured green, yellow, and blue Digimons respectively. This means that it is not necessary to play Raidenmon in black base, and that may be a very good thing. 

Raidenmon decks can take advantage of a green deck’s digivolution speed, yellow’s DP reduction and recovery, or blue for a myriad of digivolution card trashing and unsuspend effects. While there are certainly many possibilities out there, I felt that green and blue would work best with Raidenmon.

Running him in green, it is possible to digivolve into Fujinmon very cheaply by using [Digisorption] from Argomon and/or Blossomon. With just 4 memory, we could digivolve from a LV4 into Fujinmon unsuspended by using the digisorption/ARD-02 engine, and then into Raidenmon to recover +1 memory (and attack). 


Meanwhile in blue we will be able to take advantage of Kaiser Nail and/or Tidal Wave! Ideally, it is possible to digivolve Raidenmon into another Raidenmon for +1 memory, and then pull the Raidenmon from digivolution card using Kaiser Nail for 4 – 3 = 1 memory (and attack immediately if HMDA was also played). A blue base will also grant access to inheritable effects such as [BT6-027] Majiramon which should work quite well with a properly-equipped Raidenmon. 

Dual-colored LV5s such as Shakkoumon and Kimeramon should also complement Raidenmon well as they would relax the digivolution color conditions, as otherwise would restrict the LV5 to LV6 digivolution to either Fujinmon (in green) or Suijinmon (in blue) only. 

Playing in a black base

No doubt that Raidenmon would be the most robust when played in his own base color, using LV5s such as [BT8-067] Metalgreymon. Since Raidenmon is a [Machine] Digimon, he would do well inheriting what works with [EX1-073] Mugendramon, but this raises a question on whether a pure Mugendramon/Chaosdramon configuration should be played instead of Raidenmon. It may also be difficult to navigate both Raidenmon and Mugendramon in a single deck since the distribution of LV6 Digimons can be far too skewed.

Mugendramon is certainly buffed in BT9 (thanks to HMDA) but he largely remains a defensive Digimon. For example, even when inheriting [BT6-013] Megadramon his attack would only be 13000 DP (far too low to go through LV7 Digimons). Therefore we can look at Raidenmon being a sword while Machinedramon being the shield. 

In addition, it may be theoretically easier to have Raidenmon’s 3 different LV6s in trash than to have Mugendramon’s 5 different LV5s, and this will allows us play a more consistent 4 copies of whatever LV5 that complements Raidenmon best, instead of the highlander-style LV5 configuration in a Mugendramon engine. 

And while this may be far-fetched, it might be possible to play both Raidenmon and Mugendramon in a same deck, maybe less Mugens and without Chaosdramon since Raidenmon can digivolve onto Mugen if needed.

Playing with Greymon-X and Omegamon

An idea that I certainly may enjoy trying, is to run the Raidenmon engine with [BT9-012] Greymon-X and Omegamons. Greymon-X has an inherited effect that protects itself (when he is a [Greymon] or [Omegamon] in name) from deletion/return by trashing 2 cards of the same level, which complement Raidenmon well since his stack should have up to 4 LV6 Digimons. Raidenmon can digivolve into Omegamon Zwart Defeat or Alter-S, and subsequently into either Omegamon-X or Merciful Mode if necessary, all which will benefit from the tall stack made possible by Raidenmon.

Ending notes

While some ideas here are still relatively unpolished, I hoped to share some ways in which Raidenmon can be played as a new mechanic. If you have any comments or ideas for Raidenmon, do drop a comment below!

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BT9 Ordinemon: How We Should Use it.

[BT9-082] Ordinemon received many attentions on the day it is revealed, all because of its super-power of board control when it is Jogress digivolved.

Odinemon is a LV7 purple-yellow Digimon that can be Jogress digivolved for just 0-cost from a LV6 purple and a LV6 Yellow Digimon. People get shocked about its “When Digivolving” and “On Deletion” effects since it can just clear out the opponent’s board at the time it appears in the battle and gets as much “recovery+1” as the number of opponent’s Digimon that it destroyed during Jogress, and come back alive if it is destroyed with the condition that you have to trash the top card of security stack. BT9 has introduced the cards that won’t allow players to play card from effect, we hope it can at least control this kind of massive power.


To trigger Jogress for Ordinemon, we all know one Digimon that must be used, it is the LV6 [BT9-080] Raguelmon

Raguelmon is LV6 purple-yellow Digimon that allows us to play for free 1 LV6 [Angel] or [Fallen Angel] from trash if there is 1 or fewer cards in security stack when we pay 12-cost to hard-play this Digimon. And up till today, this is the only LV6 that can trigger Jogress-digivolve this Digimon with another LV6 yellow or purple Digimon into Ordinemon at the end of the turn. So it seems we must include this card into the Ordinemon deck. But how we should play it?

The first thing we might think of is: I will use Bliding Light (yellow option card) to reduce the security till 1 or fewer cards and gain more memory, then hard-play the Raguelmon to play another yellow LV6 Digimon (maybe LV6 BT2 Holydramon for recovery) then Jogress them into Ordinemon to clear opponent’s board as well as enabling more recovery.

It seems a good strategy, but it might not work in modern meta when everything can be started from Digimon that is moved out from nursing area or from the tamers those can be evolved using hybrid line, or even controlled by the anti-freePlay Digimon by effects such as Pillomon and Pomumon above. Furthermore, since we have to put 4 copies of Raguelmon in the deck, the number of LV6 [Angel] or [FallenAngel] will be limited and hard to draw, so it causes hand-brick easily.

It is not safe to give opponent many memories in current meta. So should we go with the normal digivolving instead?

There are some strong profiles that we can upgrade to match with Ordinemon.

ST10 Mastemon Jogress Deck

ST10 Mastemon is the most suitable profile to be upgraded for Ordinemon. Mastemon can be Jogress-ed from 2 LV5 Digimon (1 Yellow & 1 purple), and then we can choose a LV5 from trash to place on top of security stack, then play it for free by using its “When Digivolving” effect. This LV5 later can be evolved into Raguelmon for 4-cost then can Jogress with Mastemon into Ordinemon at the end of the turn. It is the cheapest way to move into Ordinemon, we can also use Winrate 60% to reduce the digivolving cost of Raguelmon if needed. 

We need to stay in our turn when Mastemon do Jogress, so obviously memory need to be enough, either from Tamer or option cards.

(But first thing first, if opponent has Digimon that do not allow us to play Digimon from effect, we have to destroy it first).

Will Lordknightmon return?

Same with ST10 Mastemon, Lordknightmon can play a LV5 Warrior type Knightmon for free when it is attacking. We can evolve Knightmon into Raguelmon then trigger the Jogress into Ordinemon from Raguelmon and Lordknightmon at the end of the turn.

Compared to ST10 Mastemon, Lordknightmon must attack in order to play the LV5 for free, it means LKM can be destroyed by the opponent’s security card (can be a Digimon that has 11K DP or more, or an option card). On top of that, Mastemon can be Jogress from 2 LV5 for free, or has the flexibility to choose any LV5 from trash while Lordknightmon needs to rely on the only LV5 [Warrior] type yellow Digimon for now (if there is no yellow warrior type Digimon is introduced in BT9). Furthermore, since the deck don’t have much draw power for Raguelmon, so it is easily to face hand-brick or cannot draw the right card.

There are some players who tried to play Ordinemon in LKM deck, the outcome is not so good. We may wait to see if there is any cards in BT9 that supports this profile, then LordKnightmon can come back again in BT9 meta.

Daemon (Creepymon) to be noticed.

Daemon is an under-use Secretrare card in BT8 that forms no deck or meta yet, but it has potential to work with Raguelmon in BT9 meta.

With just 3 cost to digivolve, if opponent has 2 or more Digimon in the battle, we can play a LV5 or lower purple Digimon from trash without paying its cost.

Daemon can be useful in the deck that built on Raguelmon digivolution line because it has LV4 Meicoomon that can be played from security or LV5  [BT9-076] Meicrackmon Vicious Mode that is cheap to hard-play.

[BT9-076] Meicrackmon Vicious Mode
Effect: [When Played] [When Digivolving] Trash one card from your hand. If the trashed card is purple, delete one of your opponent’s LV3 Digimon. If the trashed card is yellow, one of your opponent’s Digimon gets DP-3000 until the end of the turn.
Inherited: [On Deletion] If this Digimon has 2 or more colors, gain +2 memory.
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