Mark: Asia 2nd Round Prelims; Blue Flare in BT12-EX4 meta.

Invited Author: Mark Aurelio Beloy (1oth Place in 2nd Round Prelims SEA – qualified for final)

Country: Philippines


Hi everyone this is me again, Professor B, B for Biktory from the Philippines and I would like to share my tournament report and thoughts about ” The DigiXross Private Schoolbus”. Ok, just kidding. I’ll lessen my jokes for this article since this covers a High level tourney experience. 

I, Mark Beloy was supposed to be a Grandis player for the 2nd round of Asia Qualifiers! 

Putting some thought into it, Bwargreymon is the most popular deck right now because of the abusive combo of Greymon X, and Hades force. To counter it, Grandis is necessary. But what should counter Grandis while also holding it’s own against Blackwargreymon?  

The deck I will feature is the Blue Flare  BT12/EX04. 

Click into the image for deck featured in DIGIMON CARD META

Why is Blue Flare strong in the current meta

It is already strong using the BT10 parts, but with the addition of EX04 Gaossmon, Kiriha/Nene dual tamer and another set of Greymon, Mailbirdramon and metalgreymon, it ensures you that ever card you draw or reveal using blaze memory boost is usable. 

It is already strong using the BT10 parts, but with the addition of EX04 Gaossmon, Kiriha/Nene dual tamer and another set of Greymon, Mailbirdramon and metalgreymon, it ensures you that ever card you draw or reveal using blaze memory boost is usable. 

Nene and Kiriha lets you gain 1 memory if there is 2 or more Digimon on the field, regardless of ownership. It also lets you be  more aggressive because you can use a Digimon from trash as a Digixross requirement.

EX04 Greymon and Mailbirdramon adds jamming and Draw 1 to the existing arsenal of the inheritable effect. Jamming shoots up the tempo by ensuring that you get at least 2 checks whenever there are 2 digimons on your opponent’s field.

Ex04 Metalgreymon is such a strong card because it lets you choose which 2 sources to remove from a Digimon, imagine removing the lvl 5 and lvl 6 sources then playing dexmon to such a devastating effect. 

With those current lvl3-5 you can already win the game, all that’s left are cards that give you a way out of certain situations. 

Shoutmon X7 Superior mode is your best counter for unmovable beasts like Bwargreymon, Alter-s, Omnimons and other cards that cancels on delete effect. Big problem is the high playcost, which can be tricked by placing it as a source using Metalgreymon Cyber launcher then playing Kaiser Nail.

Kuzuhamon is another great utility since on evo, it lets you play  a 5 cost or lower option card, perfect for kaiser nail and blaze memory boost. Then it plays a lvl4 or lower Digimon from it’s source. Perfect for X7.

Bt11 Zeig Greymon, the Immortal blocker. This card is perfect for Blue flare since it gives blocker, but imagine it being the last source of 3 Metalgreymon Cyber launcher stacked on top of each other. You get a blocker with 3 armor purge and a bonus lvl 6.

Sourai option card is such a strong card right now because there is a lot of red-hybrid and Hunters deck. Sourai stops Arresterdramon superiormode from abusing the end turn attack since the sources will now be insufficient.

Dexmon, yes. The ever reliable dexmon. No further explanation. 


Tournament Report(7 rounds Bo1)

This is a stressful tournament since you need to aim for consistency. B01 games translates to “who bricks first loses”

Round 1 vs Bwargreymon(Muhammad Ardiyanra (ID))

Started my opening hand by digivolving gaosmon in raising area then ended up having to play Blaze memory boost, I was forced to do so because I bricked. Luckily it reveals a tamer which was played, X7 and a greymon launcher.seeing that together with a kaisernail from my hand braced me for the incoming black wargreymon. Which he did. The abusive combo of digivolving from Greymon x to 1 cost metalgreymon, then play hades force deleted my tamers then he checks for security. Luckily, I got a memory boost from security so I was able to pull off my Metalgreymon BT10, digivolve to launcher, insert X7 then kaisernail. The Bwargreymon got bottom decked, and I now have board control. 

Round 2 vs Beelzemon-x(tan jia chuang (MY))

I Bricked Hard!! I have 4 LVL5 in my hand. Luckily it was Metalgreymon cyber launcher, so the fight went on as he digivolved up to baalmon then ended up placing 2 impmons on the battle area. I was able to digixross cyberlauncher for 4 cost by stacking the 3 together. The impmons were bottomdecked. Opponent’s last effort got him to digivolve until Beelzemon-x but trashing security is not enough as I was able to rush his security down. 

Round 3 vs Grandis(Robin Oh Reactor (SG))

He played a green memory boost without digivolving a rookie. So I used that opportunity to spam my board with Gaossmon which gives me a lot of draw power, while keeping the memory to either 1 or 2. To my surprise, he plays coolboy which also puts me at 1 memory, then I had this crazy idea to Digixros 3 Cyberlauncher and place Zeig greymon for a blocker effect. But still, he managed to go grandis combo on me, clearing my 4 security not even hitting sourai once! All security cards are level 4!! I was confident since he did not have a rookie or a hybrid for finisher, and my Digimon has 3 armor purge. but guess what!! He digivolved into a Quartzmon. Board Locked. Lucky for me, I have a metalgreymonEX04 which only left his sources at lvl3, then even with high memory to be given to the opponent, I called dexmon to dedigivolve + destroy that Quartzmon. GG

Round 4 vs Bwargreymon(William Teh (MY))

Stress is getting into every player right now so we get to be more cautious. We had to make sure that the decks are properly shuffled/randomized which led to a judge call. Then the fight continues as usual. Usual flow for the Bwarg to reach greymon-x hades force combo. But This time, I don’t have X7 to answer. Then we had another judgecall because we need to confirm which comes first, deletion effect of hades on my tamer and gaosmon(which will let me call a Digimon) or the additional attack of the hades.  Whatever happens, I ended up playing cards to stun lock his units. The exchange went on for eternity as the Bwarg Player is so good. Our last exchange was a battle between metalgreymon-x vs 2 of my security. I would have lost because of that 2 checks, but hell yea 1st check was 17k shoutmonX7. We eneded up having “double loss” because of times up, time would have also been extended because of our judge calls. 

Round 5 vs Bloomlord(Yandy (ID))

I got an early advantage with so many attackers, he also security checked more of my tamers which turns into a weakness when he digivolved into a quartzmon. I could not do anything whenever he attacks and trashed my security. 

Round 6 vs Bwargreymon(Clive Malvin Bayusuta Clive (ID))

I’m getting fed up of all these Bwargreymon matchups. Luckily I got Syakkomon as my opening hand right off the bat. When syakkomon entered the field, the abusive greymon-x is now forced to digivolve from hatching. 

I used that opportunity to relentlessly attack. With some spicy exchange, Sourai option cards here and there, hades force burning the tamers, etc I was able to win in the end. 

Round 7 Vs Blue flare(Gan Jie Shen (MY))

Both players know how the decks work. So I kept my digimons to a minimum of 1. To my surprise, I think he ended up having a metalgreymonEX04 suspended, then 2 other lvl4 and below Digimon. I was able to use my own metalgreymonBT10 to attack his EX04, then digivolved it to launcher, and placed another launcher underneath to bottom deck his digimons. Then that sealed the deal.  

The overall experience for the Asia prelims round 2 left a strong impression on me. The remote setup was stressful but the level of competition was very high. Out of around 64 participants We managed to bag 5 slots in the top 14, I got Top 10. 

Blue flare is strong!  End of article 😛

Ron (PH): DC-1 and the Greymon Toolbox

Invited Author: Ron Agbayani

Country: Philippines


Hi everyone this is Ron Agbayani again from the Philippines and I would like to share my tournament report and thoughts about” The Greymon Tool Box”. I call it this way since both Wargreymon and Black Wargreymon are included in this tool box and share hand in hand to match against other top decks.

The Wargreymon Tool Box against the current Meta

It has great potential in the upcoming formats due to built-in effects such as protection, search, sec check +1, blitz, tamer deletion, and gain memory. Rookies in this archetype have access to Omnimon that can  potentially close a game.

Technically a tier 1 deck but it still falls short to decks that are fast enough to unsuspend or directly attack your Digimon on play area and these includes Jesmon and Bloom/Hydramon. Also, if your opening hand is brick then you might potentially lose the game but on the hind thought it answers most of the decks currently available.

Click into the image for deck featured in DIGIMON CARD META


I would like to share some highlights during DC-1 Tournament


DC-1 Tournament Report

1st Tournament of the Year

Deck used: Blackwargreymon/Gaiomon/Wargreymon

Rank: 2nd Place


Swiss 4 Rounds (X-1)

Round 1: BYE

Round 2: Hunters O-O

Had the chance to draw my Hades Force and BWG on time whenever he was setting up the tamers. 

Round 3: Bloom/Hydra/Quartz  X-O-X

Spam and unsuspend my Digimons. I was not able to establish my board.

Round 4: Wargreymon O-O

I gave up my Red Memory Boosts to have extra Agumon hence giving more consistency. I had them in each round so a good start. The highlight for me here is Gaiomon helped me de-digivolve and trample his Digimons. 


Top Cut

Round 1: Red Hybrids O-O

I established Greymons with blocker with +DP that can be only deleted by Kaisergreymon BT12 then I was able to draw Hades Force and BWG hence securing my win.

Round 2: Hunters O-X-O

The goal  against hunters was to keep 1 Digimon on play without tamers but has high value. This was the logic of Gaiomon because it has Security Check +1. 

Finals: Bloom/Hydra/Quartz X-X

Difficult match up. A literal hands up!

The current meta has plenty of decks to offer and these are equally running smoothly and depend on piloting. I chose my Greymon Deck because this is my most used deck ever since so I just had to understand more other top decks and how to react with their strategy.

I will like to list some of my thoughts regarding deck building a Greymon Deck. I made a decision that the deck I will build must have oppression and can end the game at around 4-7 turns.

  1. No more Wargreymon X BT9. It is dubbed as the best card to slide in since at the end of the attack it can delete a Digimon and whenever your opponent’s security is removed, you gain 1 memory. On paper it has good effects but it can be argued that Wargreymon BT12 alone is better – raid and unsuspend whenever an attack is redirected. Against mirror matches it can't kill an unsuspended Wargreymon BT12 that is 20k higher hence I used Gaiomon BT9 and Blackwargreymon BT8 as my main Mega in my deck. 
  2. Metalgreymon X BT9 and Metalgreymon BT12 push the game and have more impact than any other level 5. Raid + Free tamer play and easy Security Check +1 is non-negotiable and a must.
  3. Alterous Mode promo is a good addition since it deletes a Digimon with 5000 DP and it has protection effect. Acts like a Greymon X BT11 + X-Antibody for protection.
  4. Only 2 X-antibody option cards to improve the consistency. I usually needed it for protection purposes only and my deck has Gaiomon BT9 which does not rely on X-antibody option card.
  5. Black Wargreymon BT8 is searchable and can be evolved to Gaiomon BT9. It also deletes both Tamer and Digimon at the right condition.

Even though the deck has too many searches it still bricks hard which is still difficulty to use.

Shared here were my matchups during DC-1 Tournament – Wargreymon/Black Wargreymon vs Red Hybrids – Top 8 – Wargreymon/Black Wargreymon vs Hunters – Top 4

We don’t have coverage for finals but just imagine I was utterly defeateg that time!
Hope to see more players and improvement within the community and the game itself!

Andy Tan: The new Beelstar Deck (ST14) – BeelShine

Invited Author: Andy Tan (won twice with this Beelstar deck)

Country: Singapore 


Hi Andy here, I first started playing Digimon when BT6 first released and was introduced to Beelstar.

I feel Beelstar has always been a silent powerhouse throughout the different sets with it only slowly falling off as the meta shifted to a more fast paced one.

The problem I feel with Beelstar is that it’s rather slow in building up its trash by relying purely on the draw and discard mechanic of Scattermode and Gabumon. With the introduction of ST-14, we are treated to two new cards that made a milling version of Beelstar more viable – Warring Shots and also the new Beelstarmon.

Deck's Strategy

The strategy for the deck is rather straightforward – as milling is a notch faster than discarding, you mill as much as you can. Each 7 cost option and each card in your trash means a cheaper BT6 or ST14 Beelstarmon. If you accidentally mill any of your key pieces, you can also then recover them with the myriad of trash recovery cards that is in the deck. Once you have reached a reasonably high amount of cards in trash, that’s where the nasty side of the deck kicks in – you get to spam cheap level 6s in the form of beelstars which then goes into Shinegreymon Ruin Mode.
Click into the image for deck featured in DIGIMON CARD META

The following are some key cards that really synergises well with each other.

Warring Shots – As a 7 cost purple option, Warring Shots is an auto include in a Beelstar deck. However, it is it’s two Main effect that truly makes it shine. Firstly it destroys one of your opponent’s highest level Digimon if casted from your hand or triggered as a security effect – I see this as somewhat a compliment to Fly Bullet since it can delete a level 7 Digimon. Secondly, when the option is trashed from your deck it gains a delay effect where you can pitch it the next turn to return a purple tamer or Digimon from your trash. While the deck has other trash recovery cards such as calling from darkness or Yamato, warring shots is by far the best as it’s a free card recovery as long as it’s milled from your deck. This card can then be pitched to fetch any Digimon in your deck – be it an impmon if you are bricking, a beelstar to recur it’s effect or to loop a shinegrey Ruin mode to disrupt your opponent’s play next turn. The possibilities are endless.

Shinegreymon Ruin Mode: A good Digimon in shinegrey decks and an even better card in this deck that can spam cheap purple level 6s. Ruin Mode by itself is a tough nut to crack the -5k DP on digivolution/deletion disrupts pretty much all strategies on your opponent’s next turn – this is especially so if you managed to clear their board using your beelstar. Its end of attack effect where it deletes an opponent Digimon along with itself is devastating enough, but it also recovers 1 security for you. In this deck that’s chock full of removal options, a security recovery could mean yet another obstacle for your opponent when they are swinging for your life.

To top it all off, as a purple Digimon, Ruin Mode can also be recovered by most of the trash recovery cards that is in this deck

ST14 Beelstarmon: This card may not seem like much as first but it serves both as discount fodder for your BT6 beelstar, allowing you to run less options that might cause you to brick and to run this instead. As it’s cost reduce by 4 for every 10 cards in your trash, having 20 cards would mean playing this for 5 cost – a relatively cheap price to pay for a level 6. Its two other effects allows you to build your trash and also play an impmon with rush. Playing an impmon in this deck would either mean you mill 3 more cards, or you recover a Beelzemon or Beelstarmon from trash. Both very good effects to be getting for free!

BT2 Beelzemon: I run this as a one off due to the deck being able to recover it from trash rather easily. It’s good in this deck as it allows your impmons a chance to become a huge beat stick and also it’s ability to delete a level 4 on Evo comes in handy when dealing with Psychemon/Solarmon or Chikurimons which would otherwise lock you out of your Beelstars

Darkness Wave: At 1 cost, this card mills 3 cards from your deck, a cheap card to build your trash and potentially pop off a few effects. Also super useful if you are looking to memory choke your opponent

Eyesmon Scattermode: Although the deck centres around milling, this card is still integral as it allows you to cycle options or cards that you don’t necessarily want in your hand for new ones. Evolving this on top of impmon x also means you get 2 mills each swing regardless if it dies or not! (Shoutout to Gum for this suggestion!!)

Happy bullet showering is very handy in removing sticky cards such as the Metalgrey and darkknight that spawns from grey knight or the blitzgrey and cresgaruru from alter s


While this deck is a tad faster in terms of setting up and can compete with most decks, it’s still an unfavourable game against fast and aggressive decks like Greymon (especially if they have immunity with X antibody and greymon x) and the sheer destructive power of Grandis and beelze. Those games are usually decided by the power of your security cards which leave a lot to chance. Dedigivolution strategies like blue flare/twilight can also disrupt your ruin mode plays and also deny your ever important on deletion effects. But for the most part you can cruise through them as your Digimon usually are hard casted and so can’t be dedigivolved.
Round 1 vs Wargrey: My opponent started of strong and had a Blackwargrey x with x antibody immunity on board and left me with two security. However at that point in time I had build my trash to a sufficient enough level to play beelstar for 3 cost. I played two beelstar to clear off his Blackwargrey x, before going into ruin mode the next turn to stall him from pushing out his Digimon for a turn while I swarm the field to end the game.
Round 2 vs Shinegreymon: My opponent was not able to get a rookie so he played a level 4 from hand for the first two turns, each of these level 4s then were killed off with an option in my hand. In the second half of the game I sealed off his ability to build his board by killing off his shinegrey with beelstar and using my ruin mode to ensure that his Digimon stays in the nursery and his masarus remain as tamers. Once this was done, a combination of recycling my ruin modes and beelstars to both swarm the board and to close off his field won me the game.
Round 3 vs Xros Heart :My opponent played a X4 on his first turn, passing me to 3 memory. My had was horrible so I paid 13 memory to play ST-14 Beelstarmon, passing my opponent to 10 memory. While I thought this would be game, as it allowed my opponent to build up his tamers to a staggering 4 tamers on turn two, the effect of beelstar came in clutch when he swung into my security after setting his tamers up, milling a BT2 impmon which allowed me to play it due to beelstarmon’s effect.
On my next turn, I swung with my impmon which then milled 3 and this again recycled an impmon with rush due to my beelstar’s effect. This along with some good mills with darkness wave saw my trash reach a decent amount and allowed me to start playing bt6 beelstarmons to start wiping his board. And as usual once the board is all cleared, beelstar goes into ruin mode to further lock things down.

Tips when playing this deck:

1. When given the choice, always try to go for mills rather than drawing and discarding – most key effects of this deck only triggers when they are milled. Your Eyesmon exists as a backup and as a way to unbrick your hand
2. Don’t be afraid to pitch your warring shots’ delay effect early in the game to retrieve impmons or other cards that help to set up your trash
3. Always try to digivolve up to a ruin mode in the same turn that the first copy is deleted. This sets enormous pressure for the following two turns and will likely win you the game – this may sound hard but it’s easy to pull off in this deck if you use your cards at the right time
4. You can discard your beelstarmons if needed. You can always find a way to fish them back to your hand later

Hazrin: A DC-1 Tournament Report (Malaysia)

Invited Author: Hazrin (Host)

Country: Malaysia


Hello, Hazrin from East Malaysia here. With the recent release of  EX-04: Theme Booster Alternative Being set, about 1 week before its release date, it seemed our local’s meta has shifted to more variety of control-based decks, mainly, due to the insurgence of Wargreymon and Blackwargreymon players in the previous months. Examples of various control-based decks are Hunter decks which can remove a card on the field easily by placing the opponent’s Digimon under a tamer or other Digimon in play, and Blue flare, which can essentially shut down 1 or multiple Digimons in play by not allowing them to attack nor block for a turn.

Tournament Result

DC-1 Digimon Tourney (Kuching) Results
31/12/2022 @BuddyConnection
Top 8 (Qualified)
1st Place – Black/Wargreymon X (Haiqal)
2nd Place – UlforceVeedramon (Pang)
3rd Place – Hunter (Arresterdramon) (Charles)
4th Place – Black/Wargreymon X (Akuma)
5th Place – Beelzemon (Hosea)
6th Place – BlueFlarexTwilight (Voon)
7th Place – Hunter (Arresterdramon) (Hasrul)
8th Place – BloomlordmonxQuartmon (Hafiz)
Decks Distribution
Blueflare x3
Beelzemon x2
Shinegreymon x2
Hunter x2
Bloomlordmon x2
Black/Wargreymon X x2
UlforceVeedramon x1
Alphamon x1
Machinedramon x1

Our DC-1 results however show that Wargreymon and Blackwargreymon still dominated the whole tournament. This is mainly contributed by 1 card, that has been deemed to be problematic by many players, Greymon (X-Antibody) BT11-064. That  Greymon (X-Antibody) paired with Metalgreymon BT12-068 could easily digivolve into a level 6 Digimon with just the cost of 4 memories in total (ideally, Wargreymon players would digivolve an Agumon in the breeding zone, and into any Greymon turn 1, then digivolve into the Greymon X-antibody for 0 costs the turn after).

Adding the salt to the wound, the Metalgreymon (BT12-068) would clear out the field by attacking into a Digimon in play using its Raid ability (or just the normal way if the opponent’s Digimon is suspended) and effectively plays a black or red tamer for 0 costs when any attack switches target, yes, this includes blocking or redirecting and also applies to your other Digimon or opponent’s, ALL TURN. Greymon’s massive body (DP) makes them hard to be removed by attacking them, and the icing on the cake, Pseudo-immunity from most generic removal effects.

Our local’s DC-1 Champion, Haiqal Sulaiman, is running 2 copies of Lightning Joust ST7-11, just for the "Security Attack +1", if in case the opponent has the lead,  to get a few of the opponent’s security off the board, and closing the game with the combination of the X-antibody Option card, Omnimon BT5-086 and Omnimon (X Antibody)  BT10-086.

The First Place Deck.

Our 1st runner-up, Pengiran Hazieq, showcased Ulforceveedramon’s (BT11-032) potential with its latest support, Ulforceveedramon (X antibody) BT12-029 as the only player representing the deck. Now with the access to return 1 of the opponent’s Digimon with the lowest level to their hand, All turns (Ulforceveedramon X antibody’s ability), with the help of Rina Shinomiya BT11-112, the deck can disrupt their opponent’s plays and catch them off guard. With the potential to even OTK, Ulforceveedramon decks can contend with the best of decks in this new meta.

The hunter deck is the new gem in the mix. The deck's swiftness and wide varieties of color can be a hassle to fight against, the deck is unpredictable and has ways to remove the board with little ways to deal with it; Opponent's building a tall stack of Digimon just to be placed under a tamer or a level 3 Digimon with Arresterdramon Superior Mode's ability or Digimons and Tamers swarmed the board, just to be locked down by Quartzmon, the deck is just full of surprises. The deck can work around their ways with little memories & without the opponent realizing, the game has ended, thanks to multiple Old Clock Shop Man in Play and the (End of turn) attack once more with Arresterdramon: Superior Mode's Effects.

Another deck that has seen a surge after the set EX-04’s releases is Blue Flare. The deck has been an unstoppable force before and is coming back to the meta, now better than ever. With their latest support, Mailbirdramon EX4-018 and Greymon EX4-016, the deck has been really consistent and shows no sign of stopping, in other words; Blue Flare is very strong. An Honorable mention to Beelzemon deck and its X-antibody, the deck just proves that trashing security has little to no counter-play, just remember not to keep track of the number of cards in the deck before trashing them.

Second Place Deck
Third Place Deck

That basically summarizes the whole post-EX4 set, that is, in our local at least. Since the set has just been released, there were just a few players daring enough to compete with the newer cards to the DC-01 tournament, most probably to avoid misplays, and are not sure of how well those decks will do. Nonetheless, give them a few more weeks, surely there will be a shift in meta soon.

[EN] Alfiler: EX3 Red Dorbickmon Deck

Invited Author: Alfiler

Country: Spain


Hi! Alfiler (@Alfiler_digi) from Spain here. I’ve been playing digimon since bt 1.0 and i’m known for playing any type of deck. Since machinedramon came in ex-1 and the support in the next bts, i have tried to reach its greatest power. With the release of ex3 and the arrival of Dorbick a new door opened. I think Dorbick is a high cost high reward deck and I'm going to explain it. Since you don’t have to build a stack in order to finish the game, you don’t really need a ladder. I’ve focused the deck on cheap damage and draw power, and once you have your Dorbick and the five sources, finish the game.

I’ve won a couple of small tournaments with this deck (16 people) and I was prepared to try it on something bigger. Manavortex is a store in Alicante (city of spain) that has monthly tournaments and always reaches a minimum of 32 players. Also they have a rule to play with a side deck of 10 cards. So I decided to go with my team (@DigiRaiders) and try my best.


Deck & Side Deck.

This is the decklist and the side deck I have used.

First of all, as i said, i have focused this deck to draw fast and meanwhile do cheap damage. 

Gigimon allows you to draw cards, and Guilmon promo is a draw 2 for one attack. This is one of the most broken draw combos ever. I’ve included a playset of Guilmon ex3 to try to kill rookies like solarmon st-12 and psychemon bt8 because they prevent you from playing dorbick. Guilmon X is here like the Guilmon ex3, but also fits in dorbick as it is a Dragon type. Also allows you to kill 14000DP or less when it’s in dorbick sources. Sistermon blanc it’s one of the best rookies in this deck, because it's a cheap discard 1 draw 2 who can put a lot of pressure in the match. That’s all for the rookie lineup

Now we move to the spicy card in the deck, Eyesmon: Scatter mode.This card is sick. You can use this card in so many ways… If you attack with your guilmon ex3 and survive, you can choke evolving into Eyesmon. If you don’t have rookies, you can hard cast it and dig for your pieces. A lot of people didn’t know that Eyesmon it’s a Dragon type, so it is also a piece of dorbick. The rest of the champions and ultimates are kind of standard , but I want to add saviorhuckmon bt6 because it’s a dragon and you can use his inherited effect to restand if you have a sistermon in the field.

Omnimon X bt5 it’s just a counter to otk decks when you can’t finish the game and you know he/she will in the next turn.


Match ups:

Dorbick vs Admin Dragons: 2-1 W

First round was against Admin dragons. First game was a win and just finished in the third turn, this deck is really really fast. Second game didn’t find dorbick and i was forced to play rookie rush style, then he play volcanicdramon from ex3 and i didn’t have a chance to finish the game. Third game was pretty much like the second, but when he played volcanic, i was at 10 memory, so i searched dorbick with memory boost and fire balls and just play it and finish.

Dorbick vs Sec. Control: 2-1 W

This is a hard match up. if dorbick hits a bomb in security, you are pretty much dead. First game he played holy wave and put me at 6, I just evolved Guilmon promo, played two hero of the skies and a sistermon to choke at 1. Then he played me another holy wave and put me at 5, so i just rookie rushed the game until the end. The second game was a bomb after bomb in the security and i just didn’t have a chance. Then I used my side deck to put two delicate plan and it was easy.

Dorbick vs Blackwar 2-1 W

Man, this is the worst matchup you can face as a dorbick player. If you don’t hurry up , they will put a gaiomon with blocker, reboot and immune to destruction and you can’t pass that wall. First game I just played Dorbick turn 2 with 3 checks and restand and pray for the best. It worked. Second game didn’t find Dorbick early enough and he just did the perfect gaiomon. Third game he just brick and this is when this deck takes the avantage. You can’t brick, so you automatically win.

Dorbick vs Dorbick 2-0 W

This game was really really fast. Omnimon X just win me two games. I did dorbick early and just evolved into Omnimon X. Dorbick can’t delete him and Omnimon stops the attacks.

Since the other undefeated people just drew, I was the only undefeated in round 4 and the tournament just finished.

I just want to thank my teammates for testing with me on discord every week and share with me this passion.

Mundzir: The real Analogman

Invited Author: Mundzir (won Evo Cup)

Country: Brunei


My name is Mundzir or Mund, I’m the one that look like Analogman

Joined Digimon from BT02 but am a hermit during the early release. I won Brunei Darussalam 1st EVO Cup using Machinedramon/Chaosdramon Red/Black Deck. Reasons to pick this deck because I'm always a fan of machine/mecha and winning with a machine dinosaur? Why not right? Have been a Machinedramon fan ever since Digimon World 1 as the Final Boss. Memorable fight. 

Hidden Gem

I love the fact that Machinedramon EX01 has the ability that would prevent it from being deleted by removing level 5 machine/cyborg. It's a strong ability unlike any other deck I've seen and it's a unique condition that it can survive. Used this deck in friendly tournaments, it's a worthy competitor even up till the BT12 Meta. Yes I've used this deck in BT12 Meta.
This deck is a slow – mid building deck. It takes time to be able to go to its full potential and going on second is heaven. 

Hope this report can help other Machine/Chaos to its full potential.

Cards used for EVO CUP
Key Strategy - The best offense is the best defense

Key Cards

Strategy for Machinedramon/Chaosdramon is not simple, you need a set up. Shout out to Analogman without this tamer, cards will guarantee to have less defense.

1.) Analogman

[Opponent's Turn] When an opponent's Digimon attacks a player, by suspending this Tamer, switch the target of attack to 1 of your level 6 Digimon with the [Machine] trait.

2.) Machinedramon EX-01

 [All Turns] This Digimon's DP can't be reduced. [All Turns] When this Digimon would be deleted, you may trash 2 level 5 Digimon cards in this Digimon's Digivolution cards to prevent this Digimon from being deleted.

3.) Chaosdramon EX-03

[On Play] [When Digivolving] By placing up to 3 red and/or black level 5 cards with the [Cyborg] trait and different card numbers from your hand and/or trash under this Digimon as its bottom digivolution cards, "De-Digivolve 1" on 1 of your opponent's Digimon (Trash up to 1 card from the top of one of your opponent's Digimon. If it has no digivolution cards, or becomes a level 3 Digimon, you can't trash any more cards) for each card placed by this effect.

Tournament Report

I will explain briefly how I win in every match.

Win – 5
Lose – 0
Draw – 0

Gamer's Tavern 1st EVO Cup Tournament Results

1st place: Mundzir Mugen

2nd place: Farhan Inda Brick Dorbrickmon

3rd place: Jacol Beezlemon

4th place: EL Lok Lok B/G Examon

Decks Distribution: (22 players)

1st Game Machinedramon – Win 

This was a tough one because it's a mirror match. First against the same deck it's not a good sign, even though his name during the tournament was Mugenslayer.

So how to win during this time it's because opponents decided to rush his Machinedramon. During round 3, I have already 3 Analogman and level 4 in my breeding area. My security is 1-2 though. 

Letting the opponent hit as I need to search for Analogman and at least some in level 5 in trash. Key to win was for opponents to become Machinedramon first and for my turn, I chose to pick Chaosdramon to de-digivovle and by that time, setup was already done. Repeat the process.

2nd Game Wargreymon X Red/Black – Win

This has a different vibe to it. Since it's a Wargreymon X, key card for this game is Megadramon BT9 to destroy tamers Tai and Cool boy and Metaltyranomon BT11 to force the opponent to attack you with Analogman and trash their cards.

When it becomes a Metalgreymon X antibody BT9, let it attack securities, 2-3 for level 5 in trash or Analogman. Once it digivolve to level 6, prepare to de-digivolve it and there is where you can control. 

3rd Game Red Hybrid – Win

Going against the new Meta is something. These match up, watch out for the 2nd turn of the opponent. It is ready to hit hard by attack 3 security quickly even without a proper set up. 

One of the hardest opponents encountered during this EVO Cup. This is a rush deck so to win this, prepare digivolve until level 5 at breeding area with a condition Analogman must be on the field, let the opponent hit the security first.

By turn 3, digivolve to level 6 and hope for best it won't destroy your Digimon. During this game the red hybrid biggest hitter was around 10,000 – 12,000, a Choasdramon can try to tank the attacks

4th Game Dobrick OTK – Win

Scary deck honestly and Dobrick as a R card. Don't underestimate the deck. During 2nd turn, opponent attack with a Dobrick with 4 security checks, fortunately 2 Analogman was in it

Against Dobrickmon, you need to be careful as it can gain rush, and by putting in saur or dragon it can  reduce the cost, making this as a "Rush Deck"

Playing against this deck is actually like a gamble, why gamble? Hoping the opponent to hit security checks and checking for tamers underneath those security.

By the time you have tamer,next turn is to move the level 4 from breeding area to the battle area, digivolve to a level 5 either EX01 Metalgreymon to destroy 3000 DP or BT8 Metalgreymon to "De-digivolve 1". The better choice is to evolve the EX01 Metalgreymon then to Chaosdramon level 6. Put in the remaining level 5 from trash underneath the digimon and let the Dobrick hit the 12000 DP wall. 

This is the only way to win against the Dobrick deck. Once the dobrick is gone, it's hard to recover due to cards have been used for the Dobrick ESS source

Morale here : Don't underestimate rarity R cards

5th Game Examon – Win

An epic match between 2 titans, Examon and Machinedramon. Final matchup was unexpectedly to be Examon. Fought only once in the past on Examon and it is a deck where it "evade" it's death, suspends you and FORCE you to attack during your phase. This is a deck to be wary of.

1st Strategy at this point is to "attack carefully" during your turn and build from behind. For the Examon deck, the weak point is, it can't attack 2 security at 1 hit, but it can unsuspend and attack again. 

Final few scenarios was, 4 Digimons including 2 Examon against 1 Level 5 Digimon. This matchup was not in my favor.

Having 3 Analogman during that time was the only hope into winning by digivolving into a Chaosdramon to de-digivolve and to use redirect all the lower level to attack. My Chaosdramon, luckily having a level 5 Metaltyranomon BT11 won me the match by trashing 1 security if it deletes an opponent.

2nd Strategy was to count how many Examon in the trash and the field. Having to remove Examon to trash is knowing their biggest hitter is unavailable anymore.

3rd Strategy, let them hit the security for Analogman, by having many analogman, you can redirect a single attack to your level 6 machine

4th Strategy was to if you see a level 5-6 just de-dedigivolve as soon as possible, because the keycard for Examon is their level 5-6, without this, opponent will have a hard time recovery.

Even with strategies, Examon player will try to slow your progress by making you attack them during your turn. So! Patience is key! Breed and digivolve from the back.

From the back, both Machinedramon and Examon are building decks. Letting the opponent reach its biggest potential is what you aim for, so you can use the Chaosdramon effect.

Big tips!
1. Don’t miss your prayers!
2. Wife & Family blessing before you go
3. Have fun! Digimon is for everyone

Big shout out to Gamer's Tavern for hosting the EVO Cup in Brunei Darussalam. To the staff, judges, management and even the players. Everyone did their best in the tournament and we had fun! Thank you so much! For players who did their best, you can try again soon. Shout out to Ayam Goreng as well 🙂

Coffee: Blue Flare in Evo Cup for BT12 Environment.

Invited Author: Coffee

Country: Malaysia


Hi, I am Coffee, player from Malaysia. Thanks for digimonmeta to invite me for the sharing of my deck for evolution cup events even though I am only getting top 2.

This is my first evolution cup I join for December. Since BT12 release and new ban list release in December, with the new analyse for the meta game, most player will be playing Wargreymon, Hunter, Kaisergreymon and also new Beelzemon X with the release of ST14. I am blue player so I am playing blue deck of course. Metalgarurumon X and Ulforceveedramon X is out of my option now since there is promo card banned in Malaysia.

My option to be consider is new Imperialdramon, Examon and Blueflare. With some deck testing, I realised that both Imperialdramon and Examon have big disadvantage. Imperialdramon weakness is still not able to deal with blocker that hinder the combo at level 4, hunter deck has a lot of 4k blocker that stop the combo, if you play control with hunter, you are also at disadvantage since Arresterdramon superior mode can easily deal with it. Same for Examon, Arresterdramon superior mode and Quartzmon can easily deal with Examon. For that reason, I choose to play Blueflare.

Deck Building

There is variable deck build of Blueflare that you can play. Some play Sora and joe combo to remove digivolution source to keep locking opponent from attacking. Some play Metalgreymon X and combo with Zekegreymon for fast game. But evolution cup is BO3 swiss format, we need to think about consistency for three games. Players can also observe your deck in first game and play around with your deck for the rest of the game.

Sora and joe version is quite bricky sometimes, I experienced blazing memory boost filter all of Sora and joe and I couldn’t get any tamer before. Metalgreymon X version is good for BO1 game, but for BO3 game, your opponent would know your weakness instantly in game 2 and game 3 onwards, it got no way to get through blackwargreymon X once they know your deck build. In this evolution cup, I choose to play Kaisernail with X7S, this deck has more control and consistency is the better version as most of the card laying around Blue Flare traits even with tamers. In this article, I will just mention blocking, it means to stop opponent, to block and attack until the end of next opponent phase.



I use wanyamon and bebydomon, you need drawing effect to collect all of the combo card in hand as fast as possible.


Dracomon with blueflare traits in 4pcs to help for drawing. Gaossmon is combo card to free play level 4 which need to be 4pcs as well. 2pcs of Syakomon is tech card to hit greymon X, Aldamon and also hunter deck in reducing digivolution cost which giving us sometimes in collecting our combo pieces. Even though level 3 can be easily deal with, but it helps as your opponent also need to use some resources to deal with it.

Champion(level 4)

Greymon and Mailbirdramon is digixros material for metalgreymon, it needs to be at 4pcs each. Greymon also used to search for more blueflare card and Mailbirdramon can help to play tamer and recycles metalgreymon. Digivolution effect for Digimon is great but it had limitation to 2 digimon on opponent field. Player tends to play 1 digimon when dealing with Blueflare so I am not using this digivolution effect too much. Deckerdramon in 3pcs as this is combo card for Deckergreymon to lock opponent from attacking.

Ultimate(level 5)

Metalgreymon is the core of this deck which have rush and able to lock opponent, so it needs to be in 4pcs. Deckergreymon in 3pcs is used with deckerdramon to lock opponent. 2 pcs of Metalgreymon phantom launcher is use to deal with psychemon that prevent us from reducing playing cost. There is one more combo I use with deckergreymon and metalgreymon phantom launcher, both digivolve/on play effect can slot in blueflare card to digivolution from hand and under tamer. We can slot in zekegreymon for blocker and also slot in X7S and combo with Kaiser nail to play X7S.

Mega(level 6 and 7)

I played 2pcs of Zekegreymon, it can restand to finish a game and also act as blocker just in case. Then we have 2pcs of X7S, it can remove blackwargreymon X easily or any big boss, we just need 4 cost to play it with Kaiser nail. X7S also come with strong effect which all security option cannot be activated. I am still playing 1pcs of dexmon as it saves me from hunter deck before.


Kiriha need to be in 4pcs as it can be play by blazing memory boost. 3pcs of White tamer taiki, nene and kiriha can used to filter our card faster and also it has blueflare traits.


Blazing memory boost in 4pcs, it helps to search blueflare and also a bonus when there is Kiriha in the open card. Kaiser nail in 3pcs, this is combo card I used with X7S, normally I save it in hand for X7S unless there is necessary to play other blueflare card like greymon to search card. Icewall in 1pcs, always the core card that save us a game.

Tournament Report

Swiss 5 Round BO3

W: Win, L: Lose

Round 1 VS Bye (2-0) W W

It is free win since we have odd number of participants.

Round 2 VS yellow purple security control (2-0) W W

Since it is security control deck, I know that opponent will be using recovery to setup heavy option security. In this game, I can just slowly setup as many of blazing memory boost as possible to search for X7S. Once X7S is on board, then we can easily deal with security and none of the security option can be activated. Opponent did use Chaos degrade to deal with my X7S but that cost him a lot of memory and then we got advantage to setup our board for another round of attack. 

Round 3 VS Blackwargreymon X (2-1) L W W

To win the game with blackwargreymon X, we need X7S and kaisernail to deal with it. First game, I am not able to draw kaisernail. I also miss the timing to play syakomon before graymon X evolve to level 5. My opponent is able to deal with my tamer with blackwargreymon and also come out with blackwargreymon X. In this case, I had to hard play X7S to deal with it, but it gives opponent too much memory. Later on, he manages to evolve to omegamon X and that cost me first game. In 2nd game, I was managed to play syakomon before his greymon X comes out. This gives me some timing to draw kaisernail and X7S and at the same times setup as many as level 3 in my board. With Syakomon on boards, that manage to prevent opponent in evolving to level 6 and pass me a turn. Then I deal with his level 5 with X7S. He is not managed to keep up with my pace afterwards. I win the 3rd game with similar strategy, play syakomon as soon as possible, then try to draw kaisernail and X7S to deal with his level 5 before he can go level 6.

Round 4 VS Grandiskuwagamon (1-2) L W L

This is the hardest match up for blueflare. As you can see, I don’t have any security that can prevent grandiskuwagamon from OTK. My best approach to stall the game, is to quickly deal with any Digimon that is on board, either lock it or use metalgreymon phantom launcher/X7S to deal with any Digimon in field. This is to prevent grandiskuwagamon to end the game after he swing all my security. I almost won the first game but then my opponent digivolve into Quartzmon which prevent me from ending the game. I use similar strategy in 2nd game, I am able to win it although my opponent is able to swing all my security. Third game, I am playing risky strategy. If luck is in my side, I am able to win it. In third game, my opponent has Digimon in field, next turn he should be able to swing all my 5 security and end the game.  I don’t have enough memory to deal with that Digimon in field. If I can last this turn and I draw into metalgreymon, I can win the game. So I slot in X7S with deckergreymon and hope that when he OTK, he can swing into kaisernail and then I can play X7S to stop OTK. As per my expectation, my opponent does not want to OTK but to deal with my Digimon first. But in my next turn, I couldn’t draw metalgreymon to end the game and this cost my game 3 to lose.

Round 3 VS Beelzemon X (2-0) W W

In first game, I keep using Deckergreymon to lock opponent and my opponent doesn’t want to play 2nd Digimon. He is managed to thrash all my security with beelzemon X but since he is not able to attack and that end the first game. In 2nd game, my opponent has 2 digimon on board, he plan to kill his 1k impmon by hitting security, but he hit a tamer for me.  With 2 digimon on board, that give me a great advantage since I can restand and continuously lock with metalgreymon and then I win game 2.

Closing Thoughts

Blueflare is fun to play. Thanks to Bandai, we play different Blue flare with every booster release. I am glad that X7S can be play in blueflare deck which help a lot in dealing with Digimon like blackwargreymon X and security control deck. With EX4 release, blueflare even added jamming to the deck. That added a lot of fun in blueflare deck building. I also hope someday I can win evolution cup omegamon with blue based deck. Last but not least, I wish everyone have fun for Digimon card game.

Garry: Hunter x Hunter Deck Review, BT12 Meta Thoughts, and Evolution Cup Report

Invited Author: Garry Yeung

Country: Indonesia


Hi, Garry (@garryyeung) from Indonesia here. With the release of BT12-Across Time Bandai decided to have an early Evolution Cup and with same prize again (Omegamon and Agumon) and with only 1 week from the release of the set the meta is still unclear and people are still trying new things. So today I will tell you my opinion about the early meta of the set and share what I know about my Hunter deck.

First of all I don’t think there’s a tier/near tier 0 deck this time, unlike last set where BlackWargreymon X-Antibody just beating everyone’s ass and with the new restriction list Xros Heart having trouble to control the game. BlackWargreymon is still a strong deck but with the new hunter deck that can set up tamer from scratch easily and Arresterdramon Superior Mode can easily deal with the Greymon X-Antibody Sources Effect. The new Wargreymon can also easily deal BlackWargreymon X-Antibody since it can easily hit him with raid but lately I have seen people just bring both of the BlackWargreymon and the new Wargreymon in the same deck so they have become more flexible.

Deck Building

Overall, I think there’s gonna be a lot of variation of this hunter deck in the future, with people trying new things. There are other option you can choose and I think the card to consider bringing in the future would be Cho-Hakkaimon for board control and more draw, Soundbirdmon BT10-072 and Yuu Amano BT10-093. But in the end it’s all about your playstyle and for now I will stick around with this decklist and might change it a bit in the future.


Digitama (Lvl2)

I think bringing only 4 Monimon is always the better choice for this deck but you can consider bringing one Kozenimon if you really want to play the deck with 5 digitama but again I don’t recommend it and just adjust it to your playstyle.

Rookies (Lvl3)

4 Gumdramon and 4 Psychemon is a must, you always need the draw from their sources effect and Psychemon is a great card for you when you need to take the card from your tamer sources. Trust me they are gonna help you in the early-mid game. While I rarely use the Gumdramon DigiXros effect but you can always use it when you get a little bit bricky. Now I choose 4 Dracmon since I bring 13 Tamer in the deck so you can always reduce it to 3 or 2 if you only bring 12 Tamer (bringing 4 is still okay though) since the +2000 DP from the sources is always great. For alternative you can try bring ChuuChuumon so you got more blocker (this is great if you are facing against Xros Heart or other deck that want to hit you early with rookies), Shoutmon BT12 is also not bad. You also must notice that people are bringing in Ekakimon BT12 but just be careful that one doesn’t have save for himself (although you can always save it later from your level 4 save effect).

Champion (Lvl4)

For now I trust 4 Shoutmon King and 4 Damemon to play my tamers and Arresterdramon for the same reason as the purple rookies (you always need the draw and the rush can always help you finish the game). While for Tuwarmon for me it’s quite a bricky card if you have it in the early game but once the enemy start coming out and you need to remove them you can devolve first before evolving to Arresterdramon Superior mode or Omegashoutmon to make it easier for them to remove the enemy’s Digimon. There’s a chance to remove Damemon if you don’t feel like it to gacha your tamer (I already see some people ditch them) since you can discount Tuwarmon evolution from all of your tamer later on. But with my playstyle I would like to play it the highroll if you want to try you can bring Dobermon BT12 for vengeance ess but careful once again like Ekakimon you don’t have save for himself (and worse thing you can’t save 2 like Damemon).

Ultimate (Lvl5)

This is where you can change it a lot even I think I need more time to experiment here. For this decklist I think I use quite the standard one (4 Arresterdramon Superior Mode and 3 Omegashoutmon) but there are some combination I would like to try. Previously I mention Cho-Hakkaimon as a potential change for Omegashoutmon since you can control the board like Omegashoutmon but in exchange of Omegashoutmon Security Attack+1 you can get more draw when you clear your enemy board. Astamon is also a potential good card here even if you can’t digivolve it from the black and red level 4, you can always play them from your tamer’s sources and play another tamer (I think in the early game doing this is always good). But I think overall you should always bring 4 Arresterdramon Superior Mode the rest is up to your playstyle. If you want to play into Quartzmon you better play Astamon more since you can reduce the Digivolution cost.

Mega (Lvl 7)

At this point bringing one is only for lucky charm for me if the times come when I need to evolve my level 5 to Quartzmon. I think you can adjust this to your local tournament. If you have many Red Hybrid, Xros Heart, or heavy tamer or swarming deck related in your locals you can always add more Quartzmon and focus on it.


Playing 4 Taiki for consistency you always need more card, this is the first tamer besides Tagiru that you want to have at the field first. When you don’t brick you can play Tagiru later via Shoutmon King or Damemon but always priotize Taiki over other Tamer unless you need it. For now, I bring all the other tamer 3 so the total is 13 tamer, if you want to bring less tamer you can always cut Watchmaker or Amano Yuu to 2 copy.


1 Copy of Calling From the Darkness, easily said the best option for the deck since you can get your Arresterdramon Superior Mode back and other purple Digimon. Since Arresterdramon Superior Mode and Omegashoutmon can’t save themselves and their sources there’s always gonna be a ton of Digimon in your trash when they died. Make sure you only bring Monimon in the Digitama deck if you bring this option for easier activation.

Tournament Report

Swiss 4 Round BO3

W: Win, L: Lose

Round 1 VS Ulforceveedramon X-Antibody (2-0) W W
I don’t think I remember anything else besides the enemy bricking so hard to get the Ulforceveedramon combo done. I just play it slowly but surely by controlling the enemy’s Veemon, although the Leomon from the EX is a bit annoying in the early since he got the memory and draw.

Round 2 VS Beelzemon X-Antibody (2-0) W W
Since the enemy deck rely on swarming the Impmon and hitting security early on, I can get the advantage by getting free tamer from security and controlling the board easily with the Shoutmon sources to destroy 4000 DP below. Although the enemy can also control my board every turn I have more hit with Arresterdramon rush and Arresterdramon Superior Mode end of turn attack.

Round 3 VS BlackWarGreymon X-Antibody (2-0) W W
The first game I thought I already lost when my opponent destroy two of my tamer with BlackWargreymon leaving me with one. But slowly I comeback by playing tamer with my Digimon’s effect and controlling the enemy board back with Arresterdramon Superior Mode. Also my enemy having hard time to make his second mega. The second game my enemy brick and hard play Metalgreymon since I already have one tamer I can easily destroy it with my Omegashoutmon although my Omegashoutmon died with the first check (hitting the enemy’s mega in security) he still having hard time to find rookies and play another Metalgreymon from hand therefore I always lead the game with a memory advantage and finish the game.

Round 4 VS Wargreymon X-Antibody (2-1) W L W
This series probably the most surprising for me because although in the first game I easily control the enemy’s Digimon and manage to finish the game before the Wargreymon can finish me, he comeback easily in the second game by checking all my security with the help of security attack+. Sadly in the second game I am the one with the bricky hand even in the last turn I only have 1 Arresterdramon Superior Mode in hand and 1 Tamer only. If I have more hand I think I can still try to win the game since there are 5 Tamer in my arena after the enemy checking all my security. The final game is very intense since the enemy realize without him playing another tamer or Digimon besides his one beefy Wargreymon I won’t be able to do anything to it. At one point I even hope there’s a tamer coming out from his security so I can control his Digimon. The final moment from this game is when the enemy check all my security and I got my Watchmaker from it and it is my fourth tamer in the field. From there I feel like there is hope for my last turn since the enemy still have three security and 1 Omegamon X-Antibody BT10 in the field. At my last turn I have one Dracmon (he survive since my enemy Omegamon X-Antibody my Arresterdramon Superior Mode) in front and I have all four different Tamers in the field, at this point I can finish the game by hitting with Dracmon and finishing it up with Arresterdramon rush and Arresterdramon Superior Mode end of turn’s effect but then I make a fatal mistake that almost cost me the game. When my Dracmon check the security it’s reveal a X-Antibody option making me got no memory enough to Digixros my rookie and evolve it to Arresterdramon and hit twice with Arresterdramon Superior Mode. I forget that I can hit first with Arresterdramon that I give jamming to check the last two security with Watchmaker effect (Security Attack+1) and then finish the game with Arresterdramon Superior Mode end of turn effect. What I do in the game is I evolve it to Arresterdramon Superior Mode give him blocker and check his security without suspending (end of turn effect) and give him 1 memory therefore I can block his omegamon attack next turn and finish the game with Dracmon in the arena or another DigiXros from hand and Arresterdramon rush next turn. Luckily last turn my enemy forget to hatch and evolve the digitama making this play possible. If I make this mistake and my enemy didn’t make his mistake I would have lost the game. (I still feel so stupid until now)

Closing Thoughts

First of all I think this is a great meta with the diversity of the deck that are competitive and playable, I hope Bandai can maintain this kind of environment for the game (but please stop with the Omegamon Evolution Cup the price is going down like hell). I remind you all that this is still early in the meta and I find that there are more variation you can play for the Hunter deck. Since the enemy are more likely to play one unit only without any other Digimon or even Tamer the Hunter deck might have to find a solution to control the enemy or at least for now devolve it or destroy it with Tuwarmon or Omegashoutmon (Yeah this Hunter deck actually still can control your enemy field even if your enemy want to try one unit Digimon strategy). I might be experimenting a bit with Cho-Hakkaimon or Astamon and since I don’t like the playstyle of Soundbirdmon and the old Yuu Amano from BT10 I don’t think I will touch them (They are still great guys just make sure its suitable for your playstyle). Hopefully I can share a lot more in the future and goodluck for all of you. Don’t forget to follow me at twitter @garryyeung.

Khai: BT12 Beelzemon – This is the right way to trash OPP's Securities.

Invited Author: Khai

Country: Brunei


Hi everyone, 

I have recently joined Brunei’s Gamers Tavern Digimon Tourney with a total of 21 players participating and have won the tournament using one of the poster boys of the Digimon World Beelzemon.

A brief introduction, I have played Beelzemon since its first released back in BT2, always putting at least one BT2 SEC Beelzemon in any of my purple decks. Ups and downs of battles the card just couldn’t fit in the meta, but with the intro of EX2 Beelzemon line and supports, the deck became better with its discard pile strategy trashing from deck, cheating out Impmons and Beelzemons, I have won quite a few tournaments with Beelzemon since then. Although the deck and formulas still felt clunky especially with the ongoing meta till BT11, the deck struggled a lot. It was missing its “X Factor”, missing pieces to make it as scary as the Tier 1 decks like BWG X, Xros and more.

It was a struggle except till the new release of BT12 Beelzemon X Antibody support line. The deck can now properly compete with the existing top decks. Although there were a lot of choices I have decided to go for this build:

Decklist featured on Digimonmeta: Deck Information – DIGIMON CARD META (

Match Results BO1:

1st Game: Jesmon X – Win

2nd Game: Mugendramon – Win

3rd Game: R/B Gaiomon – Win

4th Game: BWG X – Win

5th Game: Wargreymon X – Win

I will not explain to much on how the deck works but will break down my choices from BT12:

Impmon X Antibody


This card one of the good choices, it allows our Beelzemon discard pile after so many trashing from deck to be more of a Box Deck with our trash becoming a more accessible resource.

On play or when digivolving you can trash an option to return 2 of the best choices Wizard or Demonlord, I would usually choose wizard with the choices of returning Wizardmon or Baalmon to keep on what the deck wants to continue, filling up the discard pile. The "inherited effect" of the Impmon also helps us with trashing from deck.

Beelzemon X Antibody

The main hero of the deck that I have chose to focus on. You will only want to focus on the digivolve ability as that is what the deck has evolved into, the ability has allowed the deck to reach all new heights in battling the deck’s worst match ups by trashing away security. With how the we usually trash our cards from deck it is not impossible to reach to at max 30 cards to trash 3 security which is a big hit to opponents.

One of the toughest match ups for the previous Beelzemon deck had to be BWG X, with its midrange defensive strategy preventing destruction. After including Beelzemon X, my strategy against BWG X was to build up my board state, and also try to discard as much cards to hit that one evolution of Beelzemon X to trash most of their security. With that I will eventually finish with one hit of one my digimons.

Seventh Full Cluster

The main hero of the deck that I have chose to focus on. You will only want to focus on the digivolve ability as that is what the deck has evolved into, the ability has allowed the deck to reach all new heights in battling the deck’s worst match ups by trashing away security. With how the we usually trash our cards from deck it is not impossible to reach to at max 30 cards to trash 3 security which is a big hit to opponents.

One of the toughest match ups for the previous Beelzemon deck had to be BWG X, with its midrange defensive strategy preventing destruction. After including Beelzemon X, my strategy against BWG X was to build up my board state, and also try to discard as much cards to hit that one evolution of Beelzemon X to trash most of their security. With that I will eventually finish with one hit of one my digimons.

Also to share one of my favorite combos of the deck:

Calling of the darkness to return Beelzemon X if in trash or any purple choices. Baalmon to revive any of the 2 Beelzemon to field for the Beelzemon X to evolve on. Also to note no one want to delete a Baalmon if they don’t want to see a Beelzemon coming.

To finish up this article, I would definitely recommend players to try out this deck. I will continue to experiment builds to atleast include the EX2 cards in the future. I am very much excited for the new ST Beelzemon that will be released soon!

Mark: BT11 Welcome to the XROS School bus HID lights edition.

Invited Author: Mark Aurelio Beloy

Country: Philippines


Hello everyone,

This is professor B. B for Biktory, and today we will showcase the upgraded version of the Xros schoolbus(

to those who don't know the joke: Xros is comparable to a school because of the amount of Small tamers and rookies, and the Shoutmon Bigs which seem to fetch them via schoolbus.

Decklist featured on Digimonmeta: Deck Information – DIGIMON CARD META (

The new addition of Black agumon-x line cards definitely made an impact to the meta. From an X-ros deck lover's point of view, the previously safe haven for the little tamers are now being threatened by the big bad [BT8-070] Black wargreymon and the addition of [BT11-107] hades force. This brings a lot of problem especially when managing your materials for X-ros cost reduction.


Black Cat Hobbies Prelims Tournament,  just 1 day after the Super tamer battle Finals. I gear up to put my Xros schoolbus to the test to see if they can still stand up to the Black wargreymon infested meta. Everybody is expecting the usual build for the Xros deck wherein the digimons would need to wait for a tamer first before attacking, then saving it under a tamer. The problem with that strategy is, your opponent is pretty much expecting it and will choke you most of the time to 1 memory.  in order to surprise then,  we will divert from the Shoutmon X7 route to the Schoolbus driven by [BT11-086]Mervamon.

The deck starts off with our usual kids(i call them the classmates) 4 of each Angie, Jeremy and Mickey, 4 of each Shoutmon, Starmons, Jason Dorulu and Batistamon (because he blocks everything)

Then in order to speed up and be more aggressive, every removal option has been excluded from this deck. Sunrise Buster[BT9-099], Fireball [EX2-067], Crimson Blaze[BT8-097]?? Blackwargreymon-x [BT11-074] is like a Honey Badger! he doesn't give a **** about option cards,  he eats them for breakfast, so why not remove them entirely?

Prof B, if the game drags on, how can you win the matchup agains Black wargreymon? Answer is, you don't. you need to end the game in the span of 4-6 turns.

How do you do that if you are always behind in memory? you sacrifice 3 kids. what?? replace all of your [BT11-095] triple Tamer cards, change them into blinding light[BT4-104] and Reinforced memory boost[BT6-100]. they will be food for Blackwargreymon and hades force anyways. 

Blinding light is a real good choice since you are running a yellow digitama, you may also combo it on the same turn with Reinforced memory boost to "gain some good memories, while getting back your security".

Blackwargreymon and hades force anyways. 

Playing Reinforced memory boost from your hand does a lot of good thing. if gives you opportunity to place a tamer on security, makes you draw a material for Digicross and give you 3 memory to use for later. Hitting this also in the security provides such a good core memory, oh your opponent will surely remember what's coming up next.

You mentioned being aggressive, you got it by almost instantly attacking your opponent's security directly without waiting for any tamers to save your xros buddies. you attack using the rookie, you draw by the effect of Pickmons. If it survives, then good 🙂 more materials for Digixros. if it Dies, it dies an honorable death only to be picked up by mervamon on the later turns. but the point is. by turn 2 your opponent should be down to 3 security already.

By turn 3-4, you should now either set the opponent's security to 3 below, have a memory augmentation tamer/s , or you may already have 2-3 Blinding lights on your hand and a lot of cards from the trash or under the tamers. then the time is right for the Big sister to fetch you into her school bus by only 8 cost then playing 2 other Xros kiddos to rush attacks. just remember to prioritize putting sparrowmon under mervamon for great success.

What happens if your opponent plays one of those disgusting memory blocker and cost reduction jammer like chuumon and the solar boys? you still have angie and her pet jason dorulu, and you also have shoutmon starsword. It gives -3000 DP and deletes a digimon with 2000 DP when you cross it will shoutmon and starmons. you can gain rush and draw at the same time.

ShoutmonShoutmon Sempais:

X4 will still be our priority, we run 3 of them since this is the optimal number of times you can loop it in 1 turn

X3 will now come into play since x4 is considered to be High cost if you don't have all the 4 material cards. x3 also give you exta memory next turn if you decide to trigger it.

X5 will only be "forever alone" in this deck. he is a special existence since everytime you try to pull off playing him for 0 cost then attacking for 2 checks, he doesn't die! you are not stuck in a "now what scenario", but because you have mervamon, you can digivolve her on top, call a digimon from your trash then swing for game. Mervamon also enables you to digivolve straight into dexmon if reduced playcost won't permit it.


Vs EXAMon(xros kids really hates EXAM days)

these kids usually speed through in attacking examon while he builds up. but during the last turn, my opponent was able to hard cast a lvl 5 which in turn give me almost 5 memories. ahhh such good memories. he has 3 potential blocker due to the restand. so i ended up attacking using 2 digimons, playing 2 blinding lights *whoooosh: such strong effects of Flashbang* then while the enemy is still blinded, I made my 3 rush digimons attack for Game! 

Vs Dukemon

a tricky matchup.but the goal here is to make your digimon die everytime it attacks. otherwise it will be memory food for Dukemon. I controlled the game by using my digimons to attack and die, but I ended up gatting 2 survivors on the board. No Choice I had to xros it into x3 to lessen his memory gain upon deletion. He ended up hitting my Tai and kari from security, a reinforced memory boost. then I go for my usual blinding light-mervamon combo for early game aggression.

Vs Bwargrey-X

The start of the schoolday usually begins with a prayer. PRAY SO YOUR OPPONENT BRICKS!! after that, go ham on aggressively attacking your enemy.

he played a Black greymon, digivolved to metalgrey for blocker,  I played a dorulumon, Shoutmon x starsword.  it is deleted in 1 go.

he also hit some good tamers from my security which gives me additional attackers for my next turn, then blinding light combo again for mervamon with 2 background dancers for 3 attacks.

Vs Shoutmon X7 build

it's like going on a fieldtrip and seeing a different school bus going to the same location.  It will depend on your bus driver.

mirror match with Xros depends on how fast you can pull off your combos. 

My opponent had the advantage of playing 1 mikey on turn 1, while I attack using sparrowmon. He followed up with a free play dorulu and attacking my security which hit my own mikey. Then from there I got the advantage to play an early x4. 

X7 is quite slow in building up but it offers a way to delete/attack Bwargrey, but infront of mervamon, you have an advantage of 60 km/h in terms of speed.  x7 only give you 1 blocker while mervamon give 3 attackers. it's a win

Championship Vs Commandramon

This damn little army is as strong as the BTS army.

at first 1 commandramon appears then call another, and another, and another. my opponent skillfully utilized parabolic junk when attacking. luckily I also have some ballistamon to soak up the damage.  This quickly became a battle of memory gain and playcost reduction. the annoying thing here is, whenever I use x3 to attack, It is almost guaranteed not to die. So i cannot recycle my materials. while on the other hand, everytime commandramon dies, he summons another unit with rush. i also ended up having to digivolve x5 into mervamon at some point. it was a such an intense battle of speed and memory gaining mechanics.

Closing thoughts


Xros is still one of the most flexible decks, and it will keep getting stronger and stronger.

There are plenty of ways that you can enjoy xros deck. Be Aggressive, be Creative.

So far. I was always saved by the light, I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

And this concludes another Digixross deck showcase!

See you again next semester.

Shout out to Black Cat hobbies, and Carlo Lorenzo Ho for the Final battle.

The fieldtrip is worth it.

Thanks to everyone in the Digimon PH community and also to the GLORY OF MASTER SABERKLEIN.


Bwargrey bad guy, Xros+merva good.

Get rekt early, rest early.

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