[JP-BT16] An Interview with Giga: Used HeavyLeomon in Asia Final.

1. Quick self introduction about yourself, your achievements in Digimon Card Game and how do you think about DTCG compared to other TCG(s)?

Hello guys, my name is MangGiga, your friendly Giga. Previously Professor B for Biktory. I don't count my achievements on DCG, but since you asked :)) got Evo cups, Magna Cup, paildramon Ulticup, DC-1 consolations, Supertamer Battle mats, Asia Finals 2023 and 2024.

I really loved DCG as a fan of the anime and seeing how the arts are not lazily "screenshot" from the anime compared to OPCG and UA.

2. Why did you decide to bring Heavy Leomon deck for this tournament?

Backstory: I used both numemon and rapidmon on Prelims and Regionals due to the disgusting Apocaly meta. Then I checked the deck reports post ban, and also luckily, I am following my fellow asia finalist and saw that everyone is using numemon, rapid vaccine and loogamon.

I wondered, if I used the same decks, it would be a very boring Finals. So I dug up my favourite decks and picked a deck who doesn't care about being constantly deleted, while maintaining aggro and controlling the board at the same time. HeavyLeomon and friends. I performed numerous experiments with the deckbuild on Drasil and it surprisingly did well on numemon, rapid vaxx and loogamon.

3. How were your matchups during the Asia Final?

RD 1 (L) vs rapid vaxx(Shane): The win condition for this should have been to early aggro using the lvl4 on attack evo of leomon/liamon to shred his security and reduce the chance for a free evo via patamon or the emissary option. but I got no lvl5 on my starting hand. turn 2 will be the turning point as he would have evolved to lvl4-6 but if I had the dedigivolve ESS on my leomons, I will be able to control the tempo. I had liolmon and elecmon to play in order to dig up a lvl5. I played elecmon to reveal 5 cards and there were none!! even triggered the on attack draw from digitama so no evo to lvl5 during the on attack. then from that point on. hi patamon Vaxx combo is complete and I failed to secure the board. GG

RD 2 (W) vs Black wargreymon(simosukiruri): BWG out of nowehere!! I was able to control the board easier because I maintained aggro while keeping the memory at 1 and clearing the board with the Loader and heavy leomon. on 1 sec check, I got hit by a trident arm and dedigivolved. and needed to rebuild only 1 stack of digimon to prevent him from playing a crimson blaze.

RD 3 (W) vs Tyrant Kabuterimon (Arnold from indonesia.) – This is my highlight of the tourney This is supposed to be an auto lose scenario, and the opponent gets it as he hard played a megakabuterimon ace on turn 1. with 10k DP and at 4 memory, I'm pretty sure as hell that I wouldn't be able to remove it. so I patiently setup my breeding up to LVL4 mad leomon.

The gameplan is to go wide. opponent proceeded with evolving into tyrant and played a grandkuwagaACE ready to evo into tyrant next turn. so I made the decision to atk > evo to lvl5 > EOA delete digi to play l4l via mad leo, sec checked izzy tamer, then evolve onto loader leo.

I have 2 lvl5 vs tyrant, GKACE and an izzy tamer. he then raised his tentomon to suspend my loader and evo all the way up to metallifelvl5 he used GKAce (Grankuwagamon ACE) to attack and gave sec +1 to tyrant, he tried to attack my suspended loader with metallife(10k) but I blast Evo into megagargomon, suspending his izzy and tyrant and disable evo on the GKace and MTlife.

To my surprise, he hard-played rapidmon to de-digivolve GargoACE! overflowed 4 then he evo to hercules kabuterimon to suspend it via tyrant effect and bottom deck my digimon. Leaving me at 4 memory 1 lvl5 and no rookie to push out, I am supposed to deal with 3 LVL6 (2 with immunity), 1 lvl5, and 4 life of opponent. like a chess problem riiight? So I solved it by hatching a rookie. played mimi to push it out of the hatching, used HPD to evo into heavy leomon (ESS piercing). attacked GKAce and pirced 1, overflow 4, then attacked the Tyrant to kill my heavy leomon and activate INDOMITABLE(dedigivolving the metallife back to lvl3 then bottom deck through the whole sequence). I then played CHAD's option(Attack of the Heavy Mobile Digimon!) to gain rush then insert X-antibody into Hleo attacked security 1(down to 2), then bodyslam the tyrant to force indomitable. then evolved my rookie into lvl4, finally draw zubagon punch to boost DP and punch the remaining 2 giant bugs to clear the board with overflow 4 again(6 memory), evo my digimon up to another heavy leomon and secure the win for next turn. (I remember not forcing OTK due to sec bomb)

RD 4 (W)vs Numemon(U-Krid) Due to Shane losing the 3rd round, I figured out that I won't have the chance to at least top 4 so I just enjoyed the game with U-krid. He setup ukkomon on hatchery, played early geremon to discard the platinum. on my turn, I setup up to lvl4 and play analog boy to set him to 1. 

He raised the ukkomon(gain and set the memory to 2) and evo to numemonX, he then attacked with numeX, he hit Pulsmon promo from security and I suspended ukkomon. he evo to monzaemon and set me to 1. in order to prevent platinum from getting into play i should not kill the monzaemon. unfortunately, the lvl5 i got was loader leomon so I had to do this combo for board clear: place x antibody under liamon, declare attack and evo to loader, then using the x-antibody evo to leopardmon in 1 turn. Minus DP on monzaemon, played loader via effect of leopardmon then bounce monzaemon to hand setting him up to 5 memory and no digimon on play. he then played the monzaemon back for 5 cost, giving my lvl5 -3k DP, then evo to monzaemonX and numemon to have my lvl5 to a total of -7k DP. then he evo to a CHIKURIMON!! on hatching then played lui to raise chikuri and set me to 1. my only move was to evo on raising, then play rookie to get a lvl4 from security and use the leopard effect to bounce chikuri. at 2 memory, he proceed to attack with his monzaemonX and hit a big digimon causing it to be deleted, and platinum numemon to be played from trash. at 4 memory(gain2) he evo the numemon to monzaemon, then monzaemonX then played chikurimon to reduce the dp of my rookie to 0 then played another ukomon on board. on my turn, I'm at 2 and still cannot use the playcost reduction of leopard. so I evo to lvl4, insert x antibody, attack evo to lvl5 all the way to RAPIDX! for a total of 5 memory, then it activated the suspend and reduce DP killing off the rookies and gaining back 2 memory. he is now at 3 memory and I am ready to blast counter when he attack, because if he decided to kill rapid I will get armor purge then indomitable. that's when he raised from hatchery(gain 2 memory because of lui), then completed the 2nd monzaemon X to delete my rapidX, but! he played the pillowmon via effect, so I cannot activate the indomitable and sealing off his victory. flood gated by pillow and chikuri.

4. What do you think is this deck’s weakness?

Blue decks because of bounce Tyrant kabuterimon due to redirects and unaffected.

5. If you could make a change for the deck, which cards you would include to make the deck better?

I have a wish-list since I removed them for more consistency (scared of bricking on B01)

1 cost reaper

buster dive

Winrate 60%

Super Eradication attack

Parabolic Junk

6. Any tips or hints that you want to share with other players?

Leomon is a well rounded deck. he can cover all bases if played properly but it should come with a cost and preparation. understanding well if you need to focus on dedigivolve, bounce or board clear is the key to early board control. OTK potential is also there since this deck comes with multiple restands and aggro.

Don't be scared, keep experimenting with deck builds and create your own unique playstyle. try your best to predict and go against the meta!

7. How was the tournament's experiences, is there anything that the host can do it better for the tournament?

Asia Finals is so much fun this time around! This group's meta is really a different kind of animal since every build is different, and a lot of tech cards have been showing up. technically the deck distribution is well diversed(even the numemon has variations, my personal favourite was the nume-etemon). More participation prizing on the prerequisite tournaments pls Bandai.

[JP-BT16] Shane Tan: 1st Place Asia Final with ArmorVaccine

Yesterday Feb 4 2024 the Asia Final for Digimon Card Game has finished and the top-2 going to Japan for the World Final are Shane Tan (Malaysia) and Xherioh (Thailand).

In this article, we did a short interview with Shane to talk about his deck and experiences with this tournament

Shane's Deck

Click into the Image for the decklist in digimonmeta.com
1. Quick self introduction about yourself, your achievements in Digimon Card Game and how do you think about DTCG compared to other TCG(s)?

My name is Shane, I’m 23 this year and have been playing DTCG since BT04 around 2 years ago. I’ve topped multiple Evo/Magna Cups in the past 2 years alongside my teammate @BenjaminThaver and recently travelled to Singapore for BCF where I ended top 8/16 (Can’t remember). I also achieved 3rd in the Malaysian BCF after losing to my teammate in the finals but by that time, I had already qualified for Regionals through DC-1. As of 2024, I’ve basically topped at least 1 major-ish tournament using every colour in Digimon.

I generally enjoy games which allow freedom in deckbuilding, for example – in Digimon, you’re able to mix and abuse cards from different archetypes and colours which allows for crazy stuff like the Zuba loop deck a couple of months ago. This kind of interaction will never occur in games like One Piece and Union Arena which – although have some good points of their own, doesn’t appeal to me as much. For now, I’d like to see some more interaction during the other player’s turn without being completely game breaking like Yu-Gi-Oh’s handtraps. ACE was a good step in this direction, but I still feel the game needs a fresh way to slow down OTK decks especially with the introduction of Ukkomon.

2. Let talk about your deck, why did you decide to bring ArmorVaccine deck to this tournament and what did you prepare for current meta like RapidX/MagnaX/ Vaccine Sec Con and Numemon.

I’ve been playing Magna/Rapid/Venus armour the whole season post-Apocaly ban, mainly because I had always been more comfortable piloting control style decks in the past. The deck’s concept was based on ‘Tax Evasion’ as I wanted to cheat out high-costing, powerful cards which would swing the game in my favour if left unanswered.

Looking at the initial meta, there were a lot of people trying out Jogress decks which relied heavily on the deck’s respective tamers to play lv3’s for free at the start of their turn. I initially ran 4 pillomon, which eventually got reduced to 3 as the number of Imperialdramons/Tyrants/Birds/Etc decreased and played for more consistency.

For the mirror, I would say its more of a skill matchup, but having things like Angewomon ACE to reduce their Magna X’s DP will swing the game in your favour as it makes their Magna X smaller, making it difficult for them to blindly attack during their turn. As for Sec Con, Magna X answers it quite well, so I never gave it any thought. For the case of numemon, Digimon Emperor was teched in to deal with it, but it was already a 50/50 matchup depending on whoever had the better start.

3. How were your matchups during the Asia Final and what is the MVP card?

My matchups in Swiss were Leomon, Numemon, Birds, and Loogamon, with the only loss being to Birds due to them having a crazy start and me missing Patamon & Ruin Mode. All the other games were pretty simple, just following the formula of looking to setup a good Magna X/Rapid X/Ruin turn. Ruin Mode was definitely the MVP of the whole tournament, as the only game dropped was the one where I couldn’t find it.

4. What do you think is this deck’s weakness?

This deck definitely struggles against OTK/high tempo decks which use sticky cards to push your security down in the early stages of the game. Not having life to work with is rough for this deck, as its early game takes time to ramp up. Having no life means Patamon will be unable to evolve for free, and with most of the lv4s being so expensive to evolve in this deck, can cause you to lose sometimes.

5. If you could make a change for the deck, which cards you would include to make the deck better?

Honestly the deck slots are pretty tight already, with only 3 cards being at 4 copies throughout the entire deck. The only changes that can be made are with the ratios, for example changing out a Rapid X for another Venus, training for another option, and etc.

6. Any tips or hints that you want to share with other players?

This is a very punishing deck to play. One wrong decision, no matter how small can result in you losing the game. The deck wants to maintain having the advantage and piling on pressure with aces and controlling methods like Ruin/Venus/RapidX. There are times when you just have a perfect Pata – Rapid – Gold Digizoid – Magna X turn and rush the opponent to 2 life turn 2, but those are rare and too unreliable to base the deck’s entire gameplan around.

7. How was the tournament's experiences, is there anything that the host can do it better for the tournament?

The tournament experience was honestly fine for me, but I can say that judges should be assigned to each table to watch and settle disputes throughout the tournament. There were ruling/cheating allegations in both One Piece and Digimon which ended up being unresolvable due to having no recording/judge in the room the players were in. 

Also, calling for judges to confirm a ruling usually results in the game state and timer being paused, however, this was not the case for the tournament. In one case, a 10-minute dispute resulted in both players only having 20 minutes to play, and even with guaranteed lethal on board, caused that player to lose due to time.

[JP-BT16] Garry: Thoughts on BT16 Meta and Bandai Card Festival Kuala Lumpur Runner-Up Deck!

Hi again, Garry from Indonesia here, been a while since I wrote something but here I am. So this set we got the theme from the newest movie Digimon 02 The Beginning, and hey guess who’s back my Magnamon deck, it is literally the first deck that I wrote article for here in digimonmeta (It’s been a crazy journey).

In this article, I will talk about post-ban meta (goodbye to you Apocaly and Anubis) and I will give you all advice and my opinion for my Magnamon deck. Hopefully it can help you guys play with or against it and keep making the meta interesting.

Deck Building

Click into the Image for the decklist in digimonmeta.com

Digitama (Lvl2)
Wanyamon BT11-002 (x4)
DemiVeemon BT16-002 (x1)

First of all you don’t always need 5 Digitama so you can adjust to your style but with some matchup (I’ll talk about this later in the article) sometimes you need full Digitama to utilize the advantage of Armor Purge and play a bit rush in the early. Wanyamon is probably the Digitama you want to have at first hatch because you always want to evolve Veemon behind and play the new Daisuke and play another Veemon upfront, with that you can immediately draw from the Digitama. For the fifth Digitama you can play whatever you like either Upamon for draw or DemiVeemon to add more DP to your Magnamon, but my choice is the new DemiVeemon because +1k All Turn in Magnamon never goes wrong for me. I see some player still use Bukamon from BT14-002 but because I run 4 Veemon BT3 (Jamming) I don’t really need the Bukamon Digitama, eitherway it got hit by ban so to play it from 1/5 is very hard and not consistent.

Rookie (Lvl3)
Veemon BT3-021 (x4)
Veemon BT12-021 (x4)
Veemon P-117 (x4)
Veemon ST9-02 (X3)

I bring a total of 15 Veemon, In my opinion you can bring more or less, it depends on how you wanna play it, because I want to hit early I bring more and in case I have the tamer in hand I can play the combo and keep the pressure on. Unpopular opinion for some people, I still think the Veemon BT3 is still strong just need to play it early or when enemy don’t have any blocker or potential ACE. If you’re asking why I’m not playing the new Ukkomon from BT16 it’s because from practice and multiple testing I feel like the new Ukkomon slows me down and I have less flexibility because I can’t evolve into Magnamon from Ukkomon.

Champion (Lvl4)
Magnamon BT8-038 (x4)
Magnamon BT13-040 (x2)
Magnamon ST17-13 (x4)

For the Lvl4’s I bring total of 10 Magnamon. Some people usually change Magnamon BT13 to other armor like Flamedramon or Raidramon but personally I always want to evolve to Magnamon so I can always go all the way up to Magnamon X-Antibody even without the option from BT9. The new Magnamon from ST17 is very strong, I always look for this one when I am searching because you can consistently control opponent board, even when they Jogress or we can’t control opponent number we can use it to get rid of important source like partition, jamming, and others. If opponent swarm too much you can always get rid of the upper source before devolving and destroying them with Dexmon BT9.

Ultimate (Lvl5)
WereGarurumon BT15-026 (x2)

For the Lvl 5’s slot it’s obvious that you want to bring ACE into the deck because you have many Lvl 4’s on the field. I guess the ACE you bring is depend on how you want to counter the meta but for me WereGarurumon is the best choice because I can stun (opponent or tamer can’t suspend) annoying Digimon ex. Tyrant, Paildra, even in a mirror matchup it can get annoying for Magnamon X-Antibody. If you prefer to reduce more source and clear board you can always go for Zudomon from BT14, some player even bring minus DP and recovery (Angewomon  ACE and MagnaAngemon ACE), in my opinion all choice is viable because they can bring something to the board.

Mega (Lvl6)
Magnamon X-Antibody BT16-102 (X4)

The core of the deck, the cherry on the top of the cake. This new Magnamon X-Antibody is very good to play for offensive and defensively. I tried play it together with the old Magnamon X-Antibody but it does not work for me because this new one really outscale the old one. My only advise for you is to keep in minds that you can get hit by option in security or opponent’t usually can ACE timing you easily when hitting with him. Other than that if you have a way to destroy the opponent’s Digimon or can trigger Magnamon X-Antibody immunity from Blinding Light, don’t scared of anything just go swing and win.

Mega (Lvl7)
Dexmon BT9-112

The basic strategy of fighting a big one blocker is to swarm, so usually to handle this you can bring Dexmon and clear the opponent’s board for cheap cost. Alternatively, you can bring ShineGreynmon Ruin Mode but the cost of this card is your presence of Magnamon X-Antibody in the field since you need to evolve it from there.


Daisuke Motomiya BT3-093
Daisuke Motomiya P-124

The old Daisuke is always good for searching your blue Digimon and become a memory setter. The new Daisuke (Promo) is very strong since you can play Veemon from it. The board presence it gives is really strong and the extra memory is always nice. I always prioritize playing this card because it can help you play easily with the extra memory and board.

Blue Memory Boost! P-036 (x3)
Blinding Light BT4-104 (x3)
The Awakening of Gold Digizoid BT9-098 (x3)
Heaven’s Judgement (x2)

As usual armor deck from previous year, we can always bring so many option to play around the armor deck, I will explain each option and alternative choice. First of all, there are multiple reason why I choose Blue Memory Boost over Mental Training, you can get countered by the new Imperialdramon Dragon Mode from BT16 if you are evolving from training effect. Second, you can miss by a lot since you bring so many non-blue color card in your deck. You always want to dig Magnamon X-Antibody from your deck so open more card is a better choice for me. Blinding Light is the best option to remove your own security to trigger Magnamon X-Antibody if needed, the 2 memory you get is always helpful as well.

 The Awakening of Gold Digizoid is a cheap way to go to your Magnamon X-Antibody, you can use it as well to evolve your Magnamon to Magnamon BT8 to unsuspend and finish the game so it’s never bad but I never like to bring a playset for this card because sometimes it’s useless in early game. Heaven’s Judgement is the best option to remove Digimon in this deck since you have 3 colour (blue,yellow,black) you can get the total of -24000k DP. Usually want to keep this option to handle opponent that swarms or big boss like Tyrant, in a Magnamon Mirror if you can keep the opponent Magnamon from checking security you can use this option to destroy it back.


Bandai Card Festival KL Malaysia (129Player)

R1vs Silphy: OO

R2vs Imperial: OO

R3vs Imperial: XOX

R4vs Tyrant: OO️ (Timeout)

R5vs BF: O️ (Opp need to leave)

R6vs Myotis: OO

R7 Bye cos odd player and I have highest TB (they cut x-2 player)

Bad Matchups

Blue/Green Imperialdramon

I think it’s not the worst matchup but sometimes Paildramon can be annoying because your Magnamon X-Antibody can’t activate if it’s rested when Jogress. New Davis and Ken also can strip your source if you’re not immune you will lose your Magnamon X-Antibody effect. In this matchup, opponents usually can use Imperialdramon Fighter Mode ACE easily and will instantly clear your Magnamon X-Antibody before it had chance to check security. I recommend playing Blinding Light carefuly in this matchup since it’s your key card to be immune.

Yellow Vaccine Rapidmon/Magnamon/Venusmon

Yellow Vaccine with Venusmon is probably a pure counter if play correctly. Venusmon can easily counter when evolving effect, Magnamon don’t have any way to activate it’s when evolving effect untill opponent’s next turn. If you’re playing against a mirror yellow vaccine armor, opponent’s Rapidmon can easily clear your board. I recommend playing your rookie carefully so they can’t destroy it easily with Rapidmon X-Antibody and gain easy memory to their advantage.


In this matchup it’s literally battle of strongest DP, it’s very hard for both decks to compete the DP but still harder for Magnamon’s side. If you don’t have Blinding Light in your hand probably you can’t activate Magnamon X-Antibody effect since opponent TyrantKabuterimon will just redirect your attack and you can’t check security. They also have good ACE card etc. AtlurKabuterimon, GrandKuwagamon, and some even bring MegaGargomon. I recommend playing and push as fast as you can before opponent’s can build their field, if you have life advantage you can play it carefully with Blinding Ligh to activate Magnamon X-Antibody while controlling opponents with WereGarurumon ACE or the new Magnamon from ST.

Good Matchups
Most purple deck is a good matchup since they can’t handle Armor Purge, Loogamon probably is the hardest challenge for Magnamon deck, they can easily swarm the board and OTK. But if you play it carefully and make a decent amount of blocker there’s a chance you can hold the OTK, if they play it to slowly you can just rush them yourself and sometimes, they also can’t handle big board (unless they bring Dexmon or ShineGreymon Ruin Mode).


In my opinion Magnamon X-Antibody will probably the most use Tier-1 deck for now either in blue build or yellow build. At first, I thought the yellow build is stronger but after practice and play a lot I realized that the matchup is not that far both Rapidmon and Magnamon can handle each other well at early game. 

At the end, it’s all about how the player approaches the matchup so please try both and find your own style to play whether it’s in yellow or blue. Even after the event I still want to experiment with Magnamon X-Antibody more in the Yellow Vaccine build since it’s also interesting for me. 

Overall, I really excited to see that many players are trying many types of deck, It really is a good healthy meta than before. Hopefully we can meet at events in the future. Thank You for reading my article, don’t forget to follow me at Twitter @garryyeung too see my matchup in Bandai Card Festival Kuala Lumpur.


Hi my name is Eka and I play this game since EX2 era. My reason for writing this because I think Leviamon is still underrated deck, its really good and competitive deck but still lack of people playing it, I hope this would encourage them to play this, Lets start..

Tips & Tricks

  1. Although Leviamon has capacity to wipeboard your opponent board including tamer doesn’t mean you have to. Remember the win-con of the game is to direct attack the player so don’t lose your focus or playing around deleting opponent digi/tamer.
  2. Be Mindful of your and your opponent board presence. Leviamon and Leviamon X effects are really depend on the number of both board presence to be optimised. So counts the number before and after effect resolved.
  3. This deck allows you to build up your board for the moment. That “the moment” is when opponent play Digimon by effect. When this moment comes, various effect will activate the same time (usually 3-7 effects) the order of you activate is very crucial, here some explanation :

When opponent play Digimon effect by using your Dragomon effect these will happen :

a. The dragomon effect to forced opponent play lv 4 or lower and the dragomon effect to play the same level when opponent play a Digimon is a separate effect. You can play your Digimon after all the effects are resolved to prevent your board presence increases. And it also “you may” effect so sometimes you don’t have to (back to point 2).

b. When opponent play Digimon by effect, you can gain memory from your ess.

c. When opponent play Digimon by effect, you can delay your Rostrum option delay. You can delay your option to play Leviamon from trash. You can delay another rostrum if you need the 2nd Leviamon for the memory, but if your opponent board is too few, when you evolve into Levia X your Levia X cannot delete their tamers.

d. When opponent play Digimon by effect, your Leviamon or Lv 5 with X anti in their source can evolves into Levia X from trash (including the Levia that you just played with Rostrum effect this turn). Levia X when evolve, if the opponent board (tamer and Digimon) is more or as many as yours, you can delete their tamer 1st, then delete their Lv 3,5,7 each

e. When you evolve into Levia X, you can activate the 7th Lightning Option cards, deleting your opponent Lv 4 and 6 each.

f. You may activate Dragomon effect now if you haven’t (and if  it hasn’t evolve into Levia X).

When opponent play Digimon effect by using your Waruseadramon effect these will happen :

a. The Waruseadramon when attacking effect is to forced opponent to play lv 4 or lower on their board suspended, on play effect doesn’t activate then you may redirect to it. This is important because if the opponent play lv 3 i suggest to not redirect to it and keep the direction to player. Then 2nd effect activate, if your opponent play Digimon by effect all of their Digimon get “on deletion -1 memory”. So, if your Waruseadramon with X antibody card in its sources happen to evolve into Levia X from trash and activate its on evolve effect. If you redirect the attack to lv 3, the Lv 3 opponent will get deleted by Levia X effect and your attack will be canceled because it's no longer has target. Put it simple, If opp play lv 3 don’t redirect, if lv 4, redirect it if you want to save some 7th Lighting option on trash.

b. Step B to E same as above.

The Fun of this deck that you can arrange these effect according to your game condition. You can go A, B, C,D or A, B, D,E, or A,C,C,D choose the one who suits your condition.

Meta BT16

Strong against :

  1. This deck really has the advantage against deck who plays Digimon by effect such as Imperialdramon (both red purple and green blue), Valkyriemon, Vikemon (any deck with 02 tamers and Partition Effect), Tyrant Kabuterimon, Fenriloogamon, Royal Knight etc
  2. Any tamer based deck, such as XH or Hunter. Especially Hunter because usually you just have 1 body on board with no tamer, making Arresterdramon effect cant be used against.
  3. OTK deck because this deck usually has 4-7 removal option making opponent reluctant to attack 

Weak Against :

  1. This deck can force opponent to play Digimon lv 4 or lower from trash. What if the opponent doesn’t have Lv 4 in the trash? This scenario making Leviamon against Deva/Fanglongmon is such a hard game for Leviamon player.
  2. What this deck do are delete and piercing. Armor Purge making deletion sometimes useless and cannot activate piercing so it also doesn’t go well against Rapidmon X and Magnamon X.
  3. The deck that has access to play the floodgate “ Players cant play Digimon by effect” making your Rostrum useless. In my experience, I have 1 Rostrum ready on board, so I hard play Dragomon paying 7 memory hoping to activate rostrum, my opponent play the Pillowmon from trash using my Dragomon effect, and yeah thats it. Game. 

My Deck

  1. Guilmon for finishing. The optimal condition is to have 1 on trash and 1 on your hand. From the trash can be played by using Dragomon/Myotismon effect. I had won various match with this strategy. Evolve into myotismon, play Guilmon, Guilmon attack, then Myotismon for finishing. Or simply, just play from your hand.
  2. Goblimon, the reason I use this because I don’t have Gabumon ST16 because its too pricey. So I adapt with the situation, and I like it. Goblimon gains memory from trashing hand and all of my Lv 4 making me trash my hand so it guaranteed +1 memory. If you want to spend 1 memory, evolve into Garurumon for 2, then gain 1. If you want to spend 2 memory, evolve into Garuru X/Raremon for 3 then gain 1. Suit yourself with your condition of the game. Also when you attack and you trash card with ess of the garurumon, you can gain 1 memory from Goblimon making indirectly When attacking gain 1 memory everytime you attack. The thing that Gabumon cant do.
  3. Myotismon for finishing and play Guilmon rush from trash. I also really think it’s a good idea to blast evolve and block to Prevent Magna X from getting immune if security got removed, but after use it in the real game I think its useless and opp got overflow for 3 memory lol. So I can return its original role as finisher. Also you can hard play for 5 cost, and evolve into Levia/Levia X.
  4. Garuru/Garuru X/Raremon the draw engine so nuff said.
  5. The rest is usual

Evolution Cup, January 11th 2024, Jakarta

Round 1 / Arifazan – Gracenova: win

The upper hand condition against Gracenova deck is the Lv 6  its just 1 big and long stack with no protection, so I just delete it using Rostrum while lowkey attacking the security. I also had my Gazimon ready for blocking memory gain making it harder to gain memory. But Gracenova deck now is scary because it got jamming now from Gaogamon. In the end I can finish the game after deleting his Digimon a couple times (or more)

Round 2 / Syarif – Red Hybrid: win

This game was hard because Red Hybrid got aggressive from the start while I was keeping my trash ready. At one point my Leviamon X got deleted by Kaiser Greymon. But the opp gave me enough memory to evolve from Lv 3 to Lv 6 while I also used training and memboost. At lv 5, with dragomon I forced the opponent to play lv 4 or lower, then I made the right decision to not summon a Digimon from trash, then my dragomon evolve into Leviamon giving him 3 memory, because the opponent has 2 bodies, the Kaiser and the new one that just played, making me deleting both, then gained 2 memory and then my opponent play on deletion effect to play Tamer and because he played Tamer by effect, my newly evolved Leviamon can evolve again into Levia X, deleting the new tamer he just played. If, I was using dragomon effect to play a Digimon, when he played the tamer, his board was 1 and my board was 2 I still can evolve into Levia X but I cannot delete the tamer (and it also a memory fixer) so it was a right call. The last turn that he gave me 2 memory, I attack the security with levia x, draw and trash with garurumon, gain 1 memory with goblimon, with 3 memory I played guilmon and finished the game.

Round 3 / Joko – Blackwargreymon X: win

Thankfully, BWGX can be deleted although its hard but it's not like it has immune on it. There was a moment in the game that my opponent has 1 BWGX with perfect ess so it can prevent deletion 3 times and 2 tamers, I have none on board but I have 2 Rostrum ready to delay. I hard play the Dragomon, forced opponent to play, I also play syakomon from trash because I need to trash 7th Lightning Option from hand then I played Leviamon from 1st Rostrum. Because his board was wider, I got to delete both of his Digimon, making him prevent once, then my newly played Levia evolve into levia X, because our board was same (3 on both side), I got to delete 1 of his tamer then activated the 7th Lightning Option twice from my trash making him lose all the immunity from Greymon X. the last was I delayed the last rostrum, play Levia again, and delete the lowest and the only BWGX. With Levia, Levia X and 2 others on board, I finished the game next turn.

Round 4 / Grayson- Mirror: Win

Me and Grayson play in the same LGS and frequently sharing and comparing our list together. Currently Grayson using the new support of Syako X and Geso X, and he was using Gesomon for blocking against Magnamon X, prevent it to gain immunity from if security got removed. We Rostrum each other until the moment both of us really hesitant to play Digimon by effect. Because if one of us play Digimon by effect it will really got us into Rostrum Loop. Like Player A forced Player B to play by effect, player A delay rostrum to play Levia, then because levia is played Player B play Rostrum, playing levia deleting Levia, because B played By effect, A delayed Another rostrum and so on. In the moment of mirror, the player who delayed the latest rostrum, is the winner. So I really hard because his Rostrum on board is 3 while I just have 2. And finally I using the Waruseadramon combo, making it evolve into Levia X and finished the game. I finished the game without playing by effect lol.

Round 5 / Garry Yeung – Magnamon X: Lose

Me and Garry don’t play in the same LGS but we always meet in the big tournament and it was nice to talk and share the game result after we play. Like I mentioned above, this deck has weakness against armor. There was this moment when I evolved into Levia X and activated 2 7th Lightning Option, deleting 2 Lv 4, but he armor purged leaving 2 lv 3 unharmed on the board so its kinda useless. With Magna X on board there not much that I can do, I cant use effect and option, so it was GG.

With 4-1, making me 3rd place

Top Cut 

Top 8 / Glady – Tyrant Kabuterimon: win

Tyrant Kabuterimon is immune to effect but not option. I had fun Rostrum-ing the Tyrant and with Rostrum on board, the Tyrant cannot play another Digimon by effect (it still can though, but with consequences). The next turn he tried to swarm instead of evolve into Tyrant. So I evolve from lv 3 to Levia, deleting his Digimon, into levia X more deleting again, and Rostrum again to delete his Megakabuterimon. The next turn I finished the game.

Top 4 / Niko – Magnamon X: lose

It basically the same with the previous game with Garry, not much to say here. This game was worse because he had 2 Magnamon x on board so yeah its GG.

Participant : 32

Final Result : Top 4


This deck was fun if you like deleting tamers and stuff. Yes this deck has weaknesses but hey, that is the fun. The only deck that has no weakness in a banned deck. And current BT16 Meta is very healthy meta you really can win with any deck, so use the deck that really you like, the important thing is to have fun.

Shoutout, to Indonesia DCG Community, we really have become a great community thanks for the support, and Arcanum Hobbies, thank you for always supporting us in DCG.

[JP-BT16] Dan L: It's raining Birds! (Byomon)


In the beginning (BT1), Bandai released the birds. But they could not survive on their own and relied on other cards to catch their prey. As time passed, the birds faded into mediocrity, until 2 years ago, Bandai descended upon us mere mortals and gave us new birds (BT11). But alas, they were useless. Bandai had given most of their blessing to their new favourite child of the time, WarGreymon of the Black, infecting them with the X-Antibody. Months passed and Bandai returned with more birds (BT13). The people celebrated but it was still not enough. Once again, Bandai had given their blessing to the Greymon Clan but this time to those of the Yellow Variant. The birds were left out of meta relevancy as the Yellow Greymons ran rampant, punching everything in sight.

The Yellow Greymon rampage continued until one day the apocalypse arrived (BT15). Decks were disintegrating before the peoples’ eyes. But with it, came more birds! The birds were stronger and a new sky could be seen. Alas, it was all for naught as they just flew around not doing much in the wake of the apocalypse. The people clamoured, “Surely, there has to be some payoff to all these random birds.”

Before the turn of the year, Bandai descended one more time and put an end to the apocalypse. They released new life into the ecosystem, reviving old decks (BT16). The people rejoiced for the birds had grown and were stronger than ever.


BT11. BT13. More SRs in BT15. These were the ingredients Bandai had chosen to create the perfect little birds. But Bandai accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction… Antibody X. (theme song plays)


11 Lv3s. Searchers and Chika Engine Biyomon

9 Lv4s. Not too important but provide utility like Blocker, Retaliation, Recycling or +1 Sec (BT1 Birdramon not included in build used). Also, enables early game ESS for the Lv3s.

10 Lv5s. A lot of combos revolve around them. Most important part of the deck imo.

8 Lv6s (I feel should be reduced by 1). Extends your Combos.

6 Tamers. Chika and Sora (Flexible ratio). Akiho, as much as I love her design, is redundant because of Garuda X and doesn’t provide any memory gain. 1 at most if you want but low-key Analog Boy might be better there.

Remaining: Options. Trainings (or mem boost). Wings of Love (Free Tamer and triggers Sora). Removal Option (for Immune to Digimon effect Digimon). X-Antibody (OG or PF. OG relies on your Digimon already being able to attack. PF is miles better imo since Phoenix X will already have Blitz)

Other possible choices:

Lv3 Ukkomon (Promo/BT16) for early aggro and search/mem gain.

Lv4 Aquila (BT13) on play kills floodgates

Lv5 SkullGreymon (Promo) Delete your own bird/itself to delete opponent digimon.

Lv6 Zhuqiao (BT8) Kills wide boards AND activates other birds On Deletion you have lying around that are stunned or already attacked.


“Play birb. Birb rush. Birb attack. Birb die? Don’t care. Play new birb.”

Early game, you want to chip your opponent’s security while gathering your own resources. Enough to make them feel pressured. You’re ok with dying but you want to start setting up your engines/combos. This is where all your Biyomons come into play. Either to search more pieces via BT11 or BT15 Biyomon. BT13 while unable to search is a core piece for the Chika engine to start pressuring your opponent.

Engine #1: Super Chika Biyomon Go!

Pieces: BT13 Biyomon, Chika and any Garudamon (not X)

More useful in the early game to start gathering your resources and pressuring the opponent. Playing a BT13 Biyomon either by Chika’s own effect or paying the cost, lets you bounce Chika. Digivolve into a Garudamon for free. Which Garudamon doesn’t matter; BT13 lets you play Chika again, BT15 Ace lets you play a Sora which can translate into the Sora engine if you don’t have her on board yet. Now you have a Lv 5 on board. Drew 1 additional card from digivolving.

Lv 4s are mostly used to “unlock” your Biyomon ESS, Blockers or set up for a Blast evo letting you play a free tamer as well.

Engine #2: Sora keeps throwing birds at me and wont stop.
Core: Sora

“Keys”: BT15 Yokomon, BT15 Birdra, BT15 Wings of Love, BT16 Garudamon X.

Sora activates whenever you return a red Digimon card from trash to hand which is usually caused by one of the aforementioned “keys”. Usually you want to be playing your Level 3s if you don’t have the right pieces yet to search or to use the Chika Engine or Level 5’s for your GarudaX combo.

Sora is flexible in what piece to play. Saberdramon if you need the Raid Raptor Retaliation. Birdramon for Blocker or Blast Evo set up. BT15 Phoenixmon for its on play to blow something up.

Combo: GarudaX does EVERYTHING! (not everything)

Best when opponent Sec is 3 or less.

Core: Garuda (ideally ACE), GarudaX, Sora

Previously, we relied on BT11 Akiho to give our new Digimon Rush.

With the new GarudaX, you can reliably give itself or another digimon Rush using its own effect. First it recycles, great. Then if Garuda is in its sources, delete 1 opposing digimon its DP or lower. Clears out most Lv 5s and 4s setting up for a Blast Evo. Great. Then cause you recycle you can either activate Sora’s engine to play a new Bird and then give that Bird Rush. Or give itself Rush. Then activate Sora again to let you go into another Garuda X (either by playing Garuda and X-evoing or playing a Garuda X directly). Repeat forever until you run out of Garudas or Garuda X’s. Insane.

The Phoenixes

Phoenixmon X is less of a combo piece but lets you get so much more from your birds, especially the GarudaX ESS to trash your opponent’s security and PhoenixX’s effect to spawn another bird. Unlike most other decks, the Level 6s in the deck are not the win condition but can definitely set it up or just pressure your opponent greatly. BT15 Phoenix can delete 1 opponent’s battle area in conjunction with Phoenixmon X.

Rise from the Ashes (Comeback from nothing)

As you have very little protection, at some point in the game you might find yourself with an empty board and no Digimon ready to raise. As long as you have birds in trash, Sora and Wings of Love in hand, and 2 memory, you can use the option to attempt to rebuild your board, take control back from the opponent or to go for game.

Match ups

This deck loves playing against decks that take time to set-up or primarily have deletion effects or use DP reduction. You can threaten to end the game really quickly or leave your Birds on board knowing that your opponent deleting them will not threaten you greatly. Death is but the beginning of another combo. And new played Birbs with Rush are unaffected by any previously applied effects (as long as it’s not a passive effect or field-wide eg Mitama, Venus, RapidX)

Bad matchups. Stuns, field-wide control, bounce/spin/bottom decks (whatever you want to call it), Battle Control (like Tyrant that uses attacks to control the flow of the game and gain memory of it). Anything that stops your Birds going to trash or attacking freely.

Notable matchups.

Imperial: Going for a big stack might cause it to get suspended and stuck on the field. If you’re not able to spawn new birds and your sources are left in the stunned stack. Watch out for BT16 Imperial DM’s ability to digivolve when you play a Bird by effect. Partition also makes the opponent’s board annoying to control.

Mirage: A lot of your effects add cards to your hand either from searching, draw, trash or bouncing Tamers. Make use of playing by effect to reduce cards in hand.


In terms of future restrictions, I do not think Bandai will touch this deck as it is still possible to play against them by being careful. Probably Garuda X if they have to but I hope not.


Fun combos. Long combos. Birds go boom. Can be tricky in which card to recycle; when to attack, what to play. But that makes this deck fun to play and learn. (If you’re a Fire King fan in Yugioh, apparently, this deck is similar; come try this game!)

I really like the modern card design of Digimon currently. Building this deck for a long time since I started playing a year ago and seeing it all come together like this deck is amazeballs. I hope they still release support for this deck sometime in the future. (Biyomon X? C’mon, Bandai. I know you can do it like with Baalmon X.) In the meantime, I’m gonna change hopium tracks to Tyranno or Dino support.

Shoutouts to my local DTCG community. To opening more digital gates in the future.

Also Takanashi Kiara from Hololive. My phoenix oshi for my phoenix deck.

[EN-BT14] Daniel Carreno – 2nd Place at Latam Ultimate Cup 2023 with Gammamon


Invited Author: Daniel Carreño (Chile)

Date of tournament: 17 December 2023

2nd Place Latin America Ultimate Cup (Number of Participants 50+)

Hi, it’s me again since so much time (Jan 2022), and well, the game is evolving as tournaments do, and we had this tournament, the Ultimate Cup with the modified rules that are as a set rotation. Not my favorite format, since many good decks on the BT14 format are severely limited.

Click into the image for decklist in Digimon Card Meta.

Why did I choose this deck?

Digimon Ghost Game is the only Digimon series that I really like. Gammamon is a very charismatic Digimon and I love it, so, when RB1 comes to the game, I started to get the deck as foil as possible. Also, the last LatAm Ultimate Cup was highly dominated by Commandramon variants and Gammamon can fight against that very well, I thought “maybe Gammamon is good and is not only a hard copium”.

My principal idea was to get a good match against Commandramon and I decided to play against it and not worry about Yellow Vaccine, my worst matchup (with the idea of simply conceding against it).

Digi-Eggs: 4 Gurimon (RB1-001): The only available option related to Gammamon, as BT8 is not available on this tournament. The other option was to play Koromon (BT14-001) but only if I decided to run the Ukkomon variant, that was good, but not good enough against Digi-Police.

Rookies: Gammamon (RB1-005) is the heart of the deck and one of the cards that can make you decide the mulligan, you always want to start with at least one, so, is the logic 4-of card. Gammamon (P-059) is the other 4-of rookie because the 2000 DP add is very good against almost all decks. And now, the “techs”, 3 copies of Gammamon (P-065), the anarchic, the Anti-Police card, with the On Play effect, it can delete cards as Commandramon (BT5 and BT14) and Numemon (BT14), and the Inheritable effect can do it to, so, if you can swing with a GulusGammamon, you can delete 1 Digimon with the When Attacking of P-065, 1 Digimon with GulusGammamon and 1 Digimon with the On Play of this Gammamon being played with GulusGammamon. The other cards are 1 Gammamon (P-058) that is good when you don’t have the raid one (and cost 4 , Ultimate Flare shenanigans) and 2 Gotsumon (BT14-009) to prevent Cargodramon and Brigadramon effects. 

Champions: 4 copies of each BetelGammamon (BT8-013 printed in TP11 and RB1-008) because I decided to use Offense Training, 3 copies of GulusGammamon (RB1-029), only 3 because I can’t use all the GulusGammamon that I wanted to use (No BT8, again), so, I’m not basing my game on it; but still being a good effect, the best one on all the LV4 from the deck. Finally, I decided to use 1 copy of WezenGammamon (RB1-021) to have a blocker in my toolbox, but I think that card was not relevant in all the tournament.

Ultimates: 4 copies of Canoweissmon (RB1-009), the Ultimate that can warp by condition and no by effect, and this is VERY relevant since Offense Training + Canoweissmon works. And 3 copies of Regulusmon (RB1-030), a very good card that helps you to keep your main body in the battle area. 

Mega: 3 of each, Siriusmon (RB1-010) and Arcturusmon (RB1-031), nothing more, nothing less, I think the ratios were good, nothing to add here. And the last but not least Digimon, 2 Proximamon (RB1-036), the final Boss, 1 is nothing, 3 is too much. 

Options: I decided to take the risk and play Offense Training (P-103), using 10 cards that can’t be searched with them. I get 2 purple cards with them 2 times in the tournament but the main function of this card is to get a “memory reserve” and get explosive turns with 1 memory.

Tamers: I played Tai Kamiya (BT1-085, printed in RB) since was the only Red Memory Setter on the format, no other reason; but well, Security Attack+1 is a solid effect. Also, the best boi in the deck Hiro Amanokawa (RB1-032), the only Hiro that I think I should play. This card is the core of all the interactions in the deck. I tested Hiro Amanokawa (P-062) but I can’t see a line of play to play it besides other cards. Also, we tested Lui Ohwada (P-130), but it was not good with the Gammamon interactions, Hiro (RB1) was always the best one.

Any Cuts? 

Not really. Maybe take out the 4/1 Gammamon to get another 4/0.

General gameplay

You try to set yourself up with Gammamon on breeding and Hiro in Battle Area ASAP. BetelGammamon (RB) playing a Hiro is utopic, if you have a Hiro Amanokawa in your first turn, you PLAY IT. 

On this format, try to climb into the Siriusmon, is the main character to break all boards, Arcturusmon is an accessory on almost all your matchups, but can be a very good option too against De-Digivolve version of Digi-Police, since when you delete it (with your own “inheritable” GulusGamma effect) you can set a Proximamon that can be digivolved in… Arcturusmon Again.

Your win condition is inevitability of winning more than rush into Security. Try to break the board.


Round 1: Digi-Police (2-0): Gammamon P-065 showed his awesome power. Digi-Police can stablish very good boards but Gammamon can handle with it 

Round 2: Rookie Rush (2-0): Same case, Rookie Rush is a worst Commandramon in this format, can stablish a lot of floodgates that are not good against almost all decks on the format. The only one that was really annoying me was Syakomon, blocking my Trainings, but well, I managed to make a Siriusmon with 2 Gammamon P-065 on it, and was deleting all, all turns. 

Round 3: Digi-Police (2-0): A studied match, with no De-Digivolve techs, is easy to win with Gammamon.

Round 4: Digi-Police De-Digivolve (1-1): We finished the second game in time, the match was too close, surely the most fun match of the day, Vademon is busted and is a bit ridiculous against this deck. The player was also playing 4 copies of DCD Bomb, 2 copies of Ultimate Flare, and well, the 4 copies of Vademon, the god of this deck. I managed to get a Proxima with all the good inheritable effects to delete all the board and swing to the securities for game. 

Round 5: WarGreymon (2-1): My heart here was broken, my testing mate against me, the winner was getting a Top 8 card as minimum and the loser gets top 32. Sebastian Toro is at my opinion the best player in Chile and I was too nervous, I committed a lot of misplays and well, he made them too. We only wanted to stop the torture. But the Siriusmon line was the card of triumph against his version full of Ace cards (MetalGreymon ACE, WarGreymon ACE). I won, but at what cost, I owe these results to my testing mate, since he helped me to test all my good and bad versions of this deck.

Final Thoughts

Well, Gammamon was not only copium, I missed a lot of cards (almost all the BT8 cards) but the deck runs very well. 

Now we are going to Mexico to play the finals, with the hope that Bandai notices that Mexico and Chile are too far to be considered the same region to play. 

What should I play? I’m testing with Sebastian and other friends to get the best results.

Cheers to the NumeFamily and to all people that supports me on this game, thanks to my family for being patient with me when I’m playing online. 

[JP-BT15] Piku: Patamon Yellow Vaccine Deck


I’m Piku from Indonesia. Been playing since the BT7 release era. Got Top 8 on several Evolution Cups and was the first Indonesian DCG national team player to win an international friendly match (vs Japan in 2022).

My go-to decks were Paildramon jogress and Yellow Hybrid. When XH ran rampant at Evocups and JetSilphy got hit, I stopped playing. I just started playing again around the BT15 release era. Guess how lucky I am to leave during XH oppression and be back in the apocalypse? Lol.

Click into the image for decklist in Digimon Card Meta.

Deck Build and Strategy

I’ll be frank. It’s a fun deck. My go-to meta deck was MetalGaruru as well. But as a former Yellow player, the mechanic has taken my interest since back then. Honestly I took advantage of the situation: I thought people would be tired already with the oppressive format and start to use whatever decks they like. So if you ask, what was the plan for the meta? I did none. Although I’m pretty sure Garuru would be somehow manageable by the -DP mechanic.

I just bought the Yellow package like a week before the tournament and it was actually because I wanted to abuse the mechanic for the new Magna X. I was like, maybe I’ll try playing the deck so that I’ll be more accustomed to it when the time comes.

If we talk about Yellow Vaccine (YV), I think the “T2 Bulkmon check 2 jamming” is more prominent. I’ve tried it, but I found the draw really lacking. Also coincidentally, it was recently confirmed that if you evolve Patamon by its own effect to Tailmon from the sec, you’ll get +2 in total from both Tailmon and Patamon. I prefer Tailmon to Bulkmon any day aesthetically anyway, and with Tailmon I can use Tokomon for easier draws.

The strategy is pretty simple: cheat the mechanic by digivolving from sec. That’s why I include heavy Lv4 like both Rapidmons as well. Tailmon was included because it gives extra memory and pseudo-Jamming by Barrier, and it’s a 2-cost evo just in case. For Lv5, I max RizeGreymon to play tamers for free (Hikari gets the most value) and SA+1. For the ACE, I use Angewomon because I won one from a local so I just needed to buy another 2. It’s better anyway, as you’d like the guaranteed -6000 and the balance of recovering and trashing sec. The harder thing was selecting the Lv6. I was tempted by the 4 checks of WarGreymon/Sleipmon, but it just didn’t work after I playtested for days. Then I just go with Seraphimon for the guaranteed recovery, -7000, and SA+1, plus some Venusmon for control.


I only used 3 Trainings because most of the time you’d want to digivolve from the sec, and it’d be cheaper anyways. Less option because I believe Angewomon and Seraphimon would take care of removal jobs. Most of the tamers have the ability to reduce and increase your sec at the same time, which is really good. But if I have to say one surprise MVP, it would go to Plotmon for a simple fact: it can give you free recovery in a pinch.


I participated in two tournaments within the week with the deck. I did take note of all matchups but I might’ve already forgotten the minute details.

The first one is an offline local with 16 players, swiss BO1.

R1 – Terrier. It seemed that it was pretty hard for the opponent to tower nor blast to SaintGargo thanks to the -DPs, because not even armor Rapidmon would survive. The biggest DP should be SaintGargo, so checking with Seraphimon was a breeze. If I remember correctly, at the end I locked the win with Venusmon. Win.

R2 – Mugendra. The opponent was unable to do anything because they couldn’t put a single body with all the -DP thus seemingly to lower their discard rate. They finally put an EX1 one with one Analogman in the back, but I was able to get the old Rapidmon to rest it and win with 2 bodies in the field. Win.

R3 – Belzeebu. I think the thing that won me the match was my ability to choke consistently. With all the optional memory gains, choking is indeed easy. If I remember correctly, they hard-casted a Beelzebu but I was able to straight clear it on the next turn with -DP. Win.

R4 – Duke. Their first tower hit something in the security, but I couldn’t be sure. Maybe I minus -DPed it. Despite the high DP of Duke variants, I think Tailmon’s Barrier ESS saved me during Seraphimon’s check twice. Win.

The result was 4-0, ranked 1st.

The second one is an online Japanese Discord tournament with 11 players, swiss BO1.

R1 – Apocaly. It’s just generally a hard matchup, because Seraphi would die if checking any of the Dark Master. Also, if you delete one Apocaly (which usually needs Plotmon, Angewomon, and Seraphimon), the stack won’t have any protection against the new Apo and you’d get overflowed. This match, I decked out. Lose.

R2 – ShineGrey. Basically Shine has to build the stack in one turn, because if any body is left in the field, it would be gone by the -DP. Their hand was not the best and two Burst Mode were in their secs. Gladly, Tailmon’s Barrier for Seraphimon. Win.

R3 – SoC. They didn’t have the best hand. No Eiji until the end, and I was able to choke consistently. IIRC two Fenrilooga were in the sec too, but again, Barrier. Win.

R4 – Belphe + Apocaly. This was harder than the usual Apo because Belphe Sleep just ignores -DP. I don’t think I could’ve done anything better except having a god hand. Lose.

The result was 2-2, ranked 8th.

Mulligan and Tips to play Yellow Vaccine Deck

First, just remember that as long as Apocaly is there, many decks would be much less competitive, including YV. It doesn’t have the speed of Garuru nor the body count of Anubi. We’d play slower, trying to deplete our opponent's resources while doing casual chips.

Again, we can choose Bulkmon’s path for more aggressiveness with the trade-off in less draws (also, I think Bulkmon doesn’t give you much if somehow you’re behind). Also, remember that this is not a traditional Security Control – we can’t hope that the opponent hit something big in the security. What we do is we “rig” our security to enable us “cheating” the digivolution costs. We can bring more destructive options, but that demands cards that let us put generic Yellow cards in the sec. As the substitute, our main board clear options will be Plotmon, Angewomon (it’s far better than the other one because it lasts until the opp’s turn lol), and Seraphimon. Seraphimon is the most superior Lv6 in my opinion because it guarantees a recovery, a -7000, and is able to do multiple checks – and not limited to the digivolution turn except for the recovery part (it’s <All Turn> so if Takeru got checked we can get another -7000 lol).

There are others which main Holydramon as the Lv6, but I want a better balance between trashing and recovering. Venusmon is a really great option for the secondary Lv6, as usually it is able to lock the opponent for a turn. Venus is best to lock a winning position.

My build uses RizeGreymon – so it demands more Tamers. Fixer Hikari is the best pair as it doesn’t have any <On Play> effects anyway. Fixer Takeru is still needed as it gives us another way to peek on the security and helps us to plan our moves for several turns. I just can’t find a better Lv5 and I don’t want to run all ACEs. Also with all the Tamers, you’ll get plenty of memory without fearing the likes of Gazimon.

With this build, we want to see Patamon, a Lv4 (new Rapidmon would be the best), and BT14 Takeru if we go first. With this setup, we’re guaranteed a digivolution for the next turn while passing only 2 memory. A Training wouldn’t be bad either. If we go second, Patamon and fixer Takeru might be the best, because usually we will pass 2 memory with this setup and we can peek at our security ASAP – but remember that our Patamon is not guaranteed to digivolve. The first setup won’t be bad either – just don’t rest Takeru. Other decent cards are basically any Lv3 and Emissary of Hope. If we don’t get “god hand” but we draw Lonkhe, be sure to mulligan. 8-cost removals are supposed to be in the security.

If we can put a Lv4 by our 2nd turn, we can start waging mind-games due to the prominence of ACEs in YV. I only recommend hitting security if we have either Tailmon or the new Rapidmon. If the opponent has destructions, prioritize the armor Lv4s. My last tips would be to preserve Plotmon for late game as much as we can as it can give us recovery in a pinch with its <Start of Main Phase>.

Message to friends or community.

I think the current state of the DCG community, despite the oppressive format, is pretty well balanced between fun and competitiveness, at least in Indonesia – or at least in the LGS I’ve been playing. I just want to give suggestions for anyone posting tournament results. It would’ve been better if we can always put the player count, so we can get better context, and to properly credit the pilot of each of the decklist posted. Sadly, this is what I’m finding in the results posted by the official EN DCG Facebook account. None of those bothered to mention the pilot name. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Shoutout to Arcanum Hobbies, which happened to be the only LGS near my area to have routine DCG tournaments. It has a really good vibe and decent player count. The best part? We may even have three DCG tournaments for the day lol.

Also shoutout to Karin Hanasaki, a member of the idol group Houkago Princess. The deck was dedicated to her, as her member color is yellow and she really loves cats – thus I named the deck “Sexy Angel Karin” lol.

I hope DCG can be a long-lived and long-loved TCG, both by the player base and the management side lol.

[EX5] Robin: Anubis – Merva Head of the Table


Hello DigiDestined! This is Robin from DigiDestined Doods (@DDDTcg). With the recent release of EX5, we have seen the popularity of purple decks rising: Belphe-Levia, MetalgaruruX, Beaststar (credits to @slyx183 for the naming) and finally Anubis-Merva. Let’s dive in and understand more about this Eygptian God’s terror.

Anubis-Merva Deck Ratio

This is a recommended skeleton structure for anyone looking to start with Anubis-Merva. The deck aims to set up Anubis to flood the board with Merva as fast as turn 2 or 3 and it packs consistency with wisdom training and purple memory boost. Gazi and psyche help to lock your opponent’s board leaving them with little room to counter. The deck also packs superb draw power from Tsunomon, DoberX, and BlueMera, so getting your pieces is not an issue. Unfortunately, the deck still struggles with Pomumon, Pillomon, and Gotsumon (Digimon that do not allow players to play Digimons by effect) and also Leviamon with Biting crush option.

Anubis-Merva in EX5 Environment

In the current meta, games can be determined in the blink of an eye with decks like FenriLoogamon, Shinegreymon BM, MirageGaogamon BM, but we also see control decks like BloomQuantum, Huanglong, Belphemon also making success in reacting to these fast matchups. Anubis-Merva combines both of these elements to establish a strong presence that your opponent has a difficult time dealing with. Below you can find my decklists that I had success in the recent 3v3 and Magnacup Tournament.

Source: https://x.com/DDDTcg/status/1699806943706337683?s=20

Common Ruling

Anubis effects can be hard to catch at first but there are a few things that you should take note of, Let’s break it down into 2 parts:

[When Digivolving] [Main] [Once Per Turn] You may trash up to 3 cards in your hand. Then, play 1 purple Digimon card from your trash for the cost. When it would be played by this effect, reduce the play cost by 3. For each card trashed by this effect, further reduce it by 1.”

  • The effect can be triggered even when Venusmon blanket is on the field as it is a main effect
  • You may trash up to 3 cards so you can opt to not trash anything and play a purple digimon for – 3 cost
  • If your opponent has a Psychemon on the field, you can still use Anubis’s effect but you would need to pay the full cost.
  • When you play Mervamon from trash, total cost to play would be 2 cost (-6 cost + Digixros -3) and + 1 memory if you have Ignitemon as ESS

[Your Turn] When your Digimon is played by an effect, delete 1 of your opponent's level 5 or lower Digimon. If no Digimon was deleted by this effect, <Draw 1>. “

  • This effect only allows you to delete or draw per digimon(s) played by effect. In the stance of Mervamon, When you play Mervamon from trash (considered as 1 played by effect) and Mervamon plays 2 digimon by effect (considered as 1 played by effect) you will be able to delete up to 2 Level 5 or lower digimon or if no digimon is deleted, draw 2
  • You can play Mervamon to slot another Mervamon but you would not gain memory from Ignitemon’s inherit, you could play around de-digivolve or dexmon in this way.

Level 3 Flex Slots:

Labramon sits on my bench because I felt that the times that I needed to return an Anubis or Merva seem very low, as once you establish the board flood, the game is pretty much yours, just watch out for Dexmon!

Gabumon gives you the +1 memory and needed draw/discard to cycle through your deck, which suits very well in situations when you are bricking.

Elecmon can clear the pesky memory blockers, playcost blockers, and your arch nemesis, played by effect digimon blockers. Although it needs to be deleted, you might be able to trigger it with “Calling from the Darkness” or CeberusmonX inherit effects.

Spadamon, a tech choice to de-digivolve your opponent when played with Mervamon effect, and when you slot under the Mervamon. You can also delete the level 5 digimon (after being de-digivovled from level 6) and clear the board! Its inherited effects can also help you to search for another Xros Heart digimon.

Level 4 Considerations

You can basically run the same package as Minervamon deck, with more retaliation digimon so that you can gain rush and blocker. Dobermon also offers additional draw power as you can X-digivolve into DoberX to give you +2 draw and discard 1, with another digimon gaining rush. 

Pocupamon is there to delete any pesky blockers, and could potentially proc twice with doberX giving another digimon retaliation to help you gain control of the board if needed.

Level 5 Considerations

There are 2 considerations to selecting your level 5s, Firstly, it should be able to pull back memory with your Gobli and Orge inherited effects so that you can digivolve to Anubis to continue your turn and board flood.

Secondly, it would serve as a secondary effect for Anubis to play from the trash in scenarios where you are not able to play Mervamon. You can use DoberX and Pumpkinmon on play effects to call back a Gazi or Psychemon to have 2 additional bodies on the board. 

These are unorthodox choices, test them if you like! 

Tamer Considerations

The Tamers slots are really tight, and you would probably need to sacrifice memory or training options to include these cards. Although they do value-add to your gameplay (win more cards), they are not key pieces to achieving your win conditions, but feel free to test around with them!

Options Considerations

For options choices, if you would like to take a more defensive stance, you can opt for Rivals’ Barrage or Pummel Whack, to be able to clear the key cards when needed. Rivals’ Barrage works well with EX1 Ladydevimon and you can also consider EX2 Dobermon to play it into the play area.

Calling from the Darkness is mainly needed to recycle Ruin mode, the blanket -DP has proven super effective in the current meta, with many decks playing from the raising.

Final Thoughts

If you can’t beat them, join them. This is a straightforward deck with a clear win condition, board flood, and control. The difficulty in piloting the deck is suitable for any new purple players too! (like me!) Having said that, there are also interesting deck-building ideas that can complement Anubis playstyle like using Levia/Biting Crush to deal with mirror matches (Crocodile Dundee!) and Bephlemon, which I will be testing in upcoming tournaments. Thank you for reading and until then I AM THE TABLE!

[BT14-LM] Hariz: Jelly Amphimon Deck

Invited Author: Hariz

Country: Brunei


My name is Hariz and recently I was given the privilege of creating this article for the Jellymon Deck after winning with it at a recent Digimon League Event at Gamer’s Tavern, Brunei on 20th August 2023. Ever since they introduced Jellymon into the game, I’ve always tried to slide her supports in some of my blue decks but it still just didn’t felt very viable nor necessary at times. Then came RB01 when they introduced the Lv6 Amphimon, I was hyped because it was the start of when Jellymon could be its on independent deck rather than just a support package.

But something was still lacking, it was still getting outshine and couldn’t perform just as fast and consistent like other decks. It wasn’t because there wasn’t enough jellymon cards to support the mechanic but rather the newer support for BLUE wasn’t generic enough for other blue decks to utilize till the introduction of BT13 and the new Amphimon ACE from the LM Booster. Let’s Begin!

The Goal and how it works

So before we start, I’ll explain on how Jellymon/Amphimon deck works and what is the goal of the deck. The deck wants you to have 7 or less cards in hand, strip off the digisource of your opponent’s digimon and have a bunch of ‘jellymon in its text’ cards in the trash to trigger certain conditions. Building this deck with just that knowledge however makes you randomly dunk your hand when not necessary or even play too much of the jelly cards which you don’t have to. Below you’ll see my rendition of the deck that I recently use and I’ll explain how it worked out and my match ups.

Jellymon Decklist (3-0)

This was the only 2nd time I brought the deck to an event, the 1st time time I built it was purely Jellymon Tribal and it showed what which cards I needed to play more, what I needed to play less or which ones I didn’t need to play at all. But just cause I didn’t play in my deck doesn’t mean you shouldn’t, it just means it belonged in a different focus or didn’t suit my local Meta. My local meta is run by a lot of X-antibody and other Blue decks like Mirage Gao, Blue Flare, Ulforce and at times random once in a while.

The Boss card: Amphimon

Let’s talk about the old and new Amphimon, RB01 Amphimon has an on digivolve and attacking ability to trash sources and bottom deck an opponent’s Digimon by discarding cards and filling up your trash. Not only does it have board control, it also has the protection ability from deletion not only for itself but for other Blue Cards aswell. Yes ‘OTHER BLUE CARDS’ meaning it can protect your ACE cards or any other key cards you don’t want to lose by returning 3 cards with Jellymon in its text. 

The issue I had find with this Amphimon before the LM Supports was that it wasn’t a finisher, it was too defensive and you slowly poke opponent while they try to slowly recover, it was missing that certain pressure. Then came the new Amphimon from LM Booster. Now some may think because its an ACE Card, its mainly just for defense, but I find that this Amphimon is at most will be your main attacker. Downside is that its DP is quite low and unless you have jamming or the RB1 Amphimon ready, you might feel hesitant to swing with it most of the time. The Ideal setup would be if when you have both Amphimons on the battle area, RB1 Amphimon for the Defense and refilling your resource and the LM Amphimon do all the damage.

The Weakness

The weakness of the deck… well I’ll be honest it has quite a lot of weaknesses but so far I stumble upon while playing this deck,

I’ll break it down into the type of decks you need to look out for instead of specific decks .

  1. Decks that De-digivolve your stuff: The fact that the level 6 is an ACE card the moment it gets de-digivolve, opponent over flows 4 memory, it’s even worse if there was a zudomon under it and if opponent can get rid the whole line that overflows for 7!
  1. Decks that minus DP: It has 0 protection against cards that lowers its DP. RB1 Amphimon can only protect itself and you’re other Blue Digimons from deletion, but if their DP stays 0 it will still get removed.
  1. Decks that run X-Antibody: The moment you face these decks that run the X-Antibody Option, you cannot bounce their digimon because you can’t trash the X-antibody at all with any of the Jellymon cards. This is literally the bane of the Jelly Deck. That is why you need to run other cards to just remove the digimon entirely to help you buy time.
  1. Jogress Decks? : I’d find jogress decks takes awhole lot of work and resource to remove because the stack is just too long and too much time and resource needed to remove. Not Impossible…but yeah..

Reliable Support

Amphimon can’t trigger their abilities if the opposing digimon has any cards in their digisource so in order to strip those ees away you need to discard cards to remove each cards under , but what if I tell you you can basically just pay less and still get value? With the help of the new Goma Line and good’ ol reliable cards like Sourai , you can basically remove 1-4 cards from other digimon source while having a body with Zudomon and aswell as control your handsize from going 0. But of course there will be a match up against an X-antibody deck where you can’t remove the source, so Ikkakumon can help with stalling while the opponent builds up.


Game 1 : Diaboromon

My 1st opponent was against a diaboromon Deck, against this deck I had to be very cautious of their Diaboro ACE and also make sure to finish the game before they can generate their token army. The night before I had practice with the deck and you cannot be greedy and wait for the diaboromon hoping to let you counter evo, they will get rid of your Lv4 and lv5. Luckily for me however, my opponent was not able to set up his Arata before he could swarm his token army.

Game 2 : Xrosheart

Now Xrosheart, it was one of the top meta decks during its prime time because not alot of decks could do anything to it once they set up their tamers and resources, but even so its still a strong deck even today and can snowball out of nowhere when you least expect it. In theory I really think Jellymon deck could counter Xrosheart and other xros decks because it can remove sources from both digimon and tamers, why I say theory is because this was my first time playing against it with the Jellymon deck. RB01 -14 Thetismon also allows you to trash sources from their tamers and make them unable to suspend and activate effects for a turn. Thanks to this I was able to deny his key sources and slowed the deck down abit.

Game 3 : Yellow Vaccine

Finals, well I’ll be honest this was one game I really thought was gonna end my streak. So many decks I manage to avoid like X-antibody decks that day but eventually I knew it was coming. I was afraid of how easily he can ramp evo because of the vaccine engine and how much minus dp cards he was packing in. My deck has no protection against minus dp cards. The game went just as I predicted, he manage to keep clearing my field with his Seraphimon and his other dream crushing messengers, but at that same time I tried to build up my raising area and wait to find an opening just like I did in my Game 1 with the Diaboromon deck. Earlier in the game I manage to chip in abit of his security that just so I don’t fall back too far behind. When I found the opening I manage to remove back his board, the downside of evolving on your ACE Cards against a blue deck sometimes is that it makes it easier to trash it for the overflow.

Tournament Summary

Some would say I got lucky, because of either my match ups were easy or the number of players was not a lot to beat my streak, but that would be an insult to my opponents if I did not acknowledge their level as a player and the challenge they gave me that led to my victory. This was only my 2nd tournament I brought the deck for action and there are so many other decks I have yet to test against with it.


This deck has potential, the new supports gave it the extra edge to be competitive worthy. It’s a deck that can fight almost anything now but not everything, it still has weaknesses as I mentioned and all you can do is try to play around it and pray for the best, because the only way out of it is to go through, in Malay we say ‘LANGGAR SAJA!’ . I hope I inspired some people to give the deck the chance or see it in a new light.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to DigimonMeta for giving me this opportunity, I had waited so many moments when it’d be my time to make an article about one of my winning decks. 

Thank you to my longtime friend Khai who recently played and won with his Gammamon deck the same week which also wrote an article about it here, if he didn’t played his gamma deck that night, Id probably would have debuted the deck longer. 

Thank you to my group of friends from ‘Team Trials’  El, Alvin Tan, John , Ronnie and Yuzu who helped me grind through my Digimon Journey, I hope one day they all too can have this privilege to make an article and lastly thank you to all the people I’ve met and  played with to get to this moment. 

This game means a lot to me and this article is abit of how I was also able to express abit of gratitude for the game and bonds I’ve made thanks to it. See you next time.

[BT14-LM] Arnold: Green BloomQuart Quantum Deck

Invited Author: Arnold

Country: Indonesia


Hello, this is Arnold from Indonesia. This time I want to introduce you to my quantum-bloom deck that I used for the evolution cup.

Deck Building

In addition to the LM set, we have a new friend Quantumon, a level 6 fairy digimon. Because its type is fairy, it can easily be searched with Palmon BT12, and even reduce the cost with Sunflowmon BT13. That’s the reason in this list I used 4 cards for both of them. 

With Quantumon we now have access to Shinegreymon Ruin Mode, although we can only evolve it only from her. It’s not a problem because it has protection on its own. So it’s pretty safe to evolve it on battle area and evolve it to ruin mode in the next turn.

For tech cards like tamers and options. I am using only 2 Mimi BT1 and 2 Mimi BT14, and this is the reason why I am not bringing togemon BT14 too much. It's pretty rare to use togemon effect to put tamer, I only use this if my enemy is bricky and he doesn’t have a way to remove my togemon after I suspend it for its own effect or I need an extra search with Mimi BT14. For options, the reason is using 2 memory boosts and 2 training, instead of 4 training. 

Because ruin mode cannot be reduced with agility training and mostly to level 6 digimon I use Sunflowmon BT13 to reduce its evolution cost instead of training. Some situations we can use memory boost to gain memory and play lillymon ACE to remove 5000 DP or lower digimon and then evolve it to Quantumon to remove another 1 any digimon in the opponent field. With this we have an ACE digimon that has a protection.


In BT14 meta, 50% of meta decks are OTK Decks and that’s the reason I make efforts to put Ruin Mode in the deck to stalling it and in some cases we need to have our own OTK that is where kimeramon will do the job. It’s pretty common to use kimeramon to finishing the game in Bloomlord deck, so i will not explain too much for this. But, the key of every game I played is always Quantumon. I always want to have the 1st evoline to Quantumon to check the opponent's security and remove any option that can mess up our field and in some matches like yellow vaccine, you can just remove level 4 digimon inside security so their Patamon cannot freely evolve with its effect. Another reason is so we have 1 digimon in the battle area that can help Bloomlord to finish the game instead of using kimeramon. If somehow our Quantumon was removed from the field by the opponent's digimon, this is where Lillymon ACE shines. We can easily remove their opponent’s digimon with Lillymon ACE then evolve it to Quantumon. Although sometimes this can only be possible if we have 3 memory and 1 Mimi BT14 or 2 memory and 1 memory boost.

Other than checking security and its protection, Quantumon can recover our own digimon to our security then remove 1 card from the opponent's security, this commonly happens when you have Ajatarmon that call Sunflowmon BT13 and use its effect to reduce Quantumon evo cost. If there is no digimon in the opponent's battle area, we can just put Sunflowmon to our security, to recover and then remove 1 card in the opponent's security.

If you have 2nd turn and enemy gives you 2 memory or more, always put Mimi BT2 if possible, Because even if they try to build evoline in battle area and safe 1 other digimon in raising area, you can just remove the battle area digimon with Quantumon and hatch another digitama with Mimi. As long as they tried to remove our Quantumon by hitting it, it protected 1 of our security from being removed. After that is our next turn we can counter it with either Hydramon, Bloomlord, or maybe another Quantumon.


VS Miragegaogamon

I think this is the worst matchup for this deck. Because even if we have 6 or 7 security, they can still OTK if they have enough memory boost or training in the field, although we can try to prevent it to evolve our digimon to Quartzmon or Shinegreymon ruin mode, it’s very hard to comeback when they have evolve to Miragegaogamon BT12, because our digitama forced us to draw when we try to suspend one of our digimon and it make Miragegaogamon BT12 effect triggered move the memory to their side. Sometimes to prevent this you need to do lillymon ACE to Quantumon if possible or hoping your digitama is Argomon.

VS Shinegreymon

For this matchup, It’s pretty much Quartzmon that will always be MVP. The worst case scenario is they evolve to ruin mode after removing all of our digimon in the field. If possible you can do Lillymon ACE to Quantumon, or just make Ajatarmon in the raising area and placing memory boost or training as much as possible so we can evolve to level 6 without passing the turn and try to evolve it again to Shinegreymon Ruin mode or another Quartzmon.

VS Mill Deck

In this matchup, I cannot tell too much because of my opponent's brick and I think you need to be more careful of their option instead of digimon when choosing 1 card from their security, because if i rememmbered correctly their digimon doesn’t have any big removal, instead they use option.

VS Digi Police

This matchup is very tricky, sometimes you can lose when they become Quartzmon before you. Or you can just let Quantumon unsuspended every time you pass the turn and hope you guess the top deck right. So even if they become Quartzmon it cannot suspend Quantumon and you can counter it with another Quartzmon. Other than that, use Lillymon ACE wisely, they can easily remove your Quantumon with DCD Bomb option with 1 cost.

VS Hunter

In this match my deck is very bricky, I don't have any level 3 digimon in the 1st and 2nd turn. If I have to guess how to do a matchup with this deck, I think Quartzmon can really help so much, as long as their tamer doesn’t have 4 types of color. Or you can just become Quantumon and reduce their security, as long as they cannot make Arrester Superior mode to 14k DP with 2 darcmon they cannot destroy Quantumon with digimon effect. Or you can leave Quartzmon alone in the field while making another digimon in the raising area.

Other Matchup:

VS Fenrirloogarmon

I think in this matchup you just need try to put either Terriermon or Pomumon BT9 in battle field while Quantumon reducing their security or if you can Shinegreymon Ruin Mode and put -10k DP to their field i think the game should be safe as long his setup not fast enough and you not bricky.


Overall with the help of Quantumon now we have many ways to play and many ways to be built in the decks. To be honest I was really hopeless when playing Bloomlord deck in BT14. But, when Quantumon is revealed in LM and has a fairy type. I am very hyped to build this deck with it and after much time testing and researching. This is a list I am very comfortable with for now.

I still think every person has a different way of thinking, even if some of the decks have not worked out with you, try to find it yourself. Research, Testing, Rebuilding, rinse and repeat until you find what suits you perfectly and of course luck it’s still part of the game. By any means good luck for everyone out there and always remember to still have fun playing the games.

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