BT11 Yellow Hybrid – “The Beautiful Angel Who Wields the Ruthless Spear”

Invited Author: Mickey
Country: Indonesia


The latest banlist on September 1, 2022 had significantly nerfed Yellow Hybrid due to [BT7-038 JetSilphymon]’s limit. Without question, the card was a powerhouse for the deck because of its effects and traits which carried the deck to top tier ever since its debut in BT7. In this new BT11 meta where Xros Heart is getting stronger and BlackWarGreymon X being a dominant force that has access to mass tamer removal, many believed that this is the end for the deck.

Sunday, October 9, 2022 was Indonesia’s first Super! Tamer Battle in Arcanum Hobbies, Jakarta. At first, I doubted whether if I should join because I felt that my deck was not up to par with the newer decks and that it is not complete yet (2 key cards I bought did not arrive on time). But I really love playing in tournaments where there are lots of people, so I just winged it and joined the event. To my surprise, I managed to play well and ended up sweeping the Swiss Round stage (5-0)! Although I was eliminated in the Top 8 round, I believe that my experience was a good performance report of the deck. 

(The [BT1-063 Seraphimon] was a replacement for my second [BT10-041 Sakuyamon: Miko Mode] that didn’t arrive on time.)

To players who play / know the deck, there’s literally nothing new in my list. It is the common build ever since BT10 came out, where the Red base became very popular due to the draw speed provided by [P-041 Guilmon] and [EX2-001 Gigimon] as well as enabling [BT9-099 Sunrise Buster] – which is a very powerful Option card. The key cards that I want to highlight and explain further are [ST3-09 Angewomon], [BT9-040 Angewomon X-Antibody], and [BT10-101 Lónkhē Adistakto].

Angewomon and Angewomon X-Antibody

When the banlist takes effect and JetSilphymon limited to 1 copy per deck, players start theorizing on what would be the best replacement for it. Some use [BT2-038 RizeGreymon] and [BT9-041 RizeGreymon X-Antibody] for more aggression and tempo. Some use [BT10-037 Weddinmon] for a cheap Ultimate to evolve into a Mega. But naturally, there are 2 choices that are most prominent: [ST3-09 Angewomon] and [BT8-042 Shakkoumon]. Both cards have [Recovery +1], which is a part of JetSilphymon’s effect and what helped Yellow Hybrid, as a control-based Tamer deck, to take hits while they are spending their turns building their Tamers on board or removing threats. 

Angewomon was my first choice and it felt a bit “different” that I had to pay 3 memory and wait for my Security to be at 3 or less to recover (JetSilphymon really is overpowered, lol). Sometime later, I saw a Japanese list that run Angewomon X and placed second on an EVO Cup tournament, so I tried it. I was a bit skeptical because it looks a bit greedy and requiring 2 cards in hand to pull off the combo. However, during my tests online and real-life tournaments, it was decent and has more healing potential than JetSilphymon alone. At its full potential, the combo heals you twice and applies [Security Attack -1] to an opponent’s Digimon, which comes in handy quite often. In the Super! Tamer Battle, I managed to pull the combo off in all 6 games! I even managed to do it twice in a couple games, which totals to 4 recoveries! The Angewomon package is consistent and potent.

I also tried Shakkoumon and it is decent too. Its advantage is that it has a higher Security threshold, so you can heal even at 5 and its ESS can be handy at times. The trade-off is that it costs 1 more memory to evolve into but it is more stable. I personally think that both choices are solid choices and it comes down to the player’s preference.

Lónkhē Adistakto (En: Ruthless Spear)

During reveal season of BT10, I was very skeptical of this card when it was revealed. I thought of it as a [BT6-101 Breath of Wyvern] and [ST10-14 Chaos Degrade] combined into 1 card but the effects are watered-down as a trade-off. But boy was I wrong – during BT10 meta I already loved this card! In my opinion, this is probably Yellow’s best heavy removal in the game right now (bonus points for the card’s artwork and flavor). Of course, Chaos Degrade still reigns supreme as Yellow’s best removal (even probably the best removal in the game period) but you need a Purple base to reliably enable it in Yellow Hybrid. With how popular and fast the Red base of Yellow Hybrid is since BT10, Lónkhē has value that it’s easy to use (only Yellow) and if it procs at exactly 3 Security, it’s often a very strong removal that opponents may find hard to recover from.

The reason that I brought 4 copies was because this card won’t work as well if you only bring 1 or 2 copies. Through my experience, it is not rare for my opponents to check this card as the 4th security – enabling the double removal effect. Yellow Hybrid has enough staying power and attack power to win games even if Lónkhē “heals” the opponent, so don’t worry about that factor. It is still great even when Used from Hand – Yellow Hybrid has a lot of memory on average thanks to their line of dual Tamers that paying 8 memory is not too steep for the deck.

Another reason why I brought 4 copies instead of using other Options such as the popular [ST3-15 Holy Flame] is because in BT11, we are back to having a board presence meta. Shoutmon X7, BlackWarGreymon X, UlForceVeedramon, BloomLordmon, Hydramon, Mastemon, Dexmon – you name it. Those boss Digimon presents a threat and must be answered. In BT10, most Yellow Hybrid lists used Holy Flame because the meta was heavily dominated by pre-BT11 Xros Heart, where multiple attacks in a turn was the main concern and Xros Heart barely has a board at the end of their turn – so big removals won’t have any targets. But now, Holy Flame won’t answer the big boss monsters and Sunrise Buster alone is not enough.

I hope my explanations for those key cards can be a valuable reference for your deckbuilding and on how you would anticipate the BT11 meta. Finally, here is my tournament report!

Super! Tamer Battle Report

Round 1 – Mastemon (W)

The new Mastemon is something to be respected. The new Angewomon and LadyDevimon are great additions to this deck, as well as their Tamer – Mirei Mikagura. They are now able to recycle their Mastemon and making it into a 13000 DP Blocker due to Angewomon’s ESS.

My opponent had an early lead, opening with ST10 Tailmon and able to evolve into the angel Ultimates for cheap and Jogress fast into Mastemon, even summoning Lucemon Falldown Mode twice which killed a Takeru & Hikari Tamer and Seraphimon, and at one point, got my Security to 0. This is where being patient, focus, and decision-making is tested. From experience, Mastemon has a strong heal and board presence. But the deck is heavy by nature, so it can’t end games fast even when leading. I kept removing his Mastemon and Lucemon FM with Sunrise Buster and Lónkhē Adistakto, eventually healing him up into 8 Security. The Angewomon package and JetSilphymon was able to heal me out of lethal range, and I started to gain the advantage. I managed to evolve into Venusmon and Dexmon which stalled him a bit, though both were removed by 2 Chaos Degrades.
Eventually, I hit the perfect timing where I was able to warp evolve into Susanoomon and attack during the same turn, which sweeps 3 securities at once without fear because there’s nothing in Mastemon decks that has 15000 DP or above, 2 Chaos Degrades were used, and I had Taichi & Hikari to reduce Security DP just to be safe. Susanoomon survived the next turn and checks 3 securities again, and the remainder was finished by Guilmon and Hybrids.

Round 2 – Linkz Dragon (Tidal Wave / Dorbickmon variant) (W)

Early game I didn’t respect my opponent’s Volcanicdramon enough and got 1 Security trashed as a result. The game was intense with a lot of back and forth interactions, but it wasn’t as pressuring as the previous round.
Eventually, he played Metallicdramon while both of us are low on Security, which was a correct play in my opinion. I couldn’t finish the game because my Tamers can’t evolve unless they’re Suspended. I removed his Metallicdramon, and next turn he played another Metallicdramon after DigiXros-ing into a complete Dorbickmon to check my remaining Security. I dropped Dexmon and used Sunrise Buster on his Jazarichmon (devolved from Dorbickmon), while his Metallicdramon died blocking another Dexmon I had out 3 turns earlier.
On his final turn, he couldn’t draw anything to solve my board (another Metallicdramon or Dorbickmon – but there was already 3 of the latter in his Trash so it’s likely to be all his copies) and I won by attacking with my Dexmons and Hybrids.

Round 3 – Xros Heart (W)

This one was quick. My opponent had a very strong early game where he checked all 5 of my Security in no time. I healed back up with the Angewomon package and JetSilphymon and stabilized, eventually evolving into Venusmon and dropping Dexmon, as well as being able to use Lónkhē’s effect to send his X4 / X5 (I forgot) into top security and removing its materials. He ended up not having enough materials and memory to do anything much and conceded.

Round 4 – Xros Heart (W)

The game was quite back and forth – not an explosive early game unlike the last round. Though eventually my opponent managed to play Shoutmon X7, which is a very strong boss Digimon and I just realized how good it is until I finally faced one. X7 has removal on play and comes with an arsenal of strong ESS. I managed to remove 2 with Lónkhē Adistakto, which trashed a great deal of materials. It was a drawn-out game where we went into timeout (0, 1, 2, 3 then check Security rule). He eventually decks out and lacked both the materials and Xros Digimon to do anything. I won because I only need to check 1 security for the timeout rule to kick in (We’re both at 4) or if it hadn’t reach time yet, I’ll just end my turn and he’ll lose by decking out.

Round 5 – Yellow Hybrid (W)

Well, what do you know? The top table is a Yellow Hybrid mirror! He won against BlackWarGreymon X in his previous rounds, so it’s also proof that the deck can win against what people thought to be the bane of its existence.
This round was not as intense as the previous 4 rounds because my opponent unfortunately bricked, and I didn’t. I had a slight lead from the start and evolved into Seraphimon early. Its [Security Attack +1] was able to check 4 securities and my opponent concedes because he had no answer to it, despite always starting with surplus memory due to Takeru & Hikari.

Top 8 Round – Xros Heart (L)

This one was a very intense game as well I can’t even remember the exact details. One key factor that gave my opponent the edge was BT1 Taichi, which gives even more firepower to Shoutmon X7. I healed a total of 5 securites in this game and still lost.
There were three mistakes that I did: 

1. Forgetting that his Shoutmon X3 was affected by Angewomon X’s [Security Attack -1] effect, so technically I would have 1 more security which could change the entire story.
2. Dropping Dexmon on an empty board which gets removed immediately by dropping Shoutmon X7. I could’ve just played it later, but I was greedy and wanted to strengthen my board presence. In hindsight, I should’ve hold into my Dexmon so I can Devolve the X7 and would have an easier time dealing with OmegaShoutmon instead.
3. I was at 0 Security and was pressured by his Shoutmon X7. I started with 6 memory and had Lónkhē Adistakto, Sunrise Buster, Fireball, 3 Hybrids, and Sakuyamon: Miko Mode in my hand. I think the pressure got into me, and I decided to use Fireball and evolve into Hybrids hoping to draw into my last Angewomon, so I can evolve into it, recover, and evolve into Sakuyamon: Miko Mode to remove his Shoutmon X7 (I had enough tamers to remove it with Sunrise Buster) and recover again. It didn’t happen, so I used Lónkhē Adistakto on X7 and passed him a lot of memory. Looking back, simply using Lónkhē Adistakto could’ve been the better play. He would start at 4 memory (BT1 Taichi and Taiki, Kiriha, Nene) and he had almost no materials under his tamers other than Shoutmon and OmegaShoutmon. My theory was confirmed because he Xrosed into an X3 with only Shoutmon as the material, so it will cost 5, and would’ve passed the turn without even attacking.

But that’s what’s fun about DCG, where every game has its own surprises, turns and twists! And every game is an opportunity to learn and become better.
My opponent, Garry (He wrote some articles in here, too!) got into the finals against Eka’s BlackWarGreymon X, where it showed dominance against Tamer-heavy decks and won the tournament!

Closing Thoughts

Yellow Hybrid is still a fun and enjoyable deck to play in BT11. I love the deck because of its uniqueness and requiring a different approach to playing the game. I’m proud that it performed well in an environment where most people doubt it. 

As with any other decks, the key is to be patient, weigh your options, and have the courage to decide a play. Don’t need to worry much about what decks you will encounter in the meta – just focus in understanding your deck in and out and learn from your mistakes. All your games will improve naturally as you gather more experience.

Shout out to Arcanum Hobbies as the host of the tournament and to the Indonesian Digimon Card Game Community! You guys are a great bunch of friends to chat with, and great opponents to play with! 

Good luck and have fun always!

[EN] Utsu: DC-1 by GameSpirit Tourney Report (France)

Invited Author: Utsu
Country: France


Hello everyone! Utsu here to talk about my deck and match ups at French DC-1 by GameSpirit, where I finished 3th (5-1).

IRL event, 39 players, 6 rounds!

Why Alphamon?
Well, early BT9 I was playing Beelstarmon but she's not really good in the meta right now in my opinion. I did 6-2 with her in my last Regional, and that's pretty cool, but Gaiomon / Wargrey X started to become popular so I didn't want to play her anymore.

My friend Dr. Zaius did a better result with Alphamon in the same Regional tournament, and I was interested with the deck, so here we are.
I won't talk that much about the decklist cause it's literally Dr. Zaius's one with a few changes. He was a great coach and gave me a lot of tips to play the deck efficiently during the whole BT9 meta!

Chuumon is good in the mirror and against Leomon which is popular in France. Kimera is nice to have to remove multiple Memory Blockers. I think 2 Alphamon Ouryuken are enough.
I was expecting a lot of Sec Con, Ophani Loop, Commandra… that's why the day before the event I've decided to play 3 Kongou and 2 Breath of the Gods instead of 3 Breath + 2.

Gameplay / Matchups

Imperial (1-2):

Well, I'm a bit cursed facing that deck to be honest hahaha.

First game, I needed my DexDorugamon, but didn't see any the whole game sadly. Nothing much to say, Paildramon is pretty hard to stop with the deck, as he doesn't die with Jamming and only Breath of the Gods can stop him.

Second game he bricked.

Last game, no Dorugamon. I just needed the +1k DP to kill his Paildra with my DexDorugrey, but I could just trade, and it wasn't worth it at all. I lost when he played Fighter Mode.

Ophani Loop (yellow base) (2-0):

Ophani Loop is pretty strong right now in the meta and hitting Flame Hellscythe into Angewomon ST is really annoying as Alphamon cause you can't OTK with the Security -2.

Luckily my opponent was playing Yellow base Ophani with Salamon as rookies, so no Gazimon at all, the one that's annoying against my deck cause it blocked memory gains from DexDoruga, DexDorugrey, Ouryuken, Memory Boost, Dorumon in ESS…

I just did classic stuffs, Ouryuken hitting Sec with Kongou on, no Flame Hellscythe, that's gg.

D-Reaper (2-1):

I won the toss so I was pretty confident for the first game, but I bricked hahaha. She won easily because of that.

Second game, I didn't brick at all, I got a lot of Kongou to put early pressure and managed to OTK her with Ouryuken + Kongou.

Last game, she let me start (that's a pretty big mistake I think) and she bricked. Nothing much to say, I did my OTK thing.

Metalgarurumon (2-0):

Against a player that I know, we did a BO3 the week before the tournament that I won 2-1 after 50min of intense fight.
I think the Metalgaru is a very strong deck, but if the Alpha player knows how to work-around it, it’s 50-50.

First game, I managed to have 3 bodies on board when he promoted. So he could only bounce 2 bodies at best (no Sagittarius-mode). Then I promoted, did DexDoruga, gave Retaliation to a rookie, Melga was suspended because he attacked with it, and it was pretty much GG at this time.

Second game sadly he bricked so there isn’t much to say. He finished Top 8.

AncientGreymon (2-0):

I know this player also and I was pretty afraid to face him to be honest. The matchup is annoying and he's good with the deck.

First game, he was faster. BUT, I had Alpha Ouryuken in my first security so Ancient died on it. He had to give up after that.

Second game, he bricked a bit, so I just had to do my OTK thing and he couldn't handle that.
He didn’t attack me, but I had Ouryuken in my first Sec, again… Luck was on my side!
He finished Top 6.

Sec Con (2-0):

I REALLY wanted to play against that deck cause I think he can't do much against Alpha.

And that was what happened.

First game, he didn't have any Mimi, 1 or 2 Purple Kari if I remember correctly, but it wasn't enough.

He didn't pressure me at all, so I've got a lot of time to setup my OTK with Kongou in case of Chaos Degradation (which he had in Security when I swinged).

Second game was a bit harder. He had 4 Mimi and 3 Purple Kari…

Same as first game, he didn't pressure me so I did a lot of setup, (Yuji, Kota, 2 or 3 Cool Boy + 2 Memory Boost), and I've decided to Digivolve into Dorugrey in my Raising Area to have more memo for my OTK setup and I didn't see any Wyvern Breath in first game, + he did 2 Eden Javelin hardcast in game 2, so I wasn't expecting any in security (Kongou would cost 6 with the 4 Mimi hahaha).

He was playing well, didn't activate any Mimi in his turn to prevent me to OTK him.

Luckily I still had enough Memory even with the Karis and Mimis to remove all his securities with Ouryuken + Kongou, and he couldn't come back from this.
He finished Top 9.

Closing Thoughts

Aaaaand that's it, I managed to finish 3th Place even with my bad start. Alphamon was a good choice, even if I expected to face other matchups. Chuumon helped me in some games, against AncientGrey for example.

I didn't need Kimeramon the whole day, but he's still a good option against people playing 2 memory blockers on board, so I'll keep it in the deck.

3 Kongou + 2 Breath was definitely a good choice, Kongou was more useful than Breath and really mandatory in some matchups.

I didn't brick that much in the tournament, but don't give up if it happens to you!

Thank you for reading that review and see you later!

Arnold: The only green deck in BT10 and EX3 meta.

Invited Author: Arnold Tan
Country: Indonesia


Bloomlordmon has been revealed since BT10. It's not really doing an impact to the meta because there are so many decks that can easily counter it, like Blue Flare. The Bloomlord cannot do anything when Metalgreymon is on the field and it's because either all your units has been stunned or he have become Deckergreymon and you cannot kill it with 1 attack because of the Armor purge.

The 2nd is Xros Heart, with the Angie and Dorulumon help it can easily remove level 4 in Bloomlord deck because mostly all the Digimon's DP is 3000, and the 3rd one is any deck with Digimon that can block memory increasing, because mostly the only way to suspend the enemy digimon in this deck is with Sam? Dhi?? nti?  option and that's make 1 of your Digimon to suspend and that sometimes you need to have 1 more turn to remove it from field. For all the problems I mentioned, we can use Kimeramon from BT8 to remove those Digimon that block memory increasing or remove Blue Flare stun effect, but the problem is that the deck becomes really bricky and that's why I was not using the deck for competitive scene.

What's new in EX3

So, in EX3 the latest mini booster in DCG this deck got a backup from hydramon and this evo line. For me the most game changing is on Hydramon obviously but the 2nd card that changed this deck to more competitive is Pomumon, it has an effect that can suspend 1 of enemy digimon when he gets suspended by effect. This makes removing digimon more easily and this includes digimon that can block memory increasing.

For the Hydramon, it can remove digimon that previously very hard to be remove by Bloomlord like Magnamon X, high DP digimon, Darkknightmon, or any other digimon with Armor Purge, and another extras that it can remove digimon without attacking, this something that late Bloomlord deck can't do. This resolves the problem I mentioned before, we can remove their Digimon even if we get stunned and the 2nd effect of Hydramon can easily move their memory to ours when their Digimon is suspended, and i think because Blue Flare deck mostly doesn't have removal it's really easy to swarming and make the 2nd effect more effective.

Deck profile


1st Matchup: Xros Heart
To be honest Xros Heart still a bad matchup for this deck, but in this matchup in the early game they doesn't have Akari and Sunrise Buster to remove my Digimon, then it makes me easily swarming and after i have enough Digimon in the field, I do the OTK with Bloomlordmon and help from Hidden Potential Discovered option, with that I won the 1st game

2nd Matchup: Imperialdramon Purple

In this match old Pomumon (BT9) really help a lot, although sometimes it blocking me to swarming but it block the enemy to call Dinobeemon/Paildramon to do Jogress and I think it's more hurting them more. My enemy's tactic is to counter it by evolving to Dinobeemon/Paildramon manually in raising area and then hard cast the other color level 5 Digimon and then Jogress with it in the end of turn. Although it can boardsweep my field, it gives me so much memory, and because of that as long as I have Hydramon in hand, I can just easily bounce the Imperialdramon Fighter Mode. I do this every time after they make a new one, and after taking some turns, I won the game with my enemy conceding.

3rd Matchup: Blue Flare

In this matchup I got really good hands, I can easily make Hydramon and Cherrymon in the field early game, and make the control really easy. After some turns, my enemy had their resource run out, I just finished the game by attacking with Bloomlord and my other digimons.

And with that I finished the tournament with 3-0.

There is another tournament that I got 1st but I do not remember all the order of matchup so I just list some games I remember.

Matchup: Jesmon

Same as the Imperialdramon Purple match, old Pomumon is really helpful, and because I can control their field, I am not letting my enemy have a sistermon in their field so the baohuckmon effect can destroy my Pomumon.

Matchup: Gaiomon

This is one of the matches I think it's really hard, because they are bounce resistant and sometimes have high DP in my turn. It makes it really hard to be removed after it's on the field, and another problem is that metalgreymon (BT8) can easily destroy any level 5 digimon in my area with devolve and destroy. In this matchup what really helps is samadhi shanti, i can stall the gaiomon or blackwargreymon so have 1 more turn for me to swarm digimon so my Bloomlord has more DP than their digimon.

Closing Thoughts

I have played the green deck from BT2 to the present and I think this deck it's one of the decks in greens that is really fun to play after a long long time. But even so, I still think there's some deck that will be really hard to beat with this deck like Xros Heart, Gaiomon, Yellow Hybrid, Security Control, and maybe many others. But as long as you play your card right, the chance of winning is not 0. Another word, knowing your deck is more important than knowing your enemy deck. Sometimes misplay happens because you misuse or not knowing the effect, and the 2nd one is to play calm and have fun.

Good luck for other Green Players, and CHEERS.

Marcus T: Optimising the Xros Heart deck in the BT10 meta

Invited Author: Marcus T
Country: Singapore


BT10 Xros Encounter introduced a new mechanic and several new decks you can build solely from the cards in this set alone. A particular standout is the Xros Heart deck that has been used extensively in the BT10 meta as well as the Evo cups held across June and July in Singapore. 

Source: DTCGreview

31% of Evo Cup participants competed with a Xros Heart build and of which, 29% of them placed in the top 8. Xros Heart took top honours in 2 out of 8 Evo Cups, cementing its status as the most popular competitive deck of the BT10 meta with a very respectable win-rate.  

This deck’s popularity can be attributed to two main reasons: It’s cheap to build, and most of the staple cards are common, uncommon and rare rarity cards from the latest booster set. It is a fantastic entry point for new and returning players alike to play in Tamer battles and larger tournaments. 

Xros Heart performs so well because of its consistency, draw power and rush potential, conferred by the new “DigiXros”, “Save” and “Material Save” effects which allow indiscriminate attacking with few consequences. Unlike traditional decks where you have to bring your Digimon out from the raising area to attack, the DigiXros mechanic allows you to play Shoutmon X4 and Shoutmon X5 for a low and attack the same turn provided you have the necessary materials. The red, yellow and green Xros Heart tamers also expand the pool of option cards you can include to support your gameplay strategy. Overall, the Xros Heart package is a very offensive and efficient one that has few weaknesses. 

Deck profile

  • Core cards 

The standard cards that nearly all Xros Heart decks will include are the DigiXros materials [BT10-008] Shoutmon, [BT10-049] Ballistamon, [BT10-029] Starmons, [BT10-034] Dorulumon, and [BT10-060] Sparrowmon; the DigiXros digimon [BT10-009] Shoutmon X4 and [BT10-013] Shoutmon X5; the Xros Heart tamers [BT10-087] Mikey Kudo, [BT10-089] Angie Hinomoto and [BT10-089] Jeremy Tsurgi. These are the most memory efficient Xros Heart cards that allow you to set up your board and wear your opponent’s security down quickly. 

  • Optimising my Xros Heart deck 

Across the 5 Evo Cups I participated in, I have made adjustments to my build to deal with tougher match-ups:

    • 2 [BT9-112] Dexmon. This card is played in nearly all decks due to the dominance of Yellow Hybrid and Xros Heart allowing you to play Dexmon for little to no cost. Dexmon is especially effective against the Blue Flare, DarkKnightmon (X-antibody), Armour Rush and Jesmon GX/X-antibody match ups. 
    • 2 [BT1-085] Tai Kamiya. This card grants X4 and X5 an additional security check (if you have at least 4 materials under them) which could give you the edge over mirror matchups. This card is essential when going up against Yellow Hybrid or Security Control match ups when you might need to clear a 6 or 7 security stack in one turn. 
    • 2 [BT9-084] Tai & Kari. This tamer allows you to gain memory early in the game due to the rush nature of Xros Heart. By turn 2 or 3 you should be able to get your opponent’s security down to 3 and in most cases your opponent will be doing likewise. Suspending this tamer when attacking effectively boosts your Shoutmon X4’s DP to 12k allowing him to better survive checks so you can sustain your DigiXros onslaught. The dual-coloured tamer also gives you access to play red and yellow option cards. 
    • 2 [BT0-099] Sunrise Buster. –DP removal remains one of the best removal options in the game. Sunrise Buster synergises really well with Xros Heart as you can play any tamer other than Jeremy Tsurgi and potentially destroy one of your opponent’s Digimon for just 5 cost.  
    • 1 [EX2-067] Fire Ball. Great for destroying Solarmon/Psychemon if you do not have Dorulumon on hand with the flexibility of allowing you to draw 2 if needed. Good to include, but not a crucial addition in my opinion. 
    • 2 [BT8-097] Crimson Blaze. A must-have to stop Jesmon decks from swarming their board with Sistermons or give you a better fighting chance against Mastemon decks which will often play Gatomon, Psychemon, MangaAngemon and Angewomon by effects. It’s also really useful against DarkKnightmon X-antibody and Blue Flare match-ups that has many level 3 and 4 digimon with less than 7k DP. 
    • 3 copies of Shoutmon X5 and Jeremy Tsurgi. Having 3 copies of X5 improves your consistency early game and it is unlikely you find yourself lacking a X5. By the time your first X5 attacks, your opponent would likely have no more security left. I cut Jeremy down to 3 copies as Xros Heart decks are already so memory efficient that you need not depend on memory to make your plays. You also can’t play Jeremy when you play Sunrise Buster and it doesn’t count towards additional DP reduction.  

A popular card to draft in is Shoutmon (King Ver.) as you can attack on the same turn if you DigiXros with Shoutmon. You can also pick up an X4 or X5 in trash on play, and you can treat this card as any DigiXros material if you were to DigiXros on the same turn. However, he costs at least 3 memory to play which you may not always have the luxury to work with. 

A common option to include is [BT10-095] Hero of the Skies! for additional draw and security check. 


The toughest matchups I faced were against Mastemon and Yellow Hybrid. Against Mastemon, I prioritised playing my red and yellow tamers first before my opponent drops Neodevimon. When he does I try to get rid of using Sunrise Buster. Save an Angie/Dorulumon for Psychemon and use Crimson Blaze to remove Tailmon to slow the Jogress to Mastemon. Beware of saving too many materials under your tamer as Lucemon: Falldown Mode can destroy your tamers and materials saved under them. Also be mindful that Chaos Degrade in your opponent’s security can foil your plans for an OTK. A safer strategy be to attack with your level 3 and 4 Digimon to whittle down your opponent’s security before playing X4 or X5 to secure the win. 

The yellow hybrid variants in BT10 are built to be as aggressive as they are defensive. Their options arsenal will often include Sunrise Buster, Holy Flame, Atomic Inferno and Reinforced Memory Boost which will slow you down alongside Venusmon and Sakuyamon: Maid Mode. You can’t afford to stall too long and set up tamers too, as they will play Dexmon or Susanoomon before going all out with their hybrids. Go for their security early if they don’t have T.K & Kari on the board, otherwise set up your tamers and try not to give too much memory advantage each turn. Try not to attack with X4 or X5 until you have got Tai Kamiya on the board. 

Another tough matchup is Magnamon (X-antibody) as all your attacks will be redirected to him. Setup your tamers first and play Sunrise Buster to get rid of him or play Dexmon when the opportunity presents itself.

I faced Security Control decks in my last Evo Cup which were quite a pain to deal with. You have to be careful to plan your attacks and secure the win before you deck out, which is likely because they will consistently recover their security with options such as Holy Wave, Reinforced Memory Boost, Flaming Hellscythe and Tactical Retreat. They will also slow your game down by playing Digimon Kaiser and BT4-097 Kari so the best way to win is to keep attacking with your level 3s and 4s whilst playing your tamers. Play Sunrise Buster to get rid of their Venusmon or Dexmon and stop suspending Angie to draw when you are down to a couple cards in your deck. Save your X4 and X5 for the final turns once you have Tai Kamiya on the board and play all of them to OTK your opponent before you deck out. Be prepared for Chaos Degradation or Lonkhe Adistakto to pop out of their security and make sure you have enough materials before you go for the win.   

Closing Thoughts

Xros Heart is a force not to be reckoned with if you have a good understanding of your potential matchups and play around it. Just be mindful not to leave your X4 and X5 on the board as it will be vulnerable to being devolved by Dexmon which is especially prevalent in this meta. 

[EN] Russell LaParre: 1st Place Ultimate Cup with Green Hybrid Shivamon deck

Invited Author: Russell LaParre

Country: North America

Hi everyone, my name is Russell LaParre and I'm here bringing a deck profile of the Green Hybrid list I used to win Carta Magica Ultimate Cup on July 2nd, 2022. For some background on me, I used to play Yugioh for about 10 years starting with the release of Metal Raiders, transitioned to playing VS System TCG, quit both of those to play Pokemon TCG, and now the only competitive game I play is Digimon TCG so it's been a fun time translating the deck building skills from those games to this one. I got 2nd at a Digimon Regionals online last season, 4th at my first ultimate cup, top 32 at my second ultimate cup, and was removed from the last Carta Magica Cup I was going to play in but since the event oversold its tickets, I was randomly removed from playing. The win for this event has felt like sweet justice for going through that experience a few months back.  Either way, the format for this cup was BT8 + EX02 with Mulligans and no side deck over webcam. With that out of the way let's get into the list and how I constructed it. 



4 Gummymon EX02/1 Minomon BT3-004

With the release of Gummymon in EX02, Green finally got a solid draw card via its egg, something its been missing for quite a long time in the game. Gummymon can get draws via Rapidmon, Samadahi Santi and Metal Kabuterimon so it’s utilized well in our list to get tons of value. Minomon was included because I wanted to play my deck at its highest rarity and I bought an event pack Minomon at the PPG Regionals I played the week before in Philadelphia so I played this one instead of the intended Pre-Release Bibimon because I forgot it at home and took the photo of my deck at my locals for deck submission. Bibimon should be played instead so you can potentially give your blocker Cherrymon or Kabuterimon an extra 1k dp when it blocks. 


2 Calumon EX02

While Calumon doesn’t have a level, its weak so I’m going to call it a Rookie. Calumon gives this deck consistency, power to swing over even matched DP, and a snowball effect if you get value of it and your opponent doesn’t clear it the following turn. Calumon created tons of memory choke situations via raising Terriermon, dropping a tamer into play, then throwing out Calumon to choke at 1. Its 3k DP for free (essentially) is the best value it offers to deck bringing your Shivamon and Ancientbeetlemon to  15k/16k respectfully, allowing to perform security checks dodging threats in Mastemon, Imperial, and Yellow lists. 

4 Terriermon BT3-046

Memory Blocker is great in BT8 and BT9. Blocking off Hammer Spark, Memory Boosts, Labramon and random purple decks with Jack Raid makes this an easy 4 of. We also need it to be a Terriermon to turn into Rapidmon for the set cost of 3. 

4 Terriermon EX02

This is the latest and greatest card to come to this deck. Its ability to gain 1 memory when putting a Green Tamer into play creates absurdly strong early game board states via choking, board pressure, and combinations with Calumon to manufacture weird gamestates for the opponent to handle. The inheritable ability giving 2k is a psuedo Cody boost to your Rapidmon which doesn’t come all that often except vs Mastemon as usually you won’t have too many unsuspended digimon to tap via its effect giving that Green has little defense in security and decks tend to be more aggressive against you with that knowledge.

3 Bokomon

Consistency, free memory, essentially gaining 1 memory off JP + Hybrid makes this card a must have in the list. I would play 4 but you need room to fit other cards and you have 2 Calumon that can generate similar board value over time. 


4 Beetlemon

Its Green hybrid, you need to play 4 of these. If you’re piloting the deck for the first time, be careful often you want to play out this card as you will end up sending valuable pieces of your next combo IE Rapidmon, Terriermon or any lvl 6 to the bottom of your deck instead of just drawing into it. 

4 Metal Kabuterimon

Similar reasoning to Beetlemon above, this card enables us to suspend over JP and since its DP restricted not level restricted we can suspend rookies, lvl 4s, and MagnaAngemon/Magnaangewoman in this meta. More often than not you will digivolve Metal Kabuterimon over a Beetlemon if you need immediate suspension and haven’t seen a JP yet. 

3 Rapidmon

Rapidmon is absolutely absurd in this meta. It gives this deck the wide board clear it was missing in BT7 and provides the suspension utility to get Gummymon and Terriermon effects. Since Green has the luxury of playing Mimi we can go from nothing in raising to throwing out Terriermon into play in a single turn then dropping a Rapidmon to clear their board. Terriermon, play Calumon, then digivolve into Rapidmon with a 3k DP boost was a common play I made throughout the tournament and should be something you factor into thinking when debating of raising your Terriermon into play against your opponent. I usually don’t raise Terriermon out vs matchups where it is considered high valuable unless I have a 2nd one in hand. We don’t need 4 in our list as we can go up into Green Hybrid lines and take other routes of play to win the board. Having less than 3 would feel awkward due the sheer amount of top deck searching your deck does via Bokomon and Beetlemon.

2 Kabuterimon

This was a recent addition to my Green deck that I've been piloting for a few months now. It's necessary to block Exveemon in this format to find consistent success against Imperial decks. Kabuterimon also being an Insectoid allows us to digivolve over our Terriermon, into Kabuterimon into RhinoKabuterimon while still being able to use his effect to digivovle into a lvl 6 insectoid. Keep 2 in the list for the current  meta. 


4 RhinoKabuterimon

Rhino is basically our boss monster in the deck until we draw into an AncientBeetlemon. Need to play 4 of. Its 8k is stronger than most lvl 5s in the format and the 3K from Calumon lets us swing over other lvl 5s if need be. 

2 Cherrymon

I played Lvl 5 Argomon and Blossomon the week earlier at Philadelphia Regionals and felt like their digisorption didn’t provide enough value in the deck as I would like when having a Cherrymon blocker could remove lethal, create choke scenarios, or allow me to draw a card without suspending a digimon on board to get swung at next turn. Cherrymon won quite a few games vs Imperial and Yellow Hybrid as I removed a potential lethal scenario and won the following turn since I had a blocker on board.


3 AncientBeetlemon

Green’s Mega boss monster, the trash effect and pressure it provides on the current format is absurd. You can trash security options like Chaos Degrade, Flame Hellscythe, and Hammer spark against stall decks and rush them down before they’re able to climb back into the game. I only use the On Deletion effect when I have lethal the following turn or far too many Hybrids in hand where having it deleted immediately after my AncientBeetlemon is deleted wouldn’t matter to my overall resources. 

2 Shivamon

As meme as this card is supposed to be, Shivamon can create unplayable gamestates for my opponent to win. In this meta, D Reaper, 3 Musketeers, and Yellow Hybrid (without rookie + rapidmon) have a hard time dealing with cards control. It’s a great inclusion to have at 2, you can easily cut this down to 1 or 0 if you find the need to play the other Megas green has available.

1 BT5 Argomon

My 6th Mega slot is usually the one final decision I make before entering events. AncientTroymon, Argomon, Grankuwagamon ST9, and Nidhoggmon are the best cards to give you value depending on what matchups you expect to run into. Considering Blue Hybrid winning every event in BT8 and Argomon being able to cut off Imperial’s lethal via Lobomon it was an easy decision for me to add this 1 copy in. You can bump this count up to 2 for the next few events by dropping Shivamon or Green memory Boost. 


2 Samahdi Santi

Santi gives us a route to tap down our opponents' cards over 6k DP while also being a solid card to hit out of Security. I think this card can be played at no less than 2 in our list and we should play it over Thunder Laser as we can take away lethal from opposing Imperial decks that digivolve into a Mega then use Ken/Davis to restand it by not allowing it to restand the following turn.

1 Green Memory Boost

I previously played 2 Green Memory Boost but cut it down to 1 in order to play the extra Blockers in our deck. 1 felt perfect, I can see myself bumping it back up to 2 if I wanted to play 1 less Blocker but right now I don’t feel the need to do so. 


4 Junpei

Not much to go over here. JP lets you digivolve for less memory, provides tempo control via piercing, and can drop into play for only 2 with the Terriermon from EX02. 

3 Mimi

Mimi is one of the best memory tamers in the game. Allows us to create lethal turns with a lvl 5 on board, swinging for game without spending any memory.  I usually play with 4 Memory Tamers in my Hybrid decks but after Philadelphia Regionals I realized I need to play with some sort of “punish” to an opponent hitting my security minus just getting a Tamer into play. Hence, I cut the 4th Mimi for another Izzy Mimi and it worked out beautifully. 

2 Izzy & Mimi

While this card may not look all that strong, in such an aggressive format with Armor Rush, Imperial and Red Hybrid, Izzy Mimi becomes our best way to play out of a lucky security to punish early game aggression. I believe I only used the 2nd effect to Gacha into a Mega, 5 times all tournament with only 2 of them hitting successfully. 


Ultimate Cup Results

I believe this was the round breakdown. I mulligan'd 5 times all day. 

Imperial 2-0

Red Hybrid 2-0

Yellow Hybrid 2-0

Imperial 2-0

Blue Hybrid w Bond 2-0

Blue Hybrid 2-0

Mastemon 2-1

Yellow Shine Hybrid 2-0

Imperial 2-0



Since Imperial can always draw its perfect Exodia combo of Davis, Exveemon, and Stingmon by turn 2-3, we essentially need to match that aggression with defense and winning the board after they go into Dragon Mode Combo. Kabuterimon, Rapidmon, and a Hybrid line allow to us answer their board with ease. If you miss your blocker early, you’ll need to focus on winning board then always keeping a Kabuterimon or Cherrymon in play to prevent them from hitting you with lethal. If they stumble early and you’re able to apply pressure to security before they do, you can switch gears to immediate Rookie/Champion rush them to an easy victory. Shivamon is incredibly strong against them when they stumble early and Ancient Beetlemon with Calumon is the best way to answer their Fighter Mode plays. I find that too many Green players play far too passively against Imperial and in doing so get combo’d out of the game cause they gave Imperial all the time to find their pieces.

Potential Tech

3rd Cherrymon, play 4 Bibimon/1 Gummymon, Grankuwagamon ST9/ AncientTroymon. Bibimon makes our Cherrymon an 8k blocker which would mitigate their entire attack plan to win. Grankuwagamon ST9 can rush down Imperial with back-to-back Sec + 1 turns at 15k which is stronger than their entire deck and it can also swing over Imperial Fighter mode without Calumon which is a plus. This supports the idea of you can rush their deck down before they can rush you if they stumble. AncientTroymon can help remove their lethal by tapping down Paildramon and Fightermode when they attack into you and is a much safer route of playing vs the Grankuwagamon tech. 


Sit on your Terriermon + Rapidmon play in Security and hit them as fast as possible with a Rhino into Ancient Beetlemon combo. I think Green is favored in this matchup as they’ll need to use their Chaos Mode to remove your Lvl 6 in play while also giving you 4-5 memory to start your turn after they Jogress. There was a play I made on the tournament stream where my opponent used Lucemon Chaos Mode and Mastemon to clear my Digimon then I responded with Terriermon, 2 Calumon, Metal Kabuterimon, and Rapidmon to swing over his Mastemon and Lucemon Chaos mode to take over the board and snowball a win. Sitting on the valuable DP boosts and Rapidmon control is key to finding success. 

Potential Tech

Not necessary

Blue Hybrid

Without Syakkoumon, this matchup is incredibly easy. You can win board every turn against them, Rapidmon clears out their floodgates, and RhinoKabuterimon is bigger than their entire deck minus Azulongmon. The key to winning this matchup is being disciplined and never evolving your Rhino into a Lvl 6 Digimon unless you’re doing to it to completely win the board and put them into a checkmate situation. The 3 memory you’re using to Digivolve into a lvl 6 is better spent putting another Tamer on board and presenting a new Hybrid + Rhino the following turn. Once they strip, stun, that Rhino you can digivolve into a lvl 6 the following turn hopefully Argomon and that should be enough for you to close out the game. 

Potential Tech

Alice/Lvl 6 Argomon 

You can add Alice into the deck over Green Memory Boost so you can delete your stunned Digimon on board to digivolve Rhino for free into your Megas while also removing your vulnerable digimon to Sora/Joe from the board. Argomon is obviously powerful against hybrid decks and including a second copy into the list will only further push your advantage against them. 

Yellow Hybrid 

The pressure Green can apply via AncientBeetlemon and Shivamon makes this a favored matchup for you. Try to keep only Tamers in play with 1 digimon on board then utilizing that 1 Digimon on board to create pressure on the opponent. This means playing out Bokomon, attacking with it, then playing a tamer for turn. Whether the Bokomon lives or not doesn’t matter much to you as you creating pressure for your opponent to answer. If they waste a Rapidmon on your Bokomon, you’re happy with that resource exchange and if they go into a Hybrid/Jetsilphymon to attack over your Bokomon you can respond with an AncientBeetlemon for a big security lead. Save your Rapidmon for when they bring out their Rapidmon and remember AncientBeetlemon can’t get its security Trash or Pierce if they armor purge. 

Potential Tech

Eldradimon/Lvl 6 Argomon

If the list isn’t playing the Guilmon Yellow Red package, Eldradimon can near autowin this matchup for you. Most Mono Yellow lists aren’t playing Wyvern’s Breath so you can safely swing into security with Eldradimon only fearing hitting into a Susanno or Eden’s Javelin + a big Digimon. Calumon can boost your Eldradimon up to 15k making it an even safer security swing but essentially your opponent has no plays during their turn to remove it. Argomon can lock out your opponent’s tamer board making all their Jetsilphymon come out suspended and if you put Argomon over your Bibimon their Rapidmon play won’t be big enough to trade into your Argomon as their Cody/TK and Kari will be suspended via Argomon. 


I think Green Hybrid is positioned extremely well for the current BT8+EX02 meta. It can adapt with tech across all of Greens Megas available and can go at least 50/50 with every deck in the format. The issue with this deck is it's hard to pilot and many play routes will be presented to you that can cause to potentially lose a game. Even with all these play routes, Green top end potential isn’t so overwhelming strong compared to the other decks in the meta meaning you may spend a lot of time practicing with the deck to get the same results with another deck you’d achieve with much less experience. You can have rocky starts as most Hybrid decks may have and will need to navigate accordingly to climb your way back into games making tournaments with Mulligans a better option for the deck. As I pointed out above, I only mulligan'd 5 times all weekend so I think the list is rather consistent as it is. Thanks for reading my write up today and good luck in all your future events! 

Abuan Binoe: Yellow hybrid – still viable for the BT10 meta?

Invited Author: Abuan Binoe
Country: Philippines

The BT10 format here in the Philippines is very diverse. This is due to the increasing knowledge and experience of competitive players about the game in general. It is hard to stick with one deck and expect to win it all, but I do have a bias on a certain deck that I have been playing since its release in the BT7 format – the yellow hybrids. Fortunately, the deck helped me won an Evo Cup after my third try. 

I played in three Evo Cups already at the time I am writing this article. I used the very popular Xros Heart on my first two tries. While the deck is really fast and powerful, nothing can beat a poor opening in the game. I had a crucial game where I opened 3 Ballistamons and 2 Angies. So, I decided to go back to my roots and play yellow hybrid and try to counter the meta. (Shown below is the winning deck I used for the Evo Cup.)

Deck's Strategy

This deck is a bit different than the standard yellow hybrid list that’s been topping the meta a few times already because it does not use the very popular Dexmon. This is because (1) I cannot secure some copies before the tournaments and (2) I believe that in the mirror, being aggressive in the early game to pressure your opponent is what you need so I put in extra rookies in the form of Solarmon. Not only that it is an extra draw (on evo) an extra attacker, it can also stop Xros Heart and Dexmon from being played. Other than that, the deck is pretty standard. 

  1. It uses the draw engine consists of Gigimon-Guilmon-Pyro Sphere. This is an important addition to yellow hybrid as it solves the problem of poor hands by drawing more cards. 
  2. It uses the ever reliant yellow hybrid engine that is still relevant even though they are there for a few formats already. 
  3. It abuses the Sakuyamon Miko Mode that can open devastating plays when paired with sunrise buster. It can also provide defense by playing fire tornado and putting it in the security stack afterwards. The deck also plays Venusmon which is important against matchup with Jesmon, Gradiskuwagamon and even the mirror. 
  4. The tamer and option line up is pretty standard. I maxed out the TK’s because I want to have a Guilmon-TK opening as much as possible. I also played the atomic blaster to replace one Kouen as some good Jesmon players always calculate the possibilities of Kouen and used the Jesmon X, Jesmon GX combo to increase the DP of their Sistermon Blanc (with blocker) to 7K. 

In my opinion, the deck is still top tier, but it is not easy to pilot. You need to understand the game state so that you can play your resources at the most optimal times. You can’t always rely on what’s in the security but rather play thinking how your opponent can’t win on their next turn.


Here are the match ups I had during the tournament and some playtests. 

Hobby Collect Evo Cup Tournament

Vs. Mastemon Jogress (2-0 WIN)
This is a surprising match up as my opponent play the neo-devimon card that lets him gain +3 memory when I play a tamer. I was caught off guard by that effect at first but eventually controlled the game when I draw into my atomic blaster and clear that pesky neo-devimon. It was a back and forth hits and recover but yellow hybrid has the advantage in the late game. 

Vs. Grandiskuwagamon (2-0 WIN)
The multi-attack, memory gains and multi security checks of this deck is scary, but during this match up it seemes like my opponent can’t find the pieces for the correct combo. 

Vs. Jesmon (2-1 WIN)
I won the first game easily due to my opponent bricking so hard and hard casting a level 5 saviourhackmon early game which is removed by sunrise buster easily. I lost the second game due to a perfect combo with Jesmon and an extra attack with Chimeramon. I have 2 Guilmons in the security plus a bunch of tamers so there’s nothing I can do about that. In game 3, I opened guilmon and TK so it’s a very good set up from there. Having the auto-3 memory early on is important in this match up. I sealed the game with a Venusmon evo and hybrid barrage of attacks the following turn. 

Vs. Grandiskuwagamon (2-0 WIN)
Unlike the first match, my opponent managed to hit the correct combo early in our first game, but I cleared his board easily as he hit a lot of tamers from the security checks. I managed to control the game from then on. 

Vs. Yellow-hybrid (2-1 WIN)
I can’t say much about this. The mirror is really hard and exhausting to play. 


Vs. Jesmon 2-1
Vs. Alphamon 2-1
Vs. Blue Flare 2-0, 2-1
Vs. Xros Heart 2-1, 1-2, 2-0
Vs. Darknightmon 2-0

I want to thank Jeff Ongdueco for hosting this Evo Cup. His shop Hobby Collect is one of the best shops in the PH. He really wants the game to prosper and the community to grow larger. I also want to thank my friends who lend me pieces for the deck – Ivan, Arnold, and LD. 

KC: How did my D-reaper win the “Evo cup” in the BT-10 meta?

Invited Author: KC
Country: Malaysia

Quick Introduction

In my mind, BT-10 is a Dexmon dominant meta, meaning if you are trying to swarm with too many Digimon or play a heavy row of tamers, you will be devastated by Dexmon, particularly from the de-digivolve effect. The dominant decks out there in my locals were Xros Heart and Security Control. The more dominant security control decks will run cards that “do not destroy” thus breaking the obnoxious chain of “material save” from the Xros heart mechanic, such as BT10-103 “Gran Del Sol” and ST10-014 “Chaos Degradation”. An effective deck to compete must be able to play around with these option cards and Dexmon and the first card that came to mind was EX2-054 “ADR-09 Gatekeeper”.

In addition, the introduction of BT10-042 “Venusmon” has dramatically discouraged the addition of “Security Attack +” effects as “Venusmon” shuts down any “On digivolving” and “When attacking” effects, creating a window of opportunity for “ADR-09 Gatekeeper” to shine as a perfect wall against most opponents.

With that in mind, I build my deck based on @ファイル島の民 ‘s idea (Youtuber), mixing reapers with Dexmon. The primary issue of a D-reaper is based on their ineffective handling of Digimon that prevents the reduction of play costs such as BT8-071 “Psychemon”, but luckily my good friend Kyleeee (Singapore) from Discord gave me the idea of BT5-035 “Starmon” as an additional solution to “Psychemon” instead of solely relying on EX2-051 “ADR-07 Palates Head”. One “Mother” + “Starmon” + 1 random Digimon = a very dead “Psychemon” without passing too much cost to the opponent. Moreover, EX2-046 “ADR-02 Searcher” are great fodders against opponent Dexmons at a cheap 1 cost per turn which yields 1 draw when being played.

I also played the X antibody option to increase Mother's ESS (credits to ファイル島の民 for the brilliant idea). This move in fact adds tremendous pressure to the opponent especially when the opponent has a bricked hand.

Tournament Report

Match 1: Vs Beelstarmon 00

G1, G2: My opponent bricked badly for both games because he relied heavily on BT2-069  “Gabumon” and BT7-069 “Eyesmon – Scatter Mode” for hand filtering. He mostly checked into “ADR-02 Searcher” and did not manage to trigger any “On Deletion” effect. In addition, without having any levels, my opponent’s only effective option was BT6-095 “Happy Bullet Showering” which is easily tanked by my “ADR-02 Searcher”.

Match 2: Vs Darkknightmon pilot by my friend Kang Wei, 0X0.

G1: He did not have any BT10-092 “Nene Amano” in play and 1 Ex2-055 “Reaper” ends the game.

G2: He had a BT7-063 “Darknightmon” + several other little ones on the field while checking into two of my DeathXmon in security. I was at a cost of 1 and enough Digimon on the field to end the game if my Gatekeeper attacks as well. Unfortunately, my Gatekeeper checked into a “Nene Amano” tamer at security. I passed the memory at 2 to him after that. With my Gatekeeper rested, he evolves his level 5 into BT10-069 “Darkknightmon X”, killed my rested Gatekeeper, and ended the game.

G3: 2 Gatekeeper appeared at security, and the game ended the next turn.

Match 3: Security Control with BT10-041 “Sakuyamon:Miko Mode” pilot by another friend, Yi Yuan, 0X0

G1: His hand was full of tamers, I rushed him with my Reaper after counting 3 pieces of BT9-099 “Sunrise Buster” and Dexmon-s.

G2: Due to ST3-015 “Holy Flame” being placed in his security, I was unable to rush him at all. He out-stalled me, killed my last Gatekeeper with BT7-112 “Susanoomon” and ended the game with hybrid shenanigans.

G3: I have more Dexmon than him on the field, and none of his Digimon can sustain on the field.

Match 4: Security Control pilot by my most respected rival Ser Feng, X00

G1: I counted him playing 5 removal option cards in this game and he has 3 security left. With him possibly ending me next turn due to hybrid shenanigans, I YOLO-ed with reaper only to find his last security being his 6th removal option, “Grand Del Sol”, there is no returning from there without Gatekeeper’s controlling effect.

G2: I eventually draw back my Gatekeepers and DeathXmon at the bottom of my deck while controlling his field with “ADR-07 Palates Head” and a “Mother” with at least 12 “ADR-02 Searcher”.

G3: Similar to G2, but this time, he decked out because he did not run any “Susanoomon” nor BT&-015 “AvengeKidmon” for recycling. He definitely could have stalled for time but he choose not to despite having more security than I do.

Match 5: MetalGarurumon X pilot by Arick Ng, X00.

G1: I was unable to touch his level 5s and he had a smooth line of evolution. I did not draw into any Gatekeepers and he makes sure he has only 1 tamer and 1 Digimon on the field so I cannot summon DeathXmon to the field.

G2, G3: He concedes when my “Mother” has 6 ESS and I have Gatekeeper on the field. He told me he did not run any removal options because his deck was focused on controlling with BT9-031 “MetalGarurumon X” which bounces based on level (which I am immune to) and BT3-097 “A Delicate Plan”. 

Closing Thoughts

Basically, I exploited loopholes in my opponent’s deck construction process, create enough problems such as Dexmon and Gatekeeper for my opponents to handle and as the turns pass by, my Bubbles and Pendulum Feet can survive security checks. Palates Head turned out to be amazing at controlling with enough Searchers under “Mother”. Despite “Mother” being a glaring weakness, out of 32 players, there was only 1 BT8-070 “BlackWarGreymon” player, 1 BT10-016 “Jesmon X” player, and 1 BT10-057 “Bloomlordmon” player which I managed to avoid. This deck is not feasible with these decks running rampant but Xros Heart and Sec Ctrl-s apparently scared them away, creating an imbalance in deck distribution which I manage to thrive in.

Also, many thanks to Latias Trading’s boss, Wen Shen, for all the encouragement and most importantly asking me not to quit and have it a go for the “Evo Cup”, my physical sparring partner “包菜” and “Akira Wang”, my discord sparring partner “Meteorstrike”, “Tomato Teh” for loaning me his Dexmon-s, and that one guy who lent me his D-Reaper deck.

Garry Yeung: Won Evo Cup with BT10 Kiriha Blue Flare ft. MagnaX

Invited Author: Garry Yeung
Country: Indonesia


With BT-10 Cross Encounter release, we got the long waited first Evolution Cup since in Asia region it was delayed. Since it’s early in the meta there have been variation based on the new BT-10 cards. There’s the Mixed/Xros Heart, Blue Flare, Dark Knightmon and we even still see deck from the meta before such as GrandisKuwagamon, Blue Armor, and Yellow Hybrid.This time I don’t have time to prepare for the tournament since I just got back from vacation.

After observing the winner of the early weeks of BT-10 release, I decide to try Magnamon X to the Blue Flare deck since there’s a lot of aggro in the meta and many of the deck have low DP Digimon such as Xros Heart with X5 only have 10K DP and Blue Flare with Metalgreymon with only 8K DP. While Dark Knightmon can devolve Magnamon X, they don’t have the rush like the other deck. This deck can even handle mirror match against Blue Flare better because Magnamon X with X-Antibody option doesn’t even care with the stun from MetalgGreymon or DeckerGreymon, Magnamon X can still redirect the attack.

Deck Building


Upamon is still the best Digitama for most of the blue deck right now, since the deck have ways to discard the enemy’s evolution sources and there’s a lot of Digimon without sources (literally the Xros Heart with their free play Digimon from Tamer). You can also run the new Digitama, Bebydomon in this meta with a lot of Digimon in the battle area it’s easy to get the draw effect.

Rookies (Lvl 3)

For the Rookies, I have seen a lot of variation such as Veemon (combine with Chibimon to get draw) and Jellymon (to remove enemy’s rookie). While Gaossmon is a must in Blue Flare Deck, I find that Bulucomon from the promo is really helping the deck. Since the deck relies on the new mechanic DigiXros, we don’t get a draw by evolution or effect like ShoutmonX4, sometimes hand size feels really small. ModokiBetamon also still good to block the enemy delay effect from memory boost.

Champion (Lvl 4)

As for Champion, I use all the Blue Flare Digimon. Ideally we want to play MailBirdramon from Gaossmon effect to play Kiriha for free, but if I have Blazing Memory Boost and already play Kiriha for free, Greymon and Deckerdramon is the best choice. Usually if there’s more than 2 Digimon on the enemy’s side I play the Deckerdramon. Remember to recycle MetalGreymon when Kiriha on the battle area by playing Mailbirdramon or Greymon if needed. I think if you can find the slot playing the red Greymon (Security Atk+1) and one or two Hybrid are also good. Another notable thing is Deckerdramon ESS does not required your Digimon to be a Blue Flare and sometimes when the opponent have 2 Digimon Magnamon X DP can get boosted to 12K. Becareful though Greymon and Mailbirdramon ESS need your Digimon to be a Blue Flare to activate it’s effect.

Ultimate (Lvl5)

I play 4 MetalGreymon and 4 DeckerGreymon, while there are people who playing only 3 DeckerGreymon I still play 4 because when playing Blazing Memory Boost sometimes you don’t want to take the DeckerGreymon first (of course you want the other like Greymon, Mailbirdramon, or MetalGreymon). If you only play 3 DeckerGreymon and you don’t take it when you use search it will go to the bottom of the deck and you will never find it again but if you find your deck and hand keep drawing the DeckerGreymon you can play it at 3.

Mega (Lvl6)

I only play 3 copy of Magnamon X no more no less, I find it to be the best at 3 you won’t have too many since it cannot be search by all the searcher in the deck. Remember to play the X-Antibody option or Magnamon X redirect effect won’t activate.



Playing 4 Kiriha for consistency is great but same as DeckerGreymon if you confident you can play it from MailBirdramon or Blazing Memory Boost easily you can play it at 3. Sora & Joe is a great tamer this set since the enemy will play their Digimon without sources (Xros Heart and other rookies such as Psychemon, Solarmon, etc) and it help you to reduce the enemy source as well, you can experiment more with this card to find the comfortable copy of it, for me it was 2.


4 Blazing Memory Boost is a must, this card is just too good might be the 2nd best memory boost after Reinforce Memory Boost from the Yellow Deck in game right now. Howling Memory Boost is also a good card to stun your enemy when you can’t play the MetalGreymon or DeckerGreymon. Because I play many memory boost I need to find the way to use it when it block by ModokiBetamon, Gazimon, and Terriermon my answer for it is the Forbidden Trident (alternatively you can evolve to level 4 if your rookie is Jellymon but I find this hard for the consistency). Forbidden Trident is also good to remove Solarmon, Psychemon, Chikurimon, Pillowmon and Pomumon (since Gaossmon effect of playing Digimon by effect won’t activate if there is Pillowmon or Pomumon in the field). Ice wall is just always broken when the timing is right, bring 1 copy of it will never hurt your deck (hell I know people will bring 4 copy if it was not limited).

Last but not least is the X-Antibody option to activate Magnamon X redirect effect (you can also just use it so your Digimon to have sources to negate enemy extra memory from Sora & Joe Tamer).

Tournament Report

Swiss 5 Round BO3

W: Win, L: Lose

Round 1 VS Blue Flare (2-0) W

First Opponent is a mirror match between Blue Flare. In this two game the enemy find it hard to attack my security since I have Magnamon X early in the battle area. While I’m winning the aggro game, the enemy also can’t remove my ModokiBetamon that lock 2 of his Blazing Memory Boost delay effect making me lead more. Of course, the stun game between us is crazy but once again Magnamon X save the day.

Round 2 VS Dark Knightmon (2-0) W

Second Opponent use the Dark Knightmon deck. I find this to be annoying since Dark Knightmon can De-Digivolve my Magnamon X or worst it can De-Digivolve my MetalGreymon and delete Greymon instantly. The first game is a bit slow since I brick and can’t find my MetalGreymon until half of my deck drew. But by evolving Deckerdramon into DeckerGreymon I can hold the enemy well until MetalGreymon comes to play and finish the game. The second game I have a better hand and with the momentum from Gaossmon and MetalGreymon rush I lead the game far ahead early. Before I can finish the game I even defend my security and field with Magnamon X.

Round 3 VS GrandisKuwagamon (2-0) W

Third opponent use the GrandisKuwagamon deck. This is the same opponent I faced in the Final Community Regional before (Previous article in Digimonmeta cc: . In the first match, I hit opponent’s Mimi in first security, I thought the game gonna go bad after that but with Blazing Memory Boost I can also play Kiriha. After that he don’t have any lvl 4 in hand and hard play an Okuwamon for 7 cost. From there I always stun his Digimon using MetalGreymon and DeckerGreymon and giving him no chance to clear my security with OTK. The second game is also a bricky game for the GrandisKuwagamon player therefore I always play with a lead and end the game 2-0. For me DeckerGreymon and MailBirdramon is the MVP in both of these two match since the enemy can play X-Antibody option and always have the upper hand in number of sources so its hard to use only MetalGreymon stun effect.

Round 4 VS Xros Heart (2-1) W

Fourth round I finally meet a Xros Heart deck (probably the most popular deck in this meta). In game 1, while we both have a slow game I find it hard to use Greymon restand effect and aggro the game therefore I evolve Magnamon X early to counter the enemy’s aggro. But my enemy run Sunrise Buster and immediately delete my Magnamon X. After losing the aggro game and without a second Magnamon X in the hand I lost the first game. The second game I had a chance to chain stun three Dorurumon since its hard for him to remove it from field to DigiXros (well its all Dorurumon he have to digixros three times to remove it from his field) I have the lead with Greymon’s ESS and win the aggro game. The third game is a close one because I misplay in the turn I can stun both of his Digimon, I dumbly attack with Greymon and got block by Ballistamon (both dead thefore he only have 1 Digimon now) but because Magnamon X is early on the field I can hold the enemy aggro well and seeing his sunrise buster goes down while searching using Taiki I won the game.

Round 5 VS Xros Heart (2-1) W

Final round is also a very intense one because I know the Xros Heart deck can aggro faster than me and probably end the game before I can chain stun his Digimon. It’s even harder when you already stun the enemy and he use it for Shoutmon X4 Aggro and save all of his sources. At first I thought I had the first game in my hand while I have 2 security left and the enemy only have 1 security left. I have a rookie in hatching area and I can play MetalGreymon to end the game next turn. I pass the turn by giving my enemy 1 memory. Then I got surprised by his Gravity Crush and he end the game (Atk by Rookie and 2 times Shoutmon X4). Since I know he running gravity crush this time I play it more safely by always giving him a little memory and playing Ice Wall and ModokiBetamon in the right timing after a while I lead and finish the game. Third game is the most intense game by far in the tournament, I think we both have our best hand at start. The enemy aggro me very early I lost my first 3 security before I even touch his. But by stunning his Digimon I also hit back with MetalGreymon. There also a moment where I can stun his Shoutmon X5 and throw all his sources using Sora & Joe and Howling Memory Boost. At that moment I’m pretty sure I can hold the game with Magnamon X and get the game. At his last turn I got surprised by him using 2 Gravity Crush at the same time but he don’t have the DP to get pass my Magnamon X and I won the game by holding that round.

Final Thoughts

I think Magnamon X probably the best mega so far for Blue Flare but I remind you that this is still early in the meta and I find it that my enemy have many solution for Magnamon X. I might be experimenting with other Mega or probably joining the other player by not playing any mega and just focusing on aggro, but for now this is the deck that I comfortable with and thankfully I won Evolution Cup at Ogre Gading Serpong with it. Hopefully I can win more since there is still a lot Evolution Cup this time around. Goodluck for all of you and hopefully you can also get the Omegamon or Agumon Prize from Evolution Cup, Cheers!

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Ridhaudin: BT10 DarkKnightmon Deck Review

Invited Author: Ridhaudin
Country: Malaysia


Hi to my fellow Digi-Destined readers here! This is Ridhaudin from Malaysia giving you my deck review that I used recently in the first week of the BT10 meta which is the Darkknightmon, the Immortal King. 

Darkknightmon recently received a handful of supports in the latest BT-10 which improves more aggressiveness, defensiveness and consistency to the deck overall. With the only Digi-Xros deck that does not having any Save mechanic. The deck does have its own stickiness to stay in the field giving constant pressure to opponents battle area. Thus, being one of the top contenders in the current meta.

This is my deck list profile that I piloted and won in my local’s tournament:

The deck in general having to run a lot of rookies and champions which does have some similarity with the Armor Rush deck.

What I love the most about this deck in having a great consistency and efficiency, is the number of searchers it provides. Having up to 4 searchers in total does makes a lot of differences to the lack of the draw power that black has.

General Gameplay Objectives

This deck in general is to rush out your opponent’s security as fast as you can with the rookies and with the Darkknightmon packages. Another gameplay that would drag you out into the late is to be able to hold out your field with the new Blocker effects from the new Tamer in BT-10 while having bodies to pressure your opponent’s board. The ultimate combo with this deck can achieve up to 4 checks with 9k-14k DP in one turn with low resources used.

Digitamas/Level 2

Pagumon (BT6-005) is the only Digitama suitable with the decks, as all the color in the deck are black and not running much option and Tamers is a plus draw for your hand. I also run the Dorimon (BT7-005), this other one copy of Digitama is not really important other than the main one so I just run it because it can compliment with the effect of BT7 SkullKnightmon to slot the sources underneath just for additional draw.

Rookies/Level 3

To start with the Monitamon (BT10-058) is one of my favorites cards in the deck having to take 2 cards that is the Darkknightmon key pieces from the 4 cards revealed is super helpful! I also run the Dorumon (P-070), having 25-27 Digimons with play cost 4 or less in the deck you could spawn the card from top of your deck 95% most of the time. Next, I run the Chikurimon (BT6-056) as a good measure in the security to counter most of the OTK decks, Ie: Alphamon Ouryuken & GrandisKuwagamon . Being able to select one of your opponent’s Digimons to De-Digivolve is a solid effect to slow them down. Last lvl 3 is the latest Chikurimon (ST-13) which is a great counter to the current Digi-Xros meta especially to the Xros-Heart and the Blue-Flare. Those decks in general needed to recycle their materials through their Tamers thus making them vulnerable to the Tamer deletion effect of the Darkknightmon X (BT10-069) while them passing me a lot of memories to my turn. 

“Why didn’t run the ToyAgumon (BT2-055) with the Reboot?”

Personally, it’s one my favourite rookie in black overall. But what makes me don’t run it is because most of the time you wouldn’t go with the setup gameplay in the nursery with this deck and you would not be able to inherit the reboot effect in time while setting up the Darkknightmons package.


Darkknightmon Package

The latest Darkknightmon (BT10-066)  only cost 4 to hardcast in the field while putting 2 materials underneath is super strong. Having a strong effect when played and Digi-Xros is making it able to remove opponents’ level 5 and below. My suggestion is as early as you could in the game if you have the hand to play this one you should play it straight away to give early pressure to your opponent. Whereas the other Darkknightmon (BT7-063)  you should cast it whenever you have a decent memory before passing to the opponents most of the time. 

SkullKnightmon (BT7-058) being the next aggro character in the deck. The When Attacking effects allow you to digivolve to Darkknightmon for free and having a good ess Security Attack +1 is a must included material to put beneath your Digi-Xros Darkknightmon. For the other materials that you can go as the DeadlyAxemon spot I would suggest putting the searchers lvl 4 in the sources. Such as, the DeadlyAxemon (BT7-059)/Skullknightmon: Mighty Axe Mode (BT10-061) thus provides additional materials from searching when the deletion from Darkknightmon above triggers for your hand ready for the next turn in case it got controlled by your opponents.

I also run 2 copies of the SkullKnightmon: Cavalier Mode (BT8-062). Most of the people wouldn’t run this in the deck as it only has a When Digivolving that gains Jamming and Blocker, and also not having any ess. My preference towards this card specially just wants to have extra materials to be slot in the Darkknightmons just because it is also treated SkullKnightmon/DeadlyAxemon is an alternative in case I’m short with the materials.

Last but not least, how is my experience with the Darkknightmon X-Antibody (BT10-069) in general? It’s the only Mega level in the deck but it does have a strong presence when on field. Being able to delete any Tamers is such a strong effect in the current meta. My advice if you have Amano Nene (BT10-092) in hand you should cast it as early as you can. This provides two-way of playing with the Darkknightmon X-Antibody (BT10-069). The 1st one is being able to be aggressive to your opponent’s Digimons or last-hittting your opponents after all your Digimons have finished swinging and evolving it on top of your Darkknightmons and deleting the Amano Nene for just 2 cost evolution. The other one is to have it as a Blocker while your opponents are swinging with a greater DP than this Digimons thus making it procs the On Deletion effect to play your Darkknightmon from trash and you should play the BT10 one to De-Digivolve your opponents and stopping them for a while.

“Why didn’t include any Dexmon in the deck?” 

I personally feel my type of playstyle for this deck is not a board-controlled purpose since my sole was to rush it as fast as I can. This is my personal opinion, but it is a good card to include inside the deck if anyone prefers it. 

Tamers & Options

Of course, Amano Nene (BT10-092) is a must to include. I would suggest to run only 2-3 copies in the deck as you didn’t really need it too much on the field. The other Tamer is the Izzy Izumi (BT4-096) is your go to memory Tamer and does have a good effect inside security by gaining one memory if all 3 cards on your top deck is black, which it is gonna be XD. I run Izzy with 3 copies since I tried with 2 copies before realizing you wouldn’t see it much in your hand or security.

The options I used are the Kongou (BT9-103) is one of my favourite options in black since then, stopping level 5 below to declare any attacks have been really helpful to me. Pride Memory Boost (BT7-105) you already know how suitable it is for the deck and having a delay +2 memory to extend your plays/combo.


VS Blue Flare:

The freeze mechanics is a struggle while facing this deck. Having to get your Digimons in battle area, you can’t really avoid being hit by it. The play is to take it slow with the rush and choking your opponents as much as you can and bring out the Darkknightmon X-Antibody (BT10-069) when the Blue Flare Tamer Christopher Aonuma (BT10-088) appears because without the Tamer they can’t take materials underneath different Tamers. Make the necessary characters stay unsuspend to be able to use the Blocker effect when needed as Blue in general have a strong resource with the memory and draw powers.

VS Xros Heart:

The Xros Heart needs a lot of materials to summon the key pieces which of the deck which is Shoutmon X4 (BT10-009) & Shoutmon X5 (BT10-013) otherwise they are gonna pass a lot of memory to you. The deck also is almost the same as Blue Flare as it needs to have the Tamer Mikey Kudo to be able to use the materials underneath all Tamers. But in this case, you shouldn’t really use your Darkknightmon or Twilight type to block the X4 & X5 since they are gonna have Piercing from Ballistamon (BT10-049). The plan is to wait until Shoutmon X5 (BT10-013) came out and use the effects of Darkknightmon to De-Digivolve 1 and destroy the Shoutmon (BT10-008) underneath which it’s the only material will be saved, and the rest will be discarded so it will not be looped in the next plays. And delete the Mikey Kudo (BT10-087) if you have the chance.

VS Jesmon:

Jesmon deck does offer both good offensive and defensive playstyle. With the latest support from BT10 provides Jesmon with Piercing and an even more amounts of Sistermons spawn. Your opponent would opt to play the Sistermon Blanc (BT6- 082) to stop the Darkknightmon aggressiveness. Your only concern would be deleting the Sistermon Blanc to cancel the Blocker gain effect to all the other Sistermons with the Skullknightmon: Mighty Axe Mode (BT10-061)by Digi-Xrosing with 2 materials underneath to pop 4 cost or less easily by paying 2 just costs. And this is one of the reasons why I include Kongou (BT9-103) in my deck profile, it will slow the Sistermons down from rushing the security since Jesmon wouldn’t be able to finish the game. My suggestion would be playing the Kongou (BT9-103) last before ending your turn by setting up your next play with deleting the necessary Sistermon that would slow you down and choking your opponent memory since Jesmon deck usually don’t really rely on memory Tamers.

VS Bagra Army:

Eventhough Bagra Army have the same Save mechanic with the Xros Heart and Blue Flare. It relies too much on Amano Yuu (BT10-093) in my opinion. Without the Tamer on the field, they wouldn’t be able to loop the sources underneath their Digimons and from the trash. You can easily pop the Tamer as quick as you can since they can’t loop the Tamer from trash unless they play the Hybrid packages which is not that consistent with the deck I believe. But do be careful of Troopmon (BT10-076) and MadLeomon (BT10-077) when youre gaining hand size or playing your Darkknigtmon package. As it would end your turn quickly just by pulling the sources underneath those Digimons from the memory gains. If you’re not able to delete the Amano Yuu (BT10-093) in time, do watch out from Blastmon (BT10-070) summoning that can have Rush and Blitz when played with just 3 sources underneath it and prepare some Blockers when you have the chance.

VS Ragnaloardmon:

Ragnaloardmon provides a faster rate chance to Jogress from the new Starter supports eventhough for a lvl 7. But Ragnaloard playstyle wouldn’t really go for nursery gaming as it needs to use the spawning effect to have two bodies to Jogress. So, use that opportunity to pop the lvl 5 using the Darkknightmon (BT10-066) but be aware of the deletion negate effect that Bryweludramon (ST13-14) and RaijiLudomon (ST13-13) provides. But all in all, the pace of the Darkknightmons is even faster than Ragnaloardmon playstyle.

This is just some of my favourite matchups for now. I would love to go against the Yellow Hybrid Venusmon in the future and other types of Security Control decks to see how good it is to hold up against these strong control/recovery decks that roamed through the meta for a long time. 


Overall, Darkknightmon deck is a very fun deck to play with. Have faith in the deck and don’t be afraid with your hand early in the game as it would get better as the game goes on even in the early stages. 

Finally, thank you for giving me the chance to share this deck review/strategy insights for the readers out there. Although I just started playing in this year, I hope this article provide helpful tips for you guys that wanted to play this deck. Lastly, all my opinions written above doesn’t reflect any Darkknightmon deck players out there.

Thank you and cheers!

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Ying Huang: 1st Place NA Top Cut Regional with Yellow-Purple Maste Jogress

Invited Author: Ying Huang
Country: North America


Hello everyone, Ying “Human” Huang here to talk about my deck and match ups for Top Cut NA Online Regional Event. As this is the first NA event to include ST-9 and ST-10 for the format, every deck available to players is at full power. This means when deck building, every deck and every situation should be put under consideration and how to counter each of them

Deck's Distribution

4x Nyaromon / 1x Demimeramon:

I’ve seen many people play 4x Demimeramon and 1x Nyaromon instead, I prefer this set of eggs as Nyaromon can occur more than once as the digimon attacking may survive allowing for multiple occasions of drawing and discarding. This allows the player to control the cards in their hand and keep the most optimal cards for each situation. Another reason I play this set is because of the rookies played, the Demimeramon egg is most optimal when combo together with Tapirmon, however this list does not play any Tapirmon.

2x Gazimon / 2x Psychemon / 2x Candlemon / 2x Salamon:

With the style of the deck being very similar to Security Control, having a low rookie count does not hurt the deck. Instead you increase your security defenses and promote consistency by using memory boost options to find the pieces to your combo. Gazimon and Psychemon are crucial for the Imperialdramon matchup where Gazimon counters hammer spark and memory boost plays coupled by Psychemon countering Stingmon plays to prevent your opponent from jogressing into their level 5s. Psychemon is also extremely crucial when playing against Beelstarmon. Although I did not play against any in the tournament, the deck is still very powerful and doesn’t hurt to be prepared for the matchup.

Candlemon helps with controlling memory usage and Salamon allows you to jogress into Mastemon in a scenario where you do not have Gatomon to jogress at the end of turn.

4x Gatomon / 2x Blackgatomon:

As Gatomon is the most important card in the deck and the initiator of allowing the player to jogress when necessary. Blackgatomon is my choice of secondary champion for having a dual color, an inheritable effect to give the digimon “Retaliation”, and its ability to rush when played.

3x BT3 LadyDevimon / 1x ST10 LadyDevimon / 2x Lucemon Chaos Mode / 3x MagnaAngemon / 2x ST10 Angewomon / 1x BT8 Kimeramon:

BT3 Ladydevimon is the main draw power of the deck to allow you to control your hand and utilities. While ST10 LadyDevimon is not as powerful as the BT3, the card is necessary as an extra purple level 5 digimon and to be a target for Flame Hellscythe to bring back in order to make jogress plays. Lucemon Chaos Mode is your primary pick for a jogress Mastemon play in order to delete an opponent’s digimon or Tamer.

MagnaAngemon and Angemon would be your defensive plays and the play to pass turn before jogressing at the end of the turn. While MagnaAngemon is more defensive, Angewomon promotes a more aggressive play as the inheritable gives your digimon Security Attack +1 if you control a purple Digimon.

Lastly we have Kimeramon which is my choice of Tech for the deck. Kimeramon’s effect makes it multiple colors based on its sources and in this deck, when you digivolve it or jogress into Kimeramon, it is always yellow and purple which then allow you to jogress into Mastemon with either a yellow or purple.

Megas and Omnimon Zwart Defeat:

4x ST10 Mastemon / 2x Ophanimon FallDown Mode / 1x Creepymon / 2x Omnimon Zwart Defeat:

The primary top end of the deck is ST10 Mastemon, the most powerful card in the deck that can control your opponent’s Digimons in the battle area. Mastemon being 13000 DP makes it very difficult to remove and when coming out, majority of the time, a Lucemon Chaos Mode will follow up in order to clear an opponent’s board. When already in the battle area, Mastemon synergizes well with Flame Hellscythe and Omnimon Zwart Defeat.

Which brings up why Omnimon Zwart Defeat is played in the deck. Besides being able to digivolve and deleting a tamer, when Omnimon Zwart Defeat is attacked in your Security, it is then played in the battle area. Since Omnimon Zwart Defeat is played by a card effect, it activates Mastemon’s all turn effect, which deletes a digimon that is equal to or less than the level of the digimon played. Since the newly played Defeat is level 7, Mastemon would then delete a digimon level 7 or less.

Next we have Ophanimon FallDown Mode which has a strong board presence due to its ability to bring back a level 4 or lower digimon when it is deleted. In most cases, this digimon would be Gatomon which then allows the player to make another play to jogress into Mastemon or play another Ophanimon. The on deletion effect can also bring back a Blackgatomon which has “rush” in order to attack 1 more time which in many cases is the extra attack needed to win the game.

Our last level 6 and tech for the deck as well, Creepymon. Creepymon is the game closer for the mirror match and for the Rapidmon Yellow Hybrid match up. There are other games in which it could extend to the late game where decking the opponent out is the primary choice for a win condition. Creepymon gives the deck an additional win condition outside of attacking through your opponent’s security. Its ability to play a level 5 or lower purple digimon from trash if 4 or more cards are trashed from your deck synergizes together with Mastemon in order to control the battle area.

3x BT8 Kari Kamiya:

My choice of tamer is purely Kari to keep consistency of the deck so that the tamer I play will always be Kari. The tamer allows for proactive plays as it is a memory tamer and so you can play recovery cards for a lower cost as Kari can be tapped to gain 1 memory when a card is added to your security.

3x Purple Memory Boost / 1x Reinforced Memory Boost / 4x Flame Hellscythe / 3x Chaos Degradation / 1x Calling from the Darkness:

Purple Memory boost synergizes together with purple egg base for the event if you do not have any rookies to play. Even on turn 1 when you do have a rookie to play but not gatomon, it is objectively better to play the purple memory boost instead of the rookie if the said rookie is yellow and not purple. This allows you to dig through 4 more cards of your deck to find gatomon or any other purple digimon that you need to make combo plays. With the same argument as purple memory boost, reinforced memory boost does the same except recovers 1 security and adds 1 card to hand. These memory boosts can then be used on a later turn when extra memory is needed to take control of the game.

Flame Hellscythe is the best option in this deck to synergize with Mastemon hence why it is maxed out in the deck. Hellscythe can bring back 6000 dp or less yellow or purple digimon back from trash while reducing your opponent’s digimon by 6000 dp. This bypasses armor digimon’s ability to armor purge and delete them and allow you to play a digimon in the battle area. With the popularity of Rapidmon, it is a prime target for Flame Hellscythe as it is 6000 DP naturally.

Chaos Degradation is necessary in the deck despite its high cost due to its strong capability of removing difficult digimons such as Ouryumon or Zwart Defeat. Ouryumon has a protection effect that prevents itself from being deleted by card effects and Zwart Defeat has an on deletion effect that would then delete one of your digimon. The deck itself naturally has difficulties dealing with level 7 digimon as the only way to handle them is by attacking over them somehow or by using Chaos Degradation.

Lastly, Calling from the Darkness is a must have option that has value from early game all the way to late game. Calling from the Darkness allows the player to select exactly what purple digimon they need in the late game to set them in an advantageous position. Such targets could be a purple rookie together with Gatomon to set up for a following turn or Mastemon in order to jogress digivolve and take control of the battle area.

Gameplay / Matchups

Blue Hybrid:

Although I did not play against any in the tournament, I believe this matchup to be fairly advantageous for Mastemon. This is due to its ability to interact with Tamers with lucemon Chaosmon and Zwart Defeats. With the large number of security bombs in this deck, floodgates that blue hybrid generally keep on the battle area would get removed and allow Mastemon to take advantage of the lack of tamers from being removed by Lucemon.


A decent matchup about 50-50 depending on the style of BlackWarGreymon. Many BlackWarGreymon players gear towards a more controlled style of removing tamers and digimon, preventing their opponents from countering. Then we have players that tend to play a more aggressive style using BT1 Wargreymon in order to negate options from being played from security and OTK their opponents with an Omnimon with “blitz” to finish their opponent off. While Mastemon has a stronger match up against a controlled style of BlackWarGreymon, it has a weaker match up against an OTK aggressive style of BlackWarGreymon. In order to play against this style, one should keep their security as high as possible and not allow your opponent to check the remaining security in 1 hit.


As discussed previously, Mastemon struggles to deal with a protected Ouryumon and level 7s. Once an Ouryumon is established in the battle area and is consistently protected by its effect, Chaos Degradation is the only card in the deck that can deal with it. In order to play this match up, one should remove Yuji’s as much as possible with Lucemon Chaos Mode and Zwart Defeats to prevent Ouryumon from getting its own effect.

AncientGreymon Red Hybrid:

The hardest matchup for Mastemon is AncientGreymon Red Hybrid as the deck can attack for 5+ security at once and prevent options from being activated. The best way to play this match up is to consistently keep your security high and remove any digimon your opponent has in the battle area to prevent any chip damage. By keeping your security count to be at least 1+ to the number of security checks an AncientGreymon would do will prevent your opponent from digivolving into Omnimon with “blitz” to attack for game.

Rapidmon Yellow Hybrid:

This is an extremely long match as both decks recover a lot and will stall each other out. The toughest card to deal with in this deck is Susanoomon as it is a level 7 and only Chaos Degradation can remove it from the battle area. Susanoomon can also prevent the deck out win condition as it places a combination of 10 tamer or hybrid from the trash to the bottom of the deck when the deck count is low. To play this match up, one should always keep a Chaos Degradation to remove a Susanoomon if it is played and to always watch the deck count so a Creepymon can be played to trash the remaining cards in your opponent’s deck. The last win condition would be to be as aggressive as possible and not allow your opponent to set up tamers and recover their security.


A fairly straight forward matchup as the second Mastemon to come out will remove the first Mastemon that was played. This is played very similarly to Rapidmon Yellow Hybrid as decking the opponent out is the most likely reason for a game to end than if all security was attacked.


Very similar matchup as Mastemon and Rapidmon as the longer the game goes, the stronger the deck is as Beelstarmon can be played at a lower cost. However to counter this, Psychemon can be played in order to prevent Beelstarmon from having a reduced cost and control the battle area. The best way to play this matchup would be to be as aggressive as possible and reduce your opponent's security as fast as you can. This is because Beelstarmon does not have the capability of recovering security unlike Mastemon and Rapidmon Yellow Hybrid.


Due to the speed of the deck, this is one of the hardest but also easiest matchups for Mastemon due to how linear it is played. If no Exveemon and Stingmon are available to be played together in order to jogress digivolve into Paildramon, the deck slows down exponentially allowing Mastemon to fight back and control the battle area. However if both are available, ImperialDramon is extremely aggressive and can attack multiple security within a single turn if no options are hit to remove the Paildramon. The best way to play this matchup is to not give the opponent too much memory when they have tamers and a digimon set up in the raising area and to remove as many digimon in the battle area as possible to not allow for jogress plays.

Armor Rush:

A fairly advantageous matchup for Mastemon as armor purging does not prevent the digimon from being deleted if its dp is reduced by Flame Hellscythe. Mastemon’s ability to play Lucemon Chaos Mode would also bypass the armor purge as Lucemon would have the digimon armor purge first then Mastemon’s effect would trigger as Lucemon was played by an effect to delete another digimon of equal to or less level. Armor Rush also has difficulties continuously pressuring the opponent as many resources are used at once in order to put pressure on the opponent while Mastemon is able to recover all the damage with the use of MagnaAngemon.


While Mastemon does have a poor matchup to OTK oriented decks like AncientGreymon Red Hybrid, X-Antibody, and BlackWarGreymon, I believe it is one of the if not the strongest controlled based deck for the format. Having access to floodgates like Gazimon and Psychemon, prevents your opponents from taking advantage of memory gaining cards and play reduction cards that normally puts them in an advantageous position. Angewomon’s inheritable of giving security attack +1 when a purple digimon is in play gives the deck an aggressive behavior when necessary. Despite the flaws of the deck of not being as consistent as one would prefer, it is very capable of making comeback plays when at a disadvantage due to the security having an effect on the game if an option of an Omnimon Zwart Defeat is attacked.

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