[En] Daniel: 1st Place at Latam Final Championship 2021 with Lilith Loop

Invited Author: Daniel Carreño Cartez – Winner at Latin America Final Championship 2021

Date of tournament: 29-30 Jan 2022

Number of participants: 600+


Why did I choose this deck?

After testing all the decks on the BT6 meta I came to the conclusion: “I don’t like any of the decks I’ve played on this format” and I thought, what if I play the ol’ reliable and I took my Lilith Loop from BT5 and updated it to BT6, getting a top 8 on the Evolution Cup and then winning the LatAm regionals with a huge different list, but still the same idea with Lilith Loop

Why I’m playing Purple since BT5?

First, I started playing at the end of BT4 with the purple Structure Deck and I get started against a Security Control, and, as obvious, I lost several times but as a goal I said “I must win against that deck” and I get my playsets of LadyDevimon (BT3-088) and Metalgarurumon (P-027) and finally I get my first win doing 3 Nail Bone in a turn. And that was the start of a new TCG for me, a Yu-Gi-Oh player that was meeting Digimon TCG, and well, Lilith Loop is like playing Yu-Gi-Oh with the infinite combos that the deck can do.

The deck info

Everyone knows what Lilith Loop does, but the main thing was to adapt the deck with EX1 with 1 day of testing it. Analog Youth was a pretty solid card that my deck must carry but I can’t get my favorite card on the game, Takumi Aiba (BT5-091), out of the deck because it was a counter against some Rookie Rush decks like GabuBond and Musketeer on their first turns. Also, the other doubt was Purple Memory Boost (P-040), and I had to adapt all my numbers of the deck.

Digitamas: 4 Tsunomon (BT6-006) and 1 DemiMeramon (BT3-006): As I’m running the Ginkakumon/Kinkakumon/KinkakuPromote version of the deck, I prefer to run 4 Tsunomon as my main Digi-Egg, and I added a 5th digitama (DemiMeramon) because I thought the games would be larger because Ice Wall! (EX1-068) was on the format.

Rookies: 4 Gabumon (ST6-03) because it was the best rookie to start with on a Ginka/Kinka/Promote build, 4 Gazimon (BT3-077) because it’s the memory locker and one of the best cards against the mirror match (or TitaLoop), GabuBond and even Security Control decks. The other 4 rookies are a mini-toolbox: 2 vanillas, DemiDevimon (BT2-067) and Candlemon (BT3-076) to get another Ginkakumon Promote hit by 4 memories; Labramon (BT4-079) to complete the Ginkakumon promote with Zwart or to trigger the Ginkakumon effect on the same opportunity (Ginkakumon effect to put Ginkakumon and Kinkakumon (+1 memory) and Labramon with a discard to trigger Ginkakumon (+1 memory)), and the last but not least, Impmon (BT6-068) to get back my Lilithmon when I get them on Security or I discarded them on a bad situation.

Champions: The 10 great champions: 4 Ginkakumon (BT6-073), 2 Kinkakumon (BT6-071), 4 Ginkakumon Promote (BT6-075), the standard on Lilith Loop with Ginka/Kinka/Promote build

Ultimates: 3 Rebellimon (BT6-077) to stop Jesmon and GabuBond (evolving it on a Lilithmon on the same turn to don’t get it back to the deck with Bond) and 4 LadyDevimon (BT3-088) for the draw power and because it has synergy with Ginkakumon and Tsunomon

Mega: Lilithmon (BT3-091) x4 and Omnimon Zwart x3 (BT5-087), the cards for the loop.

Options: 4 Jack Raid (BT4-111), 1 Underworld’s Call (BT6-108) to get the Ginkakumon Promote from the Trash without Zwart, 2 Purple Memory Boost! (P-040) because it helps to get a future vision of the bottom of the deck and can give me more memories on an Ice Wall! turn or against Security Control, and the best card on the game, Mega Digimon Fusion!, that absolutely deserves the ban.

Tamers: 3 Analog Youth (EX1-066) because it has an incredible synergy with my deck and Takumi Aiba (BT5-091) because it gets the draw power and the stall against Rookie Rush decks.

Any cuts?

Maybe I would take out the DemiMeramon since the game is not so slow with Ice Wall!.

General Gameplay

Your ideal turn 1 is to start with a rookie and a tamer to get a good start (Takumi for future draws and Analog to complete the evolution scale), also, you must worry about to get a great trash (ideally +20, but +10 is right), and you must worry about draw the cards of the loop (Mega Digimon Fusion!, Omnimon Zwart, Lilithmon, a level 5 on play, Jack Raid, etc.)

If you think you’re not going to win on the turn you loop, try to make a mini loop and wait for the Zwart you get on the bottom with Mega Digimon Fusion, or simply don’t loop and get free attacks with the promotes and save a Lv5 on the Breeding Area. 

Match-ups (Disclaimer: maybe I can’t remember well all my results, if one was 2-1 and I marked 2-0 on this platform is because I don’t remember well)


R1: Rookie Rush Yellow / Blue (2-0): I was too scared, with the power of Ice Wall! and Spiral Masquerade on the deck this match could be very hard, but it was not. Takumi Aiba saved me and the power of Kinkakumon and LadyDevimon was crucial to get out the rookies.

R2: AncientTroymon (0-2): Impossible matchup, he started with a perfect hand and I opened a bit bricked but with a playable hand. When he stated his AncientTroymon with some Terriermons on the table I think that was all for me, and it was. 

R3: AncientTroymon (2-0): the revenge, I opened perfect hands and I won, on the Game 2 I played a lot of Digimon (more than 10) and I get the game.

R4: Imperialdramon (1-2): bricked on the 3 games, on the game 1 I opened without rookies, and I won; on the game 2 I never got the Lv4 and was impossible to play and in the game 3 I didn’t opened rookies again. I was very sad and I was marking my drop but my friends encouraged me to still playing.

R5: Jesmon (2-0): this was the Jesmon that did 3rd place on the DC-1 Grand Prix, Ciro Delgado, and he’s a solid player, but even with his Emergency Program Shutdown he got the game. 

R6: Three Musketeer (2-0): I don’t remember this match too much, I was tired on this moment and I wanted to sleep haha. 

R7: Agumon Bond of Courage (2-0): I get on the situation that my opponent has 2 memorys, a Tamer and I had 0 securities, and well, the luck was on my side and he didn’t had the Hybrid, then, I looped until I won.

R8: Security Control (2-1): I had this match very studied, as one of my pals is playing this deck since BT4 (the one that beated me every time when I had my Venomous Violet deck), and I get the game. On the 1st game, he got as his last security a Wyvern’s Breath and he get the deckout with that, and the second and third game was very favorable to me. 


R9: Gabumon Bond of Friendship (2-0): Rebellimon was crucial, get the anti-Ice Wall combo (Lilithmon With Blocker and Retaliation) and I won both games.

R10: Jesmon (2-1): I was too hyped with the idea of doing a Top 32 and I don’t remember too much this match, i only remember that in one game I started with a Ginkakumon Promote on play.

TOP 32: Security Control (2-0): It was Francisco Huentecura, previous Evo Cup Winner, and I get a bit nervous, but with the loop on my side is hard to lose against Security Control, so, I won the match.

TOP 16: Titamon Lilithmon Loop (2-1): I didn’t expect this on top, and I was very proud of see another Lilith on top, it was the Gazimon war, on the game one I lose because he stablished 2 Gazimon and Titamon combo, and in game 2 and 3 I get the Gazimons. The Game 3 was a good meme, both players bricked hard, but I get the Analog x2 to get a rookie and a champion

TOP 8: Agumon Bond of Courage (2-0): Mr. Polako, a great player, very hyped because we get the top 8, I opened with perfect hands on both games, so I get the win.

TOP 4: Jesmon (2-0): The first game was hard, he get the Jesmon with Delicate Plan but he didn’t win; and in the second game I stalled with Rebellimon and then get the loop, being a very easy game compared with the first one.

Finals: Security control (2-0): I misplayed a lot (forgetting effects like Analog Youth and Lilithmon (+2 memory)), but the matchup was very favorable for me, because Security Control has several problems against Lilith Loop. I think I used Underworld’s Call like 3 times on a turn on the last game, and I get the Championship attacking with my loyal Gazimon.

Final thoughts

This was a good way to say goodbye to Mega Digimon Fusion!, the most ridiculous card of the game. I loved to play Lilithmon Loop on BT6/EX1 format and well, I can try to get it alive again with cards like Win Rate 60% and with a blue version with the one Ice Wall! and 4 Hammer Sparks, but I must test all the meta as I did on BT6. 

Thanks to all the people that supported me on all the rounds! Now I have to prepare me for the World Championship, I’m Cheems with that now

Vampoch: Immune with Greymon X-Antibody (BT9)

Invited Author: Vampoch
Country: North America


With only less than 15 cards revealed at the moment from BT9: X-Record, one would think is to early make a full deck to different from what is already out from EX2: Digital Hazard. But the recently revealed [BT9-012] Greymon X Anti-Body may have just given Greymons and Omnimons a level of protection only rivaled by [EX1-073] Machinedramon.

Since BT5, the [BT5-086] Omnimon showed a protection effect that made it so that only DP reduction or battle could get rid of it, evading any effect removal at least once. This effect has returned stronger and more versatile than ever in the new [BT9-012] Greymon X Anti-Body inherited effect, that not only enables this protection to any Digimon with Greymon or Omnimon in their name, but also if you have multiple digivolution cards with the same levels you can use this effect multiple times

Thanks to Greymon X Anti-Body special digivolution on top of any Greymon for 0 cost, is very easy and cost efficient to make his inherited effect active for a Lv5 Digimon with Greymon in its name but that is only the baseline of how crazy this effect can become.

Still on the more traditional side, red has 2 very notable Digimon that can digivolve on top of others of the same level, them being [BT7-011] BurningGreymon and [BT5-015] MetalGreymon Alterous Mode.

BurningGreymon is very flexible thanks to it being a hybrid Digimon but unfortunately since the introduction of erratas in cards like [BT5-007] Agumon and Nokia Shiramine it doesn’t go to well with some of the synergies of the deck, while MetalGreymon Alterous Mode really shines since not only does it go along with all the synergies but also has both a “When Digivolving” and “inherited effect” that are great in this kind of deck. Outside of their effects, their main purpose is to pair with another Digimon of their same level to make Greymon X Anti-Body active for cheap or grant additional protections.


Now let’s take this effect to its limit with none other than the combo king itself, [BT8-084] Kimeramon. Thanks to its DNA Digivolve (Jogress), Kimeramon works insanely well with this deck, potentially Lv pairing from Lv2 up to Lv5 in a single digivolution, possibly giving a Lv6 Digimon with Greymon in its name 4 protections from effect removal. And for the cherry on top, by digivolving to the one that originated the effect, BT5 Omnimon you will have a 14000 DP Digimon with 5 protections to effect removal.

As cool as 5 protections may seem, it becomes quite unnecessary since no opponent is gonna waste removal in a 1 security attacking beat stick, but if that Digimon becomes a more menacing dread then the protection will be needed. Such is the case of [BT5-111] Omnimon X Anti-Body which has 2 amazing effects but since none of them is a When Digivoling effect, any removal on the opponent’s turn would make short work of him, but not anymore.

With assured protection from removal and plenty of digivolution material to negate attacks now only DP reduction can bring down this monster of a Digimon.

One last tech that could go well the deck and would make it almost impossible to delete by DP reduction could be [BT6-061] Gigadramon, that by granting and additional +2000 DP on opponents turn would make Omnimon X Anti-Body an impressive 17000 DP easily escaping from the biggest none conditional DP reduction card [BT6-101] Wyvern’s Breath.

Reference Deck

I built this deck on EX2 Blackwargreymon deck which is suitable for the Greymon-Omnimon X-antibody tech. If you want to practice in the simulator, you can give it a try.

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

Lum Wen Kang: Duel Golden Armor Release

Invited Author: Lum Wen Kang
Country: Singapore


When BT8 was released, I’m sure most people will turn their attention on Mastemon support or Shakkoumon for its recovery and control for the yellow support in the set. 

But  the yellow-based deck makes it possible to use both Magnamon and Gold Rapidmon. Both SR have a power that is comparable to a Lvl 6 Digimon. The ability to control the board and be aggressive is what make me try to play around with Armor Digimon using Armadillomon, and I do not like to stall. 

It becomes a more control-orientated playstyle compared to the blue Armor who resolves around Veemon which has a more rush-orientated playstyle. 

Prior to EX-02 release, I have tested the dual golden Armor using yellow base with a decent result. And after getting some feedback from peers and discord, I had made changes and bring it to a local. With a relatively unexplored concept, I am happy to share this article. 

The Armor

Gold Rapidmon and Magnamon are the dual Ace of the deck. I’m sure everyone will agree how good Rapidmon is. For 4 memories, you get to rest opponent Digimon as many as your tamer and minus 5k to 3 Digimon. With 6k based and Cody tamer, on the turn you evolve into Rapidmon, you can be hitting over 12k Digimon or trading with 13k based which you can just Armor purge.

“Armor Purge” and “Armore Release” has the same meaning.

Magnamon being one of the few blockers that is viable as it passes the 6k threshold, and it is the one who can hit high number (13k and above) in this deck. 

Digmon and Submarinemon are great for early game before we setup enough armor/tamer. And they are also the cheap way to do a jogress evolution. (of course, since 2+2 is cheaper than 4+4) 

Great Consistency

Being a lvl 3 and lvl 4 orientated deck, you can cut out lvl 5 and lvl 6 Digimon. Having 15 lvl 3 and being aggressive at lvl 4, you can keep the pressure from early game till end game without having to commit to more parts or combo like climbing up to lvl 6. 

The rookie we used are both yellow Armadillomon for Armadillomon’s Armor. 

ST3 Patamon for memory gain via the Armor Digimon and Cody. 

And Kotemon is the surprise. After my pre-EX2 run with the deck, one of the feedback I get is using Kotemon. Because both Magnamon and Gold Rapidmon are holy warrior. With this inclusion, we have 2 different lvl 3 searcher for our Gold Armor. 

Tamer & Option

Because Rapidmon required tamer to work well we need play more tamers than usual. BT1 Takeru for the consistency and Cody for the -2k and extra memory. Once these 2 tamers are up, we can take on level 6 Digimon. 

I use Digimon Emperor as I expected my local to be running blue hybrid, yellow hybrid which make it easy for me to gain the 2 memory if they try to move the Strabimon/ Salamon/ Patamon/ Gabumon out of the nursery area. And the Armor Digimon tends to take out lvl 5 and below Digimon easily, so I get to proc the draw power relatively often. 

Daisuke & Ken is good but I cannot really find the space for it so I just run 1 of it. Because re-standing after an Armor purge for a 2nd attack feel good. And Magnamon/ Submarinemon are blue while Rapidmon/Digmon are digimon so I still proc the memory gain. 

 For option, we are just extending the combo. Plasma Shot is to nuke the leftover what Rapidmon fail to and Armor Texture for a 2nd attack if I fail to Armor purge. 1 blue card if we need to evolve into our Gold Armor for 3 memory (no Cody) or if our hand did not have them. 

Tournament Report

Swiss 4 round BO1

W: Win, L: Lose

Round 1- VS Blue Hybrid w Leomon W

My first opponent uses an interesting blue hybrid with Leomon, In the game, he got his Juri relatively late. So, the early game is just the usual blue hybrid match up, where I just use my armor to swing at the security and clear his board with -DP. After pushing his security to 4, he locks 2 of my armor and had a Leomon on the board, I jogress my 2 armor into Shakkoumon to recover 1 and return his Leomon to his hand, pushing his security to 2, I pass my turn by evolving a Magnamon, leaving an active Magnamon and a rested Shakkoumon. 

The following turn, he goes into Susannomon with Mega Digimon Fusion and decide to destroy my Shakkoumon instead of Magnamon. I simply block with Magnamon and armor purge against the 3 security check monster. 

The remaining game, is me pushing through his blocker Leomon, chipping him slowly while he keeps drawing through Leomon and Juri which give him enough resource to Susannomon the 2nd time. However, he is unable to stop my aggression anymore and I took my win. 

Round 2- VS Jesmon L

Not sure how to report this match. I go first, evolve to a level 3 in nursery play a Armadillo in battle area for search giving 3 memory to opponent. He evolve into Baohuckmon and go into Saviorhuckmon. I move out evolve into Submarinemon and evolve into Magnamon to pass him 3 memory again. He go move out and evolve into Jesmon and I took 1 security check while he proc Baohuckmon ess to destroy Submarinemon(Armor purge then destroy my lvl3 with the 2nd attack). and block the 2nd attacking. Armor Purge to stop the piercing but he already brings out 2 Sistermon. The rest of the game is me getting slaughter as he make a 2nd Jesmon with Alice with a board with a final board state of 2 Jesmon, 4 Sistermon and end me Kimeramon. 

Round 3- VS Blue Hybrid W

I am sad to say I do not remember much of this game. I only vaguely remember that I was save by Plasma Shot when he swings with Susannomon and I removed his other active Digimon which prevent the lethal. 

Round 4- VS Beelzemon W

Meet a player who I did not see for quite a long time. I went first with no level 3. Play a Digimon Emperor and pass turn. Then, he reveals he was hoping not to see any Digimon Emperor in the tournament as he evolves into a Impmon. He then proceeds to use darkness wave and mill 2 mist memory boost and a Beelzemon. And he plays a level 3 Digimon and passing to my turn. I draw into Patamon and play a Takeru. I slowly gain momentum as I play more tamer, while he trying to mill without pushing from nursery area. So, he is trying to make his trash pile into 10 cards by pushing his Impmon to suicide on my security check by hard playing lvl 3. He eventually manages to do it on a turn when he uses calling of darkness but choose to retrieve 0 card. 

But I had stronger memory control as I had Takeru, 1 Digimon Kaiser and 1 Cody. It was multiple turn of him playing level 3 and pass turn, or he push Impmon out and warp to BT2 Beelzemon. But with Rapidmon, I rest the Beelzemon and hit over him with Cody help twice. The first time, by pushing a lvl 3 from nursery area. And the 2nd time I use Blue Card to gacha out a Rapidmon as my hand did not have a copy. 

Knowing the game not progressing well for him, he plays Ai and Mako and play a Impmon. I push his security and DP minus the Impmon and he mill 2 blast mode off it. I respond with 2 armor purge. And I think he resigned because he closes to deck out. (3 card left) while I had 4 security left.  

Top 4 Cut BO3

Semi-Final VS Blue Hybrid W-L-L

Match 1: it was an intense game where I keep nuking his Digimon while he kept removing my source. He manages to Susanno-MDF on 2 different turns but did not have the last push because I had recovered with Shakkoumon twice to keep my security away from lethal. After the 2nd Susannomon, he loses gas while I close the game.  

Match 2: I brick on level 3 and had to play multiple turn of option and tamer. And took the lost as I cannot contest the aggression. 

Match 3:  Another game like Match 1, but here I forgot about analogboy effect, and dp minus a beowulfmon with tommy in it ESS, the memory swing to his side and he MDF-Susannomon to take the win to proceed the fight for 1st-2nd. 

Final (fighting for 3rd Place) VS Blue Hybrid W-L-W

Match 1: My opponent is not familiar with my card effect and stay passive by playing tamer and Strabimon as he knows my deck had no counter against Susannomon, which help me as I can easily remove his Strabimon and decided to just take 1-2 hits off a lvl 4 hybrid as long I keep my security above 4 to avoid a lethal(3 check from Susannomon and a spirit evolution is not enough to close the tamer if he only had Daisuke). Eventually, the lack of aggression in early game gives me the win. 

Match 2: After Match one, he adapted his play, using higher aggression and evolve in nursery to level 4 hybrid to pass turn. This may seem trivial, but the memory is spent at the end of the turn instead of start of the turn, give the chance of an extra attack since the memory can be use for spirit evolution on a tamer. I lose to the 2nd MDF-Susannomon from him after he use double ice wall to stop my lethal on him. 

Match 3: His Daisuke revealed 2 analog boy in the early game and with no white tamer, I was never in the pressure of an MDF-Susannomon because of this. And he had to rush me down with level 4 hybrid, but my tempo is faster than his as I can keep DP minus his board while he had to recover by playing a tamer to launch an attack while I am pushing from my nursery area. Eventually, when he trying to chip my security, he hit into an Armor texture which allow me to bring in an Armadillomon from trash, which is a lethal he did not expect. As a sportsmanship, he evolves into Susannomon without MDF (to show his Ace) as he cannot prevent my lethal on him, and I take my win.

Match Up for Deck that does not feature in the run

As mentioned earlier, I had tested against other deck in other tourney with decent result. So some highlight are

VS BWG (Blackwargreymon) – you can hit over BWG with Gold Rapid and Magnamon. You have to brace the turn you lose your tamer and not have any Digimon on the board, setup for the next turn by playing the tamer and give some of your security to BWG.

VS Imperialdramon – you should be able to deal with the aggression since Magnamon not easy to remove and you can revenge kill with Gold Rapidmon. But they can also play around you with Raidramon and Dinobeemon. 

Vs Malomyotis – feel like a bad matchup. You can rush them down, but if they had a Yukio, you cannot play around their setup. 

Vs yellow hybrid – Depend on their variant. You can try to the push to 4 security then set to lethal. But they will recover as well. Should be bad matchup.

Vs BOF – push opponent to 2 security while having a Digimon in nursery for lethal next turn if you cannot finish the job. The deck has greater speed as they need setup their tamer and nursery first. While we can start taking security at level 4 and nuke any lvl 4 and lvl 3 in the battle area.

Final thoughts

Overall, I feel I had a good run because I did not match against deck that my deck is weak to such as Kouen (Crimson Blaze)/ Gewaltschewarmer which the AOE nuke is painful. Or DP minus which got around armor purge well. 

Of course, I had lucky moment in the run as well such as save from security, such as Armor Texture and Plasma Shot. And gatcha the Gold Rapidmon to take out the 2nd Beelzemon when my hand did not have a copy. 

But I feel the diversity of the play that I can choose the deck that gives me the flexible against my opponent. 

I feel Hybrid players should try to swap out Analog Boy for Digimon Emperor as it has a stronger control. 

Hopefully, more players will give this deck a try since BT9 is still far and it is one of the faster tempo yellow deck.

[En] Alexander: 1st Place at TAK Regional NorthAmerica with 2-Musketeers Deck

Invited Author: Alexander – 1st Place TAK regional (Dec 18).
Country: North America


Musketeers is somewhere in the tier 1 area its biggest weakness is that it is a mid-range deck and some of the faster tier 1 decks can take advantage of this. It has lots of board control options to deal with the opponents Digimon there are lots of key cards in the deck that help with different parts of the game.

Impmon that trashes cards allow for faster setup to go into beelstar faster. Another is Deputymon since it can search for musketeers and option setting up turns and trashing cards.

Gundramon for the same reason but also board control. Soundbirdramon was a card I was debating about switching for labramon but after the tournament the memory gain can set up good turns. Beelstarmon is the main star of the deck being able to play of free and then an option to ether controls the board or expand is very important in certain matches.

The last card to talk about is Ginkakumon Promote, this card with Nail Bone plus a cheap Beelstar could setup turn winning games that the opponent did not expect. 

I am very grateful that I did not play against Jesmon since the deck has options that can turn off security and is able to run through most of the security in one turn by doing this making the musketeer’s deck unable to stop the attacks.


Game 1 Musketeers 2-1

The musketeer’s match was hard since the game revolved around who could fill up trash to set up Beelstar, and then it was who could get Beelstar to stick the biggest part in the musketeer’s match is the Impmon that trash 3 cards since it can get you into Beelstar faster.

Game 2 lilith loop 2-1

Against the Lilith loop it was a matter of who could get set up with their pieces. They did brick in 2 of the games while I bricked in 1 the biggest point in the games was getting the trash set up for Beelstar to keep the board under control to stop the loop.

Game 3 yellow rookie rush 2-0

The yellow rookie rush was not to bad of a match up since musketeers has a lot of board removal with Gewalt Schwarmer able to remove the whole board making the Rookie Rush unplayable for most of the games, and have access to blockers like Gundramon were key cards in the game.

Game 4 security control 2-0

Sec control I feel is an easier match since Beelstar is a mid-range deck and sec control is a slower deck allowing you to set up you pieces and good wide with Nail Bone and Zwart. This match up could have played differently since when I went to finish game their security was mostly Digimon. The key point was to keep them at 4 security and expand board for game.

Game 5 Musketeers 2-1

Again, just like before who ever got the trash filled up and get Beelstar to stick to the board would win this game Millennium and KinkakuPromote where key cards for staying on board and swinging for games.

Game 6 Gabubond 2-1

The gabubond match up is a harder since when they go into gabubond then most option cards can’t touch him. I knew when playing against it that if I put them to 3 securities when they warp, they will lose bond at the end of turn and hope they check a happy bullet or trump sword. They did check one in a keep point setting them back and I was able to take the game.

Game 7 sec control 2-1

This match up kinda like before, is favoured for Beelstar since the deck gets the time it wants to set up trash and get free Beelstars. The one match they won they where able to get a lot of security Digimon out and take the game. A key point in each match was making sure to keep them at 4 securities since mangdramon effect won’t work. Zwart and Milleniummon both are important since one can expand board and one will stick and require 2 deaths the other part was to get Beelstar for free and use Nail Bone plus Zwart to expand the board in different DP’s and play cost to dodge different options.

Game 8 green otk 2-1

In this match up I wasn’t sure at first what green it was but when I saw jamming palmon I knew it was green otk. The key part in each match is when Grankuwaga attacks since most cards can catch him on an attack. Chaosmon is the biggest threat since when it attacks Happy Bullet is the only card that can stop him. In the final match I was able to clear out the board and remove all the security and lucky enough no tamers where in security for a hybrid for game. 

Final thoughts

In the end the deck was able to run well all day. The only card I am really thinking about changing is the Vilemon blocker to another Ginkakumon Promote. I played against some really good players throughout the day and some of the games where really close, in the end some of the games where a turn or 2 from me losing but the decks control was able to keep itself and was able to win the day.

[En] Simon from Australia: an Upgraded Version of Royal Control

Invited Author: Simon
Country: Australia

Merry Christmas to you guys over at Digimon Meta ❤✳

Hey Digi-Destined, DJSkittles back at it again with Royal Control!! 
We left off last time with some Jesmon Spice, however given the current game state of Bonds posing some of our biggest threats we had to adapt and Digi-volve the deck Tech to keep up with all those speedy Bond decks.
For those who followed the deck’s journey, we featured during an event shoutcasted by Hoang Zero, where we came out popping some Black Royal Knights.  However, sadly that version of RoyalControl wasn’t strong enough to top. So we went back to the drawing board and waited for some new cards in ST7 & 8 with some EX1 spice.

Building this Deck

We wanted to have variety in answers, digimon that play free out of security. So we went 3 x Geogreymon that battle then pop 4k or less, very handy when against bonds or RR. 1 x Shademon for the blocker magic and our MVP 4 x Omnimon Zwart D.
We ran 6 x level 5’s, this was to provide sources for a digivolve effect for Gankoomon to assist a boardwipe, or to provide sources in case of Hexablaumon to swing and in a rare case upto 2 sources to utilise Omni X Antibody’s effect.
2 x Magnaangemon, because it’s security control haha and a source for Dynasmon. Now I would never use the digivolve effect of Dynasmon in this deck just FYI, sources just matter sometimes. 
3 x copies of EX1 Infermon, this catches people in odd ways. This cause a opponent’s level 5 or higher Digimon digivolve to cost 1 more. This can be the difference between a swing for game or an outright loss. If we digivolve Craniamon on top of Infermon, our other Crania’s gain 2k. 
We run 2 x Black Tai as a memory fixer, and also to boost our Crania up. Combine this with a potential infermon source and Wyvern becomes irrelevant to at least 1 Crania. I did consider dropping 1 Infermon and going to 2 Andromon or 2 Shademon but I felt the ratio’s and Gabu Bond swinging returning level 5 and lower just made anything besides 6’s not worth inclusion.
A friend of mine once said, All Delete is a slept on card. With the current meta (looking at you Bond players) tamers are the coup de grace, so my plan was to utilise the digivolve effect of Zwart D or if the board state was out of control, remove the entire field.  Little did I know this would save me in Every Game on the road to Store Champion!
Against Eosmon who ended up placing second, he had 6 or 7 Eosmon level 5 on board and his full Tamer package to back it up. I had 2 security left and only 1 Tamer on field and he had just hit my Omni Zwart D.  He ended after swinging and I drew and played my All Delete.  This sealed my victory as the game was beyond recovery and Eosmon was unable to re-establish pressure.
I went against a Gabu Bond in the final round and removed 3xMatt tamers, memory fixers etc. from 1 All Delete. The game was still incredibly close, a final Matt was played and a Gabumon was pushed out of Raising, with 2 security left, it hits Holy Wave, Holy Wave and finally Iron Fist.
I was able to swing with Magnadramon for game, securing our Store Champion Event.

Final thoughts

This variant instead of playing multiple copies of high costs we focused more on a wide range of tech, and multiple ways to clear board for different scenario’s. We don’t brick by drawing a hand of all 13-15 cost digimon and instead get a variety of 4-15 cost cards to allow us to confuse, and outplay opponents in different scenarios.
I tend to focus when playing Reinforcing Memory Boost! on taking tamers to hand and focus on taking my Wyvern Breaths to hand rather than putting them in security. We run 3 copies not 4. With this in mind All Delete can clear our Black sources so iron fist is usually a great choice in security and when not facing an opponent with A Delicate Plan, I tend to put Holy wave in security as well as it saves paying 6 memory and keeps us stocked up on security.
Hope this guide helps!! Great deal of fun.
Enjoy the spice!! And Merry Christmas 😁


[En] Dan Vang: 1st Place NorthAmerica Regional Tournament with Jesmon Deck.

Invited Author: Dan Vang
Country: USA

Jesmon in BT6 Format

Jesmon is a fun and high roll deck. I believe it to be the tier 1 deck of BT6 (especially after the starter decks are legal).

I played highly talented opponents yesterday. Rookie rush is still a viable deck pre-starter decks as it can take advantage of decks looking for pieces. I think the memory biyomon and gaia force can be flex spots for other rookies such as promo guilmon, promo biyomon, another judgment of the blade or another gravity crush. The coredramons can be switched to agunimon depending on playstyle.

I am grateful I did not play a mirror match as that can go either way quickly. Some games I ended up using my sistermon and rookies to rush when looking for pieces or I ended up using Volcdramon (which had Security Attack +1 to swing into security). 


Round 1: Diaboromon 2-0 
I was able to build faster and wider than he could. He had trouble finding a level 5. And game 2 he was not able to get enough memory to build a stack as I kept playing rookies or sistermon. 

Round 2: Purple Titamon 2-1 
Lost game 2 to Purple Titamon. He was so aggro and I was still looking for pieces. He uses Underworld Called his Ginkakumon Promote and rushed for the game during game 2. Game 3 was a close back and forth until I was able to build my stack. 
Round 3: Black Mamemon 2-0
I was able to hold off the deck with some blockers and going wide while searching for pieces. My Huckmon helped me get pieces in this game. 

Round 4: Musketeers 2-0
Amazing games against my opponent. I think they were 1 memory off from being able to cast Beelstar, play an option for free and set up a blocker/play another option to wipe my board during Game 2. 

Round 5: Security Control 2-0
Great games against my opponent. I was able to cast Delicate Plan into their security, but most of their security consisted of just Digimon and not many options. 
Round 6: Gabubonds 2-0
Back and forth games. One game my opponent couldn’t find their Bond of Friendship to capitalize and win the game. 
Round 7: Gabubonds 2-0
I was one turn from losing in both games. My opponent was able to bond and wipe my board during game 1. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the Lobomon for game and I was able to build and swing. Game 2, I was able to use Volcdramon and swing while trying to build a Jesmon stack in raising. 
Round 8: Rookie Rush 2-1
Lost game 2 to Rookie Rush: Dude had more bodies than me and had 2 Spirals in security. Game 3 I was able to set up a wide board and use blockers to my advantage. 


Big shoutouts to Gaia Force Gaming for supporting me with ideas. Shout out to Ethan for always letting me pitch my bad ideas.
Shout outs to Izzy and the rest of D.A. for the deck list. Shout outs to all the great players I faced and for the supportive community.

Join the Gaia Force Gaming discord to participate in our weekly webcam event for prizes and fun: https://discord.gg/nqxXnPR3z2

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Japan, OvermasterP: Top Cut Akihabara Challenge Cup with Kimeramon

Invited Author: OvermasterP
Country: Currently living in Japan

Hi everyone, my name is OvermasterP and I have been living in Japan for about 2 years now. I started playing Digica around the time Hidden Potential Discovered was banned, then took a break until the release of EX1. I used to play Mugendramon, but since the release of BT8, I have really enjoyed Jogress decks. This was the final Challenge Cup in Tokyo until the new year, so I wanted to go out with style by playing a deck of my own creation which I think is quite strong especially with the element of surprise. I was able to top cut at the Akihabara Challenge Cup, which is the largest in Tokyo in terms of entrants, and take home the Greymon.

Kimeramon Combo

In particular a card I have really enjoyed playing with is the new Kimeramon which adds so many unique powers to your deck. On top of giving you the ability to mix colours in previously unseen ways, re-stand, attach powerful powerful inherits, and control the board with DP minus, the most underrated feature of Kimeramon I noticed while testing is the way it lets you use two cheap level 4s to skip your usually-vulnerable level 5 evolution and surprise your opponent with a sudden level 6 that can really take control of the game.

In particular, when testing Mastemon with Scatter Mode and Kimeramon, I found myself really surprised at how powerful the combo was of discarding two Eyesmon to suddenly Kimeramon, attaching a powerful inherit like Tailmon and immediately establishing a dominant level 6. The problem I wanted to solve was, for all the work that goes into making this combo work…. Why don’t I just win the game off this!?!!

A Different Kind of Promo Blackwargreymon Deck

After a lot, a lot of testing on different decks with Kimeramon (It’s just so flexible!), the version that I ultimately settled on and brought to Challenge Cup was this purple and black variant that focuses on Promo BlackWarGreymon.

A lot of your games just by running at the opponent with purple Rookies, Scatter Modes, discarding Eyesmon and recurring them with Calling from the Darkness, and lastly evolving them into Promote or Jogressing into Kimera for free Rush swings to close out the game. However, what has really brought the deck into an entirely higher level is the addition of the BWG combo that is easily capable of taking 6+ security cards off of a single level 4 out of Raising.

Purple and Black Make White

So what is the combo? The main feature of this deck is as so:

Start the turn with Hiro in play and bring out Scatter Mode from your Raising Area. Attack security with Scatter Mode and hope it dies. (If it doesn’t, you can either delay the combo by a turn or combo it with Calling from the Darkness + Nidhoggmon to make up the memory cost)

Discard 2x Eyesmon into play, and immediately Jogress into Kimeramon, attaching a Sunarizamon inherit from your Trash. This little guy not only gives our Kimeramon the Black colouring it needs to evolve into Promo BlackWarGreymon, but also the inherit that will push our combo over the top.

Not only does the Kimeramon + Eyesmon combo let you digivolve for free into any level 6, it also attaches an additional source, which combos great with many forgotten Digi-burst cards like Ceresmon, Rasenmon, and even Nidhoggmon. However, when combined with Sunarizamon’s inherit, this combo by far makes the most of Kimeramon’s potential.

When combined with Hiro (which we needed for the 3 memory at the start of the turn anyways), this lets us do a minimum of 3 swings at 13k for a total of 5 checks. One from our starting active position, another one after discarding both Eyesmon sources, and one final push by discarding Kimeramon and our beloved Sunazari, letting us close out games from unimaginable positions. Combined with the initial check done by Scatter Mode to start the combo with, this is already a true OHKO (6 checks). But considering how aggro this deck is, I would say it is very rare we actually need that many swings. Instead, you can think of this combo as giving the deck that extra little reach it needs vs. Recovery decks like Yellow Hybrids and Mastemon, following on your early pressure with a big combo finish to end the game before they can properly stabilize.

So in summary, the main flow of this deck is to stick a knife to your opponent’s threat by rushing them down with purple aggro, putting them on the defensive and preventing them from advancing their own game plan against you. While this happens, you will naturally be drawing and proceeding to your wincon of the combo kill, letting you steal games against opponents who think they have survived the initial onslaught. I also think of this deck as an upgraded version of Lilith Loop, that trades the (often overkill) additional value provided by Zwart in favour of a slimmer combo package that has more versatile tools and multiple wincons, rather than all-in combo.

A Delicate Plan

Now that I’ve outlined the main appeal of this deck, let’s look at some of the flex card choices and why they’re here. As I stated, part of this deck’s strength compared to previous Eyesmon decks is both its versatility and deck space. The actual combo package itself is very lithe, so you can choose to fill out the rest of the deck with a variety of card choices, whether you want to make it more combo-oriented, more aggro, more resilient, or more flexible. Here are my thoughts:

Rebellimon: A really underrated card for this meta. Blockers are dead, yet somehow Rebellimon from BT6 manages to remain relevant. His 7000 DP protects him from being bounced by Paildra, his Retaliation means BT8 BWG and Jesmon can’t just swing into him, and since most players prefer to just ignore him for the turn, you can get the opportunity to evolve him into Promo BWG even without Kimeramon/Sunarizamon, and still get 2-3 checks which can end many games on its own. For every Analog Shounen in play, he also has “When Destroyed: Lose 1 memory” printed on him. I want to thank Banda that though there’s only one non-level 7 Purple/Black Digimon in the game, it’s a great card like Rebellimon, because he suits the deck perfectly.

Nanimon: The man himself. Nanimon is a card that was originally a 4x of in this list because his potential upsides are huge, but in practice he tends to clog the hand. Let’s quickly go over them:

  • Can come from security, giving you a surprise OHKO combo on unprepared opponents
  • Gives you additional black sources on top of Sunazarimon to get BWG earlier (if you don’t need as many checks)
  • Can be played for 3 and either immediately Jogressed into Kimera -> Nidhoggmon for massive board control, or just regular evolved into Rebellimon (which further combos with Analog Shounen as stated)
  • Is the original party boy

Really flexible defensive card for the deck but the fact he doesn’t evolve from purple means he can limit our potential to swing and draw from Gabumon inherits can really slow us down.

Ogremon: A big flex slot, but I wanted to mention that his inherit can replace the need for Hiro if you can properly Jogress him with Sunarizamon. He also puts a huge amount of psychological pressure on opponents, adding to our feint rushdown gameplan.

Delicate Plan/Emergency Program Shutdown: All Digica players love A Delicate Plan decks. If you’re more of the risk-adverse, combo-oriented type, you can easily run more copies of this card as it’s quite easy to fit into the combo turn with just a single Nidhoggmon for the additional memory. Emergency Program Shutdown is here to both protect Rebellimon and ensure he gets to do his job, and more importantly stop Ice Wall shenanigans on turns where we know we have game next turn. However, since most people don’t properly recognize they’re about to die from 4 security from only a single Scatter Mode, usually they don’t play Ice Wall preceding our combo turn. You can easily cut this card, but it’s nice that you can cast it off both Kimeramon or Analog Shounen, meaning it’s usually live.

Tournament Report

Round 0: vs Entry Lottery

The Digica scene in central Tokyo is intense. In Akihabara, which is obviously the most popular location, there are over 100+ entrants on the day of the Cup. Just to get a chance at playing, you need to win a raffle which cuts down the number of participants down to 32. I am very lucky that I managed to get in on my final chance to do so!

On the other hand, it is the day right after my graduation ceremony, and I’m more than a little hungover after karaoke till 6 AM, so we’ll see how it goes….

Round 1: vs Paildramon

My opponent bricks super hard and makes sure to let me know it. He goes first, and starts off by double Hammer Sparking into a Stingmon, whereas I get to open with the ideal Gabumon into Scatter Mode hand. I rush him down as he continues to bleed memory due to his bricked hand, but catches me slipping with the surprise 3rd Hammer Spark, allowing him to suddenly Jogress Paildra which I didn’t expect, bottom-decking my Scatter Mode and stealing back the initiative. However, he’s already bled too much memory to me and even without the combo, our usual aggro game plan is enough to bury him and start our Cup off right.

Round 2: vs BWG

This is the most interesting match, so I’ll describe it in a bit more detail. I’m up against a card game veteran named Natsuki who I have played against before with a different deck. Considering his skill level and that BWG is not our best matchup (blockers + Hiro killing) I am immediately roused out of my hangover and prepared to play at my best.

I am grateful I get to open with another Scatter Mode on the first turn which really unlocks the deck’s upper potential. Natsuki responds by setting up a BT8 Blocker-inherit Greymon in raising (which I am not excited to see) followed by Nokia. At the least he doesn’t have the 2nd Agu to play this early in the game. However I can already tell that he is going to give me a hard time and I can’t slip up.

I take the turn and swing with Eyesmon– to my dismay, it reveals a Red Memory Boost which he procs and adds a BlackWargreymon to his hand. Now not only does my Eyesmon live, but he is set up for his next turn. I take a long time to think about and realize he’s most likely going to MetalWargreymon my Scatter Mode next turn and sap all my momentum, so I make the difficult decision to cast Calling from the Darkness on my Scatter only to return it and it’s Gabumon back to my hand. It’s a difficult decision, because the Kimera/BWG combo is not infinite checks, and with his upcoming blocker BWG, I will need every bit of reach I can get. However, if I risk him not having the MetalWargrey, I could potentially lose the game on the spot just from the amount of tempo I’d lose by squandering the Scatter Mode opening. Additionally, while deciding on discards for this Eyesmon, I decide to respect my opponent’s skill level and keep the heavy, unnecessary duplicate BWG so that I can conceal the combo for as long as possible. Generally most opponents won’t mind what you’re discarding, even if they notice Sunazarimon or even BWG hit the discard, but I know this guy is an absolute shark and at a tournament where a $1500 promo is on the line, I need to play tight to my chest.

I give him back the turn by playing Analog Shounen and play an additional Scatter Mode I drew (because now it is safe from De-digivolve and the one I returned to my hand can be used for Gabumon next turn). He did indeed have the MetalGrey and uses the free Memory Boost I so generously donated him to rush up into BWG, killing my Analog Shounen but choosing to leave the Eyesmon so he can block it on his turn instead, preventing the Eyes rush strategy as he continues to play around my deck expertly despite not knowing exactly what it is.

Next turn I swing the Eyes into his blocker BWG because it’s dead to him next turn anyways and I need the draw. I now have most of the pieces for my combo, but it’s difficult because the tempo he gained from that initial free Memory Burst + Nokia means he already has a second BWG coming up, and I can’t really play my Hiro without him killing it. I also can’t aggro him very effectively because he got the Blocker inherit Greymon turn 1, so he’s really not giving me any openings and is close to locking me out of the game. Thankfully BWG is a slow deck, so if I can find the right timing to slip in Hiro and have Eyesmon ready to go, I should be able to at least force his BWG to block and regain board advantage. I evolve my Gabumon in Raising into the Scatter Mode I returned to hand and drop a 2nd one.

On his turn he continues to build up another Blocker-inherit Greymon in raising, his hand having the exact cards he needs to beat my deck as my chances to win further dim. Then he swings security with BWG, choosing to deal with the Eyesmon later, when my chance finally arrives- Hiro comes from security on a turn where he can’t kill it with BWG, and he seems immediately disturbed by this. Inwardly, I am screaming a thousand times over for him not to run DEFEAT, or I probably lose on the spot, but he seems to be doggedly thinking it over, constantly asking to read Hiro’s effect and looking his hand over and over inquisitively. After what feels like an eternity, he finally gives back the turn by evolving his Blocker-inherit Greymon into Alterous Mode. I take the turn and swing with the first Eyesmon, which dies in security, but I choose not to pitch any of my Eyesmon or combo pieces to conceal the combo as long as possible, because now his blocker-BWG has restood and I want him to be baited into blocking the 2nd Scatter Mode as if I was a purple rushdown deck. 

I swing with the 2nd Scatter that has inherits, and after thinking it over for minutes, he takes the bait and blocks it, leaving me an easy path to victory. My discards are Nidhoggmon for +1 memory, Sunarizamon, and 2 Eyesmon directly into play. I Jogress into Kimeramon, attaching Sunazarimon, then evolve into BlackWarGreymon. I’ve drawn a lot of cards by this point, so I have the Tactical Plan to play around any Dark Gaia Forces in security. I get to take 4 of his security cards in the first 2 swings, then restand one final time by discarding Sunazari and Kimera for the player attack.

A very close win!! I later find out that Natsuki does indeed run DEFEAT (but didn’t have it in hand at the time), Dark Gaia Force, and absolutely wouldn’t have blocked my Eyesmon if he had seen the extra BWG hit the Trash earlier. Ultimately a very tense but high level game where both players had good opening hands, good securities, and fought at the mental-level rather than entirely at the routine strategy level.

Round 3 vs Armor Rush

I don’t get to open with Scatter Mode this time, so I’m forced to start off with evolving into Promote for the little draw power it provides and suicide it into its swing. I don’t think Armor Rush is a particularly powerful deck especially compared to the monsters like Paildra and BWG I just overcame, but I am worried about how fast he can pressure me back if I don’t make him afraid of me first because he has a very good opening. His aggro is putting too much pressure on me, so I’m forced to hard-evolve into Kimeramon just to kill his Veemon and DP minus his Magnamon enough so that if it risks the swing and dies, he loses the Veemon underneath it too. (As DP minus persists through armor purge)

He gambles it and swings anyways though, going unpunished, which is putting me dangerously close to death. One large misplay I made was not discarding an attack trigger Gabumon earlier, which I could have attached to Kimera and helped re-accelerate my own gameplan. I also get out another Promote, which he chooses to kill with Raidramon, but I steal his turn by discarding 2 Nidhoggmon to the Gabumon inherits (and I have a Hiro out so I go to 3) helping take back some initiative, but it’s not enough. At the start of my turn, I finally draw my Scatter Mode, but I’m cursing my decision not to attach Attack Trigger Gabumon to Kimera because if I had seen this a turn earlier, I would have not chosen to evolve my Raising Area into Ogremon, which is not what I need right now. I could have combo killed him this turn otherwise!!

Feeling vexed (and mad at myself for my own teensy misplay with large consequences) I swing with Ogremon, discarding to give it +1 Security Attack and see if I can’t close out the game with a surprise Eyes rush or regular evolved BWG. Fantastically, Ogremon lives his first check through a Daisuke-Ken dual tamer, going nicely with the one he’s already played. Tragically, Ogremon also lives his second check, giving my opponent his third Daisuke-Ken tamer. I think for a million years, and my only way out is to evolve Ogremon into yet another Kimeramon (attaching Sunarizamon this time), to prevent him from suiciding all his Armors into security and endlessly restanding them. He gets the turn at like, 9 memory and decides to set up another Armor, a Memory Boost, and most crucially a 2nd Magnamon that he (wisely) decides not to swing with. I get the turn without Kimera dying, so I am able to go with the gameplan of just evolving into BWG normally, but because I couldn’t Jogess for an additional source and he decided to leave his Magnamon active to block, I am a check short of finishing off the game.

Many things went poorly for me this one, and I can vividly identify a dozen tiny points where things could’ve gone differently (Scatter Mode a turn earlier, drawing a 2nd Eyesmon at a point, him swinging with Magna, Ogremon not giving him so much free memory) but at the end of the day that’s just how bo1 Digica goes.

Round 4 vs Mastemon Sec Con

My opponent is playing a very Sec Con-oriented version of Mastemon, which I can tell immediately from his t1 Mist Memory Boost revealing stuff like Chaos Degrade and Breath of Wyvern. I am immediately looking to dig as deep into my deck as possible for A Delicate Plan.

However, because he runs so many expensive single-target options, he is surprisingly soft to my usual Purple rushdown plan, and I get a lot of checks early on. I draw my Tactical Plan and he is setting up many Tailmons, but I manage to get the turn with two Promotes on the field and only 2 security cards remaining for him so I decide to commit entirely to the non-OHKO kill (which could backfire horribly for me if he starts spamming Reinforce Memory Boosts and HolyAngemon) by playing my singleton Tactical Plan on this turn, stopping him from halting my momentum with a Chaos Degrade followed by a Reinforce Mem Boost which get blocked. I pass the turn by playing another rookie, leaving a board 3-wide against his 0-security. He has a Tailmon coming from Raising, but he’s also going to be forced to full clear my board or die next turn. He manages to just barely get by, evolving his Tailmon into Angewomon and hardplaying a Lucemon FM, killing 1 of my Promotes and EoT Jogressing, putting back in a Lucemon FM I revealed from his security on turn 1 and giving him just enough kill effects to stabilize.

However, the abundance of memory it cost him was too much, and I can play Calling from the Darkness to bring back Promote to my hand, evolve it from a Gabumon and Rush him for game.

Round 5 vs Blue Hybrids

I bricked on all 3 Sunarizamon, Gabumon, and a Nanimon, my 2nd player draw only giving me another Gabumon, which is awful because any attempts to aggro him down normally will just pop him out free tamers and he’ll outrace me. I try to only swing with Gabumons that have Puchimeramon in the inherits to get draws wherever I can, but it’s useless as they all bounce off harmlessly into free Daisukes and he strips the Puchimeramons next turn. I play around his BeoWolfmon by playing Nanimon into Rebellimon, which buys me some time, later becoming a Nidhoggmon for even more anti-aggro, but his Ice Walls are too icy and his stuns too stunning and I simply don’t get to make many decisions this game. The game stalls out (as it tends to do versus Blue Hybrids) and before long he simply Susanoos me into the dirt, right through my Rebellimon blocker because we can’t have nice things in Digica.

Fun fact: Out of the entire top cut, 6 out of 8 players were Blue Hybrid, the only exceptions being me and the Armor Rush player from Round 3.

Closing Thoughts

All in all I am really happy with this deck. It took many many many many iterations of experimenting with Kimeramon and all his strengths before coming upon this version, but I truly believe this is the deck that makes the most use of all the different facets of Kimeramon’s kit. While I think on paper Nanimon is really strong for this deck, I want to experiment with ST10 Wizarmon next, as it gives the deck the capability to reach 4-colour Nidhoggmon for additional reach (Combined with Hiro, Nidhogg can swing up to 14k DP, activating Sunazari all on his own) as well as more DP minus, which lets you answer things like Tailmon, Submarimon, and so on.

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

Naim From Brunei: Red Jesmon in BT8, a Deck Review.

Invited Author: Naim
Country: Brunei

Why Jesmon?

Hello again my fellow digidestined, I am Na’im Erywan and today I am back again to show the Jesmon build in BT8 after winning several times in the current meta

Jesmon in the current and previous meta’s have been either good or really great  since its reveal in BT6, where this deck  can focus on building DP, adding security attacks and even Jogressing in BT8 and so on. Jesmon’s win condition can be summarized with one sentence “spam the board with Sistermons to build a big advantage and possibly end the game then and there” , to create as much bodies  as you can to overwhelm your opponent as much as possible and as quick as possible, be it through gaining security attacks by using BT1 Tai Kamiya or ST1 Greymon.

Check this link for the decklist in digimonmeta.com’s format.

What is new for Jesmon in BT8

As a red player, I really didn’t think much about Jesmon when BT8 came around opting out for my black Diaboromon rather than Red Jesmon at first, but eventually just stuck with Jesmon in the end. After playing in a few tournaments with the Jesmon deck, I realized the support cards from BT8 really helped boost Jesmon’s & Sistermon’s consistency & survivability in the current BT8 meta.

What’s so good in BT8 that helps Jesmon so much in  BT8?

Firstly  BT8-001 Gurimon , this card alone helps with the lack of draw power Jesmon has and Jesmon decks reliance on BT6 Sistermon Blancs for draw power.

Secondly BT8-084 Kimeramon, this card helps with so much more in Jesmon decks you can  either Jogress 2 Sistemon Noirs or you could Jogress a red lvl 4 and one Noir and just digivolve into a lvl 5 Kimeramon and put a lvl 5 below Kimeramon’s digivolution sure (usually either a ST1 Greymon or whatever is good in the situation).

What I personally do is to prepare as much as I can by digivolving into Jesmon in raising area while building the board with red memory boosts or Analog Boy to get certain cards in hand and as well as too fill the trash with Sistermons so that Jesmon could easily revive them later to end it in one swift turn.

How do I play this deck?

Simple, raise Jesmon in breeding area and stall till you have enough to end the game within 2-3 turns  after you have a Jesmon. 

Why does it counter the current meta?

In my opinion, it “works” in the current meta because most decks have removed most forms of removal in BT8 to boost consistency. And with BT8 Kimeramon, Jesmon has another way to be more aggressive to end games quicker.


Yes , even though this deck sounds really strong it does have weaknesses.

Firstly, X Antibody in BT8 has received a huge boost in power and consistency while it requires set up as well. In my opinions, it also needs to build up its resources …  but can achieve the state faster than Jesmon.

Secondly, I feel that Mastemon decks will deliver a huge threat to Jesmon during the game, but it is more manageable since Mastemon decks will give a lot of memory to work with. And Jesmon just has to manage the Gatomons before they do their Jogress shenanigans.

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

[En] Santiago Matos – 1st Place LATAM Regionals with AgumonBOC

Invited Author: Santiago Matos
Place: 1st place at Latam Regionals – Latin America (28 Nov 2021)

Why did I choose this deck?

I opted for Agumon Bond of Bravery even though this deck is not as popular as Gabubond but it does have favourable matchups where Gabubond does not (like Security Control & Green Control).

My Stories!!

Agubond is a deck that I have been eyeing on the Japan meta since it was revealed during our BT5 format. What I usually do when cards are revealed and they seem interesting to me then I will proxy them and play test the future meta. Agubond was the first deck that I tried with Ancient Greymon but the results were very poor and not so consistent, so I switched to a more rookie rush style deck with Promo Greymon and Agunimon. 

Our local meta was full of Gabubond that is much more popular and having consistent wins overall. But a pretty undesirable matchup against Security Control which is pretty dominant in LATAM. Agubond had a better matchup to Security Control and also a 50/50 against Gabubond, making it a good option as counter-meta deck for the tournament.

The Deck Info

To begin with, both Agumon and Gabumon Bonds decks try to do the  same thing, wear down the opponent’s security until a safe win condition is met, working with either the Bonds itself or the Hybrid Digimon’s. Blue has the capacity to spam many attacks consistently while red tries to clear all security in 1 hit and then hit for lethal.

After some theoretical crafting, I concluded on this list. I opted out from “consistency techs” such as Red Memory Boost or “support role” like Magnadramon and then finally I felt that the deck actually wants to be doing something else, which is speeding on the “Security Race”. You want to be slamming Augmon’s on play every single turn, unless you have tamers in hand or need to remove threats.


4x Demimeramon: the +1000 DP boost is actually pretty strong with the other Agumon that boosts DP for Promo Greymon, making it an 8k DP lv4 allowing it to succeed in checking twice.

1x Koromon BT5: a draw Digitama, not so strong as the +1K DP but still pretty useful.


19x Augmon’s, each of them plays an important role in the deck.

4x “Bond Buffers” BT6 Agumon that makes allows our Agubond to hit with “security +1” while removing a body and trashing one security.

7x “DP Buffers” (ST7 Agumon and Promo Agumon), 4x of which are exclusively for Greymon (up to 7k or 8k with Demimeramon) and 3x generics to allow Agubond to hit with potentially 16k DP and reducing the chances of being destroyed by security.

4x “Tamer Searchers” BT1 Agumon to not whiff the important TAI. I did not play any Flamemon like Gabubond does with Strabimon because I hate to send key cards to the back of my deck and the fact that we do not play as many hybrids as Gabubond does.

2x “Resources”, called Agumon Experts, that allows us to keep on recycling vital Agumon’s including an Agubond that gets hit during security checks.

2x “Vanillas” which I honestly do not love, but the 2 cost to slam on the table is always good, and also for memory control. Also, it allows us to do Agubond on the next level on this Agumon without needing to come out of hatching.


4x Promo Greymon: By far the best card for the early game and the second boss monster on the deck, it acts as a fast damage dealer which will place our opponent in a “check mate” status if I play the Agubond putting too much pressure swiftly.

4x Geogreymon: The best answer to today’s basic meta play which is to hard slam a 3-cost rookie that trigger a search on the first cards of the deck or a draw. Also, especially against Gabubond, where his removal options put cards back to hand giving us another go at this card. The 6 cost in the late game is not so much if we have many Tai in play to start with plenty of memory. Its security effect is also amazing being able to remove (if lucky) 2 bodies from table and placing himself on the battlefield and becoming a guaranteed attack on the next turn.

3x Agunimon: Even though it is the sweeper of the deck and the card to finish games, red does not thing like Hammer Spark as blue does, making it way harder to spam Hybrid attacks. You always want to have 1 of it in your hand and that will be enough, that’s the reason to not running 4 copies.

2x Coredramon: I almost never used the blocker, but I would not remove it since it can be super useful to stop the opponent from winning and revenge killing on next turn with Agubond or Agunimon. Not much more to say honestly, it’s a blocker that can also end a game whereas Mekanorimon cannot.

-Removal Options:

I played 7 removal options that made my security a “threat” but also good cards to have in hand to keep up with the opponent if I had a slow start or he had a strong one.

4x Atomic Blaster: Can stop your opponent from hitting lethal but also is a pretty decent card to have in hand since its not so expensive to play, stopping your opponent from early rushing you.

3x Gaia Force: We all know how strong Gaia Force in your security is, but in hand: not so much, it can be helpful removing a big pile with sources or an annoying threat such as Zwart Defeat. But the card itself is a bit expensive to play.


Not much to explain, a tamer that puts you to 3 and another that gives us “draw +” for free and allowing us to warp evolution to Agubond consistently. Tai is ideal to be played on your turn 1, while Marcus is good turn 2 or 3.

Any cuts?

Personally, I feel the list is super solid and I wouldn’t change a single card. Other than that, what I could try is to reduce the removal options (especially Gaia Force) to add some Lightning Joust.

General Gameplay

Your ideal Turn-1 is to evolve into DP boosting Agumon and end your turn by placing a Tai so that in turn 2 you have guaranteed access to Promo Greymon, so even if your opponent is memory controlling you, it won’t stop you from going to 2 memory.

After that you usually want to wait a couple turns before using Agubond and doing an OTK. 

Almost every time you have to make the decision of either dropping another Agumon or another Tai. GO FOR TAI without any concern of leaving your opponent at 3, since you will get your value back every single turn you move the Digimon out from your hatching zone.

Geogreymon and Atomic Blaster are cards you definitely want to come out from security, but you also want to see them on the early game, (that’s why we play 4x) allowing you to buy time and setup your gameplan.

Something I really enjoy the deck when the opponent bricks and has to hard slam a Digimon in play, it’s almost impossible that you would lose that match since you will be able to remove that Digimon and keep on putting pressure. 

Another thing I want to be completely clear: EVERYTIME you think you can go for Agubond and clear 3 securities on the early game, even if you do not have the ideal setup to hit for lethal, GO FOR IT, as Agubond will trash 1 of your opponent’s security but also clear a big body leaving your opponent with no way of killing your Digimon.


R1: Sec Control 2-0

Pretty easy matchup, your biggest concern is being played too many Zwart Defeat which you cannot easily remove without losing your board. Other than that, you just need to keep chipping out his security without overextending too much, especially with Greymon’s “Security +1” and trying to keep his side of the board clean with Geogreymon and Atomic Blaster. Just save your Gaia’s for Zwart Defeat. As expected, your endgame cards are Agubond and Agunimon. 

R2: Titamon 2-1 

His win condition is usually to spam the board with usually Rookies or Champions with only one boss monster in play, allowing us to remove more than one body with Atomic Blaster and the aggro removal from Agubond. 

Watch out from him going into Omnimon Zwart and still having 2 o 3 securities, if he manages to do that, you have lost your game. But don’t worry it won’t happen unless you hard brick or he starts gas. Our deck is more consistent and faster than theirs!

R3: Gabubond 2-1 

Toss a coin and find out who will deal the last hit first. Agubond has more benefits with Promo Greymon and Geogreymon so you can actually out speed him. But if Gabubond starts with his ideal hand and deals damage first, you are probably done for it. 

R4: Gabubond 2-0

Easier than R3 since he played a more defensive list of Gabubond with Mekanorimon and Coelamon, which allowed me to out speed easily.

R5: Jesmon 2-0 

It’s virtually impossible to stop his OTK, especially if he uses Delicate Plan. It’s a really hard matchup that you can actually only win by out speeding. Here the MVPs are the removal cards that keep cleaning Sistermons or any LV.5 to stop his Jesmon. Other than that, it’s pretty similar to Gabubond, the one who hits faster will probably win. 

R6: Security Control 2-1 

Harder than I expected, he played Chikurimons which where an excellent tech to stop Promo Greymon or Agubond, but still not enough to make it an unfavourable matchup. It does affect Gabubond much more since he cannot trash security!

R7: Three Musketeers 2-1 

His ideal play is to drop the Deputymon which is an amazing turn for us to drop our Geogreymon.

R8: Jesmon 2-1

Basically, the same as R5.

Other Metagame Matchups:


DO NOT SPAM ROOKIES. It will make your match a lot harder. Play calm, try to chip his security by moving away from hatching, winning memory and cards, evolving into Promo Greymon and trying to check x2. If he does, that’s great! If not, he will be removed from the table and that is also great, he won’t be able to gain any value from either Azulongmon or Sora & Joe.


Here it’s important to time your removal options and have a great game awareness on when to use Agubond to clear the board, pro tip: Go for it when he has nothing in rising.

Green Control:

Easy matchup, he can’t aggro you, his defense consists in having actual bodies on the field which you can easily remove with your options and Agubond.

Lilith Loop:

Definitely harder than Titamon since you now need to put him in check mate status as soon as possible before he reaches his combo state (the loop), else you won’t be able to stop it.

Final Notes

If you are a red player and want to give this deck a try, do not hesitate! It has really nothing to envy from Gabubond. Yes, Gabubond is probably easier to pilot, but the fact that you beat what Gabubond usually fails to beat and that you have a 50-50 with him can put you on the Top Cut from a tournament if played correctly.

Also, I did not have as much time as I desired to test other techs on the deck, but now that North America is getting BT6 I can’t wait to see what other techs they bring to the deck like Lightning Joust or Tai’s Growing Up!

Bonus track:

I’m posting my current list below to test out for the next event so you either grab my winning list or pick up where I left from testing!

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

[En] Francis Denton – 3rd Place Europe Evo Cup with Lilith-Loop

Invited Author: Francis Denton
Place: 3rd place at Europe Evo Cup (28 Nov 2021)

Lilithmon loop is a deck that feels like no other to play.

In all honesty I had no plans to play it before the event. I had not touched the deck in a few weeks and had been testing other decks. It was past midnight and the event started at 8am. I had not yet submitted a decklist and being too lazy to lay out all the cards for another deck and take a new picture, I checked my regional deck list and the photo for some reason did not have a date on it. How convenient! So after submitting the same Lilith Mon deck I played for regionals, it was time to rest up no?.

It turns out that was not the case, after doing practically anything but sleeping, I managed to fall asleep at around 5.30am. Surely two hours was enough rest for a long 8-9 hour event. After waking up at 7.30am, making a cup of tea and sitting at my desk, it was time to play. With 2 hours sleep and playing what is in my opinion the most difficult deck to play optimally, this was bound to be a disaster was it not? It turns out it was anything but that.

Decklist Choices

Tsunomon Vs Demimeramon

I’m opting to use Tsunomon over Demimeramon due to the ability to utilise it multiple times over many turns and to prevent the need to have to attack security in the hopes that my digimon dies and I can draw a card. It’s not often a good idea to attack security early, with the amount of tamers prevalent in this format, hitting a Davis or Matt against Gabubond or a Tai against Jesmon on the first check is often game over there alone due to them getting a free tamer without the loss of tempo.

No Blockers?

Level 4 Blockers feel rather useless this format outside of Mekanorimon. With the addition of 7k Level 4’s, they no longer even trade with them and the one cost blockers also don’t trade with the 6k Vanillas. In this deck particularly, sometimes it is a good thing for your opponent to attack you early as it can help add some extra cards into your trash for your Jack Raids to become live. We are using Rebellimon as our only source of blocker and I will later explain where it comes up in matchups.

Ginkakumon or Wizardmon?

I’ve seen numerous Lilithmon lists running the new Wizardmon promo over Ginkakumon. In my opinion I don’t really agree with this, we can utilise Ginkakumon better early game by evolving into Ladydevimon and Rebellimon for 2 cost and choking the opponent that way. We can also utilise it better than Wizardmon late game by adding them under the Ginkakumon Promotes that we play off of Zwart. 

When you add both of the Ginkakumon Promote components under it, you gain a memory and draw a card, then when you attack with Promote you can use Kinkakumon’s inherit to trash a card gaining another memory from Ginkakumon’s inherit. If you brought back 2 Promotes, it is likely to gain 3 memories if not 4 through the full engine alone and that is outside of the Jack Raids recycled off of Lilithmon. This provides so much extension and turns that feel like they won’t end until our opponent is defeated, or we build such a large board that they cannot combat.


Round 1 – Hexeblaumon 2-0 Win

In all honestly this matchup is not too difficult, the deck lacks ways of removal and is more of a stun deck. Ladydevimon and Lilithmon can just sit on the board until you have the pieces you need to start the loop and end the game from there.

Round 2 and 3 – Jesmon 2-0 Win

On paper not a good matchup, our security is often terrible outside of Jack Raid and even then, the deck has access to a delicate plan to turn that off. Jesmon also has too much DP that it won’t die to Zwart either. Rebellimon is the MVP in this matchup, with the ability to gain retaliation and blocker, it can wall off attacks from Jesmon for a turn. That turn is often enough to then make Lilithmon plays the following turn.

The high Rebellimon count we play in combination with the numerous sources of card draw the deck has often allows us to evolve to Rebellimon to stall that extra turn, and then end our Lilithmon loop turn by evolving into another Rebellimon in the case we don’t kill our Jesmon opponent in order to prevent them from doing anything on the return and simply finish them with the big board we’ve made on our next turn.

Round 4 – Gabubond 2-0 Win

Possibly the strongest overall deck of the format, Gabubond is an interesting matchup to play against. Out of the three variants, I’d say Lilithmon performs worse against the AncientGarurumon variant due to its ability to end games even faster when it high rolls it’s draws. Thankfully, that version seems to be dying out and more people seem to be preferring the rookie rush variant or the variant with the red options cards for the security control matchup. 

This round was against the rookie rush variant, Takumi can help in this matchup to deter early aggression from the Gabumons being hard played. The general strategy to beat Gabubond is to turbo up into a Lilithmon as fast as possible with a Ladydevimon underneath it. Outside of Cocytus Breath, the deck has no answers for level 6 digimon. Through the extra memory we will gain off of Lilithmon each turn and the ability of Ladydevimon to pick off any level 3’s played; we can gain enough advantage in order for us to win out through a loop turn. 

Like Jesmon, normal blockers are rather useless in this matchup, Rebellimon however can once again put in some work. When ending our combo turns, should we have not won the game, with all the memory we gain from cycling jack raids, we can end our turn by evolving a level 4 we have into Rebellimon and then into Lilithmon, meaning she retains the blocker and retaliation and can wall off the Bond of Friendship for a turn which is usually enough for us to end the game through the board advantage we have gained.

Round 5 – Blue/Yellow RR 2-1 Win

An interesting deck combination, the aggression of blue with the board control of yellow. Spiral Masquerade is as good a card as ever, removing our Ladydevimons can be rather troublesome. Takumi was the MVP in this matchup, thankfully I saw him early which really slowed down the aggression my opponent could put out and buy me enough time to get my strategy online and take the win.

Round 6 – Sec Control 2-1 Win

A rather popular deck particularly in large tournaments such as this, whilst often an annoying and frustrating matchup to play against for most decks, we can take this one rather easily. The deck gives us so much memory that we can filter through our deck at a rapid pace, adding to this, we don’t run out of steam as we are pulling our Ginkakumon Promotes and Ladydevimon from the trash in order to deal our damage and build our board. 

Hard evolving into Omnimon Zwart can be a great way to end a turn and build a board large enough that our opponent cannot deal with it. Ladydevimon having a play cost of 8 is extremely important against the common Beelstar versions of security control as there is no easy way for them to clear an Omnimon Zwart, Ladydevimon and another body, requiring 3 cards to do so. In the first game I messed up and decked myself out which was rather embarrassing, but games 2 and 3 we made up for that and took the win.

Round 7 – Jesmon 2-1 Loss

Against the winner of the tournament overall, although a close match I feel like I threw the game. Forgetting about the Rizegreymon + Baohuckmon interaction to kill my Rebellimon. Though the biggest misplay I made was evolving a Ladydevimon onto a Ginkakumon instead of a Kinkakumon on a turn I could have potentially won. I hit a judgment of the blade in security that gave him a blocker through playing Sistermon Blanc, meaning I couldn’t use Kinkakumon’s inherit to kill the blocker as I had already used up my memory for the turn.

Round 8 – Sec Control 2-0 Win

Against the 2nd place player of the tournament, as stated previously, this matchup is pretty free for us, we can build boards that they cannot clear and never run out of steam due to our reliance on the trash. We have no fear of being killed quickly if we don’t hit a defeat early of security and can just build an unanswerable boardstate and kill them through our Ginkakumon Promotes rush and recycling Underworlds Call to play them one at a time to which they cannot be killed off by options in security.

Overall Thoughts

I was incredibly impressed with the decks performance, I felt like I could have won the whole thing if not for the misplays I made in round 7. Whilst it might not be the best deck overall, it has good or even matchups against the majority of the field. In a format where I feel matchups are rather important and some can be an auto loss for certain decks, having a deck that I felt confident could beat anything I came against if I play well enough is a good reason to want to play this deck. Adding onto that, when playing this deck, every little decision matters and can be game winning or game losing, which makes it feels very rewarding to play. 

There isn’t much that I would want to change about the deck, there is potential to add in a blocker + Skullgreymon synergy instead of Rebellimon or change the rookie line-up a little by adding in a couple of Tsukaimon in place of some Labramon to help to get extra memory against decks that have lots of removal.

Thank you for reading my tournament report and have some fun with your 10-minute turns! 🙂

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.
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