Ronnie Haboc: Dukemon/Gallantmon BT12 or Kamen Raider Dukemon

Invited Author: Ronnie Haboc

Country: Philippines


With the new BT12 support for Dukemon/Gallantmon, it gave Dukemon/Gallantmon another way to manipulate the battle area. And with the new Takato, it helps Dukemon/Gallantmon to bounce back. 

The Deck list below is what I used for the 25th of November, The release date grind for the Booster Across Time.

*Disclaimer: This is not the final build for Dukemon bt12*

Decklist featured on Digimonmeta: Deck Information – DIGIMON CARD META (

As a Red deck, it focuses on aggressive plays and controlling the battle area with the deletion effect that comes from WarGrowlmons and Dukemons. With the help of Growlmon BT12 and Wargrowlmon EX3 to help you on playing a Takato for free. 

On the past metas, one of Dukemon weakness is having Low DP with the st7 Dukemon/Gallantmon 11k DP (with a possible to get 14k DP with its effect) with the help of the New Guilmon and Growlmon giving Dukemon an additional of 4k. One other weakness was having a comeback option, and it was fixed by the new Takato that let you warp evo with ANY Guilmon to a Dukemon/Gallantmon.

And with the Combo mechanic of the New Wargrowlmon BT12 and Dukemon/Gallantmon BT12 to extend your turn. After you delete or "raid" your opponent's Digimon, at the end of attack it gives you 2 memories, then digivolves into Dukemon X to attack once more. 


Round 1: VS Jesmon, Win 1-0

 A battle with a lot of Jesmon players (including the MasterSaberKlein), and my deck was ready to handle it. With the 2 Crimson Blaze to stop them from playing Sistermon. However I was unable to use either of the crimson blaze. I was fortunate enough to have my Lv6 Dukemon to appear first, then swing to reduce their security to 2. Then with the help of Gallantmon Crimson Mode to trash the remaining 2 on the turn. 

Round 2: Vs D-Brigade, Win 1-0

With this match up, I was able to trash some key pieces of my opponent using Wargrowlmon EX3, and always give her a few memories to work with. So I can control the battle area by deleting her digimons, and chip away her security with the trash effect of Dukemon BT12 and Dukemon X BT9. Since there is a possibility of disruption on her security stacks.

Round 3: Vs Jesmon, Win 1-0

With this match up, I was lucky that my opponent had a bad hand, so I quickly took advantage of it. And I was able to use crimson blaze to delay his turn, so he won’t be able to summon sistersmon. And was able to win.


Match up with decks, Red hybrid can be a little hard, since it can counter your deletion their Digmon, then can summon a Takuya Tamer for free from either hand or trash. 

With BlackWarGreymon, the Wargrowlmon EX3 can help you bring back your Takato from trash, if they deleted it, using Blackwargreymon bt8 or the option Hades Force. And even if they have protection for your deletion with the Greymon X, you can use “Raid” to delete their digimon.
With Bloomlordmon, it will be best to have your crimson blaze on hand or on security. So you can control the battle area, since Bloomlordmon gameplay is like Jesmon, they need to spread out.

With Xros hearts, always match the aggression of your opponent. Take advantage of getting your Dukemon as quick as possible then finish. Having crimson blaze on hand will also be key to winning.

Closing thoughts

With the new Dukemon supports that came on ex3 and bt12, Dukemon has more options on controlling the board, and being able to bounce back. I feel Dukemon can be a tier 1 deck with the new support for this BT12 meta. Even though the deck is straightforward gameplay, you also need to know when to be aggressive. 


DigimonMeta: 1st Place Evo Cup Post-BT12 with Red Hybrid

With fresh BT-12 cards I went home after work on a Friday evening and put together a Hybrid Red deck for my local Digimon Evo Cup, and was fortunate enough to win this 32-player tournament. 

With the games fresh in my mind I would like to share a little bit about this winning decklist with you, and the matchups that I went up against today!



I did very much enjoy the Digimon Frontier anime season, and I liked the mechanics of hybrid Digimons. Being so fresh in the BT-12 meta, I felt that this deck was not overly complicated and could perform very decently in the early meta. 

My winning decklist. Big shoutout to our dear friend DTCGReview for featuring it and Kouriten SG for hosting the tournament.

LV3 Digimons: I played only 9 copies of red LV3 Digimon, and opted out of the [BT4-009] Flamemon since he did not have any inherited effects. I ran a bit light on LV3s as I felt that they did not provide a lot of value during mid-games, and I would only want a copy or two to kickstart my turn-1. To supplement this, I play 2 copies of Boko and Neemon which totalled my rookie base to 13 cards, which I felt was healthy. 

LV4 Digimons: I maximised on all the available hybrid digimons that I can use, so 4 copies of BT12 Agunimon and BurningGreymon, as well as 4 copies of BT7 BurningGreymon for very important board control. I did not include the BT7 Agunimon as I felt that the BT11 Birdramon offered a lot more, having [Blocker] and an important inherited effect at the same play/digivolution cost made more sense. Since I only play 2 Birdramons, they behave like tech cards and do not cause any problems with flexibility digivolving from my tamers. I usually use Birdramon on my BT7 Flamemon, giving this deck a bit of surprise stall power while making good use of Flamemon's inherited effect.

LV5 Digimons: I play only 6 copies of LV5 Aldamons, and mainly the new one for his ability to digivolve directly from tamer. However, I am lately convinced that the older BT7 Aldamon still serves a very important role, so I might adjust the numbers slightly.

LV6 Digimons: No surprises here, only maximum copies of the new Kaisergreymon and a single copy of the old Kaisergrey for [Blitz]. The new Kaisergreymon is undoubtedly the MVP of this deck, as he plays the role of both board control and OTK. With BT7 Takuya underneath, he would easily dish out 3 security checks at 15000 DP, deleting almost any Digimon when digivolving. In addition, he returns Takuya to play when he is deleted, closing the loop of an attack cycle.

Options: 2 copies of Atomic Inferno which is indispensable for the aggression this deck needs, and 2 copies of FireDrake Strike for efficient board control. As the deck was supposed to move fast, I did not include any heavy-cost option cards to avoid giving away too much memory and risk losing my board state advantage.

[BT12-088] Takuya Kanbara
– [Security] Play this card without paying its memory cost.
– [Start of your Turn] If you have 2 or less memory, set your memory to 3.
– Inherited: [Your Turn] This Digimon gains +2000 DP. If this Digimon has 10000 or more DP, it gains "[Your Turn] [Once per Turn] When this Digimon checks your opponent's Security, gain 2 memory.

[BT12-017] KaiserGreymon
Hybrid | Variable | Dragon Warrior
– [SecurityAttack+1]
– [When Digivolving] Delete 1 of your opp’s Digimon with 6000 DP or lower. If this Digimon has a red tamer in it’s digivolution cards, delete 1 of your opp’s Digimon with DP equal or lower than this Digimon’s DP instead.
– [On Deletion] You may play a [Takuya Kanbara] from your hand or trash without paying its cost


I try never to play tamers by paying their cost. Whenever possible, I build up a BT7 Flamemon into a LV4 (hopefully Birdramon) or even into LV5 if I have 2 or more tamers in my hand which I can play efficiently using Flamemon's and Birdramon's inherited effects. Otherwise, Neemon would also be a great way to play my tamer for free. 

Playing them this way is not only efficient, but also serves up target on the field for my opponent to spend their resources on, and sometimes allowing me to counterattack using BT7 BurningGreymon, KaiserGreymon, or FireDrake Strike.

Once tamers are on the field, they become easy to loop. With Neemon in play, I can digivolve my tamer into LV4 hybrid and attack without worry of deletion since Neemon recycles them from trash. An ideal attack comes from digivolving my tamer into the new BT12 BurningGreymon, as it eventually becomes a 10000 DP Digimon and activates Takuya's inherited [SecurityAttack+1] or memory +2 effects. 

I rarely digivolve and attack as Agunimon since it has much lower DP and will only play a Flamemon on deletion, which I do not always have ample of. Furthermore, Agunimon's inheritable effect is far too attractive for me to ignore.

At LV5 though, it is often enough to stop at BT7 Aldamon since he will have +4000 DP when digivolving which, when adding with Takuya's +2000 DP, makes it a 14000 DP Digimon. Depending on how safe I deem my opponent's security, I usually stop and swing at Aldamon followed by FireDrake for board control, instead of moving all the way into Kaisergreymon in order to preserve my hand with enough solutions for the next turns. In a hybrid game, Takuya can digivolve directly into Kaisergreymon so there is really no need to waste too much of your hand's resources too early.


Game 1: Hybrid Red (2) vs (1) Dukemon 

I was not well prepared against the new Dukemon deck, and has not gotten the new card effects memorised, and this was made worse by fact that my opponent being a seasoned Dukemon player.

All I know about my opponent's deck is that being Dukemon, it will delete my Digimons while digivolving up into Dukemon. I played by a notion that he will delete around 3000 DP at LV3-LV4, and around 6000 DP at LV5-LV6. So I tried to manage the memory and board state to reduce unnecessary damage.

I lost a game to an excellently timed digivolution sequence to Dukemon Crimson Mode, deleting my Digimon which added 3 cards into my 7-card trash, making it just enough to trash 2 of my remaining security for the final swing using Takato's [Blitz].

Otherwise, I was able to win the other 2 games mostly by swinging for 3 security checks using either Kaisergreymon or Atomic Inferno, and otherwise just by having a slightly more robust hand as my game plays on. 

Game 2: Hybrid Red (2) vs (1) Mastemon 

In the first round of this matchup I did not know which deck my opponent was playing, seeing a purple Digitama and an Eyesmon did not reveal much about the deck. But when my first security check revealed a Flame Hellscythe which then deleted my Digimon and summoned a MagnaAngemon I guessed it would be something along the Mastemon/Ophanimon line.

I lost my first game, given too much advantage to his strong hand and security. There is little I could do with Mirei on board and Tailmon digivolving into Angewomon for 1-cost, playing a Ladydevimon for free and subsequently Jogress into Mastemon and playing another MagnaAngemon for free which then digivolves into Ophanimon, all in one turn destroying my board and recovering his security.

But on his other 2 games both his hand and security was not so ideal. By hard-playing a MagnaAngemon for 7-cost and not drawing a LV3 for one to two turns allowed me to setup my tamers and solutions to remove his LV5 Digimon, and holding off attacking his security to avoid giving him too much early advantage until I have my board ready to end everything within a turn or two. 

Game 3: Hybrid Red (2) vs (0) GrandisKuwagamon 

An unfortunate matchup pitting me against my dear friend, I won the first game easily and ungracefully thanks to his incredibly broken hand (2 LV5 and 3 LV6 Grandis). In the second game, he got the game in control but when he mistakenly attacked my LV5 Aldamon that is inheriting Birdramon, the game swang into my advantage as I was then able to put my BT12 Takuya tamer which guaranteed me a starting 3 memory, which I then used to digivolve my 3-cost Takuya into Kaiser for 3 checks and finishing the game with my Flamemon from nursery.

But nevertheless, I had an Atomic Inferno in hand which could grant me a similar 3 checks using Aldamon even if he was not deleted by Grandis and memory choked at 1, albeit the slightly larger risk of checking without Aldamon's inherited option security nullification.

Game 4: Hybrid Red (2) vs (1) Bloomlord Quartzmon 

I have heard some stories about the horribly lethal synergy between Bloomlord and Quartzmon, but being my first time playing against it I was not fascinated by the fact that this deck was piloted by one of the most seasoned green player in Singapore.  

I lost my 1 game against an excellent setup of double Bloomlords and a Quartzmon in a single turn, filling his board with a hoard of large Digimons while reducing my security to 1, and not to mention the horror of having all my tamers and Digimons suspended. But otherwise, I was able to win my first game by being slightly faster, and my second by luck since he wasn't able to draw into any LV4 Digimons.

Since a Bloomlord deck will tend to digivolve outside of nursery, using the Ajatarmon/Sunflowmon/Redvegiemon combo, I try not to waste my BT7 BurningGreymons and making sure that I clear up those Sunflowmon and Redvegiemons quickly, and using FireDrake Strike on the 7000 DP Ajatarmon, possible as long as I have any LV4 hybrid inheriting Takuya.

Game 5: Hybrid Red (2) vs (0) Hybrid Red 

A mirror match in my final matchup, which I am very happy to play against given all the variables of new decks coming from BT12. A mirror match would mean that the outcome of the game hinges entirely on my understanding of my deck, and developing strategic countermeasures. This is not difficult given how fresh BT12 is, and how straightforward most Red Hybrid builds are. 

I did not have a good starting hand on both my games, not drawing any LV3 Digimons. In my first game, my starting hand was marred by 2 copies of Atomic Inferno, which took me a few turns to overcome and after I continuously failed to draw into any Kaisergreymon, I gave up on that thought and setup my board with a LV4 hybrid, cleaning up my opponent's board while slightly choking memory to make sure that he cannot delete my LV4 easily during his turn. When he returns the turn to me at 3 starting memory, I digivolved into Aldamon at 1-cost, and used the 2 Atomic Inferno from my starting hand to swing 4 security checks at 20000 DP, and the board state swang to my favor.

In my second game, my opponent drew into a broken hand and when he hard-casted his LV5 Aldamon the game pretty much ended for him.

This site uses english-translated cards from

Review: BT-12 Across Time

BT-12 is shaping to be a reboot of sorts, featuring a cast of all our anime heroes from the very first season to Xros Wars or Fusion season 3. Well of course they all appeared in that final episode together didn't they, but somehow these new cards do seem to power creep the old ones, and have effects made more loyal to the anime. We are excited to lets get down to it!

Rebooting Our Heroes

In season 3 of Xros Wars or Fusion anime, otherwise known as The Boy Hunters who Leapt Through Time, 5 heroes were summoned from their times to stop an army created by Quartzmon. This is where Bandai gave us refreshed card effects for our main heroes.

[BT12-095] Tai Kamiya

– [Start of your Main Phase] [On Play] 1 of your Digimon with [Agumon] or [Greymon] in its name gains +1000 DP and "Blocker" until the end of your opponent's next turn.
– [Your Turn] When one of your Digimon digivolves into a Digimon with [Greymon] or [Omnimon] in its name, suspend this Tamer to gain 1 memory.
– [Security] Play this card without paying its memory cost.

[BT12-070] Wargreymon
Mega | Vaccine | Dragon-Man
– Digivolve: 3 from level 5 with [MetalGreymon] in name
– [Raid] (When this Digimon attacks, you may switch the target of the attack to 1 of your opponent's unsuspended Digimon with the highest DP.)
– [When Digivolving] This Digimon gains +3000 DP and [Reboot] until the end of your opponent's turn.
– [All Turns] [Once per Turn] If the target of an attack changes, unsuspend this Digimon.

[BT12-090] Davis Motomiya 
– [Start of your Main Phase] If you have a Digimon with [Free] in its traits or a Tamer with [Ken Ichijoji] in its name, gain 1 memory.
– [Your Turn] When one of your two colored blue and green Digimon attacks, by suspending this Tamer, that Digimon may digivolve into a Digimon card with [Imperialdramon] in its name in your hand by paying its memory cost.
– [Security] Play this card without paying its memory cost

[BT12-031] Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode
Mega | Free | Ancient Dragonkin
– Digivolve: 2 from [Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode]
– [When Digivolving] Suspend all of your opponent's Digimon with no digivolution cards, then return 1 of your opponent's suspended Digimon to its owner's hand. By returning 1 [Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode] from this Digimon's digivolution cards to its owner's hand, return all of your opponent's suspended Digimon to the bottom of their deck instead.
– [Both Turns] For each color in this Digimon's digivolution cards, it gets +1000 DP. While this Digimon has 2 or more colors in its's digivolution cards, it gains [SecurityAttack+1] and [Blocker]

The new Tai Kamiya is a black tamer that grants [Blocker] and a slight DP buff to his line of Digimon, and his new Wargreymon works as a versatile piece, having both [Raid] during your turn and [Reboot] and [Blocker] during your opponent's turn makes him both a sword and shield. Greymons already have a great lineup accumulated from past sets but is mostly aggressive, so the addition of a more defensive route is be very flavourful. 

Meanwhile the new Davis Motomiya lets you digivolve into Imperialdramon when attacking, which is very helpful in a deck where both Dragon Mode and Fighter Mode take up LV6 slots. The new Fighter Mode has very strong board control and also counters Dexmon, while being optionally defensive with [Blocker]. Together with Dragon Mode, digivolving into the new Imperialdramon line will almost guarantee flipping board states to your favour.  

[BT12-089] Matsuda Takato
– [Start of Your Turn] If your memory is 2 or less, set it to 3.
– [Main][Once Per Turn] By placing this tamer and 1 [Growlmon] or [Wargrowlmon] from trash to the bottom of 1 of your [Guilmon] in any order, digivolve it into a [Dukemon] in your hand ignoring level requirements by paying its cost. That Digimon will gain +2000 DP for the turn.
– [Security] Play this card without paying its cost.
[BT12-018] Dukemon
Mega | Virus | Holy Warrior / Royal Knight
– [Raid]
– [When Digivolving] Delete 1 of your opp Digimon with 6000 DP or lower.
– [When Attacking] Delete 1 of your opp Digimon with 6000 DP or lower. If this effect did not delete your opp Digimon, trash the top card of their security.

Excitement comes from the all new Takato Matsuda from Digimon Tamers, which finally has Biomerge Digivolution! This card effect is faithful to the anime, placing the tamer below your Guilmon in order to digivolve into Dukemon. The updated Dukemon (and lineup) is very strong, gaining a board advantage in almost any situation. 

For example, Takato can biomerge into Dukemon, deletes a big Digimon using [Raid] together with up to 2 smaller 6000 DP or lower Digimons or trashing their security if the effect fails (and if this takes too much of your memory then we can always rely on the old EX-2 Takato for [Blitz]). 

Takato's line of Digimon also enjoys the extensive lineup from past sets hence is expected to fare very well in the coming tier list.


[BT12-088] Takuya Kanbara
– [Security] Play this card without paying its memory cost.
– [Start of your Turn] If you have 2 or less memory, set your memory to 3.
– Inherited: [Your Turn] This Digimon gains +2000 DP. If this Digimon has 10000 or more DP, it gains "[Your Turn] [Once per Turn] When this Digimon checks your opponent's Security, gain 2 memory.

[BT12-017] KaiserGreymon
Hybrid | Variable | Dragon Warrior
– [SecurityAttack+1]
– [When Digivolving] Delete 1 of your opp’s Digimon with 6000 DP or lower. If this Digimon has a red tamer in it’s digivolution cards, delete 1 of your opp’s Digimon with DP equal or lower than this Digimon’s DP instead.
– [On Deletion] You may play a [Takuya Kanbara] from your hand or trash without paying its cost

Hybrid Digimons seem to have been stagnant for a while since BT-07, and the updated Kanbara does not seem to be doing too much either. However, the secret sauce lies in his new line if hybrid Digimons. 

Previously in BT-07, Kanbara and his hybrid line has a very linear strategy. The old BT7 Kanbara is a 3-cost tamer that does nothing until he digivolves into Aldamon or Kaisergreymon, and there are no card effects amongst his LV4 to LV6 digivolutions that plays him from hand/trash (only the LV3 Flamemon has this). Furthermore, since his LV4 and LV5 hybrid forms have so little board control, the only effective way to play comes from warp digivolution into Kaisergreymon but even with that, he does almost nothing to your opponent's board other than swinging security. Without Mega Digimon Fusion! to support Susanoomon, Kanbara fell from grace very quickly.

Fortunately, the new tamer-recycling effects given to Agunimon and Aldamon in BT-12 should revive this deck, and gives it a lot more dimensions than previously possible. The new Aldamon can now digivolve directly from tamer, and Kaisergreymon now has some board control and is arguable better than the older variant (since I feel his second effect is very redundant). Fans of hybrid decks should be very excited with this update.

[BT12-092] Masaru Daimon
– [Start of your Main Phase] When you have a Digimon with [Agumon] or [Greymon] in name, by paying 1 cost, this tamer is treated as a Digimon with 3000 DP for the turn, and cannot digivolve.
– [Your Turn] When this tamer is suspended, you may digivolve 1 of your Digimon into a yellow card with [Greymon] in name from your hand without paying its cost.
– [Security] Play this card without paying its cost.
[BT12-043] Shinegreymon
Mega | Vaccine | Light Dragon
– Digivolve: LV5 with [Rizegreymon] in name for 3 cost.
– [When Digivolving] For each of your yellow or red tamer, 1 of your opp’s Digimon and all of their security Digimons get -3000 DP for the turn.
– [Your Turn] All of your [Masaru Daimon] gets +3000 DP and [SecurityAttack+1].

Another major update came from Masaru Daimon and Shinegreymon. Daimon is often seen fighting alongside his Digimon, and this has been faithfully captured in his card effect. At 1-cost, Daimon can be treated as a 3000DP Digimon and when attacking can digivolve your other Digimon into a yellow [Greymon] in name for free. 

Daimon hits very hard (6000 DP with [SecurityAttack+1]) when supported by Shinegreymon, and Rizegreymon recycles Daimon back into your security, making this effectively a [Recovery+1] and "play a tamer for free" effect combined. This high impact synergy should be able push him into high-tier in the coming meta.    

[BT12-087] Taiki Kudo
Hunter | Xros Heart
– [Start of Your Main Phase] By placing 1 Digimon card with [Save] in its card text from your hand under this Tamer, [Draw 1].
– [Your Turn] When your Digimon would digivolve into a Digimon card with [Save] in its card text, by suspending this Tamer placing 1 card from under your Tamers at the bottom of that Digimon's digivolution cards, reduce the digivolution cost by 1.
– [Security] Play this card without paying its cost.

[BT12-112] Shoutmon X7: Superior Mode 
Mega | Data | Composite / Xros Heart / Blue Flare
– When this card would be played, by placing 1 of your [Shoutmon] into this Digimon's digivolution cards, reduce the play cost by 1, and you may also place cards in trash as digivolution cards for DigiXros.
– [On Play] Return the digivolution cards of 1 of your opponent's Digimon to the bottom of deck in any order, and return that Digimon to the bottom of deck.
– [Your Turn] All of your opponent's Option card's [Security] effects do not activate.
– [DigiXros-1] Unlimited Digimon cards with different card numbers with [Xros Heart] or [Blue Flare] in their traits.

[BT12-096] Tagiru Akashi
– [Start of your Turn] If you have 2 or less memory, set your memory to 3.
– [Your Turn] When one of your Digimon would digivolve into a Digimon card with [Save] in its description, by suspending this Tamer and and placing 1 card from under your Tamers under that Digimon as its bottom digivolution card, reduce its digivolution cost by 1.
– [Security] Play this card without paying its cost.

[BT12-083] Arresterdramon: Superior Mode
Ultimate | Vaccine | Dragon
– Digivolve: 4 cost from a red or black or purple LV4 Digimon with [Save] in description.
– [When Digivolved] Put 1 of your opponent’s LV3 or lower Digimon to the bottom of 1 of their other Digimon’s digivolution cards or to the bottom of 1 of their tamers. For each of your tamer’s with different colors, increase the LV selected by this effect by +1.
– [End of your Turn][Once Per Turn] If this Digimon has 4 or more digivolution cards, this Digimon can attack without suspending.
– Inherited: [When Attacking][Once Per Turn] When this Digimon has [Save] in description, [Draw 1].

Finally for the Xros Wars heroes, Kudo Taiki gets his hunter form, together with Amano You and Tagiru Akashi, as well as the antagonists Ren Tobari, Airu Suzaki, and Ryouma Mogami. These new tamers reduce digivolution cost instead of DigiXros play cost, and should work well in their respective decks. In my opinion, digivolution is a far better mechanic than any [On Play] effect, and I wholeheartedly welcome this mechanic update.

We also get the respective Digimons from these 6 hunters, but few are notable such as Arresterdramon Superior Mode with a Bagramon-like effect, Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode with an omnipotent removal effect, and a Quartzmon waiting to dominate the next meta. We discuss some of them below.


Perhaps a card that many are expecting to top competitively in the early BT-12 meta. Quartzmon is such a powerful card, suspending the entire board permanently (as long as it is in play) making this potentially one of the strongest control card we have ever seen. This is a double edged sword though, since both players will have their board states frozen, Quartzmon becomes the only Digimon that can attack (not accounting for fresh Digimons entering from nursery) hence the tempo can be slow. 

Despite seemingly too powerful, Quartzmon is actually susceptible to many effects, namely removal option cards, digivolution effects or on-play effects that removes/returns/de-digivolves, and attacks from fresh Digimons entering from nursery. However, when played right, Quartzmon is still extremely formidable, and we see some synergy with cards like Puppetmon, Giga Death, and Nidhoggmon. 

Furthermore, since Quartzmon also digivolves from LV5, we also see potential to play this with [EX2-072] Blue Card since Quartzmon is not a white Digimon.

[BT12-081] Astamon
Ultimate | Virus | Wizard
– Digivolves: [Psychemon] for 5 cost / Yellow or Green or Purple LV4 with [Save] in description for 3 cost.
– [When Digivolving] You may play a LV4 or lower Digimon with [Save] in description from under 1 of your tamer without paying its cost. If this Digimon has 4 or more digivolution cards, this Digimon may digivolve into a [Quartzmon] from your hand or below your tamer by reducing its digivolution cost by -3.
– Inherited: [When Attacking][Once Per Turn] When this Digimon has [Save] in description, [Draw 1].

[BT12-057] Quartzmon
Mega | Unidentified | Unknown
– Digivolve: 9 cost from LV5 with [Save] in description
– [When Digivolving] Suspend all Digimons except this, and all tamers. Then, gain +1 memory for every 2 suspended Digimon or tamer.
– [All Turns] All Digimon except this and all tamers cannot be unsuspended.
– [When Attacking] Suspend 1 of your opponent's Digimon or tamer. Then, for every 5 suspended Digimon or tamer, trash the top card from your opponent's security stack.

The Final Forms

Bandai finally gave us the final forms of Bagramon and Shoutmon, and boy do they not dissappoint.

Bagramon has a unique effect in BT-11, but his actual usage was rather lacklustre: not only is he is expensive to play but his removal effect is very conditional. In many occasions, he fails to remove what is needed, or ended up giving too much memory to the opponent to rebuild what was removed. 

DarknessBagramon is a much simpler card: he deletes a Digimon, can board wipe tamers, and ends their turn by gaining +5 memory from trashing 5 of your Bagra Army digivolution cards (assuming you use those that grant memory on trashing). On top of that, he also digivolves from LV5 so there is synergy with Blue Card and [P-077] Wizardmon if you wish. He is also great with Kaiser Nail since his [On Play] effect equips him well (unlike Bagramon).

Meanwhile at the other end of the spectrum, Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode has arguably the most omnipotent removal effect at the moment. By first returning all digivolution cards from a Digimon to their deck followed by returning that Digimon to deck, bypasses any protections granted by X-Antibody (of the Wargreymon X,  Blackwargreymon X, and Metalgarurumon X line), Mugendramon, Ragnamon etc. X7 Superior also has the highest base DP charted by any Digimon at the moment, and can be DigiXrosed using an infinite numbers of cards from trash. 

When he uses DigiXros materials, he can easily inherit a variety of effects that gives him an edge on board state. He also stands to benefit from Kaiser Nail, since he can be inserted into the digivolution cards of Deckergreymon, Mervamon, or Shoutmon King Mode. 

We expect to see both of these cards used extensively in the coming meta!

[BT12-111] DarknessBagramon
Mega | Virus | Composite / Bagra Army
– [On Play][When Digivolving] Delete 1 of your opp’s Digimon. Then, put up to 5 Digimon with [Bagra Army] in traits to the bottom of this Digimon’s digivolution cards.
– [Opponent’s Turn] When your opp’s Digimon digivolves or attacks, by trashing 5 cards of this Digimon’s digivolution cards, return all tamers to hand.
– [Digixros-3] [DarkKnightmon] X [Bagramon]

[BT12-112] Shoutmon X7: Superior Mode 
Mega | Data | Composite / Xros Heart / Blue Flare
– When this card would be played, by placing 1 of your [Shoutmon] into this Digimon's digivolution cards, reduce the play cost by 1, and you may also place cards in trash as digivolution cards for DigiXros.
– [On Play] Return the digivolution cards of 1 of your opponent's Digimon to the bottom of deck in any order, and return that Digimon to the bottom of deck.
– [Your Turn] All of your opponent's Option card's [Security] effects do not activate.
– [DigiXros-1] Unlimited Digimon cards with different card numbers with [Xros Heart] or [Blue Flare] in their traits.

Beelzemon gets the X-Antibody jab

BT-12 also buffs Beelzemon by giving him his X-Antibody line.

Not sure if this is the reason why the [ST-14] Beelzemon theme deck was delayed, but perhaps Bandai wanted to control the tempo in which a Beelzemon deck will be buffed. But with his line of X-Antibody it does seem a very strong buff, and could very much push him into tier-1 in BT-12.

The current Beelzemon deck, while unpretentiously strong, builds too linearly and relies too much on Ai & Mako. Without Blast Mode, Beelzemon has limited firing range and is not aggressive on security attacks. In BT-12, Beelzemon X will not only help to remove end-game dependency from Blast Mode and Ai & Mako, but also lets us play the much-coveted Cool Boy in this deck. 

[BT12-085] Beelzemon X Antibody
Mega | Virus | Demon Lord / Seven Great Demon Lords / X Antibody
– Digivolve: 1 from [Beelzemon]
– [When Digivolving] If this Digimon has [Beelzemon] or [X Antibody] in its digivolution cards, for every 10 cards in your trash, trash the top card of your opponent's security stack.
– [On Deletion] You may play 1 Digimon card with [Impmon] in its name from your trash without paying its memory cost.

[BT12-082] Baalmon X-antibody
Ultimate | Free | Wizard / X Antibody
– Digivolve: 0 cost from [Baalmon]
– [When Digivolving] Return 1 card with [X-antibody] from your trash to hand.
– [When Digivolving] Trash top 3 cards of your deck. If there is Baalmon or [X-antibody] in this Digimon's digivolution cards, delete 1 opponent's LV4 or lower Digimon instead.
– Inheritable: [Your Turn] While this Digimon has [Wizard] or [Demon Lord] in its traits, it gains +2000DP for the turn.

The new option card [Seventh Full Cluster] also adds extra ammunition to Beelzemon X, triggering from trash whenever you digivolve into Beelzemon X.

[BT12-110] Seventh Full Cluster
Seven Great Demon Lords
– [Trash] [Your Turn] When your Digimon digivolves into [Beelzemon X Antibody], by returning this card to the bottom of your deck, delete 1 of your opponent's Digimon with the lowest level.
– [Main] Delete 1 of your opponent's Digimon with the lowest level.
– [Security] Activate this card's [Main] effect.

Other miscellaneous buffs

Aside from Beelzemon, BT-12 will also give X-Antibody treatment to 2 very popular Digimons. 

Fans of Ulforceveedramon will rejoice having Ulforceveedramon X released just one set after Rina/Ulforce was significantly buffed. Recently competitively played with Jeri/Leomon, it is interesting to see whether X Antibody cards can find its way into a tight Jeri/Leomon/Rina/Ulforce deck. Or maybe other builds will emerge?

Meanwhile a similar story with Mugendramon which was heavily buffed a set ago with Analogman, we now have a Chaosdramon X that can possess all of the effects from it's underlying Mugendramons and Chaosdramons. This card solves the dilemma of whether to digivolve a BT-11 Mugendramon and losing its [On Deletion] effect, or losing the DP-reduction nullification effect of your EX-2 Mugendramon. In addition, it has also the ability to pull a [Machine] or [Cyborg] card from trash to itself at the start of your main phase, repairing any gaps during its digivolution. 

Imagine pulling 2 EX-2 Mugendramons into itself and tidal wave! 

[BT12-029] Ulforceveedramon X Antibody
Mega | Vaccine | Holy Warrior / Royal Knight / X Antibody
– Digivolve: 1-cost from [Ulforceveedramon]
– [When Digivolved] Unsuspend this Digimon or 1 of your blue tamer.
– [All Turn][Once Per Turn] When this Digimon is unsuspended, if you have a blue tamer or if this Digimon has [UlforceVeedramon] in its digivolution cards, return 1 of your opponent's Digimon with the lowest LV to their hand.

[BT12-072] Chaosdramon X Antibody
Mega | Virus | Machine / X Antibody
– Digivolve: 2-cost from [Mugendramon] or [Chaosdramon]
– [Start of Your Main Phase] Put 1 [Cyborg] or [Machine] type Digimon from your trash to the bottom of this Digimon’s digivolution card.
– [All Turn] This Digimon gains all the effects from any [Mugendramon] and [Chaosdramon] in it’s digivolution cards.
– [All Turn][Once Per Turn] When this Digimon is deleted, trash 1 card from the top of your opponent's security.


BT-12 is picking up on where BT-11 has left off, building on good and fun card mechanics while delivering on variety. New card mechanics such as Takato's Biomerge Digivolution and Daimon's punches will surely be popular among players, and they set a good trajectory for the coming tamers and Digimons that are not yet rebooted. 

Furthermore, as a collector's addition, there is still 2 more special alternative art cards that is yet to be revealed. And boy ain't that box topper sexy!


Score: 9/10


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Machindramon ver 2.0, a worthy opponent in BT11

There are so many good decks in BT11 meta, one of them, Machindramon new version is one of my favourite.

In the past, we would see Machinedramon as a super high wall blocker which ables to block opponent's attack for at least 3 times. The new Machinedramon can do much more than that.

In this article, I would like to refer to a winner deck, its owner is Gaji-san (Japan). I have played this and modified it based on my strategy, I will mention it in this article.

Click into the image to open deck in decklist

What makes it better in this version?

Which a numbers of new Level 5 "cyborg" Digimons introduced, the Machindramon now is better in controlling the board, can do OTK and harder to be deleted. Those LV5 with a good "when digivolving" effect like MetalTyrannomon BT11 and MetalGreymon BT8 make it easier to deal with opponent's Digimon on board.

De-digivolving or resting (suspending) opponent's Digimon are very important skills for current meta. On top of that, the LV5 Megadramon BT9 "when digivolving" effect is also good which it can delete an opponent's Digimon or a tamer with a play cost of 3 or less. In the meta of Digimon-Xcros or X-antibody, the effect to delete tamer seems to be a must-have. Those are the reason why these LV5 are given 2 slots in the deck while other lv5 has only 1 copy.

(Nanimon, the "Security" Digimon with 3-cost to play is used when there is enough memory to digivolve to lv5 in the same turn)

The Analog Man 

In BT11 we have a new tamer, also known as the Machinedramon's tamer in Digimon first game.

Analog Man provides the effect to switch attacking's target to a LV6 Digimon with Machine in its trait. This makes the new Machindramon deck becomes more competitive with other decks in current meta. With Analog Man, we also gain more memory and draw more in "starting of main phase", so the draw power is also better than old version.

(By the way, it would be troublesome when dealing with blue because they might bounce tamer back to hand)

The BT11 Machindramon gives an interesting tech for the deck. Not only searching for the right card to use, but also allow that card to be put on hand or to become a digivolution source for this Digimon. 

When this Digimon is deleted, if we have Analog Man in play, we can summon 1 Machindramon deck for free by placing an Analog man card to bottom of the deck. The EX1 Machindramon would be a good candidate to be called, and can gain back maximum 5 memories if we able to put 5 lv5 "Cyborg" under its digivolution source. 

The EX1 Machindramon deck can gain "rush" and "blitz" in the turn it appears if we use the option card "Heavy Machine Digimon's Advance!!" on all the LV6 Machindramon and Chaosdramon. So now we have the chance to decide our game: add more "security attack+1" or "piercing" or "trash opponent's security" or "delete opponent's tamer" or "attack active Digimon" or add DP. If we can clear the opponent's security with the EX1 Machindramon, we can play another LV6 Machindramon or Chaosdramon to win the game because it also have "rush" and "blitz" thanks to the option card we used earlier.


If the Machinedramon or Chaosdramon stay on board, the ChaosDegrade can send it to its owner's security stack or Bagramon can put them under other Digimon digivolution source (but if there is only 1 Digimon on board, we are safe from Bagra).

The bouncing tamer back to hand is also another trouble when we play against blue deck. (BT9 Bibi Thunder), we need more Analog Man on board.

What I would change for this deck?

In my Machindramon deck version, I used one copy of EX2 Cyberdramon for its inherited effect (replaced the ST5 lv5 blocker) and add 2 copies of tamer Kazu Shiota by reducing the number of the option card to 3 copies and LV4 Guardromon to 3 copies. I also made another distribution change by increasing the number of EX1 Machindramon to 3 copies and reduce the EX3 Chaosdramon to 3 copies.

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BlackWarGreymon X in BT11

Blackwargreymon X is horrible. This deck is winning everywhere in the early weeks of BT-11, and today we take a quick look at its sheer strength in this meta.  

Ultimate defence 

If one word describes Blackwargreymon X, it is defence. 

Blackwargreymon X , or BWGX in short, puts immense pressure onto your opponent's board. Like Magnamon X it can redirect an attack to itself, and similar to Dexmon it will delete your opponent's lowest cost Digimon during the start of their turn. These 2 effects together stresses your opponent's board as they will need to put up something larger than 13000 DP just to overcome BWGX, but will be deleted the next turn if they spend all their resources on that building that 1 Digimon. 

Though many would believe that it is possible to bypass BWGX's first effect as long as they attack with their lesser DP Digimons, this can be circumvented when BWGX inherits [BT8-064] Greymon's [Blocker] effect. 

Correctly built, BWGX will block 2 attacks every turn, which in many cases will be all your opponent can pull off. And 1 of your opponent's Digimon will always be deleted at the start of their turn. 

BWGX's new LV4 digivolution in BT-11 makes him one of the most unbreakable Digimon in the game right now. The new Greymon X allows BWGX to trash an X-Antibody to prevent itself from leaving play, hence immune to deletion, return to hand/deck. His only weakness would be 0 DP, Chaos Degrade and de-digivolve (but de-digivolving him into a LV6 Blackwargreymon will not break him), but with the new MetalGreymon X both these weaknesses will be circumvented as well (for a turn at least).

Meanwhile, this new Metalgreymon X also grants BWGX a lot of aggression, allowing him to trash opponent's security almost too easily.

This entire digivolution line as a whole, builds BWGX into a very solid Digimon that has so much board presence yet unbreakable. And since this deck plays X-Antibody Digimons extensively, it is very robust and quick thanks to Cool Boy and all the 0-cost digivolutions.

Without forgetting the old BWG 

And all these strength without considering that the old BT8-070 Blackwargreymon is still as strong as ever. In a BT-10/11 meta that is very much tamer-centric (thanks to DigiXros), BWG's digivolution effect become invaluable. 

With an X-Antibody in his digivolution cards, BWG can attack twice, digivolving into BGWX during his second attack, and then reboots during your opponent's turn to delete 1 of their Digimon (and maybe trash their security if you also inherit LV5 Metalgreymon). This is sick.


And Hades Force the icing on the cake and Yuuya level-up the defence.

As if BT-11 hasn't buffed BWGX enough, they introduced the new option card Hades Force, which has so much flexibility in deletion. To put it simply, Hades Force is hands down the greatest solution to any tamer-based deck, allowing the player to delete several tamers at one go!

With a BWG (with X-Antibody) on board, using Hades Force will delete around 3-4 of your opponent's tamers or a number of Digimons (anything that sums to 12 cost), and then allowing your BWG to attack after that, digivolving into BWGX. 


Yuuya is a very important tamer for the deck, but do not recommend to put many, 2 would be enough. Yuuya will increase the DP for BlackWargreymon and protect it from option cards. This is the final point that makes BlackWargreymonX untouchable when it has perfect digivolution combo. 

A sample decklist

And here we have a sample decklist that has easily topped the locals. Do check out more BWGX decklists at our BT-11 Decks Section!


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BT11 Purple Minervamon – Mervamon Loop

Introducing the new purple loop Minervamon-Mervamon, this is an upgrade version of BT10 Minervamon loop.

What is happening in BT-11?

BT-11 is a very interesting meta so far, there are many competitive yet fun decks that can be played this time around. We have seen the potentially tier-0 BlackWargreymon deck, an upgraded Blue Flare, a very strong new Xros Heart deck, the fun KingSukamon concept, and new support for Bagra's Army. Meanwhile, Rina's Ulforce deck is still finding its way through optimisation and Mirei's Mastemon deck was able to scrape some wins in tournaments.

In BT-10, the Minervamon profile is considered tier-2 because she hasn't all the support she needs. But with Mervamon in BT-11 the requirements now seem complete.

Much like other purple Cerberus loop decks, this deck's tempo is quite fast and rushy. With the correct Digitama, BT2 Gabumon and Eyesmon Scatter Mode, the draw and trash happens very quickly.

Now we have Mervamon that can be played when Minervamon is deleted. Mervamon [On Play] effect plays a purple LV4 Digimon from trash, and 2 if DigiXros-ed (a simple condition). For synergy, I have included 4 copies of [BT11-078] Soulmon to accompany her.

Soulmon with [Retaliation] gains [Rush] thanks to Mervamon's [Both Turns] effect. Seeing Soulmon in battle, your opponent would not let their Digimon be in suspended state.

This deck also plays 2 copies of Lucemon Falldown Mode to counter decks that uses important tamers, or against Digimons that refuse to suspend such as with [Reboot]. Dexmon is a backup plan against Xros Heart or Blue Flare, but really against DigiXros decks a standing Mervamon that keeps reviving blocker Devimon can be quite annoying.

The good thing about this deck is that Digimons are never afraid to be deleted, as well as not relying too much on tamers. It can counter a good number of decks in the current meta (such as BlackWargreymon X). 

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Unlimited Loop Zero!

When the new SEC tamer Rina Shinomiya was revealed, players immediately realised a certain synergy with UlforceVeedramon Zero. Today we take a quick look at this almost illegal combo!

Unlimited Loop Zero!

The heart of this combo are 2 cards only: [P-048] UlforceVeedramon Zero and [BT11-112] Rina Shinomiya. 

This combo is so lethally simple that it sounds wrong. Have both Ulforce and Rina setup in play. When Ulforce attacks, suspend Rina to activate Ulforce's [When Digivolved] effect which will unsuspend both Ulforce and Rina. Repeat.  

If you play Rina after Ulforce Zero, then Ulforce will gain protection from [Evade] when checking security or getting through big blockers. 

The only visible drawback of this combo lies in requiring a decent trash size (from Ulforce's effect in order to unsuspend itself and Rina). This can easily be supported by purple base such [ST6-03] Gabumon and [EX2-040] Devidramon, which will digivolve into Ulforce through the new purple/blue LV5 [BT11-085] WaruSeadramon. This entire digivolution line is however quite expensive.

But even without resorting to unconventional builds, Zero's digivolution line gives plenty of trashing power, as well as tamer cards such as [EX1-066] Analog Boy.

But will this build faster than meta OTK decks like GranKuwagamon X? or rush decks like the poisonous Xros Heart? 

Setting up both Ulforce and Rina (assuming she doesn't pop up free from security) would cost at least 11 memory, and this does not include playing cards such as AnalogBoy to prepare your trash pool. In comparison, the fastest Grankuwagamon X deck needs only 5 memory for 6 security checks. 

So I think not.


But more importantly, for players in Asia, the Zero Digimon line are still on official ban-list. Tough luck! 


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ST-14 Beelzemon Starter Deck – Cards Leak

ST14 Card List Info

This is how the high rarity card looks like in the upcoming ST-14 starter.

A reprint of BT4 Tactical Retreat

[ST14-09] Beelstarmon

When playing this card from your hand, reduce its play cost by 4 for every 10 cards in your trash.

[Both Turns] (Once Per Turn) When a card is trashed from your deck, you may play 1 [Impmon] from your trash without paying its play cost. That Digimon played by this effect gains <Rush> for the turn.
[Opponent’s Turn] When your opponent’s digimon attacks, trash the top card of your deck.

A reprint of st6 Pagumon

Another tool for the Beelstar toolbox!
[ST14-12] Dog Monkey Bullet
– When this card is trashed from deck, put it in the battle area.
– [Main] Delete 1 of your opponent’s Digimon with the highest LV
– [Main][Delay] Return a purple Digimon or tamer from your trash to hand.
– [Security] Delete 1 of your opponent’s Digimon with the highest LV

A reprint of BT2 green Digitama Algomon, EX2 option card Corona Destroyer

[ST14-04] Phascomon

[Your turn] This Digimon can't attack players.

Promo Wizardmon will be included in ST14, this is an old art, was given in a campaign during BT9 release.

A reprint of BT9 X-antibody option card. Love the art anyway.

[ST14-03] Candlemon

[On Play] Trash 2 cards from the top of your deck.
[On Deletion] If your trash contains 10 or more cards, "Draw 1"

[ST14-07] Baalmon
– [When Digivolved] Trash the top 3 cards of your deck.
– [When Digivolved] This Digimon gets “[On Deletion] If you have 10 or more cards in trash, you may play a [Beelzemon] from trash without paying its cost” until the end of your opponent’s next turn.
– Inherited: [Your Turn] When this Digimon has [Demon Man] or [Demon Lord] in traits, this Digimon gets +2000 DP.

[ST14-10] Beelzemon: Blast Mode
– When this card is trashed from your deck, delete 1 of your opponent’s LV3 or lower Digimon. For every 10 cards in trash, increase the LV of this effect by +1.
– [When Digivolved] Unsuspend this Digimon. If you have 20 or more cards in trash, gain +3 memory.

[ST14-11] Ai & Makoto
[On play] Reveal the top 4 cards from your deck. Add 1 digimon card from among them with the 'Evil', 'Wizard', or 'Demon Lord' trait to your hand. Return the remainder to the bottom of your deck in any order.
[Your turn] When your digimon digivolve into a purple digimon, you may suspend this tamer to return 1 card from your hand to the top of your deck and to gain 1 memory.
[Security] Play this card without paying its play cost.

[ST14-06] Witchmon

[When Digivolving] Trash top 3 cards in your deck.

Inherited: [Your Turn] If this Digimon has [Demon Man] or [Demon Lord] in its trait, it gains +2000 DP

Alternative art of ST7 Guilmon, ST8 Veemon, EX2 Impmon and BT2 Secret Rare Beelzemon.

This set includes a new Beelstarmon (st14-09), Beelzemon Blast Mode (st14-10), tamer Ai & Makoto (st14-11). The new reprint for bt2 Impmon, new promo card (p-077), bt8 SkullSatamon, ex2 Corona Destroyer.

Inherited:  [When Attacking] (Once per turn) If this digimon has 'Demon man' or 'Demon Lord' in its traits, trash the top 2 cards from your deck.

[When attacking] If you have 20 or more cards in your trash this Digimon may digivolve into 1 'Beelzemon' from your trash ignoring digivolution requirements (whether or not you pay the digivolve cost is cut off)
Inherited: [Your Turn] (Once per turn) When you trash a card from your deck delete 1 of your opponent's lvl 3 digimon.

[On Play] Trash the top 2 cards from your deck

[When Digivolving] Trash the top 3 cards from your deck.
[When Digivolving] Until end of opponent's turn, this digimon gains the following effect; '[On Deletion] If your trash has 10 or more cards, you may play 1 'Beelzemon' from your trash without paying its play cost.'
Inherited: [Your Turn] If this digimon has 'Demon man' or 'Demon Lord' in its traits it gains +2000 DP.

[When Digivolving] Trash the top 4 cards from your deck.
[All Turns] (Once per turn) When you trash a card from your deck, for each 10 cards in your trash, gain +1 memory.
[Your Turn] (Once per turn) When you trash a card from your deck, this digimon gains "SecurityAttack+1" for the turn.

Is Xros Heart 2.0 better than 1.0?

Xros Heart has been dominating the tier list since BT-10, with many succumbing to its sheer aggressiveness and efficiency. However, the BT-10 Xros Heart roster was mostly considered as incomplete due to lack of bigger Digimons such as OmegaShoutmon, ZekeGreymon, and X7. 

In BT-11 we finally have a much more complete roster, but is Xros Heart 2.0 truly better than 1.0?

A quick summary of Xros Heart 1.0

In BT-10 Xros Heart (aka 1.0), the game plan is very close to rookie rush. In addition to the 12 copies of LV3 Digimons, Dorurumon and Ballistamon can be played by tamers Angie Hinomoto and Jeremy Tsurgi. Each of these Digimons will swing security and become DigiXros material for Shoutmon X4 (for draw power) and X5 (for aggression), both to inherit Shoutmon's [Rush] effect.

The abundant tamers provide necessary draw power (from Angie and Mikey) and memory (from Jeremy) to sustain heavy DigiXros-ing, but the true MVP here is undoubtedly Mikey (Kudou Taiki) solely for his ability to use materials under your tamers as DigiXros materials, which helps to sustain multiple single-turn DigiXroses into X4 and X5.

As all the Digimons in this deck are somewhat lacking in board control, especially against bigger Digimons, Sunrise Buster and Dexmons are usually included for this episode. In a way, Sunrise Buster becomes an essential component of this deck thanks to its compatibility with the sheer number of tamers in deck.

An example winning decklist for Xros Heart 1.0

Xros Heart 2.0: a different mechanic?

In BT-11 we finally have the new OmniShoutmon and ZeigGreymon cards, Running both cards in the same deck would mean a different composition from Xros Heart 1.0 (since there is simply no space for these new digivolutions). 

Judging from their effects, these cards focus on board control rather than the aggressive rush mechanic from 1.0.   

The new Shoutmon DX is an expensive DigiXros between the 2 cards above, requiring a huge 7 cost even with both materials. However, if we look in another perspective we see a 7 cost card that deletes an opponent's LV5 while freezing another for a turn, while setting you up for a bigger X7 in later turn. 

In a way, DX also helps gel the odd pieces of Taiki's Xros Heart with Kiriha's Blue Flare roster, since the deck may not have space to run the incompatible digivolution lines of Shoutmon and Greymon. With DX, we can run either a Xros Heart or Blue Flare as base, and throw in the other OmniShoutmon or ZeigGreymon to make things work.  

And why play 2.0 if not for Shoutmon X7, BT-11's new badass fusion Digimon. Shoutmon X7 is essentially 2 cost to play when you DigiXros with 6 materials, and deletes an opponent's Digimon when played. Apart from that, his list of effects are very similar to the old X5 (assuming both are ideally DigiXrosed), having [SecurityAttack+1], [Blocker], [Rush], [Piercing], and [Reboot].

So in other words, in X7 we are paying an additional 2 cost for his deletion effect. 2 cost is too much to pay when we are doing multi-attacks in 1.0, but cheap when we need board control.  


And since 2.0 will break free from the chains of Xros Heart 1.0 and Blue Flare 1.0, it has a new supporting tamer [Taiki & Kiriha & Nene]. This card is sort of a union of effect from all of BT-10's tamers, having Taiki's and Kiriha's effect of pushing materials from tamers, Angie's draw power, and Jeremy's memory gain. 

By consolidating several tamer effects into a single card, 2.0 may try to deviate from 1.0 in terms of reliance on large number of tamers. In a way, this card becomes a superior version of BT10's Taiki and Kiriha, and may well find its way to replace them in those deck variants. 


Is 2.0 superior to 1.0?

While the older 1.0 has seen huge success in competitive gameplay, it may begin to succumb to several decks in 2.0, namely the new Blackwargreymon and Phoenixmon decks. Blackwargreymon can cripple 1.0's huge reliance on tamers while Phoenixmon's sheer number of blockers can slow down offence, and the generic 1.0 deck may lack deletion cards to turn board state to their favour.

2.0 meanwhile can be tad too slow against many other decks, but trades off speed for better board control. This deck throws bigger Digimons at your opponent (such as DX and X7) and forces your opponent to react to them, and such decks typically can be more robust against a larger variety of matchups. 

Personally I would feel that 2.0 frees up more deck space for cards that counter a variety of matchups, which is important given the many new decks and enhancements coming in BT-11 such as Blackwargreymon, Ulforce, Bagramon, and Ragnamon. A largely linear and predictable deck such as Xros Heart 1.0 may very well see its last days coming September end. 


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BEMmon Mechanic Review

Today we got another surprise line of Digimons revealed for BT-11, and includes our last SEC card. This line of Digimon was first introduced in Digimon World 3, and I believe has never existed outside of Digimon World 3. 

I have not completed Digimon World 3.

The BEMmon line 

Let's first take a quick look at this self-sustaining archetype: we have a total of 5 cards supporting this BEMmon archetype right now, starting with the LV3 BEMmon, LV4 Snatchmon, LV5 Destromon, LV6 Ragnamon, and the [Fusionize] option card.

[BT11-061] BEMmon
– You may have up to 50 copies with the same card number as this card in your deck.
– [Main] By suspending this Digimon, reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. Add 1 [Snatchmon] or [Destromon] or [Ragnamon] or [Fusionize] to your hand, and put 1 [BEMmon] to the bottom of this Digimon’s digivolution cards. Put the remaining cards at the bottom of your deck in any order.
– Inherited: [Your Turn][Once Per Turn] When this Digimon digivolves to [Destromon] or [Ragnamon], reduce the digivolution cost by 1.
[BT11-065] Snatchmon
– [When Digivolved] You may put up to 2 [BEMmon] from trash to the bottom of this Digimon’s digivolution cards. Then, if this Digimon has 4 or more [BEMmon] in its digivolution cards, return 1 [Fusionize] from your trash to hand.
– Inherited: [Both Turn][Once Per Turn] When a [BEMmon] is returned from this Digimon’s digivolution cards to the bottom of deck, unsuspend this Digimon and it gains [Blocker] until the end of your opponent’s next turn.
[BT11-070] Destromon
– Digivolves from [BEMmon] for 6 cost
– [When Digivolving] Reveal the top 3 cards from your deck. Put a [BEMmon] from among them at the bottom of this Digimon's digivolution cards. Trash the remaining cards. Then, if this Digimon has 5 or more [BEMmon] in its digivolution cards, delete one of your opponent's Tamers.
– Inherited: [Opponent's Turn][One Per Turn] When your opponent's Digimon attacks, by returning 2 [BEMmon] from 1 of your [Ragnamon]'s digivolution cards to the bottom of your deck, change the attack target to this Digimon.
[BT11-111] Ragnamon
– Digivolves from [Snatchmon] for 9 cost
– [When Digivolved] You may put up to 4 [BEMmon] from your trash to the bottom of this Digimon’s digivolution cards. Then, if this Digimon has 8 or more [BEMmon] in digivolution cards, delete 1 of your opponent’s Digimon.
– [Both Turn] When this Digimon leaves the battle area, by returning 4 [BEMmon] from its digivolution cards to the bottom of deck, it will not leave the battle area.
– [Start of Your Main Phase] Trash 1 card from the top of your opponent’s security.
[BT11-105] Fusionize
– When you have a [Snatchmon], reduce this card’s play cost by 1.
– [Main] By putting 1 [BEMmon] or [Destromon] from your trash to the bottom of 1 of your Digimon’s digivolution cards, 1 of your Digimon may digivolve into a [Destromon] or [Ragnamon] from your trash by paying its digivolution cost.
– [Security] Reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. Play 1 [BEMmon] without paying its cost. Trash the remaining cards.

This new archetype is all about digivolution. BEMmon is efficient when digivolved progressively from LV3 to LV6, requiring only 1 cost from LV4 to LV5 and similarly from LV5 to LV6, thanks to the inherited effect of a stack of BEMmons in your digivolution cards.

However, there is also this flexibility to warp digivolve your LV3 BEMmon into LV5 Destromon, or your LV4 Snatchmon into LV6 Ragnamon. Though more expensive, this pushes an instant solution whenever you need to destroy 1 of your opponent's tamer or Digimon this very turn. 

Your LV3 BEMmons has 2 roles: to reduce digivolution cost and as ammunition for your LV6 Ragnamon. Under an ideal digivolution condition, we should have 9 BEMmons as digivolution cards on your LV6 Ragnamon, and this gives Ragnamon enough ammunition to divert 4 attacks to itself, or to prevent 2 deletion/return/put-to-security effects. 

However when digivolving under less ideal situations, such as when warp digivolving from LV3 BEMmon to LV5 Destromon, it is quite unlikely that Destromon will have the 5 BEMmons needed in its digivolution cards to trigger a tamer-delete. 

Another fact to note is that in this mechanic, LV4 Snatchmon appears to be the weakest link. Snatchmon fulfils a critical role of allowing LV5 Destromon to easily have 5 digivolution cards to trigger tamer-delete, but there seems to be a lack of effects that recycles Snatchmon from trash. Without Snatchmon, it might be a pain to stack enough BEMmons to put Destromon to good use.

The goal of this deck

This is essentially a tempo deck with flexible board control: use LV5 Destromon when your opponent is setting up tamers, and LV6 Ragnamon to remove any threatening Digimons on the field. The effectiveness of  cost-efficiency and flexibility between these LV5 and LV6 Digimons may be more potent that it sounds.

But the goal is really to digivolve into LV6 Ragnamon, which has a powerful board presence (redirecting attacks and as a blocker), difficult to delete (unless you reduce its DP to 0), and passively aggressive (trashing your opponent's security at the start of your turn). 

But with LV5 Destromon and LV6 Ragnamon being your only trump cards, 4 copies of each may not be enough. This is where the Fusionize option card comes in, offering additional digivolution consistency allow your Digimon to digivolve into Destromon or Ragnamon from trash!

Fusionize is also important since it allows to bypass the limited copies of LV4 Snatchmon during the digivolution process. Ideally with Fusionize, we can digivolve from a LV3 BEMmon to a LV5 Destromon from trash (may often not trigger tamer-delete) at 4-cost and then into LV6 Ragnamon with exactly 8 BEMmons in its digivolution cards to trigger a Digimon-delete.


Some known weakness

This deck seems to be weak against anything that removes digivolution cards, since LV5 Destromon and LV6 Ragnamon has strict conditions requiring a specific and ideal number of BEMmons as their digivolution cards in order to delete tamers or Digimons. 

Without enough BEMmons, Ragnamon will also regress into a sitting duck LV6 Digimon. 

Another obvious weakness is the fact that Ragnamon, with it's many ammunitions, is unable to deflect a single DP -15000 effect coming from Wyvern's Breath or DP -14000 from Chaosmon Valdur Arm. 


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