ST-14 Beelzemon Starter Deck – Cards Leak

ST14 Card List Info

[ST14-07] Baalmon
– [When Digivolved] Trash the top 3 cards of your deck.
– [When Digivolved] This Digimon gets “[On Deletion] If you have 10 or more cards in trash, you may play a [Beelzemon] from trash without paying its cost” until the end of your opponent’s next turn.
– Inherited: [Your Turn] When this Digimon has [Demon Man] or [Demon Lord] in traits, this Digimon gets +2000 DP.

[ST14-10] Beelzemon: Blast Mode
– When this card is trashed from your deck, delete 1 of your opponent’s LV3 or lower Digimon. For every 10 cards in trash, increase the LV of this effect by +1.
– [When Digivolved] Unsuspend this Digimon. If you have 20 or more cards in trash, gain +3 memory.

[ST14-11] Ai & Makoto
[On play] Reveal the top 4 cards from your deck. Add 1 digimon card from among them with the 'Evil', 'Wizard', or 'Demon Lord' trait to your hand. Return the remainder to the bottom of your deck in any order.
[Your turn] When your digimon digivolve into a purple digimon, you may suspend this tamer to return 1 card from your hand to the top of your deck and to gain 1 memory.
[Security] Play this card without paying its play cost.

[ST14-06] Witchmon

[When Digivolving] Trash top 3 cards in your deck.

Inherited: [Your Turn] If this Digimon has [Demon Man] or [Demon Lord] in its trait, it gains +2000 DP

Alternative art of ST7 Guilmon, ST8 Veemon, EX2 Impmon and BT2 Secret Rare Beelzemon.

This set includes a new Beelstarmon (st14-09), Beelzemon Blast Mode (st14-10), tamer Ai & Makoto (st14-11). The new reprint for bt2 Impmon, new promo card (p-077), bt8 SkullSatamon, ex2 Corona Destroyer.

Inherited:  [When Attacking] (Once per turn) If this digimon has 'Demon man' or 'Demon Lord' in its traits, trash the top 2 cards from your deck.

[When attacking] If you have 20 or more cards in your trash this Digimon may digivolve into 1 'Beelzemon' from your trash ignoring digivolution requirements (whether or not you pay the digivolve cost is cut off)
Inherited: [Your Turn] (Once per turn) When you trash a card from your deck delete 1 of your opponent's lvl 3 digimon.

[On Play] Trash the top 2 cards from your deck

[When Digivolving] Trash the top 3 cards from your deck.
[When Digivolving] Until end of opponent's turn, this digimon gains the following effect; '[On Deletion] If your trash has 10 or more cards, you may play 1 'Beelzemon' from your trash without paying its play cost.'
Inherited: [Your Turn] If this digimon has 'Demon man' or 'Demon Lord' in its traits it gains +2000 DP.

[When Digivolving] Trash the top 4 cards from your deck.
[All Turns] (Once per turn) When you trash a card from your deck, for each 10 cards in your trash, gain +1 memory.
[Your Turn] (Once per turn) When you trash a card from your deck, this digimon gains "SecurityAttack+1" for the turn.

Early Review: BT-07 Next Adventure

After a lackluster month of EX-01, we have finally gotten our fair share of BT-07 card reveals. 

A brief introduction to those who are not following, BT-07 Next Adventure is an upcoming expansion set to be released on the 27th of August, themed around the Digimon Frontier anime series. 

We will see heavy support for tamer cards and [Hybrid] Digimons, as well as some subtle introduction to X-antibody mechanics. For fans of Digimon ReArise and VB, the full digivolution lines of Herissmon and Pulsemon are also introduced in this set, so read on for a quick and early review!

Hybrid Archetype Buffed

Prior to BT-07, there is no true support for the [Hybrid] archetype outside of them simply being Digimons that can digivolve from a tamer card. Due to this lack of support, [Hybrid] Digimons are usually only added at minimal copies into decks to go for that "final hit". 

All this will change come BT-07: the 6 tamers from Digimon Frontier will be introduced, all whom possess effects and inheritables that make them the core engine of their decks.

Notable tamers are [BT7-085] Kanbara Takuya and [BT7-087] Minamoto Koji. Both these tamers can pull 5 [Hybrid] cards (from trash and hand respectively) to themselves as digivolution cards in order to "Hyper Spirit Evolution" into LV6 Kaisergreymon and Magnagarurumon.

Takuya's evolution into Kaisergreymon will be guaranteed an attack thanks to Kaisergreymon's [Blitz] effect, and if inheriting the new [BT7-014] Aldamon he can do an almost unblockable 2 security checks at 14000 DP with option-jamming. However, with no other [Hybrid] cards carrying useful inheritables yet, it is hard to determine if he can redefine the meta.

Koji, on the other hand, is already showing great promise with [BT7-029] Magnagarurumon on board control by allowing the player to return a digivolution card from himself in order to bounce a similar LV Digimon from your opponent's board back to their hand. 

You may want to watch an early proxy gameplay of Kaisergreymon and Magnagarurumon (from ファイル島の民) to see these engines in action.

Score: 7/10

Metalgreymon and Weregarurumon

It is quite unexpected for Bandai to give Metalgreymon and Weregarurumon the SR treatment, since they are neither new Digimons not Frontier-related. However, they possess effects that can significantly strengthen many decks, allowing some older deck engines to keep up to newer metas.

Expect to see the new [BT7-013] Metalgreymon in BOC, Jesmon, or even Shoutmon decks, and [BT7-026] Weregarurumon used to revive Hexeblaumon, Imperialdramon and Ulforceveedra engines!

Score: 9/10

Herissmon Line

This is the first time Herissmon (from ReArise) is introduced into DCG, and being the first yellow Digimon line to have strong support for [Digiburst]. 

Based on the effects of his digivolution line up to Rasenmon, he would derive great offensive value (both on board control and security damage) when the player is low in security. Therefore, we foresee him to have great synergy with [BT4-104] Blinding Ray. 

Score: 8/10

Pulsemon Line

First introduced in Vitality Bracelet (VB), Pulsemon has appeared as a promotional card and in BT-06 together with his LV4 form Bulkmon. In BT-07 we will be getting his full digivolution line up to the LV6 [BT7-041] Kazuchimon. 

The Pulsemon line has always been deriving maximum value when the player has exactly 3 security cards, and that has not changed in this upcoming release. Kazuchimon's very hefty digivolution cost of 5 may deter some players from building him into their core engine, but it cannot be denied that he will provide great [Recovery] value when the player has little to no security left. 

His LV4 and LV5 however, may become very interesting cards that can create very high DP Mekanorimon. Will we finally see a blocker-centric yellow/black deck with Craniamon?

Score: 8/10

Removing the Gatcha from Green

There is one particular engine that is unique in green: an effect that allows a LV5 Digimon to reveal 3 cards from deck when attacking, and digivolving to any revealed LV6 cards without paying it's cost. This engine is first seen in BT2 with Jagamon, and then with [BT5-089] Izzy & Mimi. 

In BT-07 we now have [BT7-045] Tortomon, a LV4 digimon that will make this very engine reliable. Work him with a strong LV6 Digimon such as [BT6-054] AncientTroymon or the new [BT7-055] Xuanwumon, and we might have a winning recipe for a new green meta!

Score: 9/10

A Fallen Cherubimon and Lucemon

To be honest, much of the excitement from this set comes in a purple package of Frontier antagonists. 

[BT7-079] Cherubimon's effect will be able to give so much board control when digivolving, and then some more when deleted. It is very obvious that he will run well with the LV3 Lucemons, since there is no color restrictions on the revived Digimons for his [On Deletion] effect. 

Meanwhile, [BT7-111] Lucemon Falldown Mode has to be the most hyped-up card since not being revealed in BT-04 and all sets after that. Kudos to Tomanikanji for the excellent work on his art since Lucemon FM was not exactly famous for being the most handsome Digimon (he looked rather chubby and deformed in the original anime series, and then in Hyper Colloseum and XROS wars). His effects however, may leave much to be desired: while having a good deletion effect, his play/digivolution cost is far too high. Maybe he will do well in a Security Control deck with heavy reliance on his option card [BT7-109] Dead or Alive. 

Score: 7/10

Kouta and Dorumon Joins the Fray!

Another set excitement comes in the form of [BT7-090] Doumoto Kouta, a legendary character from Digimon Chronicle and Dorumon's tamer. 

Since there was much wait for a proper Alphamon support, Kouta and Dorumon would be welcomed additions. However, based on the revealed cards so far, both Kouta and Dorumon does not seem to do much (or anything) for Alphamon, and appears to buff it's own line's LV6 [BT7-065] Dorugoramon more than anything. 

We are still unsure if Dorugoramon's reverse-like digivolution mechanic would be exclusive to x-antibody Digimons, but so far that mechanic does not seem too promising.

Score: 6/10


In addition to the 112 cards in this set, BT-07 will also carry 8 Campaign Promo cards featuring the 8 Digi-destined from 2020's Digimon Adventure anime reboot. Only 4 have been revealed so far but some have excellent card effects and may make their way into meta decks. 

In addition, it has also been leaked that Susannomon will be introduced as the other SEC card in this set, and none of the white Digimons have been revealed yet. 

But based on what we see so far, BT-07 is promising to be a great set, one that rivals BT-05 in hype and excitement, and renews some confidence in this card game after some recent lackluster releases. 

Final Score: 9/10

Early Review: EX-01 Classic Collection


The EX-01 Classic Collection is the first minibox released for Digimon Card Game. This set uses card artworks borrowed from the older (and now discontinued) Hyper Colosseum series, similar to what we see in alternate-art versions of BT-01 SEC Metalgreymon and BT-05 SEC Omegamon X. 

Sandwiched between the usual 3-month BT release cycle, with a little bit more than half the number of (different) cards we get in a standard expansion set, the EX-01 actually retails higher than standard BT expansion sets (with boxes going for 5280 Yen compared to a standard expansion set's 4752 Yen). With all 8 SR cards and sole SEC already revealed, we take a deeper look at whether EX-01 is worth it's premium price.

Improving the classic digimons

EX-01 is expected to deliver enhancements to existing or more precisely, traditional archtypes such as Tyrannomon, Angemon, and Myotismon. These are mostly Digimons from the 1999 anime Digimon Adventure 01, the subsequent Adventure 02, as well as the first Digimon World video game released on the Playstation in 1999.

We expect no new effects or gameplay engines to be introduced in EX-01. 

Additional Info: There will be 66 Digimons, 1 Tamer and 6 Option cards in this set. 

Agumon Booster

The Agumon/Greymon line is actually very well boosted in EX-01! 

Agumon has an excellent inheritable effect allowing a 3-card search for any tamer card or Digimon with [Agumon] in it's name, Greymon synergizes well with the 3-cost [BT6-087] Taichi, and Metalgreymon grants the much needed [Piercing] (but perhaps better suited for our SEC Machinedramon instead).

The SR Wargreymon meanwhile, is solid but not essential. At LV6, his first effect [Advance] is currently shared with both Zekegreymon and Shoutmon DX. His second effect allows him to delete a [Blocker] Digimon whenever he attacks, is rather conditional. At 4-cost to digivolve and 12000 DP he somehow lacks the firepower we see in a meta definer like Jesmon. 

They may do well in a Bond Of Courage (BOC) deck!

Score: 8/10 (great and timely boosters for BOC)

Gabumon Booster

With the EX1 Gabumon/Garurumon behaving exactly like their red counterparts, they make great support cards for any existing BOF decks. 

Also similar to it's red counterpart, Metalgarurumon will be in for a hard fight for a spot in any existing BOF decks. While his second effect can be very effective against the Archilles heel of BOF [BT6-054] AncientTroymon, it is an effect that remains rather conditional and a 8-card hand may be quite hard to meet at times.

It is also possible to build a deck around Metalgarurumon and large 8-card hand sizes (with promo Weregarurumon and the starter deck Veedramon lineup) but in the current meta landscape, really?

Score: 7/10 (some robustness coming to BOF decks)

Imperialdramon Booster

The previous [BT3-027] Paildramon was a great digivolution card for any Imperialdramon, an excellent engine drowned in today's insanely aggresive meta. This EX1 Paildramon is promising, but we do not yet know his full potential until his LV4 (possibly ExVeemon and/or Stingmon) is revealed. 

The EX1 Imperialdramon is also a welcomed addition with his strong [When Digivolution] effect that suspends an opponent's Digimon while unsuspending itself. 

A promising lineup that might bring Imperialdramon decks to a comeback. 

Score: 9/10

Recovery Decks Finally Playable?

Security recovery and DP-reduction effects are a yellow exclusive ever since the beginning of DCG. However, 6 expansion sets on we saw yellow transform into a very aggressive DP-reduction system of Wargreymons, Lordknightmons, and Valdur-Arms, with its recovery component drowned into the side component of yellow decks (often through some effective play of Lucemons or what not). 

There are no competitive "recovery-centric" yellow decks. The closest use of a "recovery-centric" engine comes in the form of a Security Control deck. Recovery-based Digimons are usually never preferred as LV6 choices (and Dynasmon borderlines that). 

These may all change with EX-01. It remains to be seen whether such a defensive deck, conducted by the angel duo Angewomon and MagnaAngemon, will ever see foothold in competitive landscape.

Score: 7/10 (an interesting but unproven buff)

Revenge of Diaboromon!

Honestly after BT-05, we would have never expected another Diaboromon so soon (for the record, this is the fifth Diaboromon released in DCG)!

With both Infermon and Diaboromon, tokens will now become significantly bigger and more useful. A hoard of 5000-7000 DP tokens with [Blocker] can be what it needs to slow down a game enough to build a wide board of Diaboromons for the win!

Diaboromon decks has always been a fan favorite, and this boost will be very well received! 

Score: 9/10 (will definitely see a comeback, while it lasts)

Analogman's Machinedramon?

Probably the most exciting card in this set, Machinedramon is naturally a hard-cast Digimon. With enough [Cyborg] fodders in hand/trash, this Digimon becomes an efficient 7-cost to play LV6 Digimon with a multitude of defensive effects under it's arsenal. We have written an early review for him a while ago, so do give that a read!

Score: 10/10 

Myotismon Back On Stage?

It really is a shame that the ever so popular Myotismon digivolution line, the original symbol of evil, was demoted to a binder warmer for almost the entire time DCG was played. Ever since introduced in BT-02, he was never really viable. Besides the BT-02 VenomMyotismon which was occasionally played with Kimeramon (during the BT-02 meta), other Myotismons never really caught on. 

So it is really nice to have this new Myotismon drop in EX-01. We would like to believe that he has potential, and we have written about him in an early card review some time ago. Do give that a read if you enjoy the nostalgia that is Myotismon!

Score: 8/10.

Mameo of DW1

Possibly the most nostalgia-heavy card ever released, the young protagonist of Digimon World 1 (aka Mameo) has never been released in any other card games, namely Hyper Colloseum and the more recent Battle Spirits, despite being the first Digimon tamer ever (DW1 was released on January 1999, 2 months before they premiered the first Digimon anime series).

With low play cost, white support, and Mimi-like effects, this tamer card will likely be popular among the more creative decks!

Score: 9/10

Fun Fact!

There are no vanilla Digimons in EX-01. Every card in EX-01 have an effect, and faithfully supports their digivolution lines and decks. 


EX-01 is an expensive, unexciting 73-card minibox filled with "classic art" that skimps on paying artists for new artwork. There is no hype, no major surprises, no new mechanics, and no new Digimons. 

Well there was one surprise: Mameo!

EX-01 is also a better box for the environment: it uses less plastic, running 12 packs per box rather than the standard 24.

But this is not what EX-01 wants to be. It does not scream of hype, surprises, or new mechanics. It is here to fill the gaps of the game. It is here to make that Tyrannomon fan happy to play his Tyrannomon deck again. It is here to give Diaboromons another shot at the meta landscape. It is here to try to level the playing field. 

It is a boring box filled with very useful cards, and I can't help but wonder if we should just be patient and wait another month for an expansion set that has hype, surprises, and might truly reset the playing field!

Score: 7/10


Early Review: BT-06


Less than 3 weeks before the official release of BT-06, only slightly more than a quarter of cards were revealed. That said, we have already seen 8/11 of the SRs, which should give us a hint on how this expansion set should perform. Let's dig right into it!

New Mechanics

<デコイ> or <Decoy> is a new effect introduced in BT-06, and the only Digimons we know so far that has this effect are [BT6-059] Machmon and [BT6-064] Mamemon (both are black Digimons). 

A Digimon with <Decoy> can sacrifice itself to protect another Digimon (of the specified color only) from being deleted by a card effect. This is akin to an effect blocker, which should come in handy amid a rising ecosystem of cards with deletion effects. 

I believe that the introduction of <Decoy> is intended to reposition black as a defense-centric color, since <Blocker> digimons are now pretty much card-effect fodder in current meta. While this might strengthen black cards against red and purple, it will not protect against yellow's DP-reduction, which is a dominating color in the current meta. Therefore, the effectiveness of <Decoy> should be quite limited.

It should also be noted that this effect will only protect one Digimon from deletion, so in the case of a [BT1-084] Omegamon deleting more than 1 Digimon with the same name, then <Decoy> can only be used to protect one Digimon and not the rest.

The meta is expected to speed up

The icons of this set is none other than [BT6-018] Agumon Bond of Courage and [BT6-030] Gabumon Bond of Friendship. Not only are these LV7 duo formidable enough by themselves, but also given strong support cards! 

Both of these LV7s can warp digivolve (yes not an official term but you get the gist) from a LV3 [Agumon] or [Gabumon] respectively, if you have their new tamers [BT6-087] Tai Kamiya or [BT6-088] Matt Ishida in play. In addition, this warp digivolution comes at a very reasonable 3-memory cost!

In comparison, a warp digivolution of the recently launched starter deck LV3 [ST7-03] Guilmon into a LV6 Gallantmon will cost more than that (4 memory)! 

The strong synergy between these LV6 duo with their tamers and rookies sets up not only a very strong board control, but also allows for surprise comeback. They are expected to dominate red and blue decks in the coming BT-06 meta!

Early gameplay videos:
Agumon deck vs. Lordknightmon deck
Gabumon deck vs. Lordknightmon deck
Agumon deck vs. Gabumon deck

Score: 9/10 (as good as it goes for red and blue)



Yellow players in the BT-05 meta understand the stability and robustness of a Lordknightmon engine for simultaneous board control and widening. In the coming set, red players can access this similar mechanic in the form of [BT6-016] Jesmon. 

Jesmon has a [When Attacking] effect that allows the player to play a [Sistermon] from either their hand or trash, which has superb value. Jesmon subsequently gains a +3000 DP buff with <Piercing>, in addition to a +2000 DP buff if you have [Sistermon Noir] in play. 

At a minimum, this engine should be robust, and gives Jesmon some board presence with high DP and <Piercing>. The presence of Sistermon Blanc should also offer Jesmon some protection in the case that he is suspended after an attack. However, Jesmon will require access to additional inheritable effects (such as <SecurityAttack+1> or those that allow him to attack an unsuspended Digimon) in order for him to shine.

Score: 6/10 (more card reveals may increase the score)


This very unassuming card is expected to provide a very significant boost to Ancientgreymon decks, which is currently underperforming even with the anniversary promo card [P-029] Agunimon. This [BT6-010] Flamemon will grant Ancientgreymon the <Piercing> effect, allowing for more effective aggro plays. 

Score: 8/10


Passive effects are usually not very well-received in competitive games, with examples seen in Belialvamdemon, Donedevimon, and Sakuyamon. As such, I believe that [BT6-044] Dynasmon will not dethrone Lordknightmon off the yellow meta just yet.

That said, I feel that the combination of effects that Dynasmon has (trash stockpiling, searching, and security stalling) hints at the potential introduction of another card: Lucemon Falldown Mode. So until we know that as a fact, Dynasmon is expected to remain as an underdog.

Score: 4/10 (may be higher with Lucemon synergy)

Black becomes more technical

A defensive, blocker-centric black is pretty much a thing of the past, with the vast variety of card effects that will remove or delete Digimons without ever attacking, and <de-digivolve> effects being less potent since it usually works into the opponent's advantage. 

With this, I think black Digimons will now have an exclusive access to blanket effects that targets based on Digimon's play cost. 

[BT6-067] Gankoomon has a [When Digivolving] effect that deletes all your opponent's Digimon with the lowest play cost, which can be used in many ways. 
1) Delete a large swarm of rookie Digimons that has the same play cost (usually play cost of 2). 
2) Delete a single large Digimon when opponent only has 1 Digimon in the battle area.

The goal of effects like Gankoomon is to maximize the deletion value by managing the play-cost numbers on your opponent's board, using cards like [BT6-064] Mamemon to eliminate the odds.

Score: 7/10 (black to get play-cost based board control on steroids) 


Another unassuming card, [BT6-078] Skullgreymon has a unique effect that, when trashed from hand, allows him to be attached and used as a digivolution card on one of your purple Digimon. While one might, on first impression, think that he would synergize well with [BT2-083] Millenniummon, we would like to remind that Millenniummon is not a purple Digimon.

Besides, SkullGreymon behaves like counter-attack for purple during the right times. When we trash this card by another effect, we can put this card under a LV3 or LV4 digimon to destroy an opponent's powerful Digimon (without extra cost) to give one of your Digimon the [Retaliation] effect. SkullGreymon can be much more flexible compared to the BT-02 "Retaliation" Devimon.

Score: 8/10 


The LV5 [BT6-085] Eosmon breaks the mold of deck-building by allowing up to 50 copies of itself in one's deck, and the LV4 [BT6-083] Eosmon allows the player to play a 4-cost white tamer card without paying it's cost. Since there is currently no white tamer cards that will synergize with Eosmon, I believe that this set will inevitably introduce [Menoa Bellucci] as it's white tamer. 

I guess we will not know of Eosmon's full potential until it's full lineup is revealed.

Score: ?/10.


At the time of this writeup, 3 SR and 2 SEC cards remain unknown. Below are some of my speculations.

Full Royal Knight lineup unlikely to be unveiled: while we have [Sistermon] providing buff to the [Royal Knight] type, it is unlikely for BT-06 to unveil all members of the remaining Royal Knights, which include Examon, Magnamon, and Alphamon. I believe that while Examon and Magnamon might not be revealed yet, but Alphamon has been heavily hinted to be revealed soon (from card erratas). Alphamon may be one of the SEC cards of BT-06.

Lucemon Falldown Mode: The LV3 Lucemon has been revealed back in BT-04, with no follow-ups along his digivolution line. With both Lordknightmon and Dynasmon revealed, it is very likely for Lucemon Falldown Mode to also be revealed in this set (since the next EX-01 set may not be a suitable landing for Lucemon). Also, since 2 SR cards has already been revealed for purple, it is likely for Bandai to introduce Lucemon Falldown Mode as a SEC card for BT-06.


I feel that aside from the LV7 Agumon and Gabumon duo, there is not much going for in this set as compared to the previous BT-05. 

Many cards here are less exciting, and exist only to complement or add variety to the already existing engines in the current meta, and my opinion is that Bandai acknowledges this as a fact by bundling it with alternate-art box-topper cards from a card popularity poll.

If Alphamon and Lucemon Falldown Mode is indeed introduced in this set, there is still no guarantee that they will provide meta-defining effects out-of-the-box (since SEC cards can be usually quite unplayable in it's immediate meta). Nevertheless, it seems that the presence of either or both of these cards will be needed to at least give BT-06 a proper dose of excitement.

Score: 6/10

This site uses english-translated cards from

What is new in BT5 Battle of Omega


In the earlier post about Early Review for BT05, we mentioned about the new power, chain, engine and trend of each color. In this post, we focus on what is new regarding of effect, ability that haven't appeared in previous booster box.

List of Card that has new type of effect

Red Gaossmon, blue Syakomon and yellow Cutemon
[Opponent Turn]: Your opponent can't reduce digivolution cost
With the "opponent turn" effect, Nokia Tamer effect or Hidden Potential or Fuse Into Ultimate Digimon effects are no longer able to achieve. We are still waiting for official Q&A for this card, but if it is true that it applies to all cards effect (digimon card, tamer card and option card), then it would be a good option to put into your deck 2 or 3 copies since there is too many colors now able to reduce digivolution cost.
Digimon can evolve from a same level digimon, this happens in red and blue colors. This ability helps the deck to be more robust and flexible, it helps to get more draw if hands stuck, helps to put more LV6 digimon into omegamon digivolution source, helps to activate the effect from same LV digimon with fewer cost to digivolve…

[BT5-018] Dorbickmon, the first digimon ever has the effect: trash a red digimon from hand to add the trashed digimon's DP to this digimon for the turn. So in this turn, I can trash a LV4 digimon with 6000DP to make this Dorbickmon DP to 11000+6000 (17000)DP. This is a good plan to come quick and destroy a LV7 rested digimon in the battle without using and option card or evolve to LV7.

Sakuyamon, a yellow digimon, the first digimon has a very defensive effect: [In opponent's turn] When opponent digimon is moved from raising area to the battle, that digimon get SecurityAttack-3 for the turn, no matter it's evolved after that. This is a very good ability for yellow to slow down opponent's attack to their security, but opponent's newly moved-out digimon will still able to attack your digimon in the battle.

A new green LV 3 Palmon from BT5 with "On Deletion" effect: place 1 Palmon from trash into bottom of 1 of your green digimon evolution source. This card will give benefit to the digimon that needs card to do digi-burst, especially green digimon that requires many cards to do digiburst like Nidhoggmon or BT5 Rosemon.

Omnimon Zwart D, make it record to be the first digimon that can delete opponent's Tamer. After BT5, there is more Tamer that provides more advantages to control the game or even destroy a deck profile (such as Rookie Rush), with this new effect, the number of tamer in the battle now can be reduced. 

Omnimon Zwart D just need 3 costs to evolve, so there is no surprised if player use 4 copies of this card in their deck.


BT5 is going to give us some new deck profiles, new playing style and more Omegamon in the battle (because it is called "Battle of Omega" :)). There is only one week left till the day we got the BT5 cards in our hands, so what deck you plan to build?

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Early Review: BT-05


With more than half the cards revealed so far, its time again to take a look at what this expansion set gives!

New Mechanics

<進撃> or <Blitz> in English (until Bandai gives us the official name) is introduced as a new effect in BT-05. Usually paired with [When Digivolving], this effect allows the Digimon to attack even if the memory is 1 or higher at your opponent's side. This effect is similar (albeit weaker) to [BT4-090] Chaosmon's, but does not naturally unsuspend your Digimon or allow you to attack an opponent's active Digimon.

A handful of Digimons with same-level digivolution (LV6→LV6) were also introduced. These Digimons typically have a [When Digivolving] effect and cost significantly less memory when digivolving from it's same level.

White tamer and option cards were also introduced for the first time. The rules to play a white option card are still unconfirmed, but we shall know in the coming weeks whether a white Digimon or white tamer is required as a pre-requisite for playing white option cards.

Dual tamers are also introduced in BT-05, granting a stackable +2 memory at the start of your turn if a condition met. There will be 3 of these tamer cards in BT-05, one each for blue, green, and white.

A pilot Shoutmon lineup

The Shoutmon lineup (from the 2010 anime series Digimon XROS Wars) finally makes an appearance, piloting the <Blitz> ability. [BT5-009] Shoutmon has a solid search effect when played, and can warp digivolve into LV5 [BT5-014] Omnishoutmon at cost of 4 memory, offering additional digivolution robustness and lowering bricked-hands. At LV6, both [BT5-017] Zekegreymon and [BT5-019] Shoutmon DX pilots the <Blitz> effect. Shoutmon DX can also digivolve from the same level at a lower memory cost. 

While there is undeniable synergy between Digimons from this Shoutmon lineup, it is too early to tell whether <Blitz> is a truly formidable effect or one that is rather easy to overcome (since it might end up being a glorified security check since it cannot target active Digimons without inheriting Zekegreymon). Furthermore, same-level digivolutions such as Shoutmon DX may end up stacking and wasting too many LV6 Digimons within one digivolution chain, increasing the risk of losing everything in just 1-hit! 

Watch an early gameplay video showing Shoutmon pulling off a marginal win over an existing red build (with Blitzgreymon and Victorygreymon), perhaps indicating that it is not so much better than what red already have.

Score: 6/10 (can be higher if the deck is further optimized and LV distributions are reworked)


Blue can finally freeze!

Since the beginning of DCG, blue cards run effects that tends to weaken or disable the opponent (akin to a freezing effect in most animes and games). This was originally conceptualized using digivolution-removal effects, but happened to be pretty subpar in actual competitive gameplay. Things did not improve even with the addition of Shakkoumon back in BT-03, as putting a <SecurityAttack-1> on Digimons without digivolution cards does not make them much less formidable. 

Now in BT-05 we have the Hexblaumon lineup, which is significantly more intimidating than what we have seen for blue before. [BT5-032] Hexblaumon disables all your opponent's Digimons without digivolution cards from attacking or blocking, which is extremely effective at stopping your opponents. In addition, with simultaneous access to <Jamming>, and synergy with not only his own digivolution chain but also tons of other blue cards, should put blue decks back in the forefront of tier lists.

While undoubtedly oozing with potential, early gameplay videos show that heavy reliant on Hexblaumon can be detrimental. Since effectively removing him from play can immediately undo all his "freezing" effects. More trials will be needed until his full potential is unlocked.

Score: 8/10

Holy warriors

While looking a little underwhelming at first, [BT5-045] Crusadermon seems to have managed to give yellow a slight boost in this set. From this early gameplay video we got a glimpse of Crusadermon's potential, and incredible synergy with warrior-type Digimons. In particular, the LV5 Digimon [BT5-042] Knightmon can be played from your hand at 0-cost whenever Crusadermon attacks, allowing very fast paced board build and control.

Score: 9/10

Green loses it's edge

Bandai very recently announced its first DCG restriction list, limiting green staples [BT2-047] Argomon and [BT3-103] Hidden Potential to just 1 copy per deck. This news is expected to hit green decks really hard, potentially dethroning them from their Tier-1 dominance. 

With this nerf, Bandai is seemingly trying to revive a more defensive green. All 3 green LV6 Digimons revealed thus far appear to have a defensive nature, while the new green dual-tamer card [BT5-089] Izzy & Mimi triggers when LV5 Digimons attack. This seems to indicate a trend encourages green Digimons to attack at as soon as they reach LV5, and then digivolving into a defensive LV6, and then an offensive LV7 when necessary. 

However, none of the newly introduced cards seem to be appealing additions to the current green inventory hence might just end up warming your binders.

Score: 4/10

Diaboromon's Revenge

Back in BT-01, Diaboromon has not very popular in competitive play due to his high costs, low DP, and lack of overall support. This will be very different in BT-05 with a plethora of Diaboromon lineup and support being announced. While it might not live up to its hype (there are several weaknesses in a pure Diaboromon deck that can be easily exploited) there is certainly room to optimize and offer some fresh new plays for Diaboromon fans out there.

You can watch some early gameplay videos from this channel to see how a BT-05 Diaboromon deck would fare against some different deck profiles. Will Diaboromon dethrone D-brigade as a rush-type black deck?

Score: 5/10 (there is certainly a lot of hype, but still much to prove) 

Zwart puts purple back into the spotlight

Purple will become an exciting color in BT-05: not only did Bandai introduce some powerful new purple Digimons, but also improved its synergy with many existing cards. 

Kimeramon's very popular effect is now also accessible in [BT5-081] Chaosgallantmon, at a more memory-efficient package and synergy with his second effect, while also boasting a very respectable 12000 DP. The Gallantmon digivolution line is also further buffed by the addition of [BT5-083] Megidramon: being the only Digimon that can play a LV6 Chaos/Gallantmon from your hand or trash for free (we expect him to be very popular in new megazoo decks). 

Further along we have the new black/purple [BT5-087] Omegamon Zwart, which should prove very popular in upcoming purple decks. He already has some exciting synergies with some existing and new cards, and by being such an iconic Digimon should see himself in many upcoming deck experiments. 

PS Somehow Omegamon Zwart looked more appealing to purple than he is to black, since he is only the second LV7 for purple (after Millenniumon) while black already has access to 4 different LV7 Digimons (not even including the upcoming Armegeddomon) prior to Zwart.

Score: 9/10 

White tamer and option cards

White tamer and option cards are introduced in BT-05, and so far all of them have exciting effects that solve existing problems in the current meta. [BT5-091] Takumi Aiba encourages digivolution while penalizing rookie rushes. [BT5-092] Nokia Shiramine boosts the efficiency of Greymon, Garurumon, and Omegamon-centric decks (which are actually well distributed across all colors except green) which helps to level the playing field against the speed of green decks. [BT5-093] Tai & Matt increases the aggresiveness of Omegamons, while [BT5-109] Fuse Into The Ultimate Digimon! fills in the weaknesses of some LV7 Digimons such as [BT1-084] Omegamon and [BT5-087] Zwart. We should expect to see them used extensively in all upcoming decks!

Score: 9/10.

A plethora of Omegamons

Omegamon is easily one of the most iconic Digimon in the entire franchise, if not the most iconic. The [BT1-084] Omegamon Alternate Art card remain the highest valued card in the collector market, and [BT3-112] Omegamon Alter-S being very close behind. Exploting this fact and releasing 4 different Omegamons in a single expansion is close to unfathomable, and it remains to be seen how the second-hand market reacts to this set (and the overall prices of all Omegamons). Regardless, it is undeniable that BT-05 has so much value packed into it, and these 4 Omegamons might just become the only chase cards running this set (with the other 8 SR cards taking the dip).

Score: 10/10.


Compared to previous sets, BT-05 exhibits outstanding value (the last time we saw such good value was in BT-02 and BT-03). Looking back, BT-01 was too heavily skewed towards a single Omegamon card (being the only chase card in that set) while BT-04 features 3 SEC cards that are either barely usable in competitive game, or having incomplete support.  

With 4 Omegamons and a handful of other exciting SR cards, a BT-05 box might just remain one of the most exciting boxes to pull for many months to come. 

Score: 9.5/10


Early Review: BT-03

Early Review: BT-03

15 October, 2020 | Rononrun


It is October 15, and we are 15 days to the official release of DCG's 3rd expansion set [BT-03] Union Impact. With Bandai revealing so many of the cards, we are now able to do a proper early review for this upcoming set! 

The SR cards

All 10 of the SR cards were revealed as of today. Personally I think that this is a terrific SR lineup as all 10 digimons here are extremely playable in competitive decks.

Not only does [BT3-018] BlitzGreymon have the anti-blocker <Piercing> effect but he also boasts the <De-Digivolve 2> effect when digivolved, making him the cheapest digimon with this effect so far (the only other digimons that has <De-Digivolve-?> are [BT2-66] Machinedramon and [P-015] Infermon, both very expensive as they only trigger when-played). Though being quite an expensive LV6 (at 4 cost) he does boast a grand 12000DP and is a dual-colored digivolve-able.

With his removal on digivolution, think of him as a mini Omnimon/Omegamon!

Oh lord [BT3-019] RagnaLordmon. What else can be said with this almost OHKO digimon. Watch him in action here to understand how terribly powerful he is.

With rookie rush decks mostly anchoring around blue, you will see a lot of [BT3-030] Leopardmon in post BT-03 rookie rush decks! 

[BT3-031] Imperialdramon Dragon-Mode has great synergy with Vee/dramons and Leopardmon (they all have <Jamming>) which makes for an extremely impressive swarm driver. He also only costs 3 memory when digivolved from Paildramon or Dinobeemon.

[BT3-043] Kentarosmon may not look like much at first glance, but his 'when-destroyed' effect can be very deadly when used with Kimeramon and Rematch. This is pretty interesting so i suggest watching him play here. Also worth mentioning that he could delay your demise by an entire turn when-digivolved, potentially turning the tides! 

Using your opponent's digimon as a candidate for <Download> is downright disgusting. Watch her in action here.

[BT3-073] CresGarurumon is a solid digimon. Not only is he dual-color digivolve-able but also allows you to summon a LV5 or lower digimon from your deck! Give him <Blocker> in black or <SecurityAttack+?> in red and you're set! 

[BT3-075] Craniummon is especially effective against red and violet/purple decks as he can grant your <Blocker> digimons immunity towards destruction-based effects which are ever present in red and purple decks! Pop a couple of him into your black deck as a safeguard against 2 colors, not bad!

[BT3-090] Mastemon is a double-edged sword, destroying a security for both players. We haven't yet got much reveals on yellow and purple LV3/4 digimons for BT-03 but does put yellow in better position for those "if your security is 3 or below" effects. As of this moment we think she is good reviving either <Blocker> digimons or Petermon. 

[BT3-091] Lilithmon, together with the purple [BT3-096] Mimi pushes purple into an option-centric deck. Gaining +2 memory whenever you play an option card (not limited to purple) is just pure beauty! With Kimeramon being staple in so many different decks we'd imagine seeing her in many non-purple decks post BT-03. Watch her in a blue rookie rush here!

The R and belows

In my opinion, red and black does not have very strong individual lineups below SR (other than Zubamon and Ludomon lines that are created to support RagnaLordmon). However for other colors there are many great digimons that should help to fill gaps seen in those colors so far! Below are some notable cards of these lesser rarities.

The BT3 Veemon and ExVeemon provide further improvements to the already-strong UlforceVeedramon deck. A LV3 <Jamming> digimon at 3/0 cost is just dirty!

[BT3-040] Shakkoumon provides an unprecedented level of security defence to not only yellow decks but also blue! [BT3-041] Cherubimon allows you to place 1 yellow digimon (any level) from your trash to your security whenever it attacks! Will yellow non-ShineGreymon decks be finally viable?

[BT3-046] Terriermon will definately become a staple in not only green decks post BT-03, while [BT3-058] BanchoStingmon is just pure nonsense strong! Green players are practically waiting to get their hands on these digimons!

Over at purple, servants [BT3-086] Arukenimon and [BT3-087] Mummymon allow you to repeatedly play and revive their master [BT3-092] MaloMyotismon, which poses a formidable presence when on the field. 

Tamers and Options

Memory control seem to be even more pronounced in BT-03 now that 3 of 4 Tamers grant this effect!

[BT3-099] Let's Stop Fighting makes rookie rushes much more formidable, while [BT3-107] That Was A Good Time can technically be a cheap LV5 removal option or an effective LV7 removal (against Omni/Omegamon and Milleniummon). [BT3-109] Rematch! on the other hand, is an absolutely insane option card considering its low 2-cost to play.

And Our Best Known Secret Rares

Both Omni/Omegamon Alter-S and BlackImperialdramonn has been teased but not printed as SRs, so they remain our best known Secret Rares! The BT-01 Omegamon remains the most-used digimon in competitive games, and his prices remain the highest for the longest time. Can this new Omni/Omegamon topple his BT-01 counterpart? 


BT-03 has a beautiful SR lineup, strong lower-rarities and a new Omni/Omegamon. Looking at the past 2 expansion sets, I think this one in particular has absolutely insane amount of value in its cards and variations. I am absolutely ecstatic over this set, and I give this a high 9/10! 

Are you equally excited for the release of BT-03? Let me know what you think in your comments!

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