BT9 X-Record Parallel Art, What is my Favourite!

In one more week, the BT9 will be officially distributed for Japan and Asia region, and today Bandai has revealed all the cards and its 18 parallel arts. Looking at these cards remind us the same quality as BT8-New Hero set, because the best arts do not belong to secret rare cards.

Here I would like to list them into the ranking in my opinion and the price prediction for them. Do let me know if you have different idea.

The Least Favourite: GrandisKuwagamon and Grademon

Insect-type Digimon has never been players or collectors or Digimon fans favourite even if they are in top tier meta. This card's art is illustrated by Tonamikanji, the artist who always shows the most clean and clear image for the Digimon's body. His best arts so far, in my opinion, are all the Sitermon AA arts and the BT7 Flamemon. But for this BT9 GrandisKuwagamon AA, there is nothing special and unique for the art, I predict this card would be the cheapest AA in BT9 set.

[BT9-064] Grademon is also drawn by Tonamikanji. We rarely see the LV5 black Digimon AA art that bring the pleasant to our eyes, because of its black color for the inherited effect area that is hard to match with the overall theme of the card. I feel this card's art is very normal and it doesn't look like an AA art. Beside, Grademon is not a famous Digimon, he will only support the Alphamon deck in BT9.

I don't think it is hard to own one of it (cheap), and the normal AA like this would have a higher pull rate in a carton.

Alphamon and Raguelmon

Alphamon and Raguelmon are both illustrated by Tonamikanji. The art for Raguelmon has a good mix in color of purple and orange while the Alphamon brings us the same feeling when we look at Imperialdramon: Paladin Mode (.illustrated by Sasasi).

These cards are not going to be expensive in the market as our prediction, because Raguelmon deck is not going to be in top-tier and Alphamon, even though he has many fans, but players would prefer the BT6 SEC Alphamon for this BT9 meta instead of BT9 Alphamon, less demand causes cheaper the price.

Rookie AA cards: Good for collection

Meicoomon and Jellymon are nice to collect, but Agumon X and Gabumon X will have the same price as BT6 Agumon Gabumon AA art in the early meta, it means they are not cheap.

Takase is famous and well known for drawing Rookie AA for Digimon Card Game. You can check out in your binder for the whole rookie series in BT7 set and other set. Both Meicoomon and Jellymon in BT9 are cute and adorable. The Meicoomon would be useful for Raguel deck while Jellymon may be not so useful in BT9 meta, but I would be happy to have 1 of her in my binder. 

Both Agumon and Gabumon X are illustrated by Tonamikanji. These are going to be expensive because WarGreymonX and MetalGarurumonX are going to be tier-1 in BT9 meta. 

As'Maria series of X-antibody 

As'Maria is one of my favourite artist in DTCG. He is the original creator of the light of X-antibody so we are not surprised that he draw many X-antibody AA arts for this set

All of As'Maria arts in this set gives the romance feel, LOLx, they are mix in pink as the main theme of the art. Many players don't like Magnamon because he looks too thin in this pose and somehow the normal art looks more powerful.

For the pricing, the WargreymonX and MetalGaruruX will be expensive because we predict them would be tier-1 in BT9 meta. The Gaioumon and MagnamonX may be less expensive, but not so cheap compared to other AA cards, because … well, they are As'Maria arts.

Secret Rare AA: A Bit Dissapointed.

Alphamon: Ouryuken mode and Dexmon AA arts are both illustrated by Sasasi, the artist that draw almost all the Secret Rare AA cards so far. But I am a bit disappointed for what he provides us in BT9 set.

There is not so much different between the normal art and the parallel art of Dexmon, same theme same color even though 2 different artists drew them.

The Alphamon: Ouryuken mode, the last card revealed, have brought my disappointment to the lowest. I am not the fan of the art that the Digimon weapon takes almost half space of the art. Not only that, this art is not classic, not elegant and underwhelming.

Even though these arts are not my favourite but they are secret rare, and they are also the hidden potential in BT9 meta that may bring us many creative decks, especially Dexmon. Their prices may not be around $100 or something, and SEC AA is somehow easier to pull compared to some other SR AA cards, so they are still affordable.


DexDorugoramon is also illustrated by Sasasi, he is not an SEC but I think he will be expensive as well. People will need 4 copies of DexDorugora if they want to max-bling Dex deck.

My most-wanted in the list: Naochika Morishita arts

I always love NaochikaMorishita arts, since the BT2 SEC AA Beelzemon and Blackwargreymon.

His arts can somehow show the feeling and trait of that Digimon. We can feel Ordinemon sadness, darkness and pain in that image, and a Omegamon Merciful Mode looks glorious with the white wings, like some angels descending from the digital sky. I think these 2 card will be relatively hard to pull from BT9 set. 

For now we don't see many decks use Omnimon Merciful Mode, or rather we don't know how to use him yet. He may not be popular in this meta or a deck would put maximum 1 or 2 copies of him for the tech. It is the same with Ordinemon. People would hunt them for their arts instead, and Omnimon Merciful Mode is very popular too. 

The Magic of BT7 Purple Loop

Recently I have stumbled upon a new purple deck that caught my interest. I first saw this deck in a tournament report from Japan (thanks to Shin for building and winning with this deck). I felt a special connection with this build and have then decided to build one myself since I had fallen quite a lot for purple in recent days, so here it is!

Eyesmon ft Cerberus Loop

The deck's core strategy lies on Eyesmon's power to spawn for free when trashed, and Cerberusmon's (Werewolf) mode-change mechanic, both easily catching your opponent off-guard. Common in any purple loop decks, this deck will need some time to trash enough cards in order to setup the loop.

While I do not plan to write in-detail this deck's strategy, I would love to share a real game scenario from a game last night which I think would help illustrate how this deck is played and how fun (and fast) the mechanic can be.

The situation: My opponent played a yellow Rasenmon deck with [Recovery] Kazuchis, while I was playing this deck. As I was still building my trash, he had already cleared my security stack while passing me only 1 memory. He had 3 cards in his security and around 5 Digimons in his field, while I had no security, a single LV5 Lucemon on field, about 16 cards in trash, and a hand with the cards as shown below.

After several rounds of trash building, I ended up with a hand with 2 Jack Raids, 1 Fuse into Ultimate, 1 Zwart, 1 Lilithmon, 1 Eyesmon, and 1 Ceberusmon werewolf. In addition, I also had an Analog Boy played. 

I played 2 copies of Jack Raid for +2 memory in order to have enough to digivolve my LV5 Lucemon into Lilithmon (drawing into a LV3 Gabumon when digivolving), followed by the Fuse Into Ultimate option card to digivolve Lilith into Omnimon Zwart at 0 cost (drawing into the Calling from Darkness option card when digivolving). Thanks to Lilith's effect, I earned 2 memory when I played the Fuse option card.

I then triggered the effect of Zwart to trash 3 cards and played a Ginkakumon Promote and Cerberusmon from trash.

PS: I forgot to mention that I have also retrieved a Jack Raid and a Death Claw from trash when digivolving into Lilithmon (shown above).

I used GinkakuPromote with [Rush] to swing at my opponent's security and got destroyed in the process since the security revealed a LV5 with 7K DP. My opponent had 2 securities left. 

I then played Cerberus:Werewolf mode (for 9 cost) from hand and by triggering its [On Play] effect to destroy a Cerberus in the field to regain 9 memory (basically playing Werewolf mode for free if I delete Cerberus). I triggered Cerberus's [On Deletion] effect to "draw 2 and trash 1", and since there is an Eyesmon:Scatter in trash, I trashed my Eyesmon from hand in order to summon him to the field for free. My memory counter is still at 2 (at my side) because I did not use any of them.

I then swinged at my opponent's security using Cerberus:Werewolf Mode (with [Rush]) and OmniZwart to clear his 2 remaining security cards, and returned Lilith to hand to trigger Zwart's [When Attacking] effect, deleting 1 of my opponent's unsuspended Digimon with a play cost of 12 or less (not that it matters anyway for this situation).

With all of my opponent's security cards gone, I needed 1 more hit in order to win and here is what I did.

I played the 1-cost option card Calling from Darkness to destroy my OmniZwart in order to return 2 purple Digimon cards from my trash to hand, retrieving GinkakuPromote and a LV6 Nighoggmon. Since my LV7 Digimon with digivolution cards was destroyed, I suspended Analogboy to gain 1 memory, putting the memory counter back to 2 at my side (again, it doesn't matter at this point of game).

I then digivolved my Eyesmon in the field into the GinkakuPromote that I retrieved from trash earlier for 1 cost, and performed the final hit to win the game!

I forgot to move the memory counter to "1" because I paid 1 cost to evolve Eyesmon into GinkakuPromote

I truly enjoy the surprise element of this deck and I am glad to be able to setup and share this interesting scenario with you. My opponent was also genuinely surprised since he has never thought that I would be able to end the game in 1 turn with 3 remaining security cards, given only 1 memory and a single LV5 Digimon at the beginning of my turn.

This deck contains many combos that you can play around with and is still winning tournaments in Japan. We will also upload some gameplay videos at our Youtube Channel in due time (but the game with this really cool scenario was unfortunately not recorded). Do try this deck out for yourself! 

Here is game-play for this deck. (Please support us by subscribing this channel, thanks).

BT7 Green Deck Review: A Secure Gatcha Deck

Junpei and his hybrid Digimon are currently the favorite decks to be played in the tournament for the green color in BT7. We almost forgot another green deck profile that is also strong enough to challenge other colors in this "hybrid" high-speed meta. Unlike the BT5 or BT6 green gatcha, this is the strongest gatcha profile with a 95% secure ratio to hit LV6 Digimon to digivolve for free.

Deck's Owner: RIna

For the era of warp evolution or spirit evolution to jump or skip the normal evolution line to reach LV6 or LV7 Digimon with just paying a few more memory during digivolving or attacking in BT6 and BT7 meta, "speed" or "cost" is becoming the first thing to consider when you build a deck to play a competitive game or participate tournaments. Is your deck fast enough, or if the opponent is faster than yours then how you are going to counter that? This is the reason why black decks like X-antibody or Machindramon still find it very hard to be in Tier-1 or Tier1.5 of this meta.

Let get back to this green gatcha profile, if we calculate the cost to have 1 or 2 security checks, it takes 6 costs for 3 attacks (best scenario), equal to Rookie Rush speed when we use 6 memories to play 3 rookies that contribute 3 security attacks. This deck almost never have to pay a cost when we would digivolve from a LV5 into LV6 Digimon, there are many solutions you can play around with to get the most wanted LV6 Digimon to be digivolving.

This featured deck comprises 11 LV3s, 9 LV4s, 10 LV5s, 11 LV6s, and 3 LV7s Digimon. There are 6 tamer cards and no option cards. The distribution is already showing the first weakness of this deck: hand-brick, lol, so to avoid this you must do a proper shuffling (for example table shuffle). 

[BT7-045] Tortomon is the first and very important factor to make this deck runs successfully.  This Digimon can help to secure a LV6 Digimon to be placed at the top of your deck (if you have a LV6 Digimon in hand) and to add +3000 DP for this Digimon. Adding DP is the most useful effect that this Digimon provides, it helps the LV6 Digimon to able to survive if it hits a Mega or LV7 in the opponent's security. Even if you don't have a LV6 to put, you can take any Digimon from your hand to put on the top of your deck to just increase the DP. 

[BT7-049] MameTyramon and [BT1-078] Jagamon, both have the same "when attacking" effect to reveal the top 3 cards of your deck, then you may digivolvive into a Lv6 green Digimon among them without paying its cost. With the Tortomon effect, if you have a LV6 Digimon in hand that you desire to use such as Nidhoggmon, you can place this card on top of the deck by triggering Tortomon's ESS first, then trigger the "when attacking" effect of Jagamon or MameTyranmon to reveal it.  

If the Tortomon is not in the digivolution cards, you can use the LV3 Gotsumon "on play" effect to reveal 1 green card from hand then place it on top of the deck. To do this, you need to pay 3 costs to play Gotsumon and it should be still in your turn, so tamer Mimi is important to reset 3 memories at beginning of the turn.

Even if you don't have Tortomon or Gotsumon to secure the auto-digivolution, you can play more Izumi&Mimi tamer to open and reveal another 3 cards on top of the deck when your LV5 performs attacking. On top of that, the new digitama [BT7-004] Koromon also contributes a small role in helping the search for LV6 Digimon. Koromon is good in a way that you want to know what Digimon you are going to draw next from the deck and if it is not what you want you can place that card at the bottom of the deck. 

Level 6 Digimon

There are 4 different types of LV6 green Digimon in this deck, 3 of them are performing more on a defensive strategy to control the board: Nidhoggmon, Ancenttroy, and Megagargomon. The OTK Megagargomon can rest an opponent when digivolving and immediately perform 2 security checks. If the LV3 Kokuwagamon is in its digivolution cards then this Digimon can do another check to the opponent's security. 

If the opponent plays a lot of rookies like the current bt7 meta to search for hybrid cards, we can bring out Nidhoggmon to wipe out the opponent's board in one instant. 

AncientTroy is another defensive solution while ImperialDramon is a very strong LV6 that has "Piercing" and can unsuspend once when it destroys 1 opponent's digimon.

And since it is still in your turn when the LV6 Digimon attacks, you can digivolve into Chaos or ValdurArm to reduce the opponent's Digimon DP or attack their unsuspended digimon. 

The tamer Mimi, don't forget it can help to speed up the hatching if there is LV5 digimon on the field. If you have both Mimi and the pair tamer on play, there is a chance that you can have 3 or 5 or 7 memories at beginning of the turn when your opponent has rested Digimon and you have 1 or more Mimi&Izumi tamer in play.

This deck is strong against the Red or Blue Hybrid that is currently overturning the meta, but it may face some difficulty if it match-up with Security Control. 

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BT7: A Deck for Lucemon Falldown Mode

BT7 Next Adventure is a very good booster set that will create many new interesting deck profiles. We predict that there will be no Tier-0 deck in BT7 meta, but more like BT6 meta that providing lots of Tier-1 decks that compete with each other.

Digimon Card Meta would like to introduce a deck concept for Lucemon: Falldown Mode, the first SEC card LV5 purple in BT7.

NOTE: The deck below includes 3 copies of the new purple Tamer Koichi Kimura ( didnot have the card on the day I create this deck)

Deck Strategy

This deck has been tested but can further optimize. The feeling when I play this deck is: it is okay if my Digimon gets destroyed because I need more cards to build up the trash. It is easy to play Lucemon:Falldown mode and it is strong, it controls the board quite well and is faster than 3/2 Musketeers. There are multiple different combos in the deck but they are working well together. 

After I played some rounds, I noticed I need more trash power so Pagumon from the starter deck would be the best candidate for the strategy. You can also choose the [BT3-006] Demimeramon to "draw 1 then trash 1" when destroyed.

The [BT2-068] Impmon can help to discard 3 cards when it is destroyed, so it is to be digivolved from digitama. The DemiDevimon, on the other hand, used to hard-play to directly trash 2 cards, then can be digivolved into "retaliation" Devimon or other LV4. These 2 cards are really helpful to fill up the trash, I also sometimes use them to attack the opponent's security if I need them to die or the game's plan doesn't need to move up to LV4. 

Besides these rookies, LV5 LadyDevimon is another MVP to draw and trash cards, this helps to provide more selections if you are able to draw more cards to your hands. 

The [BT6-068] Impmon is to retrieve Lilithmon and Lucemon: Falldown mode from trash to hand. The LV5 Lucemon FDM (Falldown mode) can be played from trash by using Dead or Alive option card, so I choose to put 3 copies of BT6 Impmon.

[BT7-111] Lucemon FDM is a new threat in purple color, it destroys an opponent's LV6 digimon or a tamer using its "On Play" or "When Digivolving" effect.  If I play against Security Control or 3 Musketeers, the opponent normally gives a lot of memory for the turn, so I will play the LV3 yellow Lucemon for 5 costs to trigger "Recovery +1" then digivolve it into LV5 Purple Lucemon FDM to destroy opponent LV6 or lower Digimon. 

The Lucemon FDM needs 14 costs to play if you don't have 10 or more cards in the trash, so if opponent controls the memory and your trash is not enough then Lucemon FDM has no chance to show off, that is why building trash is an important task of the deck. The option card Ultimate Sacrifice (Dead or Alive), with 8 costs to play, is another option to play Lucemon FDM from trash without paying its cost. You can also play the card from hand by playing and paying "Dead or Alive" costs only if your trash has more than 10 cards, these condition is rather easy to meet.

Lilithmon holds a very crucial role for the deck, I will digivolve LV5 Lucemon into this Digimon to retrieve 2 purple option cards (Dead or Alive) from trash to hand. Then I can play the Dead or Alive option card for 6 costs (Lilith saves 2 costs) to play another Lucemon FDM from trash for free. You may think how ideal it is to get the combo like that, I would say it is easy, especially if you have a Yamato tamer on play to give you 3 memories at beginning of the turn.

Besides Lilithmon, I choose Cherubimon to be another LV6 for the deck. The Cheribumon "when digivolving" effect can be used to play either Yamato or Koichi tamer cards, there is no play-cost condition for the tamer that can be summoned from trash by Cherubimon's effect. Except for Rookie Rush deck, the opponent normally does not have many LV4 or lower digimon in the field, so 1 or 2 tamers are good enough to clear the opponent's board. It is useful to deal with blocker or "retaliation" LV4 opponent's digimon.

For Cherubimon "On Deletion" effect, Neemon and LV3 Lucemon are candidates to get back from trash. Lucemon gives "Recovery+1" and Neemon's "On Play" effect credits you to play a Koichi tamer for free. 

Koichi is very important to be recycled from the trash. First of all, you can "draw 1 trash 1" when you play Koichi; Second, we can digivolve Koichi into LV4 purple hybrid digimon to do another attack or "retaliation" 1 of opponent rested digimon.

Do not hold and keep Koichi on board because he is only useful when we use him as a digimon. We can easily retrieve him from trash by using Cherubimon and Antylamon [When Digivolving] or Neemon [On Play] effects.

Currently, I only put 3 copies of the hybrid JagerLoweemon, but if you like, you can put 4 copies of him to rush the opponent, there are many games I won with his final check.

Concluding Note

For cards that I did not mention in the post, they can be changed depending on game strategy. 

Lucemon FDM can also be played in Megazoo or Security Control, but I still love it to be played in a pure purple deck. 

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EX1 New Deck: A Monkey Zoo

  Today I would like to share one of my new decks using all monkey-chan from BT3 and EX1 set. Surprisingly this deck runs quite well, very fun, and easy to play.

I can say this deck is a megazoo deck since I will always hard-play the LV5 [BT3-070] Etemon, also many option cards are included.

The MVP BT3 LV5 Etemon, a blocker with 7 costs to play, is hard-played to block the opponent next turn to get destroyed. As we know if this Digimon gets destroyed, we can reveal top 5 cards and play a LV6 Digimon with "Etemon" in its name without paying its cost. This deck has 8 LV6 Digimon, 4 copies of [BT3-074] MetalEtemon  and 4 copies of [EX1-053] MetalEtemon that can be free-played if they are revealed. 

The [EX1-053] MetalEtemon card effect:
[Opponent's turn]: For each Digimon card with "Etemon" in its name in your trash, this Digimon gets +1000DP
[On Deletion]: "De-digivolve 1" 1 of your opponent's Digimon

* The official bandai website translated wrongly for this card first effect, it is written [Your Turn] in English translation but the Japanese words is [Opponent's Turn].

Normally I will immediately digivolve this LV6 MetalEtemon into OmnimonZwart for 6 costs to retrieve the LV5 blocker Etemon that just got destroyed (if I have Zwart in hands).  The LV7 Omnimon Zwart is the best choice (in my opinion) as LV7 Digimon for this deck. It can widen the board, and take back 1 or 2 LV5 Etemon blocker to play for free.   

Zwart can deal damage to opponent's unsuspended Digimon when it's attacking by returning the LV6 to hands. Besides, if the opponent attacks Zwart, we can use LV5 Etemon to block and summon LV6 MetalEtemon again. When I play this deck, it is so easy to widen the board even if I am only able to draw 1 LV5 Etemon.

New EX1 LV5 Etemon

[EX1-052] Etemon
[Your Turn] When this Digimon digivolve into a Digimon with [Etemon] in its name, reduce the digivolution cost by 1
Inheritable effect: While this Digimon has [Etemon] in its name, it gains "Jamming"

The LV5 Etemon is included 3 copies to perform a normal digivolution for draw power and cheaper to evolve into LV6 MetalEtemon. Moreover, the play cost for this digimon is 8 so it can survive if I cast the [BT6-105] GewaltSchwarmer, this is very important for the game strategy. (This LV5 can also be summoned back from trash for free using Zwart's effect.)

Draw Power and Memory Control

Beside the drawing power from normal digivolution, from digitama card's effect and Izumi & Joe Tamer, the new [EX1-045] Hagurumon is a must for this deck. By trashing 1 card with [Machine] or [Cyborg] in its traits from hand to trigger drawing 2 cards from the deck. LV3 Commandramon, LV4 Tankmon and LV6 MetalEtemon are "Cyborg" trait Digimon. This is to use when we have a bad first draw.

Analog Boy (2 copies) is a good card for search power with only 2 costs to play, not only that when the LV5 digimon (with Digivolution source) gets destroyed, we also can gain 1 memory from this tamer and hatch one egg if the raising area is empty. 

The 2 cost white option card Win Rate: 60% (Effect: If you have a Tamer in play, you may use this Option card without meeting its color requirements.[Main] The next time one of your Digimon digivolves this turn, you may trash 1 Digimon card in your hand of the same color as the digivolving Digimon to reduce the memory cost of the digivolution by 4.), I put only 1 copy to try out. But to pay 2 costs and be able to save 1 memory seems not very useful (all this deck black digimon needs max 3 cost to digivolve). For white Digimon Zwart, of course I won't trash 1 white Digimon since I only have 4 Zwart in the deck. (This card will be more useful for Diaboromon or color that its LV6 is expensive to digivolve).
​​I used 4 copies of [BT3-061] Chuumon for memory control. It is a must to deal with memory abuse in the current meta.


​Playing this deck you will sometime give opponent a lots of memory, so they will tend to widen the boar​d​ or build digivolution for a very powerful LV6 or LV7 digimon. 3 type​s​ of killer option cards I used are to deal with those situation​s​, it is quite effective for my games ​even ​when my hand bricks.


EX1 is a good set and I believe there will be many new decks created with its cards. You can check out "EX1 Box Review" for more information. And don't forget to build this monkey deck to try out, I guarantee that you will have lots of fun with it. 

Game Reference

This Etemon is further optimized and you can find the deck profile at the end of the video. 

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A Fun Post: Please ban Lilith-Loop

Yesterday I had a casual match with my friend, I played Red Gallantmon Deck and he played Lilith-loop BT6 version. Lilith-loop in BT6 can finish the game in one turn with Ginkakumon Promote and BT5 Lilith-loop can widen the board up-to 5 or more Digimon, besides while they are processing this loop, they will also easily clear your board. To be honest, this is the first time I experienced this feeling, I got traumatized with this deck and I told my friend "If you still want to be my friend, don't ever play Lilith-loop in a casual game with me". Haha, Just kidding. 

Here is my deck's main pillar:

 At the first game I made a mistake when I digivolved a LV5 Digimon into LV6 Megidramon, triggering both players to trash 5 cards. Since I accidentally thicken the trash for him, he can proceed to loop in his next turn, how sad is that. 

Do you know the pain when you play against Shoutmon-DX deck? Shoutmon-DX is the OTK type that destroys you so fast that you don't feel anything. But with the Lilith-loop, you will just "mentally" die slowly, seeing your opponent doing thousands of things on the board, his Digimon keeps increasing, your Digimon keep going to trash, after like 30 minutes when he finished looping, you lost the game. 

Counter Lilith-Loop

 Lilith-loop is not popular in BT6 since we have OTK red Jesmon and Gabumon-BOF, too fast for Lilith-loop to get time to build up its trash, but it is a serious thing in BT5 meta. 

Lilith-loop is easy to deck-out when they process the loop because trashing is triggered by Omegamon Zwart. In one turn, they will at-least digivolve upto 2 OmegamonZwart and keep drawing because there is many digivolving in between. If they get deck-out in the next turn or next next turn, they will lose the game, that is why they will ensure to control the memory and put Gazimon out with many blockers, they don't let you gain memory from Delay Option card or other free memory option card. 

Once you see your opponent plays Lilith-loop, the best way is to end the game fast before they build up the trash, that is what I did in the second game and I managed to win this game. But I lost the 3rd game, so overall I lost.  
After your opponent is able to process the Lilith-loop, there is a very very rare chance that you can win back the game. The "When attacking" effect of Omegamon Zwart can just destroy 1 digimon with 12 play cost or less, so if your LV6's play cost is higher than 12, your Digimon is safe. In order to survive from this situation, we think "All Delete" is the only candidate to lengthen the game to make your opponent's deck-out in the next turn.   

Even though it is not easy to achieve all the conditions to use "All Delete", it is not impossible.

We need to return 1 Omegamon to hand in order to play the "All Delete" option card, and since you may not have enough memory, then you need to use "Mega Digimon Fusion" to reduce the cost of digivolving from your LV6 digimon to LV7 digimon, hence you also need a white option card in the board. The All Delete card can wipe out all Digimon and Tamers, leaving the delay option card and Digimon in the raising area. If your opponent has 2 cards in his deck, assuming he returned 2 Omegamon Zwart at the end of the loop procedure and no Digimon in the raising area, he will surely lose in the next turn. He cannot evolve his egg because he has to draw, but if he does not digivolve, he dont have Digimon to attack you to end the game.

The second method happens to be in Green color.

We can use the 6 cost option card to rest all opponent's Digimon and gain back memory for each Digimon it is rested (again, Gazimon is the real trouble here). If you still have at least 11 memories, you can play Puppetmon to make them not wake-up in their next turn.  During your next turn, you can use the Dimension Scissor to destroy all your opponent Digimon.

For this method, you may need to figure out how to deal with the annoying Gazimon that controls you from earning memory from "other than" Tamer.

Put the comment if you have other strategy to deal with Lilith (when they completed looping), and you agree with us that it is should be banned?

By the way, this is just a fun post, this is not to trigger prejudice or argument over the Lilith-loop deck. Everyone has different ways to enjoy the game.

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EX-01 WarGreymon Digivolution Chain

The EX1 Classic Collection is a special set that uses many old designs of Digimon Card Game, it will be released at the end of July, around one month before the BT7 Next Adventure. Whether we like the old design or not, I think we won't be disappointed with the EX1 cards' new effects. 
In this post, I would like to discuss the new WarGreymon digivolution chain in EX01, something that brings more power for red color in the coming meta.

EX1 WarGreymon

With all leaks we have so far, all red Digimons look like they were created for WarGreymon Digivolution chain, but "of course" for the flexibility of Digimon Card Game, you can use any red digimon for the evolution phase. Here is some detailed effects of these red Digimon from LV3 Agumon to LV6 WarGreymon.

  • LV3 Agumon: Inherited Effect: [When Attacking][Once Per Turn] Reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. Add a tamer card or Digimon with [Agumon] in it’s name to your hand. Put the remaining cards to the bottom of your deck in any order.
  • LV4 Greymon: Inherited effect: [When Attacking][Once Per Turn] You may play a tamer Yagami Taichi with 3 cost or lower to play from hand without paying its cost.
  • LV5 MetalGreymon: [When Attacking] When this Digimon attacks a player, delete 1 of your opponent’s Digimon with 4000 DP or less.
    Inherited Effect: [Your Turn] While this Digimon has [Machine] or [Dragonkin] in its type, this Digimon gains “Piercing”
  • LV6 WarGreymon: Effect1: “Advance” (this Digimon can attack when opponent has 1 memory or more)
    Effect 2: [When attacking] When this digimon attack opponent’s player and you have a tamer on play, delete one opponent’s digimon with “Blocker”.

Agumon and Greymon

The LV3 Agumon helps to search for a tamer card no matter what color or cost-to-play it is. While Agumon looks for a tamer card, the LV4 Greymon inheritable effect will let us play a Yagami Taichi tamer "with 3 costs or less to play" without paying its cost. For red color, there is (for now) 2 tamer cards for Tai Kamiya that has 3 cost or less to play.

ST1 Tai Kamiya can be beneficial for a deck using many hybrid digimon, we can use Agunimon to digivolve into this tamer to perform one security attack. The BT6 Tai Kamiya, 3 cost to play, can be drawn and played for free from EX1 Agumon-Greymon combo, giving Agumon Bond Of Courage profile another support. 

These 2 cards will serve well for the deck that needs many tamers, Yellow ShineGreymon is a deck profile that is still winning in tournaments from his debut until today. So why don't we boost up the deck's foundation with these combos?  

It is not rare to see a deck building in red-base color for yellow Shine, color can be changed from Red to Yellow using LV5 Silphymon or RizeGreymon, RizeGreymon can also help to play a red or yellow tamer for free by triggering his "Digiburst" effect. With LV4 Greymon and LV5 RizeGreymon, there will be a new Shine profile playing in red but including many yellow tamers.

We can also mix the EX1 WarGreymon into this deck, WarGreymon with "Advance", can be immediately attacking when it is digivolving to trigger all "When attacking" effects to search and summon more tamers. ShineGreymon "When digivolving" effect is best to bring out to the battle when we have many yellow tamers in the field. Hmm, I can predict the future of ShineGreymon that can be shining again.  

EX1 MetalGreymon and WarGreymon

MetalGreymon, a LV5 digimon that can be digivolving into black or red color, grants "piercing" for the Digimon that is [Machine] type or [Dragon Kin] type, and has this card in its digivolution source.

For the [DragonKin], we have Wargreymon, VictoryGreymon, BlackWarGreymon. For the [Machine] type, we have Machinedramon.

The EX1 WarGreymon, with 4 costs to digivolve and 12000DP, is not a cheap LV6 to play, but it has "Advance" with "piercing" that inherited from LV5 MetalGreymon, it is easy to execute first attack when it's digivolving and memory is at 1 or more in opponent's side. On top of that, the WarGreymon also destroys 1 opponent's blocker with his "when attacking" effect.

We may need to get 4 copies of digitama Babymon to add +2000DP for WarGreymon.


I don't know how many new tamers will be introduced in this set, or how other colors get support from this set. But I can say that Red will still remain top tier in the coming meta.

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Fun Post: A Scary Scenario

I recently saw a special combo shared on Twitter, which sets up a frightening board.

Game Scenario


This scenario was posted in Twitter by Micro71135190, and it is a frightening situation.

Game Condition

First of all, he plays 2 different colored option cards at a total of 7 cost (6+1) in one turn (though Blasted Disaster would cost much less for each of your opponent's Digimons).

The [BT6-103] Blasted Disaster will suspend all your opponent's Digimon on the field, and regains 1 memory for each suspended Digimon (so the more Digimons your opponent have in battle, the cheaper this costs). To play this card, the player will need a green tamer, a hatched green digitama (in the raising area) or a green digimon in the battle.

The other (probably optional) option card is the red [BT3-097] A Delicate Plan, which is casted on BlackWargreymon to help him survive any deletion option card during security check (option jamming). Similarly, the player will need a red tamer, red digitama, or a red digimon in the battle area.

The Build for BlackWarGreymon

[BT2-112] BlackWargreymon is a card with a very nice art and hard to use in black color. It's unique [When Attacking] effect is able to clear the opponent's board when all of your opponent's Digimon are rested. 

The combo of [BT2-055] ToyAgumon and [BT2-057] Greymon gives BlackWargreymon [Reboot] and [Jamming], while the LV5 [BT6-013] Megadramon adds +2000DP into this Digimon, pushing BlackWarGreymon's DP to 14K, enough to deal with opponent's mega level Digimon in the battle. (But if opponent has a Digimon with 15K DP in the battle, then this whole plan fails).

Now the BlackWargreymon has [Jamming] and "option jamming" and is not afraid of your opponent's security.

The [P-033] Sunarizamon gives [Piercing] to all your black Digimons with 13000DP or higher. The BlackWarGreymon with 14000DP meets the condition to achieve [Piercing].

When BlackWarGreymon declares attack, it must target the opponent's Digimon with highest DP to be active again after attacking, then it continues until opponent has no more Digimons in the battle. For every attack, it perform 1 security check due to "piercing", so the more Digimons your opponent has in battle, more security cards are removed. 

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BT6 AncientTroymon – The New Right-Hand man for Nidhogg

BT6 Double Diamond does not give face to green color, it doesn't even have an SR card, no new LV7 digimon. Bandai introduced new 10 green digimon while other colors have at least 12 new digimon, this is maybe their strategy to boost up popularity for red blue and black. 

By the way, Nidhoggmon is still remaining as a very formidable digimon for green color, the power of "returning all opponent's rested digimon and digimon with 5000 DP or lower to bottom of its owner deck" can deal with any type of deck. Last time we talked about how perfect the combination of Nidhoggmon and HerculesKabuterimon, now Nidhoggmon has a "even better" partner in BT6 booster set, it is AncientTroymon 


AncientTroymon is quite expensive to evolve (5 costs), same play cost, evolve cost and DP with Nidhoggmon. AncientTroy effect is quite new for green and suitable to put in Nidhoggmon deck. In opponent's turn: When an opponent's digimon attacks, suspend up to 2 of their digimon without "blocker". If this digimon in the battle, even opponent wants to destroy this digimon, at the time opponent declares attacking, 2 of their digimon will be rested by this effect. Nighoggmon deck is normally good to deal with type of deck that can widen the board fast with many rookie digimon. 

Once opponent's digimon are rested by AncientTroymon effect, Nidhoggmon can be used in next turn to send all the rested and rookie digimon to bottom of its owner deck. Even if opponent decided not to attack because they scare of Niddhog, then at least AncientTroy helps to delay the attacking. 

There is 2 new [hybrid] type digimon in BT6, Arbormon and Petaldramon. Petaldramon is a good candidate to be played from AncientTroy [On Deletion] effect, while Arbormon is used to evolve from a green tamer with only 2 costs. The LV4 hybrid Arbomon is like a game changer for green these days when this digimon can become a last check to win the game as long as there is enough memory.

Evolve from LV5 to LV6 with "0" cost

Digimon Card Meta did share a post about gatcha green that is currently widely used in any green deck (game play video). This is a new way of playing green that is started at BT5 meta when the tamer Izzy Izumi and Mimi introduced. 

There is 3 popular Green LV6 digimon is take 5 costs to evolve: Green Imperialdramon, Nidhoggmon, AncientTroy. Using the green Izzy and Mimi  or LV5 Jagamon is a step to evolve to LV6 digimon for free. It is easy to hit LV6 card if we have more "Izzy Izumi & Mimi" in the battle.

Deck References

Deck CompositionDetailsDeck ColorDeck ProfileDeck NameDateCountryAuthor
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4nBT2-004a1nST4-01a4nBT3-046a2nBT4-052a2nST4-04a4nBT6-045a4nBT1-072a4nBT5-050a2nST4-08a2nBT6-049a1nBT2-047a4nBT3-054a4nBT4-059a2nBT3-058a3nBT4-062a2nBT5-056a3nBT6-054a1nBT4-091a4nBT1-089a1nBT1-110a1nBT3-103 GreenGRN_NIDHOG_ACTRNidhogg controlJun 7, 2021SingaporeRose_velvet
4nBT5-004a1nBT6-004a3nBT1-064a3nBT2-042a3nBT3-046a2nBT4-052a3nST4-03a3nBT1-071a3nBT5-050a2nST4-08a3nBT6-049a1nBT2-047a4nBT3-054a3nBT4-059a3nBT4-062a2nBT5-056a2nBT6-054a1nBT4-090a3nBT1-089a1nBT5-091a3nP-038a2nST4-15 GreenGRN_NIDHOG_ACTRNidhogg controlJun 5, 2021JapanKomiyama
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1nBT3-004a4nBT6-004a4nBT1-064a1nBT1-068a2nBT2-043a2nST4-03a4nST4-04a4nBT1-071a3nBT3-049a2nBT4-053a3nBT6-049a4nBT1-078a1nBT2-047a4nBT3-054a4nBT3-057a1nBT3-111a1nBT4-062a4nBT6-054a2nBT1-089a3nBT5-089a1nBT3-103 GreenGRN_ACTR_MGARGOGreen ControlMay 30, 2021JapanTotoron
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BT6 New Deck Intro: Titamon, a cheap SR with huge Potential

[BT6-081] Titamon is a only purple super rare card that was introduced in BT6. With 4 cost to evolve, this seems to be the most potential LV6 digimon for purple color in Double Diamond. 

Titamon has 12000DP but easily gain +2000DP when we trash a card from hand and "Security Attack+1". The deck I created for Titamon is the first one when I got BT6 physical card, I got excited with whose bunch of purple digimon in this set and immediatly tried out this new recipe. You can check the game play in our site YouTube channel.

The Titamon Aggro Deck

This deck motto is "Trashing card is my power".

 I can say that all Purple cards in this Double Diamond set are quite fun to play, purple is always surprised us with their new effects.

Here is the distribution of the deck: 12 cards for LV3 Digimon, 12 cards for LV4 Digimon, 9 cards for LV5 Digimon, LV6 Digimon got 6 slots, 3 for Tamer and 6 slots are for option cards.

LV2 and LV3 Digimon

This deck has a huge draw power, as purple always do. [BT3-006] DemiMeramon was very popular digitama and always used in all purple decks, now BT6 gave us Tsunomon that even better. DemiMeramon only gives <Draw 1> when destroyed while [BT6-006] Tsunomon gives <Draw 1> whenever we trash a card using one of our effect (once per turn), this provided more draw power during the game than I expected, that is why I used 4 copies of Tsunomon and 1 copy of DemiMeramon in the deck.

There is 4 types of LV3 digimon are using in this deck. I used 3 copies of new BT6 Goblimon to boost LV6 Digimon DP +2000 DP, especially for Titamon to have 16000 DP. There is many powerful LV7 digimon that have 15000 DP that can be in opponent's security stack, a high DP will be needed and safer for a multi-checking digimon like Titamon. 3 copies of [BT5-071] Guilmon, the most common digimon to recycle from trash. I used Guilmon to be trashed and play from trash when triggering Titamon's "When Digivolving" effect, a digimon with "On Deletion" effect is more useful for this kind of deck. 2 copies of Tsukaimon is simply to gain memory when it's destroyed and 4 copies of [BT2-069] Gabumon for draw and trash power. 

LV4 and LV5 Digimon

Now you may question why I used so many slots for LV4, those are for me to trash, lolx.

The [BT6-071] Kinkakumon and [BT6-073] Ginkakumon are the candidate to be trashed from hand if the situation allows. 

The LV4 GinkakumonPromote is the best champion digimon for this deck. I can free play him from Titamon's "when digivolving" effect, then can put Kinkakumon under this card digivolution source to destroy 1 opponent's LV3 digimon if I see opponent has LV3 on the board, or I can put LV5 Skullgreymon  (when I trash this card from hand) in bottom of GinkakuPromote's digivolution source to give it "retaliation", then it can declare attack 1 opponent's powerful digimon at the same turn it is summoned because of his "rush" effect. As I said, depends on the game's situation, GinkakuPromote comes to be useful.

This deck only uses 3 copies of blocker Devimon, also cheaper to evolve to move up to LV6 faster.

As mentioned above, the LV5 [BT6-078] SkullGreymon is included here to trash and place in the bottom of one other purple Digimon's digivolution source in the battle to give "retaliation". This "retaliation" is more flexible and unpredicted to opponent. This card can be used in any turn when we see opponent has unsuspended digimon in the field. 

[BT5-079] BlackWarGrowlmon is a very good LV5 Digimon, it helps to summon for free 1 LV3 from trash (Guilmon) when doing "digi-burst 3" and can unsuspend this digimon (once per turn). If this card is under Titamon's digivolution source, Titamon can check security up-to 4 cards in once turn.

2 copies of LadyDevimon is also for draw and trash power. Besides, we can use the inherited effect from LadyDevimon to destroy 1 opponent's LV3 digimon when we play an option card.

LV6 and LV7 Digimon

The main pillar for this deck is Titamon and Tactimon. Titamon takes 4 costs to evolve, but can check up-to 4 securities in one turn (with BlackWarGrowlmon) with 14000 DP. Once he appears in the battle, the game will be favor to us since he also can summon 1 LV4 for free with "when digivolving" effect. Tactimon, in the other hand, cheaper to evolve and has some constraints when we want to trigger all of his benefits. But actually this digimon is the most flexible LV6 digimon that give you 3 options to choose when it attacks, you can apply the most suitable effect that is best for the game situation.

I included only 1 copy of Plutomon, if I can draw him then I will use him for draw power and play option card for free if needed, else it can be trashed to trigger some other effect.

The game for this deck is supposed to be fast, I don't plan to create any loop to drag the game like Lilith-loop.

I choose Omnimon Zwart Defeat for LV7 slots instead of Omnimon Zwart. Zwart Defeat is like a shield in the battle that opponent will not want to destroy him. He also delete 1 opponent's tamer when evolving, tamer is an annoying element for the game these days when their effect is more powerful for its owner.  

Option and Tamer: all for more memory

There is 2 copies of Sora & Mimi new tamer in BT6 and 1 copy of Takumi Aiba, both of them are for draw power. The purple tamer is very good when we play against Security Control deck because it don't have many rookie or champion digimon, secure chance to gain 2 memory in start of the turn. And this deck have more power to destroy opponent's LV3 digimon, I think they will avoid to hard play LV3 digimon. Takumi Aiba is a back-up plan if opponent plays Rookie-rush, that is why only 1 copy is used.

Memory Boost becomes vital option cards for the game these days, the ability to gain more memory whenever we need to finish the game. [BT6-107] Grave Memory Boost provides chance to recycle card from trash while Violet Memory Boost gives "card searching" power. Both of them have "delay" effect to back-up 2 memory to use when needed. 

The option card Underworld's Call is a candidate to be trashed when I need draw power, also a candidate to be played for free from Plutomon's "when digivolving" effect to play a LV4 from trash without paying its cost, or when I have lots of memory and I need a final check to win the game, then it comes to be useful to summon GinkakuPromote for a last check with "Rush". 


This deck has huge draw power, so players do not normally end up with a poor hand. It may take times to resolve all effects but it kind of fun to play, why don't you try out. There is no option card to deal with opponent's high level digimon, so I tend to use "retaliation" to destroy them. But since we have Plutomon in the the deck, we can consider to put 1 or 2 copies of Hell Gate to destroy opponent's LV6 or higher digimon. We can remove 1 or 2 LV4 digimon for these option cards' slot.

The game with this deck is uploaded in our YouTube channel, play against a Security Control deck. 

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