William Teh: A Deck Review for JesmonGX with Gankoomon X

Invited Author: William Teh
Country: Malaysia


Jesmon GX has its unique play style in Digimon Card Game (DCG) as it combines with a bunch of sistermons to run the engine.
Previously, Jesmon's play style was One Turn Kill (OTK) instead of how you are able to control the board and lack of defensive ability compared to other decks.
It is good for beginners who just joined DCG before the limitation of BT6 SaviourHuckmon where you can just build your perfect line in the Digitama area and OTK your opponent when the time has come.
After the limitation of BT-6 SaviourHuckmon, the play style becomes more interesting and you are able to do more in board controlling.
This is the deck I played and won in a local tournament.

How does Jesmon GX deck works in the BT-10 environment?

For the current environment, how do we increase the win rate against most of the decks like Venusmon (Security control), Blueflare, Darkknightmon X, etc?
Most of the Jesmon GX players will prioritize Jesmon X rather than ST12 Gankoomon/ Gankoomon X. 
Jesmon X allows all of your Digimons including sistermons to attack the active Digimon in your next turn (as your Sistermons have summoning sickness during the turn) where mostly you will pass the turn due to digivolved to Jesmon GX.
However, most of the time all of your sistermons will be destroyed by Dexmon as most of the deck will put at least 1 or 2 pieces Dexmon currently in their deck. 
This is the key reason why I played a different style of Jesmon GX, ST-12 Gankoomon and Gankoomon X will be my prior instead of Jesmon/Jesmon X.
As De-digivolve is irresistible currently except for Ragnalordmon and Mother D-Reaper. All these make ST-12 Gankoomon become my choice.
For the sequence of Sistermons
(1 – Important, 5 – Optional)
1) BT6 Sistermon Noir/Ciel
2) ST12 Sistermon Blanc
3) BT6 Sistermon Blanc
4) ST12 Sistermon Noir/Ciel
5) BT10 Sistermon Ciel
Why the most important is BT6 Sistermon Noir/Ciel instead of BT10 Sistermon Ciel?
I love how BT6 Sistermon Noir/Ciel delivers a persistent effect with +2000 DP for all turns and +1 memory where Jesmon GX's DP can be up to 21000 or more with Blocker effect.
BT10 Sistermon Ciel is giving an effect of +1 memory when digivolving to Huckmon in name/ Royal Knight, but lacks a persistent effect.
DCG performs based on how you control your opponent's memory to increase the rate of winning. However, if you need BT10 Sistermon Ciel to digivolve to Jesmon GX; thus, you would give your opponent's memory to become 6 or above. 
Unless you need to speed up the digivolution in 1 turn from BaoHuckmon(Level 4) to Jesmon GX to counter your opponent's or serious defending for the turn. Then, BT10 Sistermon Ciel will be the only option.
Whereas, ST12 Sistermon Blanc is a compulsory 2-3 copies in your deck.
It can prevent your Red/ Black Digimon from being destroyed by effect. In other words, Jesmon GX is nearly invulnerable to most of the effects except for De-digivolve and Chaos Degration.
Lastly, ST12 Sistermon Noir/ Ciel might need at least 1 piece to reboot your Jesmon GX as the highest DP Blocker in DCG so far.


Facing against yellow security control deck (Venusmon) could be quite challenging as Venusmon effect is able to control most of the deck and you couldn’t run any of your digivolving/ attacking effects until the end of the opponent's turn. 
So, we can use the ST12 Searcher & Delay option or just play BT1 Taichi or Sistermon in order to utilize the memory.
Why would you play Taichi while Venusmon can control your Digimon with "Security Attack"?
This is why I chose ST12 Gankoomon as main instead of Jesmon/ Jesmon X. BT1 Taichi does not affect other than Red Digimon.
With that, it is easier to control your memory at 3 during your turn and  counter your opponent.
Firstly, digivolve your SaviourHuckmon to ST12 Gankoomon and you can De-Digivolve up to 2 opponent's Digimon. Then, you can just pay for 1 cost to Digivolve to Gankoomon X. 
At the end, your Jesmon GX can do about 5 checks to your opponent's security.
This is why I use BT1 Taichi and not worrying about Venusmon.
Facing DarkKnightmon X (DKX) deck will be a little strenuous, DKX can free summon Darkknightmon (DK) in trash during deletion.
The only method is to digivolve ST12 Gankoomon and De-digivolve DKX.
Next, we could destroy it without allowing your opponent to free summon an 8 cost DK.
The effect of BT10 DK works to De-digivolve 1 of your Digimon and destroy a 5 cost Digimon, that's why it becomes 1 of the Meta in our country.
Therefore, the solution goes to ST12 Gankoomon.XD
Regarding Blue Flare (BF), the nemesis of Jesmon GX.
We know about how BF can stun all of your sistermons and Jesmon GX/ Jesmon/ Gankoomon.
But, don’t worry about spreading your sistermons despite your opponent can stun all of them during every turn.
Here’s a smart move! I would recommend putting 2 pieces of BT8 Kimeramon into your deck. Joggress Digivolution reset all of the effects of 2 of your Sistermons (or any of the Level 4 Digimon). Friendly reminder, Jesmon GX must clear your opponent's security until 0 before we use the BT8 Kimeramon to end the game. Otherwise, you will be countered by your opponent in the next turn.
Back to the start, ST12 Gankoomon plays an important role, as we know Deckerdramon has "Armor Purge".
Last but not least, we need some luck for Digimon Card Game although your deck is stronger against your opponent's deck.
Sometimes, you have to pray hard before the tournament to decrease your hand brick chances. XD
The above is my personal opinion and does not represent any of the other Jesmon GX players.
Have a nice day!

Thomas: Presenting for Red in BT9 meta, Gallantmon X-antibody

Invited Author: Thomas
Country: Indonesia


Gallantmon to me is a deck that heavily relies on the right digivolutions and Takato the Red tamer from EX-02. Giving "blitz" to a security-deleting boss Digimon is basically a game winner in the right conditions. Being red in color means Gallantmon will face no troubles in deleting buff digimons from the field and having deletion by DP instead of level means it has counter play against another oppressive deck in the meta  such as “D-Reapers”.

This is the deck I used to win a tournament in local recently. 

Link to view this deck in digimonmeta.com decklist.

How does Gallantmon deck work?

Getting the right digivolution means a lot to the deck, stacking with BT9 Guilmon X-Antibody, Growlmon X-Antibody and EX2 Wargrowlmon already adds 3000 DP to all deletion effects for the deck, bringing in the EX2 Gallantmon further increases that number to 7000 DP. Meaning a 6-Cost Atomic Megalo Blaster can delete a 17000 DP digimon.

The lack of memory that was a problem for the deck was taken care of by the new BT9 Wargrowlmon X-Antibody. Just having the card in the deck gives of pressure to the opponent, recklessly swarming the field will just be the same as giving memory to the Dukemon player and a chance to close the game out swiftly. If it evolves on top of a ST7 Wargrowlmon, the digimon will even gain an additional security check on top of that memory. 

That being said, piloting the deck can be a wild ride indeed. It has the potential to OTK (One Turn Kill) your opponent or slowly grind their deck to a halt.

There are 2 winning scenarios that this deck provides during the game. It is either the BT5 Omnimon final hit with "Blitz" or the BT9 GallantmonX to trash-and-attack security when we use the LV5 WarGrowlmon* to declare the attack with the help of X-antibody option card, it digivolves into Gallantmon X when attacking. Else we can digivolve LV5 into LV6 BT9  GallantmonX, if there is a Takato in the battle, the GallantmonX gains "Blitz".

When playing this deck, there is a need to calculate when you want to delete opponent's Digimon if there is only 1 or 2 of them in the battle. We should leave 1 opponent's Digimon to be deleted by GallantmonX in order to trigger the "trash the top card of opponent's security stack" when opponent only has 1 card left in their security to win the game.


Facing against purple decks will somewhat be of a treat cause they stack up their trash real quick. EX2 Gallantmon Crimson Mode and BT2 Gallantmon can do quick work of opponents like these. A match-up against a Beelzemon deck can be a gamble, the Beelzemon deck has the potential to close the game out in a very explosive turn but in a situation that they couldn’t, it is very much in the bag for Gallantmon. The main focus for this is to out-speed the Beelze deck and always preparing a big counter hitter in case our opponent fails to close the game out. Other purple decks are quite slow compared to Beelzemon and Gallantmon could do very well against them due to their nature of filling up their trash pile.

 Facing against yellow decks could be quite challenging due to their recovery and control over the game state. They could control the tempo efficiently and possibly heal up all the damage being done in the previous turn. The focus against yellow decks is like setting up a very big explosive turn with the right digivolution line for example a 3-Security checking menace with the ST7 Gallantmon and ST7 Wargrowlmon. Againts hybrid decks you should always be prioritizing this method, because it is very dangerous considering the amount of options and tamers they can bring in a deck. Speaking of options, to counter this, the deck can opt to bring “A Delicate Plan” for situational scenarios like this. But aside from OTK-ing, you can also choose to delete their security by trashing it. The BT9 Gallantmon X-Antibody can do the job but in case they preemptively prevent it’s effect by not having any digimon in play, the BT2 Gallantmon and EX2 Gallantmon Crimson Mode is another option. 

Facing against black decks is a steep hill to climb, due to their immunity being deleted and having blocker on top of it. Meaning security checks won’t be going through. The deck needs to very much outspeed the opponent for a chance to win. Not being able to remove an Ouryumon for example, means that in the next turn we could lose the very stack we have been building if we opt to attack and with its the tempo control. Losing tempo in a game would basically mean that from there on out, there are only mountains to overcome. Regaining tempo is possible but very unlikely from that point. Blackwargreymon can also make quick work of your tamers if you don’t carefully time their drop.

Facing against green and blue will feel the same. Grandiskuwagamon, Metalgarurumon-X Antibody are very fast paced hard hitting decks that can close out the game in a single turn. That being said Gallantmon are also a hard hitting deck but somewhat lags behind in terms of setup time and cost. Grandiskuwagamon has jamming and essentially 3-security checks everytime in a perfect scenario and, Metalgarurumon-X Antibody decks can opt to bring the EX1 Metalgarurumon for fast ramping up to the boss Metalgarurumon-X. Metalgarurumon also has a control option of returning Digimons back to hand that could very disruptive and can punish you in case of a wrong decision. 

To add to all of the statements above, Gallantmon is a very versatile and unsolved deck. New variants are going to keep on popping up here and there, given the variety and choices we have when building this deck it is only natural that this occurs. Choosing between BT5 Omnimon and EX2 Gallantmon Crimson Mode, whether to bring the BT2 Gallantmon or not is okay. It depends on your play style and overall meta of the environment. “A Delicate Plan”, “Judgment of the Blade” could be interesting tech cards for the deck.

The ratio of 12-10-8-7 (3-4-5-6) is quite good for the deck. Running this ratio as many other decks also does, gives a form of consistency that is pretty much required for digivolving decks like this. The remaining slots could be used for the essential tamers such as “Takato” and “Cool Boy”. Bringing memory fixers such as Tai Kamiya and Hiro Amanokawa are also recommended. Ulility options such as the “X-Antibody” is very good considering the deck has powerful on digivolving effects. Bringing in removal options such as “Gaia Force”, “Atomic Megalo Blaster” can help in situational conditions but due keep it to a minimum. 

 Speaking of “X-Antibody” and “Cool Boy”, both of these cards adds consistency and memory control to the deck as never seen before but then again be very careful when utilizing “Cool Boy” and also “Takato” when facing against a Blackwargreymon deck, or a deck that runs the new BT9 Megadramon. In scenarios like this you would just want to keep the tamers in your hand and drop them down in a favorable position when you can already use them or safely use them for a couple of turns. You would want to reap the benefits as much as you can when facing no other choices. 

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

Quick Share: Shinegreymon OTK in BT9

There are many OTK (One Turn Kill) decks will be created for BT9 X-record, thanks to those X-antibody cards that can avoid removal option, hence providing OTK a safer "SecurityAttack+x" check.

Here we would like to introduce an interesting OTK combo for BT4 Shinegreymon.

Same with other OTK playing style, a safe method is to build the digivolution source inside the raising area. Here we have an ideal build till BT4 Rizegreymon with:

LV2 BT9 Koromon, ST7 Agumon to add +2000DP, BT9 Agumon X (to be digi-bursted by LV5 BT4 RizeGreymon), the LV4 BT5 Greymon (to add DP) or ST1 Greymon to add "SecurityAttack+1" and BT9 Greymon X (to counter removal option or being returned to hand or deck).

Once we move this build to the battle area, we can trigger the Digimon-burst and remove LV2 Digitama and LV3 Agumon-X to play 1 tamer. In case we have enough tamer in the field so that ShineGreymon can "checks 5", then we don't need to digiburst.

The Tamer that is needed for this combo is Marcus Daimon and Hiro Amanokawa.

Marcus Daimon, is a must to put 4 copies for the deck and around 1 or 2 copies for Hiro Amanokawa. These 2 tamers can be suspended when BT4 Shinegreymon attacks, that is the reason why we choose them.

Beside, to achieve this combo, we must at least have 4 memories on our side. We must play more "red memory boost" early to search for cards and at least 1 tamer that can give us 3 memory at the beginning of the turn.

Once all the condition meet, the needed cards are all in hand, then here we proceed the OTK.

The BT4 Rizegreymon, after moving out from raising area, trigger Digimon-burst to play 1 tamer. Then we pay 1 cost to digivolve it into [BT9-041] RizegreymonX and play another tamer thanks to its "when digivolving" effect. On top of that, we can use this card's effect to reduce DP (-2000DP for each red or yellow tamer on play) on opponent lv4 blocker.

The next step is to evolve the BT9 RizegreymonX into BT4 ShineGreymon for 3 cost. The ShineGreymon now has 11000 DP (itself) + 2000 DP (from ST7 Agumon) +2000 DP (if we use BT5 Greymon) +2000DP if we rest 1 Hiro Tamer when ShineGreymon attacks.

Depend of the security cards left in the opponent's security to estimate the number of tamers we need in the field. But we surely have 2 tamer from Digiburst and RizeGreymonX digivolving effect. Based on that calculation, the ShineGreymon will normally has 17000DP or more, it passes the threshold of Wyvern Breath, the famous option card in security control.

When ShineGreymon attacks, we can rest one tamer at a time to add the "SecurityAttack+1" for ShineGreymon. We will gain back memory from Marcus Daimon and gain +DP from Hiro Amanokawa.

Once we clear out the opponent's security, we can finally evolve ShineGreymon into BT5 Omnimon to make a final hit to win the game.

If the ShineGreymon attacks and hit the removal option in opponent's security, the LV4 GreymonX inherited effect is now to be used. Since we have 2 LV4 cards and 2 LV5 cards in the digivolution source, it can be protected at least twice.

This OTK profile is also safer than other OTK decks because 2 tamers are played in the turn it is moved out from raising area, avoiding opponent from deleting your tamers by using BT9 cards.

QnA For BT4 ShineGreymon

Many Readers asked us about the BT4 ShineGreymon that: is it possible to gain each "SecurityAttack+1" for each tamer that is rested during Shinegreymon attacks. We have answered them in comment section below, and here we would like to attach a related QnA from Bandai which is proof that ShineGreymon can have multiple attacks for each rested tamer.

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

Vampoch: Immune with Greymon X-Antibody (BT9)

Invited Author: Vampoch
Country: North America


With only less than 15 cards revealed at the moment from BT9: X-Record, one would think is to early make a full deck to different from what is already out from EX2: Digital Hazard. But the recently revealed [BT9-012] Greymon X Anti-Body may have just given Greymons and Omnimons a level of protection only rivaled by [EX1-073] Machinedramon.

Since BT5, the [BT5-086] Omnimon showed a protection effect that made it so that only DP reduction or battle could get rid of it, evading any effect removal at least once. This effect has returned stronger and more versatile than ever in the new [BT9-012] Greymon X Anti-Body inherited effect, that not only enables this protection to any Digimon with Greymon or Omnimon in their name, but also if you have multiple digivolution cards with the same levels you can use this effect multiple times

Thanks to Greymon X Anti-Body special digivolution on top of any Greymon for 0 cost, is very easy and cost efficient to make his inherited effect active for a Lv5 Digimon with Greymon in its name but that is only the baseline of how crazy this effect can become.

Still on the more traditional side, red has 2 very notable Digimon that can digivolve on top of others of the same level, them being [BT7-011] BurningGreymon and [BT5-015] MetalGreymon Alterous Mode.

BurningGreymon is very flexible thanks to it being a hybrid Digimon but unfortunately since the introduction of erratas in cards like [BT5-007] Agumon and Nokia Shiramine it doesn’t go to well with some of the synergies of the deck, while MetalGreymon Alterous Mode really shines since not only does it go along with all the synergies but also has both a "When Digivolving" and "inherited effect" that are great in this kind of deck. Outside of their effects, their main purpose is to pair with another Digimon of their same level to make Greymon X Anti-Body active for cheap or grant additional protections.


Now let's take this effect to its limit with none other than the combo king itself, [BT8-084] Kimeramon. Thanks to its DNA Digivolve (Jogress), Kimeramon works insanely well with this deck, potentially Lv pairing from Lv2 up to Lv5 in a single digivolution, possibly giving a Lv6 Digimon with Greymon in its name 4 protections from effect removal. And for the cherry on top, by digivolving to the one that originated the effect, BT5 Omnimon you will have a 14000 DP Digimon with 5 protections to effect removal.

As cool as 5 protections may seem, it becomes quite unnecessary since no opponent is gonna waste removal in a 1 security attacking beat stick, but if that Digimon becomes a more menacing dread then the protection will be needed. Such is the case of [BT5-111] Omnimon X Anti-Body which has 2 amazing effects but since none of them is a When Digivoling effect, any removal on the opponent's turn would make short work of him, but not anymore.

With assured protection from removal and plenty of digivolution material to negate attacks now only DP reduction can bring down this monster of a Digimon.

One last tech that could go well the deck and would make it almost impossible to delete by DP reduction could be [BT6-061] Gigadramon, that by granting and additional +2000 DP on opponents turn would make Omnimon X Anti-Body an impressive 17000 DP easily escaping from the biggest none conditional DP reduction card [BT6-101] Wyvern’s Breath.

Reference Deck

I built this deck on EX2 Blackwargreymon deck which is suitable for the Greymon-Omnimon X-antibody tech. If you want to practice in the simulator, you can give it a try.

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

[En] Dan Vang: 1st Place NorthAmerica Regional Tournament with Jesmon Deck.

Invited Author: Dan Vang
Country: USA

Jesmon in BT6 Format

Jesmon is a fun and high roll deck. I believe it to be the tier 1 deck of BT6 (especially after the starter decks are legal).

I played highly talented opponents yesterday. Rookie rush is still a viable deck pre-starter decks as it can take advantage of decks looking for pieces. I think the memory biyomon and gaia force can be flex spots for other rookies such as promo guilmon, promo biyomon, another judgment of the blade or another gravity crush. The coredramons can be switched to agunimon depending on playstyle.

I am grateful I did not play a mirror match as that can go either way quickly. Some games I ended up using my sistermon and rookies to rush when looking for pieces or I ended up using Volcdramon (which had Security Attack +1 to swing into security). 


Round 1: Diaboromon 2-0 
I was able to build faster and wider than he could. He had trouble finding a level 5. And game 2 he was not able to get enough memory to build a stack as I kept playing rookies or sistermon. 

Round 2: Purple Titamon 2-1 
Lost game 2 to Purple Titamon. He was so aggro and I was still looking for pieces. He uses Underworld Called his Ginkakumon Promote and rushed for the game during game 2. Game 3 was a close back and forth until I was able to build my stack. 
Round 3: Black Mamemon 2-0
I was able to hold off the deck with some blockers and going wide while searching for pieces. My Huckmon helped me get pieces in this game. 

Round 4: Musketeers 2-0
Amazing games against my opponent. I think they were 1 memory off from being able to cast Beelstar, play an option for free and set up a blocker/play another option to wipe my board during Game 2. 

Round 5: Security Control 2-0
Great games against my opponent. I was able to cast Delicate Plan into their security, but most of their security consisted of just Digimon and not many options. 
Round 6: Gabubonds 2-0
Back and forth games. One game my opponent couldn't find their Bond of Friendship to capitalize and win the game. 
Round 7: Gabubonds 2-0
I was one turn from losing in both games. My opponent was able to bond and wipe my board during game 1. Unfortunately, they didn't have the Lobomon for game and I was able to build and swing. Game 2, I was able to use Volcdramon and swing while trying to build a Jesmon stack in raising. 
Round 8: Rookie Rush 2-1
Lost game 2 to Rookie Rush: Dude had more bodies than me and had 2 Spirals in security. Game 3 I was able to set up a wide board and use blockers to my advantage. 


Big shoutouts to Gaia Force Gaming for supporting me with ideas. Shout out to Ethan for always letting me pitch my bad ideas.
Shout outs to Izzy and the rest of D.A. for the deck list. Shout outs to all the great players I faced and for the supportive community.

Join the Gaia Force Gaming discord to participate in our weekly webcam event for prizes and fun: https://discord.gg/nqxXnPR3z2

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Naim From Brunei: Red Jesmon in BT8, a Deck Review.

Invited Author: Naim
Country: Brunei

Why Jesmon?

Hello again my fellow digidestined, I am Na’im Erywan and today I am back again to show the Jesmon build in BT8 after winning several times in the current meta

Jesmon in the current and previous meta’s have been either good or really great  since its reveal in BT6, where this deck  can focus on building DP, adding security attacks and even Jogressing in BT8 and so on. Jesmon’s win condition can be summarized with one sentence “spam the board with Sistermons to build a big advantage and possibly end the game then and there” , to create as much bodies  as you can to overwhelm your opponent as much as possible and as quick as possible, be it through gaining security attacks by using BT1 Tai Kamiya or ST1 Greymon.

Check this link for the decklist in digimonmeta.com's format.

What is new for Jesmon in BT8

As a red player, I really didn’t think much about Jesmon when BT8 came around opting out for my black Diaboromon rather than Red Jesmon at first, but eventually just stuck with Jesmon in the end. After playing in a few tournaments with the Jesmon deck, I realized the support cards from BT8 really helped boost Jesmon’s & Sistermon’s consistency & survivability in the current BT8 meta.

What’s so good in BT8 that helps Jesmon so much in  BT8?

Firstly  BT8-001 Gurimon , this card alone helps with the lack of draw power Jesmon has and Jesmon decks reliance on BT6 Sistermon Blancs for draw power.

Secondly BT8-084 Kimeramon, this card helps with so much more in Jesmon decks you can  either Jogress 2 Sistemon Noirs or you could Jogress a red lvl 4 and one Noir and just digivolve into a lvl 5 Kimeramon and put a lvl 5 below Kimeramon's digivolution sure (usually either a ST1 Greymon or whatever is good in the situation).

What I personally do is to prepare as much as I can by digivolving into Jesmon in raising area while building the board with red memory boosts or Analog Boy to get certain cards in hand and as well as too fill the trash with Sistermons so that Jesmon could easily revive them later to end it in one swift turn.

How do I play this deck?

Simple, raise Jesmon in breeding area and stall till you have enough to end the game within 2-3 turns  after you have a Jesmon. 

Why does it counter the current meta?

In my opinion, it “works” in the current meta because most decks have removed most forms of removal in BT8 to boost consistency. And with BT8 Kimeramon, Jesmon has another way to be more aggressive to end games quicker.


Yes , even though this deck sounds really strong it does have weaknesses.

Firstly, X Antibody in BT8 has received a huge boost in power and consistency while it requires set up as well. In my opinions, it also needs to build up its resources …  but can achieve the state faster than Jesmon.

Secondly, I feel that Mastemon decks will deliver a huge threat to Jesmon during the game, but it is more manageable since Mastemon decks will give a lot of memory to work with. And Jesmon just has to manage the Gatomons before they do their Jogress shenanigans.

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

[En] Santiago Matos – 1st Place LATAM Regionals with AgumonBOC

Invited Author: Santiago Matos
Place: 1st place at Latam Regionals – Latin America (28 Nov 2021)

Why did I choose this deck?

I opted for Agumon Bond of Bravery even though this deck is not as popular as Gabubond but it does have favourable matchups where Gabubond does not (like Security Control & Green Control).

My Stories!!

Agubond is a deck that I have been eyeing on the Japan meta since it was revealed during our BT5 format. What I usually do when cards are revealed and they seem interesting to me then I will proxy them and play test the future meta. Agubond was the first deck that I tried with Ancient Greymon but the results were very poor and not so consistent, so I switched to a more rookie rush style deck with Promo Greymon and Agunimon. 

Our local meta was full of Gabubond that is much more popular and having consistent wins overall. But a pretty undesirable matchup against Security Control which is pretty dominant in LATAM. Agubond had a better matchup to Security Control and also a 50/50 against Gabubond, making it a good option as counter-meta deck for the tournament.

The Deck Info

To begin with, both Agumon and Gabumon Bonds decks try to do the  same thing, wear down the opponent’s security until a safe win condition is met, working with either the Bonds itself or the Hybrid Digimon’s. Blue has the capacity to spam many attacks consistently while red tries to clear all security in 1 hit and then hit for lethal.

After some theoretical crafting, I concluded on this list. I opted out from “consistency techs” such as Red Memory Boost or “support role” like Magnadramon and then finally I felt that the deck actually wants to be doing something else, which is speeding on the “Security Race”. You want to be slamming Augmon’s on play every single turn, unless you have tamers in hand or need to remove threats.


4x Demimeramon: the +1000 DP boost is actually pretty strong with the other Agumon that boosts DP for Promo Greymon, making it an 8k DP lv4 allowing it to succeed in checking twice.

1x Koromon BT5: a draw Digitama, not so strong as the +1K DP but still pretty useful.


19x Augmon’s, each of them plays an important role in the deck.

4x “Bond Buffers” BT6 Agumon that makes allows our Agubond to hit with "security +1" while removing a body and trashing one security.

7x “DP Buffers” (ST7 Agumon and Promo Agumon), 4x of which are exclusively for Greymon (up to 7k or 8k with Demimeramon) and 3x generics to allow Agubond to hit with potentially 16k DP and reducing the chances of being destroyed by security.

4x “Tamer Searchers” BT1 Agumon to not whiff the important TAI. I did not play any Flamemon like Gabubond does with Strabimon because I hate to send key cards to the back of my deck and the fact that we do not play as many hybrids as Gabubond does.

2x “Resources”, called Agumon Experts, that allows us to keep on recycling vital Agumon’s including an Agubond that gets hit during security checks.

2x “Vanillas” which I honestly do not love, but the 2 cost to slam on the table is always good, and also for memory control. Also, it allows us to do Agubond on the next level on this Agumon without needing to come out of hatching.


4x Promo Greymon: By far the best card for the early game and the second boss monster on the deck, it acts as a fast damage dealer which will place our opponent in a “check mate” status if I play the Agubond putting too much pressure swiftly.

4x Geogreymon: The best answer to today’s basic meta play which is to hard slam a 3-cost rookie that trigger a search on the first cards of the deck or a draw. Also, especially against Gabubond, where his removal options put cards back to hand giving us another go at this card. The 6 cost in the late game is not so much if we have many Tai in play to start with plenty of memory. Its security effect is also amazing being able to remove (if lucky) 2 bodies from table and placing himself on the battlefield and becoming a guaranteed attack on the next turn.

3x Agunimon: Even though it is the sweeper of the deck and the card to finish games, red does not thing like Hammer Spark as blue does, making it way harder to spam Hybrid attacks. You always want to have 1 of it in your hand and that will be enough, that’s the reason to not running 4 copies.

2x Coredramon: I almost never used the blocker, but I would not remove it since it can be super useful to stop the opponent from winning and revenge killing on next turn with Agubond or Agunimon. Not much more to say honestly, it’s a blocker that can also end a game whereas Mekanorimon cannot.

-Removal Options:

I played 7 removal options that made my security a “threat” but also good cards to have in hand to keep up with the opponent if I had a slow start or he had a strong one.

4x Atomic Blaster: Can stop your opponent from hitting lethal but also is a pretty decent card to have in hand since its not so expensive to play, stopping your opponent from early rushing you.

3x Gaia Force: We all know how strong Gaia Force in your security is, but in hand: not so much, it can be helpful removing a big pile with sources or an annoying threat such as Zwart Defeat. But the card itself is a bit expensive to play.


Not much to explain, a tamer that puts you to 3 and another that gives us "draw +" for free and allowing us to warp evolution to Agubond consistently. Tai is ideal to be played on your turn 1, while Marcus is good turn 2 or 3.

Any cuts?

Personally, I feel the list is super solid and I wouldn’t change a single card. Other than that, what I could try is to reduce the removal options (especially Gaia Force) to add some Lightning Joust.

General Gameplay

Your ideal Turn-1 is to evolve into DP boosting Agumon and end your turn by placing a Tai so that in turn 2 you have guaranteed access to Promo Greymon, so even if your opponent is memory controlling you, it won’t stop you from going to 2 memory.

After that you usually want to wait a couple turns before using Agubond and doing an OTK. 

Almost every time you have to make the decision of either dropping another Agumon or another Tai. GO FOR TAI without any concern of leaving your opponent at 3, since you will get your value back every single turn you move the Digimon out from your hatching zone.

Geogreymon and Atomic Blaster are cards you definitely want to come out from security, but you also want to see them on the early game, (that’s why we play 4x) allowing you to buy time and setup your gameplan.

Something I really enjoy the deck when the opponent bricks and has to hard slam a Digimon in play, it’s almost impossible that you would lose that match since you will be able to remove that Digimon and keep on putting pressure. 

Another thing I want to be completely clear: EVERYTIME you think you can go for Agubond and clear 3 securities on the early game, even if you do not have the ideal setup to hit for lethal, GO FOR IT, as Agubond will trash 1 of your opponent’s security but also clear a big body leaving your opponent with no way of killing your Digimon.


R1: Sec Control 2-0

Pretty easy matchup, your biggest concern is being played too many Zwart Defeat which you cannot easily remove without losing your board. Other than that, you just need to keep chipping out his security without overextending too much, especially with Greymon’s "Security +1" and trying to keep his side of the board clean with Geogreymon and Atomic Blaster. Just save your Gaia’s for Zwart Defeat. As expected, your endgame cards are Agubond and Agunimon. 

R2: Titamon 2-1 

His win condition is usually to spam the board with usually Rookies or Champions with only one boss monster in play, allowing us to remove more than one body with Atomic Blaster and the aggro removal from Agubond. 

Watch out from him going into Omnimon Zwart and still having 2 o 3 securities, if he manages to do that, you have lost your game. But don’t worry it won’t happen unless you hard brick or he starts gas. Our deck is more consistent and faster than theirs!

R3: Gabubond 2-1 

Toss a coin and find out who will deal the last hit first. Agubond has more benefits with Promo Greymon and Geogreymon so you can actually out speed him. But if Gabubond starts with his ideal hand and deals damage first, you are probably done for it. 

R4: Gabubond 2-0

Easier than R3 since he played a more defensive list of Gabubond with Mekanorimon and Coelamon, which allowed me to out speed easily.

R5: Jesmon 2-0 

It’s virtually impossible to stop his OTK, especially if he uses Delicate Plan. It’s a really hard matchup that you can actually only win by out speeding. Here the MVPs are the removal cards that keep cleaning Sistermons or any LV.5 to stop his Jesmon. Other than that, it’s pretty similar to Gabubond, the one who hits faster will probably win. 

R6: Security Control 2-1 

Harder than I expected, he played Chikurimons which where an excellent tech to stop Promo Greymon or Agubond, but still not enough to make it an unfavourable matchup. It does affect Gabubond much more since he cannot trash security!

R7: Three Musketeers 2-1 

His ideal play is to drop the Deputymon which is an amazing turn for us to drop our Geogreymon.

R8: Jesmon 2-1

Basically, the same as R5.

Other Metagame Matchups:


DO NOT SPAM ROOKIES. It will make your match a lot harder. Play calm, try to chip his security by moving away from hatching, winning memory and cards, evolving into Promo Greymon and trying to check x2. If he does, that’s great! If not, he will be removed from the table and that is also great, he won’t be able to gain any value from either Azulongmon or Sora & Joe.


Here it's important to time your removal options and have a great game awareness on when to use Agubond to clear the board, pro tip: Go for it when he has nothing in rising.

Green Control:

Easy matchup, he can’t aggro you, his defense consists in having actual bodies on the field which you can easily remove with your options and Agubond.

Lilith Loop:

Definitely harder than Titamon since you now need to put him in check mate status as soon as possible before he reaches his combo state (the loop), else you won’t be able to stop it.

Final Notes

If you are a red player and want to give this deck a try, do not hesitate! It has really nothing to envy from Gabubond. Yes, Gabubond is probably easier to pilot, but the fact that you beat what Gabubond usually fails to beat and that you have a 50-50 with him can put you on the Top Cut from a tournament if played correctly.

Also, I did not have as much time as I desired to test other techs on the deck, but now that North America is getting BT6 I can’t wait to see what other techs they bring to the deck like Lightning Joust or Tai’s Growing Up!

Bonus track:

I’m posting my current list below to test out for the next event so you either grab my winning list or pick up where I left from testing!

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

[EN] Todd 1st Place Evo Cup Oceania with Shoutmon-DX force (Sept 25)

Invited Author: Todd (Oceania)
Tournament Report: Oceania Evo Cup on Sept 25
Host: TAK

Deck Introduction

Today we played OTK Shoutmon – DX, a medium paced deck that has the potential to blow up your opponents when they least expect it.

This deck has been around for a bit and I’ve just fallen in love with it, it is one of the only true one turn kills in the game and this is done by playing BT-1 Omnimon instead of the BT5 Omnimon, this card gives you numerous swings in most scenarios at least 3 at 2 checks sometimes more which is amazing.

The deckbuild is quite standard for OTK Shoutmon but I’ll talk to more specific cards and their ratios:


We run a split of 7 searching rookies in this deck 3 Shoutmons and 4 Agumons. This split came about as both cards help you find anything you really need to build towards your OTK but as Agumon only pulls 3 I’ve had to run another just to ensure I can find my omnimons when needed for the win. After a lot of play testing I was never able to see the value of 4 Shoutmons opposed to 4 Agumons.



This card we only run two copies of but if I had the room I’ll run 4, with OTK Shoutmon-DX you stay in breeding quite often and having a 2 cost rookie is amazing to get cards cycling and also apply pressure to your opponent, I’ve swung with games many times with this card after my Omnimon was unable to swing for game. 

Omnimon BT1:

The true star of this deck, although with an evo cost of 6 it seems impossible to play, running two copies of Mega Digimon Fusion you’re able to get this card out for free and swing for game on the same time, with a simple stack of St1 Greymon, BT4 Volcdramon, BT5 Zeiggreymon and BT5 Shoutmon-DX is exactly enough swings to win the game, this combined with ST1 Koromon makes Omnimon undefeatable in security checks, you can also play BT5 Delicate Plan to ensure no options can effect your Digimon. 

100% an amazing card and truly something to be feared if you come up against this deck.

Greymon BT5 

This card was an interesting Tech to run, but I found it really helped out in a ton of matchups as you’ll be hard playing Agumon’s often with your 4 searchers you’ll have many targets to evolve onto for just 1 and also the ability to make your Omnimon 17K or Zeiggreymon 13K is super strong and should not be underestimated

Takumi BT5 

Takumi Aiba is another star player in this deck, this tamer for only costing two gives your deck all the draw power it needs to get to your key cards for game, it also severely slows down rookie rush giving you enough time to start controlling the board and winning the game. 


Round 1: Rookie Rush 2-X Win 

Opponent was able to play the match up well but sadly Shoutmon-DX does really well into rookie rush, game 1 I was able to go to Shoutmon-DX with a Zeiggreymon and Omnishoutmon in the stack to delete 3 of his Digimon and from there they were unable to rebuild.

Game 2 I was able to get 3 Takumi’s out quite early due to a lucky draw and they were unable to play the game from there.

Round 2: Black Blocker 2-0 Win

This game was close as having Craniamon out prevents Omnimon from deleting digimon but thankfully the stack was large enough due to having enough Mega’s for Omnimon to just swing over, theres not much more to really talk on this match up.

Round 3: LordKnightmon 2-0 Win

This deck is always going to be a 50/50 but thankfully this variant was not running any Chaosmon’s or Wargrowlmons which provided me a lot more opportunities to swing out without any large threats if LKM was not out already.

Round 4: Rookie Rush 2-X Win 

Another simple match up thanks to Shoutmon-DX ability to delete 5K DP Digimon, it was a simple get the stack out and start swinging, again Takumi has come in clutch being able to slow the game down to a pace where I can start swinging for game.

Round 5: LKM 2-x Win

This one was much scarier as they were running a much scarier list of LKM then the previous list, but I was able to pull out two games with the OTK combo to move forward.

Round 6: Diaboramon 2-1 Win

This was the hardest match up so far, with game 1 going to Diaboramon as I hit a shademon in security and from there they were able to rebuild and swing out for game, moving onto Game 2 and 3 I played a faster pace and swung with Shoutmon-DX for game.

Round 7: LKM 2-1 Win

This 3 game set lasted around 20 minutes and was a nail baiter throughout, Game 1 I bricked and had no Rookies or Ultimate's to play and sadly by turn 4 they had already won, game 2 I had drawn the god hand and swung for game on turn 5,

 Game 3 was a close game but thanks to Takumi I was able to play Shoutmon-DX and on the draw for the evolution I was able to draw two cards one of which was the Mega Digimon Fusion which gave me the game.

Closing Thoughts

It feels weird winning with this deck as it is a lot of cheese and doesn’t always feel the greatest winning by luck but at the same time, I was able to make some great plays throughout the day and feel very good about my placement as I made next to no mistakes throughout my sets.

Even though Shoutmon-DX has not won many tournaments before I do believe with a good amount of luck and some smart plays throughout this deck has some serious power to take out even the strongest decks! 

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

Hyper Spirit Evolution

Red and Blue hybrid for MagnaGarurumon and KaiserGreymon are showing their potential to be in the top tier with the speed of their hybrid evolution line provided with aggressive power of red and removal power of blue. But have you ever think of a deck that combines them together? a deck that acts as Rookie Rush but giving as much damage as Ragnaloardmon.

This deck has 14 hybrid rookies Digimon, 6 LV4, 2 Lv5, 7 for LV6, and 3 copies of BT1 Omnimon. This deck also uses 4 copies of Bokomon, 1 copy of Neemon to support Tamer's summoning or digivolving. 2 copies of Analogy for search and trash power, also secure a white tamer card in order to play Fuse Into Ultimate Digimon option card.

Early Game: Rookie Rush

The mission of the LV3 rookies is to draw more, search more for hybrid Digimon and play more tamers. The Bokomon's effect can help to put 2 cards to hand, the Strabimon and Flamemon effects can only take one card from their search.

In the early game, we may need to attack the opponent's security using the LV3 Digimon or LV4 Digimon to fill up the trash or to draw more to add more cards to hand. I choose blue Upamon because this digitama provides draw+1 in its ESS. The BT7 Strabimon is a very good rookie since we can free play a Koji tamer if this Digimon dies.

Hyper Spirit Evolution

As you can see from Takuya and Koji effect, Takuya can be digivolved into a KaiserGreymon from the hand by paying its digivolution cost and you must place 5 cards with [Hybrid] in their type from trash under this tamer in any order. While red evolution needs 5 [hybrid] cards from trash, the blue line for Koji Minamoto digivolves into MagnaGarurumon condition is you must have 5 [hybrid] cards from hand to enable hyper evolution.

The huge benefit of the hyper evolution in this deck is it does not care about what colour that [hybrid] Digimon is, as long as it is a [hybrid] type, we can put under tamer to perform digivolution from Takuya or Koji into their respective LV6 Digimon.

So after I performed rookie attacks on opponent security to destroy the rookies in order to fill up the trash or play more tamer, I will perform Hyper Sprit Evolution to whatever colour that fulfils the condition first. If I have enough [Hybrid] cards in the trash, I will use Takuya digivolution, else if I have 5 [hybrid] cards in hand, I would trigger Koji evolution into MagnaGaruru. The Bokomon is there to save the digivolution cost from a Tamer into a Digimon, so we only need to pay 2 costs.

The secret power of this deck is BT1 Omnimon with white option card Fuse Into The Ultimate Digimon.

During the Hybrid Evolution, we can choose to put as many as LV6 Digimon we have from hand or trash under the tamer that used to digivolve. If we have a white tamer or a white Digimon on board, we can cast the Fuse Into The Ultimate Digimon to digivolve from LV6 KaiserGreymon or MagnaGaruru into BT1 Omnimon at zero cost.

Once everything is set, we can use Omnimon to attack the opponent's security and at the same time, removing a LV6 Digimon to unsuspend (re-active) the Omnimon. If we don't hit any killer option card in the opponent's security, it is easy to end the game with this trap.

Remember this set-up is doable because we only have to pay 2 costs for the whole digivolution from tamer -> LV6 Hybrid -> Omnimon. Besides, the opponent's cannot control the board to avoid this situation because it is digivolved from a tamer.

We have tested with this deck, and it is strong, easy to perform the strategy. Here are some comments:

  • It is rare to have a hand-brick since there are too many rookies in the deck.
  • Easy to set up the hyper sprit evolution.
  • If the opponent plays Digimon that avoids you earn memory from another source than tamer, you need to destroy its first. We can use the "when digivolving" effect of MagnaGaruru to return it to hand and earn back memory. And if we manage to stay at our turn after MagnaGaruru's [When Digivolving] effect all resolved, then digivolve it into BT1 Omnimon.
  • Do not digivolve into Omnimon if you cannot end the game in the turn it appears, we should stop at LV6 Digimon, especially the MagnaGaruru to do some removal with its effect. 
  • Takuya can give "SecurityAttack+1" and Koji gives "This Digimon can't be blocked" in their inheritable effect, Omnimon is over-power. LOL. 
  • If we play against a Security Control deck, it is a good decision to stop at LV6 Digimon to inherit the benefit of LV5 Aldamon (if we manage to put it in digivolution source) to enable "option jamming"
This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

BT7 early meta Tier-1: Red KaiserGreymon Hybrid

Finally, there is a deck that can easily freeze the rookie rush and comfortably defeats Security Control (Recovery), which is the new BT7 red Hybrid KaiserGreymon (Emperor Greymon). This new red profile is going to be a huge threat in BT7 meta, also it pushes up the price of KaiserGreymon alternative art cards.

In this post, we would like to share a deck profile from Japan, tamer HamaD-san, who won the local tournament with this deck on first weekend of BT7.


This deck is a basic build for red Hybrid and the most powerful combination of AncientGreymon and KaiserGreymon that makes it so fast and so furious in the tourney. Some players said: If they are not hand-brick, it is very scary to play against them. Here we would like to show some of the deck techs so that you can get some ideas and build a deck to counter them. 

New Red Hybrid Digimon

The MVP for the deck is red tamer Takuya Kanbara and new LV5 Aldamon. 

[BT7-014] Aldamon is the one who gives AncientGreymon and KaiserGreymon "option jamming". With Aldamon in theirs digivolution cards, the LV6 digimons attack security without worrying about hitting Trump Sword or Gaia Force, it basically secures all the checks. If the opponent has a blocker, the BT6 Flamemon with "piercing" can clear the trouble away. Besides, if Kaisergreymon is blocked, it can gain back memory, and sometimes it helps to provide enough memory to digivolve a tamer into another LV4 hybrid digimon to end the game. So whatever you do, they will still have a solution to end the game.

It is so unfair of Bandai to give so many benefits to Takuya Kanbara and Koji Minamoto compared to other hybrid tamers. Takuya Kanbara can be played for free by using the inherited effect of BT7 Flamemon, and also can warp evolution from this tamer into KaiserGreymon by placing 5 [hybrid] cards under this tamer. By doing this, KaiserGreymon can inherit "piercing" and "option jamming" from LV5 bt7 Aldamon. With "blitz" ability, Kaisergreymon is normally the one to end the game after board-clean by AncientGreymon or BT4 Aldamon attack. If the KaiserGreymon do not have piercing and the opponent blocks the attack, it can be unsuspended and gain back +1 memory for each [hybrid] digimon in its digivolution source, so there is no meaning to block it (but if it is a Diaboromon deck that have potential to have multiple blockers then we may block it)

Safe Aggro

With the Bokomon in the battle, the evolution into a tamer becomes 2 costs cheaper, this is the reason why you see many BT7 decks use the lv3 digimon to stop opponents from earning memories from any sources that are not from their tamers. You have to either destroy Bokomon or play purple Gazimon or blue Betamon or black Chuumon or green Terriermon, etc. 

Speaking about aggro: the BT4 Aldamon and AncientGreymon are Digimons to do multiple security checks if the player can field them. When inheriting BT7 Aldamon's option jamming, security check becomes a very safe ordeal. In a deck that is full of Hybrid digimon, it is so easy to end the game with its red tamers, so if you play against a hybrid, you should also count the opponent's tamer to get prepared for their next turn.


So far people only think of  Neodevimon to gain memory if the opponent plays a tamer, or Lucemon and Omnimon Zwart Defeat to destroy the tamer. But all these methods are yet to prove a good result since it is still in the early phase of BT7 meta.

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