Mundzir: The real Analogman

Invited Author: Mundzir (won Evo Cup)

Country: Brunei


My name is Mundzir or Mund, I’m the one that look like Analogman

Joined Digimon from BT02 but am a hermit during the early release. I won Brunei Darussalam 1st EVO Cup using Machinedramon/Chaosdramon Red/Black Deck. Reasons to pick this deck because I'm always a fan of machine/mecha and winning with a machine dinosaur? Why not right? Have been a Machinedramon fan ever since Digimon World 1 as the Final Boss. Memorable fight. 

Hidden Gem

I love the fact that Machinedramon EX01 has the ability that would prevent it from being deleted by removing level 5 machine/cyborg. It's a strong ability unlike any other deck I've seen and it's a unique condition that it can survive. Used this deck in friendly tournaments, it's a worthy competitor even up till the BT12 Meta. Yes I've used this deck in BT12 Meta.
This deck is a slow – mid building deck. It takes time to be able to go to its full potential and going on second is heaven. 

Hope this report can help other Machine/Chaos to its full potential.

Cards used for EVO CUP
Key Strategy - The best offense is the best defense

Key Cards

Strategy for Machinedramon/Chaosdramon is not simple, you need a set up. Shout out to Analogman without this tamer, cards will guarantee to have less defense.

1.) Analogman

[Opponent's Turn] When an opponent's Digimon attacks a player, by suspending this Tamer, switch the target of attack to 1 of your level 6 Digimon with the [Machine] trait.

2.) Machinedramon EX-01

 [All Turns] This Digimon's DP can't be reduced. [All Turns] When this Digimon would be deleted, you may trash 2 level 5 Digimon cards in this Digimon's Digivolution cards to prevent this Digimon from being deleted.

3.) Chaosdramon EX-03

[On Play] [When Digivolving] By placing up to 3 red and/or black level 5 cards with the [Cyborg] trait and different card numbers from your hand and/or trash under this Digimon as its bottom digivolution cards, "De-Digivolve 1" on 1 of your opponent's Digimon (Trash up to 1 card from the top of one of your opponent's Digimon. If it has no digivolution cards, or becomes a level 3 Digimon, you can't trash any more cards) for each card placed by this effect.

Tournament Report

I will explain briefly how I win in every match.

Win – 5
Lose – 0
Draw – 0

Gamer's Tavern 1st EVO Cup Tournament Results

1st place: Mundzir Mugen

2nd place: Farhan Inda Brick Dorbrickmon

3rd place: Jacol Beezlemon

4th place: EL Lok Lok B/G Examon

Decks Distribution: (22 players)

1st Game Machinedramon – Win 

This was a tough one because it's a mirror match. First against the same deck it's not a good sign, even though his name during the tournament was Mugenslayer.

So how to win during this time it's because opponents decided to rush his Machinedramon. During round 3, I have already 3 Analogman and level 4 in my breeding area. My security is 1-2 though. 

Letting the opponent hit as I need to search for Analogman and at least some in level 5 in trash. Key to win was for opponents to become Machinedramon first and for my turn, I chose to pick Chaosdramon to de-digivovle and by that time, setup was already done. Repeat the process.

2nd Game Wargreymon X Red/Black – Win

This has a different vibe to it. Since it's a Wargreymon X, key card for this game is Megadramon BT9 to destroy tamers Tai and Cool boy and Metaltyranomon BT11 to force the opponent to attack you with Analogman and trash their cards.

When it becomes a Metalgreymon X antibody BT9, let it attack securities, 2-3 for level 5 in trash or Analogman. Once it digivolve to level 6, prepare to de-digivolve it and there is where you can control. 

3rd Game Red Hybrid – Win

Going against the new Meta is something. These match up, watch out for the 2nd turn of the opponent. It is ready to hit hard by attack 3 security quickly even without a proper set up. 

One of the hardest opponents encountered during this EVO Cup. This is a rush deck so to win this, prepare digivolve until level 5 at breeding area with a condition Analogman must be on the field, let the opponent hit the security first.

By turn 3, digivolve to level 6 and hope for best it won't destroy your Digimon. During this game the red hybrid biggest hitter was around 10,000 – 12,000, a Choasdramon can try to tank the attacks

4th Game Dobrick OTK – Win

Scary deck honestly and Dobrick as a R card. Don't underestimate the deck. During 2nd turn, opponent attack with a Dobrick with 4 security checks, fortunately 2 Analogman was in it

Against Dobrickmon, you need to be careful as it can gain rush, and by putting in saur or dragon it can  reduce the cost, making this as a "Rush Deck"

Playing against this deck is actually like a gamble, why gamble? Hoping the opponent to hit security checks and checking for tamers underneath those security.

By the time you have tamer,next turn is to move the level 4 from breeding area to the battle area, digivolve to a level 5 either EX01 Metalgreymon to destroy 3000 DP or BT8 Metalgreymon to "De-digivolve 1". The better choice is to evolve the EX01 Metalgreymon then to Chaosdramon level 6. Put in the remaining level 5 from trash underneath the digimon and let the Dobrick hit the 12000 DP wall. 

This is the only way to win against the Dobrick deck. Once the dobrick is gone, it's hard to recover due to cards have been used for the Dobrick ESS source

Morale here : Don't underestimate rarity R cards

5th Game Examon – Win

An epic match between 2 titans, Examon and Machinedramon. Final matchup was unexpectedly to be Examon. Fought only once in the past on Examon and it is a deck where it "evade" it's death, suspends you and FORCE you to attack during your phase. This is a deck to be wary of.

1st Strategy at this point is to "attack carefully" during your turn and build from behind. For the Examon deck, the weak point is, it can't attack 2 security at 1 hit, but it can unsuspend and attack again. 

Final few scenarios was, 4 Digimons including 2 Examon against 1 Level 5 Digimon. This matchup was not in my favor.

Having 3 Analogman during that time was the only hope into winning by digivolving into a Chaosdramon to de-digivolve and to use redirect all the lower level to attack. My Chaosdramon, luckily having a level 5 Metaltyranomon BT11 won me the match by trashing 1 security if it deletes an opponent.

2nd Strategy was to count how many Examon in the trash and the field. Having to remove Examon to trash is knowing their biggest hitter is unavailable anymore.

3rd Strategy, let them hit the security for Analogman, by having many analogman, you can redirect a single attack to your level 6 machine

4th Strategy was to if you see a level 5-6 just de-dedigivolve as soon as possible, because the keycard for Examon is their level 5-6, without this, opponent will have a hard time recovery.

Even with strategies, Examon player will try to slow your progress by making you attack them during your turn. So! Patience is key! Breed and digivolve from the back.

From the back, both Machinedramon and Examon are building decks. Letting the opponent reach its biggest potential is what you aim for, so you can use the Chaosdramon effect.

Big tips!
1. Don’t miss your prayers!
2. Wife & Family blessing before you go
3. Have fun! Digimon is for everyone

Big shout out to Gamer's Tavern for hosting the EVO Cup in Brunei Darussalam. To the staff, judges, management and even the players. Everyone did their best in the tournament and we had fun! Thank you so much! For players who did their best, you can try again soon. Shout out to Ayam Goreng as well 🙂

Jason: How Do I Play the Stubborn Galacticmon (Ragnamon)

Invited Author: Jason Daryl Consunto
Country: Philippines


Similar to a mechanic that the Mother D. Reaper had with her ADR-02 = Searchers which allowed decks to have up to 50 copies of the said card, BT-11 introduced Ragnamon and the Vemmon hoard. But as compared to the D Reapers that use its digivolution cards offensively, Ragnamon instead utilizes its own to stay in play as long as it can. Considering the new trend of the latest booster set of trashing the opponent’s security, Ragnamon stands strong as your final wall which can crucially turn the tide of battle if left ignored.

In contrast to its Secret Rare waifu counterpart, Shinomiya Rina, Ragnamon was put into shadows and barely seen in tamer battles and tournaments. Perhaps one of the reasons it is considered an underdog in the competitive scene is its slow build-up for combos or straightforward playstyle. These circumstances pose a tough challenge especially when you are matched up with one of the current meta, particularly Blackwargreymon X Antibody.

Click into image for link to decklist.

Build and Play This Deck

Although Ragnamon deck plays could easily be predicted, you could use this to your advantage to adjust your playstyle and need. A simple card such as a suspended [BT11-061] Vemmon could pose a dilemma to your opponent, whether to attack it instead of your security. Such is said because Vemmon plays a great role in pulling out other Vemmons from the deck and allows you to draw out its digivolution line ( [BT11-065] Snatchmon, [BT11-070] Destromon, or [BT11-111] Ragnamon) or the option card, [BT11-105] Fusionize. Letting Vemmons be deleted or trashed gives you an advantage later on as digivolving into Snatchmon and/or Ragnamon allows you to absorb Vemmons from the trash and use it as your digimon’s pseudo “security”.

Aside from the core cards mentioned above, the following are cards that helped me optimize my deck:

  • 4x [BT7-105] Pride Memory Boost: This card helps a lot in not only giving you additional memory for later turns, but also allowing you to play a Vemmon for free. Its condition of trashing the other revealed cards poses little to no disadvantage if any Vemmon or it’s digivolution line (except Snatchmon) are trashed as you can still utilize them through the use Fusionize, giving you the ability of not only adding a trashed Vemmon to your digivolution cards, but also granting digivolution from the trash.
  • 2x [BT2-089] Tai Kamiya: As simple as this card’s effect has, it serves as your basic memory setter because having at least 3 starting memory allows you to digivolve from Vemmon to Ragnamon in 1 turn with the help of Vemmon’s inherited effect. It is also your DP booster to your Ragnamon, allowing it block higher DP digimons.
  • 2x [BT4-096] Izzy Izumi: Another memory setter and allows you to check your top cards and set it beforehand to give you more control of what you reveal using Vemmon’s search effect.
  • 2x [BT6-090] Izzy Izumi and Joe Kido: Anticipating that your opponent would attempt to have multiple attackers dish out your Vemmons and security pile at the same time, this tamer serves a great purpose of helping you gain additional memory and allow the possibility to jogress into [ST13-06] Ragnaloardmon. It also has drawing power especially when your suspended Vemmons are targeted for deletion.
  • 2x [BT3-016] Durandamon and 2x [ST13-06] Ragnaloardmon: They serve as the hardest punishment you could give to your opponent if Ragnamon survives long enough and has a lot of memory to spare. With 6 memory and a spare Vemmon, you could digivolve it up to Durandamon, following the same pattern you use to digivolve to Destromon. If executed successfully, you might even trash all 5 securities and finish the game with Ragnaloardmon’s blitz ability in 1 turn!

Other optional cards to consider:

  • 2x [BT6-104] Parabolic Junk: This option card helps you gain additional memory when you decide to kamikaze your Stacked Vemmons for a security attack.
  • 2x [EX2-064] Alice McCoy and 2x [BT9-107] Metal Impulse: With the use of Alice, you will be able to sacrifice your extra Vemmons in play to further reduce the digivolution cost from Destromon to Ragnamon. Now with a purple tamer in play, using Metal Impulse will allow you to trash your Vemmons in your hand more easily.
  • 2x [EX1-066] Analog Boy: Your go-to searcher and easy deck and trash filter.

In Matchups

Although the plays that Ragnamon decks are considered straightforward, the pacing and timing of whether to digivolve your Vemmon should depend on what playstyle your opponent’s deck has.

 The most challenging matchups I faced are those who have the ability to de-digivolve opponents’ Digimon as when Ragnamon is de-digivolved, Destromon would basically be a sitting duck until your next turn, also considering that your opponent would probably start their turn with your Digimon suspended due to using Vemmon’s skill.

But when there is no Digimon present in your opponent’s battle area, I tend to stop digivolving with Destromon and target their tamers. This tactic has been proven effective with Xros Heart decks and other tamer-dependent decks. This also gives you the ability to use Vemmon’s inherited skill on your next turn and ideally digivolve into Ragnamon for free.

With the popular meta like BlackWargreymon X Antibody, I typically don’t mind my security stack being trashed as it would most likely be a Vemmon, giving move materials for Ragnamon later. To counter BWGX’s skill, I make sure to have at least 2 other Vemmons in play to save Ragnamon for potential deletion. I also leave a Digimon in my breeding area whenever I do not have the pieces to digivolve until Ragnaloardmon or if my Ragnamon in play could still last another turn for insurance, especially if the opponent’s BWGX is not a blocker.

Machindramon ver 2.0, a worthy opponent in BT11

There are so many good decks in BT11 meta, one of them, Machindramon new version is one of my favourite.

In the past, we would see Machinedramon as a super high wall blocker which ables to block opponent's attack for at least 3 times. The new Machinedramon can do much more than that.

In this article, I would like to refer to a winner deck, its owner is Gaji-san (Japan). I have played this and modified it based on my strategy, I will mention it in this article.

Click into the image to open deck in decklist

What makes it better in this version?

Which a numbers of new Level 5 "cyborg" Digimons introduced, the Machindramon now is better in controlling the board, can do OTK and harder to be deleted. Those LV5 with a good "when digivolving" effect like MetalTyrannomon BT11 and MetalGreymon BT8 make it easier to deal with opponent's Digimon on board.

De-digivolving or resting (suspending) opponent's Digimon are very important skills for current meta. On top of that, the LV5 Megadramon BT9 "when digivolving" effect is also good which it can delete an opponent's Digimon or a tamer with a play cost of 3 or less. In the meta of Digimon-Xcros or X-antibody, the effect to delete tamer seems to be a must-have. Those are the reason why these LV5 are given 2 slots in the deck while other lv5 has only 1 copy.

(Nanimon, the "Security" Digimon with 3-cost to play is used when there is enough memory to digivolve to lv5 in the same turn)

The Analog Man 

In BT11 we have a new tamer, also known as the Machinedramon's tamer in Digimon first game.

Analog Man provides the effect to switch attacking's target to a LV6 Digimon with Machine in its trait. This makes the new Machindramon deck becomes more competitive with other decks in current meta. With Analog Man, we also gain more memory and draw more in "starting of main phase", so the draw power is also better than old version.

(By the way, it would be troublesome when dealing with blue because they might bounce tamer back to hand)

The BT11 Machindramon gives an interesting tech for the deck. Not only searching for the right card to use, but also allow that card to be put on hand or to become a digivolution source for this Digimon. 

When this Digimon is deleted, if we have Analog Man in play, we can summon 1 Machindramon deck for free by placing an Analog man card to bottom of the deck. The EX1 Machindramon would be a good candidate to be called, and can gain back maximum 5 memories if we able to put 5 lv5 "Cyborg" under its digivolution source. 

The EX1 Machindramon deck can gain "rush" and "blitz" in the turn it appears if we use the option card "Heavy Machine Digimon's Advance!!" on all the LV6 Machindramon and Chaosdramon. So now we have the chance to decide our game: add more "security attack+1" or "piercing" or "trash opponent's security" or "delete opponent's tamer" or "attack active Digimon" or add DP. If we can clear the opponent's security with the EX1 Machindramon, we can play another LV6 Machindramon or Chaosdramon to win the game because it also have "rush" and "blitz" thanks to the option card we used earlier.


If the Machinedramon or Chaosdramon stay on board, the ChaosDegrade can send it to its owner's security stack or Bagramon can put them under other Digimon digivolution source (but if there is only 1 Digimon on board, we are safe from Bagra).

The bouncing tamer back to hand is also another trouble when we play against blue deck. (BT9 Bibi Thunder), we need more Analog Man on board.

What I would change for this deck?

In my Machindramon deck version, I used one copy of EX2 Cyberdramon for its inherited effect (replaced the ST5 lv5 blocker) and add 2 copies of tamer Kazu Shiota by reducing the number of the option card to 3 copies and LV4 Guardromon to 3 copies. I also made another distribution change by increasing the number of EX1 Machindramon to 3 copies and reduce the EX3 Chaosdramon to 3 copies.

This site uses english-translated cards from

[EN] Utsu: DC-1 by GameSpirit Tourney Report (France)

Invited Author: Utsu
Country: France


Hello everyone! Utsu here to talk about my deck and match ups at French DC-1 by GameSpirit, where I finished 3th (5-1).

IRL event, 39 players, 6 rounds!

Why Alphamon?
Well, early BT9 I was playing Beelstarmon but she's not really good in the meta right now in my opinion. I did 6-2 with her in my last Regional, and that's pretty cool, but Gaiomon / Wargrey X started to become popular so I didn't want to play her anymore.

My friend Dr. Zaius did a better result with Alphamon in the same Regional tournament, and I was interested with the deck, so here we are.
I won't talk that much about the decklist cause it's literally Dr. Zaius's one with a few changes. He was a great coach and gave me a lot of tips to play the deck efficiently during the whole BT9 meta!

Chuumon is good in the mirror and against Leomon which is popular in France. Kimera is nice to have to remove multiple Memory Blockers. I think 2 Alphamon Ouryuken are enough.
I was expecting a lot of Sec Con, Ophani Loop, Commandra… that's why the day before the event I've decided to play 3 Kongou and 2 Breath of the Gods instead of 3 Breath + 2.

Gameplay / Matchups

Imperial (1-2):

Well, I'm a bit cursed facing that deck to be honest hahaha.

First game, I needed my DexDorugamon, but didn't see any the whole game sadly. Nothing much to say, Paildramon is pretty hard to stop with the deck, as he doesn't die with Jamming and only Breath of the Gods can stop him.

Second game he bricked.

Last game, no Dorugamon. I just needed the +1k DP to kill his Paildra with my DexDorugrey, but I could just trade, and it wasn't worth it at all. I lost when he played Fighter Mode.

Ophani Loop (yellow base) (2-0):

Ophani Loop is pretty strong right now in the meta and hitting Flame Hellscythe into Angewomon ST is really annoying as Alphamon cause you can't OTK with the Security -2.

Luckily my opponent was playing Yellow base Ophani with Salamon as rookies, so no Gazimon at all, the one that's annoying against my deck cause it blocked memory gains from DexDoruga, DexDorugrey, Ouryuken, Memory Boost, Dorumon in ESS…

I just did classic stuffs, Ouryuken hitting Sec with Kongou on, no Flame Hellscythe, that's gg.

D-Reaper (2-1):

I won the toss so I was pretty confident for the first game, but I bricked hahaha. She won easily because of that.

Second game, I didn't brick at all, I got a lot of Kongou to put early pressure and managed to OTK her with Ouryuken + Kongou.

Last game, she let me start (that's a pretty big mistake I think) and she bricked. Nothing much to say, I did my OTK thing.

Metalgarurumon (2-0):

Against a player that I know, we did a BO3 the week before the tournament that I won 2-1 after 50min of intense fight.
I think the Metalgaru is a very strong deck, but if the Alpha player knows how to work-around it, it’s 50-50.

First game, I managed to have 3 bodies on board when he promoted. So he could only bounce 2 bodies at best (no Sagittarius-mode). Then I promoted, did DexDoruga, gave Retaliation to a rookie, Melga was suspended because he attacked with it, and it was pretty much GG at this time.

Second game sadly he bricked so there isn’t much to say. He finished Top 8.

AncientGreymon (2-0):

I know this player also and I was pretty afraid to face him to be honest. The matchup is annoying and he's good with the deck.

First game, he was faster. BUT, I had Alpha Ouryuken in my first security so Ancient died on it. He had to give up after that.

Second game, he bricked a bit, so I just had to do my OTK thing and he couldn't handle that.
He didn’t attack me, but I had Ouryuken in my first Sec, again… Luck was on my side!
He finished Top 6.

Sec Con (2-0):

I REALLY wanted to play against that deck cause I think he can't do much against Alpha.

And that was what happened.

First game, he didn't have any Mimi, 1 or 2 Purple Kari if I remember correctly, but it wasn't enough.

He didn't pressure me at all, so I've got a lot of time to setup my OTK with Kongou in case of Chaos Degradation (which he had in Security when I swinged).

Second game was a bit harder. He had 4 Mimi and 3 Purple Kari…

Same as first game, he didn't pressure me so I did a lot of setup, (Yuji, Kota, 2 or 3 Cool Boy + 2 Memory Boost), and I've decided to Digivolve into Dorugrey in my Raising Area to have more memo for my OTK setup and I didn't see any Wyvern Breath in first game, + he did 2 Eden Javelin hardcast in game 2, so I wasn't expecting any in security (Kongou would cost 6 with the 4 Mimi hahaha).

He was playing well, didn't activate any Mimi in his turn to prevent me to OTK him.

Luckily I still had enough Memory even with the Karis and Mimis to remove all his securities with Ouryuken + Kongou, and he couldn't come back from this.
He finished Top 9.

Closing Thoughts

Aaaaand that's it, I managed to finish 3th Place even with my bad start. Alphamon was a good choice, even if I expected to face other matchups. Chuumon helped me in some games, against AncientGrey for example.

I didn't need Kimeramon the whole day, but he's still a good option against people playing 2 memory blockers on board, so I'll keep it in the deck.

3 Kongou + 2 Breath was definitely a good choice, Kongou was more useful than Breath and really mandatory in some matchups.

I didn't brick that much in the tournament, but don't give up if it happens to you!

Thank you for reading that review and see you later!

Ridhaudin: BT10 DarkKnightmon Deck Review

Invited Author: Ridhaudin
Country: Malaysia


Hi to my fellow Digi-Destined readers here! This is Ridhaudin from Malaysia giving you my deck review that I used recently in the first week of the BT10 meta which is the Darkknightmon, the Immortal King. 

Darkknightmon recently received a handful of supports in the latest BT-10 which improves more aggressiveness, defensiveness and consistency to the deck overall. With the only Digi-Xros deck that does not having any Save mechanic. The deck does have its own stickiness to stay in the field giving constant pressure to opponents battle area. Thus, being one of the top contenders in the current meta.

This is my deck list profile that I piloted and won in my local’s tournament:

The deck in general having to run a lot of rookies and champions which does have some similarity with the Armor Rush deck.

What I love the most about this deck in having a great consistency and efficiency, is the number of searchers it provides. Having up to 4 searchers in total does makes a lot of differences to the lack of the draw power that black has.

General Gameplay Objectives

This deck in general is to rush out your opponent’s security as fast as you can with the rookies and with the Darkknightmon packages. Another gameplay that would drag you out into the late is to be able to hold out your field with the new Blocker effects from the new Tamer in BT-10 while having bodies to pressure your opponent’s board. The ultimate combo with this deck can achieve up to 4 checks with 9k-14k DP in one turn with low resources used.

Digitamas/Level 2

Pagumon (BT6-005) is the only Digitama suitable with the decks, as all the color in the deck are black and not running much option and Tamers is a plus draw for your hand. I also run the Dorimon (BT7-005), this other one copy of Digitama is not really important other than the main one so I just run it because it can compliment with the effect of BT7 SkullKnightmon to slot the sources underneath just for additional draw.

Rookies/Level 3

To start with the Monitamon (BT10-058) is one of my favorites cards in the deck having to take 2 cards that is the Darkknightmon key pieces from the 4 cards revealed is super helpful! I also run the Dorumon (P-070), having 25-27 Digimons with play cost 4 or less in the deck you could spawn the card from top of your deck 95% most of the time. Next, I run the Chikurimon (BT6-056) as a good measure in the security to counter most of the OTK decks, Ie: Alphamon Ouryuken & GrandisKuwagamon . Being able to select one of your opponent’s Digimons to De-Digivolve is a solid effect to slow them down. Last lvl 3 is the latest Chikurimon (ST-13) which is a great counter to the current Digi-Xros meta especially to the Xros-Heart and the Blue-Flare. Those decks in general needed to recycle their materials through their Tamers thus making them vulnerable to the Tamer deletion effect of the Darkknightmon X (BT10-069) while them passing me a lot of memories to my turn. 

“Why didn’t run the ToyAgumon (BT2-055) with the Reboot?”

Personally, it’s one my favourite rookie in black overall. But what makes me don’t run it is because most of the time you wouldn’t go with the setup gameplay in the nursery with this deck and you would not be able to inherit the reboot effect in time while setting up the Darkknightmons package.


Darkknightmon Package

The latest Darkknightmon (BT10-066)  only cost 4 to hardcast in the field while putting 2 materials underneath is super strong. Having a strong effect when played and Digi-Xros is making it able to remove opponents’ level 5 and below. My suggestion is as early as you could in the game if you have the hand to play this one you should play it straight away to give early pressure to your opponent. Whereas the other Darkknightmon (BT7-063)  you should cast it whenever you have a decent memory before passing to the opponents most of the time. 

SkullKnightmon (BT7-058) being the next aggro character in the deck. The When Attacking effects allow you to digivolve to Darkknightmon for free and having a good ess Security Attack +1 is a must included material to put beneath your Digi-Xros Darkknightmon. For the other materials that you can go as the DeadlyAxemon spot I would suggest putting the searchers lvl 4 in the sources. Such as, the DeadlyAxemon (BT7-059)/Skullknightmon: Mighty Axe Mode (BT10-061) thus provides additional materials from searching when the deletion from Darkknightmon above triggers for your hand ready for the next turn in case it got controlled by your opponents.

I also run 2 copies of the SkullKnightmon: Cavalier Mode (BT8-062). Most of the people wouldn’t run this in the deck as it only has a When Digivolving that gains Jamming and Blocker, and also not having any ess. My preference towards this card specially just wants to have extra materials to be slot in the Darkknightmons just because it is also treated SkullKnightmon/DeadlyAxemon is an alternative in case I’m short with the materials.

Last but not least, how is my experience with the Darkknightmon X-Antibody (BT10-069) in general? It’s the only Mega level in the deck but it does have a strong presence when on field. Being able to delete any Tamers is such a strong effect in the current meta. My advice if you have Amano Nene (BT10-092) in hand you should cast it as early as you can. This provides two-way of playing with the Darkknightmon X-Antibody (BT10-069). The 1st one is being able to be aggressive to your opponent’s Digimons or last-hittting your opponents after all your Digimons have finished swinging and evolving it on top of your Darkknightmons and deleting the Amano Nene for just 2 cost evolution. The other one is to have it as a Blocker while your opponents are swinging with a greater DP than this Digimons thus making it procs the On Deletion effect to play your Darkknightmon from trash and you should play the BT10 one to De-Digivolve your opponents and stopping them for a while.

“Why didn’t include any Dexmon in the deck?” 

I personally feel my type of playstyle for this deck is not a board-controlled purpose since my sole was to rush it as fast as I can. This is my personal opinion, but it is a good card to include inside the deck if anyone prefers it. 

Tamers & Options

Of course, Amano Nene (BT10-092) is a must to include. I would suggest to run only 2-3 copies in the deck as you didn’t really need it too much on the field. The other Tamer is the Izzy Izumi (BT4-096) is your go to memory Tamer and does have a good effect inside security by gaining one memory if all 3 cards on your top deck is black, which it is gonna be XD. I run Izzy with 3 copies since I tried with 2 copies before realizing you wouldn’t see it much in your hand or security.

The options I used are the Kongou (BT9-103) is one of my favourite options in black since then, stopping level 5 below to declare any attacks have been really helpful to me. Pride Memory Boost (BT7-105) you already know how suitable it is for the deck and having a delay +2 memory to extend your plays/combo.


VS Blue Flare:

The freeze mechanics is a struggle while facing this deck. Having to get your Digimons in battle area, you can’t really avoid being hit by it. The play is to take it slow with the rush and choking your opponents as much as you can and bring out the Darkknightmon X-Antibody (BT10-069) when the Blue Flare Tamer Christopher Aonuma (BT10-088) appears because without the Tamer they can’t take materials underneath different Tamers. Make the necessary characters stay unsuspend to be able to use the Blocker effect when needed as Blue in general have a strong resource with the memory and draw powers.

VS Xros Heart:

The Xros Heart needs a lot of materials to summon the key pieces which of the deck which is Shoutmon X4 (BT10-009) & Shoutmon X5 (BT10-013) otherwise they are gonna pass a lot of memory to you. The deck also is almost the same as Blue Flare as it needs to have the Tamer Mikey Kudo to be able to use the materials underneath all Tamers. But in this case, you shouldn’t really use your Darkknightmon or Twilight type to block the X4 & X5 since they are gonna have Piercing from Ballistamon (BT10-049). The plan is to wait until Shoutmon X5 (BT10-013) came out and use the effects of Darkknightmon to De-Digivolve 1 and destroy the Shoutmon (BT10-008) underneath which it’s the only material will be saved, and the rest will be discarded so it will not be looped in the next plays. And delete the Mikey Kudo (BT10-087) if you have the chance.

VS Jesmon:

Jesmon deck does offer both good offensive and defensive playstyle. With the latest support from BT10 provides Jesmon with Piercing and an even more amounts of Sistermons spawn. Your opponent would opt to play the Sistermon Blanc (BT6- 082) to stop the Darkknightmon aggressiveness. Your only concern would be deleting the Sistermon Blanc to cancel the Blocker gain effect to all the other Sistermons with the Skullknightmon: Mighty Axe Mode (BT10-061)by Digi-Xrosing with 2 materials underneath to pop 4 cost or less easily by paying 2 just costs. And this is one of the reasons why I include Kongou (BT9-103) in my deck profile, it will slow the Sistermons down from rushing the security since Jesmon wouldn’t be able to finish the game. My suggestion would be playing the Kongou (BT9-103) last before ending your turn by setting up your next play with deleting the necessary Sistermon that would slow you down and choking your opponent memory since Jesmon deck usually don’t really rely on memory Tamers.

VS Bagra Army:

Eventhough Bagra Army have the same Save mechanic with the Xros Heart and Blue Flare. It relies too much on Amano Yuu (BT10-093) in my opinion. Without the Tamer on the field, they wouldn’t be able to loop the sources underneath their Digimons and from the trash. You can easily pop the Tamer as quick as you can since they can’t loop the Tamer from trash unless they play the Hybrid packages which is not that consistent with the deck I believe. But do be careful of Troopmon (BT10-076) and MadLeomon (BT10-077) when youre gaining hand size or playing your Darkknigtmon package. As it would end your turn quickly just by pulling the sources underneath those Digimons from the memory gains. If you’re not able to delete the Amano Yuu (BT10-093) in time, do watch out from Blastmon (BT10-070) summoning that can have Rush and Blitz when played with just 3 sources underneath it and prepare some Blockers when you have the chance.

VS Ragnaloardmon:

Ragnaloardmon provides a faster rate chance to Jogress from the new Starter supports eventhough for a lvl 7. But Ragnaloard playstyle wouldn’t really go for nursery gaming as it needs to use the spawning effect to have two bodies to Jogress. So, use that opportunity to pop the lvl 5 using the Darkknightmon (BT10-066) but be aware of the deletion negate effect that Bryweludramon (ST13-14) and RaijiLudomon (ST13-13) provides. But all in all, the pace of the Darkknightmons is even faster than Ragnaloardmon playstyle.

This is just some of my favourite matchups for now. I would love to go against the Yellow Hybrid Venusmon in the future and other types of Security Control decks to see how good it is to hold up against these strong control/recovery decks that roamed through the meta for a long time. 


Overall, Darkknightmon deck is a very fun deck to play with. Have faith in the deck and don’t be afraid with your hand early in the game as it would get better as the game goes on even in the early stages. 

Finally, thank you for giving me the chance to share this deck review/strategy insights for the readers out there. Although I just started playing in this year, I hope this article provide helpful tips for you guys that wanted to play this deck. Lastly, all my opinions written above doesn’t reflect any Darkknightmon deck players out there.

Thank you and cheers!

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Justimon Blitz Arm, an Aggressive OTK profile

Bandai is going to release the ban / restriction list that is potentially to reduce the longtime-dominating meta decks such as Blue Hybrid, Yellow Recovery with Zoe Orimoto and her evolution line, the Jesmon and Lilith-loop (Eyesmon).

These days we see a lot of discussion about D-Reaper deck and new Beelzemon deck. BT8-EX2 meta is going to be dominated by EX2 D-Reaper, Dukemon and Beelzemon. While D-Reaper is complained a lot in tournament or casual game because it is boring and no creativeness, Beelzemon and Dukemon (Gallantmon), in the other hands, give more excitement as well as the game-tech.

And since those 3 are so popular, we almost forget another one that is not so bad to play (in my opinion) Justimon Blitz Arm. We haven't seen many Justimon deck winning the tournament yet because everyone is focusing on D-reaper. In this article, we are presenting a game scenario to show how Justimon can win the game in by using its OTK tech.

The Combo

It is not that hard to build a Justimon deck, it is still preferable to use max 4 copies of his evolution line cards from LV2 to LV6 for search power and game set-up. For the board-control, I don't think Justimon can be better than EX2 Gallantmon and Beelzemon deck. For the game speed, Justimon needs more time to setup and not as fast as D-reaper. But it is just the matter of who can reach there game-state first.

The tamer-searching power relies on the "On Play" effect of Monodramon or "When Digivolving" of [EX2-032] Strikedramon. But for the current meta, Digimon is so easy to be destroyed if they stay in the battle so the LV4 Strikedramon is normally evolved in the raising area for its safety. We tend to move this Digimon out to the battle when it evolves into LV5 Cyberdramon. Cyberdramon's "when digivolving" effect allows us to play 1 [Ryo Akiyama] tamer for free, this is the good thing of this LV5. With 10 000 DP, Cyberdramon can also be used to attack opponent's rested Digimon or Security within a safety level.

Ryo Akiyama is the main source to search for Digimon with [dramon] or [Justimon] in its name. When I play this deck, I found it's hard to draw Cyberdramon to hand even though there is 4 copies of it (the LV4 Strikedramon is not as important as Cyberdramon for the game's strategy). I also use 4 copies of Ryo Akiyama in the deck to increase the chance of drawing it from Monodramon searcher or get it from security stack.

OTK Scenario 1: 5 checks + last hit

The OTK starts with LV5 Cyberdramon evolution build with Sunarizamon in its digivolution source. We also have 2 Ryo Akiyama in the field which is important to boost-up DP for attacking Digimon. 

This portion was ill-written and has been revised. Many thanks to Ben for pointing this out!

Attacking with Cyberdramon will grant him +1000 DP from the inherited Digitama Hopmon, and +2000 DP when we have 2 Ryo tamers in play. A 13000 DP security swing is very respectable, more so coming from a LV5 Digimon! He will also gain "SecurityAttack+1" when inheriting Sunarizamon.

In addition, Strikedramon will help to regain +1 memory since we have 2 or more black tamers in play.

After the attack, Cyberdramon is in suspended state.

The success of OTK lies on the scenario where we digivolve Cyberdramon into Justimon with the memory counter still at our turn, so it is recommended to play the duo tamer Izumi & Joe and Black Memory Boost early.


Justimon is actually a very powerful Digimon with both a "when digivolving" and "when attacking" effect, with just 3 cost to digivolve.

Since Cyberdramon is suspended from its previous attack, Justimon Blitz Arm can choose to trigger "Unsuspend this Digimon" when digivolving. Casting Final Zubagon Punch on Justimon to give him an additional +3000 DP boost, on top of the earlier +3000 from Hopmon and Ryo hence pushing him to a massive 17000 DP, with "SecurityAttack+1", "Reboot", and "Blocker". When an inherited Sunarizamon, he can now swing for a total of 3 checks! 

Under ideal circumstances, this would've already taken all 5 of your opponent's securities. And since we have black tamers in play, Justimon will trigger its "When Attacking" effect to again, unsuspend itself for the win!


OTK Scenario 2: 4 checks + last hit

If under the scenario, but with your opponent having only 4 security cards left, it is also possible to use Final Zubagon Punch on Cyberdramon instead of Justimon. While this will not grant the additional [SecurityAttack+1], [Reboot], and [Blocker] goodies, it would give Cyberdramon a near fail-safe 16000 DP when swinging security. 

A 2-checks from Cyberdramon followed by another 2-checks from Justimon and a final swing would elegantly seal the game!


The OTK scenario is not really an ideal scenario, but it is easy to play 2 or more Ryo since you can play him for free from Cyberdramon's "when digivolving" effect. However, in order to setup for this scenario, we will require at least 4 memory in your turn to digivolve into Justimon and play Final Zubagon Punch, so the memory overhead has to be prepared beforehand.

Deck Profile

Here is my current build for Justimon. 

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Early Review: BT-08 New Hero

Not exactly a very early review since we are only 1 week away from a full card list reveal, but BT-08 has not been the easiest set to break down. Many cards appeared rather mediocre (at least to us) in the beginning, so we continued to wait for more releases before going into this review. 

So lets go!

Multi Coloured Digimons

So far, there are 21 dual-coloured Digimons revealed for BT-08. They do not necessarily mean much, but they do allow many previously unattainable effects to now be stacked. For example, a green LV5 or LV6 Digimon can now inherit [Retaliation], and yellow LV6 Digimons can now inherit DP+ effects from red Digimons. Many more cross-coloured digivolutions can now be explored, and we might see some nice engines as a result. 

Score: 9/10

Armor Digivolutions

Armor Purge is an effect exclusive to Digi-Egg Armor Digimons, and a pilot effect in BT-08. While this effect seemed quite lacklustre (at least to us) weeks ago, it now looks to be quite a solid effect, as demonstrated by a proxy gameplay video by the File Island Residents

The armor digivolutions are pacing to become a solid aggro engine, and should replace the standard rookie rush engine in terms of stability.

Score: 8/10

[BT8-012] Flamedramon
Digivolve: 2 cost from Veemon
Effect 1: [Armor Purge] When this Digimon would be destroyed, you may discard 1 card from the top of this Digimon stack to prevent it from being destroyed.
Effect 2: [When Attacking]  This Digimon +3000DP for the turn.
[BT8-038] Magnamon (SR)
Digivolve: 3 cost from Veemon
Effect 1: [Blocker]
Effect 2: [Armor Purge]
Effect 3: [When Digivolving] Unsuspend this Digimon, and until the end of your opponent’s next turn, this Digimon gains +2000 DP for each [Armor] type card in your trash.

Digimon Adventure 02 Jogress 

As the main theme of this set, we have 3 new jogress (or DNA digivolution) Digimons such from the year 2000 anime. While they are not super exciting (since we have already tested the jogress effects extensively in ST-09 and ST-10), they do buff up the rest of the colors. 

As of now, blue and yellow are leading the jogress game by having access to 3 jogress digivolutions, while black having none (not including Kimeramon, see below).
– Blue: Paildramon, Dinobeemon, Shakkoumon
– Yellow: Mastemon, Silphymon, Shakkoumon
– Green: Paildramon, Dinobeemon
– Purple: Mastemon
– Red: Silphymon
– Black: None

[BT8-015] Silphymon should play well with a number of Digimons such as red Digimons with [Blitz] and yellow Digimons such as [BT4-048] Wargreymon and [BT7-040] Rasenmon.

[BT8-042] Shakkoumon is also a very solid card, having both a recovery and board control mechanism in place. He should also do well with the yellow [BT4-048] Wargreymon.

[BT8-015] Silphymon
Jogress: Red LV4 + Yellow LV4 at 0 cost
Effect: [When Digivolving] 1 of opponent’s Digimon get -5000 DP for the turn. After that, if this Digimon is jogress evolution, destroy 1 opponent’s Digimon with 5000 DP or lower.
Inherited: [When attacking] Destroy 1 opponent’s Digimon with 5000 DP or lower.
[BT8-042] Shakkoumon
Jogress: Yellow LV4 + Blue LV4 at 0 cost
Effect: [When Digivolving] If you have 5 or less cards in your security, [Recovery(deck)+1]. Then, if Jogress digivolved, return 1 of your opponent’s Digimon whose LV is equal or below the number of your security cards.
Inherited: [When Attacking] 1 of your opponent’s Digimon gets -3000 DP for the

As for [BT8-084] Kimeramon, he is possibly the first card that allows bridging any colors together, allowing previously incompatible effects to be fused into potentially deadly engines. One such engine was raised by  @ageno81040409 on Twitter, fusing Kurisarimon's effect with Eosmon for a deadly aggro loop

Score: 8/10

[BT8-084] Kimeramon
Jogress: Any LV4 + Any LV4 at 0 cost
Effect 1: [When Digivolving] You may put 1 LV5 or lower Digimon card from your trash to the bottom of this Digimon’s digivolution cards. Then, until the end of your opponent’s next turn, up to 4 of your opponent’s Digimon gets -1000 DP for each color that this Digimon has.
Effect 2: [Your Turn] This Digimon gets the color of it’s digivolution cards. When this Digimon has 4 colors or more, this Digimon gets +4000 DP

A New Pulsemon Digivolution Line

A green Pulsemon digivolution line has been revealed, moving along Exermon, Pistmon, and Shivamon. [BT8-057] Shivamon is a highly raved card, being the first Digimon to be able to disable option cards. This should put pressure on security control decks!

Score: 6/10

[BT8-054] Pistmon
Effect: [Digisorption-2]
Inherited: [Both Turns] For each of your other suspended Digimon, this Digimon gets +1000 DP.

[BT8-057] Shivamon
Effect 1: [Opponent’s Turn] If all of your Digimon are suspended, your opponent cannot play option cards.
Effect 2: [Your Turn] When this Digimon is unsuspended during your unsuspend phase, your opponent trashed 1 card from the top of their security.

Blackwargreymon Support

We now have new line of black Agumon to Wargreymon, with [BT8-067] Metalgreymon being the highlight of this line. With an inheritable effect that allows attacking unsuspended Digimons, the new Metalgreymon has suddenly made the old BT-02 Blackwargreymon very playable (which saw its price more than double on YYT and Bigweb).  

And this is not discounting how good the new [BT8-070] Blackwargreymon is, as demonstrated in this proxy play by the File Island Residents. 

Score: 8/10

[BT8-067] Metalgreymon
Effect: [When Digivolving] 1 of your opponent’s Digimon gets [De-digivolve 1]. Then, delete 1 of your opponent’s Digimon with 3000 DP or lower.
Inherited: [Your Turn] If this Digimon has [Dragonkin] or [Machine] in it’s type, this Digimon can attack the opponent’s unsuspend Digimon.
[BT8-070] Blackwargreymon
Effect 1: [When Digivolving] When this Digimon has a red card in it’s digivolution cards, choose your opponent’s Digimon, a black card in it’s digivolution cards, choose your opponent’s Tamer, with a combined play cost of up to 6, and deleted those selected cards.
Effect 2: [Both Turns][Once Per Turn] When an opponent’s Digimon is deleted, you may unsuspend this Digimon.

Mamemon Support

Very surprising was the additional support for the Mamemon line, given [BT8-065] Catchmamemon and [BT8-068] Banchomamemon. It is now possible to play the Mamemon archetype pretty much on it's own, and boy the engine does seem strong! We had written an article for Catchmamemon before Bandai revealed Banchomamemon, but you get the gist!

Score: 9/10

[BT8-065] CatchMamemon
Effect: [When Digivolving] Return up to 4 Digimon cards with [Mamemon] in their name from your hand or trash to the top of your deck in any order. If this effect returns 3 or more cards, 1 of your opponent’s Digimon gets [De-digivolve 1].
[BT8-068] Banchomamemon
Effect 1: [When Digivolving] Reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. For each of your opponent’s Digimon, you may play a card with [Mamemon] in their name and has a play cost of 10 or lower without paying its cost. Trash the remaining cards.
Effect 2: [Both Turns] When you have another Digimon with [Mamemon] in it’s name in play, this Digimon gets [SecurityAttack+1].

Proper Alphamon Support

While in BT-07 we had the Dorumon-Dorugoramon line, that was more of an independent x-antibody line that did not require or support Alphamon. Fans of Alphamon will rejoice in BT-08, as Ouryumon has finally been revealed and will give Alphamon decks the much needed independence.

There is also a very high chance that we will see Alphamon Ouryuken Mode as a SEC in this set, and that is definitely very good news for this set! 

Score: 6/10 (and 10/10 if OM is revealed)

[BT8-069] Ouryumon
Effect 1: [When Digivolving] By putting 1 [X-Antibody] card from your hand to the bottom of this Digimon’s digivolution cards, delete 1 of your opponent’s Digimon with a play cost of 7 or lower.
Effect 2: [Your Turn][Once Per Turn] When your Digimon’s digivolution cards is increased by your effects, until the end of your opponent’s turn, this Digimon gains +2000 DP and cannot be deleted by your opponent’s effects.
Inheritable: [End of Attack][Once Per Turn] If this Digimon has [Alphamon] in it’s name, unsuspend this Digimon.

Belialvamdemon Returns

We wrote about Vamdemon/Myotismon support in EX-01, and then again recently for the upcoming Belialvamdemon/Malomyotismon. This is a tricky one, as some recent proxy gameplay videos show that even the new [BT8-083] Belialvamdemon struggle against an non-meta, older BT-03 Belialvamdemon build. 

Vamdemon builds so far had been pretty unsuccessful, blaming on a very slow start and very situational late game advantages. We still believe that the new Belialvamdemon can find space in this meta, but someone will have to be more creative or further optimize it's current engine.

Score: 6/10

Secret Rare (SEC) Predictions

All 10 SRs have been revealed, but none of the SECs yet. 

So far we would bet on 2 of these 3 cards being SEC: Alphamon Ouryuken Mode, Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, and Gulusgammamon.

Alphamon Ouryuken Mode (OM) would be the easy one, having Ouryumon revealed for this set. However, it is still possible for Alphamon OM to be saved for a later set given how Bandai likes to stagger fan favourites. Furthermore, Alphamon OM has almost nothing to do with the theme of this set (being New Hero) so let's not have our hopes too high.

Imperialdramon Paladin Mode (PM) is our second guess for SEC, based on the fact that this is a Digimon Adventure 02 themed booster, and there is no big protagonist cards yet other than [BT8-032] Imperialdramon Fighter Mode which was revealed very early for this set. There is also no LV7s yet for this set, so Imperialdramon PM could make a good, in-theme SEC.

Our third guess for SEC would be Gulusgammamon, as it would be quite weird for Gammamon to appear in the pack art, and then to have the only "Ghost Game" cards in this set being a Digitama, a LV3 Gammamon, a LV4 Betelgammamon common card, and his tamer Hiro. Gulusgammamon would make a good art, and does not interfere with Gammamon's digivolution line in the future. 


Comparing this set to BT-07 Next Adventure, we'd think that this set "liberates" the card game. 

Back in BT-07, Bandai has put so much emphasis on tamer and hybrid digivolutions that it had eventually powercrept almost every other standard decks. Aside from purple, every other winning deck were almost certainly built around tamers and hybrids. The card game had suddenly felt restrictive, with almost only a way or two to play any deck.

In BT-08, the focus once again shifts away from hybrids, and with multi-colored Digimons the door to creative freedom is larger than ever. However liberating this may feel, there is a always some chance that a dominating engine could appear to steer and restrict the meta once again, but at least this is Bandai's first step to open up colour restrictions and hopefully drive creativity back into the game.

Final score: 8/10 (with a refreshing feel to the card game)

A Brilliant Engine Using Kimeramon

[BT8-084] Kimeramon is a unique card that bridges different colours together. With Kimeramon, we could be taking advantage of effects not meant for certain Digimons and/or across colours.

[BT8-084] Kimeramon
Jogress: Any LV4 + Any LV4 at 0 cost
Effect 1: [When Digivolving] You may put 1 LV5 or lower Digimon card from your trash to the bottom of this Digimon’s digivolution cards. Then, until the end of your opponent’s next turn, up to 4 of your opponent’s Digimon gets -1000 DP for each color that this Digimon has.
Effect 2: [Your Turn] This Digimon gets the color of it’s digivolution cards. When this Digimon has 4 colors or more, this Digimon gets +4000 DP

So what sick combo can come from this?

The Hasty Eosmons

This brilliant combo came from @ageno81040409 on Twitter. By inheriting [BT5-063] Kurisarimon along the new Kimeramon, and subsequently digivolving into LV6 Eosmon, will grant all Eosmons in play [Rush].

And since the LV5 Eosmon is can summon another Eosmon when attacking, this essentially becomes a neverending loop of summoning and attacking (that is until your hand runs out of Eosmons to play). 

And to ensure that you have a (close to) never ending supply of Eosmons in hand, you will need draw power. This is where [BT2-053] Keramon comes into the spotlight, providing [Draw +1] whenever an Eosmon is played using the above engine.

So I guess the only thing left is to see how anyone could build a robust deck around this engine, since there are only 4 Kimeramons. Nevertheless, brilliant engine and can't wait to build around it! Kudos again to Agemo-san.


Can Yukio Revive MaloMyotismon?

I was hyped for the Myotismon/Vamdemon archetype months back in EX-01, but that type was short lived. Despite trying numerous different decks to showcase Myotismon, the setup was far too expensive for the gains.

Usually, it would take more than 7 memory to setup a MaloMyotismon/BelialVamdemon that does not have any protection against deletion effects whatsoever. 

It would also cost the same to have a [EX1-063] VenomMyotismon set-up but while VenomMyotismon has effects that look better on the book (having Retaliation and a board-widening effect), he wasn't able to catch up to the other meta deck's speed and board control. 

Enter Yukio

[BT8-093] Oikawa Yukio
Effect 1: [Both Turns] When your Digimon with [Vamdemon] is deleted, you may suspend this tamer to gain +1 memory.
Effect 2: [End of Opponent’s Turn] If this tamer is suspended, by deleting this tamer, you may play a [BelialVamdemon] from your trash without paying its cost.
Security: Play this card without paying its cost.

Geneticist Oikawa Yukio has been revealed as a tamer card in BT-08, providing support to MaloMyotismon. His second effect in particular, allow MaloMyotismon to be continuously revived, which is a big effect given that we now have a better MaloMyotismon!

The New MaloMyotismon

The new MaloMyotismon has a formidable [On Play] effect, allowing the player to delete an opponent's unsuspended Digimon (aka Trump Sword) and also trash the top security card. There is no denying the impact of this effect, so this becomes a matter of optimizing the play.

[BT8-083] MaloMyotismon/BelialVamdemon
Effect 1: [On Play] If you have 5 or more cards with [Myotismon/Vamdemon] in their name in your trash, delete 1 of your opponent’s unsuspended Digimon and trash 1 card from the top of their security.
Effect 2: [When Digivolving] Trash the top 5 cards of your deck. Then, if you have a card with [Myotismon/Vamdemon] in your trash, gain +1 memory.

There are currently 2 ways to play MaloMyotismon efficiently (without paying 13 memory) and activating his [On Play] effect. The first being [BT3-086] Arukenimon and [BT3-087] Mummymon, which require a digivolution route (at least a LV4). The second way would be to trade with Yukio. 

While this new MaloMyotismon is undoubtedly strong, there may still be need for the older BT3 MaloMyotismon for several reasons. Firstly, the BT3 MaloMyotismon would be a better card when the opponent does not have an attractive (unsuspended) deletion target. Secondly, for when you have not yet satisfied the "5 cards with [Myotismon] in name in your trash" for the new MaloMyotismon. Thirdly, the BT3 MaloMyotismon has a much better passive effect.


The Yukio/MaloMyotismon Engine 

The current MaloMyotismon archetype seems to require some heavier initial investments in the form of usual digivolutions and playing Yukios. In a sense, every Yukio played will eventually become a MaloMyotismon, so there is a high level of memory efficiency during the mid/late game. 

With Yukio being the core component of this engine, he should be recycled as much as possible. This puts [BT7-074] Antylamon in the perfect spot to recycle Yukio from trash. Antylamon can subsequently digivolve into the BT8 MaloMyotismon for milling, or the BT3 MaloMyotismon for passive board control. Either way, that MaloMyotismon will now be revivable thanks to Yukio.

The current MaloMyotismon archetype seems to require some heavier initial investments in the form of usual digivolutions and playing Yukios. In a sense, every Yukio played will eventually become a MaloMyotismon, so there is a high level of memory efficiency during the mid/late game. 

With Yukio being the core component of this engine, he should be recycled as much as possible. This puts [BT7-074] Antylamon in the perfect spot to recycle Yukio from trash. Antylamon can subsequently digivolve into the BT8 MaloMyotismon for milling, or the BT3 MaloMyotismon for passive board control. Either way, that MaloMyotismon will now be revivable thanks to Yukio.

[BT8-107] Pandemonium Flame
Effect: [Main] By deleting 1 of your Digimon, delete 1 of your opponent’s unsuspended Digimon with LV equal or lower than your deleted Digimon.
Security: Delete 1 of your opponent’s unsuspended Digimon.

The new [BT8-107] Pandemonium Flame can also give this engine even more control over your opponent's board, essentially a Trump Sword when triggered from security. This is a card that can trigger the MaloMyotismon/Yukio engine, which at 2 cost, allows you to delete an opponent's LV6 or lower unsuspended Digimon at the expense of your MaloMyotismon, which will be revived at the end of your opponent's next turn.   

This engine will inevitably encourage your opponent to attack during their turn and leave their Digimons suspended (or risk deletion when MaloMyotismon is played/revived). Therefore, it would be ideal to include Digimons with [Retaliation] such as [BT2-074] Devimon, [EX1-056] Demidevimon, or even the Digitama [BT4-006] Xiaomon. In this aspect, the BT3 MaloMyotismon would also fare well with [Piercing].

Synergy with Eyesmon?

Eyemon is pretty much defining the current purple meta hence should not be so easily discarded. Thankfully, the MaloMyotismon engine should synergize well with Eyesmon, since there are only 8 copies of Eyesmons at LV4 while the Myotismon archetype begins at LV5.

The more important question is whether the MaloMyotismon engine would work better than the current Lilith-loop engine at LV6. 

While Lilith-loop allows for an insane amount of value while looping, concurrently widening your board with big Digimons while hitting the opponent with [Rush] from Ceberusmon and Ginkakumon Promote, the new MaloMyotismon engine could do the same, requiring Yukios instead of Omegamon Zwart for the concurrent board-widening and security trashing. Furthermore, one could argue that security trashing is far more effective than the standard checking or even [Jamming] in today's meta landscape, especially against security control-like decks.

Quick Share: The Revival of Blackwargreymon

With the reveal of [BT8-067] Metalgreymon, will we be seeing a revival of the highly underrated SEC [BT2-112] Blackwargreymon?


Metalgreymon has an inheritable effect that allows him to attack the opponent's unsuspended Digimon. When this effect is inherited by Blackwargreymon, he will be able to attack all of the opponent's Digimons, in sequence from the highest DP onwards. DP boost-up can easily gain from using option cards of other Digimon's inheritable effects.

Additionally, with Biyomon in his digivolution cards, Blackwargreymon will be able to draw a card for every of the opponent's deleted Digimon. Guadromon will be able to do the same if your deck is lined with [Machine] and [Cyborg] cards. Will this engine work as mill for Mugendramon as well?


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