Arnold: The only green deck in BT10 and EX3 meta.

Invited Author: Arnold Tan
Country: Indonesia


Bloomlordmon has been revealed since BT10. It's not really doing an impact to the meta because there are so many decks that can easily counter it, like Blue Flare. The Bloomlord cannot do anything when Metalgreymon is on the field and it's because either all your units has been stunned or he have become Deckergreymon and you cannot kill it with 1 attack because of the Armor purge.

The 2nd is Xros Heart, with the Angie and Dorulumon help it can easily remove level 4 in Bloomlord deck because mostly all the Digimon's DP is 3000, and the 3rd one is any deck with Digimon that can block memory increasing, because mostly the only way to suspend the enemy digimon in this deck is with Sam? Dhi?? nti?  option and that's make 1 of your Digimon to suspend and that sometimes you need to have 1 more turn to remove it from field. For all the problems I mentioned, we can use Kimeramon from BT8 to remove those Digimon that block memory increasing or remove Blue Flare stun effect, but the problem is that the deck becomes really bricky and that's why I was not using the deck for competitive scene.

What's new in EX3

So, in EX3 the latest mini booster in DCG this deck got a backup from hydramon and this evo line. For me the most game changing is on Hydramon obviously but the 2nd card that changed this deck to more competitive is Pomumon, it has an effect that can suspend 1 of enemy digimon when he gets suspended by effect. This makes removing digimon more easily and this includes digimon that can block memory increasing.

For the Hydramon, it can remove digimon that previously very hard to be remove by Bloomlord like Magnamon X, high DP digimon, Darkknightmon, or any other digimon with Armor Purge, and another extras that it can remove digimon without attacking, this something that late Bloomlord deck can't do. This resolves the problem I mentioned before, we can remove their Digimon even if we get stunned and the 2nd effect of Hydramon can easily move their memory to ours when their Digimon is suspended, and i think because Blue Flare deck mostly doesn't have removal it's really easy to swarming and make the 2nd effect more effective.

Deck profile


1st Matchup: Xros Heart
To be honest Xros Heart still a bad matchup for this deck, but in this matchup in the early game they doesn't have Akari and Sunrise Buster to remove my Digimon, then it makes me easily swarming and after i have enough Digimon in the field, I do the OTK with Bloomlordmon and help from Hidden Potential Discovered option, with that I won the 1st game

2nd Matchup: Imperialdramon Purple

In this match old Pomumon (BT9) really help a lot, although sometimes it blocking me to swarming but it block the enemy to call Dinobeemon/Paildramon to do Jogress and I think it's more hurting them more. My enemy's tactic is to counter it by evolving to Dinobeemon/Paildramon manually in raising area and then hard cast the other color level 5 Digimon and then Jogress with it in the end of turn. Although it can boardsweep my field, it gives me so much memory, and because of that as long as I have Hydramon in hand, I can just easily bounce the Imperialdramon Fighter Mode. I do this every time after they make a new one, and after taking some turns, I won the game with my enemy conceding.

3rd Matchup: Blue Flare

In this matchup I got really good hands, I can easily make Hydramon and Cherrymon in the field early game, and make the control really easy. After some turns, my enemy had their resource run out, I just finished the game by attacking with Bloomlord and my other digimons.

And with that I finished the tournament with 3-0.

There is another tournament that I got 1st but I do not remember all the order of matchup so I just list some games I remember.

Matchup: Jesmon

Same as the Imperialdramon Purple match, old Pomumon is really helpful, and because I can control their field, I am not letting my enemy have a sistermon in their field so the baohuckmon effect can destroy my Pomumon.

Matchup: Gaiomon

This is one of the matches I think it's really hard, because they are bounce resistant and sometimes have high DP in my turn. It makes it really hard to be removed after it's on the field, and another problem is that metalgreymon (BT8) can easily destroy any level 5 digimon in my area with devolve and destroy. In this matchup what really helps is samadhi shanti, i can stall the gaiomon or blackwargreymon so have 1 more turn for me to swarm digimon so my Bloomlord has more DP than their digimon.

Closing Thoughts

I have played the green deck from BT2 to the present and I think this deck it's one of the decks in greens that is really fun to play after a long long time. But even so, I still think there's some deck that will be really hard to beat with this deck like Xros Heart, Gaiomon, Yellow Hybrid, Security Control, and maybe many others. But as long as you play your card right, the chance of winning is not 0. Another word, knowing your deck is more important than knowing your enemy deck. Sometimes misplay happens because you misuse or not knowing the effect, and the 2nd one is to play calm and have fun.

Good luck for other Green Players, and CHEERS.

BT-09: Alphamon Ouryuken establishing presence!

Last week we wrote about how Grandiskuwagamon is is dominating the early meta in Japan and Malaysia, while the other decks are still trying to make good footing in this new landscape. Amongst them is none other this set's poster boy, the all-new Alphamon deck, and today we will look at this in a bit more detail.

If anything can be said about the Alphamon deck, we'd say that he is an all-rounder. We have very recently witnessed this deck holding up very well against the tier-1 Grandiskuwagamon (with a 2-0 win in the finals of a 20+ man tournament), and having tried this ourselves we'd have to agree that this is indeed a monster of a deck. 

Core engine: digivolution

Digivolution is in the core of this deck. 

Digivolving into LV4 Dorugamon requires 2 cost, and then 0 cost into Dexdorugamon to gain 1 memory, [Blocker] and [Retaliation]. This is effectively a 1 cost digivolution if you have the right cards in hand. 


Digivolving into LV5 Dorugreymon allows you to put a black [X-Antibody] Digimon into it's digivolution cards to gain protection. Ideally, by originally inheriting a [BT7-054] Dorumon and putting another copy underneath (from this effect), his digivolution cost becomes just 1 memory (since we gain +2 from the 2 inherited Dorumons). 

Digivolving your Dorugreymon into Dexdorugreymon is generally free, and gives a simple board control in the form of LV4 deletion. 

With Cool Boy, these dex-digivolutions become even cheaper: a single copy of cool boy could've reduced this entire LV3 to LV5 digivolution to 0-cost! 

Not a surprise why cool boy is one of the most sought-after card in BT-09!

Into LV6, both the old [BT6-111] Alphamon and the new [BT9-066] Alphamon are 3-cost to digivolve. If you have a starting memory of 3 (from Doumoto Kota) or generated some along the way (from a combination of Yuujis or Cool Boys), digivolving into Alphamon would probably still keep your turn. Otherwise, you would still be very safe staying at LV5 Dorugreymon or Dexdorugreymon thanks to the turn protection he has, or even better, the [Blocker] and [Retaliation] granted from Dexdorugamon. 

Back to the Alphamons, both are great choices. However, in a more aggressive setup the new Alphamon does better, allowing you to retrieve an X-Antibody trait card from trash to be put under his digivolution cards. Ideally, an Ouryumon can be picked up if you plan to move into LV7 Alphamon Ouryuken, or another BT7 Dorumon if you wish for memory to keep your turn. Either way, you de-digivolve 1 of your opponent's Digimon.


Either way, it would be ideal to move into LV7 Alphamon Ouryuken before initiating an attack, since at LV6 Alphamon does not have a lot of DP to go swinging at securities. With Ouryumon in his digivolution cards, his digivolution cost would only be 3, and by returning unneeded digivolution cards to your deck, you gain enough memory to keep your turn. 

So there you go, a LV7 Alphamon Ouryuken capable of 2 swings at security, easily with +1000 DP from Dorugamon and [SecurityAttack+1] from Dorugreymon, and possibly [Retaliation] from DexDorugamon and deletion protection from Dorugreymon, all done comfortably within the comforts of a turn's memory! 

Given enough memory gained from Ouryuken's [End of Turn] effect, it is possible to use a Hybrid as end game. Otherwise, Ouryuken should have enough staying power to last through your opponent's turn for an end game the next.

The right cards

This deck's performance lies at the mercy of your draws, so it would be essential to search and have them ready. Fortunately, a standard Alphamon build is not short of searchers. To name a few, 4 copies of the BT7 Dorumon, 4 copies of Cool Boy, and some copies of Ryuudamon, Doumoto Kouta, and memory boost provides ample searching power.

This deck is not short on drawing power too, thanks to the Digitama [BT7-005] Dorimon, the tamer Yuuji and most importantly, Cool Boy.

Matchup: against Grandiskuwagamon

Alphamon Ouryuken is very likely a 17000 DP Digimon at all turns, and a Grandiskuwagamon without inheriting at  least +2000 DP cannot even battle and delete Ouryuken. And if Ouryuken inherits [Retaliaion] for the turn from Dexdorugamon, it would take a lot of courage for Grandis to perform a suicide attack.

It would also cost any Digimon a lot more memory to become Grandiskuwagamon than it would to Ouryuken hence as long as you have the right cards in hand.

Matchup: against Wargreymon X

Wargreymon costs a lot more to grow, and unless he can inherit enough to push his DP to 17000, Wargreymon X will not be able to delete Ouryuken by effect. And if Ouryuken inherits turn protection from Dorugreymon, he would be pretty untouchable even when hitting Gaia Force from security. 

The only bet would probably be with [BT8-067] Metalgreymon's de-digivolve effect, reducing Ouryuken into DP-range of an ordinary attack or deletion by effect.

Matchup: against Metalgarurumon X

Metalgarurumon X would theoretically eat Ouryuken alive, since the standard Alphamon deck lacks protection against "return to hand/deck" effects. A standard Alphamon player would invest all memory into a single stack, with maybe another LV3 or LV4 lying on the board, which makes good pie for a Weregarurumon X en-route to Metalgarurumon X. 

However, it is also comforting to know that Alphamon routes are much more efficient to grow than the Garurumon route hence the possibility of you outrunning their pace. Timing is crucial hence its important to ensure that you have what it takes to swing for 4 security checks in one turn and another for the win, so chip 1 security off your opponent early and have some hybrid LV4s prepared.


Sample decks

Below are some sample deck profiles for reference.


A sample deck that we navigated
Joshua's Alphamon deck that won a 20+ man local tourney.
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BT9: Grandis-Kuwagamon is winning a lot in Japan and Malaysia

We are not surprised that Green Grandis/Grankuwagamon is currently leading the BT9 meta, especially in Japan and Malaysia. We can consider this profile as another OTK deck in BT9, it has a higher level of control the opponent's board with "changing the target when attacking", faster to evolve into LV6 with "digisorption (download)", and OTK with "SecurityAttack++" by triggering digi-burst. On top of that, this deck is very cheap and easy to build.

For now there are 2 different builds for this deck, one of them is purely building with all [Insectoid] Digimon and the other one is using the cheap and fastest way to evolve-up by using "1-cost to digivolve" LV4s and LV5 Digimon with "digisorption", both of them have the same ratio of winning.

Thanks to BT9 meta, Grankuwagamon promo comes back to be strong and useful in Green color. Let's see how the current build support them.

Profile 1: Faster Digivolving with "Download"

This featured deck below is created by GuanRong (Malaysia). There is something to note about this deck:

  • This deck uses the Digitama Yokomon, lv3 Palmon promo, Lalamon and Weedmon "1-cost to evolve from lv3" that will provide more inherited effects for  Grankuwagamon when it triggers "Digi-burst" to gain "SecurityAttack++"
  • This deck uses cheap play-cost LV3 to be hard play if there is a need for "Digisorption". 
  • If the "digisorption" line is able to be built successfully, then with just 1 Mimi tamer in the board, the LV5 is evolved into LV6 Grankuwagamon for 3 cost, stay in the turn. After that we can trigger digit-burst twice to give this Digimon +2000 DP (from digitama), gain "Jamming" from Palmon and gain back 1 memory from Weedmon. Then we can digivolve Grankuwagamon into GrandisKuwagamon for 1 cost (still stay in the turn), this Digimon now has "SecurityAttack+2" with 18000DP. It can declare first attack to the opponent security cards (3 checks), then [end of the attack] can suspend 1 opponent's Digimon and unsuspend this Digimon. Second attack would be made to clear opponent's board or to end the game with final hit (if the opponent has no more security left).
  • This Digimon with "Jamming" and 17k or 18k DP can be survived if it hit reducing-DP option card like Wyvern Breath, can stay alive if it is Trump Sword because the Digimon havent reached the state to unsuspend itself, but it will be destroyed if it hit removal cards such as GaiaForce, DarkGaiaforce, or Fly Bullet.

Profile 2: Full Built for Insectoid

The deck above is created by Kinopota-san, from Japan. This is the other profile that is quite a common build for Grandiskuwagamon in BT9. With the fully "insectoid" Digimon are used from LV3 to LV6, it seems like a very straightforward or predictable if you are playing against them. 

There are some techs in this deck that it can either help to check faster or control the board better. The LV5 Okuwamon can be built in the raising area, then move out to digivolve into Okuwagamon-X, put an X-antibody option card under this Digimon digivolution source, declares attack and evolve into GrandisKuwagamonX for 3 costs (reduced 1-cost from OkuwagamonX effect).

The best thing of the GrandisKuwagamon is that "it can change the target when it is attacking", it may change the target to attack the opponent's Digimon that just got suspended when Grandis digivolves to earn back many more memories from tamers or from other Digimon's inherited effects. It still can do "piercing" with "SecurityAttack+1" if BT1 Kokuwamon is in its digivolution source. There is a chance that it may still stay in its turn after gaining back memory, unsuspend itself at the end of the attack and declares another attack to opponent's Digimon or security. GrandisKuwagamon with 16000DP is safe to check if it hit opponent's Digimon in security except for Imperial Paladin Mode and Alphamon Ouryuken.

If this Digimon is able to survive after attacks, if there is a need to destroy another opponent's Digimon in the board, then it is time to use Grandis Scissor.

This option card can trigger "unsuspend" one of your Digimon and that Digimon may attack your opponent's Digimon (this Digimon can do "piercing" to opponent's security, but not the element to win the game).

Unlike the 1st profile, this deck has its own defence strategy, the EX1 Kuwagamon, acts as MegaGargomon, will able to put opponent's unsuspended Digimon into sleep without waking-up in opponent's unsuspend phase. There is no [Once Per Turn] in its effects, so it works perfectly with GrandisKuwagamon since GrandisKuwagamon can do attack twice, at least 2 opponent's Digimon will be put into "sleep" mode if needed.


There is an obvious weakness for any OTK deck is Security Control. If the Digimon with "SecurityAttack++" hit a removal option card, then yeah it is not your lucky day. 

The second threat in this Meta would be BT5 Omnimon X-antibody

If opponent has an Ominmon X in their field, your attack will become meaningless even if you have "SecurityAttack+5". There is no option card in GrandisKuwagamon deck that can destroy this Digimon. To encounter this scenario, you must evolve into your LV6 and attack before opponent's OmnimonX shows up.

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[En Format] Valos 1st Place Green OTK at Europe Evo Cup (19 Sept)

Invited Author: Valos (Greece)
Tournament Report: Europe Evo Cup on Sept 19
Host: Tournament Center

Deck Introduction

The idea behind the deck was an attempt to mix both the OTK and Control green variants so it's understandably very messy because of it. The only issue it has is it doesn't have any REAL answers to Security Control (like for example reds "A Delicate Plan" and BT1 "Wargreymon") but it can still get around those match ups with a bit of luck and controlling the board.  There are some cards that I'd like to point out from this deck that made a surprising impact and some that more vital to the game plan as a whole

Deck Owner: Valos
Palmon BT5: While at first glance it's not a great card as it only has 2 or 3 real targets, though playtesting I've found that its a great way to both recycle the Promo Palmon that gives Jamming when used as a Digi-Burst Material as well as just putting herself under a Digimon that doesn't have a Digi-Egg in their sources meaning any Digimon becomes a Nidhoggmon threat. Additionally, if the stack has great source effects like BT4 Lilamon and ST4 MegaKabuterimon, it gives you the option to keep them under cards like Nidhogg or GranKuwagamon making the eventual Chaosmon an even bigger threat.
Weedmon BT5: It's effect to give you 1 memory for simply using Digi-Burst is almost vital when you want to control the board, especially when combined with Promo Palmon they become the best set of cards to use as Digi-burst Fuel and that 1 Memory can mean a lot when it comes to the low evolution cost deck that is green.
Cherrymon BT2: As a 2 cost evolution it's already a great card but it's also a 7k blocker making a great wall against Shoutmon DX decks that can't deal with any blocker above 5k unless they attack into it or evolve into BT1 Omnimon. However, I noticed that most of the time I don't block with him in other matchups as I'd rather digivolve into a level 6 which is why it's at 1.
Megakabuterimon ST4: This is the only card in the entire deck that has a real answer to Security control. Its ability to trash the top card of the Security Stack came up multiple times and hit its fair share of options as well as some tamers. 

-3-2-2-1 Level 6 Line: This is probably the most "controversial" part of the whole deck, the level 6 Digimon. Of course, the Nidhoggmon at 3 doesn't need an explanation, deals with RR, and clears wide boards. Rafflesimon and Grankuwagamon are both in here cause each of them is a part of the deck's control and OTK power respectively. However, there are times that I've used them together. Digi-burst once with Grankuwagamon trashing Weedmon and another material (ideally Promo Palmon of course) gaining Security+1 as well as the 1 memory you need to evolve him into Rafflsimon, then using Grankuwagamon and another material for her effect to boost all the Digimon by 2k and freezing a blocker or another threat on the board would leave you with a 13k-15k (If you had a Yokomon under it) Rafflesimon with Sec+1 and either MegaKabuterimon or Lilamon under her. Meaning you could for example swing into Security for 2, evolve into Chaosmon, take out another Digimon that isn't the Frozen one from Rafflesimons effect, trashing the 3rd Security with Megakabuterimon's effect, and removing the other 2 with Piercing. Finally, Herculeskabuterimon is there for problem cards like LordKnightmon but its 4 evo cost makes him less than ideal but still pretty good.

Flower Cannon BT1: Flower Cannon over Needle Spray BT4 is something that came up multiple times especially against RR. Yes, the fact it doesn't get added to hand after resting a Digimon means you can't rest a Blocker on your turn however most of the decks that top this meta are RR and LordKnightmon which swarm the field and keep swinging so resting ALL of them if it gets checked in security is absolutely worth it.
Wisselen BT5: A lot of your cards that stay on the board for long have a Digi-burst ability making this card a 4 cost most if not all the time, and it freezes 2 Digimon. And if you have a Weedmon to Digi-bust and Mimi you can simply Digi-bust to go to 4, use this to freeze any defenses and swing for game. Also, the possibility to gain 2 memory during your opponent's turn is always worth it.
Izzy Izymi & Mimi Tachikawa BT5: A massive deterrent. The threat of gaining 2 memory just because your opponent attacked will cause them to wait out multiple turns to avoid giving you too much memory to work with. The other effect that evolves for free didn't come up more than once but it's a fun topdeck moment if let's say you digivolve into a Nidhoggmon for free, resting all the blockers and shuffling them into the deck. For. Free.

If your opponent has something like a BT6 Mekanorimon that stops tokens, you can use the BT5 Starmon as a tech card to get rid of it as you will have a lot of memory from running either the double tamers or multiple copies of Arata Sanada.


The game plan doesn't change a lot from Match-up to Match-up because you always want to go in for an OTK however there are some notes for some of them.
Rookie Rush: The deck is stressful to play against because if it takes you too long to get to Nidhoggmon or your OTK combo you won't have a good time. A good way to keep them from swarming is to simply threaten them with a fully stacked level 5 even if you don't currently have the Nidhoggmon in the hand unless they decide to simply swing and hope they'll have to deal with it.
Yellow LordKnightmon: Chaosmon and Herculeskabuterimon are great ways to deal with it. And if needed there is always the great equalizer that is Nidhoggmon since their deck needs to attack to gain more advantage. It's a very straightforward match-up and both decks are equally capable of stealing the game away from the other.
Black Metalgarurumon: The deck is very slow compared to green and while the ability to get rid of your security and tamers with Omnimon Zwart Defeat can be devastating, a simple Chaosmon can deal with their level 6 without much issue.
Security Control: Probably the worst deck to play against other than Rookie Rush. There are only two ways to really win here, either take your time swinging with Megakabuterimon's Effect to avoid any option card in the Security or swing and hope you don't hit things that cause you too much of an issue (Ultimate Flare doesn't affect you much since there is nothing to De-Digivolve into since you get rid of them through Digi-Burst).
Purple ChaosGallantmon/Cresgarurumon: Similarly to Black decks, it's not fast enough to bring forward a threat you can't deal with so it's usually a problem if you brick really really hard.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, the deck ran surprisingly smoothly throughout the event. It bricked maybe 2 or 3 times and that was only for maybe a turn or two, after which it picked back up, thankfully not against the decks that would cause an issue if you did nothing for a turn (Example: Black). It's a mess of a list so there was defiantly some luck involved in playing this but in a game like Digimon that is a given with every deck.

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BT7 Green Deck Review: A Secure Gatcha Deck

Junpei and his hybrid Digimon are currently the favorite decks to be played in the tournament for the green color in BT7. We almost forgot another green deck profile that is also strong enough to challenge other colors in this "hybrid" high-speed meta. Unlike the BT5 or BT6 green gatcha, this is the strongest gatcha profile with a 95% secure ratio to hit LV6 Digimon to digivolve for free.

Deck's Owner: RIna

For the era of warp evolution or spirit evolution to jump or skip the normal evolution line to reach LV6 or LV7 Digimon with just paying a few more memory during digivolving or attacking in BT6 and BT7 meta, "speed" or "cost" is becoming the first thing to consider when you build a deck to play a competitive game or participate tournaments. Is your deck fast enough, or if the opponent is faster than yours then how you are going to counter that? This is the reason why black decks like X-antibody or Machindramon still find it very hard to be in Tier-1 or Tier1.5 of this meta.

Let get back to this green gatcha profile, if we calculate the cost to have 1 or 2 security checks, it takes 6 costs for 3 attacks (best scenario), equal to Rookie Rush speed when we use 6 memories to play 3 rookies that contribute 3 security attacks. This deck almost never have to pay a cost when we would digivolve from a LV5 into LV6 Digimon, there are many solutions you can play around with to get the most wanted LV6 Digimon to be digivolving.

This featured deck comprises 11 LV3s, 9 LV4s, 10 LV5s, 11 LV6s, and 3 LV7s Digimon. There are 6 tamer cards and no option cards. The distribution is already showing the first weakness of this deck: hand-brick, lol, so to avoid this you must do a proper shuffling (for example table shuffle). 

[BT7-045] Tortomon is the first and very important factor to make this deck runs successfully.  This Digimon can help to secure a LV6 Digimon to be placed at the top of your deck (if you have a LV6 Digimon in hand) and to add +3000 DP for this Digimon. Adding DP is the most useful effect that this Digimon provides, it helps the LV6 Digimon to able to survive if it hits a Mega or LV7 in the opponent's security. Even if you don't have a LV6 to put, you can take any Digimon from your hand to put on the top of your deck to just increase the DP. 

[BT7-049] MameTyramon and [BT1-078] Jagamon, both have the same "when attacking" effect to reveal the top 3 cards of your deck, then you may digivolvive into a Lv6 green Digimon among them without paying its cost. With the Tortomon effect, if you have a LV6 Digimon in hand that you desire to use such as Nidhoggmon, you can place this card on top of the deck by triggering Tortomon's ESS first, then trigger the "when attacking" effect of Jagamon or MameTyranmon to reveal it.  

If the Tortomon is not in the digivolution cards, you can use the LV3 Gotsumon "on play" effect to reveal 1 green card from hand then place it on top of the deck. To do this, you need to pay 3 costs to play Gotsumon and it should be still in your turn, so tamer Mimi is important to reset 3 memories at beginning of the turn.

Even if you don't have Tortomon or Gotsumon to secure the auto-digivolution, you can play more Izumi&Mimi tamer to open and reveal another 3 cards on top of the deck when your LV5 performs attacking. On top of that, the new digitama [BT7-004] Koromon also contributes a small role in helping the search for LV6 Digimon. Koromon is good in a way that you want to know what Digimon you are going to draw next from the deck and if it is not what you want you can place that card at the bottom of the deck. 

Level 6 Digimon

There are 4 different types of LV6 green Digimon in this deck, 3 of them are performing more on a defensive strategy to control the board: Nidhoggmon, Ancenttroy, and Megagargomon. The OTK Megagargomon can rest an opponent when digivolving and immediately perform 2 security checks. If the LV3 Kokuwagamon is in its digivolution cards then this Digimon can do another check to the opponent's security. 

If the opponent plays a lot of rookies like the current bt7 meta to search for hybrid cards, we can bring out Nidhoggmon to wipe out the opponent's board in one instant. 

AncientTroy is another defensive solution while ImperialDramon is a very strong LV6 that has "Piercing" and can unsuspend once when it destroys 1 opponent's digimon.

And since it is still in your turn when the LV6 Digimon attacks, you can digivolve into Chaos or ValdurArm to reduce the opponent's Digimon DP or attack their unsuspended digimon. 

The tamer Mimi, don't forget it can help to speed up the hatching if there is LV5 digimon on the field. If you have both Mimi and the pair tamer on play, there is a chance that you can have 3 or 5 or 7 memories at beginning of the turn when your opponent has rested Digimon and you have 1 or more Mimi&Izumi tamer in play.

This deck is strong against the Red or Blue Hybrid that is currently overturning the meta, but it may face some difficulty if it match-up with Security Control. 

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[EN Format] A Green Hercules Deck Review

Invited Author: Arthur Sora
Country: New Zealand

This deck is all about punishing the opponent when they leave their digimons of the breeding zone and establishing tempo by cutting down their stacks, while at the same time hitting their security. 
I like to think this deck as a counter-punch deck as it really punishes opponent's mistakes.

Deck Introduction


I run 4 Minomons and 1 Budmon as giving the extra DP is crucial for any level digimons in this deck. With the extra DP and the help of Lilamon's effect/Needle Spray/Hercules, any of my digimons can swing over most of the same level or even higher opposing digimons.

 For example, with just a Minomon and Kabuterimon inheritance, my MegaKabuterimon swung over the opponent's suspended SlashAngemon today, punishing his play. 

Rookie Digimon

I play 4 copies of [ST4-04] Palmon, as the extra +2000 DP can be super clutch when using Hercules to swing over anything and making safe security checks on pierce. But in my opinion, the MVP rookie for my deck was [BT3-046] Terriermon. I increased from 2 to 3 copies of Terriermon as I expected to run into a lot of Yellow Wargreymon and Blue Imperialdramon decks, which I know would stop their Blinding Rays and Hammer Sparks. 

In one match after the opponent played Valdur Arm and cleared my board, I brought out and digivolved into Hercules (had 2000 Palmon inheritance + 1000 from Minomon), hard played a Terriermon and suspended the Valdur Arm with Hercules. When I swung over Valdur Arm, the opponent could not get the 3 memory from Valdur Arm due to Terriermon.

Champion Digimon

I played 3 copies each of Stingmon and Kabuterimon (+1000 dp for each suspended digimon) as getting one extra memory is nice when you pierce with Hercules, and having that extra DP is always important when swinging over any digimon.

Ultimate Digimon

I played 3 copies of MegaKabuterimon as trashing one security when you destroy an opponents digimon is huge for Hercules. I think Green Hercules deck can be pretty low damage compared to Green OTK or Yellow WarGreymon so being able to hit for two securities on a pierce really ramps up. I like to play 3 copies as with Hercules I like to build my stack in my breeding zone, which can be relatively slow, but when it comes out and swings, it can change the board state immediately. Also, with the rise of Security Control decks, I think trashing one security is amazing as you might dodge a scary option card or even a level 7.


This is the result in recent local tournament (Baydragon BT05 Win-a-Box!) I attended and won first place with this deck

Round 1: 
Yellow Wargreymon 1-1: In the first game, I managed to pierce through his WarGreymon stack with a perfectly stacked Hercules and swarm the board with rookies to win the game. In the second game it was much closer, at one point he had 3-4 digimons on the field with 1 security. I used Hidden potential to digivolve into Hercules, suspend a digimon and pierce his security, but unfortunately I suspended the wrong digimon when using Hidden Potential and could not close the game. He swarmed me with Wargreymon + Angewoman's effect to play a rookie a couple of turns later. We did not have time for a game 3 so it was a draw.

Round 2
Blue and Purple Rush 2-0: Played against an interesting Blue/Purple Rush deck which featured blue Cerberusmon + purple Cerberusmon werewolf mode combo. First game we both bricked but I managed to build faster and cleared his board and applied pressure by piercing any of his hard played digimon with Hercules. Second game I managed to draw into Terriermon early which I hard played so he was unable to play any of Hammer Sparks. He was memory locked and I just slowly built my board whilst cutting down any of his digimons with mixture of Lilamons and Needle Sprays until I had lethal.

Round 3
Yellow Wargreymon 1-0-1 (1 win 1 draw): First game I made the perfect stack with Hercules and pierced through his stack whilst dealing two damage, and I went into Chaosmon to pierce and did one more damage. He could not remove my Chaosmon from the field so a couple of turns later I took the game. The second game was very long as we both were clearing each other's boards with Nidhogg and Valdur Arm so it ended in a draw. But since I won the first game I took the match.
Round 4
Blue Imperialdramon 2-0: First game I ended up cutting through 3 stacks of Imperialdramon's continuosly when it came out with my HerculesKabuterimon and he could not play any Hammer sparks as I had at least one Terriermons on the field at any time. I closed the game out with board control. Second game he bricked by not drawing into the cards he wanted whilst I had a Terriermon on the field to stop him from playing Hammer Sparks. He managed to build a stack but could only use it to crash into my Hercules to slow me down. But I still had lethal and took the match.
Round 5 (Top 4 now)
Yellow Shinegreymon 2-0: First game he pushed his digimon out of the breeding zone prematurely to get yellow Rizegreymon's effect to play a tamer. I had a Hercules so I could pierce right through and deal two damage, I won the game a few turns later with board control. Second game he pushed out his Red RizeGreymon and it went to my turn. I had a Lilamon with Minomon's inheritance and could suspend the digimon and swung over it. He had to start hard playing digimons after that and I just kept piercing with Hercules to take the match.
Round 6:
Yellow Wargreymon 2-0: Same player as Round 3 so it was a rematch. First game was pretty straightforward as I built a perfect stack with Hercules and continued to apply damage while taking out stacks. In one instance he played SlashAngemon to get rid of my Hercules, but on my turn I swung over with MegaKabuterimon + Kabuterimon + Minomon inheritance. I won the first game with a Needle Spray on his blocker. Second game was a longer game and in one instance he had 4 digimon on the field, including a suspended Valdur Arm and a Piddomon. I managed to Hidden Potential into a Nidhogg and wiped the field, after that I played it slow and swarmed the field with my two Mimis churning out rookies. On the last turn I swung with around 5-6 digimon and he could not block it all. 
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EX-01 Meta: Safe Gatcha!

I enjoy playing my green gatcha deck, and with EX-01 there may perhaps be a better way to play this deck! 

Behold, the EX-01 Megakabuterimon!

[EX1-040] Megakabuterimon
Effect: [When Attacking] This Digimon can digivolve into a Digimon card with [Insectoid] or [Ancient Insect] in its traits in your hand for its digivolution cost.
Inheritable Effect: [Your Turn] When this Digimon deletes an opponent's Digimon in battle and survives, gain 1 memory.

[EX1-040] Megakabuterimon has a [When Attacking] effect that allows the player to digivolve into a LV6 [Insectoid] or [Ancient Insectoid] Digimon from hand by paying it's full cost. While this does not sound like a valuable effect, it works very well with the [BT5-089] Izzy & Mimi tamer card which allows for free digivolution when attacking.

Since both Megakabuterimon's [When Attacking] effect and Izzy & Mimi's effect have the same timing, the player can decide on their effect's order. 

In the past, whenever a green LV5 Digimon attacks with Izzy & Mimi in play, there is certain probability that an auto-digivolution will not take place (when there are no LV6 green Digimons among the 3 revealed cards), which may expose that LV5 Digimon to danger during security checks. 

However this will not be the case for the new Megakabuterimon. When Megakabuterimon fails to digivolve from the cards revealed by Izzi & Mimi, the player can simply resolve his [When Attacking] effect to digivolve him into a LV6 [Insectoid] or [Ancient Insectoid] in hand, and the best candidate (as of now) is none other than [EX1-043] Herculeskabuterimon!


[EX1-043] Herculeskabuterimon
Effect1: [Your Turn][Once Per Turn] When one of your Digimon with [Insectoid] or [Ancient Insect] in its traits deletes an opponent's Digimon in battle and survives, you may unsuspend this Digimon.

Effect2: [Your Turn] For each Digimon card with [Insectoid] in its traits in this Digimon's digivolution cards, it gets +1000 DP.

Why is he an excellent candidate? Firstly, any good candidates should not possess a [When Attacking] effect since it will miss timing when digivolved this way. Secondly, Herc will be able to unsuspend himself (either for a second hit or just being unsuspended during your opponent's next turn) after deleting an opponent's Digimon and finally, he becomes (at least) 16000 DP big when inheriting a purely [Insectoid] digivolution line. 

Another great digivolution candidate would be [BT1-083] Grankuwagamon, mostly for the same reasons above! 


Supporting Cards

The new [EX1-033] Tentomon has excellent synergy running in an [Insectoid] deck setting, making digivolutions more efficient!

[EX1-033] Tentomon
Inheritable Effect: [When Attacking] The next time one of your Digimon digivolves into a Digimon card with [Insectoid] or [Ancient Insect] in its traits this turn, reduce the memory cost of the digivolution by 1.

Always resolve Tentomon's inheritable effect after Izzy & Mimi, to avoid wasting his "-1 digivolution cost" effect on a free digivolution. Note that Tentomon can reduce the digivolution cost of that triggered by Megakabuterimon's [When Attacking] effect.

[BT3-050] Stingmon is also a great candidate in this system, gaining +1 memory when an opponent's Digimon is deleted in battle with Megakabuterimon (or it's LV6).

Due to lack of suspension engines such as Lilamon, it is imperative to include suspension options such as [ST4-15] Chiku Chiku Bang Bang for board control and synergy with the aforementioned digivolution system. These option cards are also very precious in security, especially with the current meta of Jesmons and BOFs.

Deck Reference

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BT6 AncientTroymon – The New Right-Hand man for Nidhogg

BT6 Double Diamond does not give face to green color, it doesn't even have an SR card, no new LV7 digimon. Bandai introduced new 10 green digimon while other colors have at least 12 new digimon, this is maybe their strategy to boost up popularity for red blue and black. 

By the way, Nidhoggmon is still remaining as a very formidable digimon for green color, the power of "returning all opponent's rested digimon and digimon with 5000 DP or lower to bottom of its owner deck" can deal with any type of deck. Last time we talked about how perfect the combination of Nidhoggmon and HerculesKabuterimon, now Nidhoggmon has a "even better" partner in BT6 booster set, it is AncientTroymon 


AncientTroymon is quite expensive to evolve (5 costs), same play cost, evolve cost and DP with Nidhoggmon. AncientTroy effect is quite new for green and suitable to put in Nidhoggmon deck. In opponent's turn: When an opponent's digimon attacks, suspend up to 2 of their digimon without "blocker". If this digimon in the battle, even opponent wants to destroy this digimon, at the time opponent declares attacking, 2 of their digimon will be rested by this effect. Nighoggmon deck is normally good to deal with type of deck that can widen the board fast with many rookie digimon. 

Once opponent's digimon are rested by AncientTroymon effect, Nidhoggmon can be used in next turn to send all the rested and rookie digimon to bottom of its owner deck. Even if opponent decided not to attack because they scare of Niddhog, then at least AncientTroy helps to delay the attacking. 

There is 2 new [hybrid] type digimon in BT6, Arbormon and Petaldramon. Petaldramon is a good candidate to be played from AncientTroy [On Deletion] effect, while Arbormon is used to evolve from a green tamer with only 2 costs. The LV4 hybrid Arbomon is like a game changer for green these days when this digimon can become a last check to win the game as long as there is enough memory.

Evolve from LV5 to LV6 with "0" cost

Digimon Card Meta did share a post about gatcha green that is currently widely used in any green deck (game play video). This is a new way of playing green that is started at BT5 meta when the tamer Izzy Izumi and Mimi introduced. 

There is 3 popular Green LV6 digimon is take 5 costs to evolve: Green Imperialdramon, Nidhoggmon, AncientTroy. Using the green Izzy and Mimi  or LV5 Jagamon is a step to evolve to LV6 digimon for free. It is easy to hit LV6 card if we have more "Izzy Izumi & Mimi" in the battle.

Deck References

Deck CompositionDetailsDeck ColorDeck ProfileDeck NameDateCountryAuthor
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4nBT2-004a1nST4-01a4nBT3-046a2nBT4-052a2nST4-04a4nBT6-045a4nBT1-072a4nBT5-050a2nST4-08a2nBT6-049a1nBT2-047a4nBT3-054a4nBT4-059a2nBT3-058a3nBT4-062a2nBT5-056a3nBT6-054a1nBT4-091a4nBT1-089a1nBT1-110a1nBT3-103 GreenGRN_NIDHOG_ACTRNidhogg controlJun 7, 2021SingaporeRose_velvet
4nBT5-004a1nBT6-004a3nBT1-064a3nBT2-042a3nBT3-046a2nBT4-052a3nST4-03a3nBT1-071a3nBT5-050a2nST4-08a3nBT6-049a1nBT2-047a4nBT3-054a3nBT4-059a3nBT4-062a2nBT5-056a2nBT6-054a1nBT4-090a3nBT1-089a1nBT5-091a3nP-038a2nST4-15 GreenGRN_NIDHOG_ACTRNidhogg controlJun 5, 2021JapanKomiyama
1nBT2-004a4nBT6-004a4nBT1-064a3nBT1-068a1nBT2-042a2nBT3-046a2nBT6-045a4nBT5-050a4nST4-08a2nBT6-049a1nBT2-047a1nBT2-048a3nBT3-054a4nBT4-059a1nBT4-062a3nP-025a4nBT6-054a2nBT4-090a2nBT1-089a4nBT5-089a1nBT3-103a2nP-038 GreenGRN_ACTR_GRAKUAncientTroyJun 3, 2021PhilippinesRon
1nBT3-004a4nBT6-004a4nBT1-064a1nBT1-068a2nBT2-043a2nST4-03a4nST4-04a4nBT1-071a3nBT3-049a2nBT4-053a3nBT6-049a4nBT1-078a1nBT2-047a4nBT3-054a4nBT3-057a1nBT3-111a1nBT4-062a4nBT6-054a2nBT1-089a3nBT5-089a1nBT3-103 GreenGRN_ACTR_MGARGOGreen ControlMay 30, 2021JapanTotoron
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BT5 Meta: Calculated Gatcha!


Ever since the card was leaked for BT-05, [BT5-089] Izumi & Mimi has been lingering inside my head. I have been playing green as my core deck for months, so I am rather confident around green engines. However, when BT-05 dropped I was rather demotivated by the new additions, and I didn't want to wrap my head around dissembling my existing green deck in order to play whatever new defensive green that Rafflesimon was introducing.

The God of Gatcha

You'd better pray before each game if you're gonna play Izumi & Mimi… that's what I thought after watching a few gameplay videos that feature this green gatcha deck (there ain't a lot to be honest). You can watch Cody play in this video

I started building one out of curiosity, and intended for non-competitive play. 

This is when I came to a realization that in competitive games, luck matters for any deck we play. Luck matters for every tournament pairings, and luck matters for every draw.

I then made it my mission to build and stabilize the randomness in this gatcha deck!

And so I came up with a more stable way to play a gatcha deck!

Gatcha is a Distribution Game

In order to take advantage of the Izumi & Mimi tamer card effect, there needs to be a LV6 Digimon in every 3 cards you reveal at the top of your deck. It is therefore reasonable to maximize the LV6 counts in this deck. I play 11 LV6 Digimons to make up 20% of the deck.

In order to maintain a stable pyramid distribution, I play only 5 non-Digimons: 4 tamers and 1 option card. With 45 Digimons, I can run a 14-11-9 distribution for my LV3, 4 and 5s. I think that it is possible to play with these numbers slightly to increase the number of LV5 Digimons for robustness, and [BT1-078] Jagamon may just fit in there nicely!

The Izumi & Mimi tamer card is the core of this deck, so play them whenever possible! In all following sections we would usually assume that Izumi & Mimi is already in play, unless specified.

LV6 Gatchapon!

For my core LV6 Digimons I use [BT3-057] MegaGargomon and [BT3-111] Imperialdramon

MegaGargomon synergizes perfectly with the entire deck. He will suspend an opponent's Digimon through their entire turn, giving you an almost guaranteed +2 memory for each Izumi & Mimi you have at the start of your turn. In addition, he also grants an almost-guaranteed <SecurityAttack+1> the turn he is digivolved, so you would want to perform a security check with your LV5 Digimon if you anticipate gatcha-digivolving into MegaGargomon.

Meanwhile, green Imperialdramon is the perfect candidate to gatcha-digivolve into when you are attacking an opponent's Digimon instead. Digiburst [BT4-059] Lilamon to suspend 1 of your opponent's weaker Digimons and by attacking it with Lilamon, pray to your gatcha god and digivolve into Imperialdramon, allowing you to not only pierce but also unsuspend. Do note that however, you can no longer use Lilamon's inheritable effect to to suspend another of your opponent's Digimon as the [When Attacking] timing has already passed when you digivolve.

To maximize gatcha-digivolution potential, I have replaced all my usual LV7 suspects into [BT5-056] Rafflesimon, which can also digivolve from my LV6 Digimons if necessary. She plays a strong supporting role in this deck, allowing you to not only disable an opponent's Digimon but also to buff your DP beyond your opponent's. 

Control Your Gambling Habits

Though said being a gatcha deck, the gatcha component of this deck should only be played with sufficient safety nets. With 2 copies of either tamers, it is reasonably easy to start your turn with 5 starting memory, enough to normal-digivolve into Imperialdramon, with Lilamon providing the suspension effect whenever necessary.

When you only have 3 starting memory, digiburst-trash [BT5-050] Weedmon for that extra +1 memory to normal-digivolve into MegaGargomon for 2 security checks and a suspended opponent's Digimon that will last until the beginning of your next turn for that invaluable +2 tamer memory. 

Gatcha-digivolution as an emergency plan. Do not use it if you have a better, calculated solution!

Calculated Risks

The best time to use gatcha-digivolve is when you have at least 2 copies of Izumi & Mimi played, or when you have a weaker Digimon as the attack target. Going at your opponent's security with your LV5 Digimon in hopes of successfully gatcha-digivolving into a LV6 MegaGargomon is a risky affair, and should be avoided unless you have the odds with you.

The odds. They can be easily estimated by checking what LV6 Digimons you have in your hand and trash. If you have 3 Imperialdramons and 1 MegaGargo in hand, then you will be so much more likely to gatcha-digivolve into a MegaGargomon than an Imperialdramon!

LV5 Digimons

While Lilamon seems to be a natural fit in this deck, Blossomon isn't always (at least not for some other players). 

My choice of Blossomon over Jagamon is driven by the urge of speed and efficiency, as I often feel that the savings I get from gatcha-digivolving is simply equivalently spent on the 3-cost digivolving into Jagamon. In addition, Blossomon tends to give me more versatility to play with normal-digivolutions than Jagamon, which is purely a gatcha machine. That said, I plan to run a copy (or two) of Jagamon sometime later for some LV5 robustness. 

Deck Performance

I have tested this deck in many casual plays, and recently in the Bandai TCG Online Festival Asia virtual event. It has managed to win all its games so far, particularly against the very meta Lordknightmon decks. 

In one particular game against a dear friend of mine (also playing Lordknightmon) I managed to pull of a win at my very last turn with no more cards on my deck! So one thing to note in this green gatcha deck is that cards run out pretty fast if you drag your game.

Before the final turn: only 3 cards left in my deck, with 5 security cards!
Final turn: no cards in deck, and a marginal win!

Apologies for a good game not recorded…


In my opinion, this deck offers a whole lot of fun in the currently saturated meta of almost everything else. This is not your standard green deck with many Nidhoggmons, and is tested to perform very well against many other (meta) decks, so why not give it a try, with your own twist of course!

Digimon Card Meta has uploaded the game reference for this deck in our Youtube Channel, check out the video here.

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Soon to be the Tier 1 Green Deck


We soon will have the new promo pack with 6 new digimon cards distributing to us from 26 March 2021 if we purchase 500yen of DCG product (detail here). These promo cards will bring a new wind to their respective color. We have posted the combo to use with red new promo card, today we will discuss about a deck built with green [P-032] Palmon, and we forseen this deck will be in tier 1 when the promo card is released.


The deck is created by a Japanese Tamer, twitter account akimiya_VG, he built this deck using proxy for Palmon to test out. I have asked the opinion of a green tamer, he said this deck is strong, it is what he planned to build when the promo card out. This deck MVP will be new [P-032] Palmon with promo [P-025] Grankuwagamon

This deck distribution: there is 16 card for LV3 digimon,  11 cards for LV4 digimon, 9 cards for LV5, 8 for LV6 and 3 cards for LV7 digimon. Tamer is Mimi (3 copies)

Deck Strategy

There is 2 evolution chains for this deck, one for Nidhoggmon and another one for Grankuwagamon. Here is the detail.

The Nidhoggmon main effect is triggered "when evolving", and we can move from LV3 digimon to LV6 Nidhoggmon with only 1 memory cost when evolving from LV3 to LV4, it is fast enough. The LV5 with digisorption effect, 4 copies of Blossomon and 1 copies of Argomon, can rest itself to save digivolution cost by 3 and then evolving to Nidhoggmon in rested state with 5 cost. This deck doesn't use Hidden Potential option card, and since Bandai give the restriction to use only 1 Hidden Potential in deck, green can no longer rely on Hidden Potential to save evolution cost. 

When playing green, we do not always purposely evolve to Nidhoggmon even if it is in our hand, we have to wait until the perfect situation that we can use his effect, else it is wasted. 

If Nidhoggmon is a defense strategy to deal with opponent's digimon then the Grankuwagamon combo is to attack opponent's security or player. Introducing the new promo card Palmon with inheritable effect: When this card is trased due to "digi-burst", one of your digimon get "jamming", this card is best to use with Grankuwagamon to attack opponent's all securites at once.

In Digimon Card Meta, we have posted about LV6 Grankuwagamon, the best stepping stone LV6 for green. When we use this digimon, we are always worried that its DP not high enough, we have to evolve it to LV7 Chaos ValdurArm to attack opponent digimon or securites (with Hidden Potential involvement). Now with the Palmon inheritable effect, we can remove Palmon by trigger "digiburst" then give "jamming" to Grankuwagamon. For each "Digi-burst 2" Grankuwagamon did, one digimon will have SecurityAttack+1. In this case, if the Grankuwagamon has 4 cards under his evolution base, and it includes [P-032] Palmon, then Grankuwagamon gains "SecurityAttack+2" with "jamming", so 3 opponent's securities gone. Then we can evolve this Grankuwagamon (in rested state, after attack security) into LV7 Chaosmon, unsuspend this digimon and attack suspended or unsuspended opponent's digimon with "Piercing" (one more check to security). Chaosmon has 14000DP, so it can target at least opponent's LV6 digimon in the field.

If opponent has blocker, we can trigger "digi-burst 2" of Lilamon to rest the blocker. 

This deck has 11 cards for LV4, 7 of them is blocker and another 4 is Weedmon. Weedmon is currently the hottest LV4 for green since it will give 1 memory if the digimon with Weedmon in evolution source trigger digiburst and trash this card. Weedmon can be used in both Nidhoggmon and Grankuwagamon combo since these two digimon surely will trigger "digi-burst". Other than that, this deck also use LV3 Lalamon to put back to hand if this card is trased due to digiburst, or digitama Yokomon to give +2000DP to 1 digimon if this digimon is trashed due to digiburst. All related to "digi-burst", LOLx.

These 3 LV3 digimons Wormmon, Terriermon Assistant and Tentomon provide draw power and improves the deck's robustness.

We also should not forget the Tamer Mimi (3 copies), with her we can hatch egg and move digimon to battle faster. Sometimes Mimi is the game changer when we just need one more attack to win the game, rest Mimi and bring digimon from raising area to the battle area in order to attack the same turn that the digimon digivolved from digitama.


Green is always strong even without Hidden Potential. Green now have SecurityAttack+x with Jamming can scare other color tamer. If you play against this deck, don't let it move to Grankuwagamon. Try to remove its evolution source or de-digivolve their LV5 digimon to lower level. 

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