Japan, OvermasterP: Top Cut Akihabara Challenge Cup with Kimeramon

Invited Author: OvermasterP
Country: Currently living in Japan

Hi everyone, my name is OvermasterP and I have been living in Japan for about 2 years now. I started playing Digica around the time Hidden Potential Discovered was banned, then took a break until the release of EX1. I used to play Mugendramon, but since the release of BT8, I have really enjoyed Jogress decks. This was the final Challenge Cup in Tokyo until the new year, so I wanted to go out with style by playing a deck of my own creation which I think is quite strong especially with the element of surprise. I was able to top cut at the Akihabara Challenge Cup, which is the largest in Tokyo in terms of entrants, and take home the Greymon.

Kimeramon Combo

In particular a card I have really enjoyed playing with is the new Kimeramon which adds so many unique powers to your deck. On top of giving you the ability to mix colours in previously unseen ways, re-stand, attach powerful powerful inherits, and control the board with DP minus, the most underrated feature of Kimeramon I noticed while testing is the way it lets you use two cheap level 4s to skip your usually-vulnerable level 5 evolution and surprise your opponent with a sudden level 6 that can really take control of the game.

In particular, when testing Mastemon with Scatter Mode and Kimeramon, I found myself really surprised at how powerful the combo was of discarding two Eyesmon to suddenly Kimeramon, attaching a powerful inherit like Tailmon and immediately establishing a dominant level 6. The problem I wanted to solve was, for all the work that goes into making this combo work…. Why don’t I just win the game off this!?!!

A Different Kind of Promo Blackwargreymon Deck

After a lot, a lot of testing on different decks with Kimeramon (It’s just so flexible!), the version that I ultimately settled on and brought to Challenge Cup was this purple and black variant that focuses on Promo BlackWarGreymon.

A lot of your games just by running at the opponent with purple Rookies, Scatter Modes, discarding Eyesmon and recurring them with Calling from the Darkness, and lastly evolving them into Promote or Jogressing into Kimera for free Rush swings to close out the game. However, what has really brought the deck into an entirely higher level is the addition of the BWG combo that is easily capable of taking 6+ security cards off of a single level 4 out of Raising.

Purple and Black Make White

So what is the combo? The main feature of this deck is as so:

Start the turn with Hiro in play and bring out Scatter Mode from your Raising Area. Attack security with Scatter Mode and hope it dies. (If it doesn’t, you can either delay the combo by a turn or combo it with Calling from the Darkness + Nidhoggmon to make up the memory cost)

Discard 2x Eyesmon into play, and immediately Jogress into Kimeramon, attaching a Sunarizamon inherit from your Trash. This little guy not only gives our Kimeramon the Black colouring it needs to evolve into Promo BlackWarGreymon, but also the inherit that will push our combo over the top.

Not only does the Kimeramon + Eyesmon combo let you digivolve for free into any level 6, it also attaches an additional source, which combos great with many forgotten Digi-burst cards like Ceresmon, Rasenmon, and even Nidhoggmon. However, when combined with Sunarizamon’s inherit, this combo by far makes the most of Kimeramon’s potential.

When combined with Hiro (which we needed for the 3 memory at the start of the turn anyways), this lets us do a minimum of 3 swings at 13k for a total of 5 checks. One from our starting active position, another one after discarding both Eyesmon sources, and one final push by discarding Kimeramon and our beloved Sunazari, letting us close out games from unimaginable positions. Combined with the initial check done by Scatter Mode to start the combo with, this is already a true OHKO (6 checks). But considering how aggro this deck is, I would say it is very rare we actually need that many swings. Instead, you can think of this combo as giving the deck that extra little reach it needs vs. Recovery decks like Yellow Hybrids and Mastemon, following on your early pressure with a big combo finish to end the game before they can properly stabilize.

So in summary, the main flow of this deck is to stick a knife to your opponent’s threat by rushing them down with purple aggro, putting them on the defensive and preventing them from advancing their own game plan against you. While this happens, you will naturally be drawing and proceeding to your wincon of the combo kill, letting you steal games against opponents who think they have survived the initial onslaught. I also think of this deck as an upgraded version of Lilith Loop, that trades the (often overkill) additional value provided by Zwart in favour of a slimmer combo package that has more versatile tools and multiple wincons, rather than all-in combo.

A Delicate Plan

Now that I’ve outlined the main appeal of this deck, let's look at some of the flex card choices and why they’re here. As I stated, part of this deck’s strength compared to previous Eyesmon decks is both its versatility and deck space. The actual combo package itself is very lithe, so you can choose to fill out the rest of the deck with a variety of card choices, whether you want to make it more combo-oriented, more aggro, more resilient, or more flexible. Here are my thoughts:

Rebellimon: A really underrated card for this meta. Blockers are dead, yet somehow Rebellimon from BT6 manages to remain relevant. His 7000 DP protects him from being bounced by Paildra, his Retaliation means BT8 BWG and Jesmon can’t just swing into him, and since most players prefer to just ignore him for the turn, you can get the opportunity to evolve him into Promo BWG even without Kimeramon/Sunarizamon, and still get 2-3 checks which can end many games on its own. For every Analog Shounen in play, he also has “When Destroyed: Lose 1 memory” printed on him. I want to thank Banda that though there’s only one non-level 7 Purple/Black Digimon in the game, it’s a great card like Rebellimon, because he suits the deck perfectly.

Nanimon: The man himself. Nanimon is a card that was originally a 4x of in this list because his potential upsides are huge, but in practice he tends to clog the hand. Let’s quickly go over them:

  • Can come from security, giving you a surprise OHKO combo on unprepared opponents
  • Gives you additional black sources on top of Sunazarimon to get BWG earlier (if you don’t need as many checks)
  • Can be played for 3 and either immediately Jogressed into Kimera -> Nidhoggmon for massive board control, or just regular evolved into Rebellimon (which further combos with Analog Shounen as stated)
  • Is the original party boy

Really flexible defensive card for the deck but the fact he doesn’t evolve from purple means he can limit our potential to swing and draw from Gabumon inherits can really slow us down.

Ogremon: A big flex slot, but I wanted to mention that his inherit can replace the need for Hiro if you can properly Jogress him with Sunarizamon. He also puts a huge amount of psychological pressure on opponents, adding to our feint rushdown gameplan.

Delicate Plan/Emergency Program Shutdown: All Digica players love A Delicate Plan decks. If you’re more of the risk-adverse, combo-oriented type, you can easily run more copies of this card as it’s quite easy to fit into the combo turn with just a single Nidhoggmon for the additional memory. Emergency Program Shutdown is here to both protect Rebellimon and ensure he gets to do his job, and more importantly stop Ice Wall shenanigans on turns where we know we have game next turn. However, since most people don’t properly recognize they’re about to die from 4 security from only a single Scatter Mode, usually they don’t play Ice Wall preceding our combo turn. You can easily cut this card, but it’s nice that you can cast it off both Kimeramon or Analog Shounen, meaning it’s usually live.

Tournament Report

Round 0: vs Entry Lottery

The Digica scene in central Tokyo is intense. In Akihabara, which is obviously the most popular location, there are over 100+ entrants on the day of the Cup. Just to get a chance at playing, you need to win a raffle which cuts down the number of participants down to 32. I am very lucky that I managed to get in on my final chance to do so!

On the other hand, it is the day right after my graduation ceremony, and I’m more than a little hungover after karaoke till 6 AM, so we’ll see how it goes….

Round 1: vs Paildramon

My opponent bricks super hard and makes sure to let me know it. He goes first, and starts off by double Hammer Sparking into a Stingmon, whereas I get to open with the ideal Gabumon into Scatter Mode hand. I rush him down as he continues to bleed memory due to his bricked hand, but catches me slipping with the surprise 3rd Hammer Spark, allowing him to suddenly Jogress Paildra which I didn’t expect, bottom-decking my Scatter Mode and stealing back the initiative. However, he’s already bled too much memory to me and even without the combo, our usual aggro game plan is enough to bury him and start our Cup off right.

Round 2: vs BWG

This is the most interesting match, so I’ll describe it in a bit more detail. I’m up against a card game veteran named Natsuki who I have played against before with a different deck. Considering his skill level and that BWG is not our best matchup (blockers + Hiro killing) I am immediately roused out of my hangover and prepared to play at my best.

I am grateful I get to open with another Scatter Mode on the first turn which really unlocks the deck’s upper potential. Natsuki responds by setting up a BT8 Blocker-inherit Greymon in raising (which I am not excited to see) followed by Nokia. At the least he doesn’t have the 2nd Agu to play this early in the game. However I can already tell that he is going to give me a hard time and I can’t slip up.

I take the turn and swing with Eyesmon– to my dismay, it reveals a Red Memory Boost which he procs and adds a BlackWargreymon to his hand. Now not only does my Eyesmon live, but he is set up for his next turn. I take a long time to think about and realize he’s most likely going to MetalWargreymon my Scatter Mode next turn and sap all my momentum, so I make the difficult decision to cast Calling from the Darkness on my Scatter only to return it and it’s Gabumon back to my hand. It’s a difficult decision, because the Kimera/BWG combo is not infinite checks, and with his upcoming blocker BWG, I will need every bit of reach I can get. However, if I risk him not having the MetalWargrey, I could potentially lose the game on the spot just from the amount of tempo I’d lose by squandering the Scatter Mode opening. Additionally, while deciding on discards for this Eyesmon, I decide to respect my opponent’s skill level and keep the heavy, unnecessary duplicate BWG so that I can conceal the combo for as long as possible. Generally most opponents won’t mind what you’re discarding, even if they notice Sunazarimon or even BWG hit the discard, but I know this guy is an absolute shark and at a tournament where a $1500 promo is on the line, I need to play tight to my chest.

I give him back the turn by playing Analog Shounen and play an additional Scatter Mode I drew (because now it is safe from De-digivolve and the one I returned to my hand can be used for Gabumon next turn). He did indeed have the MetalGrey and uses the free Memory Boost I so generously donated him to rush up into BWG, killing my Analog Shounen but choosing to leave the Eyesmon so he can block it on his turn instead, preventing the Eyes rush strategy as he continues to play around my deck expertly despite not knowing exactly what it is.

Next turn I swing the Eyes into his blocker BWG because it’s dead to him next turn anyways and I need the draw. I now have most of the pieces for my combo, but it’s difficult because the tempo he gained from that initial free Memory Burst + Nokia means he already has a second BWG coming up, and I can’t really play my Hiro without him killing it. I also can’t aggro him very effectively because he got the Blocker inherit Greymon turn 1, so he’s really not giving me any openings and is close to locking me out of the game. Thankfully BWG is a slow deck, so if I can find the right timing to slip in Hiro and have Eyesmon ready to go, I should be able to at least force his BWG to block and regain board advantage. I evolve my Gabumon in Raising into the Scatter Mode I returned to hand and drop a 2nd one.

On his turn he continues to build up another Blocker-inherit Greymon in raising, his hand having the exact cards he needs to beat my deck as my chances to win further dim. Then he swings security with BWG, choosing to deal with the Eyesmon later, when my chance finally arrives- Hiro comes from security on a turn where he can’t kill it with BWG, and he seems immediately disturbed by this. Inwardly, I am screaming a thousand times over for him not to run DEFEAT, or I probably lose on the spot, but he seems to be doggedly thinking it over, constantly asking to read Hiro’s effect and looking his hand over and over inquisitively. After what feels like an eternity, he finally gives back the turn by evolving his Blocker-inherit Greymon into Alterous Mode. I take the turn and swing with the first Eyesmon, which dies in security, but I choose not to pitch any of my Eyesmon or combo pieces to conceal the combo as long as possible, because now his blocker-BWG has restood and I want him to be baited into blocking the 2nd Scatter Mode as if I was a purple rushdown deck. 

I swing with the 2nd Scatter that has inherits, and after thinking it over for minutes, he takes the bait and blocks it, leaving me an easy path to victory. My discards are Nidhoggmon for +1 memory, Sunarizamon, and 2 Eyesmon directly into play. I Jogress into Kimeramon, attaching Sunazarimon, then evolve into BlackWarGreymon. I’ve drawn a lot of cards by this point, so I have the Tactical Plan to play around any Dark Gaia Forces in security. I get to take 4 of his security cards in the first 2 swings, then restand one final time by discarding Sunazari and Kimera for the player attack.

A very close win!! I later find out that Natsuki does indeed run DEFEAT (but didn’t have it in hand at the time), Dark Gaia Force, and absolutely wouldn’t have blocked my Eyesmon if he had seen the extra BWG hit the Trash earlier. Ultimately a very tense but high level game where both players had good opening hands, good securities, and fought at the mental-level rather than entirely at the routine strategy level.

Round 3 vs Armor Rush

I don’t get to open with Scatter Mode this time, so I’m forced to start off with evolving into Promote for the little draw power it provides and suicide it into its swing. I don’t think Armor Rush is a particularly powerful deck especially compared to the monsters like Paildra and BWG I just overcame, but I am worried about how fast he can pressure me back if I don’t make him afraid of me first because he has a very good opening. His aggro is putting too much pressure on me, so I’m forced to hard-evolve into Kimeramon just to kill his Veemon and DP minus his Magnamon enough so that if it risks the swing and dies, he loses the Veemon underneath it too. (As DP minus persists through armor purge)

He gambles it and swings anyways though, going unpunished, which is putting me dangerously close to death. One large misplay I made was not discarding an attack trigger Gabumon earlier, which I could have attached to Kimera and helped re-accelerate my own gameplan. I also get out another Promote, which he chooses to kill with Raidramon, but I steal his turn by discarding 2 Nidhoggmon to the Gabumon inherits (and I have a Hiro out so I go to 3) helping take back some initiative, but it’s not enough. At the start of my turn, I finally draw my Scatter Mode, but I’m cursing my decision not to attach Attack Trigger Gabumon to Kimera because if I had seen this a turn earlier, I would have not chosen to evolve my Raising Area into Ogremon, which is not what I need right now. I could have combo killed him this turn otherwise!!

Feeling vexed (and mad at myself for my own teensy misplay with large consequences) I swing with Ogremon, discarding to give it +1 Security Attack and see if I can’t close out the game with a surprise Eyes rush or regular evolved BWG. Fantastically, Ogremon lives his first check through a Daisuke-Ken dual tamer, going nicely with the one he’s already played. Tragically, Ogremon also lives his second check, giving my opponent his third Daisuke-Ken tamer. I think for a million years, and my only way out is to evolve Ogremon into yet another Kimeramon (attaching Sunarizamon this time), to prevent him from suiciding all his Armors into security and endlessly restanding them. He gets the turn at like, 9 memory and decides to set up another Armor, a Memory Boost, and most crucially a 2nd Magnamon that he (wisely) decides not to swing with. I get the turn without Kimera dying, so I am able to go with the gameplan of just evolving into BWG normally, but because I couldn’t Jogess for an additional source and he decided to leave his Magnamon active to block, I am a check short of finishing off the game.

Many things went poorly for me this one, and I can vividly identify a dozen tiny points where things could’ve gone differently (Scatter Mode a turn earlier, drawing a 2nd Eyesmon at a point, him swinging with Magna, Ogremon not giving him so much free memory) but at the end of the day that’s just how bo1 Digica goes.

Round 4 vs Mastemon Sec Con

My opponent is playing a very Sec Con-oriented version of Mastemon, which I can tell immediately from his t1 Mist Memory Boost revealing stuff like Chaos Degrade and Breath of Wyvern. I am immediately looking to dig as deep into my deck as possible for A Delicate Plan.

However, because he runs so many expensive single-target options, he is surprisingly soft to my usual Purple rushdown plan, and I get a lot of checks early on. I draw my Tactical Plan and he is setting up many Tailmons, but I manage to get the turn with two Promotes on the field and only 2 security cards remaining for him so I decide to commit entirely to the non-OHKO kill (which could backfire horribly for me if he starts spamming Reinforce Memory Boosts and HolyAngemon) by playing my singleton Tactical Plan on this turn, stopping him from halting my momentum with a Chaos Degrade followed by a Reinforce Mem Boost which get blocked. I pass the turn by playing another rookie, leaving a board 3-wide against his 0-security. He has a Tailmon coming from Raising, but he’s also going to be forced to full clear my board or die next turn. He manages to just barely get by, evolving his Tailmon into Angewomon and hardplaying a Lucemon FM, killing 1 of my Promotes and EoT Jogressing, putting back in a Lucemon FM I revealed from his security on turn 1 and giving him just enough kill effects to stabilize.

However, the abundance of memory it cost him was too much, and I can play Calling from the Darkness to bring back Promote to my hand, evolve it from a Gabumon and Rush him for game.

Round 5 vs Blue Hybrids

I bricked on all 3 Sunarizamon, Gabumon, and a Nanimon, my 2nd player draw only giving me another Gabumon, which is awful because any attempts to aggro him down normally will just pop him out free tamers and he’ll outrace me. I try to only swing with Gabumons that have Puchimeramon in the inherits to get draws wherever I can, but it’s useless as they all bounce off harmlessly into free Daisukes and he strips the Puchimeramons next turn. I play around his BeoWolfmon by playing Nanimon into Rebellimon, which buys me some time, later becoming a Nidhoggmon for even more anti-aggro, but his Ice Walls are too icy and his stuns too stunning and I simply don’t get to make many decisions this game. The game stalls out (as it tends to do versus Blue Hybrids) and before long he simply Susanoos me into the dirt, right through my Rebellimon blocker because we can’t have nice things in Digica.

Fun fact: Out of the entire top cut, 6 out of 8 players were Blue Hybrid, the only exceptions being me and the Armor Rush player from Round 3.

Closing Thoughts

All in all I am really happy with this deck. It took many many many many iterations of experimenting with Kimeramon and all his strengths before coming upon this version, but I truly believe this is the deck that makes the most use of all the different facets of Kimeramon’s kit. While I think on paper Nanimon is really strong for this deck, I want to experiment with ST10 Wizarmon next, as it gives the deck the capability to reach 4-colour Nidhoggmon for additional reach (Combined with Hiro, Nidhogg can swing up to 14k DP, activating Sunazari all on his own) as well as more DP minus, which lets you answer things like Tailmon, Submarimon, and so on.

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