Quick Share: An Effective Combo for ST9 ImperialDramon

I believe everybody are looking forward to the day that ST9/10 are released so we can try the new mechanic of the card game. At Digimon Card Meta we got the card's proxy and try out these Jogress evolution and we would like to give one thought: blue/green Jogress is much more faster and easier to achieve than the yellow/purple's Jogress. On top of that, once blue/green completed the Jogress they can still digivolve into a LV6 Digimon for free by using its supporting combo while controlling the board quite well with its effect.

There will be many ways to play ST9 Imperial, but we would like to share 1 combo that we tried and saw how effective it is to support the Jogress.

  • First, we would like to continue using the the green gatcha style for ST9 Imperial, so the LV2 Koromon, LV3 Gotsumon and LV4 Tortomon from BT7 are our choice:
  • Tortomon is a key LV4 green Digimon for the deck since it only takes 4 cost to hard-play with a very valuable inheritable effect. This card is also a LV4 to be Jogress into LV5 ST9 Dinobeemon or Paildramon, then which blue LV4 would be the best candidate for this deck?
  • The EX1 ExVeemon is another LV4 Digimon that got our attention, a blue Digimon that can be digivolved from a blue or green LV3 Digimon. On top of that, it gives "jamming" to the ImperialDramon or [Free] traits Digimon (both Dinobee and Paildramon are [Free] types). We can digivolve a LV3 into ExVeemon in raising area, move out in next turn and then perform a first attack with "jamming" to opponent's security. This Digimon is suspended after the attacking, and now we can do "Jogress" from the ExVeemon and Tortomon into LV5 Paildramon or Dinobeemon and make it unsuspended. 
[ST9-11] Dinobeemon
Jogress: Green LV4 + Blue LV4 (0 cost)
Effect 1: [When Digivolving] Suspend 1 of your opponent’s Digimon. If Jogress digivolved, that Digimon cannot unsuspend during your opponent’s next unsuspend phase.
Inheritable Effect: [Your Turn] For each color in this Digimon’s color, this Digimon gains +1000 DP.
– If the opponent does not have any threat in their board, we can Jogress into Paildramon to do another attack and get unsuspended immediately. With the Exveemon in its digivolution source, the Paildramon gains "Jamming" in its turn.
– If the opponent has a Digimon that is potentially causing the threat for your game, then we should choose to Jogress into Dinobeemon instead. Dinobeemon has the same effect as [BT3-057] Megagargomon, that able to put 1 opponent's Digimon into rest-state and not able to wake-up in their active-phase. 
After the Jogress, the LV5 Paildramon or Dinobeemon can perform attacking and with the present of Totormon or duo tamer Izumi & Mimi, the digivolution into LV6 ImperialDramon can become "free".

The St9 ImperialDramon [When Digivolving] effect can play 1 blue and 1 green LV4 or lower digivolution cards under this card as another Digimon without paying their cost. 

For this case, we can play the Totormon and ExVeemon from Imperial's digivolution source and do another Jorgress again. If we already have another LV4 digimon in the battle that is not played in this turn, then we can chose to Jogress with that Digimon to perform 1 more attack if it needs to end the game.

For this type of deck, the duo tamer is very important so it is recommended to play them early in the game to gain more memory and get prepared when the LV5 Digimon attacks. Daisuke is also another tamer to be consider since he gives 1 search power and 3 memories at beginning of the turn.

For LV6 Digimon, Nidhog is the second choice after ST9 Imperial to be included for the deck since we may have more cards to be in Nidhog's digivolution source.

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