[En] Nathan – 1st Place at TAK DC-1 GP Oceania Oct 10 Tourney Report

Invited Author: Nathan Humphries (Oceania)
Tournament Report: DC-1 GP Event Oceania (128 players)
Host: TAK

Deck Introduction

LordKnightmon is pretty self explanatory, my deck is pretty standard with some extra spice so I’ll call it Lord The Brick Throwing Knight and you’ll see why.

I won’t go over all of the levels and why, as its all pretty standard. So I’ll skip straight a head.

Level 6’s
4x LordKnightmon
2x SlashAngemon
1x Mastemon
So the main difference here is there is a Mastemon the trash ability combinded with bringing back BushiAgumon, a blocker, Lucemon or Pulsemon too good to pass up.

Level 7’s
2x Chaosmon Valdur-Arm
1x Omnimon Zwart D
If you got a Mastemon might as well have a Zwart D, the chance it ends up in security stack is nice and deleting tamers is also amazing especially since SlashAngemon or Mastemon is fairly useless once evolved so the potential to delete another Digimon or board wiping two by clashing just works too well.

1x TK Takaishi
1x Izzy Izumi
1x Tai and Matt
Ok so this is where things start to get interesting. TK pretty standard go in Security grab what you need etc. Often when I was playing as LordKnighmon, I was bricking on draws instead so that’s where Izzy comes in being able to un-brick your draws and ordering them in a way to possibly Lucemon recover something spicy into your security is a really good option for Yellow. 

Additionally playing TK can be risky later game as I have 6 non-yellow cards and thats done me in before. And the same to Tai and Matt, with LordKnight being so prevalent having level 6’s up constantly it seemed like a no brainer especially after a game I had in the EVO cup against Declan, it would have been useful (I didn’t have it then I changed it specifically after that game it was originally just a TK), potentially going to 5 memories is very strong for LKM and setting up a massive board.

2x Blinding Ray
1x Spiral Masquerade
1x Ultimate Flare
Ok so pretty standard but hey Ultimate Flare what the hell? Well Rookie Rush I hate it, it sucks get rid of it hence 1xUltimate Flare that I replaced a Spiral Masquerade for it. Last tourney it was great, this tourney it barely showed up except in one clutch situation so I guess it did its job. If BT5 was ongoing I would remove it and go back to 2x Spiral(I would keep the Izzy though).


1 – LordKnight Star: 2-0
A variant LK deck that played the Starmon options would be cool but he bricked both games I didn’t

2. Green: 2-1

Last game Brick
Two close games.
First game he was just non stop Nidhogging my board and I bricked a little replacing my LK’s he won by Nidhogging me one last time
Second game less Nidhogs came out and he hit Zwart D in Sec I built up and sent it into security
Third game he bricked hard this ended quickly

3. Lord Knight: 2-0
Standard Mirror He Bricked both games I bricked a bit with one but Kotemon so that was nice

4. Purple Tactimon 2-0
Game 1 He bricked
Game 2 He bricked

5. Lord Knight: 2-0
We talked about it before the game how its hilarious Ive just been bricking people with my curse had a bit of a laugh and started
He bricked both games

6. Lord Knight: 2-1

Good game.
Finally another good set after all day of nothing but bricks no bricks here (except me game 1)
Game 1: He built up, I built up, ran into a Zwart D had to clear it he built again faster and won
Game 2: I had a straight evolution built board fast with a Blinding Ray to then play two rookies I believe I brought out two Lucemons went and just sent it into security and won.
Game 3: He built up faster had an LKM out before I could get one in hand ran straight into Ultimate Flare in security, I came out and built my board fast because of Angewomon and LKM. I finally started swinging into him he had Two of his two Zwart D’s in security but I had my BushiAgumon out to end the game right then and there before it would matter.

7. Sec Control: 2-0
I dreaded this game I know this guy and he is a really good SEC Control player. Sadly for him you’ll never guess what happened
His security bricked with mainly tamers and digimon even after recovery for both games. Tourney ended in Mastemon bringing back BushiAgumon and ending the game.

Closing Thoughts

I didn’t even do anything and the opponents just won the entire thing for me, this was just gift-wrapped like a brick through the window.

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

[En] Aye Chan Moe: 1st Place at Core TCG EVO Cup Sept 26 Tourney Report

Invited Author: Aye Chan Moe (North America)
Tournament Report: Evo Cup on Sept 26 (491 players)
Host: Core TCG

Deck Introduction

With how popular the deck is, I don’t think LordKnightmon needs too much of an introduction. But if it does, it’s an insanely powerful card that lets you put out rookies or warriors for free when it attacks and it grows bigger the more bodies you have on the field, making it an extremely difficult threat to remove. Knightmon and Starmons are the stars (no pun intended) of this deck, letting you reduce the DP of your opponent’s digimon when you swing with your LordKnightmon, making this deck a nice blend of going wide AND going tall while also controlling your opponent’s board. 


4 copies of  [BT5-003] Pickmon and 1 [BT4-003] Koromon. This deck has a lot of DP reduction effects be in multiples of 4000 and a lot of decks are now running the 5000 DP blockers with 1 cost to evolve over the 6000 DP blockers so the –1000 DP effect from these at the very least help to settle those blockers up for deletion via the –4000 DP effects. Pickmons are the easiest to enable since the deck already wants to be spamming the board but Koromon is a nice backup since there are ways to get to 3 security, whether naturally via your opponent’s attacks or via things like Blinding Ray, WarGreymon, or even T.K grabbing a Chaosmon Valdur Arm from security. 

LVL 3s/Rookies

4x [BT5-035] Starmon, this card is insanely flexible and allows you to make a good variety of plays. Its on-play effect, at worst, can delete a 1000 DP rookie, and at best, it can delete a 6000 DP blocker and let you swing in for more damage. It also helps set up your opponent’s board for Spiral Masquerades, Knightmons into SlashAngemons, or even just reduce their biggest threat’s DP low enough that you can swing into it and delete it. 

4x [P-028] Pulsemon. This is just a good card overall. Early game, replaces itself when played and helps you dig through your deck to look for the pieces you need. When you’re at 3 security, it’s a 2 cost to play that still draws you a card. When paired with LordKnightmon, you get to draw, gain a memory, or both, making this an extremely flexible card.

The rest of the rookies are 2x [BT4-038] BushiAgumon for extra same turn damage with LordKnightmon or Blinding Ray, 2x [ST3-04] Patamon for memory gain when deleting stuff with DP reduction, 1x [BT5-033] Cutemon to slow down Imperialdramon and green Digisorption decks, and 1 [BT5-034] Kotemon to help dig for your LordKnightmons and Knightmons when you have everything set up but you just need a LordKnight or a LVL 5 to evolve into.

LVL 4s/Champions

4x [BT4-042] Piddomon and 3x [BT3-037] Turuiemon since they’re only 1 memory to evolve.

3x [ST3-07] Unimon as blockers with 6000 DP that get around cards like Shoutmon DX, Nidhoggmon, and Omnimon Alter-S.

Finally, I run a single copy of [BT5-037] Gladimon for the same reason I run the one copy of Kotemon: Finding LordKnightmon. Gladimon is also not the worst card to hard play. At 4 cost, if I have a TK out, I can choke my opponent at 1 memory. It also conveniently dodges Ultimate Flare, one of Black’s most popular removal options at the moment. Gladimon is also playable via LordKnightmon’s effect since it’s a warrior so that’s always a plus and it’s one of my more preferred targets to evolve the 2 Angewomons I play onto.

LVL 5s/Ultimates

4x BT5-042 Knightmon. This card is a warrior that LordKnightmon can play for free that helps you delete your opponent’s Digimon and, if it sticks around, becomes another LordKnightmon or another LVL 6.

3x [BT4-046] WarGrowlmon. This is the card I want to be evolving my Digimon into in the Raising Area so that once it gets to my next turn, I can push it to the battlefield and digiburst to give something –4000DP. If I’m guaranteed 3 memory, either via Blinding Ray or T.K, I can then evolve it into a SlashAngemon to delete something with 12000 DP or less or into a LordKnightmon to start putting Knightmons or Starmons onto the field and finish off whatever I had targeted with WarGrowlmon’s effect.

2x [BT3-039] Angewomon. This card adds some extra flexibilities to my LVL 6s, letting me put out extra rookies when I am at 3 security or less. With LordKnightmon, it can be anything between cheating out a Knightmon and a Starmons to delete one or two things to cheating out 2 BushiAgumons to swing for the game. Even without LordKnightmon, it enables my SlashAngemons to be more than just 8000DP beat sticks that will probably die to security. Also, as seen in the BT4 meta, it works really well with the 1 of WarGreymon that I’m running.

LVL 6s/Megas

4x [BT5-045] LordKnightmon. As I said in the deck introduction, this card is insanely powerful. It lets you put bodies out for free while also growing itself in terms of DP, making it a harder to remove threat since your opponents can’t just simply swing into it with most of their LVL 6s.

2x [BT1-062] SlashAngemon. This card will always be good in yellow. It’s not a great attacker but it makes up for it by deleting most LVL 5s and below and when added on top of other DP reduction effects, this is usually the finishing blow that will delete your opponent’s biggest threats.

1x [BT4-048] WarGreymon. This card was the menace of the BT4 meta and it is in this deck as the backup plan. It’s pretty good in the mirror match since it can usually reduce the opposing LordKnightmon’s DP low enough to delete when you swing into it and being able to become active again makes it a harder threat to remove. It’s also a very aggressive attacker, letting you attack twice a turn as long as you have the security to remove for its effect.

Other cards

2x [BT4-091] Chaosmon: Valdur Arm. This is in here as extra removal, that’s about it. It’s best when evolved onto SlashAngemon to make it bigger but it’s still pretty good on top of any LVL 6 when the situation demands it.

3x [BT1-087] T.K. Takaishi. This card smooths out your turns by guaranteeing that you start with at least 3 memory and it helps dig out cards you might need in your Security Stack.

2x [BT4-104] Blinding Ray. At worst, it gets you to 3 memory when your opponent is setting you to 1, allowing you to evolve your LVL5 that you just moved from Raising Area to the Battle Area into a LordKnightmon and immediately gain advantage with its attack trigger. At best, it lets you go to 5 memory, play a BushiAgumon, and swing for game.

2x [BT5-099] Spiral Masquerades. This deck often goes wide and Spiral Masquerade is the best removal option with a big board, allowing you to delete just about anything your opponent has.


Round 1 (Purple 2-0):

Game 1: I was able to delete any stack he raised so he was never able to get up to a LV 6

Game 2: Same as game 1, he couldn’t stick a threat.

Round 2 (Green control 2-1):

Game 1: This one was pretty straightforward, I was able to build up my stack pretty quickly while he was missing his LVL 6s so I took over the game pretty easily

Game 2: I had a pretty good board and cleared his board pretty well but he was able to raise a LV 4, evolve it into a Blossomon, and then played Hidden Potential Discovered to go into Nidhoggmon to clear my board. He then evolved his Nidhoggmon into Chaosmon to delete my LordKnightmon and I couldn’t recover after that.

Game 3: I was able to go up into a WarGreymon on the battlefield while I kept a WarGrowlmon in the Raising Area, which let me chip away at his security while playing around Nidhoggmon. The turn he did go into Nidhoggmon, I had played a Gladimon on my turn so I had left him at 1 memory (I had a T.K out, setting me to 3 memory every turn). He played Hidden Potential Discovered again and only removed the Gladimon. He then evolved into Chaosmon after to swing into my WarGreymon but on my turn, I raised my WarGrowlmon, digi-bursted to give the Chaosmon –4000DP, evolved into LordKnightmon to swing into the Chaosmon and delete it. He wasn’t able to recover after that

Round 3 (Red Shoutmon 2-1)

Game 1: I was able to delete his Shoutmon stack pretty easily when I was able to go up to LordKnightmon so the game was in my favor

Game 2: I bricked pretty hard this game, I missed my LVL 4s  and 3s after the first LVL 3 so at one point, I had to hard play a Knightmon to delete a rookie and when I was able to evolve it into LordKnightmon, he was able to swing into it with his Shoutmon DX that had a ZeigGreymon under it. I couldn’t build enough of a board either, since he kept deleting anything I played with Shoutmon’s effect. His stack had 3 Shoutmon DX’s at least by the time the game ended.

Game 3: He didn’t have any ZeigGreymons to go with the Shoutmon DX so my LordKnightmon was left uncontested and quickly took over the game.

Round 4 (Green/Yellow Rookie Rush 2-0)

Game 1: I bricked actually. I started with 3 Knightmons, a Spiral Masquerade, and a SlashAngemon but the brick actually worked out in my favor. He went first, which let him evolve one LVL 3 in raising and play a LV 3 which luckily had 3000 DP so, on my turn, I just played a Knightmon to delete it. On his turn, he didn’t attack at all, he played more rookies and then Spiral Masqueraded my Knightmon. My bricked hand didn’t really get any better so I played another Knightmon and deleted another rookie. He attacked with one Rookie, played another, and Spiral Masqueraded my 2nd Knightmon. In my turn, my bricked hand still didn’t get any better so I hard-played my 3rd Knightmon, killing another Rookie. This one stuck around since he didn’t have a 3rd Spiral Masquerade to follow up with so he started swinging and most of his Rookies die to my security stack. In my turn, I finally draw a rookie so I evolve into in Raising and evolve a 1 cost on top of it. I swing at the surviving Rookie and then evolve my Knightmon into the SlashAngemon to delete the other one. He was very low on cards at this point so I was able to take the game back in my favor with the Spiral Masquerade in my hand, as well as the LordKnightmon I was eventually able to evolve into.

Game 2: He actually let me go first, which I think helped me out a lot more than he thought it would. I had a pretty good hand this time, with a turn 1 T.K. making sure I’d always start at 3 memory. I was able to respond to his board pretty efficiently on my turn when I evolved the rookie I had in raising to a blocker and ended my turn by deleting one of his 2000 DP rookies with Starmons. From there, I was able to go up into WarGrowlmon the next turn, deleting another threat with its Digi-burst, and I hard-played a Knightmon to delete another, just so that if he did have Spiral Masquerades in hand, he’d have to delete both of my LV 5s to stop me from going into LordKnightmon. He wasn’t able to delete both of them so I was able to go up into LordKnightmon and the game went in my favor.

Round 5 (LordKnightmon/Mastemon/WarGreymon 2-1)

Game 1: I went first so I spent my turns building up my stack in Raising while also trying to establish a blocker in the battle area and he did the same. He got to LordKnightmon first and swung, which let me respond on my turn with my own LordKnightmon swinging into his while reducing its DP with Knightmon’s on-play effect. I also had a SlashAngemon to evolve the Knightmon into so I was able to deal with the Knightmon he had played off of his LordKnightmon. The game went quickly in my favor after this.

Game 2: He went first. He had both Omnimon Zwart Defeat and WarGreymon out at one point and I didn’t have the pieces needed to deal with both of them so I lost pretty quickly.

Game 3: I went first. I usually like to go 2nd in the mirror but since I saw the WarGreymon and Zwart Defeat, I assumed he was running the Mastemon build and didn’t have any SlashAngemons, which would have let him respond to my threats more easily. I went up into LordKnightmon in Raising as he did the same as well. On my turn, I swung at him, played a Pulsemon to draw a card. I evolved Pulsemon into Piddomon to block, played Blinding Ray, and hard played a Unimon so that he would have to deal with both blockers on his turn with 1 memory to get rid of my LordKnightmon. He wasn’t able to so I was able to take over the game, eventually winning a BushiAgumon.

Round 6 (Imperialdramon 2-0)

Game 1: We both bricked. I had no LV 4s and he had no LV 5s so I spent my turns evolving Rookies in Raising while also playing Pulsemons to dig through my deck while he spent his turns evolving into blockers. I also hard-played a couple of Angewomons, which he responded to with Absolute Blasts. By the end of the game, he had managed to evolve 2 out of 3 of his blockers into Paildramons and I had 6 rookies total. I was down to 2 security after his swings while he was down to 4 security (I had attacked with a Pulsemon on my 2nd turn) so I swung with all 6 since I was going to lose the next turn and prayed that there were no Absolute Blasts in security. Turns out there weren’t and I won the game.

Game 2: I was able to go up into LordKnightmon and respond to his Imperialdramon pretty efficiently. All of his Nidhoggmons were also in security so he couldn’t clear my board and I was able to win.

Round 7 (LordKnightmon 2-1)

Game 1: He won the die roll so he went first, which let me see what he was doing first and gave me an extra card to respond with.

Game 2: I went first so we were in the opposite situation now, he had the upper hand and was able to respond to my threats better.

Game 3: I chose to go second and similar to the previous games, I was able to respond to his threats better. By the end of the game, I had both LordKnightmon and a WarGreymon with an Angewomon under it and I was able to put down a BushiAgumon with their effects, which gave me enough aggression and removal to delete his blocker and win the game.


Round 8 (Imperialdramon 2-0)

Game 1: I actually was missing a rookie so I had to begin the game by playing TK and grabbing a Rookie out of security. Luckily, his hand wasn’t too great either so I was able to start building up my stack in Raising. I was also able to put down a Cutemon pretty early and that slowed him down enough to let me go into LordKnightmon and take over the game. I had kept putting him at 1 or 2 memory so that he would have to spend 3-4 Hammer Sparks if he ever wanted to evolve into Imperialdramon. I also didn’t see Dinobeemon in Raising so I was able to swing freely knowing that he wasn’t going to be able to evolve into Nidhoggmon.

Game 2: I was able to answer his first Imperialdramon with LordKnightmon putting Knightmon into play and evolving it into a SlashAngemon. By the end of the game, he had a Paildramon in Raising and a Dinobeemon that he had built up in the battle area so I was able to comfortably swing again knowing I wasn’t going to get hit by a Nidhoggmon.

Round 9 (Purple Lilith Loop 2-0)

Game 1: We were both able to build up into our LV 6s but I had all the pieces I needed to remove his biggest threats and he had no way to deal with mine.

Game 2: He went up into Anubismon first, which I was able to delete on my turn by evolving into a WarGreymon, giving it –6000DP with its effect, and then hard playing a Knightmon to finish it off. With the amount of memory I gave him, he was able to go up into an Omnimon Zwart through a Lilithmon and Jack Raid, which he then used to bring back 2 LadyDevimons. Unfortunately for him, that did pass the turn over to me so I was able to evolve my Knightmon into LordKnightmon, which let me play another Knightmon for free, bringing Zwart’s DP down to 11000. I swung with WarGreymon to bring it down to 4000 (I had a Pickmon under WarGreymon). I was then able to finish it off with a Starmon. On his turn, he looped Jack Raids by evolving both his LadyDevimons into Lilithmons but he couldn’t find another Omnimon Zwart to keep him in the game so, on my turn, I was able to delete both Lilithmons by using WarGreymon to bring one down to 5000DP, evolve the Knightmon into a SlashAngemon to finish it off, and then finished the turn with Spiral Masquerade deleting the other one. He wasn’t able to recover from that and I was able to win from there.

Closing Thoughts

I can definitely attribute some of my wins to luck, especially round 4, when my bricked hand actually worked in my favor, and round 6 when both my opponent and I were bricking. Overall though, this deck is insanely powerful, allowing me to respond to basically anything that my opponents played while building my board. The one of WarGreymon was definitely an MVP in any games it showed up in, giving me the extra aggression and repeatable removal effect I needed to secure a lot of my wins.

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

An Electric Rushed Lordknightmon

Invited Author: Lum Wenkang (Singapore)

Lordknightmon has always been a dominant face of yellow ever since its appearance in bt5. In a game where you manage your resources, memory is the biggest factor of the game. And Lordknight being able to play a card for free given the condition is met has always been one of the best resource cheats.

As a yellow player, I made a guess that Shine-yellow hybrid and Lordknight will be the face in BT7 format. However, the lack of usage for Lordknight surprised me and I decided to bring it to my local.

Hybrid is the dominant force in BT7, and their engine tends to run Bokomon, memory blockers, and maybe evolution cost-reduction blockers. Strong in their own rights, their low DP tend to put them under the radar of many nuke decks. Lordknight can do it without any option or tech cards as Knightmon’s -4k DP is a great solution while also being a staple in the deck.

What give Lordknight a push in this set is the release of electric rush. At 3 security you are able to restand your Digimon (usually Lordknight) and gives +3k DP to any one of your Digimon.

This means that Lordknight can spawn even more units while dealing damage!

Deck Owner: Lum Wenkang

How to play this deck

The question is how to maintain your security at 3: lucky for yellow it has no shortage of such tools.

If your security is more than 3, you can reduce it with BT6 Pulsemon, BT3 Lopmon, and/or BT4 Blinding Light.

If your security is at 2, a Lucemon would suffice.

If you are at 1 or 0, use Binding Light if you have a Takeru on the board, evolve a Knightmon into a Kazuchimon to recover it back to 3.

Once you are at 3 security, feel free to go on a rampage! If you inherit the BT3 Angewomon, each Lordknight attack will cough 2 units, which will quickly pull you apart from your opponent’s hard resources (unit on the board). In addition, the BT3 Upamon, BT7 Pulsemon, promo Pulsemon and Electric Rush will give you the resources to fund Lordknight and Angewomon.

Currently standard digivolution decks, while not as explosive, have better memory control over hybrid deck. Hybrid decks, unlike standard digivolution decks, will have to play a Bokomon and tamer (so on their turn will usually require 3 + 3 memory). Digivolving a LV3 into a 1-cost LV4 will put my opponent at 1 memory, and similarly when digivolving into lvl 5. If my LV6 can remove Bokomon then I will be able to establish a strong board presence until they can rebuild.


While the deck is strong against hybrids, it is weak against:

– Security Control: a Lordknight dying to an option or a big Digimon on the first security check is too painful. However, it is OK if it dies to later security checks since you will already have multiple Digimons on the board.

– Nidhogg: the Lordknight and LV3s will be cleared, ‘bankrupting your investments!

– Blue Strip: this matchup is kind of dependent on draws, as Azulong can become super cheap, and Hexablau stopping your advancement since units played by Lordknight do not have digivolution sources. Though you can just digivolve and drag the game out with Kazuchi until Spiral Masquerade comes to hand, I do not think that the deck has a good chance if Hexablau is set up more than 2 times. On a side note, using Blue Strip as a tech is relatively effective as well.


Match 1: vs Red Hybrid

Game 1: I suppose my opponent did not expect that I am playing a different variant from most Lordknight decks (the DP reduction variant), so he put me at 3 security in early game, which allowed me to quickly pull away with 7 units in 1 turn.

Game 2: After learning how I played in game 1, he tried to build his board with tamer and lvl 4 hybrid. I cut my own security to 3 and equalizing his security to 3 while deleting his Bokomon with a Knightmon effect. With 3 memory and only 4 hybrid Digimon in trash, he was unable to end me with some luck on my side. Playing 2 atomic inferno, his BurningGreymon performed 3 checks and is required to die on the last check (so he can launch Kaisergrey) which is an impossible condition given that he is 13k DP large.

Match 2: vs Red/Blue Hybrid

Playing against Kyle, a friend of mine, was fun and relaxing since we both know each other tricks well.

Game 1: Due to hand brick, I hardplayed an Angewomon on turn 1. Thankfully, he did not have the best hand thus had no way to remove Angewomon, allowing me to digivolve into Lordknight and pull the game away.

Game 2: Sometime quite early in the game, he managed to warp his Koji into Magnagaruru to bounce my Lordknight back to hand (by returning one of his LV6 hybrid). I was unable to stop his onslaught as I attempt to rebuild my Lordknight, losing that game.

Game 3: I had only vague recollections of this game, but I did remember using Spiral Masquerade on his Magnagaruru (which was not warped from tamer but digivolved the traditional way). I pulled away from then on.

Match 3: vs Blue Hybrid

You can watch this game on DPP channel (to be posted later).

Game 1: I managed to pull the game apart with Electric Rush and pressured my opponent early in the game.

Game 2: Must be my highest highroll as I opened with the perfect hand. After game 1, David (my opponent) likely thought that it was safer to farm Tamers first. I quickly digivolved into Lordknight and played the BT6 Pulsemon, setting up the condition needed to pull the game away. What left a strong impression was that this was a game where he was perfectly capable of winning (something I did not expect) despite how strong my board has become. He managed to create a condition where he had 8 memory and 2 Howling Memory with 4 tamers, so he would have won as long as he attacks with 4 hybrid Digimons. However, with lady luck by my side, he was 1 card shy from drawing the part needed.

BT7 Yellow Deck Review: Shine-Zoe Hybrid

Invited Author: Abuan Binoe (Philippines)
YouTube: Binoe Abuan

Digimon Frontiers is my favorite season of the Digimon anime series and since BT7 introduced all of the show’s protagonists in the Digimon card game, all I have to do is to build and play a deck with my favorite character in it – Zoe Izumi.

The yellow color has good compatibility with tamers, it also has some of the best tamers in the game like BT1 Takeru and the dual tamer Takeru and Hikari. Because of this color’s uniqueness, in theory, should work well with the new hybrid Digimons from BT7. Yellow also has the BT2 Shinegreymon, which is the best Digimon to utilize tamers for control. Combining all of this led to the idea of constructing this deck, the Yellow Shinegreymon-Hybrid Deck. You can also watch a deck profile video of this deck at:


Deck Owner: Abuan Binoe

The goal of the deck is simple and can be shown in four points – (1) Play tamers, (2) Recover security with Jet-Silphymon, (3) Control the board with Shinegreymon, and (4) have multiple attacks utilizing the level 4 hybrids.

(1) Play tamers (or let the opponent hit the security to get tamers)

This deck plays 16 tamers. The 4 copies of BT1 TK and 4 copies of Zoe are there to increase the deck’s consistency. BT1 TK can get fetch any yellow card from the security plus it is a memory fixer. Zoe can fetch a hybrid from the security, increasing the chances of having a hybrid in your hand. The 4 copies of the dual tamer Hikari and Takeru are very important for memory control. In this deck you let your opponent hit first and that can trigger the memory +2 effect of Hikaru and TK giving this deck the chance to have a very large memory to set up explosive plays mid and late game. The -1K DP can also come in clutch to kill small Digimons. I played 4 copies of the start set Takeru, this is good as it is just a 2-cost tamer and it also boosts your security Digimon by 2K. This can also be swapped with 2 BT3 Hikari and 2 [ST3-12] Takeru combinations.
 Setting the tamers early on increases the consistency of the deck, gives you more memory and you can utilize them with a barrage of attacks using the level 4 hybrids mid and late game.

(2) Recover security with Jet-Silphymon

The new level 5 hybrid, Jet-Silphymon, is one of the most important Digimon of the deck. You can evolve it for 1 cost when the Digimon you evolve it from has a tamer underneath and can trigger “Recovery +1” if it evolves from a hybrid, both effects will happen most of the time. This is important because you let your opponent hit your security early game so having a recovery card is good. Another good thing is that it is a 1 cost bridge to Shinegreymon making your minus DP plays easier.

(3) Control the board with Shinegreymon

Since you have many Tamers and you can easily get to a Lv. 5 Digimon through Jet-Silphymon, you can digivolve it into Shinegreymon to clear the opponent’s board easily.

(4) Have multiple attacks with your Lv. 4 Hybrids

I play a total of 8 Lv. 4 Hybrids in this deck – 4 copies of Kazemon and 4 copies of Zephyrmon, both of which evolves from a tamer for 2-memory cost. Since you have lots of tamers and you can gain memory with your tamers (Hikari & Takeru) (and other option cards), you have enough resources to unleash a barrage of attacks – evolving tamers to Lv. 4 hybrids, giving you so much advantage and possibly win the game. 

Other cards in the deck:

Bokomon – Bokomon is there to search for tamers and your Hybrids, it is a staple for all the hybrid decks out there. Its other effect to lets you gain 2 memory when you evolve a tamer, making the evolution cost basically free. Leaving a Bokomon alive in the board against hybrid decks is really dangerous which is why it is a usual target for early removal effects.
Patamon – Patamon is there to fetch your tamers, it can also be used as a free evolution for an extra draw.
Upamon – The Digitama of the deck allows you to draw when your Security is less than 3 which is most times.
BushiAgumon – It is there for sneak plays to end the game, but I might cut it and play 4 Patamons instead. Although it can be clutch in the end game, it still uses 5 memory which is too much since you can use that memory to evolve 2 Lv. 4 hybrids already.
Rizegreymon – You won’t get Jet-Silphymon all the time and this is the reason for playing Rizegreymon, not only that it is a versatile Lv. 5 with an ESS of “Security +1” when you have 3 or more tamers, but it also allows you to play a tamer for free.
Sakuyamon – One counter for this deck, especially in red decks, is to build a big Digimon in the nursery and have it attack for multiple security checks and end the game with an OTK. Sakuyamon stops that together with the potential OTK with the rush decks like Agumon BOC and Gabumon BOF.
Susanoomon – A good card end game especially if you have spent a lot of hybrids already. It is a big cannon that can destroy a problematic Digimon and can punch for 3 security.
Blinding Light – This card is there to control your security especially if you want to trigger the memory gain with the Dual tamers. This can also be a clutch end game as one Blinding light can give you one extra Lv. 4 Hybrid evolution and attack.
Wyvern’s Breath – This is to clear out problematic Digimons and counters for this deck. E.g. [BT5-058]Argomon – this card can completely stun this deck as you won’t get the minus DP from Shinegreymon and your tamers can’t evolve to attack since all of them will remain tapped as long as Argomon is in the field.

Overall, the win condition of this deck is simple and easy to understand but executing it is not that easy. You may have to assess the board state and execute the plays at the right time. You can’t be too passive or you’ll lose because there are a lot of aggro decks these days. This deck requires a lot of playtesting and getting used to. I can’t say that it’s one of the best decks out there, but it is the deck that I have the most fun playing with.

Tournament Match-Ups

Vs. Security control: 1-1 (Draw due to time limit)
Vs. Green Hybrid: 2-0 (Win)
Vs. Jesmon: 2-1 (Win)
Vs. Red Hybrid: 2-0 (Win)
Vs. Blue Hybrid: 2-1 (Win)
Vs. Green Hybrid: 2-1 (Win)

Color Match-Ups
Vs. Red – This is one hard match-up as the red hybrid is really fast. If you can’t answer their early game charge especially the 3 checks with Ancientgreymon, you will lose that game, otherwise, if you survived and controlled the board and made it to mid-game, there is a high chance that you can win especially if you can do a memory choke against the red player. The only problem late game is that there is a chance for the Kaisergreymon “Blitz” play which is really problematic.
Vs. Blue – You won’t have a Digimon in the field most of the time so Blue-stun is not really a problem. The real problem is that Blue has a decent speed and it has Hammer spark and Ice Wall so you have to plan your plays carefully.
Vs. Green – Green is a low-cost ramp deck because of Junpei and the download ability but as long as you can control the board, you can gain an advantage with this deck. The real problem is that if they are playing Argomon through download which can really stun the Shinegrey-hybrid deck.
Vs. Black – Black is slower and needs set-up which is favorable for this deck. You need to clear out blockers like Mechanorimon as it can stop your multiple attacks since it is a 6K DP multiple stand blocker, 7K with Taichi.
Vs. Purple – Purple decks like to attack the security early game which is good for this deck because there is a high chance of them hitting tamers from the security. Their Digimon won’t die as well if they hit a tamer which is not the optimal outcome for a purple player.

[EN Format] A Winning LKM Tournament Report

Invited Author: Jam Pingul (Germany)
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/jamminzz

Today we played Lordknightmon-control in our very first tourney of the BT5 format.
This Deck is all about controlling the board with amazing tempo-plays by cards like Lordknightmon, Starmon and so on.

My Version of the Deck was pretty much built against Rookie Rush and other aggressive Decks as I expected a lot of them due to a lot of players praising its strength for the new format.

Deck Introduction


I run 4 Pickmon and 1 Upamon. Pickmon fits perfectly into our gameplay with his DP reduction effect to establish board presence while keeping opponents board as low as possible.

Upamon was needed for the 5th filler Digitama spot that could sometimes draw you some big cards from the top.

Rookie Digimon

I played 4 Starmons which literally is the new star of the Deck. While going wider on board the more the game goes on this card becomes super scary for your opponent, especially when cheated out by Lordkightmon. Who doesn’t love a free removal that stucks on the board?

4 Pulsemon were pretty  much staples as these are arguably one of the best rookies in the game. Drawing a card for a potential 2 memory play is good! But getting cheated out by Lordknightmon for +1 memory and a card draw is just nuts. 3 ST3 Patamon are included for the memory gain as you have a lot of DP reduction effects in the deck, pretty good for memory choking your opponent! I also included 2 Bushiagumon for the burst lethal potential from hand if cheated out by Lordknightmon or by just having a Blinding Ray with a TK tamer on the board. 2 Promo Patamon are some small techs against the aggressive decks, people these days do not expect those.

Champion Digimon

My champion level Digimon were pretty much yellow champion staples with 4 Turuiemon and 4 Piddomon. Digivolving into a champion for 1 cost is pretty good especially if it’s a blocker. Same purpose for the 2 other Blockers in Unimon, cheap blockers for aggressive matchups.

The last champion card was Gladimon, I actually just wanted to test him out because of being another good cheat out target for Lordknightmon while providing knowledge what cards in your security stack are, if you’re able to get a LKM or Knightmon then jackpot! This actually came in clutch in some games today! Especially in the mirror match where more Knightmon that can be cheated out are very important to have!

Ultimate Digimon

My Ultime Digimon spots were also taken by staples, 4 Wargrowlmon are good to chop down the opponents board as well as the Knightmon. Last one of course being the Prime target of LKM.

As 9th ultimate I added a ST3 Angewomon to provide some heal against aggressive match ups.

Mega Digimon

We of course play 4 copies of Lordknightmon, this card is just broken, pretty hard to kill due to his [ALL TURN] effect and being able to cheat out up to ultimate level digimon is beyond incredible.

3 Slashangemon are included for being another big removal in the deck. Turns where a LKM attacks,then summons a Knightmon and then digivolving it into a Slashangemon for at least -12000 DP is ridiculous.

I added 1 single copy of Wargreymon for being another good burst option while also being a pretty good DP reducer that comes in clutch with effects like Pickmon in inherited while also providing you more options with the draw out of your security stack.


This is the result in recent local tournament (Cardicuno in BT5 format) i attended and won first place

 Round 1:

Purple Mastemon 2-1: Purple is always a scary one to face now these days as they pretty much turn the game in their favor with one good fusion play or even one turn kill you. I won game 1 due to removing anything he puts on the board to prevent him from going into fusion plays.

Game 2 was decided by a small mistake on my side as i opted to not remove his digimon. He then proceeded to have some pretty amazing fusion plays that turned the game completely in his favor, Couldn’t recover from this and we were off to game 3.
I actually forgot how I won game 3 but I remember it being pretty easy because of him having a brick hand. 

Round 2:

Lordknightmon Mirror 2-0: We both were playing pretty defensively raising our LKM in our raising areas while trading off some rookies with our Starmons on the field. After finally raising his Lordknightmon he misplayed by attacking with the wrong LKM (the one that had good inherited effects) to just play out another LKM which he did not opted to attack with (the other LK had no inherited effects). I killed his LKM with inherited effect and slowly chopped down his board turn by turn with him having no answers to my board.

Game 2 was decided by me having digivolving up to LKM early with a lot of Knightmons to cheat out and kill off everything he puts on the board. 

Round 3:

Purple Omni Zwart 2-0: This one was pretty easy due to myself having the LKM digivolution line early into the game and him having a slow hand. I then slowly again chopped down his board turn by turn while also slowly reducing his security for the win.

Game 2 was super fast due to him having a brick hand with all his megas and not having any LV5.


Final Round:

Purple Lilith Loop: I was looking forward to this Match up as I haven’t tested against a Lilith Loop Deck yet. I figured to just keep on removing his stuff to prevent him from going into those scary loops and it paid out. Game 1 I digivolve early into my LKM while killing all his Level 5’s. He couldn’t get into the game and quickly lost to me flooding the board.

Game 2 We both digivolve early into our boss digimons, Lilithmon and LKM. He opted to go all in with his Lilithmon, hoping that I don’t have a Knightmon that I could combine with a SlashAngemon to kill off his Lilith. Well… I did. He couldn’t recover from it and quickly lost from there onwards. 

Overall Thoughts

Yes this deck is insanely broken. There’s nothing really much to add to this statement. Not sure about the anti-aggro techs yet as I haven’t faced any Rookie Rush today. But I actually would consider dropping another Unimon for Gladimon, I was surprised how good this card can be in a lot of situations.

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

Deck Review: Security Discard

Invited Article | Author: Effendy (Indonesia)
Facebook: OGRE Citra;  Discord

BT6 Double Diamond has brought us some new yellow Digimon cards, such as [BT6-034] Wizardmon, [BT6-044] Dynasmon and [BT6-033] Pulsemon which will mainly support the security discard deck’s strategy. This scheme will work well with the BT4 Wargreymon and  BT3 Mastemon. 

I would like to introduce one of my new yellow decks that uses 3 main LV6 pillars: WarGreymon, Mastemon and Dynasmon. This deck provides a new way of manipulating my own security stack to achieve victory.

Regarding the deck’s distribution, this deck runs 14x Lv3 Digimon cards, 10x Lv4 Digimons, 9x  Lv5 Digimons and 8x Lv6s without any Lv7 Digimons. 2 copies of the new tamer Takeru & Hikari and 2 copies of BT1 T.K Takeru are also included, with another 5 slots for option cards.

The foremost strategy for the deck is to make my security stack drop to 3, many cards are used to either take benefit from it or to support this plan. Wizardmon gives memory+1 when a card is removed from security stack, Dynasmon give recovery+1 when the security is discarded in both player’s turn (and if my security card is less than 4), and Pulsemon will grant “Jamming” when the security is exactly 3 cards. This is where effects of cards like BT4 Wargreymon and BT3 Mastemon can show their true potential.

Besides those two cards, there are also other cards that can synergize with Wizardmon’s and Dynasmon’s effect, such as Blinding Light which give memory+2 by discarding one security card, and BT1 Takaishi Takeru tamer that searches 1 card from security stack and gains Recovery+1 if a yellow card is taken. I’ll explain why these two cards is so awesome with Wizardmon and Dynasmon.

When we use Blinding Light to discard 1 security card to gain 2 memories, each Wizardmon in the battle will gain 1 memory for the turn, and Dynasmon’s effect can be triggered when our security drops to 3 or lower. 

Similarly with T.K Takeru’s [On Play] effect, the reason why Takaishi Takeru synergizes with Wizardmon is because the play cost of Takeru can be reduced when we gain back memory from Wizardmon. Even though we will trigger the recovery+1 from T.K Takeru ‘s effect when we take 1 yellow card from security, Wizardmon will still trigger his memory+1 effect. This same concept applies to Dynasmon (as long as the security card now is 3 or lower), allowing his effect to recover an additional card on top of TK’s, a 1 loss 2 gain. 
And another good use of this combo is when Takeru’s effect is used to take a color besides yellow (Mastemon),  Dynasmon effect can be used to cover that loss. It’s really a great synergy!! XD

Beside cards I’ve explained above, I’d like to introduce other cards that are also key for the deck:

    1. BT3 Angewomon: this card not only give some swarming power for aggro, but also prevents 1 of your opponent’s Digimon (especially multi-attacks) from checking my security.
    2. Bushi Agumon: this card is a fast aggro attacker and a surprise finisher, can be summoned for free with the help of BT3 Angewomon’s inheritable effect.
    3. Promo Pulsemon: this is an excellent LV3 that can provide both draw power and memory when the security is exactly 3 cards!
    4. Promo Tailmon from the anniversary pack: this card is used for [Recovery+1] and also as a Blocker when summoned by Mastemon.
    5. Mimicmon is also a candidate to be summoned from Mastemon’s [When Digivolving] effect to regain 2 memories. This is also probably the cheapest yellow Lv4 currently because it will only cost 2 when played.
    6. ST3 Angewomon is used for [Recovery+1] and best supports Mimicmon. By playing the LV4 with only 2 cost, we can digivolve into ST3 Angewomon to trigger the recovery.
    7. Lastly, Digitama cards such as BT3 Upamon, BT4 Koromon and BT6 Bibimon: these cards play a supporting role and the reason I chose these 3 being that my playstyle will always maintain a security size of 3 or lower.

The weaknesses of this deck can be apparent if paired against with a deck focusing on large or fast security attacks (OTK) such as Red Jesmon, Red Agumon BOC, or Blue Gabumon BOF. Often I find that Dynasmon cannot recover security faster than it hits so our hope is perhaps for the opponent to have a less than ideal hand! lolx.  

Utilizing The Deck

The plan is to bring out Dynasmon as soon as possible because he will be the shield in the early game phase while we prepare troops for attacking. After that, we can start focusing on building a digivolution chain for Wargreymon with BT3 Angewomon in its digivolution cards, so that every time Wargreymon attacks we can play a LV3 for free (Bushi Agumon), then Mastemon will come in as a finisher for game.

The dream digivolution chain for Wargreymon starts with lv2 Bibimon, lv3 BT6 Pulsemon, lv4 BT6 Wizardmon, and lv5 BT3 Angewomon. We can make various combos when security card is exactly 3, Bibimon will give memory+1, Pulsemon will give jamming, Wizardmon will give memory+1 while Wargreymon activates the effect by removing security then Angewomon will be able to summon level 3 digimon for free twice, the LV3 to be played from BT3 Angewomon’s effect would be 2 BushiAgumon (extra 2 attacks) or 2 Pulsemon promo (extra memory+2 and/or extra draw+2). 

This digivolution line can also be used with BT3 Mastemon, imagine Mastemon [when Digivolving] effect will discard both players 1 security card then summon either BushiAgumon if we want to finish the game, or Mimicmon to gain memory and digivolving to ST3 Angewomon for Recovery, or promo Tailmon for recover and blocker. BT3 Angewomon’s inheritable effect will also summon another Bushi Agumon or Pulsemon promo again resulting the same outcome.

In conclusion I can say this deck is kinda interesting to play with and it has potential to be able to compete with BT6 meta like Agumon BOC, Gabumon BOF or Jesmon as long as the preparation can be completed early.

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

BT6 Meta: One Turn Kill Defender

One-Turn Kill (OTK) or counterattack scenarios are becoming increasingly prominent in the BT-06 meta, with a variety of top-tier decks running cards that can deal large security damage within a turn. This is amplified by that fact that memory can now be accumulated (using delay option cards). 

Suddenly, the very underplayed [BT5-044] Sakuyamon may receive a little but more attention. By debuffing the security checks of your opponent’s Digimons moving out from nursery, she destroys the very engine that made those decks top-tier. Coupled with strong board control (that yellow decks have an abundance of) it is possible to almost completely lock your opponent’s counterattack engine. 

One-Turn Kill

In the current meta, many Digimons are able to perform big security checks the turn they move from nursery, either through stacks of <SecurityAttack+1> or rapid attacks through unsuspension. 

With one tamer (3 starting memory) and one delay option card, it is possible to ramp from a from-nursery LV4 Digimon into Jesmon by digivolving into SaviorHuckmon and playing a Sistermon Noir for that +1 memory. Jesmon can attack twice (when inheriting SaviorHuckmon) with large security checks each time thanks to red tamer Taichi and/or by inheriting the ST1 Greymon. 

A LV3 BT6 Gabumon from nursery can warp digivolve into Gabumon Bond of Friendship, easily performing 3 security checks in rapid succession (or 4 checks when digivolving along the AncientGaruru route).

Similar to Gabumon, the BT6 Agumon can also warp digivolve into Bond of Courage the turn he is moved out from nursery, dealing 2 security checks when inheriting the BT6 Agumon.

Qinglongmon can consistenly perform large number of security checks, often cleaning up the entire stack of security. Although not necessarily digivolving from the Digimon that moved from nursery, Sakuyamon can pretty much force that situation with strong board control.


Although Sakuyamon has a very passive set of effects (and we know passive effects do not usually do very well in competitive games), it is worth revisiting her due to the very harsh presence of OTK engines in BT-06 meta.

Any of your opponent’s Digimons on the board (that is not in nursery) can be DP-reduction targets of your main yellow build, while Sakuyamon to be landed during the safer mid/late game to lock or limit your opponent’s available play options. 

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

Yellow in BT6 Meta: A winning Recipe, It starts with number “3”

There is a winning recipe for yellow in BT-06 meta that is being repeated in different countries: a yellow deck that manipulates its own security stack to bring the game to its favor.

Yellow Winning Recipe

Winner: Kenshiro (Malaysia)

Yellow has just went through the infamous tier-0.5 Lordknightmon deck during the BT-05 meta, surprisingly the BT-06 yellow rookie and champion Digimon hold an important role to change the meta for yellow color. We no longer see the repeating of [Warrior] type Digimon for Lordknightmon, instead of that, many digimon now sticks to the condition of “if your security is 3 or more/less” 

Pulsemon, the new Yellow Warrior

[BT6-033] Pulsemon, the first digimon gives “jamming” in his inherited effect, the combo of him and [BT6-037] Bulkmon secures 2 security checks “safe and sound” if opponent does not have blocker. Pulsemon also can reduce the number of its owner security stack to 3 cards to satisfy the “most wanted” operating condition for this deck. 

The [BT6-033] Pulsemon works perfectly with [BT6-034] Wizardmon inheritable effect “when a card is removed from your security stack, gain +1 memory”. You can notice that this deck is going to gain more memory during its turn. This is the first time yellow color has this playing style.

The number “3” is like a holy number to gain more memory, to trigger “Recovery+1 (Deck)”. Especially the promo [P-028] Pulsemon, if the security stack is 3 cards, it can trigger both its effect to “draw 1” and “gain 1 memory” when it is played.

The digitama Bibimon also gives “gain +1 memory” when the security stack is 3. Imagine when we hard-play BT6 Pulsemon paying 3 cost but gains back 2 memories which is inherited from the effect of Bibimon and Wizardmon, a very cheap trade. 

Yellow in BT6 meta does not rely on the strategy of reducing opponent’s digimon DP, but to control the game with recovery and cast “Security Attack +/-“. The LV5 [BT3-039] Angewomon inheritable effect can play a LV3 digimon for free when the security stack is “3 or less”, the LV3 to play from this effect are Lucemon and BushiAgumon.

The Bushiagumon with “rush”, can attack the opponent’s player/security immediately while Lucemon does “Recovery+1”. Besides BT3 Angewomon, LV6 Lordknightmon is also used with same purpose, it is to summon LV3 yellow digimon for free when Lordknightmon attacks. By the way, there is many yellow LV3 digimon(s) in this deck that is good to be hard-played, so even if Bushiagumon or Lucemon is not available in hand, we can play pulse for more draw or memory or Starmon to reduce DP of opponent’s digimon.

This deck is gonna rush and has advantage over the deck that its winning condition is at late time of the game. 

With the aggressive 2 checks with “jamming” of Bulkmon, the LV6 Wargreymon that can be unsuspended also contribute 2 checks to opponent’s security stack and BushiAgumon can attack immediately with “rush”. If opponent is not able to draw and play blocker in early phase of the game, this deck can make its victory easily.

Digimon Card Meta Version

One of our member got inspired from this yellow deck and he made a changes to adapt his playing style. We have his deck profile and game feature (last game), check out the video to see how this yellow deck can beat the BT6 Tier-1 2 Musketeers deck.

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

When Kentaurosmon and Crusadermon team up


Crusadermon with her army has been dominated yellow meta for quite a while now, players slowly find its weakness and counter back in the tourney, these days we see more purple or red in tourney, red – the one that can attack faster and purple – the one can manipulate the game. 

The yellow deck with main pillar Crusadermon is normally very slow in attacking security, it focuses more on reducing opponent’s digimon DP and widening the board. If you notice, the yellow warrior deck relies a lots of Crusadermon, their board is stable only after 3 or 4 turns when they are able to build up to LV6 Crusadermon and some Warrior type digimon in hands. Their problem is not landing in drawing or hand stuck, its main issue is  it’s not able to attack opponent’s security fast enough. So the type of deck that checks security faster, or cleans the board easier (green nidhogg), or deletes LV6 Crusader multiple times (purple) can easily deal with this yellow meta. On top of that, everyone knows how this deck works so they will avoid to put their digimon in the battle (if possible).

The Force of 2 Holy Warriors

In this post, we would like to introduce a yellow deck that can cover up the weakness that we mentioned above, the join force of Kentaurosmon and Crusadermon (Lordknightmon).

This deck is created by a tamer from Taiwan, his name is Chen, this deck brought him victory in the tourney of 20 participants. 


This deck uses more LV3 than usual (15 cards), 11 cards for LV4, 9 cards for LV5, 7 cards for LV6 and 3 copies of LV7 Chaosmon Valdur Arm. Only 1 option card and 4 copies for tamer T.K Takeru. 

To understand about Crusader’s deck strategy and theory, check out the post “Tier-0 Crusadermon Deck Analysis“.

If we cannot be faster, then slow down opponent's speed

Yellow cannot move faster than it is, we only can slow down opponent’s attacking security speed, that is the task of Angewomon and Kentaurosmon.

[BT3-039] Angewomon (4 copies) and [BT3-043] Kentaurosmon (2 copies) is totally able to save the whole yellow team. Angewomon, when evolves, 1 of opponent’s digimon gets SecurityAttack-2, good enough to stop opponent’s powerful digimon to attack security in next turn or cast to the one with multiple attacks. Not only that, Angewomon also gives a very valuable inheritance effect: when this digimon attacking, if your security is 3 or less, you can play a LV3 or less yellow digimon from hand without paying its cost, that is the reason why this deck includes 15 copies of LV3 digimon. 

Many LV3 digimon with “when played” effect is using in the deck, but the best LV3 card to free summon from Angewomon effect is Lucemon obviously, especially in the late time of the game because Lucemon can help to “Recovery+1”. The option card Blinding Light, with only 1 copy in the deck, is used to reduce the security card to 3 (when the condition met to play 1 LV3 from hand) and gain 2 memory. 

Yellow can widen the board in 2 or 3 turns if the yellow player able to control the game. To do that, yellow should evolve a LV5 digimon into LV6 Kentaurosmon in next turn to trigger Kentaurosmon “when digivolving” effect: up-to 5 opponent’s digimon get “SecurityAttack-2” in opponent’s next turn. With this strategy, if opponent don’t have tactic to destroy your LV5 or other digimon in the battle then the game  would be your favor. 

This deck has only 2 copies of Kentaurosmon in the deck, but don’t worry, he is a Holy Warrior type digimon (same type with Crusadermon), so we can use Kotemon and Gladimon to find him in Security Stack or reveal from deck to put to hand.

There is another benefit of using Kentaurosmon, opponent won’t purposely attack him because they don’t want to trigger his “On deletion” effect, so we can evolve this Kentaurosmon into LV7 Chaosmon ValdurArm. 


There is too many types of deck now and we cannot expect what we will play against in the tourney, so “delaying” maybe the safest strategy to deal with all other colors. When you play this deck, do planning the game properly so that you can take advantage of Angemowon inheritable effect and Kentaurosmon effect, do check out your security and count the number of opponent’s digimon in the battle. 

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

Why WarGreymon Dominates Yellow Tournament Decks


There are two LV6 digimon that is most used in yellow deck, those are yellow ShineGreymon and WarGreymon from BT4. While ShineGreymon relies on number of yellow tamers, WarGreymon relies on number of security cards. By the way, talking about normal defensive style of yellow, WarGreymon is maybe the only yellow digimon that showing offensive move in the tamer battle. To use his main effect “when attacking”, we needs to sacrifice one security card (put to hand), We may first thought it is not a good strategy to reduce the number of security card, it makes you lose the game faster, then why every yellow play still using it? 

Yellow WarGreymon

[BT4-048] WarGreymon is a LV6 digimon for yellow deck, he is normally using with Chaosmon: Valdur Arm.  He is landed to the right color because of the ability to “Recovery” of yellow color. There is too many advantages that given to him from many other yellow digimon card or tamers. In this post, let me bring out a deck from Digimon Card Meta deck-list collection to talk about the support and collaboration to WarGreymon.

This deck is created by Suke, and it is just a normal yellow deck with strategy of recovery (defense) and WarGreymon build (offense).  This deck uses 3 copies of [BT2-032] Salamon and [BT2-039] Magnadramon to get “Recovery” for security pile. All the LV4 digimon are cheap to play, so they can move to  [BT3-039] Angewomon faster, the “when digivolved” effect is only valid when this digimon is digivolved in the battle area, not raising area. Angewomon really can help to delay to security attack speed of the opponent, and in next turn you can digivolve to LV6  WarGreymon. The Lucemon is put in 4 copies to play for free when Magnadramon attacking or digimon with LV5 Angewomon in its evolution source. When Lucemon plays from those effects, it also triggers “Recovery+1” for the deck, it seems a good strategy right.

WarGreymon, when he appears in the battle, whether moved out from raising area or digivolved from a LV5 in the battle, normally what they will do is: if the opponent have a rested digimon that have very high DP ( higher than 11000), we will put 1 security card to hand to reduce 6000DP to that digimon and destroy it by attacking either using this Wargreymon or other digimon. Tamer T.K Takaishi already helped to reveal all the cards in security pile, so making decision to take or not take the card is easier. If there is no security card left to take (or you dont want to take), then we can digivolve to LV7 Chaosmon: Valdur Arm to deduct up to 14000DP to one opponent’s digimon.

The option card Blinding Light and LV3 Bushiagumon is game-ending or last surprised attack for yellow deck. TK. Takaishi reset 3 memory for beginning of the turn, then using Blinding Light option card to add 2 memory for the turn, then play Bushiagumon with “haste” to do last attack to win the game. The Bliding Light can still use even if there is no security left in security pile, that is a huge advantage. Even if we cannot draw the Bliding Light option card, we can also play free cost  LV3 Bushiagumon by using Angewomon inheritable effect, so Bushiagumon is most likely the last soldier to finish the game. Sometime they use WarGreymon effect or Blinding Light effect to purposely drop the security card to 3 or less to trigger other card “recovery” effect or play LV3 digimon for free (from Angewomon inheritable effect).

To summary, the deck with WarGreymon gives yellow player a higher chance to win compared to other LV6 yellow digimon, it is easier to build a deck around him with a completed support. And with the first LV7 yellow digimon Chaosmon: Valdur Arm, the yellow becomes stronger and formidable in tamer battle. 

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