Coffee: Blue Flare in Evo Cup for BT12 Environment.

Invited Author: Coffee

Country: Malaysia


Hi, I am Coffee, player from Malaysia. Thanks for digimonmeta to invite me for the sharing of my deck for evolution cup events even though I am only getting top 2.

This is my first evolution cup I join for December. Since BT12 release and new ban list release in December, with the new analyse for the meta game, most player will be playing Wargreymon, Hunter, Kaisergreymon and also new Beelzemon X with the release of ST14. I am blue player so I am playing blue deck of course. Metalgarurumon X and Ulforceveedramon X is out of my option now since there is promo card banned in Malaysia.

My option to be consider is new Imperialdramon, Examon and Blueflare. With some deck testing, I realised that both Imperialdramon and Examon have big disadvantage. Imperialdramon weakness is still not able to deal with blocker that hinder the combo at level 4, hunter deck has a lot of 4k blocker that stop the combo, if you play control with hunter, you are also at disadvantage since Arresterdramon superior mode can easily deal with it. Same for Examon, Arresterdramon superior mode and Quartzmon can easily deal with Examon. For that reason, I choose to play Blueflare.

Deck Building

There is variable deck build of Blueflare that you can play. Some play Sora and joe combo to remove digivolution source to keep locking opponent from attacking. Some play Metalgreymon X and combo with Zekegreymon for fast game. But evolution cup is BO3 swiss format, we need to think about consistency for three games. Players can also observe your deck in first game and play around with your deck for the rest of the game.

Sora and joe version is quite bricky sometimes, I experienced blazing memory boost filter all of Sora and joe and I couldn’t get any tamer before. Metalgreymon X version is good for BO1 game, but for BO3 game, your opponent would know your weakness instantly in game 2 and game 3 onwards, it got no way to get through blackwargreymon X once they know your deck build. In this evolution cup, I choose to play Kaisernail with X7S, this deck has more control and consistency is the better version as most of the card laying around Blue Flare traits even with tamers. In this article, I will just mention blocking, it means to stop opponent, to block and attack until the end of next opponent phase.



I use wanyamon and bebydomon, you need drawing effect to collect all of the combo card in hand as fast as possible.


Dracomon with blueflare traits in 4pcs to help for drawing. Gaossmon is combo card to free play level 4 which need to be 4pcs as well. 2pcs of Syakomon is tech card to hit greymon X, Aldamon and also hunter deck in reducing digivolution cost which giving us sometimes in collecting our combo pieces. Even though level 3 can be easily deal with, but it helps as your opponent also need to use some resources to deal with it.

Champion(level 4)

Greymon and Mailbirdramon is digixros material for metalgreymon, it needs to be at 4pcs each. Greymon also used to search for more blueflare card and Mailbirdramon can help to play tamer and recycles metalgreymon. Digivolution effect for Digimon is great but it had limitation to 2 digimon on opponent field. Player tends to play 1 digimon when dealing with Blueflare so I am not using this digivolution effect too much. Deckerdramon in 3pcs as this is combo card for Deckergreymon to lock opponent from attacking.

Ultimate(level 5)

Metalgreymon is the core of this deck which have rush and able to lock opponent, so it needs to be in 4pcs. Deckergreymon in 3pcs is used with deckerdramon to lock opponent. 2 pcs of Metalgreymon phantom launcher is use to deal with psychemon that prevent us from reducing playing cost. There is one more combo I use with deckergreymon and metalgreymon phantom launcher, both digivolve/on play effect can slot in blueflare card to digivolution from hand and under tamer. We can slot in zekegreymon for blocker and also slot in X7S and combo with Kaiser nail to play X7S.

Mega(level 6 and 7)

I played 2pcs of Zekegreymon, it can restand to finish a game and also act as blocker just in case. Then we have 2pcs of X7S, it can remove blackwargreymon X easily or any big boss, we just need 4 cost to play it with Kaiser nail. X7S also come with strong effect which all security option cannot be activated. I am still playing 1pcs of dexmon as it saves me from hunter deck before.


Kiriha need to be in 4pcs as it can be play by blazing memory boost. 3pcs of White tamer taiki, nene and kiriha can used to filter our card faster and also it has blueflare traits.


Blazing memory boost in 4pcs, it helps to search blueflare and also a bonus when there is Kiriha in the open card. Kaiser nail in 3pcs, this is combo card I used with X7S, normally I save it in hand for X7S unless there is necessary to play other blueflare card like greymon to search card. Icewall in 1pcs, always the core card that save us a game.

Tournament Report

Swiss 5 Round BO3

W: Win, L: Lose

Round 1 VS Bye (2-0) W W

It is free win since we have odd number of participants.

Round 2 VS yellow purple security control (2-0) W W

Since it is security control deck, I know that opponent will be using recovery to setup heavy option security. In this game, I can just slowly setup as many of blazing memory boost as possible to search for X7S. Once X7S is on board, then we can easily deal with security and none of the security option can be activated. Opponent did use Chaos degrade to deal with my X7S but that cost him a lot of memory and then we got advantage to setup our board for another round of attack. 

Round 3 VS Blackwargreymon X (2-1) L W W

To win the game with blackwargreymon X, we need X7S and kaisernail to deal with it. First game, I am not able to draw kaisernail. I also miss the timing to play syakomon before graymon X evolve to level 5. My opponent is able to deal with my tamer with blackwargreymon and also come out with blackwargreymon X. In this case, I had to hard play X7S to deal with it, but it gives opponent too much memory. Later on, he manages to evolve to omegamon X and that cost me first game. In 2nd game, I was managed to play syakomon before his greymon X comes out. This gives me some timing to draw kaisernail and X7S and at the same times setup as many as level 3 in my board. With Syakomon on boards, that manage to prevent opponent in evolving to level 6 and pass me a turn. Then I deal with his level 5 with X7S. He is not managed to keep up with my pace afterwards. I win the 3rd game with similar strategy, play syakomon as soon as possible, then try to draw kaisernail and X7S to deal with his level 5 before he can go level 6.

Round 4 VS Grandiskuwagamon (1-2) L W L

This is the hardest match up for blueflare. As you can see, I don’t have any security that can prevent grandiskuwagamon from OTK. My best approach to stall the game, is to quickly deal with any Digimon that is on board, either lock it or use metalgreymon phantom launcher/X7S to deal with any Digimon in field. This is to prevent grandiskuwagamon to end the game after he swing all my security. I almost won the first game but then my opponent digivolve into Quartzmon which prevent me from ending the game. I use similar strategy in 2nd game, I am able to win it although my opponent is able to swing all my security. Third game, I am playing risky strategy. If luck is in my side, I am able to win it. In third game, my opponent has Digimon in field, next turn he should be able to swing all my 5 security and end the game.  I don’t have enough memory to deal with that Digimon in field. If I can last this turn and I draw into metalgreymon, I can win the game. So I slot in X7S with deckergreymon and hope that when he OTK, he can swing into kaisernail and then I can play X7S to stop OTK. As per my expectation, my opponent does not want to OTK but to deal with my Digimon first. But in my next turn, I couldn’t draw metalgreymon to end the game and this cost my game 3 to lose.

Round 3 VS Beelzemon X (2-0) W W

In first game, I keep using Deckergreymon to lock opponent and my opponent doesn’t want to play 2nd Digimon. He is managed to thrash all my security with beelzemon X but since he is not able to attack and that end the first game. In 2nd game, my opponent has 2 digimon on board, he plan to kill his 1k impmon by hitting security, but he hit a tamer for me.  With 2 digimon on board, that give me a great advantage since I can restand and continuously lock with metalgreymon and then I win game 2.

Closing Thoughts

Blueflare is fun to play. Thanks to Bandai, we play different Blue flare with every booster release. I am glad that X7S can be play in blueflare deck which help a lot in dealing with Digimon like blackwargreymon X and security control deck. With EX4 release, blueflare even added jamming to the deck. That added a lot of fun in blueflare deck building. I also hope someday I can win evolution cup omegamon with blue based deck. Last but not least, I wish everyone have fun for Digimon card game.

[EN] Qiqi: Won 1st Place in CartaMagica with Armor Rush Magnamon X

Invited Author: Qiqi (Martin)

Country: North America


Thanks for the opportunity from digimonmeta to write this. This was a 5 round tcg+ test event on day 1 of the BT10 meta. Anything mentioned here is just my current opinion on the format.

Leading up to the event I was already going to play armor since I'm a fan of the flexible playstyle and have been playing it since armor digimon were released. (Also shinegreymon, my other favorite deck, is in a pretty rough spot at the moment). Most people associate armor to a rush deck, but the biggest strength of armor in my opinion is the ability to play flexibly for either boardstate, stall, otk, or chip. For this reason I tend to avoid fire rocket. (Will probably change my mind if fire rocket gets an alternate art though.)

Notable mentions for deckbuilding choice: Paildramon is still broken and will win you games you shouldn't win. Just pretend it has jamming when you play it and hope for the best. MagnaX as a 4 of is your road to victory against much of the format. Jesmon GX allows you to pressure in ways the deck couldn't before and DeathX is the best card in the format and a must play nowadays.

TL DR: Your gameplan is to stall with the deck until you find the best card in your deck. Deathx

Click into image for link to decklist.


R1 W 2-0 Jesmon, both games my opponent had an unlucky slow start or a bricked hand. Was able to just chip at security until they lost.

R2 W 2-1 Xros heart, this matchup is just very dependent on seeing magnax since they are forced to remove it. Noteworthy that I was able to win g3 without ever seeing a rookie by slowly evoing over hard played lv4 armors and winning off the back of a magnax. Deathx for 0 is also pretty good.

R3 W 2-0 Jesmon, Similar to R1 my opponent had slow starts. When they were finally able to assemble their sistermon army, deathx was dropped for close to 0 and the game ended there.

R4 W 2-0 Grandis:  this was the guy who won a recent regionals with grandis so I was sweating quite a bit. What saved me was having my magna X being 19k to his 18k on his turn so he wasn't able to kill me. There were also key turns where Death X is able to reset the boardstate.

R5 D 1-1 Grandis: G1 was extremely grindy and took close to 40 minutes. I believe I had gone through every magna X, and magna at that point. What won me the game was playing Deathx when they ran out of eggs and they were forced to hard play rookies and champions. Game 2 I wasn't able to survive an early grandis and got board controlled out of the game. I was killed in time so we didn't have a game 3.

At the end of the day I honestly felt I just had good matchups, facing only Jes/Xrosheart/Grandis. I feel that armor is not unfavorable into any of these 3 decks. Armor does have some pretty terrible matchups so as my playgroup always says "Better lucky than good".

Also shoutout to gameshack locals in Canada which is a great place to play throughout the week. I can't seem to win at all against that group of players but that makes it a great place to improve.

Lexus: The Bouncehouse ft. Jelly, Leo and MirageGaoga

Invited Author: Lexus T
Country: Singapore


With the release of BT11, many archetypes had seen varying degrees of support, some more so than others (cough BwgX) while also introducing full evo lines that have synergies with their respective tamers. Be it a curse or blessing, these evo lines (Phoenix, Ulforce, Rusty, Miragegaoga, etc) do not have as tight of a synergy as seen previously in EX03 (Imperial, 4GD, Hina), which allows the pieces more flexibility.

Now, during the early days of release, I’ve personally seen how the new support for leomon: Panjyamon accelerates the spawning of Leomon via Juri, as well as other tamers that grant lots of tempo to your board. One of the iterations of the Leomon package is to use ST-09’s imperialdramon, to spawn both Leomon and Leomon X. However, from personal deck testing, its very hard to get both of them out and it kinda go against the leomon playstyle which is to attack the security as often as you can, die, and spawn a leomon from sources.

Another tricky thing about this deck is that due to high Lvl 4 count (at least 7 blue leomons, 4 leomon x and 2 hybrids), your ratios will be a little skewered. After much testing, this was most optmised list that I was able to come up with:

Click into image for link to decklist.

Play This Deck

While theorycrafting this deck, one of my main objectives was that I needed a way to bounce absolutely anything and everything back to the opponent’s hand to capitalise on Miragegaoga’s OPT effect: when a card is added to your opponent’s hard by an effect, gain 1 memory for every 4 cards in opponent’s hand. With Mirage, you can bounce a security or a lvl 5 or lower card on evo, bibi thunder allows you to bounce a tamer and mega death bounces any digimon back, all being able to trigger the memory gain.

The reason for Jellys other than the use of bibi thunder is to deal with the annoying lvl 3 memory blockers or the dreaded pomumon that prevents the spawning of your leomons. However, the bouncing is rather memory efficient; as long your hand size increases, you can bounce a lvl 3 back, which is a good tempo move.


The leomons along with their X antibody counterparts are there to slow the game by serving as blockers that gain you two memory when they die, effectively limiting the plays that the opponent can do on their turn. Moreover, when evoed into leomon x, you can poke your opponent’s security with little to no repercussion. Same goes for Panjyamon where you can play a blue/green tamer for free, evo up into Panjya X, swing and hope to die (by battle). Of course, the optimal play is to evo up to Miragegaoga to bounce either a lvl 5 optimally or a security and ride that memory choking.

I find that playing 2 blue cards is essential in this deck where at times you may need to fish for panjya x or mirage since both are only at 4 copies in the deck. If triggered from security you can play a tamer for free. A well deserved spot in the deck in my opinion.

Cool boys and Analog Youth allows you to search for your missing links. Although I rarely am able to search for the X antibody cards I need with Cool Boy, the value gained from their side evos are too valuable to miss.

In Matchups

The Good: Decks that rely a lot on drawing (Maste, XH) will find itself getting memory choked every turn. Decks that have a heavy tamer reliance will also find that getting a level 4 and a tamer bounced will be very painful. Will fare reasonably well against decks that rely on battling as a form of removal (grandis etc)

The Bad: Decks that have a lot of hard remove and protection against bouncing. (Bwgx) Dex will also be rather annoying to deal with.

The Ugly: Dukemon will almost always win against leomon by virtue of being able to pop your leomon blockers and out gain the memory loss. Unless you get lucky in your security, its gonna be a rather tough match up if they manage to perform the full flourish


Jelly-Leo-Mirage in my opinion is an extremely fun rogue deck to play in the bt12 meta. With its unique memory control, it does well against certain match ups but less so against others. While it is rather unfortunate that the meta is currently dominated by BWGx at the time of this writing, I am remaining optimistic that once the dust and FOMO settles, this deck would be borderline competitive.

[English Format] MetalgaruruX is too strong, how to counter it.

MetalGaruruX - top tier in English meta

MetalGaruruX is currently leading all the tournaments, it is a very strong OTK profile with the ability of board control, gaining memory, security check+, avoid to be destroyed, .etc.

The Garurumon X and WereGarurumon: Sagittarius Mode helps to avoid being deleted, and these are the most important feature in current meta.

Everybody knows how strong it is, then which deck can counter this deck?

Beelstarmon and Security Control

The run-for-so-long yellow hybrid security control is finally RIP in early August when Bandai restricted it, the deck that can counter many OTK profiles . The remaining one, Beelstar Control is the profile that can counter not only MetalGaruruX, but also other OTK decks in BT9 meta.

With the latest tech in Beelstar, those are not deleted by option cards or return 2 same-lv Digimon to avoid being deleted can be easily countered by returning them to hand/deck or remove all digivolution sources. 

Beelstar also can summon many LV4 blockers by using Nail Bone card that can halt or stop the OTK to go through, especially to those decks that uses A Delicate Plan. 

Closing Thoughts

Beelstarmon is created since BT6, and it is still a favourable deck until BT10 or maybe also BT11 meta. It is the only profile that can counter OTK decks (for now).

After JetSilphy is restricted to 1 copy per deck, we are seeing some old-style security control come back, but it is not as strong as before since now Digimon is the game of PACE (Lolx)

Garry Yeung: Won Evo Cup with BT10 Kiriha Blue Flare ft. MagnaX

Invited Author: Garry Yeung
Country: Indonesia


With BT-10 Cross Encounter release, we got the long waited first Evolution Cup since in Asia region it was delayed. Since it’s early in the meta there have been variation based on the new BT-10 cards. There’s the Mixed/Xros Heart, Blue Flare, Dark Knightmon and we even still see deck from the meta before such as GrandisKuwagamon, Blue Armor, and Yellow Hybrid.This time I don’t have time to prepare for the tournament since I just got back from vacation.

After observing the winner of the early weeks of BT-10 release, I decide to try Magnamon X to the Blue Flare deck since there’s a lot of aggro in the meta and many of the deck have low DP Digimon such as Xros Heart with X5 only have 10K DP and Blue Flare with Metalgreymon with only 8K DP. While Dark Knightmon can devolve Magnamon X, they don’t have the rush like the other deck. This deck can even handle mirror match against Blue Flare better because Magnamon X with X-Antibody option doesn’t even care with the stun from MetalgGreymon or DeckerGreymon, Magnamon X can still redirect the attack.

Deck Building


Upamon is still the best Digitama for most of the blue deck right now, since the deck have ways to discard the enemy’s evolution sources and there’s a lot of Digimon without sources (literally the Xros Heart with their free play Digimon from Tamer). You can also run the new Digitama, Bebydomon in this meta with a lot of Digimon in the battle area it’s easy to get the draw effect.

Rookies (Lvl 3)

For the Rookies, I have seen a lot of variation such as Veemon (combine with Chibimon to get draw) and Jellymon (to remove enemy’s rookie). While Gaossmon is a must in Blue Flare Deck, I find that Bulucomon from the promo is really helping the deck. Since the deck relies on the new mechanic DigiXros, we don’t get a draw by evolution or effect like ShoutmonX4, sometimes hand size feels really small. ModokiBetamon also still good to block the enemy delay effect from memory boost.

Champion (Lvl 4)

As for Champion, I use all the Blue Flare Digimon. Ideally we want to play MailBirdramon from Gaossmon effect to play Kiriha for free, but if I have Blazing Memory Boost and already play Kiriha for free, Greymon and Deckerdramon is the best choice. Usually if there’s more than 2 Digimon on the enemy’s side I play the Deckerdramon. Remember to recycle MetalGreymon when Kiriha on the battle area by playing Mailbirdramon or Greymon if needed. I think if you can find the slot playing the red Greymon (Security Atk+1) and one or two Hybrid are also good. Another notable thing is Deckerdramon ESS does not required your Digimon to be a Blue Flare and sometimes when the opponent have 2 Digimon Magnamon X DP can get boosted to 12K. Becareful though Greymon and Mailbirdramon ESS need your Digimon to be a Blue Flare to activate it’s effect.

Ultimate (Lvl5)

I play 4 MetalGreymon and 4 DeckerGreymon, while there are people who playing only 3 DeckerGreymon I still play 4 because when playing Blazing Memory Boost sometimes you don’t want to take the DeckerGreymon first (of course you want the other like Greymon, Mailbirdramon, or MetalGreymon). If you only play 3 DeckerGreymon and you don’t take it when you use search it will go to the bottom of the deck and you will never find it again but if you find your deck and hand keep drawing the DeckerGreymon you can play it at 3.

Mega (Lvl6)

I only play 3 copy of Magnamon X no more no less, I find it to be the best at 3 you won’t have too many since it cannot be search by all the searcher in the deck. Remember to play the X-Antibody option or Magnamon X redirect effect won’t activate.



Playing 4 Kiriha for consistency is great but same as DeckerGreymon if you confident you can play it from MailBirdramon or Blazing Memory Boost easily you can play it at 3. Sora & Joe is a great tamer this set since the enemy will play their Digimon without sources (Xros Heart and other rookies such as Psychemon, Solarmon, etc) and it help you to reduce the enemy source as well, you can experiment more with this card to find the comfortable copy of it, for me it was 2.


4 Blazing Memory Boost is a must, this card is just too good might be the 2nd best memory boost after Reinforce Memory Boost from the Yellow Deck in game right now. Howling Memory Boost is also a good card to stun your enemy when you can’t play the MetalGreymon or DeckerGreymon. Because I play many memory boost I need to find the way to use it when it block by ModokiBetamon, Gazimon, and Terriermon my answer for it is the Forbidden Trident (alternatively you can evolve to level 4 if your rookie is Jellymon but I find this hard for the consistency). Forbidden Trident is also good to remove Solarmon, Psychemon, Chikurimon, Pillowmon and Pomumon (since Gaossmon effect of playing Digimon by effect won’t activate if there is Pillowmon or Pomumon in the field). Ice wall is just always broken when the timing is right, bring 1 copy of it will never hurt your deck (hell I know people will bring 4 copy if it was not limited).

Last but not least is the X-Antibody option to activate Magnamon X redirect effect (you can also just use it so your Digimon to have sources to negate enemy extra memory from Sora & Joe Tamer).

Tournament Report

Swiss 5 Round BO3

W: Win, L: Lose

Round 1 VS Blue Flare (2-0) W

First Opponent is a mirror match between Blue Flare. In this two game the enemy find it hard to attack my security since I have Magnamon X early in the battle area. While I’m winning the aggro game, the enemy also can’t remove my ModokiBetamon that lock 2 of his Blazing Memory Boost delay effect making me lead more. Of course, the stun game between us is crazy but once again Magnamon X save the day.

Round 2 VS Dark Knightmon (2-0) W

Second Opponent use the Dark Knightmon deck. I find this to be annoying since Dark Knightmon can De-Digivolve my Magnamon X or worst it can De-Digivolve my MetalGreymon and delete Greymon instantly. The first game is a bit slow since I brick and can’t find my MetalGreymon until half of my deck drew. But by evolving Deckerdramon into DeckerGreymon I can hold the enemy well until MetalGreymon comes to play and finish the game. The second game I have a better hand and with the momentum from Gaossmon and MetalGreymon rush I lead the game far ahead early. Before I can finish the game I even defend my security and field with Magnamon X.

Round 3 VS GrandisKuwagamon (2-0) W

Third opponent use the GrandisKuwagamon deck. This is the same opponent I faced in the Final Community Regional before (Previous article in Digimonmeta cc: . In the first match, I hit opponent’s Mimi in first security, I thought the game gonna go bad after that but with Blazing Memory Boost I can also play Kiriha. After that he don’t have any lvl 4 in hand and hard play an Okuwamon for 7 cost. From there I always stun his Digimon using MetalGreymon and DeckerGreymon and giving him no chance to clear my security with OTK. The second game is also a bricky game for the GrandisKuwagamon player therefore I always play with a lead and end the game 2-0. For me DeckerGreymon and MailBirdramon is the MVP in both of these two match since the enemy can play X-Antibody option and always have the upper hand in number of sources so its hard to use only MetalGreymon stun effect.

Round 4 VS Xros Heart (2-1) W

Fourth round I finally meet a Xros Heart deck (probably the most popular deck in this meta). In game 1, while we both have a slow game I find it hard to use Greymon restand effect and aggro the game therefore I evolve Magnamon X early to counter the enemy’s aggro. But my enemy run Sunrise Buster and immediately delete my Magnamon X. After losing the aggro game and without a second Magnamon X in the hand I lost the first game. The second game I had a chance to chain stun three Dorurumon since its hard for him to remove it from field to DigiXros (well its all Dorurumon he have to digixros three times to remove it from his field) I have the lead with Greymon’s ESS and win the aggro game. The third game is a close one because I misplay in the turn I can stun both of his Digimon, I dumbly attack with Greymon and got block by Ballistamon (both dead thefore he only have 1 Digimon now) but because Magnamon X is early on the field I can hold the enemy aggro well and seeing his sunrise buster goes down while searching using Taiki I won the game.

Round 5 VS Xros Heart (2-1) W

Final round is also a very intense one because I know the Xros Heart deck can aggro faster than me and probably end the game before I can chain stun his Digimon. It’s even harder when you already stun the enemy and he use it for Shoutmon X4 Aggro and save all of his sources. At first I thought I had the first game in my hand while I have 2 security left and the enemy only have 1 security left. I have a rookie in hatching area and I can play MetalGreymon to end the game next turn. I pass the turn by giving my enemy 1 memory. Then I got surprised by his Gravity Crush and he end the game (Atk by Rookie and 2 times Shoutmon X4). Since I know he running gravity crush this time I play it more safely by always giving him a little memory and playing Ice Wall and ModokiBetamon in the right timing after a while I lead and finish the game. Third game is the most intense game by far in the tournament, I think we both have our best hand at start. The enemy aggro me very early I lost my first 3 security before I even touch his. But by stunning his Digimon I also hit back with MetalGreymon. There also a moment where I can stun his Shoutmon X5 and throw all his sources using Sora & Joe and Howling Memory Boost. At that moment I’m pretty sure I can hold the game with Magnamon X and get the game. At his last turn I got surprised by him using 2 Gravity Crush at the same time but he don’t have the DP to get pass my Magnamon X and I won the game by holding that round.

Final Thoughts

I think Magnamon X probably the best mega so far for Blue Flare but I remind you that this is still early in the meta and I find it that my enemy have many solution for Magnamon X. I might be experimenting with other Mega or probably joining the other player by not playing any mega and just focusing on aggro, but for now this is the deck that I comfortable with and thankfully I won Evolution Cup at Ogre Gading Serpong with it. Hopefully I can win more since there is still a lot Evolution Cup this time around. Goodluck for all of you and hopefully you can also get the Omegamon or Agumon Prize from Evolution Cup, Cheers!

This site uses english-translated cards from

David Lago: Won 2 Ultimate Cup Tournaments with Blue Hybrid

Invited Author: David Lago
Country: North America


Hey everybody, Lago here. Just wanted to discuss my deck and experience last weekend for the Ultimate Cups (North America: CoreTCG and Carta Magica). I somehow managed to win both haha, but not without a lot of hard work, and a good amount of luck on my side. I’ll preface this entire thing by saying that out of the 17 rounds I played, I didn’t encounter a single Yellow Hybrid deck, or even a variation of it. This was extremely fortunate, as I fine-tuned my deck mainly for the Blue Hybrid mirror. However, I don’t think the Yellow matchup is hopeless and there are lot of win-cons for the matchup (will get into that later).

Deck's Distribution


4 Kyaromons / 1 Upamon // Ideally never want Upamon under your rookies, but 5th egg is useful for the Yellow matchup. Nearly half the deck works to trash sources and proc Kyaro, so it is a very consistent engine.


4 Syakomons / 4 ModokiBetamon / 4 Strabimons / 2 Bokomons // With Mulligans and Davis/Boko, 12 rookies are more than enough to ensure you don’t consistently brick. How you utilize ModokiBetamon / Syakomon – your “floodgates” is crucial in every single matchup. Analyze what your opponent can do, and which one would be a more crippling negator. If you get both on the field, it is extremely difficult for many matchups to do anything.


4 Kumamons / 4 Korikakumons / 1 Kendo // Standard Package + Kendo.

Kendo came up huge for me and works especially well with the rest of my deck. Helps deal with opponent’s “floodgates.” As stated above, if left at 3 memory with both floodgates on the opposing side of the field, there’s rarely much to do (unless of course you have aqua viper, supreme cannon, trident, etc). Kendo is how I circumvent this, by bouncing one, and then ideally, utilizing boosts/hammer sparks to remove the other, or set up a favorable position that’s hard for my opponent to out. Kendo also needs to be dealt with, should he manage to survive a security check, as he’s basically a re-standing Beowolf. Also, easy to dodge Sora Joe proc, as he’s a lv 4.

Ultimates / Megas:

4 Beowolfmons / 1 Azulongmon // Beowolf is arguably the best Digimon in the deck, as it bounces, chips, and recycles all at once. How you utilize your Beowolfs is crucial, especially in the mirror. There will be times where you need to evolve up into him just to cycle through your deck, and that’s completely fine, but ideally you want to be getting value with his bouncing ability.  Azulong is an alternative win con that punishes opponents who go wide (without memory blockers). Azulong is also crucial in the Yellow matchup.


4 Davis // More consistency, and mitigates the pain of having to hybrid evolve over a Davis, if you have another one in hand.

4 Sora Joe // Best card in the deck. +2 memory, security bomb, helps with trashing sources, procs Kyaromon, and most importantly  Influences how your opponent’s play.

1 Matt Ishida // Same as above, but to a lesser extent. Allows for versatility when it comes to optimizing memory, especially when opponent has a memory tamer.

4 Tommy’s // Needs no explanation. The ideal tamer you want to be hybrid evolving over.

1 Mimi // Versatility + allows for a lot of value, as we run a good number of options. Does a lot of unseen work that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Could be a tech spot, and be replaced with Trident, Supreme, Aqua depending on playstyle.


4 Hammer Sparks // Needs no explanation

3 Howling Boosts // Stuns targets that can alleviate with the Sora Joe proc. Trashes sources and procs Kyaromon draw. +2 memory if no memory blockers on field. Great in all situations, especially if you have ways to out their memory blockers.

1 Ice Wall // Extremely crucial how this card is utilized. Make sure to always use for value. 

Mulligans/ Hands 

Usually if you see a Davis, you should always keep even if you don’t have a rookie. You can Davis into a rookie, and if that misses — you will probably just need to cycle through the deck by evolving into a hybrid and then Beowolf etc. You want a starting hand that allows for draws / searches / and promotes cycling through the deck, to avoid bricking. Playing early tamers like Davis and/or Sora Joe is huge as well, especially into the mirror.

Gameplay / Matchups

Hard to recall all the matchups I faced specifically, so I thought it would be better to just make a guide on what you want to do in certain matchups:

Blue Hybrid Mirror

Very, very situational how you want to approach this. Early Sora Joe and/or Davis is huge in this matchup. If you see that your opponent is getting ahead in the resources department (they’ve set up a good amount of tamers with a nice board state), don’t be afraid to chip their security. Most matchups consist of setting up tamers, chipping with value (Beowolf), and then setting up a potential lethal that needs to be dealt with by the opponent. Don’t overlook the value of hard-playing a Syakomon or Modoki in this matchup, especially in the latter half. Another important thing to note is the typical Blue hybrid deck (non-Magna variant) doesn’t really have a way to cheat out more swings (except Azulong), so what you see is what you get. Also, don’t be too overly focused on controlling their board by swinging over their Digimon, especially if they have been chipping you early. You need to learn when the optimal time is to be aggressive and/or passive. Take swings with calculated risks, and then act reactively to what comes out of their security. It’s a really tough matchup to layout any sort of guide, and requires a good amount of practice to get accustomed to.

Purple Lillith

Chip early and choke them continuously as they don’t usually run memory tamers. Only rookie you shouldn’t be swinging with is Modoki, as this little guy can be your only saving grace against the loop (most times he won’t be). You need to end the game before they can set up a trash of 10/15+ and hope that they don’t get huge value off any Eyesmons or Scatter Modes.

Red Hybrid

Favorable matchup for blue. Syakomon becomes more important than Modoki in this matchup. Be wary of Atomic Blasters and chip with Modoki/Strabimons/Beowolf if you can early. They’ll have to come out of raising to cycle through their deck, so strip sources/ stun etc. You have a deck that is a lot more consistent than theirs.

Red Jesmon/Ancient OTK

Chip early against these one-stack wonder decks. Keep Syako out for the Ancient matchup (Modoki as well if they have boosts). If they roll high and get their ideal stacks that allow for OTKs, you just need to hope your security does work (Tommy baby). After chipping early, set up a lethal turn (preferably with Tamers, as opposed to a wide board).

Black X-Antibody

One stack wonder deck that will clear your board of rookies, so swing with them if you see he is coming out. Keep Tommys in hand and Howlings as well to stun the big lad (Dorugoramon) from swinging again. Chip early, set-up tamers, strip and stun their guys.

Green Hybrid Variant

Syakomon, Syakomon, Syakomon. Ideally don’t swing with your floodgates here, and force your opponent to MetalKabuterimon to deal with them. Get value with Beowolf, stun any green hybrid, and try always having a Syakomon on board, especially if they have a J.P.

Matchups I didn’t Face

Purple Cherubimon

Keep “floodgates” on board. Syakomon is more important than Modoki in this matchup, as you don’t want them accelerating into Rhihimon. If you see they have a lot of tamers out and a potential Cherubi angle, ice wall as needed, as they can usually get a lot of swings in with Bushis & Bokomons.

Yellow Hybrid

Don’t swing with Syakomon (or Modoki if they have Boko on field or Boosts). Don’t be afraid to take risky swings early, especially if you have a Syakomon on board to prevent easy recovery. If they have T.K Kari and/or Purple Karis out, do your best to match your security with theirs, and set up a potential OTK turn. If they deal with it, rinse & repeat. In most situations, you don’t want to crash your Beowolf into their JetSilphymon. Strip the sources and continuously stun it, to get value from Sora Joes. Be aware, that these matches tend to last a while, so you should see most of your deck. The main part of this matchup is just setting up a potential OTK/lethal turn. This could be from Azulongmon (should they have Dyansmon etc out) or just from the countless tamers you will be playing throughout the match.


The Blue Hybrid deck is without a doubt the strongest deck of this format. Access to both “floodgates” prevent your opponent from playing. Davis, Bokomon, Strabimon, and Beowolf allow for insane consistency, even through 17 rounds. In this format where tamers are still somewhat un-interactable, the power of the Blue tamers really shine through. All in all, it was both an exciting and tiring experience this last weekend.  Honestly surreal how I was able to do so well in both tourneys, but that’s all thanks to the countless playtesting that was done in preparation, with a good amount of luck on my side as well. 

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Robert: BT9 MetalGarurumon X Restand OTK Deck

Invited Author: Robert Julian Torres
Country: Philippines


Upon checking the revealed BT9 cardlist, the first X antibody line that caught my eye was the Greymon X line since it has the protection from destruction and returning effects. Upon checking those, I was curious what would its counterpart, the Garurumon X line would provide. While the Greymon X line seems to be useful, the Garurumon X line protection is not that good since it only protects from battle. After seeing this, I still wanted to try a MetalGarurumon X deck as a counterpart to my Wargreymon X deck so I tried searching the Blue Cardpool to what to use.

This is where I remembered from the BT5 where there are Ancient Garurumon decks that utilise some Weregarurumons that can restand, that card is the Weregarurumon promo card. From this, I tried to build the deck around restand/unsuspend and attacking the opponent with multiple attacks. At first, I thought to add Weregarurumon Sagittarius mode to provide some jamming capabilities to be able to check freely. When I tried it, I realized that it will hinder the restand/unsuspend process and due to Garurumon X's protection, the Jamming is not needed anymore. This is where I built my deck around Garurumon X's protection and the restand/unsuspend capability of the Weregarurumons.

Deck Owner: Robert

Deck Mechanics:

There are 2 core mechanics on which this deck revolves around, one of them is restanding/unsuspending. The newly released Weregarurumon X (BT9-028) is a 0 cost restand if you evolve on a Weregarurumon. This is where that I thought to incorporate its effect on another card that restands which is the promo Weregarurumon (P-008). As long as there is a "Garurumon" on its source, it can restand once.

Also, it has a very good inherited effect in which you need to have 8 or more cards to gain "SecurityAttack+1". This pairs great with another promo card, Garurumon (P-007) where its inherited effect is not [once per turn]. But there is a downside on the promo Weregarurumon, its DP is small and can be killed by some level 4s and most of the level 5 and above cards.

And this is where the other core mechanic comes in. With the release of the new card from BT9, Garurumon X (BT9-024), it grants protection on battle for the Weregarurumon to attack safely by discarding same level digimon from its source. If you have a any Gabumon and Gabumon X (BT9-020), you will have 2 protections from battle (discarding both level 3s and level 4s for each battle that not survives).

Couting the attacks with the restand, you now have 3 attacks, 1 from intial Weregarurumon, 1 from restand of Weregarurumon, 1 from restand on Weregarurumon x. The restand is not yet finished, the MetalGarurumon X (BT9-031) also provides another restand and it becomes blocker until the end of opponent's turn. Also, if it restands, it will return all of your opponents lowest level Digimon to their hand. This is a great removal if they only have a level 5 or higher digimon on the battle area or even a blocker. This will help a lot if you don't have game for that turn.

Other Supports

The other cards on this deck helps digging the right pieces like generic searchers, Daisuke/Davis Motomiya (BT3-093),  and Blue Memory Boost (P-036) which also provides memory stablity, X-antibody searchers, Cool Guy (BT9-092), and Gabumon X, and garuru searchers, BT5 Gabumon (BT5-020).

How do I run this deck

Now, for the combo of the deck, the cards you always want to have or find are Garurumon X, Weregarurumon promo, Weregarurumon X, and X Antibody (BT9-109) option card. These are the core combo pieces of the deck.

For the OTK startegy, you want to build safely on your hatching area a Weregarurumon promo line with any garurumon (most prefarably the promo one) and Garurumon X for protection. If you are lucky enough to have a Gabumon X as well, you might want to digivolve it on the breeding area on top of your Gabumon. But if you need to dig for more cards, you can play it instead.

To be able to OTK, you will either need 1 of the following cards on play, Nokia Shiramine (BT5-092), Blue Memory Boost, Cool Guy or your opponent gave you 4 memory. This will ensure that you will be able to digivolve to MetalGarurumon X and be able to attack for game since it is a 4 cost to evolve.

On your turn, you will raise Weregarurumon from hatching area. You will attack directly once, then restand/unsuspend (if you have garurumon promo, you will draw 1 card as well). If the security check is bigger, activate Garurumon X protection from battle. Then, play the X Antibody card and place it under Weregarurumon, attack directly again triggering the effect of X Antibody to digivolve to Weregarurumon X from your hand for free and be able to restand and return level 4 or lower Digimon.

Since you now have the inherited effect of Weregarurumon Promo active (as long as you have 8 or more cards in hand), it will now do 2 checks instead. If successful, you will now be able to attack directly again for 2 checks and trigger the effect of X Antibody to digivolve to MetalGarurumon X and restand again. You can attack for game here if you are still the turn player. Else, you will have a blocker and Digimon removed from your opponents side. As much as possible, you will want to always go OTK route. You can do this by setting up necessary cards or by attacking the security while building up the core pieces on the hatching area.


One of the deck's weaknesses is that you hit a removal option card from opponent's security, the OTK would stop at that moment. The Garurumon X-antibody will able to protect once if we have 2 cards with same level under its digivolution source. But we can set up again since our game is normally moving faster than the opponent.

Matchup Result

Black/Blue Dedigivolve Source Strip: O-O

Purple Beelzemon Blast Mode: O-X-O

Black Alphamon Ouryuuken: O-O

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[En] Daniel (Spoogy): 1st Place at Europe Final Championship 2021 with Gabubond BOF

Invited Author: Daniel Opiola (Spoogy) – Winner at Europe Final Championship 2021

Date of tournament: 29-30 Jan 2022

Number of participants: 497


The European Championship Finals happened to be my first Digimon TCG tournament, and despite not having much experience at this game I felt prepared and ready to challenge the best players in Europe. 

Me being new to this game forced me to decide early on for a deck, as I had no cards and needed to get them. I was watching a lot of Digimon TCG content, especially the Streamer Primitivekage, who was testing Gabubond every day. I knew that it was the deck of the format, and it was quite affordable so that’s how I ended up buying all the cards he played in his deck during that time. The guy who was selling me the big chunk of the deck send me also some other staples like Ikkakumon, that ended up being my little tech card in the deck. All I did before the tournament, was playing the deck until I’ve felt comfortable enough to know what to do in each situation. I think being well prepared and knowing how to pilot a deck is the most important thing if you want to do well in a tournament. 

Games at Europe Final Championship 2021

Day 1:

Round 1:

I was super excited to finally play the game with real cards, but game 1 ended up being a bye, so I had to keep on waiting for my first real game. 

Round 2: 

My opponent played D-Brigade and I ended up winning 2:0 as I was able to control the game easily and never be in real danger thanks to the ice walls.

Round 3: 

3M. Gabubond is just too fast for the gameplan of 3M. 2:0.

Round 4:

Another D-Brigade. Another 2:0 Win.

Round 5: 

Sec-Control. A hard matchup on paper, but I played it slowly and build up an army of tamers to finish the games with hybrids. I also dodged most of his security options. 2:0

Round 6:

Jesmon. The second game was my first lose of the tournament, but I kept on playing my game and won the third round to make it 2:1.

Round 7:

Doghaund, who ended up in the top 8 was my opponent. He played 3M, but with a lot of anti gabubond tech. Omnimon Zwart Defeat ended up being quite hard to deal with as he could remove my tamers. During the 3rd game my camera froze, so I’ve ended up having my first lose of the tournament. 1:2.

Round 8:

All or nothing. My tiebreakers were terrible due to my bye in the first round, so I had to win the game, or I would have ended up even outside the top32. My opponent was Xoras, who also made it to the top 16. He was playing a Machinedramon deck. I was able to win 2:0, thanks to Gabumon Bond of Friendship wiping his whole board. 

Thanks to that win I’ve ended up as the 11th player during day 1 and was able to advance to day 2. 

Day 2: 

Top 16:

My first Mirror match. I felt well prepared for this day and especially the bond mirror, because my deck had a lot of techs like Octomon and Ikkakumon, that get really strong against other bond decks. It was also an open deck list format, so I was sure to be safe from some exotic techs. I won the match 2:0

Top 8: 

The big star of the european championship, Diaboromon. I won the first game by hardplaying Gabubond and deleting 2 securities of him each turn. The second game didn’t go as well, and I’ve lost it. During the 3rd game my opponent’s camera froze and I’ve got the win. 

Top 4: 

Gabubond again. I won the first game with a well-played Gabubond that allowed me to clear up his board. During the second game my nerves got me, and I threw the game by not playing it safe enough, so my opponent was able to play Lobomon for the win. The third round was just pure pressure, but in my opinion my build was better suited for the mirror and so I was able to win the game, despite my opponent having 3 hammer sparks in his securities. 

The Final:

I was going to the worlds, so the final felt like a fun game between me and my opponent, because the pressure of the semi-final was gone. But I still wanted to win the game and despite me making same sloppy plays I was able to win the game 2:0. My opponent was playing a tech Magnadramon, but it came way too late for him to safe him.

Final thoughts

Overall, I couldn’t be happier about my performance, and the tournament. The deck felt great to play. It’s super consistent and I feel that I can with every matchup up with it. Although I would kick the 2 promo Gabumon and add 1 more EX-01 Gabumon and maybe the new starterdeck Gabumon instead. And maybe one more Octomon or Ikakkumon to deal with the onslaught of Mekanorimon.

[En] Konstantina – 2nd Place at Latin America Grand Prix (BT6)

Invited Author: Konstantina (Chile / Latin America)
Place: 2nd place at Latin America DC-1 Grand Prix (Oct 23th)
Total players: 217

Road to deck building:

I was looking forward the Gabumon Bond of Friendship deck since its appearance in the first places of the Asian tournaments, and I knew BT6 was the time for blue to shine again (I’m a blue player). But, there were two variants: the most “popular” was the Gabumon BoF+ AncientGarurumon variant, and then there was the full BoF, rush variant. 

I want to clarify that this was a marathon against the clock, because due to delays in the logistic, I got half-deck one week before the tournament, and I completed it the day before the tournament. A friend made this list 3 days before the tournament, so I could try to test it with what I had:

After trying that deck on a few online matches, I took some cards away and I built what ended to be the final deck: 

Some observations:

1.- I had no Cocytus Breath (A friend had them) so, instead, I just used four copies of Raddle Star.

2.- I just had two Blue Memory Boost and, instead of running a third copy of it, I put a third Davis Motomiya, and that worked perfectly!

3.- I faced some situations where my only rookies in hand were Veemon so, the synergy got lost when I needed to evolve into GabuBond, and I changed it for the Gabumon that let’s you draw. 

4.- I didn’t manage to pull a fourth copy a the promo Gabumon I used a replacement to search for tamers, which is the Strabimon you can see on the list. 

5.- While play testing, I noticed that there were some times where I felt vulnerable to my opponent’s attacks and then I decided to run a couple of blockers, instead of the two Gomamon. 

6.- The Coredramon almost never showed up from the security but instead I played them from my hand, specially when both me and my opponent had memory-tamers on play. For example: I started my 3 memories, I hatched, evolved into a Gabumon for zero, then I played a Coredramon to draw 2 cards, and then I passed the turn to my opponent with their respective 3 memories.

So, after reaching into those conclusions, I still wanted to try the AncientGarurumon variant so, the guy, that played against me on those online matches, sent me this recipe: 

And I had to change a few cards: 

1.- I changed that DemiVeemon for the one that gives +1000 DP. 

2.- Veemon for x4 promo Gabumon (for the synergy)

3.-  x3 Lobomon for tamers, because it a must-see, during any match.

4.- x2 Blue Memory Boost

5.- x4 Raddle star

6.- I didn’t feel the need to run that many memory boosts, so I didn’t played the Howling Memory Boost, at all. 

7.- For defensive purposes, I played 2 Grizzlymon. 

8.- No Strabimon to search for Hybrids, because it will always makes you loose your level 6. If you still like Strabimon, make sure to play it once you have your level 6 in hand, and use it to search for the other parts of the set up.

The final decision: 

The same friend coached me the night before the tournament, and in 2 hours he taught me what the deck does, how to play it, how to play against other decks, and was it. I had no other play-testing. We reached to these conclusions:

1.- The AncientGarurumon variant required too much effort to set it up to just do 2 checks, and crash against something in the security. 

2.- While it gave me more options to play, and It didn’t feel bricky to me, because if I didn’t have the BoF, I had Hybrids, and vice versa, it was slower than the rush variant. 

So, it was a no-brainer and the full BoF, rush deck was indeed the best option. 

The Techs: 

The way to play this deck is quite “simple” but you have to make goods decisions, as always, since you could leave yourself “in a silver plate” for your opponent to win, if you don’t play the level 7 at the right time. 

Turn 1: Hatch, evolve into a Gabumon, play another Gabumon to draw/search or play a Matt Ishida.

Turn 2: Promote the Gabumon from the raising area, and attack with both and/or, evolve into a champion, like Gorillamon to either clean the opponent’s table or to have more probabilities of surviving against the security (yes, this did actually happened). Play another tamer/memory boost/Gabumon or even a Coredramon to pass the turn.

Turn 3: Hatch, evolve into your BT6 Gabumon. Keep attacking with your available Digimon, play some others, or evolve to repeat the turn 2. evolve into a blocker if you think that your opponent can bring a surprise attack. 

Turn 4: By this point you opponent should have 3 or less securities so you have to promote, evolve into BoF, attack 3 times, attack with your rookies/champions and/or, evolve a tamer into a Lobomon (You should at least have one in hand after all that)  for the last attack, and win. 


R1: Jesmon. 2-0 W 

I played against a Jesmon, for the first time in the format. I’m not sure why, but it didn’t feel as aggressive as I was told it would be. Maybe due to being bricked or due not being able to build it properly because of lack of resources.

R2: 3 Musketeers. 2-0 W 

Not much to say. Same as the R1, the so called meta-deck wasn’t as strong as I though it was going to be. 

R3: Jesmon. 2-1 W

This was a true Jesmon. I lost the 2nd match, but I learnt how to play around it and how fast I should be to play my deck, that’s how I got to the conclusion that by my 4th turn it was determinant to finish with GabuBond, and not take more time than those 4 turns.

R4: 3 Musketeers. 2-X W

This match was a little more elaborated and my opponent kinda played like a  3 Musketeers should play but, still, too slow to set up to avoid the whole Gabumon set up. As everything occurs in an area that it's almost untouchable for the opponent, and the first “small” attacks, made with the rookies and/or champions are simply underestimated, when those are an important part of the plan.

R5: Jesmon 2-0 W

I won the first match because my opponent mis-played. He had me on the ropes. The second match was a good win, as I already kinda knew how to play against Jesmon but, it was a rough match.

R6: Gabumon Bond of Friendship 1-2 L

IT WAS RADDLE STAR!!! Ok. The judge was on the table, I hate mirror matches, so I was very nervous about this match. I can’t remember if I won the first or the second match, but my opponent was kind of bricky on that one, and that’s how I won. He obviously won one match and then on the 3rd match, by my last turn he had a Grizzlymon, a Strabimon and a Lobomon, nothing on the raising area. And he had 2 tamers, at least, and so I predicted a 4th attack with a Lobomon, besides the other 3 possible attacks. He had like 2-3 securities.

I had a Grizzlymon, a Gorillamon, a Lobomon (one of those was suspended) and, since I had 3 securities, one blocker on play and he had 4 possible attacks, I considered that I was covered enough to resist during his turn and I had a BT6 Gabumon in the raising area and Matt Ishida so, on my next turn it was the end. But, I wanted to be sure to be able to break all the securities so, I played a Coredramon and ended my turn.

He attacked with his Digimon on play, I blocked the 1st one. For the 4th attack, as I predicted, he played a Lobomon, then, he played a Hammer Spark to play another Lobomon, and he won. I should have played the Raddle Star in my hand instead of the Coredramon because it was nearly impossible for him to avoid 5-6 attacks, and a possible Lobomon. 

R7: Jesmon. 2-1 W

I was upset because of the last match, so I mis-played. I guess we both were tired and nervous, so we both played the best we could but I won.

R8: Lilith-Loop. 2-1 W.

First Match, easy win. He kind of didn’t know how the deck worked. Second match, I ate the whole loop-combo, for being too slow and for promoting the BT6 Gabumon when I didn’t have a GabuBond (I could swear I had it). Third match, got saved by Raddle Star, because I took away his lvl 5. that was going to be his Lilith-loop, and that was it. I learnt the lesson. 

Hyper Spirit Evolution

Red and Blue hybrid for MagnaGarurumon and KaiserGreymon are showing their potential to be in the top tier with the speed of their hybrid evolution line provided with aggressive power of red and removal power of blue. But have you ever think of a deck that combines them together? a deck that acts as Rookie Rush but giving as much damage as Ragnaloardmon.

This deck has 14 hybrid rookies Digimon, 6 LV4, 2 Lv5, 7 for LV6, and 3 copies of BT1 Omnimon. This deck also uses 4 copies of Bokomon, 1 copy of Neemon to support Tamer's summoning or digivolving. 2 copies of Analogy for search and trash power, also secure a white tamer card in order to play Fuse Into Ultimate Digimon option card.

Early Game: Rookie Rush

The mission of the LV3 rookies is to draw more, search more for hybrid Digimon and play more tamers. The Bokomon's effect can help to put 2 cards to hand, the Strabimon and Flamemon effects can only take one card from their search.

In the early game, we may need to attack the opponent's security using the LV3 Digimon or LV4 Digimon to fill up the trash or to draw more to add more cards to hand. I choose blue Upamon because this digitama provides draw+1 in its ESS. The BT7 Strabimon is a very good rookie since we can free play a Koji tamer if this Digimon dies.

Hyper Spirit Evolution

As you can see from Takuya and Koji effect, Takuya can be digivolved into a KaiserGreymon from the hand by paying its digivolution cost and you must place 5 cards with [Hybrid] in their type from trash under this tamer in any order. While red evolution needs 5 [hybrid] cards from trash, the blue line for Koji Minamoto digivolves into MagnaGarurumon condition is you must have 5 [hybrid] cards from hand to enable hyper evolution.

The huge benefit of the hyper evolution in this deck is it does not care about what colour that [hybrid] Digimon is, as long as it is a [hybrid] type, we can put under tamer to perform digivolution from Takuya or Koji into their respective LV6 Digimon.

So after I performed rookie attacks on opponent security to destroy the rookies in order to fill up the trash or play more tamer, I will perform Hyper Sprit Evolution to whatever colour that fulfils the condition first. If I have enough [Hybrid] cards in the trash, I will use Takuya digivolution, else if I have 5 [hybrid] cards in hand, I would trigger Koji evolution into MagnaGaruru. The Bokomon is there to save the digivolution cost from a Tamer into a Digimon, so we only need to pay 2 costs.

The secret power of this deck is BT1 Omnimon with white option card Fuse Into The Ultimate Digimon.

During the Hybrid Evolution, we can choose to put as many as LV6 Digimon we have from hand or trash under the tamer that used to digivolve. If we have a white tamer or a white Digimon on board, we can cast the Fuse Into The Ultimate Digimon to digivolve from LV6 KaiserGreymon or MagnaGaruru into BT1 Omnimon at zero cost.

Once everything is set, we can use Omnimon to attack the opponent's security and at the same time, removing a LV6 Digimon to unsuspend (re-active) the Omnimon. If we don't hit any killer option card in the opponent's security, it is easy to end the game with this trap.

Remember this set-up is doable because we only have to pay 2 costs for the whole digivolution from tamer -> LV6 Hybrid -> Omnimon. Besides, the opponent's cannot control the board to avoid this situation because it is digivolved from a tamer.

We have tested with this deck, and it is strong, easy to perform the strategy. Here are some comments:

  • It is rare to have a hand-brick since there are too many rookies in the deck.
  • Easy to set up the hyper sprit evolution.
  • If the opponent plays Digimon that avoids you earn memory from another source than tamer, you need to destroy its first. We can use the "when digivolving" effect of MagnaGaruru to return it to hand and earn back memory. And if we manage to stay at our turn after MagnaGaruru's [When Digivolving] effect all resolved, then digivolve it into BT1 Omnimon.
  • Do not digivolve into Omnimon if you cannot end the game in the turn it appears, we should stop at LV6 Digimon, especially the MagnaGaruru to do some removal with its effect. 
  • Takuya can give "SecurityAttack+1" and Koji gives "This Digimon can't be blocked" in their inheritable effect, Omnimon is over-power. LOL. 
  • If we play against a Security Control deck, it is a good decision to stop at LV6 Digimon to inherit the benefit of LV5 Aldamon (if we manage to put it in digivolution source) to enable "option jamming"
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